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									Summer 2006

Santee Teen Center
Re-Opens at
Santee Lakes

Street Sweeping

RiverView Office Park
Plan Adopted

Parks and Recreation
Master Plan Update
The City of
Santee                                      Inside
                                              3                              4                              6
City Hall
10601 Magnolia Ave.
Santee, CA 92071
(619) 258-4100
                                                   1    Update on Developer’s Fees
Mayor Randy Voepel                                      Community Services Department Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update
Vice Mayor Brian W. Jones                          2    Frequently Asked Questions About the Old Santee School Site
                                                        Santee Adopts New Sidewalk Construction Program
Council Member Jack Dale
Council Member John Minto                          3    RiverView Office Park Master Plan Adopted
                                                        Highlight on Santee Business: Boyd Anderson Photography
Council Member Hal Ryan
                                                   4    Santee Teen Center Re-Opens at Santee Lakes
City Manager Keith Till                                 City’s New Maintenance Building Underway
                                                   5    Santee Receives Awards for Achievement in Parks and Recreation
Contact Us @                                            City Employees Honored
(619) 258-4100                                     6    What Homeowners Should Know About Their Residential Sprinkler System                                     Second Ambulance Improves Response Time
                                                   7    Special Care For Special People
Mayor & City Council ext. 100                           “April Pools” Event a Big Success
City Manager           ext. 100                         Fire Department Celebrates 50 Years
Building Division      ext. 154                    8    Discount Tire Employees Identify Bank Robber
City Clerk             ext. 114                         Address Curb Painting
Community Services     ext. 222                  9      Street Sweeping Schedule
Development Services ext. 170
                                                10      Disposing of Universal Waste
Event Information      ext. 201                         Storm Water Update on Swimming Pools and Spas
Finance                ext. 144                         City Hosts Local Sports Competitions
Fire Administration    ext. 207                 11      Santee Sports Council Joins In Community Outreach
Human Resources        ext. 262                         Volunteers Recognized for Service/Volunteer of the Year Named
Public Services        ext. 222                         2006 Expo and Craft Fair
Recreation Services    ext. 222                 12      Santee Welcomes Home Adopted Unit
Sheriff’s Department 956-4000                           Miss Santee and Miss Santee Teen 2006 Crowned
Teen Center          258-4191                   13      Santee Summer Concert Series
                                                        Register to Vote
                                                        Park Pavillion and City Hall Rentals
                                                14      Santee Salutes July 4th
                                                        Dive-In Movies
                                                15      Recreation Activity Guide

Santee Review is published quarterly by         28      Recreation Registration Information
the City of Santee, Community Services
Department. This publication is paid for        29      Activity Registration Form
in part with grant funding. Please direct
questions and comments to Ed Ruiz by            BC      City Council Highlights
calling (619) 258-4100 ext. 128, or by                  Notice of Candidate Filing
e-mail at
Para información en Español llame a
                                            COVER: City Monument Sign at Mission Gorge Road and West Hills Parkway
(619) 258-4100 ex. 128.

Update on
Developer’s Fees
   Santee residents wishing and waiting for new
parks and public facilities will soon see many of
these wishes come true.
   Fees paid by homebuilders and commercial
property developers are being earmarked for
a number of public improvements in the City.
Over $34 million in such fees and developer
contributions are expected to be available over
the next five years. As part of the Parks and         City Continues to
Recreation Master Plan update, a formal survey
of Santee residents, along with several technical     Update Parks and
studies, will be used to determine how these
new revenues should be used. Among the                Recreation Master Plan
possibilities are:                                       The Community Services Department has been
   • a gymnasium                                      facilitating a community-driven process to update the
   • upgraded ballfields                              Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The existing plan,
   • a community center                               adopted in 1988, is being updated to serve as a
   • dog parks and Frisbee courses                    comprehensive guide for the development of facilities
   • bicycle, jogging, pedestrian and equestrian      and delivery of programs to meet the needs of our
      trails                                          community over the next ten years.
   • neighborhood parks                                  Acquisition and development of park land, indoor
   • expansion and improvement of existing parks      and outdoor recreational facilities, sports fields, programs
   • other improvements as identified through         and use of school sites is being studied.
      citizen input                                      The public has had several opportunities to help
   Also included in these new facilities will be      decide what types of programs, services and facilities
the next phase of improvements at Town Center         should be offered in the future. Three public workshops
Community Park in the heart of the City. This         were held to obtain input. Additionally, a 400-household
project is primarily funded from developer fees       random survey was conducted as part of the public
and property taxes generated in the redevelop-        participation process.
ment area. Site clearing and mass grading will           Over the next several months a draft plan will be
begin early summer, with construction of site         developed and presented to the public and City Council
improvements occurring during 2007.                   for review.
   Also, developer contributions are being used          Watch our web-site or call the Community Services
to construct additional lanes on SR 52, between       Department at (619) 258-4100 ext. 263 for more details.
Mast Boulevard and Interstate 15, beginning
this year.
   The major residential and commercial builders
in East County were consulted prior to enactment
of the fees that will make these projects possible.
When reminded that some development fees had
not been raised since 1992, and notified of the
many attractive public improvements that can be
funded through these fees, builders in the area
actually endorsed the new development fees.
   As a result, developers will pay their fair
share of the costs of improving services and
facilities throughout the City for use by Santee
residents. Residents will also reap the benefits
of a healthy, growing economy and a well-             Citizens particiated in three community workshops.
balanced community.
                            Frequently Asked Questions
                            About the Old Santee School Site
                                            Since Santee School on Mission Gorge Road closed in 2003, many residents
                                        have asked what will become of the site. This is really a question for the Santee
                                        School District, but the City has continued to assist the District on mutual goals in
                                        support of our youth.
                                            In addition to the old school buildings, the Santee School site includes a
                                        ballfield complex and Chamber of Commerce offices. The school district has listed
    Santee School Site
                                                                                    the property for sale, but has not come
                                                                                    to terms with any potential buyers.
                                                                                        The property where the old buildings
                                                                                    sit is zoned for commercial use, while the
                                                                                    ballfield sites are designated for park and
                                                                                    public uses. The District could sell the
                                                                                    property with the buildings at any time.
                                                                                    But before any development on the
                                                                                    other portion of property can occur,
                                                                                    new facilities must be provided for
                                                                                    the sports leagues and the Chamber.
                                                                                        One possibility that has been
                                        discussed is relocating the ballfields to another surplus property owned by the
                                        District — commonly known as the Renzulli site on Prospect Avenue. The Renzulli
                                        property has long been considered the most viable location for addressing the
                                        City’s overall shortage of park lands, and since 1988 has been part of the Parks
                                        and Recreation Master Plan. The School District would prefer to sell the Renzulli
                                        site for multifamily residential development. Whether the City’s goals and the
                                        District’s can both be met is the subject of ongoing discussion.
                                            Every effort is being made to balance the needs of the schools with those
                                        of the broader community.

