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									                            After more than 25 years in the distribution business,
                            Burten Distribution continues to provide the best service
                            to it’s customers. We are continually looking for better
                            ways to serve you:
                            Shipping - We offer next day ground service to California,
                            Nevada and most of Arizona and two day ground to
                            Oregon and Washington. We have also negotiated better
     2 0 1 1 C AT A L O G

                            rates for central and eastern states to provide the lowest
                            shipping costs for our customers.
                            Inventory - We have the largest warehouse of shoe store supplies on the West Coast. You can always
                            depend on our ability to fill and ship your order. Our stock is your stock.
                            Selection - This catalog is just a small selection of what we carry. We have a full line of supplies for shoe
                            stores, shoe repair shops, orthotic & prosthetic facilities, durable medical equipment companies and many
                            other industries. If you do not see what you are looking for here in the catalog give us a call.

                                                                      TABLE OF CONTENTS
                            Disposable Foot Socks               1 Aetrex Shoes                21-28   Fidelio/Hallux Sandals & Shoes         31
                            Measuring Devices                   1 Ambulator Biomechanical        26   Ciabatta Shearling Shoes & Slippers   32
                            Fitting Aids                       2 Ambulator Conform               24   Pedifix                               33
                            Stretchers                         3 Ambulator Stretchers            27   Gilden Tree                           34
                            Shoe Trees                         4 Ariya                           26   Spa Supplies                          35
                            Boot Trees                         5 Berries                         22   Angelus                               36
                            Custom Printed Horns               5 Essence Shoes                   24   International Dye                     37
                            Displays                           6 Essence Fashion Flats           22   Protectors & Conditioners             38
                            Adhesives                          7 Essence Sport Casuals           21   Kelly’s                               39
                            Shoe Horns                      8-9 Grammercy                        25   Punch                                 39
                            Brushes                            9 Lenex                           27   Other Items                           40
                            Tools                            10 Lexington                        25   Footbeds                               41
                            Laces                              11 Ozone                          28   Heel Lifts                             41
                            Premier                           12 Sandalista Sandals              23   Fiebings                              42
                            Foot Petals                       12 Voyage                          28   Meltonian                             43
                            SofSole                           13 Lynco Insoles                        Kiwi Select                           44
                            Spenco                        14-15 Sport                            30   Kiwi                                  45
                            Tacco                         16-17 Casual                           30   TANA                                  45
                            FootCare                          18 Dress                           30   Cadillac                              46
                            Reikens                           18 Conform                         30   Columbus                              47
                            Powerstep                         19 Callaway                        25   Charts
                            Pedag                             19 Enhancements                    23     Angelus Acrylic Paints              47
                            Four Seasons                     20 Custom Select                    29     Sizing Charts                       48
                            Pedors                            21 Aetrex Copper Socks             29     Meltonian                           49

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                i                        www.burte n d i s t r i b u t i o n . c o m
Foot Sox                            Adult Measuring
144 per box in beige and                    Device
black.                         Men’s, Women’s and unisex.
BD#: FOOTSOX                          BD#: 1131M, 1131W & 1131A

Foot Sox - Lycra                Ritz Stick Measuring
Banded                                       Device

                                                                         subject to change.
144 per box in beige (#550).     Unisex for length & width.

                                                                         All prices are
BD#: FOOTSOX2                                       BD#: RITZ

                                                                      BURTEN DISTRIBUTION
Foot Sox - Men’s                    Adult Measuring
144 per box in beige and                      Stick
black.                           Unisex for length & width.
BD#: FOOTSOXM                                        BD#: 1141

Foot Sox - Ribbed              Brannock Measuring
Men’s 24 per box in black.                Device
                                         Men’s & women’s.
                                                BD#: BRANUS

                               Also available in UK & Eruo

Knee-Hi                        Brannock Measuring
48 per box in beige, black &              Device
suntan.                                      Athletic unisex.
BD#: KNEEHI                                     BD#: BRANAT

Knee-Hi                        Brannock Measuring
24 per bag in black, nude &               Device
suntan.                                   Children’s unisex.
BD#: X1023K, X1023N & X1023S                     BD#: BRANE

( 8 0 0 )                  743-5341                                             1
                                 Padded Suedene                                  Felt Heel Pads
                                                                                  72 pads per box. Sizes:
                                 Halters - Bulk                          Heel Pads 5/7    Heel Pads 9/11
                                 One size. Available in differ-
                                                                           BD#: HP57        BD#: HP911
                                 ent quantities:
                                 Halters - 36 pair                       Heel Pads 6/8 Heel Pads 12/13
                                                                           BD#: HP6       BD#: HP12
                                 BD# HALTERS3
                                 Halters - 72 pair
     2 0 1 1 C AT A L O G

                                 BD#: HALTERS6
                                 Halters - 144 pair                           Tongue Pads -
                                 BD#: HALTERS12                                       Bulk
                                                                        36 pair per box. Available in
                                                                         small, medium, large & XL.
                                 Padded Suede                                             BD#: TONGUE
                                 Halters - Bulk
                                 Pigskin halters. 36 pair per            See size chart on page 48.

                                 BD#: SHB                                                Sling Aids
                                                                        12 pair per bag. One size fits
                                                                                              BD#: O301
                                 Foam Taps - Bulk
                                 144 taps per box. Sizes:
                                  Foam Taps 5/7     Foam Taps 9/11
                                  BD#: FT           BD#: FT9
                                  Foam Taps 6/8     Foam Taps 12/13
                                  BD#: FT6          BD#: FT12                    Rubber Heel
                                  Foam Taps 8/9     See size chart on             Grips -Bulk
                                  BD#: FT8              page 48.        36 pair per box. One size fits
                                 Foam Insoles -                                              BD#: PSGB
                                 12 pair per box. Available in whole
                                 sizes: Men’s: 6-13 Women’s: 4-12
                                 BD#: FIB                                     Corduroy Heel
                                 Also available in perforated.
                                 BD#: FIBP                                       Grips -Bulk
                                                                        36 pair per box. One size fits
                                 3/32” Cork Taps - Bulk                                           all.
                                 144 taps per box. Sizes:                                     BD#: HSC
                                  Cork Taps 5/7     Cork Taps 9/11
                                  BD#: CKT57        BD#: CKT911
                                  Cork Taps 8/9     Cork Taps 12/13
                                  BD#: CKT89        BD#: CKTD
                                                                         SlipNot Sure-Grip
                                 1/16” Cork Taps - Bulk                 36 pair per box. Available in
                                 144 taps per box. Sizes:
                                                                             small, medium & large.
                                  Cork Taps 5/7     Cork Taps 9/11                         BD#: HG300
                                  BD#: CKT57R       BD#: CKTBR
                                  CORK Taps 6/8     Cork Taps 12/13
                                  BD#: CKT6R        BD#: CKTDR
                                  Cork Taps 8/9     See size chart on
                                                                         See size chart on page 48.
                                  BD#: CKT8R            page 48.

              2             www.burte n d i s t r i b u t i o n . c o m
Professional Shoe                    Mallory Stretcher
Stretcher                          Heavy duty cast aluminum
Wood & metal. Available in           stretcher with steel parts.
the following sizes: 5, 4, 3, 2,                      One size.
1, 0, 00, 000, 0000 as well                           BD#: MTWS
as High Heel 1, 2 & 3.

Dasco Shoe                                Mallory Instep
Stretcher                                      Stretcher

                                                                               subject to change.
Wooden stretcher with metal        Heavy duty cast aluminum

                                                                               All prices are
parts. Available in Men’s S, M &    instep stretcher with steel
L; Women’s S, M & L and in high
                                               parts. One size.
heel S, M & L
                                                         BD#: MIS

                                                                            BURTEN DISTRIBUTION
Dasco 2 Way                             Mallory Combo
Shoe Stretcher                                Stretcher
Rigid foam stretcher with          Heavy duty cast aluminum
plastic & metal parts.               boot stretcher with steel
Men’s: S, M, L & XL                           parts. One size.
Women’s: S, M, & L                                      BD#: MCS

Instep Stretcher                          Boot Stretcher
Wood stretcher with metal             Wood boot stretcher with
parts. Available in                                   steel parts.
Men’s S, M & L                        Available in S, M, L & XL.
Women’s S, M & L                                       BD#: BSML

Toe Stretcher                                  Boot Instep
Wood stretcher with metal                        Stretcher
parts. Available in                 Wood boot instep stretcher
Men’s S, M & L                     with steel parts. Available in
Women’s S, M & L                      Men’s & Women’s M & L.
BD#: TSW                                                 BD#: BIS

Toe Box Lifter                       Hoke Ball & Ring
Aluminum tool with scissor                  Stretcher
type action. One size.              Create pockets for bunions
                                     and other problem areas
                                            with this stretcher.
                                                        BD#: BRS

( 8 0 0 )                     743-5341                                              3
    Shoe Trees
                                 Plastic Shoe Shape              Cedar Shoe Tree
                                 Shoe trees for men’s and                - Men’s
                                 women’s shoes. Men’s O/S &     Cedar shoe trees with split
                                                              toe and spring loaded back.
                                 Women’s O/S.
                                                                   Sizes: S, M, L, XL & XXL
                                 BD#: PSSW                                    BD#: RCT1001
     2 0 1 1 C AT A L O G

                                                                 Cedar Shoe Tree
                                 Spring Shoe                          - Women’s
                                                                Cedar shoe trees with split
                                 Shapers                      toe and spring loaded back.
                                 Plastic shoe trees with                    Sizes: S, M & L
                                 metal spring for men’s and                   BD#: RCT1008

                                 women’s shoes.

