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					                                                CD SINGLES                                                                          387

                                                 CD SINGLES
ALAN PRICE SET                                                        NOEL DESCHAMPS
FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                    FRENCH EP SERIES -
PAPERSLEEVE                              CD 393 0060         € 8.90   PAPERSLEEVE                             CD 393 0238         € 8.90
 I Put A Spell On You- Never Be Sick On Sunday- Iechyd-da- Any Day    Ils Étaient Trois- Ca Va Bien Pour Moi- Oh La Hey- Pour Le Pied
 Now                                                                  FATS DOMINO
FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                    FRENCH EP SERIES -
PAPERSLEEVE (BARE FOOTIN’)          CD 393 0105         € 8.90        PAPERSLEEVE                            CD 393 0245             € 8.90
 Bare Footin- Critics Choice- Have Mercy- It’s Getting Mighty         Blueberry Hill- So Long- I’m Walkin’- Blue Monday
FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                    ALICE DONA
PAPERSLEEVE (TICKLE ME)              CD 393 0106         € 8.90       FRENCH EP SERIES -
 Willow Weep For Me- Yours Until Tomorrow- Simon Smith And The        PAPERSLEEVE                           CD 393 0050       € 8.90
 Amazing Dancing Bear- Tickle Me                                      C’Est Pas Prudent- T’As Pas, T’As Pas- Chante-Moi Ta Chanson,
                                                                      Jack- Bim Bam Bam
FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                    EASYBEATS
PAPERSLEEVE                         CD 393 0109           € 8.90      FRENCH EP SERIES -
 Diana- Don’t Gamble With Love- You Are My Destiny- I Love You,       PAPERSLEEVE                     CD 393 0270        € 8.90
 Baby                                                                 Frida On My Mind- Remember Sam- Pretty Girl- Made My Bed
                                                                      (Gonna Lie In It)
RICHARD ANTHONY                                                       FRENCH EP SERIES -
FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                    PAPERSLEEVE                          CD 393 0271        € 8.90
PAPERSLEEVE                            CD 393 0058           € 8.90   Who’ll Be The One- Saturday Night- Lisa- Do You Have A Soul
 Betty Baby (Stupid Cupid)- Suzy Darling- Tu M’Etais Destinee (You    FRENCH EP SERIES -
 Are My Destiny)- Peggy Sue                                           PAPERSLEEVE                          CD 393 0272          € 8.90
FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                    Heaven & Hell- River Deep, Mountain High- All Gone Boy- You Me
PAPERSLEEVE                            CD 393 0254        € 8.90      We Love
 La-Do-Da-Da- La Rue Des Coeurs Perdus (Lonesome Town)- C’est
 Le Jeu (It’s All In The Game)- Chanson Magique (Move It)             DUANE EDDY
                                                                      FRENCH EP SERIES -
BELFAST GYPSIES                                                       PAPERSLEEVE                              CD 393 0110           € 8.90
PAPERSLEEVE                           CD 393 0280           € 8.90
 Gloria’s Dream- The Crazy World Inside Me- Secret Police- Aira Of
 The Fallen Angels
PAPERSLEEVE                       CD 393 0171       € 8.90
 Round And Round- Sur Un Marché Persan- Le Copain Que J’Al
 Choisi- Hully Baby
PAPERSLEEVE                              CD 393 0053        € 8.90
 La Fille Qui Me Plait- Pas De Larmes Entre Nous- Comment Veux-Tu
 Que Je L’Oublie- J’Ai Bien Tort
FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                    Twistin’ ‘N’ Twangin’- The Twist- Walkin’ ‘N’ Twistin’ (I’m Walkin’)-
PAPERSLEEVE                             CD 393 0064         € 8.90    Country Twist
 Mr. Tambourine Man- All I Really Want To Do- I Knew I’d Want You-    FRENCH EP SERIES -
 It’s No Use                                                          PAPERSLEEVE                           CD 393 0175         € 8.90
FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                    The Wild Westerners- The Ballad Of Paladin- Deep In The Heart Of
PAPERSLEEVE                            CD 393 0179         € 8.90     Texas- Saints And Sinners
 Turn! Turn! Turn!- Spanish Harlem Incident- Don’t Doubt Yourself,
 Babe- She Don’t Care About Time                                      DON FARDON
FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                    FRENCH EP SERIES -
PAPERSLEEVE                             CD 393 0244          € 8.90   PAPERSLEEVE                          CD 393 0069         € 8.90
 Set You Free This Time- The Times They Are A-Changin’- It Won’t Be   The Letter- Daytripper- Captain Man- We Can Make It Together
 Wrong- Oh! Susannah                                                  CHRIS FARLOWE
CHATS SAUVAGES                                                        FRENCH EP SERIES -
FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                    PAPERSLEEVE                         CD 393 0061           € 8.90