                 Santee Adopts New Sidewalk
                 Construction Program
                    Two years ago, the City of Santee attained a grant to construct a much
                 needed new sidewalk along Mast Boulevard. The success of that project led
                 the City Council to adopt a program that will ensure the construction of new
                 sidewalks in key areas throughout the City, over the next several years.
                    The first project to construct new sidewalks will be along the east side of
                 Magnolia Avenue that will significantly improve safety for children going to
                 Santana High School and Hillcreek Elementary School. The 400-foot stretch
                 of work is planned for summer and should be completed in time for the new
                 school year. The $164,000 project is the beginning of what the City Council
                 plans to be an on-going sidewalk construction program within the City.
                    Numerous sidewalks have recently been built in conjunction with new
                 development projects. This program will concentrate on already developed
                 portions of the community where sidewalks were not previously installed.
                 The work will be prioritized based on the amount of pedestrian and bicycle
                 traffic in each area and will be funded through Developer Impact Fees as
                 their fair share in improving the quality of life within our community.
                    In 2006, the City expects to construct a new sidewalk on the Cuyamaca
                 Street Bridge over the San Diego River, to serve children who use that path
                 to go to school. Two other sidewalk projects are planned along Graves
                 Avenue and Woodside Avenue, in conjunction with new development
                 projects in those neighborhoods.
                                                                                                    Mast Boulevard sidewalk and
                                                                                                    landscape improvements.
RiverView Office Park
Master Plan Adopted                                                                      Artist’s rendering of RiverView.
    The master plan for Town Center’s
RiverView Office Park, East County’s
first major office campus, has been
adopted by the Santee City Council.
The 104-acre, 1.5 million square foot
office park, to be located along Mission
Gorge Road in Town Center, represents
four years of collaboration between
the City of Santee, the County of San
Diego as the property owner, and Ryan
Companies, U.S., Inc., as the master
developer for the site.
    The Hartford building represented an
early first phase of the new office park.
The remainder of the development is
anticipated to include a mix of executive,
corporate and technological businesses,
as well as smaller, local offices. RiverView
is expected to generate approximately 4000 —
5000 new jobs for Santee. Build-out of the office
park is not expected for seven to ten years.
However, potential tenants are already in
discussion with the master developer and the
City to locate in the new park.
    The office park will be supported by a new
major street which will extend Civic Center Drive      Highlight on Santee Business:
eastward to Magnolia Avenue. As a result, Civic
Center Drive will be renamed RiverView
                                                       Picture This
    RiverView is also the possible site of a new       Boyd Anderson Photography is one of Santee’s
movie theater complex for Santee, as well as           newest businesses, now located on Cuyamaca Street within
a residential community located on the banks           the Cuyamaca Town Commons office park.
of the San Diego River. In addition, a Nature             More than 50 years ago, Boyd Anderson and his wife
Interpretive Center, overlooking the San Diego         Barbara opened a small photography studio in El Cajon.
River will be connected to the remainder of            As their family grew, so did their business. In 1971, John
Town Center through a network of pedestrian            Stickney, a high school senior at the time, was photo-
and bicycle pathways.                                  graphed at the studio. Four years later, John was hired
    A major office park that will create significant   as a photographer. In 1991 the Andersons sold the business
high paying jobs for Santee has long been a goal       to John and his wife, Denise Stickney. Boyd Anderson
of the City. Santee’s increased connectivity to the    Photography has had a tradition of community service that
rest of the region via State Routes 52 and 125, in                                         includes school yearbook
addition to a lack of available land remaining in                                          support and photography
existing office parks in the region, has created a                                         services at non-profit
strong demand for high quality office space in                                             and fund-raising events.
Santee. One of the primary benefits of the River-                                          Santee welcomes Boyd
View Office Park is the creation of more quality                                           Anderson Photography
jobs that will result in fewer residents needing to                                        to town.
commute long distances to work. Increasing the
number of jobs in town will also benefit Santee’s
business community by providing additional
customers for retail goods and local restaurants.
Santee Teen Center Re-Opens at Santee Lakes
    The City of Santee is proud to have partnered with              Depot, Freeman’s Carpet, Cox Communications, and Lowe’s
Padre Dam Municipal Water District to open the new                  for their donations of goods and services for the new Teen
Santee Teen Center at Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve              Center.
in April 2006.                                                          The new center will also include a game room, computer
    As a part of the City’s recreation program, the Santee          center and lots of outdoor space for daily after-school
Teen center is a drop-in, after-school program for teen-            activities. Homework assistance, leisure skills classes, oppor-
agers between the ages of 12 and 17. The program                    tunities for community service and leadership, socialization,
provides safe after-school activities that encourage                outdoor recreation, special events and trips are offered as
healthy behaviors and leisure skills.                               part of the monthly Teen Center calendar.
    The previous Santee Teen Center was located in a                    Annual membership is only $20 for Santee Residents and
storefront space at the Mission Creek Shopping Center               $30 for non-residents, or $3 per day. (Financial Assistance is
on Cuyamaca Street, from January 2001 to January 2006.              available through the VIP program.)
During the final year of that lease, City staff began                   During the construction period from mid- January to
looking for alternate locations that would be more cost             April, Teen Center staff hit the road to offer an after-school
effective and provide greater programming opportunities             mobile recreation program at City parks. The mobile recre-
to continue the operation.                                          ation program was a huge success and will continue in the
    A recently vacated building at the Santee Lakes                 fall during the school year.
Recreation Preserve was identified as a prime re-location               For more information on the Teen Center at Santee Lakes
site, but required significant improvements before the              or the mobile recreation calendar, contact Teen Services at
move could occur. The building was redesigned to provide            (619) 258-4100 ext. 120 or
open spaces that will be flexible to a variety of programs.
ADA accessible restrooms and a kitchen were installed as
a part of the renovation. Special thanks to The Home

