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									                                                                                                                       May - June 2005

2003-04 Directors
Rinda Wohlwend
                               Congratulations Singles
 626.446.4879                      Britt Johnson present Laura Priess the Dave Seret trophy won by Single Ski Club at Steamboat.
Jacquie Nemor
 Past President

Karen James

Ray Craig

Iris Williams

Bonnie West

Catherine Ohl
 Communications 05-06
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Kathy Knott Faris
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 Volleyball                                                                FWSA Convention . . 12-14          Check out NSCF deals at—
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                                  SoCals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6     LAC Kitzbühel 2006. . . . . 9        Username: skiclub
Fay Mumbauer                                                                                                    password: member
 Ski Dazzle                       Mammoth Appreciation . . 6               FWSA Hawaii Cruise . . . 15                     FWSA Family Trip . . . . . 8             LAC Snow Gala. . . . . . . . 15
                                                    Message from the President
                                                          Farewell & Welcome!
                      by Jacquie Nemor, LAC President

                      Far West Convention—                                officers. Money talks and that may be an
                      Next month, June 9-12, 2005, will be the Far        incentive for club members to take on club
                      West 75th Anniversary and Convention. This past     offices. This deserves further discussion and
                      year’s culmination of hard work and effort done     would be a valuable topic to continue at the
                      by the LAC Convention Committee and its chair,      Presidents meeting on August 1, 2005.
                      Catherine Ohl, will bring my two terms as LAC
                      president to its last hurrah! And what a way to
                                                                          Congratulations to Westwood Ski Club in
                      make a grand exit. This 2005 Convention will
                                                                          winning the Rokka League Championship and
                      outshine all previous conventions and be
                                                                          for Single Ski Club in winning the SoCal League
                      remembered by all as the “Diamond Memories”
                                                                          Championship.                       [See page 6]
                      extravaganza featuring snow sports legends and
                      ski club, council, and FWSA history.                Far West goes Hawaiian—
                              Thank you and Welcome—                      The FWSA Hawaiian cruise, October 9-16,
                                                                          2005, is offering a cruise comp to trip leaders
                              I have tremendously enjoyed the last two
                                                                          bringing 18 people. The Hawaiian cruisers can be
                              years serving as the LAC president. It
                                                                          club or non-club members. The trip leader will
                               was all of the LAC reps and the
                                                                          have to still pay taxes and airfare. Please contact
                               exceptional LAC board that made it so
                                                                          Lynnell Calkins, FWSA VP North American
                               terrific. Very special thank yous to —
                                                                          Travel,               [See page 15]
                                Past President, Ed Knott; Secretary,
                                Karen James; Treasurer, Ray Craig;        Far West Silent Auction, June 10, 2005—
                                VP Travel, Bonnie West; VP                I’m looking forward to seeing you at the 2005
                                 Communications, Catherine Ohl; VP        FWSA Convention. Come on Friday night, June
                                 Competition, Kathy Knott Faris; VP       10, 7 PM to the Silent Auction. It’s FREE!!! You
                                 Membership, Iris Williams; and VP        can bid on various items including fabulous
                                 Programs, Celeste Coleman.               winter and summer trips. The resort will be there
                                                                          to talk to. There will be a live auction and lots of
                      I know the new LAC board will be just as            dancing. Plan to come early for an “All Clubs’
                      exceptional. Welcome to President, Rinda            Happy Hour” from 5-7 PM at the Westin in the
                      Wohlwend; Secretary, Karen James; Treasurer,        Lobby Bar. The address is 333 E. Ocean, Long
                      Ray Craig; VP Travel, Bonnie West; VP               Beach.                            [See pages 3 & 12]
                      Communications, Catherine Ohl and Gordon
                      Cardona; VP Competition, Kathy Knott Faris;         LAC Meetings—
                      VP Membership, Iris Williams; VP Programs,          The location for the general meetings will still
                      Mary Albritton. I am now Past President.            remain at the IHOP in Westchester, but
                                                                          beginning on Monday, May 23, 2005, 7 PM, the
                      President’s Meeting, August 1, 2005—                board meetings will be held at Marie Calendar in
                      It saddens me to say that LAC has lost a 35-year-   Glendale at 701 N. Pacific Avenue, Glendale, CA
                      old club, South Bay Ski Club, due to its            91203, (818) 242-6836.
                      membership being unable to fill its Board of
                      Director positions. In fact, three other Councils   My very best wishes to all of you, especially the
                      in FWSA recently lost clubs due to lack of          2005-2006 LAC Board of Directors. ❇

page 2 — May/Jun 05
                      leadership. How can this dilemma be stopped?
                      One of my suggestions is to waive club dues for                        Jacquie
Membership Matters
Dues are Due
                                                                    Iris Williams, LAC Membership VP

Dues are Due—                                          so let us help you shine in the Diamond
It’s that time of year again. Most of you by now       Brightness of a very successful convention.
should have held your elections. LA Council            LA Council is hosting this convention and the
needs your help in keeping our records up to date      council and clubs have lots to gain from
for inclusion in the Far West Skier’s Guide and        participating in the celebration. You can
the LAC Directory. As soon as your elections are       volunteer to help out whether you are a
over, please send the list of your new board           delegate or just doing some of the fun
[names, position, address, email, phone, etc.] to      things. To volunteer, contact Judith
me, your LAC VP of Membership. The form is             Miller at 818.841.4192. [See pages 12-14]
available at on the “Membership”
page. By providing this information we can help        Let It Snow—
the vitality of your club by promoting your            Well, Celeste Coleman’s motto “Let it
activities at various functions throughout the year.   Snow, Let it Snow” has 2005 ski year
                                                       lasting to July. For the first time in
Don’t forget clubs’ LA Council dues are now due.
                                                       many years we do not have to go south
Our membership year is from July 1 - June 30.
                                                       of the equator to ski in the summer
Dues for 2004-2005 are merely $30 per club.
                                                       months. There is a God.
Please submit your dues to me asap.
                                                       Have a fun summer and see you in Long
Far West Convention—
                                                       Beach for the convention fun. ❇
Far West’s 75th Diamond Anniversary Convention
is almost here! More people will attend this
convention than any other in Far West’s history,                                     Iris

                                                        • Lunch [King Salmon entrée for $30]
                                                        • Dinner/Dance [mild Thai Chicken Breast
                                                          with Garlic Shrimp for $65]

                                                       and/or join the fun optional events — [See pg 13]
                                                        • Pub Crawl on Pine Ave in Long Beach.
                                                          Thursday, June 9, 2005, 5 PM [$35]
If you can’t attend the convention for the whole        • Golf at Long Beach’s Rec Park with other
weekend as a voting or non-voting delegate, make          clubs, celebrities and guests.                   Convention Events
plans to attend the FREE events—                          Friday, June 10, 2005, 6 AM [$85]                    OPEN to
 • Happy Hour, Friday, June 10, 2005, 5-7 PM            • Aquarium of the Pacific entrance, guided          club members
 • Silent Auction & History Exhibit [See page 12]         tour, lunch and transportation.                     and guests
   Friday, June 10, 2005, 7-11 PM                         Friday, June 10, 2005, 9:45 AM [$40]
 • History Reunion, Reception & Exhibit                 • Queen Mary entrance, tours, movie, lunch,
   Saturday, June 11, 2005, 2-5 PM                        shopping, and transportation.
                                                          Friday, June 10, 2005, 9:30 AM [$45]
and/or extend your “Sharing of Ski History” by          • Kayaking, lunch and transportation.
joining us for Lunch and/or Dinner on Saturday—           Friday, June 10, 2005, 9:15 AM [$30] ❇             May/Jun 05 — page 3
      LA Council presents Far West Ski Week to