                                 BD#: FSST                       Cedar Shoe Tree
                                                                  - Men’s Deluxe
                                                                Cedar shoe trees with split
                                 Shoe Shapers -                   toe and contoured heel.
                                 Tortoise Shell                    Sizes: S, M, L, XL & XXL
                                                                              BD#: RCT1010
                                 Plastic shoe trees with
                                 metal spring for men’s and
                                 women’s shoes.                  Cedar Shoe Tree
                                 BD#: SSTS                       - Men’s Ultimate
                                                              Cedar trees with contoured
                                                              toe & heel with brass knob.
                                                                       Sizes: S, M, L & XL
                                 Bouquet Shoe Tree                            BD#: RCT8951
                                 - Pointed Toe
                                 Foam shoe tree for women’s
                                 shoes in sizes: S, M & L.
                                                                 Cedar Boot Tree
                                 BD#: BOUQUET
                                                                         - Men’s
                                                               Cedar boot trees with solid
                                                                  Sizes: S, M, L, XL & XXL
                                                                              BD#: RCT1004
                                 Bouquet Shoe Tree
                                 Foam shoe tree for women’s      Cedar Boot Tree
                                 shoes in sizes: S, M & L.            - Women’s
                                 BD#: DBSS                     Cedar boot trees with solid
                                                                           Sizes: S, M & L
                                                                              BD#: RCT1006

              4             www.burte n d i s t r i b u t i o n . c o m
                                                                                        Boot Shapers
                       Cedar Boot                                            16”
                       Shaper                                          Boot Tree
                       Cedar and metal boot            Plastic adjustable boot tree.
                       shaper for the shaft of the                           BD#: FSBT
                       BD#: RCTCBT

                       Guard Boot Tree                    Dascomatic Boot
                       Plastic boot tree for the               Shaper - 9”

                                                                                                                    subject to change.
                       shaft of the boot.                      Plastic adjustable boot

                                                                                                                    All prices are
                       BD#: GBT
                                                                           BD#: DBSD9

                                                                                                                 BURTEN DISTRIBUTION
                       Vita Boot Tree                     Dascomatic Boot
                       Plastic adjustable boot tree           Shaper - 14”
                       w/screw handle.                         Plastic adjustable boot
                       BD#: BTVITA
                                                                            BD#: DBSD

 Customize one of these many products.                                   Large Sponge                   Small
Print your LOGO and Company Information on any of these

Shoe Horns & Shine Sponges (Right)
This line allows you to mix and match all the products
with no minimum order which is great for small orders.
Items include shine sponges (large & small), shoe horns
(7”) and a shoe horn/shine sponge combo. Call us for a
quote.                                                     Horn/                                    7” Shoe
                                                           Sponge                                   Horn
Printed Shoe Horns (Below & Right)
This line has a minimum order of 3 gross (432) and they will               7 Inch
print as many as 100 gross (14,400). Great for large orders.
                                                                                           5 3/4 Inch
Call us for a quote.

                               18 Inch

                       ( 8 0 0 )                   743-5341                                                              5
                                 Foam Boot Form                       Plastic Shoe
                                 - 14”                          Display (L-Stand)
                                 Foam block for stuffing into     Clear plastic display that
                                 boots.                                     holds one shoe.
                                 BD#: FBF14                                     BD#: PSDA3
     2 0 1 1 C AT A L O G

                                 Foam Boot Form                        Plastic Shoe
                                 - 7”                             Display (Wedge)
                                 Foam block for stuffing into     Clear plastic display that
                                 boots.                                     holds one shoe.
                                 BD#: FBF7                                      BD#: PSDA4

                                 Phantom Foot                         Plastic Shoe
                                 Forms                          Display (V-Stand)
                                 Narrow plastic shape with        Clear plastic display that
                                 pegs for straps to wrap                    holds one shoe.
                                 around.                                        BD#: PSDA5
                                 BD#: PHIV

                                 Sandal Form -                           Floor Mirror
                                 Men’s                            For looking at those cool
                                 Grey plastic foot form for     shoes you sell. Available in
                                 displaying sandals.                    chrome and black.
                                 BD#: SANFORM                                       BD#: FM

                                 Sandal Form -                          Fitting Stool
                                 Women’s                            Available in black and
                                 Grey plastic foot form for                        chrome.
                                                                                BD#: FITSTL
                                 displaying sandals.
                                 BD#: SANFORMW

                                 Sock Form                          Mirrored Bench
                                 Weighted plastic foot form     30” bench with a floor mir-
                                 for displaying socks.                    ror at each end.
                                 BD#: SFF                                       BD#: BENCH

              6             www.burte n d i s t r i b u t i o n . c o m
5 Star Super Glue             Barge All Purpose
Bonds many different types
of materials together. 50      Cement - Quart
gram bottle.                     Good for most materials.
BD#: 5STAR                       Comes with a brush cap
                                              BD#: BAPCQT

                                    Renia Colle de
5 Star Aerosol                            Cologne
Activator                     About 1 liter of high quality

                                                                       subject to change.
Helps super glue bond                                 glue.

                                                                       All prices are
instantly. 10 ounce can.                      BD#: RENCDC

                              Atco Glass Cement

                                                                    BURTEN DISTRIBUTION
Barge Glue - Small             Glass jar with brush cap to
Tube                                       hold your glue.
                                                    BD#: 1L
3/4 ounce tube of all pur-
pose cement.
                                     Atco Plastic
                                  Cement Keeper
                              Plastic jar with brush cap to
Barge Glue -                                hold your glue.
                                                  BD#: 16P
Large Tube
2 ounce tube of all purpose
cement.                           Atco Cement
                               Keeper Complete
                                Metal glue pot with brush
XL-8 Cement                                     BD#: ACKC

All purpose cement in a 4
ounce tin with a built in                    Glue Pot
brush.                        Plastic glue pot keeps glue
BD#: XL-84                      ready to use. Comes with
                              brush and available in me-
                                      dium & major sizes.
                                                 BD#: MGP

Barge Rubber Ce-
ment - Quart                          Replacement
32 ounces of rubber cement.                  Brush
BD#: BRCQT                     Fits many cement keepers.
                                               BD#: 1LB

( 8 0 0 )                    743-5341                                        7
    Shoe Horns
                                 Professional Shoe                 Plastic Shoe Horn
                                 Horn                                     - Japan 18”
                                 Seven inch nickel shoe horn.     Long plastic shoe horns with
                                 Also sold by the dozen.            hook. Available in varied
                                 BD#: PSH
                                                                                   BD#: LPSH18
     2 0 1 1 C AT A L O G

                                 Metal Hook Shoe                              24” Plastic
                                 Horn - Nickel                                Shoe Horn
                                 Small nickel shoe horns.         Long plastic shoe horns with
                                 BD#: MSH                            hook. Available in black,
                                                                  green, blue, red and yellow.
                                                                                    BD#: FSLSH

                                 Long Metal Shoe                        Long Wooden
                                 Horns                                Shoe Horn - 24”
                                 24” metal hook shoe horns                         Solid wood.
                                 in white, grey, red, and blue.                     BD#: LWSH
                                 BD#: LMSH

                                 Plastic Shoe Horn                 Jockey Shoe Horn
                                 - Hook                            Long metal shoe horn with
                                 Small plastic shoe horns in      wrapped handle and spring
                                 varied colors.                                        joint.
                                 BD#: PLSH                                       BD#: 13” - JSHS
                                                                                    & 24” - JSH

                                 GT Plastic Shoe
                                 7” shoe horns in red and         Four Seasons Shoe Horn - Rosewood
                                 green.                                       22 1/2” solid rosewood shoe horn in box.
                                 BD#: GTSH                                                                   BD#: FSSH

                                 GT Plastic Shoe
                                 Horn - Tortoise
                                 7” shoe horn in tortoise shell
                                 BD#: GTSHTS
                                                                        Hand Made Wood Shoe Horn
                                                                   Long, hand crafted, wood shoe horn in a nice box.
                                                                                          BD#: 24” - HMSH & 32” - HMSHL

              8             www.burte n d i s t r i b u t i o n . c o m
Four Seasons Shine                     Kiwi Mini Shine
Brush - Large 8”                                 Brush
Curved wood back with             4” wood back with natural
horsehair bristles. Available              horsehair bristles.
in black and natural bristles.                       BD#: KSBM

Four Seasons Shine Nylon Suede Brush
Brush - Regular 6”   - Plastic Handle
Curved wood back with                 Plastic suede brush with
horsehair bristles. Available                    nylon bristles.
in black and natural bristles.                         BD#: NSB

                                                                           subject to change.

                                                                           All prices are
Four Seasons Shine Nylon Suede Brush
Brush - Oval 6”       - Wood Handle
Oval wood back with horse-         Wooden suede brush with

                                                                        BURTEN DISTRIBUTION
hair bristles.                               nylon bristles.
BD#: FSSBO                                           BD#: NSBW

Four Seasons Shine Wood Suede Brush
                      Wood back with brass
Brush Dauber                       bristles.
Wood back with horsehair                               BD#: BSB
bristles. Available in black
and natural bristles.

7” Shoe Horn                             Combo Suede
4” wood back with horsehair
bristles. Available in black                   Brush
and natural bristles.                Plastic suede brush with
                                  rubber head, brass & nylon
                                                       BD#: SCB

Loop Shoe Horns                          Faggot Suede
7 inch plastic shoe horns with
a loop on one end.                              Brush
                                 Plastic back with bundles of
                                 brass bristles instead of small
                                                       BD#: FSB

Milano Shoe Horns                            Shine Brush
6½ inch plastic shoe horns in        6” shine brush in a retail
many colors.                       blister pack. Natural color
BD#: SHMIL                                             bristles.
                                                    BD#: CASBR

( 8 0 0 )                  743-5341                                             9
                                 Rubber Mallet                   Roll EZ Machine
                                 Hammer things without so                                .
                                 much damage to what you                        BD#: ROLL
                                 are hitting.
                                 BD#: RMALLET
     2 0 1 1 C AT A L O G

                                 Store Hammer                 CAM-80 Stretcher
                                 A hammer.                         - Compact
                                 BD#: SHMR
                                                                   Stretch shoes with this
                                                              space-saving version of the
                                                              CAM-80. Comes with sizing
                                                                             BD#: CAM80C

                                 Revolving Hole               CAM-80 Stretcher
                                                              A bench mountable heavy
                                 Punch                        duty shoe stretcher. Comes
                                 Six punch sizes.            with forefoot attachments in
                                 BD#: RHP
                                                                               many sizes.
                                                                              BD#: CAM80

                                 Single Hole Punch            CAM-80 Stretcher
                                 One punch size.
                                 BD#: SHP
                                                                 - Long (Boot)
                                                              A bench mountable heavy
                                                              duty boot stretcher. Comes
                                                             with forefoot attachments in
                                                                               many sizes.
                                                                             BD#: CAM80L

                                 Box Reachers                 CAM-70 Stretcher
                                 60” with wood shaft and
                                 metal head. Available in        - Boot (Shaft)
                                                              A bench mountable heavy
                                 Men’s and Women’s.               duty boot stretcher for
                                 BD#: BRM & BRW
                                                                   stretching boot shafts.
                                                                              BD#: CAM70

                                 Box Reacher -                CAM-90 Stretcher
                                 Aluminum                            - Bunion
                                 Adjustable aluminum shaft    A bench mountable heavy
                                 and metal head. Available   duty bunion stretcher for ac-
                                 in Men’s.                    commodating bunions and
                                 BD#: BRA                           other pressure points.
                                                                              BD#: CAM90

           10               www.burte n d i s t r i b u t i o n . c o m
Wax Dress Lace                    Granny Dress Lace
Available in black & brown.               Available in antelope,
Sizes: 18, 21, 24, 27, 30 & 36       black, brown, elk & white.
6 pair per box.                   Sizes: 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 36, 45,
BD#: L24TT                                                 54 & 63
                                                   6 pair per box.
                                                       BD#: LCIUW