                                                                                   Santee teens enjoy their new facility.

                                                                 The City has begun construction of a new maintenance
                                                              building and yard along Via Zapador. The former mainte-
City’s New Maintenance                                        nance building and yard, located off of Mission Gorge Road
                                                              adjacent to Forester Creek, was purchased by Caltrans and
Building Underway                                             removed for the next phase of SR 52.
                                                              As a result, Caltrans purchased a new site for the City to
                                                              construct its new maintenance facility and is also contributing
                                                              $1.4 million of the $4 million project cost. The new building
                                                              will be a tremendous improvement over the former facility
                                                              and is expected to be completed by mid-2007.
                                                                 The Public Services Division of the Department of
                                                              Community Services will operate out of the new facility.
                                                              The Public Services Division is charged with the responsibility
                                                              of maintaining City streets, storm drains, curbs and gutters,
                                                              sidewalks, City parks, landscaping and public buildings.
                                                              While the new facility is being constructed, the Public
                                                              Services Division is temporarily operating out of the former
                                                              City recreation building on Mission Gorge Road.
Santee Receives Awards                                               City Manager Keith Till;

for Achievement in                                                   5 Years of Service.

Parks and Recreation
   The California Park and Recreation Society (CPRS) annually
recognizes agencies and individuals that publicize, develop
and manage programs, parks, and facilities that embody and           City Employees
embrace the core values of the recreation and park profession.
Award winning agencies are those that strive to promote              Honored
participation in recreational experiences; strengthen commu-
nity image, sense of place, safety and security; promote health          On February 15, 2006, City employees
and wellness; foster human development; increase cultural            gathered together for the annual Employee
unity; protect environmental resources and facilitate commu-         Service Awards Ceremony. Twenty-three
nity problem solving.                                                employees who have dedicated between
   The City of Santee recently received two statewide 2005           five and thirty years of service to the City
Achievement Awards from CPRS. The Santee Review News-                of Santee were honored.
letter and Recreation Activity Guide received recognition in             In addition to receiving his own award for
the Agency Showcase Best Agency Activity Guide category.             five years of service, City Manager Keith Till
   The combined City newsletter and recreation activity guide        presented individuals with a plaque and City
is mailed to all residents and businesses in Santee and is also      pin in recognition of their years of service to
available at City offices, the Santee Chamber of Commerce,           the City of Santee.
Cameron Family YMCA and the Santee Library.                              Notable developments in the City since
   The City’s “Leader in Training” program, which provides           Till’s arrival in 2000 include:
youth ages 13–15 with leadership opportunities and job skills,           • Trolley Square Shopping Center
received acknowledgement in the CPRS Recreation and                      • City Aquatics Center and
Community Services Youth Development category.                              Cameron Family YMCA
   The popular program is coordinated through the City of                • Lowe’s and Kohl’s Center
Santee’s Summer Day Camp and Teen Services. It allows for                • The Hartford at Riverview office complex
participants to work alongside City staff to provide positive            • $4.75 million in citywide street repairs
camp experiences for younger children.                                   • Enhanced financial resources
   Additionally, the San Diego chapter of CPRS (District XII)            Mr. Till attributes the City’s recent success
held an award ceremony on March 9, to honor local park and           to strong leadership from the elected body,
recreation programs and professionals. The Hartford “Hart of         great staff and a forward thinking community.
the Community” volunteers were presented with a Citation                 The City of Santee organization sincerely
Award for their volunteer work at Arbor Day and with the             thanks all employees for their continued
“Leader in Training” Program.                                        commitment to the Santee community.
   For more information about the Santee Review or programs
offered by the City of Santee‘s Community Services Depart-
ment call (619) 258-4100 ext. 222 or visit our website at