PAPERSLEEVE                           CD 393 0056           € 8.90    Out Of Time- Baby Make It Soon- Think- Don’t Just Look At Me
 Sherry- Mon Copain- Derniers Baisers (Sealed With A Kiss)- Toutle    FOURMOST
                                                                                                                                              CD SINGLES

 Monde Twiste (The Twist Kid)                                         FRENCH EP SERIES -
FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                    PAPERSLEEVE                              CD 393 0248           € 8.90
PAPERSLEEVE                             CD 393 0097        € 8.90     Just In Case- I’m In Love- Respectable
 Le jour “J” (I’ve Got You)- En avant l’amour- Ma p’tite amie est     GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS
 vache- J’ai pris dans tes yeux                                       FRENCH EP SERIES -
JOE DASSIN                                                            PAPERSLEEVE                          CD 393 0249          € 8.90
FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                    Ferry Cross The Mersey- You You You- It’s Gonna Be All Right- It’s
PAPERSLEEVE                          CD 393 0078           € 8.90     Just Because
 Bip Bip (O Calhambeque)- Guantanamera- Je N’Al Que Mes               CHANTAL GOYA
 Mains (Poor Man’s Son)- Pas Sentimental (Not The Lovin’ Kind)        FRENCH EP SERIES -
                                                                      PAPERSLEEVE                          CD 393 0253        € 8.90
                                                                      C’est blen Bernard- A la sortie de ma classe- Oh raconte mol-
                                                                      d’abrod dis-mol ton nom

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             388                                          CD SINGLES
             GRASS ROOTS                                                            RICK NELSON
             FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                     FRENCH EP SERIES -
             PAPERSLEEVE                             CD 393 0240      € 8.90        PAPERSLEEVE                              CD 393 0173            € 8.90
              Where Were You When I Needed You- These Are Bad Times- You’re
              A Lonely Girl- Mr. Jones (A Ballad Of A Thin Man)
             FRENCH EP SERIES -
             PAPERSLEEVE                           CD 393 0250         € 8.90
              Bus Stop- Don’t Run And Hide- I Can’t Let Go- Running Through
              The Night
             FRENCH EP SERIES -
             PAPERSLEEVE                           CD 393 0111          € 8.90
              My Best Friend- Somebody To Love- How Do You Feel- White Rabbit
             FRENCH EP SERIES -
             PAPERSLEEVE                           CD 393 0241             € 8.90
              Suddenly Tomorrow- Letter To Rosetta- Time Of Season
             FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                      Teen Age Idol (slow rock)- Thank You Darling- I’ve Got My Eyes On
             PAPERSLEEVE                             CD 393 0275         € 8.90      You- History Of Love
              Live Your Life- Hall Of The Viking- Sunny Cloud- The Train            NORTHEAST WINDS
             L. A. CHALLENGE                                                        THE IRISH MINSTRELS - CD
             FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                     SINGLE                               CD FE 1006        € 5.00
             PAPERSLEEVE                          CD 393 0279              € 8.90    Roll Alabama- Martin Greigh- The Orange And The Green
              Wipe Out- Crestline- Work Song- North Beach                           PARAMOUNTS
             LAFAYETTES                                                             FRENCH EP SERIES -
             FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                     PAPERSLEEVE                        CD 393 0247        € 8.90
             PAPERSLEEVE                           CD 393 0242         € 8.90        Draw Me Closer- You’ve Never Had It So Good- Blue Ribbons-
              Nobody But You- Life’s Too Short- Caravan Of Lonely Men- I Stell       Cuttin’ In
              Do                                                                    ANNE PHILIPPE
             JERRY LEE LEWIS                                                        FRENCH EP SERIES -
             FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                     PAPERSLEEVE                          CD 393 0098           € 8.90
             PAPERSLEEVE                             CD 393 0062           € 8.90    Baby Love- J’AI Raté Mon Bac- Tout Finit A St-Tropez- C’Est Loin
              It’l Be Me- Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On- Great Balls Of Fire- You     Domani
              Win Again                                                             ANNIE PHILIPPE
             VOL.2, FRENCH EP SERIES -                                              FRENCH EP SERIES -
             PAPERSLEEVE                           CD 393 0063        € 8.90        PAPERSLEEVE                           CD 393 0051        € 8.90
