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									                              Christopher Skyi
                                                                                                              Google Keyword
                              Brooklyn, NY                                         m: 347-495-0311
                              United States
                                                                                                              Ranking Increase

                              My Blog:

Looking for a position in search engine optimization planning, management, and implementation.                Google ranking for "hair
                                                                                                              replacement new york" increased
                                                                                                              from position 50 to a top 10
Summary                                                                                                       position after two months

Experienced writer skilled in both on-page (keyword research) and off-page (link building) optimization.
I'm also experienced writing compelling, effective online search engine optimized copy, featured
articles, press releases, technical articles, e-Zines, blogging, ad copy and newsletters. Finally, I'm also
a skilled web developer.

Work History
SalemGlobal                                                                                                   Google ranking for "hair
  New York, NY, United States                                                         Sep 2009 - Oct 2010     transplant new york" increased
                                                                                                              from position 50 to a top 10
  SEO Account Manager
                                                                                                              position after six months.
  Need: SalemGlobal managed several clients that needed keyword research, optimization of existing
  on-online content, creation of new on-line content, business blog (Wordpress), content promotion in
  social media channels, social media profiles set up and optimized, word press blogs integrated with
  Facebook, Twitter & other social media channels, traffic sources and patterns analyzed using
  Google Analytics, and conversion pathways set up for landing pages, both organic and pay per
  click, and link building.

  Accomplishments: Increased ranking for one businesses' top keywords from position 90 in Google
  into the top 10 in 7 months, and I increase traffic to pages with those top keywords. From May 2010
  to November 2010, visitors to landing pages results in over 100 conversions (leads) worth over
  $9000.                                                                                                      Google ranking for "ny assisted
                                                                                                              living community" increased from
  Other Ranking Accomplishments:                                                                              position 20 to a top 10 position
                                                                                                              after six months.
       • Google ranking for "hair replacement new york" increased from position 50 to a top 10
         position after six months
       • Google ranking for "hair transplant new york" increased from position 50 to a top 10
         position after six months.
       • Google ranking for "ny assisted living community" increased from position 20 to a top 10
         position after 10 months.
       • Google ranking for "new york affordable assisted living" increased from position 10 to a
         top 1-2 position after 11 months.

                                                                                                              Google ranking for "new york
Ensemble Travel Group                                                                                         affordable assisted living"
  New York, NY, United States                                                         Mar 2009 - May 2009     increased from position 10 to a
                                                                                                              top 1-2 position after 11 months.
  Contract Web Development & Ektron CMS Web Content Provider
  Need: close to a year behind involving a port over 100 exiting client sites into a new Ektron
  Enterprise Web Content Management System, Ensemble needed an expert CSS/HTML developer
  with CMS experience to. Their business survival required the port to be finished with one month.

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  Accomplishments: I completed the port on time. Ensemble Travel then extended my contract to
  help enhance those web sites.

It's Your Internet
  Forest Hills, NY, United States                                                  Dec 2008 - Feb 2008
  SEO Account Manager
  Need: "It's Your Internet" needed emergency work involving SEO and content creation using joomla.

  Accomplishments: I brought several SEO writing projects that were behind schedule up to speed
  and finished within the desired timeframe.

Brooklyn Sky Design
  Brooklyn, NY, United States
  Contract Web Developer, Programmer, SEO & Web Writer
  Need: Brooklyn Sky Design needed a solid general purpose web developer verses in HTML, PHP,
  CSS, JAVASCRIPT, & .Net to both build and optimize web sites for search engine ranking and to
  draw web traffic.


      • David Segall Realtor, Palm Springs

         Applied established usability principles to a home page and menu of a Keller Williams
         eAgentC website to make it more user friendly and I SEO-ed existing content to drive
         more traffic to the site.

        Re-organized a Keller Williams eAgentC website using the Keller Williams proprietary
        CMS to make the agent's site more client friendly. I also SEO-ed all existing content.
        Within two weeks, the site was ranked in the top 40 search result in both Google &
        Netscape on four of the most popular keyword phases appropriate for the site's existing
      • Kurt Fitzpatrick, New York. Actor/Writer/Comedian

         Kurt needed a new website to showcase both existing work and promote new work. I
         created simple website with a flash introduction.

        "Brooklyn Sky Design did a fantastic job getting my site designed, up, and running, along
        with detailed trouble-shooting. Now I have a site to show my work as an actor and
        performer - with pictures, text, podcasts, and videos, thanks to Brooklyn Sky Design!"
        ~ Kurt Fitzpatrick
      • Orange Mountain Music

         I build this site using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Visual Design was by Lissi Sigillo.

