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					                  Chapter 1 Vocabulary                                 Lesson 2.1 - Inductive Reasoning
        Lesson 1.1 - Building Blocks of Geometry           Inductive Reasoning           Sequence
                    Undefined Terms:                       Conjecture                    Data
Point               Line                Plane
                                                                      Lesson 2.2 - Deductive Reasoning
                     Defined Terms:
                                                           Deductive Reasoning
Collinear                     Midpoint
Coplanar                      Bisect                                  Lesson 2.3 - Finding the nth Term
Line Segment                  Ray                          Function Rule     nth term              Linear Function
Congruent Segments            Endpoints
                                                                   Lesson 2.4 - Mathematical Modeling
               Lesson 1.2 - Poolroom Math                  Mathematical Model
Angle                         Degree
Vertex                        Protractor                              Lesson 2.5 – Triangular Numbers
Sides (of an angle)           Congruent Angles             Angle Relationships          Converse Statement
Angle Measure                 Angle Bisector               Paragraph Proof

             Lesson 1.3 - What’s a Widget?                       Lesson 2.6 - Special Angles on Parallel Lines
Counterexample              Acute Angle                    Transversal Line             Alternate Interior Angles
Classify                    Obtuse Angle                   Corresponding Angles         Alternate Exterior Angles
Differentiate               Pairs of Vertical Angle                           Algebra Skills 2 - Slope
Parallel Lines              Linear Pair of Angles          Slope of a Line
Perpendicular Lines         Complementary Angles
Skew Lines                  Supplementary Angles                            Chapter 3 Vocabulary
Right Angle                                                   Lesson 3.2 - Constructing Perpendicular Bisectors
                                                           Segment Bisector             Equidistant
                  Lesson 1.4 – Polygons                    Perpendicular Bisector       Median (of a triangle)
Polygon                       Convex Polygon               Coincide                     Midsegment (of a triangle)
Side                          Concave Polygon
Vertex                        Congruent Polygons              Lesson 3.3 - Constructing Perpendiculars to a Line
Consecutive Angles            Equilateral Polygon          Distance                     Altitude
Consecutive Vertices          Equiangular Polygon                 Lesson 3.4 - Constructing Angle Bisectors
Consecutive Sides             Regular Polygon              Angle Bisector
                                                                    Lesson 3.5 - Constructing Parallel Lines
    Lesson 1.5 - Triangles and Special Quadrilaterals      Parallel Lines
Right Triangle                Base Angles (isosceles
Acute Triangle                triangle)                        Lesson 3.7 - Constructing Points of Concurrency
Obtuse Triangle               Trapezoid                    Concurrent                   Orthocenter
Scalene Triangle              Kite                         Point of Concurrency         Circumscribed
Equilateral Triangle          Parallelogram                Incenter                     Inscribed (in a polygon)
Isosceles Triangle            Rhombus                      Circumcenter
Vertex Angle (isos. tri.)     Rectangle                                      Lesson 3.8 - The Centroid
Base (isosceles triangle)     Square                       Centroid                        Center of Gravity
                  Lesson 1.6 – Circles                                      Chapter 4 Vocabulary
Circle          Arc (of a circle)     Arc Measure                    Lesson 4.1 - Triangle Sum Conjecture
Radius          Semicircle            Central Angle        Auxiliary Line
Chord           Minor Arc             Tangent
Diameter        Major Arc             Point of Tangency           Lesson 4.2 - Properties of Special Triangles
                                                           Isosceles Triangle            Vertex Angle (isos. tri.)
   Lesson 1.7 - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words        Legs (isosceles triangle)     Base (isosceles triangle)
Locus                                                      Base Angles (isos. triangle)
              Lesson 1.8 - Space Geometry                                A.S. 4 - Writing Linear Equations
Space                Cylinder       Sphere                 y-intercept
Solid of Revolution Pyramid         Hemisphere
Prism                Cone           Section (of a solid)               Lesson 4.3 - Triangle Inequalities
                                                           Exterior Angle (triangle)     Remote Interior Angles
                 Chapter 2 Vocabulary                      Adjacent Interior Angle
