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Samantha Jones


									Samantha Jones

         ~ Jessica McNichol
   Bibliography
   Personality Traits
   Five Factor Model
   Personality Stability
   Assortive Mating
   Manipulation
   Personality Disorders
   Case Study
    - Narcissism in Celebrities
   Fictional character in Sex and the City.
   Played by actress Kim Cattrall.
   Born in 1958, 45 years old on the show.
   Comes from an non-wealthy family.
   She owns a public relations company.
   Most sexually liberated of friends.
   Storylines revolve around many men and
    sex she has.
                    Personality Traits
   Traits:   are internal desires, needs, and wants that are causal in
    that they explain behaviour.
   Samantha’s internal desire
   Samantha’s Personality Traits:
                 Impulsive
                 Reliable
                 Outspoken
                 Promiscuous
                 Loyal
Five Factor Model of Personality

   5 taxonomies of personality traits that
    have both high and low scores.
   Extroversion
   Agreeableness
   Conscientiousness
   Neuroticism
   Openness to experience
       Samantha’s Factor Model

   High Extroversion
   Low Agreeableness
   High Conscientiousness
   Middle Neuroticism
   High Openness to
       New Experience
      Predictability and 5 Factor

   Good Grades: high C, high emotionally stable
   Risky Sexual Behaviour: high N, low C, low A
   Alcohol Assumption: high E, low C
   Everest Climber: high E, emotionally stable
   Happiness: high E, low N
   Leadership Effectiveness: high E, high A, high C
             Personality Stability

   Rank Order Stability:      in a group your position in
    that group stays the same over time, the maintenance of
    personality in group.
   Personality Coherence:          underlying trait that
    stays the same, but the way it is shown changes.
Assortive Mating for Personality

   Attraction Similarity Theory:         people are
    attracted to those who have similar personality
      Samantha’s Love Interests
   Richard Wright: hotel executive, no monogamy
   Maria: famous artist
   Smith Jerrod: actor/model
      Violation of Desire Theory

   Break ups should occur more when one’s
    desires are violated than when they are
   Samantha’s Break ups
   All the ways in which people intentionally
    try to change the behaviour of others.
   Types:
        Coercion           Responsibility Invocation
        Silent Treatment   Hardball
        Reason             Pleasure Induction
        Regression         Social Comparison
        Self Abasement     Monetary Reward
        Charm
      Samantha’s Manipulations

   Charm
   Regression
   Hardball
   Pleasure Induction
   Social Comparison
          Personality Disorders

   It is an enduring pattern of experience
    and behaviour that differs greatly from the
    expectations of the individual’s culture.
   It is manifested in how people think, feel,
    get along with others, and ability to
    control behaviour
           Clusters of Disorders

   Erratic:   emotional, difficulty getting along with
    others, unpredictable, and, violent, includes:
    antisocial, borderline, histrionic, narcissistic
   Anxious:    fearful, apprehensive, and have
    trouble with social relationships, includes:
    avoidant, dependent, obsessive compulsive
   Eccentric:    people appear odd, eccentric, and
    don’t get along with others, includes: schizoid,
    schizotypical, paranoid
            Samantha’s Disorder

   Histrionic:    excessive attention seeking, and
    emotionality, sexually provocative, opinions shallow,
    display strong emotions in public, suggestible and
    excessive need for attention.
   Narcissistic:     need to be admired,
    strong sense of self-importance, lack of
    insight into other people’s feelings.
       CASE STUDY – Narcissism in
   Narcissistic Personality Inventory used to assess
    the degree of narcissism in celebrities compared
    to the population.
   Definition of a celebrity?
   Participants & Procedure
   Findings & Conclusions
   Parallel to Samantha
   Future Directions: nature vs. nurture side of
   (2007). Samantha Jones. Retrieved March 3, 2007, from
    Wikipedia Encyclopedia.
   Larsen, Randy & David Buss. “Personality Psychology:
    Domains of Knowledge About Human Nature”. McGraw-
    Hill, New York, 2005.
   Young, M., & Pinsky, D. (2006). Narcissism and
    Celebrity. Journal of Research in Personality, 40 (5) 463-
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    database (Academic Search Premier).
Questions or Comments
   Must email character for presentation
    by MONDAY MARCH 31
   If not one will be assigned.
           Marking Scheme
   60% CONTENT
   10% APA
   5% GRAMMAR
   20% STYLE
   BONUS – future research – an actual

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