         "Brooklyn Sky Design executed our demands quickly and provided us the support we
         needed to create a great! web for our customers & for our distributors of the music of
         Philip Glass!"

Yellow Rat Bastard
  New York, NY, United States

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  C#/.Net Developer | E Commerce project manager
  Need: Basically they needed a good C#/.Net developer with SQL programming and Db experience
  their web site and Db were in surprisingly bad shape - in fact, it was a wonder their e-commerce site
  functioned at all.


  I re-build critical templates and code-behind pages. This brought their site back from the brink and
  allowed them to start making a profit.

  The next step was to build new functionality. Serving as both head project manager and lead
  developer, I managed a team of overseas developers (i.e., A-1 Technology). This significantly
  economized on development costs, and - it worked
  out surprisingly well.

  NOTE: Offshore outsourcing can be highly effective, but good results rarely happen by themselves.
  Companies need to go in with a good plan and the need a great project manager to oversee the
  outsourced project.

New York University | School of
Continuing & Professional Studies-
School of Continuing & Professional
  New York, NY, United States                                                      May 2003 - Dec 2003
  Certification of Completion, Internet Technologies
      •   DreamWeaver/FireWorks (Web site design & management tools)
      •   Director (multimedia)
      •   ASP.NET using C#
      •   XML for the web & Photoshop

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  Urbana-Champaign, IL, United States                                              Sep 1997 - May 1999
  MA, Department of Psychology, Experimental/Cognitive Division
  Thesis: Visual Stability Across Saccades While Viewing Complex Pictures

  1. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Chapter of the Honor
  Society of Phi Kappa Phi, November 1997
  2. Internet Psychology Laboratory web site awarded Site of the Day on
  April 28, 1997 from Planet Science by the New Scientist, a leading
  Science & technology news weekly.

  Other Work: Completed computer science department courses in C++, upper-undergraduate and

Search Engine Optimization
1-2 Years Experience, (Last Used <1 year ago)
Keyword Research
On-page Optimization

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Web Traffic Analysis using Google Analytics
Off-set optimization: Link Building
Landing Pages & Conversion

Writer   (Expert)

10+ Years Experience, (Last Used <1 year ago)
Technical Writer
SEO Web Content Creator
Research Articles

HTML/CSS        (Advanced)

5-6 Years Experience, (Last Used <1 year ago)

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified Professional                    (
                                                                              Dec 2010 - Has no expiration
I received a Certification in Inbound Marketing HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing University Training
Program on 12 . 01 . 2010 as part of its comprehensive Internet marketing training program

This certification acknowledges that I am proficiency in inbound marketing principles and best
practices. These principles include: blogging, search engine optimization, social media, lead
conversion, lead nurturing and closed-loop analysis.

Business Writing       (WingHill Writing School,                Nov 2008 - Has no expiration

Course work in creating written business communication including memos, business letters, reports,
newsletters, presentations, meetings, advertising copy, proposals, and technical writing

Technical Writing | Technical Tutorials:

    • Interactive Graphics-Based Applets
    • Numerical Observatory: a Web Site for the Retrieval, Analysis, and Visualization of
      Simulated Cluster Data
    • Visual Stability Across Saccades While Viewing Complex Pictures
    • The role of the saccade target object in the perception of a visually stable world
    • Computer Graphics Particle Systems and Object Oriented Class Design
    • ActionScript 3.0 Classpaths Packages and Project Organization and Management
    • Preloading in ActionScript 3.0 the Easy Way

Online SEO Articles & Web Content: (written under pseudonyms or ghost written)

    • What your Janitor Service Should be Doing to Help Your Company Make a Good
    • Meet Industrial Cleaning Services’ Newest Green Weapon in the War on Spills & Splatters
    • Cleaning Their Way Through The Recession
    • Hair Replacement, Appearance, and Self Esteem
    • What is Medical Billing Software & Who Are Qualified Medical Billers?
    • How to Facilitate Recreation and Activities for the Elderly
    • What Assisted Living Communities Should Know about 'Mindfulness'
    • Acting Classes In Assisted Living Improve Memory & Slow Cognitive Decline

Business Blogging (written under pseudonyms or ghost written)

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•   Office Cleaning | Keeping It Clean, Green Clean
•   Hair Loss & Restoration For the 21st Century
•   Invisalign and The Future of Braces & Dental Health
•   Living & Aging Well In Assisted Living
•   Dance | A song of the body
•   Hang Him With His Pen Copywriter

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