Boot & Work Lace                       Spenco Heavy
Available in black, brown
and gold/tan.                         Duty Boot Laces

                                                                            subject to change.
                                              Black: 45, 60 & 72
Sizes: 27, 30, 36, 40, 45, 54,

                                                                            All prices are
                                                Brown: 45 & 60
63, 72 & 81.                                          BD#: SPHDB
6 pair per box.
BD#: L350

                                                                         BURTEN DISTRIBUTION
Flat Dress Lace                     Sof Sole Fat Laces
Available in black, brown &               1” wide fat, flat laces.
white.                                 Available in black, light
Sizes: 21, 24, 27, 30 & 36             blue, navy, red & white.
6 pair per box.                                        BD#: SSFAT
BD#: L440

Flat Athletic Lace                  Sof Sole Fat Laces
Available in black, brown,               1” wide fat, flat laces.
elk, marine blue, navy blue        Available in black & white.
& white.                                              BD#: SSFLAT
Sizes: 24, 27, 30, 36, 40, 45,
54, 63 & 72
6 pair per box.
BD#: L1071

Casual Rope Lace                     Cord-Hyde Laces
Available in antelope,              Leather laces in black and
black, brown, copper, elk,        brown. Sizes 18, 21, 24, 27, 30
grey & white.                     & 36. Sold by the half dozen.
Sizes: 18, 24, 27, 30, 36, 40 &               36 pair to a box.
45                                                      BD#: LNEO
6 pair per box.
BD#: L1648

Round Athletic L.                          Leather Laces
Available in black, brown &               72” all leather laces.
white.                              Available in black, brown,
Sizes: 27, 30, 36, 40, 45, 54
& 63                                        gold/tan & white.
6 pair per box.                                          BD#: LL72
BD#: L32029

( 8 0 0 )                   743-5341                                             11
     2 0 1 1 C AT A L O G

                                Half Insole           Comfort Plus         Odor Stoppers                 No Slip           Tongue Pads
                                                     Men’s: S, M, L & XL
                                  One Size           Women’s: S, M & L         One Size           Ball of Foot Cusions       S, M, L & XL
                                  BD#: PHI               BD#: PCPI             BD#: POS                  BD#: PNS              BD#: PTP

                              Athletes Foot           Athletes Foot            Super                 Foot Cushion           Shoe Polish
                            5.3oz Liquid Spray 4.6oz Powder Spray             Moleskin                  Strip                Daubers
                                 BD#: PAFLS              BD#: PAFPS            BD#: PMS                  BD#: PFCS             BD#: PPD

                                                                              Heat Customizable Insoles
                                                                           Just pop these insoles in a microwave,
                                                                           put them in your shoe with your foot and
                                                                           activated gel will conform to the shape
                                                                           of your arch. Fully customized insoles at a
                              Killer Kushions           Sexy Soles         regular insole price.
                            Black & Buttercup             Insoles
                               BD#: BKKF1001           BD#: BBSXS1001              Men’s 4-14 & Women’s 6-16
                                                                                          BD#: ZAPZ

                             Tip Toes Halters                              Heavenly Heelz Amazing Arches Strappy Strips
                                                   Sole Stoppers
                            Black Iris, Buttercup,                            Heel Grips
                                                   Non-Slip Pads                             Black & Buttercup Black & Buttercup
                                 & Variety             BD#: BSTF1030       Black & Buttercup           BD#: BAA1001      BD#: BSSF1001, 02 & 03
                            BD#: BTTF1001, 02 & 03                           BD#: BHHF1001

            12                            www.burte n d i s t r i b u t i o n . c o m
                    Performance is the heart for the Sof Sole brand. The Sof
                    Sole line offers technologically advanced designs and
                    materials to optimize the performance of athletic and
                    casual shoes. Sold at leading sporting goods and shoe
                    specialty retailers worldwide, the Sof Sole brand sets the
                    pace for footwear accessories.

MEN’S         New in 2008, Sof Sole has created two seperate lines of insoles: One
              for men and one for women making Sof Sole the only footcare
              brand that offers a complete line with women’s specific SKUs.

                                                                                                       subject to change.
                                                                                                       All prices are
                                                                                                    BURTEN DISTRIBUTION
Athlete         Arch            Adapt                 Adapt              Arch         Athlete
BD#: SSATP    BD#: SSAP        BD#: SSADT             BD#: SSADT        BD#: SSAP      BD#: SSATP

Memory        Stability Propel Gel                Propel Gel Stability                Memory
 BD#: SSMFI    BD#: SSSTI      BD#: SSPGI            BD#: SSPGI         BD#: SSSTI    BD#: SSMFI

Heel Pad Heel Cup             Gel Arch              Gel Arch         Heel Cup         Gel Pad
BD#: SSGHP    BD#: SSGHC       BD#: SSGCA            BD#: SSGCA        BD#: SSGHC     BD#: SSGBF

                  ( 8 0 0 )                 743-5341                                                       13
     2 0 1 1 C AT A L O G

                            Arch Cushion       Arch Cushion         Orthotic         Orthotic          Cross Trainer
                              ¾ Length          Full Length         ¾ Length        Full Length        Full Length
                            OEM#: 44-123      OEM#: 44-040        OEM#: 44-158     OEM#: 44-042       OEM#: 38-034
                             BD#: SPAC         BD#: SPACF          BD#: SPAS        BD#: SPASF          BD#: SPCT

                            Standard Flat      Heel Supports      Heel Support      Thinsole Arch     Thinsole Arch
                             Full Length        ¾ Length           Full Length    Support ¾ Length Support Full Length
                            OEM#: 40-212       OEM#: 42-218       OEM#: 42-176     OEM#: 43-240      OEM#: 43-307
                              BD#: SPF         BD#: SPHS34         BD#: SPHS        BD#: SPTHIN      BD#: SPTHINF

                            Walker Runner       Q-Factor          Total Support    Metatarsal Pad     Heel Cushion
                             Full Length    Women’s Full Length    Full Length     OEM#: 42-416       OEM#: 42-168
                            OEM#: 38-323      OEM#: 44-545        OEM#: 39-313       BD#: SPM          BD#: SPHC
                             BD#: SPWR         BD#: SPQF           BD#: SPPTS

            14                       www.burte n d i s t r i b u t i o n . c o m
                       Total Support Sandal Total Support Sandal
                       Increased shock absorption,    Increased shock absorption,
                       advanced support for the         advanced support for the
                       arch and heel, improved           arch and heel, improved
                       motion control to reduce          motion control to reduce
                       pronation and supination.        pronation and supination.
                       Men’s Granite Sizes: 7-13        Women’s Onyx Sizes: 6-10
                       BD#: SPS                                      BD#: SPSW

                       Total Support Sandal Total Support Sandal
                       Increased shock absorption,    Increased shock absorption,
                       advanced support for the         advanced support for the
                       arch and heel, improved           arch and heel, improved

                                                                                                         subject to change.
                       motion control to reduce          motion control to reduce

                                                                                                         All prices are
                       pronation and supination.        pronation and supination.
                       Men’s Redner Sizes: 7-13      Women’s Amanda Sizes: 6-10
                       BD#: SPSB                                    BD#: SPSWT

                                                                                                      BURTEN DISTRIBUTION
   These insoles use the
   high quality Spenco
materials you have come
 to respect as well as new
Ultra-Fresh Silipure which
provides exceptional odor
                                                  Comfort            Polysorb            Orthotic
  control through silver-based
                                                OEM#: 45-013       OEM#: 45-039        OEM#: 45-054
    antimicrobial technology.                    BD#: SPKCI        BD#: SPKMF           BD#: SPKO3

                     GEL PRODUCTS

   Gel Insole          ¾ Gel Arch              Gel                 Gel              Gel Meta-tarsal
  Full Length           Cushion             Heel Cup           Heel Cushion              Pad
 OEM#: 39-818         OEM#: 39-602        OEM#: 39-826         OEM#: 42-747         OEM#: 42-903
  BD#: SPGI           BD#: SPGAC          BD#: SPGCUP          BD#: SPGHC            BD#: SPGM

                       ( 8 0 0 )                743-5341                                                     15
     2 0 1 1 C AT A L O G

                              Leather           Deluxe           Elastic         Nova       Exclusiv Arch
                               Insole           w/ Met        Arch Support     (Limited)    Support Wos.
                              BD#: TA613       BD#: TA694       BD#: TA650     BD#: TA676    BD#: TA621W

                            Black Leather    Black Deluxe     Black Elastic   Black Nova    Black Halter
                                Insole          w/ Met        Arch Support     (Limited)      Cushions
                              BD#: TA713       BD#: TA794       BD#: TA750     BD#: TA776     BD#: TA706

                               Heel         Relax Spur Heel     Level           Arch         Sunbloc &
                              Cushion           Cushion         Walker         Cookies      Wetbloc Nano
                              BD#: TA602       BD#: TA626       BD#: TA634     BD#: TA624    on Page 9
           16                         www.burte n d i s t r i b u t i o n . c o m
 Polar Fleece      Woody           Foam             Binox              Elastic
    Insole         Insole          Insole          Children’s         Children’s
   BD#: TA643    BD#: TA648Y    BD#: TA648M        BD#: TA645         BD#: TA650C

                                                                                         subject to change.
                                                                                         All prices are
                                                                                      BURTEN DISTRIBUTION
    Halter       Metatarsal     Metatarsal         Leather            Gel Flex
   Cushions        Pad             Bar            Half Insoles      Heel Cushions
  BD#: TA606SP    BD#: TA607     BD#: TA608        BD#: TA615          BD#: TA658

Gel Metatarsal    Gel Toe      Micro Gel Slip   Gel Ball-of-Foot      Gel Arch
   Cushions       Cushions      Heel Grips          Cushions          Cushions
   BD#: TA659     BD#: TA618     BD#: TA628        BD#: TA654         BD#: TA655

Suede & Nubuck      Sling          Sling            Suede          Suede Heel Grips
    Eraser         (Pairs)        Carded           Heel Grip           Carded
  BD#: TA699B     BD#: TA605     BD#: TA605C      BD#: TA600SP        BD#: TA600C

                 ( 8 0 0 )        743-5341                                                   17
     2 0 1 1 C AT A L O G

                                Lavender             Tea Tree Oil             Massaging              Lambswool          Sole Comfort
                              Aromatherapy          Aromatherapy               Insole                Boot Insole           Insoles
                                  Insole                Insole                 BD#: FIMS               BD#: FIBI          BD#: FCSC
                                  BD#: FILV              BD#: FITT

                             Gel Ball-of-        Gel Cushion          Gel Heel           Gel              Ultra Grip        Suede
                            Foot Cushions         Collection          Cushions         Heel Grips        No-Slip Pads      Heel Grips
                               BD#: FCGBFC        BD#: FCGCC          BD#: FCGHC        BD#: FCGHG        BD#: FCUGSP      BD#: FCSHC

                                               Reickens PQ Gel Products
                            These products are great for active people who are on their feet.
                            Dancers, runners and similarly active people can benefit from these
                            insoles and inserts. They are made new high-tech gel that redirects
                            impact forces away from your feet reducing stress and pain.