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      Lesson 4.4 - Are There Congruence Shortcuts?
                                                                           Chapter 8 Vocabulary
Included Angle                Included Side
                                                            Lesson 8.1 - Areas of Rectangles and Parallelograms
              Lesson 4.7 - Flowchart Thinking              Area                      Altitude (of a parallelogram)
Flowchart                      Flowchart Proof
                                                                     Lesson 8.4 - Areas of Regular Polygons
   Lesson 4.8 - Proving Isosceles Triangle Conjectures     Apothem
Biconditional Statement
                                                                        Lesson 8.6 - Sector of a Circle
                   Chapter 5 Vocabulary                    Sector of a Circle           Annulus
            Lesson 5.1 - Polygon Sum Conjecture            Segment of a Circle
                                                                           Lesson 8.7 - Surface Area
        Lesson 5.2 - Exterior Angles of a Polygon          Surface Area                   Lateral Face (of a solid)
Exterior Angle (of a polygon)                              Base (of a solid)              Slant Height (pyramid)
       Lesson 5.3 - Kite and Trapezoid Properties                            Chapter 9 Vocabulary
Kite                          Bases (of a trapezoid)               Lesson 9.1 - The Theorem of Pythagoras
Vertex Angles (of a kite)     Base Angles (of trapezoid)   Legs (right tri.)   Hypotenuse         Theorem
Nonvertex Angles (kite)       Isosceles Trapezoid
Trapezoid                                                  Lesson 9.2 - The Converse of the Pythagorean Theorem
                                                           Pythagorean Triple
       Lesson 5.4 - Properties of Midsegments
Midsegment (of a trapezoid)                                     Lesson 9.5 - Distance in Coordinate Geometry
                                                           Distance (between 2 pts.)     The Equation of a Circle
      Lesson 5.6 - Properties of Special Polygons
Rectangle                    Square                                          Chapter 10 Vocabulary
                                                                     Lesson 10.1 - The Geometry of Solids
        Lesson 5.7 - Proving Quadrilateral Properties
                                                           Polyhedron                 Lateral Face (prism/pyramid)
                                                           Face (of a polyhedron)     Lateral Edge (prism/pyramid)
                Chapter 6 Vocabulary                       Dodecagon                  Sphere
             Lesson 6.1 - Chord Properties                 Edge                       Radius (circle/sphere)
Central Angle     Inscribed Angle     Intercepted Arc      Vertex                     Center (circle/sphere)
                                                           Tetrahedron                Hemisphere
           Lesson 6.2 - Tangent Properties                 Regular Polyhedron         Great Circle
Tangent Segment             Internally Tangent Circles     Prism                      Cylinder
Tangent Circles             Externally Tangent Circles     Base (of a prism)          Axis (of a cylinder)
              Lesson 6.3 - Arcs and Angles                 Altitude (of a prism)      Radius (of a cylinder)
Cyclic Quadrilateral         Secant                        Height (of a prism)        Right Cylinder
                                                           Right Prism                Oblique Cylinder
    Lesson 6.5 - The Circumference/Diameter Ratio          Oblique Prism              Cone
Circumference                                              Pyramid                    Right Cone
                  Lesson 6.7 - Arc Length                  Height (of a pyramid)      Oblique Cone
Arc Length                                                 Slant Height (pyramid)     Cube

                 Chapter 7 Vocabulary                            Lesson 10.2 - Volume of Prisms and Spheres
      Lesson 7.1 - Transformations and Symmetry            Volume
Image                       Reflection                             Lesson 10.5 - Displacement and Density
Transformation              Line of Reflection             Displacement                 Density
Isometry                    Reflectional Symmetry
Translation                 Line of Symmetry                               Chapter 11 Vocabulary
Rotation                    Rotational Symmetry             Using Your Algebra Skills 9 - Proportion and Reasoning
                                                           Ratio                          Proportion
         Lesson 7.2 - Properties of Isometries
Ordered Pair Rule                                                       Lesson 11.1 - Similar Polygons
                                                           Similar Polygons Dilation              Scale Factor
     Lesson 7.3 - Compositions of Transformations

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