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                                                                    Prescribed Medication
  Collection of organs,
  tissue and cells with                                               Air Pollution
  sufficient amino acid                                                               Street Drugs
  create strong healthy
                                                                    Man Made Chemicals 20,000
  antibodies that
  recognize, identify,                                             Contaminated Food/ Water
  remember, attack and
  destroy foreign                                                        Genetically Modified Food
  antigen not normally
  found in the body.                                                      Electromagnetic Field

                                                                       Pathogen Causing Diseases

 When there is a deficiency in amino acid and
 depletion of a number of primary elements the
 antibodies can no longer fight and recognize
 foreign antigen that enter in the body. Instead,
 it attacks and destroys its own tissue and the
 winning antigen will invade and destroy
 tissue causing inflammation and more
 damage called ---------- AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE

Immune system is the body's strongest and the most efficient mechanism of self defense against
all sorts of parasites. As soon as the immune system encounters one, it sets in action and destroys
it completely. There are several harmful bacteria, viruses and other foreign bodies which have a
high potential of inducing lethal infections in the human body. Our immune system produces special
antibodies for each of these micro-organisms.

Autoimmune diseases arise from an overactive immune response of the body against substances
and tissues normally present in the body. In other words, the body actually attacks its own cells. The
immune system mistakes some part of the body as a pathogen and attacks it.

The fact is that an autoimmune condition doesn't just "happen" to you. It is both passively and
actively created by your lifestyle and the greedy practices of food manufacturers, who lace your
meals with toxins.

You eat, drink, and expose your way to immune dysfunction. With little exception, everything you
put into your mouth, your surroundings, and even the air you breathe is either making you healthier
or sicker.

One of the main causes for autoimmune diseases lies in our diet: Molecular mimicry between some
animal and human proteins may cause the immune system (the white blood cells) to attack our own
cells. In particular, the inability of some persons' digestive system to fully break down cow's milk into
amino acids. The remnants of these proteins are treated as foreign invader antigens by the immune
system, which may then turn against other forms of closely similar proteins in our own body.
    Graves' Disease          chronic Thyroiditis         Multiple Sclerosis                Lupus

Depression      Lou Gehrig            Cancer             Aids                 Alopecia           Alzheimer

  Three Main Causes of Immune Disorders


                                                                                         This Cells Multiplies 10x
                                                                                         Faster that Normal Cells

                                                                                         This Cells Multiplies 10x
                                                                                         Faster that Normal Cells

     Cell         Cell         Cell        Cell
 During Stress, our body secretes                      During Dehydration, coping mechanism
 several chemicals for coping                          failed to function.
 mechanism needed to maintain balance.                 Dehydration stimulates the production of
 These chemicals use water to do there                 stress hormones the Prolactine and acid
 functions ---if this water is not replaced            Phosphotase:
 it will lead to Dehydration.
                                                       Prolactine Release: Is a
                                                       Stress Hormone release
 Endorphin Release: It prepares the body to            from the breast during
 endure hardship and the ability not to feel pain or   dehydration.
 injury until it gets out of danger.
                                                       Acid Phosphotase
 Vasopressin Release: It regulates the selective       This is the acid release
 flow of water into some important cells of the        by the Prostate Gland
 body that are dehydrated.                             when body is
                                                       dehydrated. Large
                                                       amount damages the
 Renin- Angiotensin Release: It activates to retain    DNA structure of the
 water, absorption of more salt, tightening of         prostate cell and
 capillaries and vascular bed..                        become cancerous.
                                                       Normal PSA Blood
 Cortisone Release: Initiates the remobilization of    Test is 0- 4 (Prostate
 stored energy if no water available to be used.       Specific Antigen)

Today we are told one person out of three will have some kind of cancer.
65 years ago it was one person out of ten thousand would have some kind of cancer.
What is cancer? Cancer is an abnormal and uncontrolled division of cells that form tumors that
invade and destroy the tissue. Their cells spread through the blood stream or across body cavities
to set up secondary tumors at other sites in the body. Cancer can pop up in almost any tissue.

The cause of cancer remains uncertain, although it is known that exposure to certain substances
(chemicals) will produce cancer.

We have skin cells, liver cells, brain cells, lungs cells, muscle cells, bone cells, etc. These different
kinds of cells come from our DNA that contains the blue print (set of instructions) on the kind of
cells to be made.

When substances (chemicals) are taken into the body through the skin or the air we breathe or by
eating, our body can only handle so much of them before they finally get to our DNA, causing
abnormal cells to be made leading to what we call cancer.
These substances affect the acid/alkaline balance in the body. Our body must be kept a little
alkaline, not acid at all, except for a very short period of time, or damage will occur to the tissue,
organs, cells and finally our DNA where the cells are made.