 Telluride, Colorado
  February 4-11, 2006

                                                                                      Courtesy Telluride/Tony Demin
  Trip Includes—
      •   7 nights Lodging [double occupancy]
      •   5 out of 7 day Lift Ticket
      •   Welcome Party
      •   3 Races
      •   Mountain Picnic                           $1125*+
      •   Après Ski Party                          air & transfers
      •   Pub Crawl
      •   Farewell Awards Banquet
      •   Registration
  Payment Schedule & Cancellation Penalty—
          Deposit      Due By                   Cancellation Fee
          $100 pp      Deposit due NOW                     none
          $200 pp      July 1, 2005                      $25 pp
          $400 pp      September 1, 2005                $100 pp

                                                                                      Courtesy Telluride
          Balance      November 1, 2005           $100 pp & cost

  Reservations & Information—
                                                                     CST 2036983-40

        Bonnie West or 562.699.8880
  * Price depends on choice of lodging

 Telluride Mountain Stats
       8,725 ft Town Elevation & Coonskin Base
       9,540 ft Village Elevation
       12,260 ft Gold Hill Summit
       3,535 ft vertical drop
       84 trails
       24% beginner / 38% intermediate / 38% advanced-expert
                                                                                      Courtesy Telluride/T.R. Youngstrom

       16 lifts [2 gondola, 7 quads, 2 triples, 2 dbls, 3 surface]
       4.6 mile Galloping Goose is longest run
       1,700 acres skiable terrain
       18.6 miles nordic trails
       309 inches average snowfall per year
       50 Bars & Restaurants
       69 Shops and Galleries

page 4 — May/Jun 05
Travel Tidbits
Trips for 2006 & Beyond
                                                                             by Bonnie West, LAC Travel

For most of us snow skiing is         Prague & Kitzbühel –                Space on this trip is limited so
over and we’re thinking about         March 14-25, 2006                   sign up now!           [See page 9]
summer. However, for those of         Imagine a week in Kitzbühel,
us charged with planning trips,                                           4-Day Trip – TBA
                                      the most famous holiday resort
we’ve been working on next                                                The short ski trip has
                                      in Tyrolean Austria. There is
year’s schedule. Here are the         something here for everyone!        been extremely popular
Council trips for 2006.               For the skiers there is 99 miles    because you don’t have
                                      of manicured pistes. For the        to take so much time
Telluride – Feb. 4-11, 2006                                               off work to go way to
                                      non-skiers, there is hiking,
We still have plenty of spots for     skating, swimming, sauna, a         ski. We’re working on
Telluride. The lodging                casino and more. Excursions to      one to either Tahoe
ranges from condos at                 Salzburg, Innsbruck, Munich         area or Ogden, UT.
$775 for the                          and Venice are available.           More later on this.
ground package
to a luxurious                           An optional pre-trip to          The emphasis here is
                                         romantic Prague starts your      to make your travel
hotel at $1050. We
                                         European adventure. The          plans early! These
have enough lodging for
                                      historic town center has been       trips will either be
clubs to stay together in one
                                      included in the UNESCO              sold out, or the slots will be
                                      World Cultural and Scientific       dropped before fall!
It is important to make your          Heritage list since 1992. Prague    Hope to see most of you at the
reservations soon for this, as I      is also one of nine cities, which
                                                                          Silent Auction at the Westin,
have a deadline in June to drop       was awarded the title of
                                                                          Long Beach on Friday, June 10,
lodging without penalty. Send         “European Metropolis of
                                                                          2005. Have a great summer! ❇
in your deposit today.                Culture in 2000” by the
                      [See page 4]    European Union.                                Bonnie

Playing it Water Safe                                             by Catherine Ohl, Radar River Rats
As we step into summer it’s a good thing to             • Always go surfing with someone else.
review some basics of water safety. We need to be       • Don’t surf where others are swimming.
aware of our environment, conditions and                • Check if it's okay to swim before you
weather before entering the water. And remember           enter the water.
there are different safety rules for beaches, rivers,
                                                                                                                Water Safety Tips
                                                        • Never dive into unknown water.
lakes, and public or private swimming pools.
                                                        • Check the water depth.
Beach Safety Tips—                                      • Check for submerged objects.
• Always swim at a beach patrolled by lifeguards.       • If you get caught in a rip at a patrolled
• Swim between the flags that mark the safest             beach, do not panic. Float with the rip
  areas to swim.                                          and raise one arm for assistance.
• Always swim under supervision or with a               • Don't swim under the influence of
  friend.                                                 alcohol or drugs.
• Read and obey all safety signs.                       • Use at least a SPF15 sunscreen, wear a long-
• If you are unsure of conditions, ask a lifeguard.       sleeve shirt and a broad brimmed hat. ❇                 May/Jun 05 — page 5
                                                                           Racers Ready
                                                                  SoCals April 16-17, 2005

                      The SoCals a Huge Success—
                                                 by Kathy Knott Faris
                                                                                 SoCals Results by Clubs
                                                                        Place           Club    GS      SL            Total
                           The Southern California Leagues
                                 Championships were held on April        1              SING    51      64            115
                                16 and 17, 2005 in beautiful             2           WEST       41      65            106
                                Mammoth weather.
                                                                         3              BALB    34      41             75
                                 The Championships were comprised        4           LONG       37      34             71
                                of two days racing, with a GS on
                                Saturday and a Slalom on Sunday.         5              AERO    27      22             49
                                The weather was warm, the snow was       6              4SEA    25      20             45
                               firm, and the race department did an      7              WAIL    19      7              26
                               excellent job of setting courses, and
                               keeping them in great shape.              8              BLIT    18      0              18
                                                                         9              BEAC     8      9              17
                               Rokka was the winning league with
                               help from two of their top teams,         10          DOND        9      6              15
                      Singles and Westwood. Results on the right. ❇      10             JETP     8      7              15
                                                                         12          CONE        6      6              12
                      Mammoth Appreciation— by Helen Harris
                                                                         13             CLIF    11      0              11
                      Mammoth’s Appreciation Weekend was a
                      huge success. Everyone at the Canyon’s             13          SAND        9      2              11
                      cocktail bash was given two drink tickets          15          NORT        5      4              9
                              and never-ending trays of finger
                                                                         15             TRIV     4      5              9
                               foods— taquitos, chicken nuggets,
                               fruits, veggies and cheese.               17          CENT        6      0              6
                                                                         17             EDLE     1      5              6
                               The Dummy Downhill took place
                               during the cocktail hour. Eight           19          ORAN        0      5              5
                               dummies competed just off the             20             RUST     0      3              3
                               Poma lift at the Canyons. The
                                                                         21          TORR        1      0              1
                                dummies were mostly blow-up
                                dolls in various attire— bikini-         22             ACTI     0      0              0
                                clad female, superman, dog in
                                 evening garb with top hat, skier               SoCals Results by League
                                 in a wheel chair, another on a                 Place          League        Points
                                  cot, even a polar bear. All
                                                                                 1             ROKK           281
                            dummies were attached to skis in
                      some fashion.                                              2             ULLR           192