Tony Rowe, Countrywide Project           2005 Leaders in Training.
Manager for The Hartford, accepted a
Citation Award from CPRS District XII.                                      2005 Award winning Santee Review.
                                                                                            at Work
                                                                                            Volunteers from the Santee-Lakeside
                                                                                            Rotary Club participated in Rotarians
                                                                                            at Work Day on April 29. Participants
                                                                                            worked to re-build the trail to Rotary
                                                                                            Grove in the western portion of West
                                                                                            Hills Park.

What Homeowners Should Know About
Their Residential Sprinkler System
   Since the adoption of a City-wide fire sprinkler ordi-                Each sprinkler head activates independently.
nance in 1989, over 1,100 homes have been constructed                    Usually the sprinkler system will control or put out the
with automatic fire sprinklers, better protecting approxi-               fire before firefighters arrive on-scene. In most cases,
mately 3,168 lives every day in Santee. Many people may                  only one sprinkler head is needed to control a fire in
know they have fire sprinklers in their homes, but may                   your home.
not be sure how they work or what maintenance may
be required.                                                             Perform an annual test to make sure the bell
                                                                         functions properly.
Sprinkler systems in homes are designed                                  There should be a small metal box painted red in your
as “life-safety systems.”                                                garage known as a “head-box.” Inside the box there
Sprinklers are placed in occupied spaces and exit paths                  should be extra fire sprinklers, an installation wrench and
“to provide adequate fire protection to allow residents                  a water key for testing your system. Use the water key
to safely evacuate their home in the event of a fire. There              on the hose bib labeled “sprinkler test valve,” usually
has never been a fire fatality in a building equipped with               mounted about 4 feet high on an exterior wall. Open the
fire sprinklers in Santee.                                               valve to flow water until the bell rings. The bell mounted
Fire sprinkler systems are automatic.                                    outside the master bedroom should ring within one
                                                                         minute of continuous flow. Unless you have the sprinkler
The same water supply that serves your fire sprinklers
                                                                         system connected to an off-site alarm company, the bell
also supplies all other uses in your home.
                                                                         only rings on your house.
Smoke will not activate your sprinkler system.                              If you have questions, please contact the Santee Fire
Individual sprinkler heads activate only when the                        Department. If you need extra sprinkler heads, related
temperature at that sprinkler head is greater than                       equipment, or have problems with your system, check
160 degrees.                                                             the local yellow pages for fire sprinkler companies, many
                                                                         are located right here in Santee.

    Second Ambulance
    Improves Response Time
       Prior to the addition of the second ambulance in October
    2005, a Fire Department paramedic ambulance responded to
    74% of all calls in less than eight minutes. The Fire Department
    recently received high marks from a biennial County audit
    because of the addition of a second paramedic ambulance.
    Now arrive time to 87% of all calls is in less than eight minutes.
Special Care
For Special People
                                                                                                      April Pools Day participants
   Did you know that the Sheriff’s Department will check                                              practiced CPR skills (left).
on the welfare of seniors who live alone and that the Fire                                            Lifeguards and Fire Depart-
Department maintains a roster of citizens that could need                                             ment performed a water
extra help during a disaster?                                                                         rescue demonstration
   The Sheriff’s Department “You Are Not Alone” (YANA)                                                (below).
Program utilizes Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP)
members to check on homebound persons who live alone
with mobility challenges, medical complications or other
disabilities and needs. Currently 51 RSVPs visit about 35
homebound residents in Santee and unincorporated areas
of El Cajon and Lakeside once each week, and telephone
them three times per week. For more information, contact
Betty Koeppen at the Santee Sheriff’s RSVP program at
(619) 956-4083.
   The San Diego County Health and Human Services
Agency’s Aging & Independent Services operates the
“In-Home Supportive Services Program” for the medically
fragile who are able to live at home. A confidential roster
of the most at-risk elder and disabled persons with limited
mobility, or those using special electrically powered medical
                                                                           “April Pools”
devices is provided to the Fire Department for utilization                 Event A Big Success
during disasters and extended power outages.
   For more information on this program, please contact                       Saturday, April 29 was "April Pools Day" in
the County Aging & Independent Services at (858) 495-                      Santee. In preparation for summer, the second
5858.                                                                      annual water safety and CPR education day was
   The Fire and Sheriff’s Departments strive to keep these                 held at the City of Santee Aquatics Center and
special residents as safe as possible. If you know someone                 Cameron Family YMCA. Local vendors and
who can benefit from one of these two programs, you                        businesses teamed with the Fire Department,
are encouraged to contact the appropriate agency to make                   YMCA and Children’s Hospital to put on a highly
a referral.                                                                educational event.
                                                                              Children 7 years old and above were able to
                                                                           swim for free. CPR education was provided by
                                                                           the Fire Department who also performed a water
                                                                           rescue demonstration with lifeguards.