                                                                                                   Advanced        Australian
                                                                                                  Memory Insole Sheep-skin Insoles
                                                                                                      BD#: FCAMI          BD#: FCASS
                              Butterfly Insole         Dress Insole           Heel Cup
                                  BD#: PQBI             BD#: PQDS              BD#: PQHC

                                 Arch Pad           Oval Met. Pad           Dancer’s Pad             Bal-A-Pro          Spur Heel Pad
                                  BD#: PQAP            BD#: PQOMP              BD#: PQMP             BD#: PQBAP           BD#: PQSHP

            18                            www.burte n d i s t r i b u t i o n . c o m
Powerstep® is a unique podiatric support system that helps relieve heel and arch pain,
as well as knee and lower back pain. Common insoles don’t provide needed support.
Ordinary supports can collapse too easily and don’t stabilize the heel. Powerstep®
features a unique 4-component design to relieve foot pain.

                      Metatarsal Bar
                      BD#: PSMP

                      Arch Booster

                                                                                                           subject to change.

                                                                                                           All prices are
                      BD#: PSAB

                                                                                           Slim Track

                                                                                                        BURTEN DISTRIBUTION
                      Heel Posting                                                          ¾ Insole
                      Insert                    Pinnacle             Full Length            BD#: PS34
                      BD#: PSHP               Dual Density              Insole
                                               BD#: PSP               BD#: PS

      Viva                 Lady                Vitality             Holiday    Holiday Black
     Insole               Insole                Insole              ¾ Insole     ¾ Insole
  BD#: PEDVIV         BD#: PEDLADY           BD#: PEDVIT          BD#: PEDHOL BD#: PEDHOLB

  Feel Good Gel       Drop Foam Met.         T-Drop Foam          Step Leather             Bambini
    Met. Pad               Pad                 Met. Pad           Arch Cookie              Children’s
  BD#: PEDFG           BD#: PEDDROP         BD#: PEDTFORM        BD#: PEDSTEP            BD#: PEDBAM

                        ( 8 0 0 )                 743-5341                                                     19
                                                                                                   These insoles offer
                                                                                                   long lasting comfort
                                                                                                   for athletic and casual
     2 0 1 1 C AT A L O G

                                                                                                   shoes or boots. The in-
                                                                                                   tegrated gel padding
                                Shoe Cream           Polish Dauber               Tower of          provides extra comfort
                                  Available in          Retail package.
                                                         BD#: FSPDP           Retail Power where it’s most impor-
                                   six colors.
                                                    Also Shine Brush Retail Enhance your shop with tant. The contour styl-
                                  BD#: FSSC
                                                    Package. BD#: FSSBRP this rack. BD#: FSRT ing provides support
                                                                                                   to the arch and heel
                                                                                                   for better comfort and
                                                                                                   BD#: FSCI

                                                                                                           Nordic Walking Poles
                                                                                                         Nordic walking is walking with fitness
                            Suede & Nubuck Kit           Shoe Bags                   Socks              walking poles to give you a better work-
                              Comes with a rubber    With bamboo charcoal     With bamboo charcoal out. Fully adjustable they can help build
                            eraser and multipurpose to deodorize and control to deodorize and control upper body strength wile walking. Sold
                                                                              moisture. Size: S, M & L.
                             brush. BD#: FSSNK       moisture. BD#: FSSB            BD#: FSCS              in pairs.           BD#: FSNWP

                                24” Plastic             Easy Grip             22” Rosewood           Tortoise Shell              16”
                                Shoe Horns              Shoe Horn               Shoe Horn          Spring Shoe Trees          Boot Trees
                                  BD#: FSLSH            BD#: FSEGSH               BD#: FSSH               BD#: FSST             BD#: FSBT

                                Shine Brush            Shine Brush             Shine Brush           Wooden Polish           Deluxe Shine
                                   Large                 Regular                  Oval                 Dauber                  Sponge
                                  BD#: FSSBL             BD#: FSSBR               BD#: SSBO               BD#: FSDS             BD#: FSDIS

         20                                www.burte n d i s t r i b u t i o n . c o m
PED600 &                                                              PED800 &
PED601                                                                  PED801

                     PROTECT - PREVENT
PED500W &
PED501W                  PRESERVE
                                                                 PED201, PED202
                                                                     & PED200
                The first step on the road to happiness should

                                                                                   subject to change.
                begin with healthy feet. Pedors takes pride

                                                                                   All prices are
                in knowing that they provide the very best
                in orthopedic shoes - for men, women and

                                                                               BURTEN DISTRIBUTION
                Burten Distribution carries the full line of            PED300
                Pedors shoes. Call us with any questions you
                might have.

                                                                      SL20, SL21
ES80, ES82,                                                              & SL23
& ES88

                 ESSENCE SPORT CASUALS

ES70 & ES71
                Casual styles for the active woman on the go.
                TPU heel counter reinforcement for added
                stability. Unique “Met Bar Pod” dramatically          ES30, ES32
                                                                         & ES35
                reduces stress at ball-of-foot. Innovative,
                medial support pod to minimize pronation.
SL60 & SL61     Gradual toe spring for smooth weight transfer
                during gait cycle. Polyeurethane midsole
                provides cushioning and support. Rubber
                outsole for shock absorption and resilience.
                Patented, Mosaic insole for customization.

              ( 8 0 0 )            743-5341                                            21
                                                                                                                     BE70, BE71, BE74, BE75,
                                                                                                                                BE76 & BE78

                            BE10, BE11, BE13, BE14, BE15, BE16,
                            BE17, BE18
                            & BE19

                                                                       BERRIES COLLECTION
     2 0 1 1 C AT A L O G

                                                                  Excuse the pun, but we’ve “stretched our
                                                                  imagination to the limit.” Berries by Aetrex
                                                                  combines fashion and fun with extraordinary
                                                                  comfort. Finally, a shoe that gently conforms to
                                                                  your foot, without and pressure or discomfort.     BE30, BE31, BE32, BE34,
                                                                  Casual enough to slip on when you’re in a                     BE36 & BE38
                                                                  hurry, but stylish enough to make a statement.

                                                                  Footwear so soft and light that you won’t want
                                                                  to slip them off after a long day on your feet.

                                                                  Berries are made by blending spandex, IQ150
                                                                  Memory Foam and colorful 4 way stretch
                                                                  fabrics. Stylish leather accents and stitching
                                                                  are added for an extra element of style and
                                                                  sophistication. And to complete the package,
                                                                  Aetrex’s patented Mosaic insole is included to
                                                                  ensure 360 degrees of customized comfort for
                                                                  the ultimate footwear experience.

                                                                   ESSENCE FASHION FLATS
                            EE30, EE31
                            & EE33                                                                                                     EL20
                                                                  Casual elegance for when you must look
                                                                  your best. Soft leather linings for maximum
                                                                  comfort and breathability. TPU heel counter
                                                                  reinforcement for added stability. Innovative,
                                                                  medial support pod to minimize pronation.                     EL60 & EL61
                                                                  Polyeurethane midsole provides cushioning
                                                                  and support. Rubber outsole for shock
                                                                  absorption and resilience. Unique “Met Bar
                                                                  Pod” dramatically reduces stress at ball-of-
                            EL30, EL31
                            & EL38                                foot.

                                                                           EE20 & EE21                                          EL70 & EL71

          22                                 www.burte n d i s t r i b u t i o n . c o m
SA20, SA24,                                                                                           SA60, SA61,
SA25, SA26                                                                                           SA64 & SA68
& SA27

                                   SANDALISTA COLLECTION

                                  Sandalistas are the first sandals perfectly

                                                                                                                      subject to change.
                                                                                                                      All prices are
                                  designed for you. To start, the footbed is
                                  anatomically shaped and contoured to match                          SA40, SA41,
                                                                                                     SA42 & SA43
SA30, SA32,                       the human foot and eliminate pressure and
SA34 &                            friction.

                                                                                                                  BURTEN DISTRIBUTION
                                  Sandalistas are the first footwear with built-in
                                  Lynco support that incorporates the benefits of
                                  the world’s most successful foot orthotic system.
                                  Instead of using firm materials, Sandalistas
                                  are made with IQ150TM Memory Foam that
                                  conforms to your specific gait pattern and
                                  ensures equal distribution of pressure while you
                                  walk.                                                                  SA80, SA83
                                                                                                            & SA89
SA50, SA52
& SA55                            And just in case all of this isn’t enough, patented
                                  Mosaic Customization technology is built into
                                  the footbed to allow you to immediately
                                  customize each sandal so that it provides
                                  the ultimate in personalized comfort and

       Arch Cushion                                                                          Met. Bar
       BD#: 4464                                                                             BD#: 4465
                                        PPT self adhesive components are
                                        light-weight and often recom-
                      Heel Pad          mended when extra support or
                      BD#: 4461         cushioning is required. These effec-            Heel Wedge
                                        tive pads are available in several              BD#: 4463
                                        shapes and sizes and adhere quick-
                                        ly. PPT components are an easy
              Met. Pad                  way to customize orthotics to meet                       Heel Spur
              BD#: 4466                 your customer’s needs.                                   BD#: 4462

                          ( 8 0 0 )                    743-5341                                                          23
                            E360, E361, E363, E366
                            & E367


                                                         ESSENCE COLLECTION
     2 0 1 1 C AT A L O G

                                                                                                         Leather Striped: E730, E731, E830
                                                     We are pleased to introduce the Essence                                       & E831
                                                     Collection, a unique line of women’s casual
                                                     shoes designed to meet the demands of both
                                                     fashion and function.
                                                     All footwear in the Essence Collection are
                                                     made from luxuriously soft full grain leathers
                            E330, E335               and incorporate linings made with moisture

                            & E338                   transferring polyester fabrics for maximum
                                                     comfort and breathability.
                                                     Isn’t it time for women’s casual shoes to feel as
                                                     good as they look? Whether you are going for a        STRETCHERS: E190, E194, E390
                                                     leisurely stroll with friends, shopping downtown,                          & E394
                                                     or working in the office you will never have to
                                                     sacrifice fashion for function again.

