Grade 6 Supply List exl by RyanSheridan


									                                    Lavaca Middle School
                                   6th Grade Supply List
Option 1:         Buy the following supplies at the store of your choice.

Qty               Item
24                #2 Pencils
1 set of 12       Colored pencils (Social Studies)
1                 Pencil sharpener (Math)
1                 Scissors (Social Studies)
2 pkgs            Loose-leaf, wide-ruled notebook paper (Math) (Social Studies)
1                 Spiral notebook (70 count) (English)
1                 Pencil Bag for 3 ring binder (Social Studies)
1                 School glue stick (Social Studies)
1 pkg of 5        Dividers (Math)
2                 Pocket folders (without holes or brads) (English) (Social Studies)
1                 1" 3-ring binder (clear-view) (English)
1                 1 & 1/2" 3-ring binder (clear-view) (Math)
1 pkg             Wet Wipes
3 boxes           Kleenex
1                 TI30 Calculator (not included in pre-packaged kits) (Math)

Option 2:         Buy supplies from the school in a pre-packaged kit. (Prepaid orders only)

                                              Order Form
                                   Pre-packaged School Supplies

                                         6th Grade - $33.00
                              Student _____________________

                                        * Calculator not included.
     To take advantage of Option 2, complete this form and return to the Middle School with payment.
                                      Make checks payable to: LMS
                         If returning by mail: 603 S. Division Lavaca, AR 72941
                  Students may pick up orders in the library on the first day of school.

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