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					 Big Rapids Area Lodging                    Come discover Mecosta County and
                                              the Greater Big Rapids Area
                                            If you are an outdoor enthusiast, this is the
The Inn at St. Ives     231-972-4837                       place to be! Enjoy a lazy, summer afternoon
                                            tubing down the majestic Muskegon River, a            Halls
                                            colorful, fall stroll along the Big Rapids River-
Blue Lake Motel            231-972-2788     walk - with access for all or how about a scenic                       snowmobile ride on the White Pine Trail offer-
                                            ing nature at its finest. Don’t miss fishing in
                                            one of our numerous streams, rivers and over
Quality Inn & Suites 231-527-9000           100 lakes. Hunting is also abundant with our
                                            14,000 acres of state land and private game ar-
Country Inn & Suites 231-527-8000             At the Mecosta County Area Convention &
                                            Visitors Bureau we have an abundant supply of
                                            brochures and fliers to cover the numerous at-
Holiday Inn Hotel            231-796-4400   tractions, activities, facilities and services
                                            available in our area.

Morley Motel          231-856-7820

                                                                                                 Big Rapids
Outback Lodge                231-972-7255
Super 8 Motel         231-796-1588          246 N. State Street Big Rapids, MI 49307
                                                                                                Mecosta County
          American Legion                            Eagles # 2535 (Steven Hall)                          The Inn at St Ives
 2560 Northland Drive, Morley MI 49336         18361 16 Mile Road Big Rapids, MI 49307            9900 St Ives Dr. Stanwood MI 49346
        Phone: (231) 856-4480                           Phone: (231) 796-6453                            Phone: (231) 972-4837
      Open to the public, Cash bar                    Open to the public, cash bar                      Toll Free: 1-800-972-4837
       Capacity; Up to 350 guests                     Capacity: Up to 450 guests                  Inn, golf course, and 4 banquet rooms
                                                                                                        Capacity: Up to 200 guests
              Bennigans                                      Falcon Head
 1005 Perry Street, Big Rapids MI 49307        13120 Northland DR Big Rapids, MI 49307
         Phone: (231) 796-8494                          Phone: (231) 796-2613                       Old Jail (Historic Location)
     Restaurant with separate room.                 Golf Course and Banquet Room                 220 S Stewart St Big Rapids, MI 49307
       Available Monday– Friday                       Capacity:Up to 280 guests                          Phone: (231) 796-9507
      Capacity: Up to 50-60 guests                                                                     Capacity: Up to 65 guests
                                                 Holiday Inn & Conference Center
              Blue Cow                             1005 Perry St Big Rapids, MI 49307                         Sharron's
119 N. Michigan Ave Big Rapids, MI 49307                  Phone: (231) 796-4400                 10431 Northland Dr Big Rapids, MI 49307
         Phone: (231) 796-0100                          Toll Free: 1-800-999-9069                       Phone: (231) 796-3960
      Restaurant with separate room.        11 rooms including, Boardrooms, Auditorium, Grill        Restaurant with separate room.
        Capacity: Up to 30 guests               room Multi– Purpose Room and Ballroom.                 Capacity: Up to 50 guests
                                                      Capacity: Up to15-400 guests
          China One Buffet
15190 Isabella Dr. Suite D Big Rapids, MI              Pepper’s Café and Deli
                  49307                      121 North Michigan Ave Big Rapids, MI 49307
         Phone: (231) 796-3818                          Phone: (231) 796-0844
     Restaurant with separate room.                 Restaurant with separate room.
      Capacity: Up to 70-80 guests             Free Wireless Internet 1 Conference room
                                                     Capacity: Up to 30-40 guests
              CK’s Place
11515 Northland DR, Big Rapids, MI 49307          The Gate Entertainment Center
         Phone:1-888-796-5414                      706 Perry Ave Big Rapids MI 49307
       Capacity: Up to 250 guests                        Phone: (231) 796-3808
                                                   1 Banquet hall (holds 60) and 1 open
             Eagles #4360                              banquet room the Monahan
 7200 Stanwood Rd Stanwood MI, 49346                   Open to the public, cash bar
         Phone: (231)823-2911                          Capacity: Up to 150 guests
      Open to the public, Cash bar
       Capacity: Up to 200 guests

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