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Use Amazon To Make Money About the Author


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									Use Amazon To Make Money?
Making money online - the dream of many!
Now that dream can become a reality and selling with Amazon can help make that dream come true.
How can you make money by selling with Amazon?
Amazon is on online monster! Amazon is one of the biggest stores online and sells products worldwide. Amazon has thousands of products for sale
and the conversion rate on those products is quite high.
How does the Amazon program work for me?
Amazon's affiliate program will pay you a commission if you refer customers to
their website and the customer makes a purchase..
One great thing about Amazon products is that customers are already looking to buy the product so your audience is a much targeted one.
Let's say you decide to promote 3D TV's. You will be targeting people that are already looking at 3D TV's and already intend to buy one. So that is
half of the hurdle taken care of, your customer intends to buy. All you need to do is show them were to make their purchase!
So you create a website or blog about 3D TV's. You can promote one brand of 3D TV or you can promote multiple brands. You can even promote
accessories that compliment the product you are promoting.
Every product that you talk about on your website or blog will have a link that takes them to Amazon, where they can buy the product. This link has
your affiliate code so that Amazon knows that your site sent that customer. If the customer buys a 3D TV through your affiliate link then you have
made a sale, and have earned a commission.
Not only do you earn a commission on any 3D TV that you sell to the customer, you will also earn a commission on anything else that customer
purchases. So if they purchase a 3D TV, plus a DVD player, plus a Playstation 3 console and even maybe a tent, you will earn a commission on all of
them, not just the one product that you were promoting.
So you can imagine the commissions can add up quite nicely when you are earning commission on multiple products. It is quite common for a person
to visit Amazon through your link and not even buy the product that you are promoting, but instead buy other products.
Promoting Amazon products on a website or blog is a fantastic way to make money online. Enroll with the Amazon Associate program and start
making money today.

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