                                                                                                 Our urinary
                                                                                                 system passes
                                                                                                 acid out from
                                                                                                 the body


                                       7   Blood from lungs enters the                   The heart pumps the
                                           left side of the heart and its                blood to the brain. The
                                           arteries.                                     brain is the main
                                                                                         computer of the body that
                                                                                 8       will send messages to
                                                                                         different parts of the body
The heart pumps the blood into our lungs to                                              that is not functioning in
take in oxygen, and exhale carbon dioxide, a                        6                    the form of pain to
gas called CO2 that is an acid. This is the                                              correct it.
number one way our body gets rid of acid, a
waste product of the cells

                                                                            5             Solid food enters the
                                                Blood from the                            stomach. Our stomach
                                                liver enters into                         is where hydrochloric
                                                right side of the                         acid is made and
                                       4        heart.                                    stored, waiting to be
                                                                                          released when food is
                                                                            2             eaten. This hydrochloric
                                                                                          acid is required for the
                                                                                          body to be able to use
Our liver will also trap (retain)                   Food enters the Intestines            the minerals contained
harsh chemicals and acid that get              3    Sodium Bicarbonate is                 in our food.
into the blood and try to neutralize                released from the pancreas
or destroy them the best it can.                    and neutralizes the acidic
The liver will keep storing as many                 food coming from
as it can until it has to pass them                 stomach.
into the blood stream, going to
every cell in the body .

Click here: to know the basic
understanding of acid base balance in relation to water.
There are three organs in the body designed to get rid of acid.

In our bodies, the kidneys mop up excess hydrogen ions—which cause acidity—from the blood
and excrete them through the urine that is formed. The more urine that is produced, the more
easily the body keeps its interior alkaline. This is why clear urine is an indicator of an efficient acid-
clearing mechanism, and dark yellow or orange urine is an ominous sign of impending acid burns
in the interior of the body. People who consider having to pass urine more than two or three times
a day inconvenient, and do not drink water so that they do not have to urinate more than they can
help, are ignorant of how they are hurting their bodies.

Our lungs take in oxygen, and exhale carbon dioxide, a gas called CO2 that is an acid. This is the
number one way our body gets rid of acid, a waste product of the cells.

Our stomach is where hydrochloric acid is made and stored, waiting to be released when food is
eaten. This acid (hydrochloric acid) is required for the body to be able to use the minerals
contained in our food. After this acid is prepared, (opened up the food), then the bottom valve in
the stomach will open and the food moves into the beginning of the small intestines where the
acid is neutralized by the release of a bicarbonate from the pancreas. If this acid is not fully
neutralized and some acid gets into the intestines, this acid will affect the tissue cells and over a
long period of time will effect the DNA and you get abnormal cell production leading to cancer in
the intestines.
When this acid gets into our bloodstream from our intestines, it is sent to the liver where the blood
is purified and the acid is neutralized. Our liver can't handle the large amount of acid caused when
a person drinks beverages containing CO2, the carbonation. It's the little bubbles found in soda,
beer and champagne.

Our brain knows this very acid blood must be neutralized very quickly so it will command for
calcium to be released from our bones to neutralize this very acid blood.

People with auto immune diseases especially terminal cancer, who stopped drinking their
soda, coffee, tea, alcohol, or eating chocolate and started drinking half their weight ii
ounces of quality water, taking 1/8 tsp (3/4 g) of quality salt for every 16 oz (500 ml) of pure
water and added more fruits and vegetables to their diet. Found their diseases would go
into remission and their body would repair itself.
Remember that an acid condition of the tissues, organs and cells will finally eat into the DNA and
change (alter) the codes causing bad cells to be made. Auto Immune diseases including cancer
can only live in an acid environment and anaerobic meaning low oxygen.
If a person's immune system is working normally, it has white cells that can make oxygen and
release hydrogen peroxide as needed to prevent abnormal cells from being made.

When a person is low on water and salt (out of balance in the cells) the body will release
histamine to be able to re-balance the cells. One of the side effects is shutting down the white
cells that make oxygen and hydrogen peroxide in our immune system.

Commercialism creates almost all our special foods and drinks with new flavors, good tastes and
use of caffeine and herbs. Caffeine acts like a water pill causing the water to run through a person
so quickly that the cells don't have time to use the water. Clean energy in the human body comes
from water/salt and potassium that turn little generators called cation pumps.
The second kind of energy for the human body comes from sugar. It takes a lot more sugar to
generate the same amount of energy generated with the water/salt and potassium.
It's like hydroelectric power from a dam versus a coal burning electric generating station.
When sugar is burned for energy you get more waste (oxidation) requiring more anti-oxidants to
neutralize the toxic waste. If a person is not eating enough fruit or vegetables then the liver must
use critical amino acids as anti-oxidants to neutralize the waste.
When we eat acid foods containing chemicals as sweeteners and preservatives plus drink
beverages that are acid and contain chemical sweeteners they will be setting up the body for

