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GCSE Electronic Products

   This is a new course for Keswick School commencing September ’09. It
    is aimed at those students who have an interest in the rapidly
    developing world of electronics and who also enjoy designing and
GCSE Electronic Products

     “Young people use electronics in their everyday lives; using the internet
     to support school work or stay in touch with friends, playing networked
     games on platforms such as Playstation and Xbox, sending SMS and
     MMS messages to friends on mobile phones. Young people are generally
     very adaptable to new technologies. They are growing up in an age of
     electronics. “
GCSE Electronic Products

 The course is based around a practical approach that encourages students to
 design and make quality electronic products with creativity, originality and
 flair using a wide range of electronic components, new technologies and
 modern electronic devices. The packaging of the electronic circuit can include
 individually designed cases made from a range of resistant materials, textiles,
 card or recycled materials, or students can purchase a commercially made
 case and modify it to meet their project needs.
GCSE Electronic Products

                                 WHY DO IT?
       “The skills that young people learn through electronics design &
       technology are at the heart of generating a skilled and
       enthusiastic workforce. These skills are also invaluable for the
       personal growth and success of these young people; at school, out
       of school, and to take them on to their future careers”
GCSE Electronic Products

       “Studying electronics in design and technology can help pupils
       question and understand the technological advances of the
       world they live in. The key skills of designing and making,
       problem solving, decision making and communicating that
       pupils learn in electronics, are the kinds of skills that are
       invaluable for innovation.”

       Oh………………and it can be fun!
GCSE Electronic Products

                           Year 10

“Simon Says” game
                                     A range of alarms
                                     can be produced
GCSE Electronic Products

Electronic Game            Snooker Scorer
GCSE Electronic Products

                           Electronic Dice
 Bike Speedometer
GCSE Electronic Products

 However, it is an examination course, so……………..

 There is structure, there are deadlines to be met, there will be homework set and there
 will be an expectation that students take responsibility for their own learning.

 There is a theory content and students will be expected to have an understanding of
 basic electronic theory (some overlap with physics here).

 Year 10 will largely be given over to making a series of small “design & make” exercises
 To expose candidates to a wide range of components and concepts.

 Year 11 is spent entirely on the production of a major project which is responsible for
 60% of your final grade.
GCSE Electronic Products

 Course Structure and Assessment:

 There is one terminal examination which covers all abilities and is responsible for
 40% of your final grade.

 There is one piece of examined coursework (year 11) and is responsible for 60%
 Of your final grade.

 This is a practical based course but students cannot afford to neglect the theory
GCSE Electronic Products

In today’s world safety of the individual
has become an important issue; the
ever increasing use of roads by cars,
motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians is
just one area where government is
trying to improve levels of safety

Task 1 – Road Safety
Road safety is important for all road
users including pedestrians. Investigate
one aspect of road safety and design
and make a prototype which could be
used to help prevent accidents
GCSE Electronic Products

Advertising, promotions, entrepreneurs are
words that are associated with the
world of selling, shops and shopping;
designers have to catch the eye of their
customers to make them go into a shop by
clever marketing ploys.
Task 2 – Promotional display
The manager of a local store has asked you
to design a promotional display
for the entrance to a store that can be used to
promote a product of your
choice. The display should attract the
customers’ attention with movement,
light or sound, or a combination of these. The
promotional display should
operate when someone enters the store or
stands in front of the display. You
have been asked to design and make a
working prototype of the display that
can be evaluated in the store.
GCSE Electronic Products

Raising funds for charity requires
ingenuity; the UK has a long tradition of
raising funds for good causes, whether it
is for lifeboats, Children in Need or
for a local scout hut

Task 3 – Electronic Game
A local primary school has asked you to
design and make an electronic game
that can be used at their Summer Fair to
raise funds for the school. The game
could be based on chance, or involve
skill, but must be fun to play and be
suitable for all ages.
  GCSE Electronic Products

Teaching children the value of money, and
how to spend and save, is now
part of the school curriculum

Task 4 – Money Box
A local bank wishes to encourage young
children to save their pocket money.
You have been asked to design and make a
novelty device which will make it
fun for children to use and save their

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