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Summer Books                                     Reading
                                                                                                      hool L
                                                                                                igh Sc
                                        If you have a garden and a                      Boise H
                                        library, you have everything
                                        you need.
    by Ann Patchett                     Libraries: The medicine
                                        chest of the soul.
                                                 ~Library at Thebes,
                                            inscription over the door

                                        At the moment that we per-
  Hotel on the Corner                   suade a child, any child, to
  of Bitter and Sweet                   cross that threshold, that
     by Jamie Ford                      magic threshold into a
                                        library, we change their lives
                                        forever, for the better.
                                                    ~ Barack Obama
   by Colm Toíbín                       And you ... you should all be
                                        home reading a good book!
                                             from CatDog episode
  Tea Time for the
  Traditionally Built                                                                         LIST
    by Alexander McCall Smith

                                                           ool Lib
                                                   i gh Sch
                                           Boise H

  The Associate
                                                     Boise High School Library
    by John Grisham
                                                     1010 WashingtonSt.                       recommended by:
                                                     Boise, Idaho 83702                       Pat St. Tourangeau
                                                     Your Address Line 4                      Teacher Librarian

  Lost City of Z
    by David Grann    

                                                                  More FICTION                                                             NON-FICTION

The Guernsey Literary and                                                                                                                  The Last Lecture
                                                                     The Grapes of Wrath
  Potato Peel Pie Society                                                                                                                  by Randy Pausch
                                                                           by John Steinbeck                                          Computer science professor Randy
      by Mary Ann Shaffer                                            Steinbeck’s classic has been frequently refer-
Juliet Ashton, a thirty-year-old au-                                                                                                  Pausch, diagnosed with terminal cancer,
                                                                     enced during the current economic down-                          discusses how to overcome obstacles in
thor, writes to her publisher express-                               turn. This summer may be the time to revisit
ing her desire to stop covering the                                                                                                   one's life and achieve one's dreams.
                                                                     the Joad family’s Depression-era journey                         Professor Pausch died in July 2008, sub-
aftermath of WWII, but Guernsey                                      from the Dustbowl of Oklahoma to the
farmer Dawsey Adams invites                                                                                                           sequent to the publication of this book.
                                                                     California migrant labor camps in search of
neighbors to write to Juliet with their                              a better life.
stories, which puts her off at first but                                                                                   Righteous Porkchop
eventually helps her find inspiration for her next                                                                      by Nicolette Hahn Niman
book, and her life.                                                                       Starclimber                  So, you’ve read Fast Food Nation, de-
                                                                                       by Kenneth Oppel                voured Supersize Me!, and consumed all
The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao                                               The third book in the               the Michael Pollan you can digest (for
                            by Junot Diaz                                          AIRBORN trilogy just arrived        now). Now try Righteous Porkchop: the
                 Overweight and nerdy Oscar                                        this spring. Fans of YA Fan-        author--an urban, vegetarian attorney--
                 lives with his Dominican Ameri-                                   tasy should not miss this thrill-   discusses her experiences and the under-
                 can mother and sister in New                                      ing installment in the adven-       standing she gained after going on assign-
                 Jersey and dreams of becoming a                                   tures of Matt and Kate, aboard      ment from Robert F. Kennedy to investi-
                 renowned author and finding true                                  the “Starclimber” as they           gate the practices of hog factory farms; and describes the
                 love, but unfortunately, a family                                 journey into outer space.           importances of supporting products from farms that
                 curse stands in the way of his                                                                        support traditional methods and how to do so, even
                 wishes.                                         Mudbound                                              when dining out.
                                                              by Hillary Jordan
The White Tiger                                      Social injustice in the post-World War II
   by Aravind Adiga                                  Mississippi Delta. The shaky marriage                             Other Suggested Non-Fiction Titles:
For those who loved Slumdog                          between Henry McAllan and his city-bred                           Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
Millionaire, this novel (winner of                   wife Laura becomes even more unstable
the Mann-Booker Prize) is a must                                                                                       The Lost City of Z: a Tale of Deadly Obsession
                                                     when his brother Jamie returns from World
read. Balram Halwai is educated in                                                                                        in the Amazon by David Grann
                                                     War II in 1946 to help work the family's
the art of corruption when he is                     miserable cotton farm in the Mississippi                          Animals Make Us Human by Temple Grandin
hired as the driver for the wealthi-                 Delta, along with his comrade-in-arms
est man in his village in India, by                  Ronsel Jackson, the oldest son of local sharecroppers, who
witnessing his employers bribe and                   soon learns that his heroics in battle mean
barter through his rear view mirror.                 nothing in the Jim Crow south.                                                     GRAPHICS
                     The Elegance of the             Other Suggested Fiction Titles:                                                          Pride of Baghdad
                         Hedgehog                    Nation by Terry Pratchett                                                              by Brian K. Vaughn
                     by Muriel Barbery                                                                                                A pride of lions escapes from the Baghdad
               The novel that took France & all of   The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz
                                                                                                                                      Zoo during the Iraq War and question the
               Europe by storm! René, a secretly     What was Lost by Catherine O’Flynn                                               meaning of freedom.
               cultured concierge at an elegant      My most Excellent Year : a Novel of Love, Mary
               apartment building in the middle of     Poppins, & Fenway Park by Steve Kluger
               Paris, meets Paloma, an intelligent
               twelve-year-old who behaves like a    The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein
                                                                                                                                             The Dark Tower:
mediocre pre-teen until a wealthy Japanese man
                                                                                                                                            The Gunslinger Born
arrives at the building.
                                                                                                                                                 by Peter David
                                                                                                                                       (based on the novel by Stephen King)