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									                                AP American Government

                                    Course Expectations

        The course you are about to begin is a college level course in which you will
receive college credit if you pass the AP exam in the Spring. Consider this course as a
transition from high school to college. Whenever you go off to college next year, there
will be no teacher or parent standing behind you to make sure you do your work.
Therefore, I will expect you to act as the young adult you have become. I will only
contact your parents if there is a problem or if you are not working to your full potential.

        In this class you will be taking an analytical perspective on government and
politics in the U.S. This course includes both the study of general concepts used to
interpret U.S. politics and the analysis of specific examples. It also requires familiarity
with the various institutions, groups, beliefs, and ideas that constitute U.S. politics. You
will become acquainted with the variety of theoretical perspectives and explanations for
various behaviors and outcomes.

        This course will be conducted with a variety of teaching and learning techniques.
You will be required to keep a well-organized notebook containing all work such as
lecture notes, worksheets, quizzes and chapter exams.

Materials Needed

       You will need paper, pencil, and a 3 ring notebook 2 inches minimum.


      Your grading scale is aligned with the AP exam. If your grades on the chapter
exams average as below, you can generally expect to receive:

       Numerical Average
       Without extra credit            Grade          AP Exam Score
             90-100                     A                   5
             80-89                      B                   4
             70-79                      C                   3
             60-69                      D                   2
             <60                        F                   1

You must average above 70 on chapter exams and participate in the
after school review sessions beginning in March to take the AP Exam in
Grade Averaging

       PART./ CW/HW/Notebook                          30%
       Exams                                          60%
       Nine Weeks Exam                                10%

       I know that your primary concern is, “How can I earn an „A‟?” This is easy to

       1.   Follow classroom rules.
       2.   Complete all assignments.
       3.   Use your flash cards for Chapter Exams.
       4.   Come in for after-school tutoring for extra credit.

Classroom Rules

   1. The Prime Rule: Respect for everyone in the classroom.
   2. Sit in your assigned seat. I do not take time to call roll. I check my seating chart
      to mark people who are absent. Please be seated and ready to take part in class
      when the period begins. If you have personal concerns, I will leave time at the
      end of class for conferences.
   3. Respect our shared environment because many people use our room. We need to
      keep it clean, orderly, and the basic arrangement preserved. Everyone shares the
      responsibility for reordering the furniture, picking up messes, etc.
   4. Respect for others during discussions, lectures, etc: When one person is talking,
      everyone is listening. Only one discussion can go on at a time. No one puts
      down another‟s contributions.
   5. No time will be wasted at the start of class. Please be seated and ready to take
      part in class when the period begins. If you have personal concerns, I will leave
      time at the end of class for conferences.
   6. School Board Policy reads: “No student shall be allowed to make-up work
      missed due to unexcused absences except for nine weeks and semester
      examinations.” Absences may prove to be unavoidable at times, but remember
      that you CANNOT pass this course with excessive absences. You may miss 3
      days without affecting your grade. However, beginning with the 4th absence, you
      can expect your grade to drop one letter for every 3 days absent.
   7. DON’T ASK FOR A HALL PASS! By order of the administration, I cannot
      issue a hall pass except for emergencies.
   8. Made up assignments will not be accepted after 3 days upon returning to school.

   Finally, I want this year to be a rewarding experience as well as entertaining. If you
   have any special problems, you may approach me in private at the end of the period,
   after school, or through your parents.
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