Our liver will also trap (retain) harsh chemicals that get into the blood and try to neutralize or
destroy them the best it can. The liver will keep storing as many as it can until it has to pass them
into the blood stream, going to every cell in the body.
For this reason many people today are taking an intestinal and liver cleanse to remove these built-
up toxins and extra weight they add in the intestines. A person must be very careful to avoid the
foods that contain so many harsh chemical.
All blood goes through the liver and amino acids are used to neutralize many toxins (poisons) that
enter the liver.
When the liver is running low on amino acids it will borrow some from other organs like the
pancreas. This will cause problems with the pancreas like diabetes and possibly pancreatic
cancer, if the amino acids are not returned to keep working properly.
Most of us think we are getting plenty of amino acids today in our beef, chicken, pork and fish, but
that is not true today because we don't do a live kill any more like we use to do in the early 50s.
Long ago a butcher at a grocery store would kill the steer, chicken, pig or fish out back of the store
or a couple miles away at a small farm that morning.
Once the animal, chicken or fish is killed the amino acids start to break down the protein. This
break down is what makes the meat go bad (spoil). Some foreign countries still do a live kill
because they know the amino acids are about gone after the second day.
Amino acids are kept sealed in eggs, beans and nuts until broken or mashed, cut open,.
The same thing applies to grain seeds like wheat, rye and barley. Once they are milled open, and
made into flour the amino acids are exposed to oxygen and dissipate.
Most Americans today are running short on amino acids because we don't do a live kill locally
anymore nor do we mill our flour for our bread and pasta just before we bake it.
Freezing the meat is not the answer to retaining the amino acids. A freshly caught fish dressed,
cooked and eaten, tastes completely different from a frozen one.
Our body was designed to eat fresh natural grown food or eat meat from a fresh live kill.
Today we are genetically altering our food for a greater yield of crops. We are feeding our animals
substances (chemicals) to quicken their growth and weight.

We are all in a hurry today, short on time, causing many of us to not eat a balanced meal
containing fresh fruits and vegetables.
Remember, meats, chicken, fish, eggs, pasta, etc, are all acid foods, where fruit and vegetables
are the opposite being alkaline foods, meaning they balance each other out, keeping the body
neutral or just a little alkaline.
24 hours a day we have cells burning carbon (fuel) to keep our human body temperature at 98.6
degrees. When you burn anything it gives off waste as smoke. This waste (oxidation) from those
cells must be neutralized 24 hours a day, using anti-oxidants that come from fruits and
vegetables. If a person doesn't eat enough foods rich in anti-oxidants then their body must use
critical amino acids from the liver to neutralize the waste (oxidation -smoke) from these cells.

Amino acids are critical to good health. Our brains must have a daily supply of amino acids to
function. Our liver cannot do its job without amino acids. Our muscles must have amino acids.
Every cell in the human body requires amino acids or acids that are made from amino acids in the
When we breathe in polluted air like smog from a vehicle exhaust our body must use these amino
acids to neutralize this toxic poison the best it can. A vehicle burns a carbon fuel using oxygen
and gives off a smoke (waste) called carbon monoxide. A wood fire gives off smoke. Even a clean
burning fuel gives off a waste called carbon monoxide.

So when a person decides to smoke a cigarette they are breathing in carbon monoxide, a poison
to the human body. Smoking also shortens the body on oxygen. This means that some cells in the
human body are not getting enough oxygen and become acidic from the carbon monoxide. This
will someday cause cancer to get started in the weakest part of the body.
Some people have never smoked and get lung cancer. Each person's body will borrow amino
acids or shut down, limit supplies to certain areas of the body to keep you going, hoping you will
give the body what it needs in the future to restore these areas (parts).
You ask, why do people smoke? They all say they enjoy it. You are going to die of something
anyhow. It makes them feel better.
When a person first tries smoking, their lungs shut down and they cough, trying to clear the
polluted air (smoke). But when they take the second puff (drag), their body will release a chemical
so you can survive this smoky air until you can get to better air to breathe. It is this chemical
(endorphins) the body releases that a person becomes addicted to. Releasing endorphins make a
person feel super. Endorphins are released during child-birth because of the pain. It is normally
harder for a female to stop smoking than a male because females have more endorphins.
Alcohol drinking can also cause some bodies to release endorphins and that person will become
addicted to alcohol. Smoke can smell good but it is never good for us to breathe. Many air
fresheners use harsh chemicals not good for us. Some candies contain harsh chemicals. A
person needs to read labels to know what they are eating, breathing or putting on their skin.


                             I HOPE THIS CHAPTER GIVES YOU A

                           Courtesy of F Batmanghelidj, Doctor of Medicines
                             Viventure System International Corporation

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