Residence Hall Packing List

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					Residence Hall Packing List
Office of Residential Life          Updated June 5, 2009

Print this list and use it as a guide to furnish your new residence hall room.
Please do not use the lists provided at stores – they often include prohibited items!

Room Essentials
      Twin Extra Long Sheet Set                                   Printer (the only public printer is located in the
      Pillow                                                      library computer lab for student use)
      Mattress Pad/ Egg Crate/Memory Foam Pad                     Cat 5E or Cat 6 Ethernet Cable
      Comforter and/or Blanket                                    Printer Paper
      Extra Throw Blanket                                         Notebooks/Lined Paper
      Clothes Hangers                                             Push Pins
      Lamps                                                       Desk Lamp
      (NO Halogen and Octopus-Style lamps are                     Blank CDs/DVDs (if applicable)
      allowed as they pose a fire risk and are prohibited)        Power Strips with Surge Protectors
      Analog Corded Phone with Answering Machine                  (extension cords pose a fire risk and are
      (incase of power outage; one per room)                      prohibited; bring more than one with extra long
      Wastebasket and Bags                                        cords)
      Vacuum Cleaner (talk with your roommate(s)                  Book Bag
      about this before purchasing; there’s no need for           Pens/Pencils
      more than one per room)                                Emergency Preparedness
Bath Essentials                                                   Prescription Medication
       Bath Towel                                                 Over-the-Counter Remedies
       Bathrobe                                                   (for headaches, flu, cold, etc.)
       Shower Caddy                                               Flashlight (we sometimes experience power
       Shower Flip Flops                                          outages)
Toiletries                                                        Disposable or Digital Thermometer
       Shower Supplies                                            Batteries
       (soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc.)                         List of Emergency Contacts
       Deodorant                                                  Health Insurance Card
       Toothbrush                                                 First Aid Kit
       Toothpaste                                                 Tweezers
       Shaving Supplies                                      Other Items (Optional items)
       Contacts, Contact Solution, Glasses (if applicable)      Humidifier
       Tissues                                                  Fan (ceiling fans and air conditioners are prohibited)
       Hand Sanitizer                                           Clothing for All Seasons (it could be winter one day,
Cleaning Supplies                                                 and summer the next)
      Dish Towels                                               Umbrella
      Dish Soap                                                 Small Sewing Kit
      Disinfecting Wipes                                        Under-the-Bed Storage Bins (no taller than 11”)
      Paper Towels                                              Plates, Mugs and Silverware (for the occasional
      Room Deodorizing Spray (candles and incense                 snack)
      pose a fire risk and are prohibited)                      Posters and Photos to Hang
      Laundry Supplies                                          TV, VCR, DVD Player, Stereo, Game Systems (talk
Cold Weather Preparedness                                         with your roommate(s) about this before
      Winter Jacket and Accessories                               purchasing; there’s no need for more than one per
      Snow Shovel (if you own a car)                              room)
      Ice Scraper (if you own a car)                            Coaxial Cable
      Boot Tray (to catch all that melting snow from            Refrigerator; no larger than 3 cubic feet (talk with
      your shoes; you will not be able to leave your            your roommate(s) about this before purchasing;
      shoes in the hallway)                                     there’s no need for more than one per room)
School Supplies
      Personal Computer (recommended, but if unable
      there are computer labs on campus)
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Prohibited Items
                                              Other Items You May Need:
(Leave these items at home!!!)
     Halogen Lamp (they generate too          -
    much heat and create interference)        -
     Tri-Color Octopus Lamp (it is a fire     -
     Bed Risers                               -
     (not permitted by our Fire Marshall)     -
     Cinder Blocks (same as above)            -
     Microwave (one is provided in the
    kitchens)                                 -
     Pets other than fish in up to a 10       -
    gallon tank (no Dogs, Cats, Gerbils,      -
    Hamsters, Turtles, Snakes, etc.)
     Tapestries                               -
     Illegal Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia     -
    (including but not limited to: Hookahs    -
    and Smoking Pipes)
     Alcohol                                  -
    (if living in one of the traditional      -
    residence halls)                          -
     Binge Drinking Paraphernalia
    (including but not limited to: Beer       -
    Pong Tables, Funnels, Luges, Keg          -
    Taps)                                     -
     Candles (even if they are just for
    decoration)                               -
     Incense                                  -
     Extension Cords
     Weapons (including but not limited to:
    BB Guns, Air Soft Guns, Knives, and
    Throwing Stars)
     Wall Paint (you cannot paint your
     Ash Trays (no smoking in the
    residence halls)

This list of prohibited items is not all-
inclusive. Should items be found that
are–in judgment of Skidmore College
officials–unsafe, Skidmore reserves the
right to confiscate such items or
require them to be removed.