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Overview of Session
    • Types of scholarships
        – entrance, institution, sponsored,
          community, government, family,
          Banting and bursary
    •   Criteria
    •   Application Process
    •   References
    •   Research – binders, websites
      Types of Scholarships
       1. Entrance Scholarships

• no application required
• financial reward based on merit (marks)
• vary from institution to institution –
• usually based on final average (July
• may be renewable
         2. “Institution Specific”
• granted by the individual university or college
• specific to each institution and sometimes individual
  faculties – compare!
• based on merit and other criteria
•     eg. Financial need, community service, leadership
• separate application required
• competitive-often need to be nominated by
  guidance (eg. Western’s President Scholarship –
  top 3 applicants)
• be familiar with the financial aid office
    3. Sponsored Applicants
• Sponsored – self nominate by completing
  the “consideration for scholarship” form in
  guidance – due 2 weeks before the due
• Banting may only be able to sponsor 1, 2
  or 3 applicants
• Attempts will be made to spread
  sponsorship amongst our students
     4. Community and Private

• granted by private companies and associations
  • eg. TD/Canada Trust, Wendy’s, Wal-Mart, etc.
• usually rewarding more than just merit – eg.
  community involvement, innovation,
  leadership, extra-curricular involvement, etc.
• may need to study a particular field (eg.
  Business) or be an employee but majority are
  open to any applicant. Some may ask for
  sponsored applicants (eg. LORAN Award)
     5. Government Sponsored

• Queen Elizabeth II – Aiming for the Top –
  based on merit and financial need. Must
  also apply for OSAP
       6. Parents, Grandparents
• Some employers offer scholarships to children
  or grandchildren.
• If parents, grandparents belong to a professional
  organization or union, there may be scholarship
• Check with your parents insurance, investors or
  affiliations for scholarships. (ie. OTIP offers 12
  $1500 bursaries to children, grandchildren,
  niece/ nephew randomly selected once entered
  into the pool)
           7. Banting Awards
• Currently Banting offers graduates a
  number of different awards.
• In order to be considered, you must
  complete a graduate “student profile
  sheet” and submit it to the guidance office.
• You will only be considered in the year
  that you graduate. (not 5th year graduates)
               8. Bursary
• Many bursaries are offered through private
  donors, corporations and individual
• Criteria is primarily based on financial
            Typical Criteria
• Academic achievement – top 6 4u / 4m
• Leadership and initiative
• Extra curricular (sports, music, student
  council, yearbook, social justice, clubs…)
• Special circumstances, challenges, family
• Person strengths / special achievements
• Match your skills / personal goals with the
  scholarship criteria.
             The application
• Use computer whenever possible. (spell check
  and edit)
• Do a rough copy first.
• Do not leave blanks.
• Follow the instructions carefully
• You are responsible for mailing. Registered mail
  is best.
• Mistakes, lateness or incompleteness will
  eliminate you quickly
• Your application is a reflection of who you are
  not a list of your accomplishments.
Application Process

• Obtain application (guidance or websites)
• Request letters of reference
• Note deadlines! (received by or postmarked)
• Hand in profile and / or nomination form to
• Save a copy
• Apply on time
  References, Referee Statements
• Who to ask? Someone in a position of
  responsibility who will say great things about
• Give them a copy of your grad profile, resume
  and scholarship criteria.
• Give them a chance to say no. (They may be
• Ask more than one person.
• Review your letter. Politely ask for revisions if
 References, Referee Statements
• Common courtesy – Thank your
  reference – you may need them again.
• A thank you card would be a wonderful
• Give the reference plenty of time. Polite
  reminders are fine.
• October until July
• Finish application at least 1 week
• Do Not MISS the due date!
• Request references or transcripts 2
  weeks in advance.
Research! Where To Look
  •   Listen to announcements!!!
  •   Visit Guidance – often!
  •   Search 2 binders in Guidance
  •   Scholarship bulletin board
  •   www.electronicinfo.ca
  •   ontariocolleges.ca
  •   Websites:
          tvdsb.ca (for Thames Valley awards)
More Help With Money
• Financial Planning – TBA

• OSAP Presentation – May

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