                      Not one dummy crossed the finish line as all               3             SCHU           80
                      suffered some mishap, from veering off                     4             SAND           36
                      course to self distrusting. The dummy                      5             INLA           33
                      getting closest to the finish line was finally
                      declared the winner. ❇                                     6             SING            3
page 6 — May/Jun 05
What’s in a Name—
Mammoth Ski Runs Explored

Ever wonder how a ski run gets it name. Some       Terry’s Run is a race-course run below Chair 23,
names are obvious. Cornice Bowl is at the top      beneath St. Anton. It’s namesake is Terry Smith, a
of the mountain where a ledge of snow              Mammoth ski instructor who died in a bulldozer
naturally forms. Hemlock Ridge is covered in       accident at Chair 3 in 1975.
Mountain Hemlock trees. Broadway is the
main run to the Main Lodge. Under Dry              Agee’s Run, an advanced race-course run, is
Creek there’s a stream that dries up in the        named for Dennis Agee, a retired executive who
summer. Climax is named after a type of            raced at Mammoth as a boy, started the Race
avalanche involving multiple layers of snow.       Department, coached the U.S. Ski Team and
                                                   returned to oversee the Race Department. ❇
Other runs have more personal namesakes and
were named after people who are a part of
Mammoth Mountain’s legacy.

Dave’s Run, a black diamond off the top, to
skier’s right of the Gondola, was named for
Mammoth icon and owner Dave McCoy.

Blue Ox, one of the earliest named runs, took
its name from a 1950s L.A. Times article that
described McCoy as a Paul Bunyan type of
character whose sidekick was a blue ox.
Philippe’s is an off-the-top double-black
diamond to skier’s left of Paranoid Flats.
Philippe Mollard was crazy enough to guinea
pig this rocky chute.

Scotty’s, a steep run accessible by Chairs 23 or
14, is named as a memorial for Clifford Scott,
who died in a 60s avalanche on the run. He
was a friend of McCoy’s, and a stone
monument with crossed skis landmarks the                                                                2 LAX Locations—
top of Scotty’s.
                                                                                                        5701 W. Century Blvd.
Rogers’ Ridge is name after ski patroller and                                                           9101 S. Sepulveda Blvd.
U.S. Forester, Ron Rogers, who broke his back
in a fall off the ridge one early morning in
1973 when performing avalanche control.

Thunder Bound Express chairlift was named
for the former head of the snowcat crew Roger
Sorensen, whose loud snoring habits were
noted after he snoozed one stormy night in
the cafeteria.

Jill’s Run, located to skier’s right of Forest
Trail and Thunder Bound Express, is named
for Jill Kinmont Boothe, a paralyzed
Mammoth racer whose inspiring story became
a movie, “The Other Side of the Mountain.”
                                                                                                          May/Jun 05 — page 7
                                                      News from the Far West
                                                 New Format for Club Contest

                      Far West Outstanding Club Contest—                                           Far West Family Ski Trip—
                      The Tollakson Outstanding Club of the Year competition is moving             Far West took advantage of
                      forward into the 21st century, just like Far West. In honor of our 75th      Mammoth’s Ski Club
                      anniversary, a revered panel of judges will be reviewing all entries.        Appreciation Weekend on April
                              ALL clubs in Far West are eligible to enter this competition.        16-17, 2005 to host their first
                               Entries this year will consist of an essay describing how           Family Ski Trip.
                               your club deserves to be named FWSA’s Outstanding Club
                                                                                                   On Sunday, Far West threw a
                               of the Year. Your essay should address what your club does          Pizza Party in Roma’s Cantina
                                for the sport of skiing, social events, and philanthropic          at 1:30 PM. Enough young and
                                efforts. Deadline for submittal is May 1, 2005.                    old folks showed up to
                                Essays should be no more than three pages in length. All           consume all the provided pizzas
                                                                                                   and soft drinks.
                                entries should be e-mailed to Elaine Cobos at
                       Rather than address club                The rest of the skiers were
                                 organization as in past years, the judges will focus on           having way too much fun on
                                 evaluating a club’s activities for the year, as detailed in the   the 17’ feet of snow to take out
                                 essay. The categories or activities judged include the            time to eat. Next year should be
                                  following, consistent with prior years’ Tollakson Awards.        bigger and better.

                      Sports Development Activities [20 points maximum]                            LAC Hosts Far West Party—
                          o Sports and Snow Safety and Instruction                                 Bonnie West graciously opened
                          o Equipment Update and Information                                       her home for a dinner party for
                                                                                                   the Far West Board. Gene
                          o Fitness, Exercise, Conditioning                                        Fulkerson was the main chef
                      Sports Activities [30 points maximum]                                        and did an excellent job.
                          o Alpine / Board / Nordic Competitive Events—                            More photo are on the web site
ALL Clubs invited           Club, League, Council, FWRA, Other                                     at ❇
 to enter the Far         o Non-Ski Competitive Events –
West Outstanding            Tennis, Volleyball, Softball, Skating, Other
  Club Contest            o Ski Trips— Club, League, Council, Far West
                      Non-Ski Activities [30 points maximum]
                          o Club Social Activities—
                            Parties, Dinners, Dances, Banquets, etc.
                          o Club & Member Community Activities and Services
                                                                                                      Lynnell Calkins, Randy Lew,
                      Sports Awareness / Promotion Activities [20 points maximum]                  Debbie Kor celebrate their birthdays
                          o   Beginner / Youth Sports / Ski programs
                          o   Adaptive on/off Snow Programs
                          o   Ski Area and Community Sports Programs
                          o   National Forest / Park Guides and Volunteers
                      The Tollakson award is named for Dave Tollakson, a former
                      president of Singles and a Ski Patroller who died in a climbing
                      accident in 1994. All clubs in LAC should consider entering this
page 8 — May/Jun 05   contest. The new format makes it easier than ever. ❇                            Iris Williams & Karen James
LA Council of Ski Club presents—

  Kitzbühel, Austria
         March 18-25, 2006
Trip includes—
 • 7 nights lodging at Hotel Maria          $865
    Theresia (4*) Dbl. Occ.
 • Breakfast & dinner daily
 • Round trip transfers from Munich Airport to Kitzbühel
 • Taxes and gratuities
 • English speaking guide the whole week and to the
   Munich airport

Does NOT Include—
 • Air at this time— tba later
 • 5-day lift ticket— $175.00

Reservations and Information—
    Bonnie West or 562.699.8880

Payment and Cancelation Schedule—
  Deposit      Due By                Cancellation Fee
  $200 pp      Deposit due now       none
         Remaining dates will be announced later