                            E220 &                                             E250


                            1260M &                     AMBULATOR CONFORM
                            1261M                                                                                                  1260W
                                                     Ambulator Comform Footwear is a unique
                                                     line of “off-the-shelf” shoes that provide total
                                                     Plastazoe protection along with other classic
                                                     Ambulatior features such as Hidden-Depth                                      1264W

                                                     Rocker soles and removable Conform Orthotics.
                            1270M &
                            1271M                    The Plastazote foam lining molds to the foot to
                                                     provide customized fit and protection for people
                                                     with diabetes, arthritis and forefoot disorders
                                                     such as bunions and hammertoes. Lightweight
                                                     construction helps provide maximum comfort.

          24                                www.burte n d i s t r i b u t i o n . c o m
G650 &                                                                        G220 &
G651                                                                            G221

                                                                              G680 &
G500 &

                                                                                         subject to change.
                                                                                         All prices are
LT500 &                                                                        G100 &
LT510                                                                             G101

                                                                                     BURTEN DISTRIBUTION
                       LEXINGTON SHOES

LT600 &     Lexington is one of the avenues that bring
                                                                              LT900 &
LT610       people to Gramercy Park. Built with the same                        LT910
            standard of style and comfort as the Gramercy
            Collection, the Lexington Collection have the
            classically dressy appeal of a five eyelet oxford
            with the quality and customization standard in
            all Aetrex footwear.

                        OPTIFIT ORTHOTICS
                 Not long ago Callaway Golf revolutionized the
                 industry by offering OptiFit™, a custom club fitting
                 technology unsurpassed in the golf community. Now
                 Callaway Golf is pleased to introduce the OptiFit™
                 Footwear Fitting System, a comprehensive footwear L805
                 program designed to provide your customers with
                 customization from the ground up.
                 With Callaway Golf Orthotics you’ll feel as good on
                 the 18th hole as you did at the start of your day.
                 These extraordinary orthotics fit comfortably in golf
                 footwear and feature a CopperTek™ top cover
                 made from advanced Cupron fibers. Cupron has
                 been lab tested and clinically proven to help prevent L820
                     bacteria, fungi, and odor to keep your feet
                        healthy and clean.
                        Callaway Golf Orthotics are available in a
                       variety of styles to provide your customers
                      with a custom selected solution based on their
                    specific foot type and footwear style. Options
                       include metatarsal support to provide
L800                     additional protection at the ball-of-the-
                          foot and/or medial posting to gently realign L825
                          the rearfoot and control over-pronation.

          ( 8 0 0 )                743-5341                                                 25
                                                                                                     B1000N, B1100W,
                            B1000M &                                                                      B1700W &
                            B1100M                                                                           B1800W

                            B2000MN &
     2 0 1 1 C AT A L O G


                                                 Designed to limit stress at the areas of the foot
                                                 most susceptible to pain. Ambulator Bior-
                                                 mechanical Footwear provide unsurpassed
                                                 comfort and protection with unique features
                            B2050M &
                            B2060M               such as Hidden-Depth Rocker Soles, state-of-
                                                 the-art removable comfort orthotics and soft

                                                 pigskin leather linings. Recently updated with      B6000N, B6100W,
                                                                                                          B6400W &
                                                 eye-catching styles, Ambulator Biomechanical                B6700W
                                                 Footwear are often recommended for diabe-
                                                 tes, arthritis or for anyone seeking a shoe that
                                                 provides maximum comfort.
                            B2800M &
                            B2900M                                 B2500M


                            B3000MN &                                                                      B7000M &
                            B3100M                                                                           B7100M


                            Y500M                            A R I Y A COLLECTION

                                                 These casual walkers come with patented,
                                                 removable orthotics and Mosaic insoles for
                                                 customization of fit and comfort. The unique               Y900M &
                            Y800M                Ariya last provides rearfoot stability, added
                                                 depth and contoured forefoot for optimum

          26                            www.burte n d i s t r i b u t i o n . c o m
                                                                                                             X826M &
X521M                                                                                                          X826W

                                                                                                             X926M &
X521W                                 LENEX COLLECTION

                               The Lenex collection is made from technologi-
                               cally advanced leathers, polyurethanes and

                                                                                                                            subject to change.
                                                                                                             X829M &
                               moisture transferring polyesters to keep the

                                                                                                                            All prices are
                               foot in a healthy, cool environment. These in-
X522M                          novative athletic shoes come with patented,
                               removable Aetrex Orthotics and Mosaic Insoles
                               for customization of fit and comfort.                                         X929M &

                                                                                                                         BURTEN DISTRIBUTION
                               The Lenex is a biomechanically engineered,
                               multi-density midsole features a carboplast
X522W                          foot bridge for motion control and stability.
                               The highly slip-resistant Lenex outsole provides
                               traction and durability. The unique Lenex last                                X801M &
                               is semi-straight to fit many foot types and pro-
                               vides a high, wide toe box for forefoot comfort
                               and biomechanical efficiency.
X532M                                            X821M &

                                                       X527M                                                 X923M &
X532W                                                                                                          X923W

                                     AMBULATOR STRETCHERS
Designed by a team of pedorthists and podiatrists to provide superior comfort and protection for the diabetic,
arthritic or injured foot. Ambulator Stretchers include shoes and boots with features such as high toe boxes,
                    seamless spandex uppers lined with Plastazote foam and Velcro straps.


                                                                                     * 1209 sold in single shoes only.

                        ( 8 0 0 )                 743-5341                                                                     27
                                                                                                          V751M &

                            V551W                           VOYAGE COLLECTION
     2 0 1 1 C AT A L O G

                                                    The Voyage collection features high tech,
                                                                                                          V753M &
                                                    breathable uppers and open-air layered mesh            V753W
                                                    linings to keep the foot healthy, cool and dry.
                                                    All Voyage materials are light-weight, soft and
                            V559W                   provide unmatched comfort.
                                                    The Voyage collection is constructed specifically
                                                    for the rearfoot stability and forefoot flexibility
                                                    for fluid motion while walking or running.

                            V952M, V952W            These technologically advanced athletic
                            & V950M                 shoes come with patented, removable Aetrex            V854M &
                                                    Orthotics and Mosaic insoles for customization         V854W
                                                    of fit and comfort. Biomechanically engineered
                                                    multi-density midsoles provide medial support
                                                    and stability. In addition, the midsoles feature
                                                    a Carboplast foot bridge that crosses the shoe
                                                    for extra control.

                                                          OZONE COLLECTION

                                                    Aetrex high performance footwear represents
                                                    the highest standards in comfort, breathability        Z593M
                                                    and performance. These unique shoes provide
                                                    the stability and shock absorption needed dur-
                                                    ing high impact running activities. Aetrex high
                                                    performance footwear incorporate removable
                            Z581W                   Aetrex Orthotics and Mosaic insoles that allow         Z589W
                                                    the shoes to be customized to your individu-
                                                    al footcare needs. Made from technologically
                                                    advanced materials to keep feet healthy, cool
                            Z589M                   and dry while running.                                  Z783M

          28                               www.burte n d i s t r i b u t i o n . c o m
                                     AETREX COPPER SOCKS
     NON-BINDING                    NON-BINDING Extra Cushion Ankle                             ATHLETIC - WHITE
Crew                                Crew                                     S2001 - Black   S1200 - Crew
S2500 - Black                       S2000 - Black                            S2201 - White   S1201 - Ankle
S2700 - White                       S2200 - White                                            S1202 - Low Cut   M, L, XL

 M, L, XL                            M, L, XL

                             WOMEN’S DRESS/CASUAL                                                ATHLETIC - BLACK
Crew                                        Ankle                                            S1000 - Crew
S3000W - Black                              S3001W - Black                                   S1001 - Ankle
S3100W - Brown                              S3101W - Brown                                   S1002 - Low Cut   M, L, XL
S3400W - Khaki                              S3401W - Khaki
S3500W - Navy                               S3501W - Navy

                                                                                                                             subject to change.
   M, L                                         M, L

                                                                                                                             All prices are
                MEN’S DRESS/CASUAL
S3000M - Black
S3100M - Brown

                                                                                                                          BURTEN DISTRIBUTION
S3400M - Khaki
                     L, XL
S3500M - Navy
                                                                All socks come in 3
                                                                pair packs. Pricing
                                                                   is by the pair.
Men’s OTC
S4000M - Black
S4100M - Brown
S4500M - Khaki
Women’s Knee-Hi
S4000W - Black
S4400W - Beige

  Innovative CS3 Gel                                   CUSTOM SELECT
  System strategically                                   ORTHOTICS
  places different Gels
based on your arch type.                          Developed by a team of podiatrists
                                                  and pedorthists, the Aetrex
                                                  Custom Select Series Orthotics
CopperGuard Cover with                              are designed to comfort,
advanced Cupron fibres                               support and balance your feet.
helps prevent bacteria &                             These extraordinary orthotics
          odor.                                      provide unmatched cushioning
                                                     and shock absorption while
Hi-tech, Cobra Support                               redistributing pressure and
System provides optimal                              preventing injuries. Aetrex’s               Medium Arch
 stability & balance for                            innovative CS3 Gel System                     BD# 1760
     your arch type.                               strategically places different gels
                                                   to provide maximum comfort
                                                    and stability for your arch type.
 Soft Green Gel absorbs
 shock forces & cushions                             The Aetrex Custom Select Series
       your heel.                                     Orthotics have a CopperGuard
                                                      top cover made from advanced
                                                      Cupron fibers to keep your feet
                                                     healthy and clean. Cupron has
Deep heel cup prevents                             been scientifically tested and
pronation and provides                            clinically proven to help prevent
   rearfoot control.                              bacteria and fungi that cause foot               High Arch
                                 Low Arch         odor.                                            BD# 1780
                                 BD# 1740

                              ( 8 0 0 )                   743-5341                                                              29

                            400 SERIES BIOMECHANICAL
                                                                                           LYNCO ORTHOTICS
     2 0 1 1 C AT A L O G

                                 SPORT ORTHOTICS                                                                                     L600            L605            L620
                                                                             Recommended by doctors and pedor-
                            All 4 configurations of these lightweight tri-   thists worldwide, Lynco is recognized as
                            density orthotics feature a Pro-Shox top         the #1 orthotic system on the market
                            cover for superior cushioning and shock          today. Millions of pairs have been sold                       600 SERIES CASUAL
                            absorption. Pro-Shox high-tech polyester         to consumers seeking the quality and
                                                                             support of custom-made orthotics at                               ORTHOTICS
                            fibers wick moisture away from the foot
                                                                             an over-the-counter price. Lyncos are                  Lynco Casual Orthotics are light-weight,
                            and provide a cool, friction free surface to     designed for Dress, Casual, Athletic, Golf
                            prevent blisters and other foot problems.        and Therapeutic Footwear.                              resilient and provide unmatched sup-
                                                                                                                                    port and stability. These unique orthot-
                                                                             All Lynco orthotics are tri-density with a             ics cushion the foot, absorb shock and fit
                                                                             molded Pedic core to support the arch