              Don’t Be Cruel- Put Me Down- It All Depends (Who Will Buy The          Ticket De Quai- On M’A Toujours Dit- Tu Ne Comprends Rein Aux
              Wine)- Crazy Arms (Mooney, Seals)                                      Filles- Quand L’Amour Est A Deux Pas
             VOL.3, FRENCH EP SERIES -                                              CLAUDE PIRON
             PAPERSLEEVE                        CD 393 0108        € 8.90
              High School Confidential- When The Saints Go Marching Go-             FRENCH EP SERIES -
                                                                                    PAPERSLEEVE                          CD 393 0052            € 8.90
              Jambalaya- Fools Like Me
                                                                                     Mon Ceur Bat- A Coups De Dents- Allez! Allez!- Le Juke Box Est En
             LITTLE RICHARD                                                          Panne- Viens (When)- Le Docteur Miracle- He! Youla- D’Ou
             FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                      Reviens-Tu Billy Boy?
             PAPERSLEEVE                               CD 393 0065         € 8.90   QUESTION MARK & THE MYSTERIANS
              Rip It Up- Ready Teddy- Tutti Frutti- Long Tall Sally
                                                                                    FRENCH EP SERIES -
             LOS BRAVOS                                                             PAPERSLEEVE                          CD 393 0258                € 8.90
             FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                      96 Tears- Midnight Hour- I Need Somebody- ‘8’ Teen
             PAPERSLEEVE                        CD 393 0180          € 8.90         ROKES
              Going Nowhere- Brand New Baby- Stop That Girl- Trapped
                                                                                    FRENCH EP SERIES -
             LOVIN’ SPOONFUL                                                        PAPERSLEEVE                               CD 393 0252           € 8.90
             FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                      Let’s Live For Today- Ride On- I’ll Change My Papers- Take A Look
             PAPERSLEEVE                          CD 393 0243          € 8.90       SCHTROUMPFS
              Do You Believe In Magic- On The Road Again- You Didn’t Have To
              Be So Nice- My Gal                                                    FRENCH EP SERIES -
                                                                                    PAPERSLEEVE                         CD 393 0079        € 8.90
             MISSILES                                                                T.V. D’Antibes- Kamarade- Along The Croisette- Le Temps Des
             FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                      Juke-Box
             PAPERSLEEVE                            CD 393 0055        € 8.90       SMALL FACES
              Fume, Fume, Fume (Fun, Fun, Fun)- Les Guitares Et L’Amitie- Ca
              Reste Entre Nous (P I Love You)- Juste Le Temps D’Un Ete
                                 .S.                                                FRENCH EP SERIES -

                                                                                    PAPERSLEEVE                       CD 393 0068      € 8.90
             FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                      Itchycoo Park- I’m Only Dreaming- Green Circles- Eddie’s
             PAPERSLEEVE (SACRE DOLLAR)          CD 393 0093           € 8.90        Dreaming
              Sagré Dollar (Greenback Dollar)- Le Reveur (The Dreamer)-
              Souviens-Toi, Reviens (Remember Them)- Marilyn (Abilene)              SMOKE
             JACKY MOULIERE                                                         FRENCH EP SERIES -
                                                                                    PAPERSLEEVE                              CD 393 0107        € 8.90
             FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                      If The Weather Is Sunny- I Would If I Could But I Can’t- Wake Up
             PAPERSLEEVE (ONE FINE DAY)       CD 393 0094       € 8.90               Cherylina- It’s Just Your Way Of Lovin’
              Un Beau Jour (One Fine Day)- Valerie- Danse Le Birdland
              (Birdland)- Ma Premiere Chanson
             FRENCH EP SERIES -
             PAPERSLEEVE                             CD 393 0181           € 8.90

               BEAR FAMILY RECORDS GmbH                    P. O. BOX 1154 • D-27727 HAMBERGEN • GERMANY                                      8= NEW
                                                CD SINGLES                                                                           389

                                                                       VINCE TAYLOR
                                                                       FRENCH EP SERIES -
                                                                       PAPERSLEEVE                         CD 393 0096            € 8.90
                                                                        Brand New Cadillac- Pledging My Love- I Like Love- Right Behing