                                                                Fire Department
                                                                Celebrates 50 Years
                                                                   The Fire Department held an open house on May 6 at
                                                                Fire Station 5 to celebrate 50 years of service to Santee. An
                                                                estimated 1,000 people attended the event that included
                                                                displays highlighting the Department’s history, apparatus
                                                                and a community barbecue. Also on display was a 1902
                                                                Steamer Engine, complete with a Dalmatian mascot.
                                                                   The celebration began the prior evening at Santee Lakes
                                                                with a reunion dinner for the current and former members
                                                                of the Department.
                                          Correctly painted
                                          curb address.

                                                Address Curb Painting
                                                                 The City often receives calls regarding individuals or
                                                              companies involved in painting address numbers on
                                                              street curbs. Some companies are unlicensed and use
                                                              strong-arm tactics to collect money from residents for
                                                              unauthorized or often substandard work. Often, flyers
                                                              are distributed advertising that a company will be in the
                                                              neighborhood with no contact information. After the
                                                              work is performed there will be door-to-door solicitation

Discount Tire                                                 for payment.
                                                                 Santee Municipal Code 12.04.030 addresses the
Employees Identify                                            following standards for address curb painting:
                                                                 • Companies must obtain a business license and a
Bank Robber                                                         solicitor’s permit prior to beginning work in Santee
                                                                 • Notices distributed by curb painting companies
                                                                    must be approved by the City. The notice must
   Shortly after 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, February 9,                state that house number painting is not mandatory
2006, deputies from the Santee Sheriff’s Station were               and contain the name and telephone number of
dispatched to a reported bank robbery at the Union                  the company
Bank located at 9760 Mission Gorge Road in Santee.
                                                                 • Work can not be done without the prior written
   Charles Moore, a Discount Tire employee, had just
                                                                    approval of the affected property owner
finished a transaction at the bank. When a teller told
Moore they had just been robbed, he followed the                 • In order to paint house numbers on curbs an
suspect and observed him changing clothes behind                    encroachment permit must be obtained. (Residents
the Home Depot. Moore told fellow employee Yancy                    who paint their own curb address numbers are
Holt to keep an eye on the suspect while Moore went                 not required to get an encroachment permit.)
back to the bank to report the suspect’s actions. Holt           • The previous numbers must be completely painted
continued to watch the suspect until he fled on foot.               over or removed
   While driving to the bank, Deputy Marc Snelling               • House numbers are to be painted on the vertical
was flagged down by Holt who provided the direction                 face of the curb
of travel and an accurate description of the suspect.            • All numbers are to be four inches high with a half
A short time later, Deputy Snelling located the suspect             inch stroke
walking on Civic Center Drive still in the vicinity of           • Numbers must be black in color, painted on a
the reported robbery. The suspect was taken into                    white background
custody at gunpoint and offered no resistance.
                                                                 • Traffic, including bicycles and pedestrians, cannot
Without the observations of Moore and Holt, and
                                                                    be obstructed in any way
their willingness to get involved, the suspect would
not have been identified or caught.                              If you have questions about address curb painting,
                                                              please contact the Code Compliance office at (619)
                                                              258-4100 ext. 206.
                                                                 If you are suspicious about a company operating
                                                              improperly in your neighborhood, please contact the
                                                              Sheriff’s Department at (858) 565-5200.
                                        In a continuing effort to provide information to Santee
                                    residents and to keep Santee streets clean, you can now find a
                                    link on the City’s website listing the City’s street sweeping days.
                                        Access to the street sweeping schedule can be found on the
                                    City’s website at Your street sweeping day
                                    and week of the month can be found on the alphabetized street
                                    listing. The City asks that Santee residents refrain from parking on
Street                              the street on their designated street sweeping day to enable
                                    street sweepers to effectively clean each street.
 Sweeping                               The map on this page is provided for you to post in a visible
                                    place as a reminder. With your help we can keep Santee clean
Schedule                            and reduce run-off into the storm drains. For more information,
                                    please call us at (619) 258-4100 ext. 188.

   Area 1 - 1st and 3rd Tuesday
   Area 2 - 1st and 3rd Wednesday
   Area 3 - 1st and 3rdd Thursday
   Area 4 - 2nd and 4th Tuesday
   Area 5 - 2nd and 4th Wednesday
   Area 6 - 2nd and 4th Thursday