                                                                             and provide maximum comfort. Lyncos                    comfortably in most footwear styles. These
                                                                             are available with metatarsal support                  tri-density orthotics feature a high-tech
                                                                             offering additional protection at the ball-            Carbosan top cover that cushions the foot
                                                                   L405      of-the-foot. In addition, medial posting is            and absorbs shock. This innovative mate-
                                                                             available to gently realign the rearfoot               rial is anti-odor and anti-bacterial to help
                                                                             and control over pronation.
                                                                                                                                    keep your feet in a healthy, clean environ-
                                                                             More people today recognize that com-                  ment.
                                                                             bining the right orthotics with their foot-
                                    L420                   L425              wear is the easiest and most effective way
                                                                             to provide immediate comfort and im-
                                                                             prove footwear performance. Now, with
                                                                             iStep digital foot scanning technology, it is
                                                                             even easier to determine your ideal Lynco
                                                                             style. iStep quickly identifies your foot type
                                    500 SERIES DRESS                         and pressure points and then immediately
                                       ORTHOTICS                             recommends the most appropriate Lynco                  L220
                                                                             orthotic for your individual needs.
                            Lynco Dress Orthotics are light-weight,
                                                                             L E G E N D

                            resilient and provide unmatched cushioning                     Forefoot Neutral
                            and support. These unique orthotics cushion                    Forefoot Metatarsal                       L200            L205            L225
                            the foot, absorb shock and fit comfortably                     Rearfoot Neutral
                            in most footwear styles. These tri-density                     Rearfoot Posted
                            orthotics feature a “full grain” leather top
                            cover for cushioning and breathability, and                                                                    200 SERIES CASUAL
                            a suede bottom to prevent sliding inside                                                                           ORTHOTICS
                            your shoes.                                                                                             Designed by a team or doctors and pe-
                                                                                                                                    dorthits, Lynco Comform Orthotics can be
                                                                                                                                    easily heat molded and are recommended
                                                                                                                                    to protect and comfort the insensitive dia-
                                                                                                                                    betic foot and the hyper-sensitive arthritic
                                                                                                                                    foot. These tri-density orthotics are con-
                                                                             300 SERIES
                                                                                                                                    structed with a Plastazote top cover that
                                                                  L505       SPORT ORTHOTICS
                                                                                                                                    customizes to the foot during the gait cycle
                                                                             Similar to the 400 series this tri-density             and accommodates pressure “hot spots”
                                                                             orthotic has the sam Pro-Shox top cover                for maximum protection. Lynco Comform
                                                                             with a suede bottom to prevent sliding                 Orthotics feature a molded Pedic core and
                               L500            L520             L525         in the shoe.                                           a Plastazote X-Firm bottom for superior
                                                                                                                                    resilience and shock absorption.
                                                                                Children’s sizing available in the 300 series and
                                                                                                  the 400 series.

         30                                  www.burte n d i s t r i b u t i o n . c o m
Black, White & Burgundy
BD#: 33-815

                                                                            Black, White, Chesnut, Brown &
                                                                                              BD#: 33-709


                                                                                                             subject to change.
                                    Hallux Sandals by Fidelio combine

                                                                                                             All prices are
GRACIA                             style with function to create unique
Black, White, Burgundy & Blue            and comfortable sandals.
BD#: 33-715

                                                                                                        BURTEN DISTRIBUTION
                                   The Fidelio stretch insert matches the
                                     optic of the upper material, which
                                   results in an elegant design and hides
                                      the problem area of the bunion.
                                   The anatomically shaped Carbosan             Black, White, Brown & Tan
                                                                                              BD#: 33-809
                                   insole, with an extra layer of latex,
                                    is extremely durable and always
                                      returns to its original form (ie.
                                             memory effect).

Black, Black/Suede, Brown, Taupe
& Burgundy
BD#: 35-601
                                        Building upon their business
                                       philosophy Fidelio developed
                                   a combination last that incorporates
                                    a slimmer heel. These Hallux shoes
                                      incorporate a matching stretch                       VELCRO SHOE
                                    Bunion patch that eliminates stress                    Black & Taupe
                                                                                             BD#: 35-603
                                    to these sensitive areas. Both Shoes
                                     come in two widths (H and J) to
                                    accommodate the widest feet. The
                                    Velcro Shoes provide unparalleled

                           ( 8 0 0 )              743-5341                                                       31
                                                                                                                          Scuff Slip-On
                                                                                                                     Fleece lined with rubber
                            Boot w/Removable                                                                      sole. Available in lavender,
                                                                                                                                  pink & sand.
                            Footbed (Fleece)                                                                                   Sizes: Women’s
                            Fleece lined with rubber
     2 0 1 1 C AT A L O G

                                                                                                                                      S, M & L
                            sole. The fleece lined
                                                                                                                                    BD#: SRSCUFF
                            footbed is removable.
                            Colors: black, brown and
                            Sizes: Women’s 5-10
                            ITEM# SRUG

                                                                                Fleece lined with rubber sole.
                                                                                Sizes: Men’s 8 - 14
                                                                                Women’s 5 - 10
                                                                                # SRMOC

                                                                                Bootee                                          WOMEN’S
                                                                                Fleece lined with rubber
                                                                                Sizes: Wos. 5-10 (white fleece)
                                                                                Men’s 8-14 (tan fleece)
                                                                                # SRBOOT

                            Step-in Velcro
                            Fleece lined with rubber sole and Velcro closure.
                            Sizes: Men’s S, M, L, XL & XXL.
                            # SRSTEP

            31                             www.burte n d i s t r i b u t i o n . c o m
 Felt Corn       Felt Callus     Hammer Toe         Toe Straightener Toe Straightener
 Protectors      Protectors        Cushion            Single Loop     Double Loop
 BD#: PFP15      BD#: PFP16        BD#: PFP54          BD#: PFP55        BD#: PFP57

                                                                                               subject to change.
                                                                                               All prices are
                                                                                            BURTEN DISTRIBUTION
Toe Cushions   Toe Seperators       Gel Toe           Gel & Mesh            Toe
  (Comb)           6 pack           Spacers          Toe Protector        Trainers
 BD#: PFP83      BD#: PFP280       BD#: PFP28D         BD#: PFP82        BD#: PFP51

   Arch         Metatarsal          Bunion               Corn            Bunion
 Bandage         Cushion           Relievers           Protector        Regulator
 BD#: PFP60      BD#: PFP88        BD#: PFP229         BD#: PFP81       BD#: PFP6035

 Gel Toe           Nylon        Adjustable Bunion    Gel Hammer        Arch Cradle
Separators        Toe Cap         Day Splint         Toe Cushion     Sizes: S, M, L & XL.
 BD#: PFP31      BD#: PFP34       BD#: PFP6022A        BD#: PFP53       BD#: PFP180

               ( 8 0 0 )            743-5341                                                      33

                             “There is an inviting, almost magical aspect to every
                             product that we make, and we work hard to make
                                        this so.” - Kumy & Ann Thariani
     2 0 1 1 C AT A L O G

                            The Gilden Tree product line is meant for day spas, therapy clin-
                            ics and any other place where people can recuperate from the
                            stresses of the world. The products use traditional healing ingredi-
                            ents like Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter, many of them
                            Certified Organic, which helps protect consumers, the en-
                              SHELF                                vironment and
                                                                   family farms.
                                                                   Their most im-
                                                                   portant goal is

                                                                   to make high-
                                                                   quality products
                                                                   that really work.

                            SMALL                      Purchase all the products
                                                       to fill it and you get an
                                                       attractive rack to place
                                                       on your counter. You have
                                                       your choice of the tall rack
                                                       or the shelf rack.

                                                     Gilden tree also produces            Hand & Foot       Terra Cotta
                                                     smaller sample products that          Lotion - 8oz    Foot Scrubber
                            you can display on the small rack (left).                     BD#: GT181-K      BD#: GT107

                                    Foot Soaking              Healing Foot              Exfoliating Foot   Shea Butter
                                    Crystals - 8oz            Cream - 8oz                 Scrub - 8oz      Balm - 4oz
                                     BD#: GT186               BD#: GT180                  BD#: GT182       BD#: GT183

          34                               www.burte n d i s t r i b u t i o n . c o m
                                                                                          Spa Supplies
           Soothe Your Soles                                     Funga Soap
Eucalyptus aromatherapy cleansing towelettes. A           Cleansing wash with Tea
                        reftreshing, cleansing              Tree oil. Antibacterial,
                        treatment for your feet.          antifungal cleaner and
                        All natural disinfectant                        deodorizer.
                        which is also antifungal                        BD#: PFFS
                        and antiseptic. One tow-
                        elette can be used for
                        both feet as well as the          Soaking Crystals
                        hands and the body.            Therapeutic foot bath with
                        BD#: SOOTHE                     Tea Tree oil. Antibacterial,
                                                          antifungal cleaner and

                                                                                                      subject to change.
                     Foot Rubz                           deodorizer. Soothes tired,

                                                                                                      All prices are
                     Roll your feet over this                          aching feet.
                     massaging ball for 5 minutes                      BD#: PFFB
                     to get results. Doctor
                     recommended for plantar
                     fasciitis.                               Gel-Ultimates
                                                        Moisturizing booties lined

                                                                                                   BURTEN DISTRIBUTION
                     BD#: FOOTRUB
                                                      with gel, infused with natu-
                                                        ral conditioning oils (avo-
                                                       cado, olive, canola, jojoba,
                     BluMjk Pain Relief               grapeseed and soybeen oil).
                                                                 One size fits most.
                     Lipid based topical pain
                                                                       BD#: PFGU
                     reliever that restores nerve
                     fibers to natural resting                   Pedicure Kit
                     state.                             Cordless corn and callus file
                     BD#: BMJK                           with foot massager. Keeps
                                                      feet soft & smooth; files nails;
                                                         and massages away aches
                                                                        and pains.
                                                                    BD#: PFP3045
                     Fungal Free Nails
                     Lipid based topical fungal       Deep-Healing Cream
                     infection cure.                       4 ounces of cream that
                                                      instantly moisturizes to help
                     BD#: FFN                             heal dry, cracked areas.
                                                                   BD#: PFP3069

                     Supinator                           Heel & Toe Cream - Podia-
                     Eliminates heel pain from         trist recommended professional
                     plantar fasciitis and Achilles    strength cream with L-Arginine
                     insertional pain.                  (10%) and Urea. BD#: DDHTC
                     Sizes: S, M, L & XL
                     BD#: SUPIN                           Foot Rejuvenating Cream
                                                        - Professional strength with L-
                                                      Arginine (12%) and Dimethicone.
                                                                         BD#: DDFRC

                     ( 8 0 0 )                  743-5341                                                 35
                                 Wax Polish                               Easy Cleaner
                                 2 1/4 ounce tins. 12 per box.     8 ounce bottle so you can
                                 Colors: Black, brown, neu-       easily clean your shoes and
                                 tral, light brown, dark
                                 brown, tan, navy, oxblood,           other leather products.
                                 mahogany, red, green, cor-                      BD#: ANEC
                                 dovan, white & grey.
                                 BD#: ANW
     2 0 1 1 C AT A L O G

                                 Instant Shine                         Neats Foot Oil
                                 3 ounce sponge-top bottle        Waterproofs, softens, lubri-
                                 for up to 25 shines. Avail-       cates and perserves boots,
                                 able in black, brown, cordo-        shoes, harnesses, saddles,
                                 van, red, navy blue, white &    holsters, baseball gloves and
                                 neutral.                                  other leather goods.
                                 BD#: ANIS                                       BD#: ANNFO

                                 Acrylic Paints - 1oz               Mink Oil - Spray
                                 1 ounce bottle with brush-        5.5 ounce aerosol spray-on
                                 cap. Available in 44 colors.       water-proofer and condi-
                                 BD#: ANAP1-1OZ, ANAP2-                                tioner.
                                 1OZ & ANAP3-1OZ                               BD#: ANMOS

                                  See color chart on page 47.