                                                                        You Baby
                                                                       FRENCH EP SERIES -
                                                                       PAPERSLEEVE                       CD 393 0174        € 8.90
                                                                        What’Cha Gonna Do- I’ll Be Your Hero- Move Over Tiger- Jet
                                                                        Black Machine
                                                                       FRENCH EP SERIES -
                                                                       PAPERSLEEVE                          CD 393 0281          € 8.90
                                                                        Portland Town- Its All Over Now Baby Blue- Midnight Train- The
SPOTNICKS                                                               Gorilla
FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                     TURTLES
PAPERSLEEVE                      CD 393 0080       € 8.90              FRENCH EP SERIES -
 Orange Blossom Special- The Spotsnicks Theme- Galloping               PAPERSLEEVE                            CD 393 0071          € 8.90
 Guitars- The Rocket Man                                                It Ain’t Me Babe- A Walk In The Sun- Almost There- Last Laugh
FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                     FRENCH EP SERIES -
PAPERSLEEVE                         CD 393 0101           € 8.90       PAPERSLEEVE                          CD 393 0072          € 8.90
 Hey, Good Looking- Old Clock At Home- Johnny Guitar- My Bonny          Happy Together- We’ll Meet Again- Can I Get To Know You Better-
                                                                        Like The Seasons
FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                     FRENCH EP SERIES -
PAPERSLEEVE                          CD 393 0184          € 8.90       PAPERSLEEVE (LET IT BE ME)           CD 393 0103         € 8.90
 Amapola (Hully Gully)- Hava Naguila- Last Space Train- Comme           Let Me Be- Your Maw Said You Cried- Wanderin’ Kind- You Baby
 Ci, Comme Ca
                                                                       FRENCH EP SERIES -
FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                     PAPERSLEEVE (SHE’D RATHER)          CD 393 0104         € 8.90
PAPERSLEEVE                               CD 393 0239         € 8.90    She’d Rather Be With Me- A Person Without A Care- Making My
 Pick Al Bale Of Cotton- She She Little Sheila- Espana Cani- Western    Mind Up- Think I’ll Run Away
FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                     YARDBIRDS
PAPERSLEEVE                           CD 393 0273             € 8.90   FRENCH EP SERIES -
 The Outlaws- Take Five- The Tijuano Jail- Happy Guitar                PAPERSLEEVE                            CD 393 0075         € 8.90
FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                      For Your Love- Got To Hurry- A Certain Girl- I Wish You Would
PAPERSLEEVE                           CD 393 0276         € 8.90       FRENCH EP SERIES -
 I’ll Never Get You- I’m Around- How Can You Leave- I’m Coming         PAPERSLEEVE                            CD 393 0076             € 8.90
 Home                                                                   Heart Full Of Soul- Steeled Blues- My Girl Sloopy
FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                     FRENCH EP SERIES -
PAPERSLEEVE                        CD 393 0277         € 8.90          PAPERSLEEVE                              CD 393 0077         € 8.90
 Hang On- Windy And Warm- Space Ship Rendez-Vous- Space Party           Still I’m Sad- Evil Hearted You- I’m A Man- I’m Not Talking
                                                                       FRENCH EP SERIES -
FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                     PAPERSLEEVE                           CD 393 0112         € 8.90
PAPERSLEEVE                              CD 393 0278         € 8.90     Shapes Of Things- You’re A Better Man Than I- Smokestack Light-
 I Know A Secret- Sentimental Journey- Please Say Yes- Who Cares        ning
SWINGING BLUE JEANS                                                    TINY YONG
FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                     FRENCH EP SERIES -
PAPERSLEEVE                        CD 393 0251         € 8.90          PAPERSLEEVE                              CD 393 0059           € 8.90
 Good Golly Miss Molly- Don’t You Worry About Me- You’re No             En Reve- Syracuse- Tais-Toi Petite Folle- Ma Poupée
 Good- Shaking Feeling                                                 FRENCH EP SERIES -
T-BONES                                                                PAPERSLEEVE (432 989)                   CD 393 0095            € 8.90
                                                                        Je Ne Veux Plus T’Aimer (I Can’t Stay Mad..)- Le Carosse Blanc- Tu
FRENCH EP SERIES -                                                      Es Seule (String Along)- Un Seul Garcon Sur La Terre (The Boy Of...)