   City Boundary
                                                           Storm Water Update on
Disposing of                                               Swimming Pools and Spas
Universal Waste                                               Summertime is a great time for using the swimming pool or
                                                           spa. However, do you know how to safely change the water in
   As of February 9, 2006, State law                       your pool or spa? Every year Storm Water Program staff investi-
mandates that solid waste landfills can                             gates discharges of swimming pool water containing
no longer accept universal waste, also                                 diatomaceous earth or chlorine into the storm drains.
known as U-waste. State law also                                             Remember that water that goes in the storm drain
prohibits the disposal of U-waste into                                    discharges directly into the San Diego River or one
the trash.                                                                 of its tributaries. Follow the criteria below to be
   Examples of U-waste include:                                            consistent with the City’s storm water ordinance
   • Batteries – Alkaline, lead acid,                                      and to help protect the quality of our rivers and
     lithium, mercury, and nickel                                         ocean! Ensure that any maintenance contractor you
     cadmium (NI-Cd)                                                    use is also aware of these requirements.
   • Electronic Devices – Cell phones,                                  You can discharge water without chemicals into the
     computer monitors, computer                                storm drain in the street, but the water MUST be water only,
     printers, cordless phones, CPU’s,                     without debris, be de-chlorinated, have a pH range of 7-8 and
     laptop computers, radios, telephones                  have no algae present. The discharge must be in a controlled flow
     answering machines, televisions, and                  to avoid erosion problems or cause a traffic hazard.
     VCR’s                                                    Alternatively, you can discharge swimming pool or spa water
                                                           into the sanitary sewer through the sewer lateral on your property.
   • Light Bulbs (excluding incandescent light
                                                              For further information visit the storm water page of the City’s
     bulbs) – Florescent, high-intensity
                                                           website at or call (619) 258-4100 ext. 177.
     discharge, metal halide, and sodium light
   • Mercury Containing Items – Gauges,
     switches, thermometers, and thermostats
   Waste Management, the City’s franchise hauler,
accepts the above listed U-waste from Santee residents
at their buy-back facility, located at 1001 West Bradley,
Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.                          The Santee Collaborative
   Santee residents can also dispose of U-waste every                         promotes a healthier, proactive communty
second and fourth Saturday of each month, by appointment                      that builds resilient children and families.
only, by calling (619) 596-5100.
                                                                              Meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday
   Businesses may obtain information on the proper disposal                       of each month, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.
of U-waste by calling the County of San Diego, Department
of Environmental Health at (619) 338-2231.                                           Santee City Hall, Building 8
                                                                                           (619) 448-8175

City Hosts Local Sports Competitions
   The City of Santee Community Services Department hosted two local
sporting competitions in April. The U.S. Junior Olympic Skills Competition was
held April 6 at Big Rock Park. Sponsored by the United States Olympic
Committee and Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes this national skills participation program
provided children ages 8 – 13 the opportunity to showcase their
athletic abilities in basketball, track and field, tennis and soccer.
   The Pitch, Hit, and Run local competition, held on April 13 at
Woodglen Vista Park, was sponsored by Pepsi and Major League
Baseball. Children ages 7-14 had the opportunity to test their
baseball abilities in a fun atmosphere. “A-Team” associate
volunteers from the Santee Kohl’s store “Kohl’s Cares for Kids”
program assisted City staff in the implementation of the
   Congratulations to all of the participants and winners.
                                                                                Connie Bailey
Santee Sports Council Joins
                                                                                                          Rhae Novetti
National Recreation and
Park Association and
NikeGO in Community
Outreach to
Underserved Youth
    The National Recreation and Park Associa-            Volunteers
tion (NRPA) and NikeGO have teamed up on an
initiative designed to engage youth participation in
                                                         Recognized for Service
spring baseball and softball by providing youth             The City of Santee held the annual Volunteer Apprecia-
footwear to underserved youth. Through NikeGO,           tion Reception on April 27, to recognize volunteers and the
Nike has provided 10,000 pairs of cleats, valued at      valuable work they do throughout the year. Rhae Novetti
$50 – $70 a pair, to youth in California, Chicago and    and Connie Bailey shared the 2005 Volunteer of the Year
New York metro regions in an effort to enhance the       Award for their dedication to the document imaging pro-
quality of youth sports. The Santee Sports Council       gram at the City Clerk’s office by scanning documents to
was accepted because of their ability to reach youth     be available in an electronic format. Combined, Rhae and
and provide opportunities to participate in youth        Connie have recorded over 7,800 documents and have
sport experiences.                                       devoted over 600 hours since they began volunteering in
    The Santee Sports Council received a limited         February 2003.
supply of Nike cleats for local youth baseball and          Betty Koeppen who coordinates the “You Are Not
softball leagues that have identified underserved        Alone” program; Don Hamer, the chair and founding
youth that otherwise might not be able to participate    member of the Human Relations Advisory Board; and Mary
in a youth sports program.                               Jarrell who assists with senior activities and special events
    The National Recreation and Park Association         offered by the City, were also nominees for the Volunteer
(NRPA), headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia, is a         of the Year Award.
national not-for-profit organization devoted to             Congratulations to all of the volunteers who give their
enhancing park, recreation and conservation efforts      time to enhance their community and support the services
that enhance the quality of life for all people.         provided by the City of Santee. For more information on
Through its network of recreation and park pro-          volunteer opportunities in Santee, call (619) 258-4100 or
fessionals and civic leaders, NRPA encourages and        go to
promotes recreation initiatives for people of all ages
and abilities, the promotion of healthy lifestyles,
conservation of natural and cultural resources, and
the overall benefits of parks and recreation. For more
information, log on to
    NikeGO is Nike’s signature U.S. community affairs
initiative. The program’s mission is to increase
                                                         2006 Expo and Craft Fair
physical activity in youth, offering them the support       The Santee Chamber of Commerce will host the
and motivation to become physically active, stay         17th annual Business Expo and Craft Fair on Saturday
healthy and have fun. In its most recent fiscal year,    and Sunday, June 3 – 4, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. in the
Nike contributed more than $10.5 million in cash and     Wal-Mart parking lot. This two-day event will showcase
products, and served more than 150,000 kids across       local businesses, and offers crafts, food and entertain-
the U.S. through its programs and partnerships. Visit    ment. For more information, contact the Santee Chamber for additional information.               of Commerce at (619) 449-6572.

                                                                                        Also, don’t miss Santee Day
                                                                                        at the San Diego County
                                                                                        Fair on opening day, June
                                                         10th. Be sure to visit the Santee Chamber of Commerce
                                                         booth in the infield pavilion.

