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									                                      VOGUE ITALIA and THECORNER.COM

                                           “THE VOGUE TALENTS CORNER”

            In collaboration with VOGUE US, VOGUE CHINA, VOGUE PARIS and VOGUE UK

                    24-27 February 2011 – 9 am to 5.30 pm | Palazzo Morando, via Sant'Andrea 6, Milan

Fourteen fashion designers from all over the world animate the exhibition “The Vogue Talents Corner”. An eclectic and
innovative scouting project that carries the signature of Vogue Italia and thecorner.com, whose purpose is to use
e-commerce to give exposure to the creativity of the emerging talents of the international fashion scene.

The exhibition, with the patronage of the City of Milan, will be held in Palazzo Morando, in Via Sant'Andrea, and will open
on 23 February at 7 pm with an invitation-only cocktail party. For four days following the opening, from 24 to 27 February,
9 am to 5.30 pm, the doors of Palazzo Morando will be open to the public to discover the creations of the featured

“Capturing the new, recognizing young talent, promoting research are a guarantee of vitality in fashion. And it’s a thrilling
ongoing commitment for Vogue. We’d like to thank whoever shares and supports our work season after season”,
declares Franca Sozzani, Editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia.

“Joining the forces of Vogue and thecorner.com and their respective excellence in fashion editorial and e-commerce is a
far-reaching way to promote emerging talent. Together we have created a virtual shopping window to the world allowing
young designers to instantly connect with an international customer base”, explains Federico Marchetti, Founder and
CEO of YOOX Group.

The event is sponsored by international Condé Nast titles, with the selection process involving specifically Vogue US,
Vogue China, Vogue Paris and Vogue UK.

The selected designers are: Akong London (designed by Nicole Akong), Burak Uyan, Caterina Gatta, Coliac (designed
by Martina Grasselli), Covherlab (designed by Marco Grisolia), Georgia Turri, Glynneth B, Jen Kao, J.W. Anderson, Maria
Francesca Pepe, Nuit N°12 (designed by Ludivine Machinet & Frédéric Baldo), Sara Battaglia, Uma Wang and Zou You.
Nine women, four men and a duo, coming from Brazil, the United States, France, Germany, England, China and Italy.

“The Vogue Talents Corner” presents the collections of apparel and accessories – footwear, jewelry, bags – for the
Fall/Winter 2011-12 season, along with a selection from the Spring/Summer 2011 collection, which visitors can purchase
on site; a sort of “live” e-commerce that enables one to shop online at thecorner.com for the items on display, thanks to
interactive touchscreens installed throughout the exhibit.
Starting on 23 February, it will be possible to log on to thecorner.com, in an area dedicated to the project, and acquire the
collections of the featured designers in more than 50 countries.

The creative concept of the exhibition is based on the idea of a “colored thread” that winds through the rooms of the
The event is sponsored by Swatch, which presents the new line of bracelets and watches, “Lady Collection”, specially for
the occasion. Each of the new talents is paired with a color inspired by the new collection. Swatch thus confirms its
partnership with Vogue Italia during Fashion Week for the second year in a row.
“The Vogue Talents Corner” is supported by Altaroma, always on the front line along with Vogue Italia in the promotion of
new talents with the competition “Who Is On Next?”, this year in its seventh edition. It will also be supported by
Mercedes-Benz Italia, which will also sponsor “Who Is On Next?” starting in July, thus underscoring its international
commitment to the world of fashion through the promotion of emerging talents.

For further information, please contact:

VOGUE | T: +39-02-85612352 | E: voguevents@condenast.it

THECORNER.COM | T: +39 02 8311 2811 | E: pressoffice@yoox.com – Karla Otto | T: +39 02 6556981 | E: lia@karlaotto.com

Nicole Akong comes from Chinese roots but studied fine arts in the United States. She's been living in London for several years and
loves the vibrant culture of the city. After a course in jewelry design in 2008, where her creations provoked the interest of friends and
jewelry professionals, she understood her true vocation. Her first collection, marking the birth of the brand, came out only a few months
ago, in 2010. "Akong London is a line of couture jewelry that distinguishes itself from the rest while maintaining a universal appeal, at a
high level", recounts the artist. The jewels of Nicole Akong are a potpourri of fine materials like crystal, stone, feathers, fur and velvet
mixed with gold and silver chains.
Contact: info@akonglondon.com

German by origin, he studied at the Fashion Institute of Vienna. He lives in Paris, where he worked for Givenchy and Giambattista Valli,
for whom he became creative director for both the apparel and accessories collections. He has always been inspired by the innovative
design of Helmut Lang, particularly for his graphic, minimalist style and experimental use of materials. After five years at maison Valli, in
2009 he founded his own brand of footwear with creative partner Srdjan Prodanovic. The glamorous, architectonic style of his creations,
which never compromises wearability and comfort, has quickly launched the brand in the fashion world.
Contact: srdjan@srdjanprodanovic.com

Originally from Rome, she studied fashion styling at the Central Saint Martins College of London and took her degree in Fashion and
Costume Science at La Sapienza University in Rome. She created her own brand in 2008. Her clothes are one-of-a-kind pieces realized
with vintage fabrics from famous names like Versace, Ken Scott, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, etc. "My passion for fashion", the
designer explains, "comes from the need to try out new roads in couture, to get closer to younger tastes". Her clothes are sold
exclusively in New York, at the Change of Season shop in the East Village and at the luxury boutique P.S. Post Script Couture in the
Meatpacking District.
Contact: caterinagatta@gmail.com