                                                                                          CST 2038064-40

  $355                           Prague, Czech Republic
                                                           March 14-18, 2006
                                            Prague pre-trip includes—
                                             • 3 nights at the Mercure Centre Hotel (4*) Dbl. Occ.
                                              - daily breakfast
                                             • English speaking guide from airport to hotel
                                             • Half day city tour of Prague with English speaking guide
                                             • Prague to Kitzbühel transfer              May/Jun 05 — page 9
                                            Helmet Testimony
                          Another Reason to Consider a Helmet

                       Helmet Testimony                         toboggan ride down the hill.              or experience, I continue to wear a
                                                                                                          helmet while free skiing because I
                       excepted from      Final tally of the damage was a           understand that I have no control
                                                                severe, level 3 concussion, multiple      over other skiers on the hill. I never
                       I’m writing this account to inform       bruises and contusions to the right
                       you of an unfortunate event which                                                  thought my helmet would serve as
                                                                shoulder, soft tissue damage to the       protection from myself or from a
                       happened to me last month while          right knee and calf, fractured
                       skiing in hopes it might provoke                                                   failure of my equipment.
                                                                displaced sternum, and two
                       you to think a little.                   compression fractured vertebrae.          Skiing is a sport that I love, some-
                       A couple of turns into my run on a       Prognosis is good.                        thing I will never willingly give up.
                       sparsely treed run, and without                                                    Snowsports is inherently risky,
                                                                I’m lucky and everything should           accidents can occur at any moment,
                                 reason, my downhill ski        heal on its own over the next 4
                                 binding pre-released as I                                                without notice and without reason
                                                                months. My recovery from the              to any level of skier. My choice to
                                  made my turn. I looked        concussion is expected to be
                                  up in time to see the tree.                                             wear my helmet was a fortunate
                                                                complete as the disorientation and        one, a choice that I’m going to be
                                  That’s the last thing I       headaches are gradually decreasing
                                   remembered until I heard                                               able to make again and again.
                                                                and they should disappear over the
                                   strange voices digging       next few weeks. The doctor stated         Helmet technology continues to
                                    me out from under a         the severity of the concussion            evolve to where they are now more
                                    fallen tree some 300 feet   indicates that, without doubt, the        comfortable and lighter weight than
                                    down the hill, putting      helmet saved my life.                     ever before. It’s up to everyone to
                                     on the neck collar and                                               evaluate the benefits and the risks of
                                     trying to slide a back     Wearing a helmet is an individual         wearing a helmet.
                                     board under me.            choice and I believe it should
                                                                remain that way. I donned my first        Terry Rowley, President
                                     Until a number of          helmet about 15 years ago while           National Ski Council Federation
                                     hours later, I             racing. It seemed no matter how I
                       remembered nothing of what                                                         [Note: Check out a great helmet deal
                                                                fell on the course, it usually resulted
                       happened prior to losing my ski. It                                                at Go to
                                                                in my landing on my back and
                       was scary, trying so hard to put the                                               “Member Only Area.” User ID is
                                                                sliding head first down the hill
                       pieces together but having no                                                      skiclub. Password is member. The
                                                                towards the next racing gate.
                       recollection of where I was, how I’d                                               complete story can be found at
                       gotten there, what had led up to my      As an advanced skier with 39 years ❇

                                                Welcome LAC 2005-06 Board
                                                 Looks like LAC has a great new board to take us through to 2007!!!
                                                  •   Rinda Wohlwend, President
                                                  •   Karen James, Secretary            Iris Williams, VP Membership
                                                  •   Ray Craig, Treasurer              Mary Albritton, VP Programs
                                                  •   Bonnie West, VP Travel            Kathy Knott Faris, VP Competition
                                                  •   Catherine Ohl, VP Communications 2005-06
page 10 — May/Jun 05                              •   Gordon Cardona, VP Communications 2006-07. ❇
Nuts & Bolts
A Word (or two) from the Editor
                                                         by Catherine Ohl, LAC VP Communications

Miller Wins 2005 World Cup Title—                     MVP Club Pass Sells Out —
                          Bode Miller clinched        As expected Mammoth Mountain Ski Area
                          the overall World Cup       shattered season pass sales by completely selling
                          title March 12, 2005        out of the popular MVP Club passes in just 15
                           with a second-place        days. With new membership opportunities in the
                           finish in GS. Miller is    MVP Club closing after 2005, demand for the
                           the first American to      passes was even higher than anticipated.
                            win a World Cup
                            overall title in alpine   Mammoth offered a pre-sale period for returning
                             since Phil Mahre and     pass holders, allowing loyal guests to be assured
                             Tamara McKinney          that they would be able to purchase a pass. At the
                              in 1983.                end of the 11-day sales window, over 80% of the
                                                      available passes were sold. On Friday, April 1,
                            With one race left,       2005, passes were available to new members.
                            Miller was 204
                          points ahead of             By directing sales through the web site,
        Austrian Benni Raich, who finished third      Mammoth was able to process a tremendous
and clinched the 2005 giant slalom title.             volume of passes in a very short time without a
                                                      significant impact to the resort. On-line sales
This race follows the historic tie between Miller     accounted for 87% of MVP Club pass sales.
and teammate Daron Rahlves in super G. Bode
also won the World Cup title in the super G.          As a bonus, MVP Club members with a 2005/06
Daron finished 5th in the World Cup overall title.    pass can start using their passes to ski or ride
It was a great year for the US Ski Team.              beginning May 1, 2005 to take advantage of
                                                      Mammoth’s fabulous spring skiing. Over 540
Scrabble anyone?                                      inches of snow have fallen on Mammoth this year
This has got to be one of the most clever e-mails     and the mountain currently has a massive 15-17
I've received in a while. Someone out there either    foot base, which is expected to last well
has too much spare time or is a whiz at Scrabble.     into July.
When you rearrange the letters of the first word
                                                      Skier Survey—
you get the second.
                                                      When asked what skiers and boarders
    Dormitory                   Dirty Room            will do to keep in shape in the off
    Presbyterian              Best In Prayer          season, this is what they had to say.
    Desperation             A Rope Ends It
                                                         Play Golf or Tennis      17.3%
    George Bush               He Bugs Gore
                                                         Hike or Camp             14.5%
    The Morse Code         Here Come Dots
                                                         Mtn. Bike or Cycle       18.5%
    Slot Machines          Cash Lost In Me
                                                         Sail, Boat, Water Ski    15.6%
    Animosity                   Is No Amity
    Mother-In-Law            Woman Hitler                Skateboard or Skate      12.7%
    Snooze Alarms          Alas No More Zs               Head South to Ski         5.2%
    A Decimal Point       Im A Dot In Place              Other                    16.2%
    The Earthquakes       That Queer Shake            What will you be doing this summer to keep in
    Eleven Plus Two        Twelve Plus One            shape? ❇
                                                                                                           May/Jun 05 — page 11
You are invited to the
                           Far West
         Silent Auction                  Friday, June 10, 2005, 7-11 PM
                                                 Westin Long Beach, Centennial Ballroom
FREE!                                                       333 East Ocean Beach Blvd., Long Beach, CA,
                       Early Bird Happy Hour 5-7 PM
                             Stop by the Westin Lobby Bar for
                              Drink and Appetizer SPECIALS!