PAPERSLEEVE                           CD 393 0074         € 8.90                                                                         €
 I Am Louisiana Red- Indeed I Do- Won’t You Give Him (One More
 Chance)- I’m A Lover Not A Fighter

                                 VIDEO - INSTRUCTION
MICHAEL DOUCET                                                           Honky Tonk Twist- Be Bop A Lula- Louisiana Hot Sauce- Take It
 LEARN TO PLAY CAJUN FIDDLE 602096 VHS                       € 38.50     Away- Midnight Waltz- Heartbreak Hotel- Last Time Slide- Baby
· PAL/VHS, 90 minutes, with 26 page tablatur                             Once I Get You- Scooter Shuffle- Scooter’s Couple Shuffle
                                                                       · PAL/VHS, English, Color, 78 min; Line Dance Instroductional
LINE DANCE                                                               Video
                                                                                                                                               CD SINGLES

 LINE DANCE PARTY USA               VHS KV 382                € 5.00    SCOOTER LEE PRESENTS: BY
· With Judi McDonald, VHS PAL, 65 min., Englisch.                       REQUEST                                STKV 10 VHS        € 24.50
VARIOUS ARTISTS                                                        · PAL/VHS, English, Color, 60 min, instructional Line Dance Video
 SCOOTER LEE PRESENTS: IN                                               LEARN TO SWING DANCE - PAL
 THE NAME OF LOVE                       STKV 01 VHS        € 24.50      SYSTEM !                               SWING 001 VHS € 29.90
 SCOOTER LEE PRESENTS:                                                 · PAL/VHS, English, 83 minutes, color Swing dancing is one of
 MOVING ON UP                           STKV 03 VHS        € 24.50      the most energetic and exciting forms of social partner dancing
· PAL/VHS, English, Color, 55 min; instructional Line Dance Video       ever created. Learning to swing dance is fun and easy with Paul
 featuring US choreographs                                              Maranto and Irene Stojanov in the ‘Learn To Swing Series.’
SCOOTER LEE PRESENTS: BEST                                              These instructional videos will take you as a beginner from the
                                                                        basic Jitterbug through the advanced Lindy Hop (the original
OF                                      STKV 06 VHS          € 24.50    style of swing dancing from the 1930s). So, grab yourself a
                                                                        partner and hit the floor jumpin’!

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                  390                                   VIDEO - ARTISTS
                                                         VIDEO - ARTISTS
                  ALABAMA                                                                RAY CAMPI
                  GREAT VIDEO HITS                        BMG 2111 NTSC € 12.90           RAY & THE ROCKABILLY REBELS
                    The Makin Of “Pass It On Down”- Pass It On Down- Song Of The          LIVE IN TEXAS PAL               NDT 1 VHS       € 21.90
                    South- Tar Top- She And I- High Cotton                               · VHS/PAL Color/Farbe 24 SONGS RECORDED IN AUSTIN,TX
                  · NTSC, color, 28:24 min.;                                               FEATURING THE LEROI BROTHERS,RONNIE MACK AND DON
                                                                                           LEADY From Hank to Elvis or his own classics,Ray at his best in
                  PETER ALEXANDER                                                          this 60 minutes super gig. Top sound quality on this
                   VIDEOSPEZIALITÄTEN                   213 5677 VHS           € 20.50     recommended release/ Ray in Superform - Ein Muss für jeden
                  · PAL/VHS, Farbe, 70 min: Die Highlights aus den Peter                   Rockabilly Fan
                   Alexander Shows mit Udo Jürgens, Marika Rökk, Günter                  JOHNNY CASH
                   Pfitzmann, Ivan Rebroff u.a.