                                                 Camp Pendleton Marines enjoyed welcome home
                                                 picnic (left and center), Lt. Col. Robert Oltman
                                                 (with daughter Hanna) presented the City with
                                                 US flag flown during deployment (right).

Santee Welcomes Home Adopted Unit
   In May 2004, the City “adopted” 2nd Battalion, 1st          and their courts for 2005 and 2006, VFW Auxiliary,
Marine Regiment from Camp Pendleton, known as “The             Waste Management, Spanky’s Portable Services, Santee
Professionals.” The Professionals returned home from           Sheriff’s Department, and the City of Santee Community
their most recent tour in Iraq in February 2006. To            Services Department.
welcome home “The Professionals,” the City of Santee              In a flag ceremony in July 2005, a flag that was flown
hosted a family day at Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve        over Santee City Hall was given to the 2nd Battalion,
for more than 1,200 of the Marines and their families.         1st Marine Regiment to keep with them during their
They were treated to a BBQ lunch, Karaoke, volleyball,         deployment. The flag was raised throughout the tour
horseshoes, inflatable jumps, an egg hunt for the kids         in Iraq.
and use of the Spray Ground.                                      During the April 12, 2006 City Council meeting, in a
   The event was made possible through the efforts of          special flag-raising ceremony, Lieutenant Colonel Robert
many community volunteers and businesses who donated           Oltman, Commanding Officer of the “The Professionals,”
their time and services including: Daryl Priest of Priest      presented Mayor Voepel with the flag the City presented
Development, Allied Waste, Lennar Homes, Santee Lakes          to “The Professionals” before leaving on their deploy-
Recreation Preserve, George Tockstein and volunteers           ment last year. Accompanying the flag was a certificate
from Sonrise Church, community volunteers from Santee          stating the unit flew it over the battlefields of Husayba,
Rotary, Friends of the Library and Barratt American, VFW       Karabilah, new Ubaydi and during all combat operations
Post 9327, Michael Lou of Michael’s Grill, Anheuser-           for Operation Iraqi Freedom. The flag was raised in honor
Busch, DJ Ricky Zimmerman, Warren Savage, Santee               of the unit and all members of the armed forces serving
Chamber of Commerce, Miss Santee, Miss Teen Santee             our country.

                                        Miss Santee 2006 Krystal Capurro (left)
                                        and Miss Santee Teen 2006 Kim Swank.

Miss Santee and Miss
Santee Teen 2006 Crowned
   The 2006 Miss Santee and Miss Santee Teen pageants were held at
Sonrise Church on March 10, in conjunction with the Miss La Mesa Pageant.
Krystal Capurro was crowned Miss Santee 2006 and Kim Swank was named
Miss Santee Teen 2006. The two will represent the City of Santee and the
Chamber of Commerce at civic events throughout the year.
   Congratulations to all who participated in the contest.
                                                                           Free summer concerts
                                                                          at Santee Trolley Square
                                                                                    Every Thursday 6:30 p.m.

 June 8         The Cat-illacs          50’s and 60’s vintage rock nostalgia
 June 15        The Bayou Brothers      Exciting and exotic sounds of Zydeco
 June 22        Rockola                 Classic rock and yesterday’s favorites
 June 29        The Heroes              Music from yesterday plus today’s best hits
 July 6         Aunt Kizzy’s Boyz       Authentic high energy blues
 July 13        Crosswinds              Hot rock and roll
 July 20        J.D. and the Blues Busters 50’s, 60’s, rock and roll, and rhythm blues
 July 27        Coyote Moon             San Diego’s best country music
 August 3       80’s All Starz          A high-energy tribute to the 80’s
 August 10      Eve Selis               Country, R & B, blues, folk, and rock and roll
 August 17      Nitro Express           Music favorites from Surf City to Sweet Home Alabama
 August 24      Michael John and the Bottom Line The true essence of the blues
             For more information call the City of Santee Special Event Hotline at (619) 258-4100 ext. 201
               This free community event has been made possible through the support of event sponsors:

                                                  Civic Center and Park
                                                  Pavilions Available
Register to Vote                                  for Reservations
   October 23, 2006 is the last day to
                                                     Looking for a place to hold a party for         Civic Center event rooms and
register to vote in the November 7, 2006
                                                  your upcoming special day? Consider the            park pavilions are available for
election. There are several ways you can                                                             your event.
                                                  Civic Center event rooms at City Hall or a
register to vote: Download a form online
                                                  pavilion at a local park.
from the Registrar of Voters’ website at
                                                     Banquet/activity rooms at City Hall can accommodate up to 200 for; visit the Santee
                                                  meetings or 130 for dining for a variety of activities, meetings or events for
City Clerk’s Office, 10601 Magnolia
                                                  occasions such as: wedding receptions, club meetings, anniversary parties,
Avenue, Bldg. 3, Santee or the U.S. Post
                                                  reunions, business meetings.
Office, Santee Branch Library or the
                                                     The City of Santee also offers the option to reserve park pavilions at Big
Registrar of Voters Office at 5201 Ruffin
                                                  Rock, Mast, Shadow Hill, West Hills and Woodglen Vista parks. Reservations
Road, Suite I, San Diego. You can also call
                                                  can help in your party planning by ensuring the site you want is available
the Registrar of Voters at (858) 565-5800
                                                  for use on the day of your event. Permits are also available for inflatable air
to have a form mailed to you. Once
                                                  jumps and petting zoos, etc. in designated park areas. Pavilions that are
registered, you will not need to re-register
                                                  not reserved are open to the public on a first come first serve basis.
unless you move, change your name, or
                                                     Prices and guidelines for renting the Civic Center rooms at City Hall and
wish to change your political affiliation.
                                                  reserving park pavilions are available at the Community Services Department
                                                  at Santee City Hall, 10601 Magnolia Avenue, Building 6. For more
                                                  information, please call (619) 258-4100 ext. 222.