Bid on Great                                                                                         Billy, Dave, Ro

Vacation Deals
More than $100,000 of great vacation deals–
Deeply discounted trips for you to bid on at the
Annual Far West Silent Auction and Dance.
Ski, Snowboard & Summer trips offered by Aspen,
Intrawest, Banff, Sunshine, Lake Louise, Vail Resorts,
Big White, Silver Star, Snowbasin, and

Meet Celebrities & Olympians—
Glen Plake, Dave & Roma McCoy, Deb Armstrong,
Michael Adams (son of Ansel Adams), Jimmie
Heuga, Nancy Greene, Billy Kidd, plus others.

Dancing & Hosted Drink—
Drink hosted by Big Mountain Resort & Grouse Mountain
Lodge, Montana
                                                                                                   updated April 20

Open to the Public! Invite your friends!
page 12 — May/Jun 05    A percentage of the proceeds will benefit The Heuga Center for MS

Thursday, June 9, 2005
• Mardi Gras Pub Crawl Experience the Excitement of Pine Ave, 5 PM

     o    Britt Johnson at 310-379-8972 or fax 310-379-5964

Friday, June 10, 2005
• Golf with Ski Industry Reps & Celebrities, 7 AM
     o    Ed Knott at or 310-313-1902

• Kayak through Beautiful Alamitos Bay, 9:30 AM
     o    Barb Kedwards at or 562-433-4019

• Travel Back in Time Aboard the Luxurious Queen May, 9:45 AM
     o    Mary Albritton at or 562-856-0922

• Unlock the Mysteries of the Ocean at Aquarium of the Pacific, 10 AM
     o    Donna Estrin at or 562-865-1343

Signing Up —
 o       Open to all FWSA club members with priority to delegates, industry, guests
 o       Deadline to sign up is May 15, 2005. No Refund.
 o       Send this Form with check payable to FWSA to
         FWSA Registrar c/o Karen James, 1812 Vickers Dr., Glendale, CA 91208

                Optional Activities Sign-Up for June 9 & 10, 2005                                            updated April 20
Name(s) __________________________________________________________________
Ski Club/Company __________________________                         Council ____________________
Street ____________________________________________________________________
City ________________________________ State ________ Zip ________________
Home Phone ______________ Work Phone ______________ Fax ________________
Email ____________________________________________________________________
   Pub Crawl [speciality drinks, New Orleans style dinner, dancing] $35 x ____ = __________
            Need Assistance Walking
                 Sponsored by
         Golf                    Handicap (or avg. score)                      $85 x ____ = __________
            Need Golf Club Rental          Left Handed       Right Handed      $20 x ____ = __________
         Queen Mary [admission, guided tour, lunch at Promenade]               $45 x ____ = __________
         Specify Entree:        Caesar Salad w/ Chicken Breast    Tortellini
         Aquarium [admission, guided tour, lunch at Bubba Gump]                $40 x ____ = ________
         Kayak [2 hours kayaking, lunch]                                       $30 x ____ = __________   May/Jun 05 — page 13
73rd Annual FWSA Convention                                                                                          June 9-12, 2005, Westin Long Beach, CA
                          — FWSA Convention Individual Pre-Registration Form —
                                             (This form must be completed for EACH attendee)
                                                    Forms due to FWSA before May 15, 2005

VERY IMPORTANT Registration Type —
           ❑ Voting Delegate (Record Name on Credentials Form)                   ❑ Non-Voting Delegate / Guest / Other
           ❑ Alternate Delegate                                                  ❑ FWSA Direct Member
Please Print Clearly—                                                                                                       
 Ski Club Name                                                                                                         Council:
 Member Name              First                                           Last                                         Phone: (             )
                          Street                                                                            Apt #
 Member Address
                          City                                                                               State                    Zip

 Email Address
 Option to Exclude The information submitted list by will be provided to industry sponsors and donors to the Silent Auction. You may exclude
                   your information from this        initialing here _______.

                                         FWSA Convention Pre-Registration Package Selection                                                      rev. Feb 2005

 Select Description                                                                                                             Price           Amount
        Full Package — Silent Auction, all FWSA business meetings & election, history reception &                        $135 before 5/15/05
              presentations, convention pin & books/CD, and all other hosted parties & activities
June 10-12         Friday — Silent Auction & Dance, Beverage                                                             $160 after 5/15/05     $_________
                   Saturday — Continental Breakfast, Awards Luncheon, Awards Banquet & Dance
                   Sunday — Eye Opener & Buffet Brunch                                                                   $190 after 6/4/05
              Delegate Book — The delegate book will be included on a CD. Check here if you prefer to                            $10            $_________
              purchase a paper copy.
  Sat/Sun     Meetings Only — Attendance at Silent Auction, FWSA business meetings & election, histo-                            $50            $_________
June 11-12    ry reception & presentations, and convention books/CD – NO MEALS.
   Sat.       Lunch — Saturday lunch and history reception & presentations. Lunch must be purchased in                           $30            $_________
 June 11      advance. Priority will be given to invited guests & guests of Full Package delegates.
   Sat.       Awards Dinner & Dance — Saturday Night “Diamond Memories” Dinner Dance and
 June 11      the preceding History Reception & presentations. Dinner must be purchased in advance. Priority                     $65            $_________
  7 PM        will be given to invited guests & guests of Full Package delegates. [Black Tie Optional]
  Thurs.      Experience the Excitement of a Mardi Gras Pub Crawl — Meet in the lobby
  June 9      of the Westin Hotel at 4:45 PM to begin your stroll up [and down] Pine Avenue. Package includes                    $35            $_________
 4:45 PM      speciality drinks, dinner, and dancing.               ❑ Need assistance walking.

              Golf Tournament — Meet in the lobby of the Westin at 6 AM for transfer to Recreation Park                          $85            $_________
              for an 7 AM shotgun start. Registration includes green fee, golf cart, range balls, lunch, and awards.
 June 10
  6 AM        golf club rental available for $20. Registration after May 15, 2005 will be $105 per person.                       $20            $_________
                Handicap [or avg] ________                   ❑ Need golf club rental ❑ Left Hand ❑ Right Hand              [golf club rental]
    Fri.      Kayak through Beautiful Alamitos Bay & Naples Canals — Meet in the
  June 10     lobby of the Westin at 9:15AM for a 9:30 AM departure. Package includes 2 hours of kayaking,                       $30            $_________
 9:15 AM      lunch, and transportation.