Martina Grasselli was born in Reggio Emilia and studied Fashion and Textile Design in Milan and at the École Duperré in Paris. She has
collaborated with Stella McCartney, Angelo Figus, Breil Milano, Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Louboutin on their accessories
collections. The Coliac brand (which is the surname of her French maternal grandmother) was created in 2009 as a line of bijoux based
on the combination of different materials, characterized by an ironic edge, surrealist suggestions and a sophisticated contemporary
Contact: martinagrasselli@yahoo.it

Marco Grisolia describes himself as self-taught, despite two years of training at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and a course at the
Burgo Institute in Milan. "My mother's wardrobe has always represented a sort of sancta sanctorum for me", he says, "and nothing
seems to rival the fascination and enchantment of those clothes". In 2007 he met entrepreneur Paola Romanello, head of Atelier Parò,
with whom he established a rapport that materialized in 2009 in the form of the "Ippocampo" collection, composed of 36 one-of-a-kind,
exquisitely tailored garments signed Marco Grisolia and presented at the Ennagon Gallery in Soho, New York. In 2010, Grisolia and
Paola Romanello created Covherlab, a brand featuring pure lines and near total marriage of decoration and function.
Contact: covherlab@gmail.com

Georgia Roehe Turri left her native Brazil and moved to Italy to study shoe design. She debuted with the Georgia Turri brand in 2007
with a collection of luxury footwear that exudes cosmopolitan creativity in a rich yet purist style that uses only the finest leathers. In fact,
Georgia comes from a family of tanners. The artisanal workmanship is done entirely in the Parabiago district. "My search is for essential
elegance, charming simplicity, values that take form in precise lines and lightweight volumes… harmonies of dream and reality".
Contact: georgia@georgiaturri.com

Born in London, she debuted with her own line in the late '80s, immediately garnering the interest of top retailers like Neiman Marcus
and Saks Fifth Avenue. After a long pause to dedicate herself to her family, she returned to the fashion scene in 2009 with a collection of
jewelry at once punk and romantic. Glynneth describes her collections as "dramatic, proud and satirical". An urban style with a rock&roll
soul and fetishistic touches. Her necklaces, earrings and chains have a number of celebrity admirers, including Rihanna, Fergie,
Michelle Obama and Lindsay Lohan.
 Contact: glynnethb@aol.com

Los Angeles native Jen Kao studied art at New York University and fashion design at Parsons School. Fascinated by 3-D design, she
debuted on the New York runways in 2008 with a collection that immediately astounded insiders with its sartorial innovation and
experimental techniques in the assembly of leathers and knits. Its main feature is the contrast between architectonic construction and
fluid drapery. Jen Kao defines her style as "easy dramatics". Her clothes are both sexy and comfortable, created for a woman's needs.
"There are intelligent ways to convey sensuality", she says, "without explicitly showing the obvious".
Contact: patrick@bradburylewis.com | julissa@bradburylewis.com
Jonathan William Anderson was born in Ireland and moved at a young age to Washington to study at the Actor's Studio, an experience
that left him with a fascination for costume design. After graduating in menswear from London College of Fashion, in 2007 he presented
his first men's collection, where he used real insects for the jewelry accessories. His first women's collection came out in 2010. His style
is characterized by a taste for the mystical and for the noir mood. His esthetic is intensely dramatic and theatrical, with great attention to
the mix of fabrics and materials.
Contact: thomas@j-w-anderson.com | miho@aipr.co.uk

She studied Fashion Design at the Istituto Marangoni of Milan and perfected her skills as a designer at the Royal College of Art and
Central Saint Martins in London, where she now lives and works. After a number of prestigious collaborations, she presented her first
collection of footwear and jewelry in 2007, immediately earning the applause of buyers and fashion journalists. The style that the
designer describes as "jewelry wear" is a fusion of accessory and garment, where the jewel becomes an integral structural part of the
outfit. The collection is entirely realized by Italian artisans, but the inspiration is pure London avant-garde.
Contact: studio@mfpepe.com

Design duo Ludivine Machinet and Frédéric Baldo operates out of Paris. The brand was born in 2007. The dark and intriguing gothic
style of their collections draws on nocturnal, dream-like visions that are part delirium and part fantasy. "The night isn't limited to what's
real; it teems with meanings and anything is possible… artificial colors, glows, ghostly shadows…", they explain. Evocative images that
imprint their creations with metaphor: skull jewels, mask bracelets, flaming handbags… all realized with carefully chosen materials like
platinum, pink gold, ebony, lambskin and galuchat.
Contact: contact@nuitnumero12.com

Design and fashion have always been her favorite obsessions. After graduating from art high school, Sara Battaglia immediately began
working for a fashion accessories house where she learned everything she needed to create her own brand. Raised in a family of
artists, at just six years old she created her first handbag, stealing the fabric from her mother. Today she collaborates with numerous
Italian brands. "Design studios and factories are the spaces I like best", she recounts, "because they enable me to express what I feel at
the moment and help me perfect my ideas".
Contact: sara@sarabattaglia.com

She studied in Shanghai at Textile University and in London at Central Saint Martins College, working in the fashion industry with
several Chinese brands. In 2005 she showed her first collection at Pure London. Her distinguishing traits are a special sensitivity to knits
and an ability to mix them harmoniously with other materials and textures. Her sources of inspiration are the visual arts and vintage.
Contact: uma.umastudio@yahoo.com | uma510@yahoo.com.cn

Chinese designer Zou You launched his line in 2006. He studied fashion and design in Beijing and has won numerous awards in his
country, and is considered one of the most promising Chinese designers. The style of his creations is kaleidoscopic and polyhedric,
leaving ample freedom to those who wear them to create their own personal "fashion body cult".
Contact: zouyou5@yahoo.com.cn

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