                                                                                                                                               ay Photograp
                                                                                                                                of David Hollow

                                                                                                                 Photo courtesy
     City of Santee Aquatics Center
     Town Center Community Park
     10123 Riverwalk Drive

     7:00 p.m.
     movie starts at dusk

     Watch a movie on the big screen as you
     lounge on your favorite inflatable in the pool.        Brought to you by the City of Santee and
     This family event will include games and a
                                                                    Waste Management Inc.
     snack bar. Bring a float, chair, towel and
     warm clothes. Admission is $4.00 per person              Tuesday, July 4, 2006
     (financial assistance is available).                        3:30 – 9:30 p.m.
                                                       Town Center Community Park Ballfields
     Friday, July 14th
     Hoodwinked                                              Celebrate the American Spirit
                                                             with fun for the entire family!
     Friday, August 11th
                                                         • Live entertainment from Rockola
     E.T.                                                  and The Heroes
     For more                                            • “Taste of Santee” food court
     information call
     the City of Santee                                  • Kid’s Fun Zone with walk around characters,
     Special Event                                         carnival games, rock wall, bungee jump
     Hotline at                                            trampoline and inflatable fun
     (619) 258-4100                                      • A spectacular fireworks display at 9 p.m.
     ext. 201
                                                       A shuttle bus will operate between the Trolley Square Transit
                                                       Center, the Costco parking lot, Santee Aquatics Center/
                                                       Cameron Family YMCA and Rio Seco School from 3-10 p.m.
                                                       Resident reminder: The following streets will be limited to
                                                       resident traffic only during evening hours: Bilteer Drive,
                                                       Bilteer Court, San Remo Ct., San Remo Dr., Conejo Place,
                                                       and Magnolia Park Drive. Area residents are encouraged to
                                                       safely secure dogs or bring them inside.
                                                       Volunteer, fundraising and sponsorship opportunities are
                                                       For more information, call the Special Event Hotline at
                                                       (619) 258-4100 ext. 201
The City of Santee is here to serve you. If you need information                                                 PRSRT STD
or have concerns, please feel free to contact us, either by                                                     US POSTAGE
phone or visit our website.                                                                                         PAID
                                                                                                                 Santee, CA
                                                                                                                Permit NO 51
Also, plan on attending a Council meeting. Santee’s City
Council meets the second and fourth Wednesday of every
month at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers located at City Hall.

                                                                                POSTAL CUSTOMER

                                       City Council HighlightsFebruary - April 2006
The City of                             • Adopted an ordinance regulating the proximity of registered sex offenders

Santee                                    to children’s facilities and an ordinance regulating the consumption of alcohol
                                          in Mast Park
                                        • Recognized city employees for their dedication and years of service
City Hall                               • Presented certificates of commendation to the Santee Spirit U-10 Girls Soccer
                                          Team for their outstanding performance in winning the Section 11 Southern
10601 Magnolia Ave.                       California Championship
Santee, CA 92071                        • Appointed Maria Lenhoff as an Alternate Member on the Human Relations
(619) 258-4100                            Advisory Board                     • Introduced the 2006 Miss Santee & Miss Santee Teen courts and thanked
                                          the outgoing Miss Santee and Miss Santee Teen for their year of service to
                                          the community

We honor the                            • Received designation of “Tree City USA” for the 4th consecutive year from
                                          the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
public trust by                         • Approved Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding for the
                                          following public service agencies: Santee Food Bank, Meals-On-Wheels,
providing quality                         Elderhelp, YMCA, Crisis House, American Youth Soccer Organization, and
programs and                              Project Safe House
                                        • Approved the application by Concordia Homes for construction of 37 single
services to                               family homes and preservation of 25.3 acres of permanent open space for
                                          habitat south of Mission Gorge Road off Rancho Fanita
promote economic
prosperity, safety,                    City of Santee
and environmental                             Notice of Candidate Filing
and social well                          The City of Santee General Municipal Election will be held on November 7,
being for our                            2006 for three (3) Members of the City Council. The candidate filing period for
                                         those Santee registered voters who wish to run for office begins at 8:00 a.m. on
community.                               July 17, 2006 and ends at 5:00 p.m. on August 11, 2006. Elections Code
                                         §10225, states the filing period may be extended to 5:00 p.m. on August 16,
                                         for non-incumbents only, if an incumbent has not filed/qualified. Candidate
The City of Santee does not
discriminate on the basis of race,
                                         packets will be available in the City Clerk’s Office, 10601 Magnolia Avenue,
color, religion, national origin,        building 3, Santee, during normal business hours, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
sex, sexual orientation, disability,     Monday through Thursday and 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. on Friday.
marital status, pregnancy, or age
with regard to admission, access         For more information or to schedule an appointment to obtain a candidate
to, treatment, or employment in
City programs or activities.
                                         packet, contact Linda A. Troyan, MMC, City Clerk, at (619) 258-4100, ext. 110.

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