              Travel Back in Time Aboard the Luxurious Queen Mary — Meet in the
              lobby of the Westin at 9:30 AM for a 9:45 departure. Package includes admission, “Behind-the-
  June 10
              Scenes” guided tour, lunch, and transportation. Specify entree choice:                                             $45            $_________
 9:30 AM
                ❑ Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken Breast     ❑ Tortellini with Ricotta Cheese
    Fri.      Unlock the Mysteries of the Ocean at the Aquarium of the Pacific —
  June 10     Meet in the lobby at 9:45 AM for a 10 AM departure. Package includes admission, guided tour in                     $40            $_________
 9:45 AM      groups of ten, lunch at Bubba Gump, and transportation.
                                                                                             Total Amount Enclosed [no refund]                  $_________

       All forms and payments are sent to FWSA Convention Registrar, c/o Karen James, 1812 Vickers Dr., Glendale, CA 91208.
                    For more information, contact Catherine Ohl at 858-467-9469 or e-mail
page 14 — May/Jun 05
 You are invited to join Far West

          7-Day      Hawaii Cruise aboard the Pride of Aloha Sail
                                    October 9-16, 2005
       Cruise from Honolulu visiting the islands of Oahu, Kauai, Maui and the Big Island.
       The Pride of Aloha has 6 restaurants, 13 bars and lounges,
       2 swimming pools, 5 hot tubs, spa, fitness center, jogging/walking track,
       shops, library, video arcade and two golf driving nets.
       There is something for everyone on board!

       Pricing—                           Category                    FWSA Price
                                     J       Inside                       $1025
                                     G       Ocean View                   $1225
                                     D       Deluxe Ocean View            $1389
                                     BE      Balcony                      $1669

       Additional information—
           *   Deposit— $350 per person at time of booking [$50 pp non-refundable]
           *   Final Payment— July 5, 2005
           *   Airfare— Contact Montrose Travel at 800.301.9673 for lowest airfare
           *   Transfers— $40 per person
           *   Credit Cards Accepted— Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
           *   Gratuities— $70 per person (payable on board)
                                                                          CST #1018299-10

     To sign up visit or call Linda at Montrose Travel at 800.301.9673

LAC ,SNOW 2005, 6 PM
                                                                  Evening Events—
                                                                  6 PM — No Host Bar
                                                                  7 PM — Elegant Sit Down Dinner

S    N
                                                                         • Choice of Salmon, Prime Rib or Vegetarian
                                                                  8 PM — Men & Women of Year Awards
                                                                  9 PM — Dancing until the wee hours (midnight)
                                                                        • The Fabulous Patti Stone & River Rock Band
                                                                        • Raffle Prizes, Great Door Prizes

                                                                        • FREE Parking
                                                                  Dinner Tickets & Reservations—
                                                                  • Contact your Club’s LAC Representative or
                                                                    – Mary Albritton at 562.856.0922 or
                                                                    – Ed Knott at 310.313.1902 or
2004 Men & Women                                                      –11930 Avon Way, #105, Los Angeles, 90066

 Grand Raffle— Tickets only $1 each                               Gala Hotel Room Rate at Marina Del Rey Hotel is $123.17—
  • Grand Prize: Trip for Two to Telluride for Five Nights        • Call 310.301.1000 or 800.882.4000 for reservations
     - Includes 5 Days of Lift Tickets valid for 2005-06 season     – Rate good until October 5, 2005 or when block is sold out
  • Lots of Great Raffle Prizes [lift tickets, lodging & more]
  • Winners need NOT be present                                   * $70 after October 24, 2005              Dress is Cocktail /Formal

       Marina del Rey Hotel • 13524 Bali Way, Marina del Rey • 310.301.1000                                      May/Jun 05 — page 15
                                                                       Safety, Health & Fitness
                                                              Sunscreen Sense for Spring Skiing
                        by Catherine Ohl, LAC VP Communications

                        Spring Skiing and Sunscreen—                  appearance of dark spots - one of      Rocky Mountain Sunscreen—
                        Thank the sun gods, spring is here.           the first signs of premature aging -   Like fast results? Not to
                        We can finally strip off those parkas         and helps keep your tan looking        crush your valiant past
                        and scarves that we’ve been skiing in         even.              attempts at using sun-
                        all winter. Just keep in mind what a                                                 screen, but without leaving
                        mixed blessing the sun can be at this                                                15-30 minutes for the
                                                                      Greaseless and waterproof
                        time of year.                                                                        lotion to settle in, you
                                                                      are essential when shopping
                                                                                                             might be more unprotected
                        Even though accumulating a tan may            for the perfect sunscreen,
                                                                                                             than you hoped. That is,
                        seem like a seasonal rite, replacing          but as a true sportsman, a
                                                                                                             unless your sunscreen uses
                        the winter pale may be causing                fragrance free, hypo-
                                                                                                             Titanium Dioxide SPF 50 by
                        irreversible harm. There are two              allergenic product sounds
                                                                                                             Rocky Mountain Sunscreen. We’re
                                   major reasons to protect           pretty good, too. The Pro Sport
                                                                                                             talking instantaneous protection.
                                                                      SPF 30 gives you all that
                                            hite Ski Resort

                                   yourself against the sun:                                                 This product physically reflects UV
                                   premature aging and skin           protection plus a patented dry
                                                                                                             radiation before it hits your skin.
                                    cancer. Brown spots and           lotion formula that’s 35% Aloe
                                    wrinkling are some of not-        Vera gel. Soothing!
                              Courtesy BigW

                                     so-hot results of sun                                                   Stretching—
                                     exposure.                                                               Stretching is essential for
                                    Sun damage is avoidable.          If you could eliminate                 maintaining flexibility, which can
                                    Big-brimmed hats, long-           one annoying feature in                otherwise be lost as part of the
                                    sleeve shirts and plenty          applying sunscreen, what               normal ageing process or as
                                     of high-powered                  would it be? How about                 muscles develop.
                                     sunscreen all combine to         having to use your hands?              One of my favorite
                                     increase your UV                 Kinesys sunscreens are applied         stretches is this one
                                      barrier. Fill a shot glass      using a fine mist spray that, unlike   that flexes the
                              with sunscreen. That’s the              similar products, doesn’t have         calves.
                        approximate amount worth of                   alcohol in it. That means you get
                        sunscreen needed to cover the body.           an even application – beautiful.       Lean against a wall and
                        When you’re in the high country, you          Kiss oily hands goodbye. And hey,      push. Keep your feet pointing
                        should re-apply throughout the day            250 dermatologists recommend it.       forwards, with your heels on the
                        and use a sun screen with a higher                         floor, and back leg straight. ❇
Beach Sunning—          Kate Kisling of Ski Press presents
Don’t forget to put     this sampling of sunscreens.
                                                                       Safety Tip— Beware of Two-Way Mirrors
sunscreen on the                                                       I thought it was quite interesting! And I know in about 30
  • tops of your ears   Estée Lauder—
                                                                       seconds you're going do what I did and find the nearest mirror.
  • part in your hair   Skin cancer aside, the
                                                                       Do you ever wonder if there is a way to determine if that mirror
  • tops of you feet.   whole premature aging
                        and wrinkles bit isn’t that
                                                                       in the restroom or dressing room is 2-way or not?
                        appetizing either. So if the                   Place the tip of your fingernail against the reflective surface and if
                        possibility of endangering your
                                                                       there is a gap between your fingernail and the image of the nail,
                        health isn’t enough to get you to
                        lather up, let the narcissism roar with
                                                                       then it is a genuine mirror.
                        the new Sun Performance SunCare                However, if your fingernail directly touches the image of your
                        Collection Estée Lauder. “Exclusive            nail, then beware, it’s a 2-way mirror! ❇
 page 16 — May/Jun 05   technology” minimizes the
What’s News at
Western Ski Resorts
                                                           by Catherine Ohl, LAC VP Communications