                                 Acrylic Paints - 4oz                         White Ace
                                 4 ounce bottle, no brush.        Shoe Whitener in a 3 ounce
                                 Available in 62 colors.                  sponge-top botte.
                                 BD#: ANAP1, ANAP2 &                           BD#: ANWA

                                  See color chart on page 47.

                                 Instant Cleaner                      Leather Saddle
                                 3 ounce sponge-top bottle                     Soap
                                 for cleaning shoes & leather.    3 ounce tub of saddle soap.
                                 BD#: ANIC                        For cleaning your saddle or
                                                                    or other leather products.
                                                                                 BD#: ANSS3

                                 Dry Cleaner/Spot                     Shoe Stretch - 1
                                 Remover                                Quart Pump
                                 Professional strength solu-     Yup, that’s 32 ounces of shoe
                                 tion for cleaning, removing       stretch in a handy pump.
                                 spots and stripping leather                     BD#: ANSSQ
                                 BD#: ANDC

          36                www.burte n d i s t r i b u t i o n . c o m
 Leather Dye      Leather Dye comes Acrylic Paint comes          Suede Dye       Suede Dye comes        Leather Preparer
                   in larger sizes call in larger sizes call   3 ounce bottle.   in larger sizes call      & Deglazer
3 ounce bottle.
                     for availability     for availability                         for availability
 BD#: ANLD                                                      BD#: ANSD        of pints, quarts &
                                                                                                            4 ounce
                   of pints, quarts &   of pints, quarts &
                         gallons.             gallons.                                 gallons.           BD#: ANPD

                                                                                                                              subject to change.
                                                                                                                              All prices are
                                                                                                                           BURTEN DISTRIBUTION
  Dry Cleaner          Shoe &           Easy Cleaner     Mink Oil                 All Purpose   Wool Daubers
Quart - ANDCQ         Handbag          Quart - ANECQ  Conditioner 3oz            Thinner Quart Sold by the each
Gallon - ANDCG        Shampoo          Gallon - ANECG BD#: OMO3                     - ANTQ      or boxes of 144.
                     BD#: ANSHS                                                  Gallon - ANTG     BD#: WD


 Sure Comfort           Sure Comfort            Sure Foot Grips
Half Sole (Halter)      Heel Cushion              Available                 Fabric Dye -                 Fabric Dye -
  BD#: SCHS              BD#: SCHC                in S, M &L                   Pints                     Toner Black
                                                 BD#: ANAPG                 BD#: AFDPT                  BD#: ARFDMB

  Cabin Brand            Pink Rubber             Pink Rubber                 Fabric Dye -               Measuring Cup
  Level Walker           Heel Wedges            Met. Pad - 2025             Bridal Whites                BD#: AMG
  BD#: CBLW               BD#: 2044             Arch Pad - 2001             BD#: ANAPQ

                        ( 8 0 0 )                       743-5341                                                                 37
    Protectors & Conditioners
                                 Leather Conditioner                 Vectra Protector
                                 Preserves, strenghtens &             Protect your investment.
                                 beautifies leather.                    For silk, suede, leather,
                                 BD#: 200ml - LC, 1 liter -            cashmere, satin, taffeta,
                                 LC1, 3 liter - LC3 & ½ liter     velvet and other fine fabrics.
                                 pump - LCP                                      7 ounce pump.
                                                                                      BD#: VEC
     2 0 1 1 C AT A L O G

                                 Leather Cleaner                    Heavy Duty Boot
                                 Safely cleans leather leather.            Protector
                                 BD#: 200ml - LCL,                Heavy Duty Boot Protector
                                 1 liter - LCL1, 3 liter - LCL3   10.5oz aerosol can. Contains
                                 & ½ liter pump - LCLP                            15% silicone.
                                                                               BD#: SPHDBP

                                 Leather Dressing                              Toe Armor
                                 Protects, strengthens and         Provides a thick hard coat
                                 beautifies leather.               to protect and make your
                                 BD#: 200ml - LN, 1 liter           boots & shoes last longer.
                                 - LN1, 3 liter - LN3 & ½ liter   Available in black & brown.
                                 pump - LNP                                       BD#: TOEA

                                 Vinylex                                         Apple
                                 Protectant for vinyl, rubber
                                 and plastic.
                                                                           Leather Care
                                                                      8 ounce bottle of leather
                                 BD#: LVPP
                                                                                 BD#: APPLE

                                 Huberd’s Shoe                               Snow-Proof
                                 Grease                           Waterproofs and conditions
                                 Heavy duty grease for con-        smooth leather and vinyl. 8
                                 ditioning and waterproofing      ounce tub of mink oil paste.
                                 leather.                                      BD#: SPMOP8
                                 BD#: HSG

                                 Huberd’s Shoe Oil                Sno-Seal Protector
                                 Waterproofs, softens and            All season leather protec-
                                 preserves leather. 8 ounce         tion. Great for people who
                                 can.                             spend a lot of time outdoors.
                                 BD#: HSO                                    8 ounce container.
                                                                                       BD#: SS

          38                www.burte n d i s t r i b u t i o n . c o m
                                                                                           Shoe Cream
                                                                                          1.55 ounce jars.
                                                                                          Colors: Black,
                                                                                          neutral, light
Instant Shine    Leather Lotion Suede & Nubuck     Water              brown, dark brown, tan, navy,
13oz aerosol.    8 ounce bottle. Cleaner 5.6oz   Protector            mahogany, red, green, cordovan,
  BD#: KIS          BD#: KLL        aerosol.   5.5oz aerosol.         white, delicate, grey, light tan &
                                   BD#: KSCS    BD#: KWSP             burgundy. BD#: KSC

                                                                                                                subject to change.
                                                                                                                All prices are
                                                                                                             BURTEN DISTRIBUTION
   Cork Renew           Fresh Feet         White Shoe Foam         Suede Renew         Sneaker Cleaner
Seals, protects and   Anti odor in a         5oz aerosol.           5oz aerosol.          4oz bottle.
waterproofs cork.     4 ounce bottle         BD#: KWF                BD#: KSR            BD#: KSC4
    BD#: KCR            BD#: KFF

                      Instant Protector                       Active Trainer
                      Resists rains and stains. For            Cleaning Gel
                      suede, leather, nubuck and      A gel cleaner with deodoris-
                      canvas shoes.                   er for leather, canvas, suede,
                      5 ounce aerosol can.                        cotton and nylon.
                                                                  6 2/3 ounce tube.
                      BD#: PUIP
                                                                       BD#: PUASC

                      Patent Glow                               Active Cleaner
                      Cleans and polishes pat-           Cleans and revives suede,
                      ent, metallic and wet loock              nubuck and fabric.
                      leathers.                           4 3/5 ounce aerosol can.
                      5 ounce aerosol can.                            BD#: PUNC
                      BD#: PUPG

                      Cleaner Restorer                      Active Sneaker
                      Cleans, conditions and re-                Deodorant
                      stores matte, waxy, oily and        Freshens and deodorises
                      greasy leathers.                                  footwear.
                      4 3/5 ounce aerosol can.            4 3/5 ounce aerosol can.
                      BD#: PUCR                                       BD#: PUSD

                      ( 8 0 0 )                  743-5341                                                          39
                               Leather CPR        Shoe Goo - Repair    Nano Wetbloc                         Nano Sunbloc            Boot Weight
     2 0 1 1 C AT A L O G

                            Cream for revitaliz- your shoes with this Nano engineered                     Protects shoes from        1 pound of
                                ing leather.    tube of black or clear   protector.                        the sun & dust.            buckshot.
                                BD#: LCPR        goo. BD#: SPHDBP       BD#: TA302                           BD#: TA307             BD#: BWGT

                              Tannery Spray                                          Boot Jack
                                                           Three Star                                     Meltonian Empty          Dr. Rosenburg’s
                             10oz cleaner and                                       Take off your
                                                       Floor Shoe Buffer                                     Shine Box             Instant Arches
                               conditioner.                                            boots!
                                                          BD#: 3STAR                                        BD#: SBOX              BD# INARCH
                                BD#: TAN                                              BD#: BJ

                                SoleMates               Booty Shapers                  Cluffy               Winter Trax
                            Heel cover to stop you     Inflatable boot shapes         Ball-of-foot           Xtra grip for
                            from sinking into grass.        Sizes: S, M & L          wedge inserts.           your shoes.
                                BD#: SOLEM                  BD#: BOOTY               BD#: CLUFW               BD#: WINT

                                                                                                                                Put the spring back
                                                                                                                                  into your step.
                                                                                                                                Insoles with arch support
                                10 Second              Ralyn Shine Kit                                     Metallic Shoe         and a spring in the heel
                                                                                Self Shine Creams
                                                         Dauber, brush                                                               to absorb shock.
                                 Cleaner                                        In a variety of colors.      Creams                   BD#: TRAMP
                                                          and cloth.                BD#: TANSSC              BD#: TANMC
                                  BD#: 10SC
                                                            BD#: RASK

         40                                www.burte n d i s t r i b u t i o n . c o m
                                                                  Foot Beds & Heel Lifts

BirkoBalance          Heeled Blue              Casual Blue            BirkoBasic         BirkoSport
Available in M & W   Available in M & W   Available in N, M & W      Heel cup and         Heel cup &

                                                                                                           subject to change.
  Sizes: 36 to 46      Sizes: 36 to 46        Sizes: 35 to 47        metatarsal rise.      cork base.