Santa Fe To Build New Lift—          previous year, according to         can see over five feet of fresh
Buoyed by a good snow season,        Colorado Ski Country USA.           snow in April. Conditions
The Santa Fe Ski Company             However, early-season gains         permitting, the resort opens up
plans to install a new ski lift to   place year-to-date visits at 7.9    on weekends through Memorial
Deception Peak this summer,          million, 2.3 percent ahead of       Day.
nearly ten years after approval      2004. Destination and

                                                                                                                   bird, UT
                                     international visitors have         With a base depth of
was granted by the US Forest                                             15-17’, Mammoth
Service. The Millennium Lift         helped support overall visit
                                                                         offers unlimited skiing

                                                                                                    Courtesty Snow
will open access to the north        levels.
                                                                         and riding from May
eastern boundaries of the ski
                                     Copper Snowboarding                 1, 2005 through the
area — allowing for more                                                 end of the season. This
backcountry skiing.                                                      year the season is
                                     The USASA National
There have been years of             Snowboarding Championship           expected to end in July.
objections however prior to          were April 3-9, 2005 at Copper      Record Year for
final approval by all required       Mountain, Colorado. Billed as
bodies with protesters saying        the largest snowboard
environmental ecosystems and                                             Jackson Hole ended the
                                     competition in the world with
Native American sacred sites are     1,544 entries, the economic         season with another
threatened by the new lift.          impact to Copper Mountain           strong week rounding out their
                                     was huge.                           most successful season to date.
Northwest Areas Reopen—                                                  With a less than average
In a fitting end to a winter of      Spring Skiing Sweet Spots—          snowpack, Jackson is crediting
wacky weather, several areas in                                          staff and valley business
                                     For those of you who just
the Pacific Northwest reopened                                           partners for the stellar results.
                                     haven’t gotten enough of this
in April— some after being           season’s snow, spring skiing        Furniture Race—
closed for more than a month.        presents shorter lift lines,        Big Mountain Resort
In Washington, Stevens Pass,         sunnier skies and fewer clothes.    took couch surfing to
                                                                                                                          ountain, MT

Crystal Mountain, and White          Here’s a short list of some of      new levels with the 36th
Pass joined Mt. Baker among          the best mountains to hit up        annual Furniture Race
the open areas. Alpental             this spring.                        on March 27, 2005. In
                                                                                                           Courtesy Big M

(Thursday-Sunday) and the                                                this offbeat, end-of-
                                     A-Basin is a spring skiing
Summit at Snoqualmie                                                     season event,
                                     classic that boasts a summit
(Saturday-Sunday) also opened.                                           participants compete
                                     over 13,000 feet. Lifts generally   for a variety of prizes
Most areas reported in the           close sometime in June, but can     by attaching skis to
neighborhood of 70-inch bases        extend later depending on the       couches and other
at their summits.                    weather.                            assorted “furniture.”
                                                                         After being towed via
Colorado Visits Flat In              Due to recent snow storms in
                                                                         snowcat to the top of
January and February—                the Tahoe area Heavenly will
                                                                         a beginner ski trail, participants
Colorado resorts reported little     be open through May 1, 2005.
                                                                         glide down the hill one at a
change in skier visits in January    Though the region gets warm,        time to the cheers of a huge
and February compared to the         Snowbird’s north-facing slopes      crowd. ❇                                                       May/Jun 05 — page 17
                                                                      Skiing in the Far West
                                                                           The Growth Yeas
                       by Catherine Ohl, LAC VP Communications

                                 United States Ski Association                    FWSA Merges with USSA
                                  In 1962, the National Ski Association           The 80s brought considerable turmoil between
                                  emerged as the United States Ski Association    FWSA and USSA, primarily over money and
                                 (USSA) and FWSA became its Far West              which programs should benefit from the dues
                                 Division. In 1964, the Far West Ski              being collected from the recreational skiers —
                                 Foundation was established as a charitable       recreation or racing. In 1979, FWSA determined
                                nonprofit organization to do what ever it took    that the competitive programs of USSA were no
                                to have San Gorgonio and Mineral King             longer a benefit to it’s mostly recreational
                               developed as ski areas. The Wilderness Act of      membership, now at an all-time high of 45,000
                               1964 pretty much put an end to the hopes of        skiers. FWSA’s withdrawal from USSA would lead
                               developing San Gorgonio. But it wasn’t until the   to the reorganization of USSA. In 1980, USSA
                              mid 1970s that FWSA and the Walt Disney             followed FWSA’s lead and organized into two
                              Company lost their attempt to build a ski area in   divisions based on function rather than
                              Mineral King, due to the intense opposition of      geographical area— Competition and Sports.
                              the Sierra Club.                                    FWSA voted to merge into the USSA Sports
                                                                                  Division. USSA sports, led by FWSA, was to
                              Far West Programs                                   become the national recreational organization with
                               Throughout the 60s and 70s, FWSA continued         political clout in the public affairs arena. The
                               to develop programs for the recreational skier     FWSA travel program was spun off as Far West
                               that included a Membership Benefit Book, Ski       Ski Travel, a for-profit corporation.
                                Theft Insurance, Ski Weeks, Flight Charters to
                                Europe and within the US, Public Affairs and      FWSA Reactivated
                                Intramural Racing. In return, the clubs           The new national organization didn’t work out as
                                sponsored events that raised money for junior     planned. Following the 1983 USSA convention in
                                 racers and US Olympians. By the mid 70s,         Boston (referred to by some as the Boston Tea
                                 FWSA expanded to the point where                 Party), USSA voted to eliminate their recreational
                                  recreational skiers far outnumbered             programs and concentrate on supporting the US
                                  competitive skiers. This was a dramatic         Ski Teams. The United States Recreational Ski
                                   contrast to USSA and the other ski             Association (USRSA) was founded as the national
                                 associations, where competitive skiing           recreational organization and FWSA was forced to
                                 continued to dominate. A conflict began to       pull out of USSA. Far West clubs were left to
                                  develop between USSA and FWSA because           determine which association(s) they wanted to
                                 only 20% of club members elected to affiliate    affiliate with – USSA, USRSA, or both.
                                 with FWSA, and hence USSA. But the clubs
                                 were the life line of FWSA since they provided   Meanwhile, the race leagues of FWSA formed an
                                the volunteers needed to run the FWSA             independent nonprofit corporation, named the Far
                                programs.                                         West Racing Association (FWRA), to focus on
                                                                                  their specialized programs. FWRA continued to
                               Far West Ski Competition                           generate operating funds through sponsorship, the
                                It wasn’t until 1976 that FWSA was finally        Los Angeles Ski Dazzle ski swap, and race fees.
                                divided into two separate operating               The president of FWRA currently serves as a
                                organizations, one concentrating on the           member of the FWSA Board of Directors.
                               recreational and political aspects of skiing and   On November 6, 1984, the Executive Committee
                               the other directing the operation of the           of FWSA met to decide on the direction FWSA
                              sanctioned race programs that developed the         should take.
     1985 LAC Board           youth of America for the US Ski Teams. Far West
                             Ski Competition, the official sanctioning body for
page 18 — May/Jun 05         junior racers, was founded.                                            To be continued in the next issue.
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                                                                                                                                                               May/Jun 05 — page 19
                                                     Tripping Around
                                     Los Angeles Ski Clubs & Far West

                       Pacific Rim Alliance                                Asian Ski & Board Club of LA
                       Pac Rim will be skiing Portillo and Termas de       Asian will extending their weekend in Las Vegas for
                       Chillan, Chile August 11-10, 2005. Afterwards,      June 10-12, 2005. Fun events are in the works.
                       participants can opt to extend for three days to                            
                       Machu Picchu, Peru.
                                       Winter Fox Ski Club
                                                                           The Foxes will be Camping in the Grand Canyon
                       Beach Cities Ski Club                               on July 23-27, 2005.
                       Beach Cities will go Horseback Riding on
                               Saturday, May 14, 2005 through Griffith
                               Park to Burbank as the sun sets.
                                                                           Conejo Ski & Sports Club
                                                                           Conejo will be Windjamming St. Vincent & The
                                                Grenadines in the Caribbean on June 26 - July 2,
                                                                           2005 aboard the Yankee Clipper.
                                 Aerospace Ski Club
                                 Aerospace will ride The Bull at the
                                 Union Cattle Company in Hermosa
                                 Beach on Friday, June 17, 2005.
                                                                           Far West Ski Association
                                                                           If you are a member of an LAC club, you are a
                                   member of FWSA and you can participate in the
                                                                           following events.       
                                  Kronenstadt Ski Club                     • CONVENTION
                                                                                   Westin, LongBeach
                                                                                                           June 9-12, 2005
                       Kronenstadt Awards Banquet will be held on
                       Saturday, June 4, 2005 at Mijaries Mexican                  Catherine Ohl, Chair
                                                                                   858-467-9469 /
                       Restaurant in Pasadena at 6 PM.
                         • CHINA Sept 10-24 / Sept 24 - Oct 14, 2005
                                                                                 OUT Hoffmann, Trip Leader
                                                                             SOLD 510.278.5900 /
                       Snowbusters Ski Club                                • HAWAII CRUISE                   Oct 9-16, 2005
                                                                                   Harry & Karen Davis, Trip Leaders
                       Snowbusters will join NBS [National Brotherhood
                                                                                   800.301.9673 /
                       of Skiers] for the annual Summer Carnival to be
                       held August 5-7, 2005 at Marriott Rancho Las        • TELLURIDE, COLORADO              Feb 4-11, 2006
                       Palmas in Palm Desert.                                      Lynnell Calkins, FWSA Travel
                                             / 310.370.4617
                                                                           • ZERMATT, SWITZERLAND        March 11-18, 2006
                                                                                   Tucker Hoffmann, Trip Leader
                       Saga Ski Club                                               510.278.5900 /
                       Join Saga for summer Camping to the El Prado
                       Group Camp, located in the Laguna Recreation just
                                                                           • GALAPAGOS ISLANDS & MACHU PICCHU
                                                                                                     May 22 - June 6, 2005
                       east of San Diego, on June 24-26, 2005.                  OUT Hoffmann, Trip Leader
                                                    SOLD 510.278.5900 /
page 20 — May/Jun 05
Tripping Around
Los Angeles Council

LAC Calendar of Events                             Los Angeles Council
                                                   LAC is a member council of the Far West Ski
                                                   Association (FWSA) and the National Ski
MAY 2005                                           Council Federation (NSCF) and is entitled to
 2           General Meeting [Westchester]                                                    
                                                   privileges of both organizations.
 16          Convention Meeting [Marina]
 23          Board Meeting [Glendale]              LAC is made up of approximately 30 member
JUNE 2005                                          clubs located throughout the greater Los
 6           General Meeting [Westchester]         Angeles region. The council offers a forum for
 9 - 12      FWSA Convention, Westin, Long Beach   clubs to come together to share activities and
                  Catherine Ohl @ 858.467.9469     lessons learned. LAC sponsors at least one
                        major Ski Week, a four-day Ski Trip, Club
 10 @ 5 PM   LAC All Club Happy Hour, Westin       Races, Race Camps, Volleyball, Softball, Gala
 10 @ 7 PM   Far West Silent Auction, Westin
 12          LAC Volleyball
                                                   Dance and Summer Events.
 27          Board Meeting [Glendale]              This newsletter is published bi-monthly.
JULY 2005                                          Articles for the next issue are due June 16,
 10          LAC Volleyball                        2005. Media is accepted in electronic form
                                                   (word or text). You can send photos
AUGUST 2005                                        electronically ( or snail
 1           LAC Presidents Meeting
                                                   mail (10818 Viacha Dr., San Diego, CA
 14          LAC Volleyball, Playa del Rey
                                                   92124). All photos will be returned.
 10-24     FWSA trip to China [SOLD OUT]
 11        LAC Volleyball                          Meetings
 24-Oct 14 FWSA trip to China [SOLD OUT]
                                                   General Meeting—
OCTOBER 2005                                          First Monday of the Month, 7 PM
 9-16        FWSA Hawaiian Cruise                     IHOP
NOVEMBER 2005                                              8600 South Sepulveda Blvd, Westchester
 5           Snow Gala                                     (se corner of Manchester / Sepulveda)
DECEMBER 2005                                      Convention Meeting—
 1-4         Ski Dazzle, LA Convention Center         Third Monday of the Month, 7 PM
                                                      Marie Calendar’s
FEBRUARY 2006                                             4356 Lincoln, Marina del Rey
 4-11        LAC Ski Week, Telluride, CO                  (end of Hwy 90 at Lincoln, ne corner )
 4-11        FWSA Ski Week, Telluride, CO
                                                   Board Meeting—
MARCH 2006                                            Fourth Monday of the Month, 7 PM
 11-18       FWSA Ski Week, Zermatt, Switzerland
 14-18       LAC Pre-Trip, Prague, Czech Rep.         Marie Calendar’s
 17-25       LAC Ski Week, Kitzbühel, Austria             701 N. Pacific Av., Glendale
 17-19       FWRA Championships, Kirkwood                 818.242.6836
                                                                                                    May/Jun 05 — page 21
Los Angeles C ouncil Clubs
P.O. Box 83338, LA 90083                                     LA Council is going to
Asian                                              Telluride
                                                             February 4-11, 2006
Beach Cities
Buckhor n
Century City
C onejo
Executive Board
Four Seasons West

                                                                                          Courtesy Telluride / Doug Berry
Gr indelwald Ski Club
Hughes Ski Club
Long Beach
Los Padres
Over theHill Gang - Los Angeles
Pacific Rim
Radar River Rats
Santa Barbara
Slope Sur fers
Snow Busters
South Bay
The Right Way
The Unrecables
Tr i Valley
Westwood                  Ski with Pride • Watch All Sides • Let It Ride
Winter Fox
                                                           First with Safety Awareness

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