                                                                                                           All prices are
  BD#: BIRKBAL       BD#: BBFBHM & W      BD#: BBFBN, M & W           BD#: BIRKW         BD#: BIRKOSP

                     BD Flex                                             XP Plus
                     Firm plastic, high arch           Heat moldable footbed with
                     orthotic shells.                   a deep heel cup and a low

                                                                                                        BURTEN DISTRIBUTION
                     Sizes 39 to 41                    metatarsal rise. Even sizes 34
                     BD#: BDFLEX                                     to 44. BD#: XP

                     Slim Option                                        Footbed
                     Low profile footbed with a         Biomechanically designed,
                     shallow heel cup. Even sizes      prefabricated foot orthotics.
                     38 to 46.                              Sizes: Unisex W6 to M13
                     BD#: SO                                        BD#: HOTSHOT

                     Compact Tek                       Prolab Instep Orthotics
                     Cork footbed with a deep                  Prescription-quality
                     heel cup and low metatarsal            prefabricated orthotics.
                     rise. Even sizes 34 to 48.               Sizes: M4-13 & W6-13
                     BD#: UCOFC                                         BD#: STEP

                     Adjust-A-Lift                         Leg Length Lifts
                     Heel Lifts                            Brown rubber heel lifts.
                     7/16” thick lift with 2 remov-       Available in 3, 5, 7, 9 & 12
                     able 1/8” risers. Available in                  milimeter lifts.
                     small, medium and large.                              BD#: LLL
                     BD#: ADJALIFT

                     Clearly Adjustable N-R-Gee Heel Lifts
                     Heel Lifts         Rubber base with fabric top.
                     12mm thick, clear plastic lift       Available in 3, 5, 7, 9 & 12
                     made up of 12 one milime-                       milimeter lifts.
                     ter layers. Available in small,                      BD#: NRG
                     medium and large.
                     BD#: CAHLS

                     ( 8 0 0 )                   743-5341                                                      41
                                 Saddle Soap                     LeatherColors - 4oz
                                 For cleaning leather. 3.5           Available in black, white, light
                                 ounce tin of yellow or white          brown, medium brown, dark
                                                                   brown, cordovan, tan, light tan,
                                 soap                                   British tan, chocolate, russet,
                                 BD#: FSS3                          burgundy, mahogany, maroon,
                                                                     light blue, oxblood, navy blue,
                                                                      red, dark red, orange, yellow,
                                                                   green, purple, buckskin & beige.
                                                                 Larger sizes available.   BD#: FLD
     2 0 1 1 C AT A L O G

                                 Saddle Soap                      Sole & Heel Zapper
                                 For cleaning leather. 12            Do it yourself sole & heel
                                 ounce tin of yellow or white       dressing. 0.6 ounce bottle.
                                                                                   BD#: FSHZ
                                 BD#: FSS12
                                                                 Also available in 4oz bottle.
                                    Larger sizes available.

                                 Water & Stain                            Spot Remover
                                 Protector                       Deep clean, remove spots &
                                 10.5 ounce aerosol can of                          finishes.
                                 water & stain protecto.                        BD#: FSR4
                                 BD#: FWSL

                                 Golden Mink Oil                          Scuff Remover
                                 Waterproofs, preserves and       Small roll on scuff remover.
                                 conditions all smooth leather               0.6 ounce bottle.
                                 and vinyl.                                          BD#: FSR
                                 BD#: GMO

                                 Mink Oil Liquid                         Shoe Stretch-It
                                 Softenes, preserves and              Shoe stretch in a 4 ounce
                                 water-proofs shoes, boots                               pump.
                                 and all smooth articles of                           BD#: FSS
                                 BD#: FMOL

                                 Leather Lotion                                     Salt Stain
                                 8 ounce bottle of leather                          Remover
                                 lotion.                             4 ounce bottle. Removes
                                 BD#: FLL                         salt stains from leather and
                                                                                fabric footwear.
                                                                                 BD#: FSSR4OZ

          42                www.burte n d i s t r i b u t i o n . c o m
Boot & Shoe
Cream                                    Super Shine
The best cream.                 10.5 ounce spray on shine.
BD#: MELTC, MELTC1 &                           BD#: MSS

See color chart on page 49.

NU-LIFE Color                        Water & Stain

                                                                   subject to change.
Spray                                  Protection

                                                                   All prices are
4.5 ounce spray for coloring    Protects versus water and
leather and vinyl.                    water based stains.
BD#: MELTCS, MELTCS1 &                       BD#: MWNS

                                                                BURTEN DISTRIBUTION
See color chart on page 49.

NU-LIFE Color                  Shoe Stretch Spray
Spray -Large                        4.5 ounce aerosol shoe
12 ounce spray for color-                          stretch.
ing leather and vinyl. Black                  BD#: MSHS

Suede Renew                         Leather Lotion
Cleans & colors suede &                 Conditions leather.
nubuck.                                         BD#: MLL

All Purpose                            Instant Shine
Cleaner                                     Sponge
For cleaning & conditioning     A sponge with shine liquid
leather.                           in it to shine your shoes.
BD#: MAPC                                       Neutral only.
                                                  BD#: MISS

( 8 0 0 )                 743-5341                                    43
     2 0 1 1 C AT A L O G

                            All Protector   Nano Protector   Sport Protector   Shoe Stretch   Fresh Force Shoe
                             5.5 ounces       7 ounces         5.5 ounces       Spray 7oz        Freshener
                            BD#: KSAP        BD#: KSSPN        BD#: KSSP       BD#: KSSST       BD#: FRESH

                             Universal      Fast Acting Sport Suede & Nubuck Sued & Nubuck Polished Leather
                             Cleaner             Cleaner          Cleaner    Revitalizing Kit   Cleaner
                            BD#: KSUC          BD#: KSSC        BD#: KSSNC    BD#: KSSNRK     BD#: KSPLC

                            Sport Shoe       Oiled Leather    Express Shine       Shoe        Natural Leather
                             Whitener           Restorer        Sponge           Valet        Cleaning Cream
                            BD#: KSSW        BD#: KSOLR       BD#: KSESS        BD#: KSV       BD#: KSNFC

          44                          www.burte n d i s t r i b u t i o n . c o m
                                                New KIWI Select Smiling feet gel
                                                pads provide virtually invisible
                                                cushioning and protection to all of
                                                the sensitive areas of the feet.


Item#           Description
SFGHL      Gel Heel Liners
SFIBTT     Between the Toe
SFGSS      Gel Strappy Strips
SFMC       Mini Cushions

                                                                                                                    subject to change.
SFGASP     Anti-Slip Pads

                                                                                                                    All prices are
SFBFC      Ball of Foot Cushions
SFGHC      Gel Heel Cushions

                                                                                                                 BURTEN DISTRIBUTION
 Wax Shoe Polish              Wax Shoe Polish       Parade Gloss           Parade Gloss        Kiwi Travel Kit
     1 1/8 oz                    2 1/2 oz            Wax 1 1/8oz           Wax 2 1/2oz            BD#: KTK
        BD#: KW                    BD#: KWL           BD#: KPG              BD#: KPGL

 Suede & Nubuck            Suede & Nubuck            Scuff Covers      Suede & Nubuck         Suede & Nubuck
  Cleaner 4.25oz           Protector 4.25oz       In blk, brn & wht.       Care Kit             Stain Eraser
        BD#: KSNC                BD#: KSNP         BD#: KSM & KLW          BD#: KSNCK            BD#: KSNSE

  Silk Foot             Protector            Sandal      Shoe Lotion           Shoe Cream         Premium
Freshener 2oz            4.75oz           Cleanser 3.3oz    1.7oz                 1.55oz        Shine Sponge
   BD#: TPFS              BD#: TPP            BD#: TPSC        BD#: TPSL         BD#: TPSCR        BD#: TPSS

                              ( 8 0 0 )                   743-5341                                                     45
     2 0 1 1 C AT A L O G

                             Shield Water Shield Water Shield Pump          Leather       Boot & Shoe
                            Protector 5.5oz Protector 10oz Protector 7oz    Cleaner          Care
                             BD#: CASWS BD#: CAAWS BD#: CASP               BD#: CALC      BD#: CABSC

                               Suede            Shoe          Fabric       Shoe Stretch   Shoe Stretch
                               Renew          Shampoo        Cleaner          Spray        4oz Bottle
                             BD#: CASR       BD#: CASS      BD#: CAFC      BD#: CASST     BD#: CASSSB

                              Sneaker          Polish       Plastic        Sandal Life      Suede &
                               Wipes          Daubers      Shoe Tree        Care Kit       Nubuck Kit
                             BD#: CASW       BD#: CAPD    BD#: CAPTST      BD#: CASL      BD#: CASNK

                             Classic Shine     Shine        Suedene      Heel              Tongue
                               Sponge          Cloth         Halters     Grips              Pads
                             BD#: CACSS      BD#: CASC     BD#: CAHCS BD#: CAHGR          BD#: CATP
          46                        www.burte n d i s t r i b u t i o n . c o m
Double Shine                           Knight Polish
Sponge                                  Available in black.
24 sponges on a single card.              BD#: COLKING
Sold by the card
BD#: COLDS                                  White-Up
                                     Whiten up your shoes.
                                               BD#: CWU

Columbus Neo-                  Shoe Keeper Odor
Cleaner                                  Eaters

                                                                  subject to change.
For smooth leather goods.

                                                                  All prices are
                                  Little fuzzy fruit to make
Removes ink and similar             your shoes smell better.
stains. Comes in a 2 ounce
                                            BD#: COLODSK

                                                               BURTEN DISTRIBUTION
Colopet Shoe                         Heel Protector
Cream                           Adhesive strips that attach
Shoe Cream in a tube.          to your high heels to protect
Available in black, brown,               them. 3 pair packs
dark brown & neutral.                       BD#: COLHEEL

( 8 0 0 )                 743-5341                                   47
                                                              LARGE                                  LARGE
                                                              MEDIUM                                 MEDIUM
                                                              SMALL                                  SMALL
     2 0 1 1 C AT A L O G

                                    in Small,                             SlipNots
                                    Medium,                              Non-Skids
                                    Large &                               Available in
                                    X-Large.                             Small, Medium
                                                                           & Large.


                                           Foam Taps,                              Pointed
                                            Cork Taps                            Foam Taps
                                           & Felt Taps                           & Cork Taps
                                             Not all sizes                          Not all sizes
                                            available. See                         available. See
                                          item descriptions                      item descriptions
                                             for details.                           for details.

          48                        www.burte n d i s t r i b u t i o n . c o m
( 8 0 0 )
                                  All prices are

            BURTEN DISTRIBUTION   subject to change.
4 6 3 0 VA L L E Y B LV D , L O S A N G E L E S , C A 9 0 0 3 2
PHONE (323) 221-7300 ∙ FAX (323) 222-7300
w w w . b u r t e n d i s t r i b u t i o n . c o m

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