                                                                                          THE MAN, HIS WORLD, HIS
                  CHET ATKINS                                                             MUSIC                                 MJ 025 VHS          € 25.00
                   CHET ATKINS & FRIENDS LIVE                                            · PAL/VHS, color/Farbe, 90min. A fly on the wall account that
                   ON CHANNEL FOUR                      MMGV 021 VHS € 19.90               follows the singer on tour during the late sixties.Crammed with
                  · 1991, PAL, Color, 60 min;                                              superb music footage the film also takes time out to relax with
                   RARE PERFORMANCES                                                       Johnny. Whether visiting family or friends, winding down
                   1955-1975                            OV 11381 VHS      € 25.50          backstage or on a solitary hunting expedition Johnny Cash
                  · PAL/VHS, 58 minutes, b/w & color Purina Show, 1955: The Poor           always find a song to fit the occasion./Auf Tour, bei Freunden
                   People Of Paris, Side By Side, Makin’ Believe Ozark Jubilee,            und Verwandten, auf der Jagd und hinter der Buehne vermittelt
                   1958: Villa, Say Si Si Norway, 1963: Levee Walking, Wildwood            dieser Film uns ein wenig von dem Phaenomen Johnny Cash.
                   Flower, Yes Ma’am, Malaguena, Medley: Greensleeves/Streets              Featuring Duets With/Duette mit: Bob Dylan, June Carter & Carl
                   Of Laredo, Peanut Vendor, Tiger Rag Norway (Nashville                   Perkins
                   Cavalcade), 1973: Alhambra, Black Mountain Rag, Medley:                THE ANTHOLOGY 2XVHS
                   Windy & Warm/Back Home In Indiana/Country Gentleman/                   (NTSC)                                VHS ID 1262             € 25.50
                   Mr.Sandman/Wildwood Flower/Freight Train, Medley: The                 · NTSC, English, Color, Stereo, 143 min;
                   Three Bells/ I Can’t Stop Loving You/Java/He’ll Have To               JOHNNY CASH & FRIENDS
                   Go/When You’re Hot You’re Hot/Oh Lonesome Me, Just
                   Another Rag, Mr. Bojangles, Missionera, Wheels Porter                  HIGHWAYMAN LIVE                          SMV 490552 VHS € 28.50
                   Wagoner Show, 1973: Muskrat Ramble Pop Goes The Country,                 Intro-Highwayman- Highwayman- Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies
                   1975: Vincent                                                            Grow Up To Be...- Trouble Man- Amanda- There Ain’t No Good
                                                                                            Chain Gang- Ring Of Fire- Folsom Prison Blues- Help Me Make It
                  BELLAMY BROS                                                              Through The Night- Best Of All Possible Worlds- City Of New
                   BEST OF THE BEST                       VHS SVM 814           € 9.90      Orleans- Always On My Mind- Silver Stallion- Last Cowboy Song-
                  · VHS PAL, Colour, 40 min., 1993.                                         Living Legend- They Killed Him- Me And Bobby McGee- Ragged
                  RICHARD BENNETT                                                           Old Flag- Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?- Night Life-
                  RICHARD BENNETT AND BLUE                                                  Desperados Waiting For The Train- Big River- Boy Named Sue- Why
                  TOWN                                       REB 9001 NTSC € 28.50          Me (Lord)- Luckenbach, Texas- On The Road Again- Closing-On
                    A Long Lonesome Time- Walkin’ Down The Line- Doin’ My Time-             The Road Again
                    Banks Of The Ohio- Today’s The Day I Get My Gold Watch &             · . PAL/VHS, Color, Hi-Fi Stereo, ca.98 min., recorded 1990 at
                    Chain- Big Mon- Sounds Of Winter- Don’t That Road Look Rough &          Long Island’s Nassau Coliseum, plus share candid thoughts and
                    Rocky- Make Me A Pallett On The Floor- Water Our Fields With            anecdotes about each other and their music;
                    Love- Salt Creek                                                     PATSY CLINE
                  · NTSC, 53 minutes, stereo, digitally recorded and mastered; J.D.       THE REAL                                PLATV 301 VHS € 22.90
                    Crowe alumnus and guitar player extraordinaire Richard Bennett         Seven Lonely Nights- Sweet Dreams- Walkin’ After Midnight-
                    takes the stage at Kentucky’s historic Sipp Theater in this, his       C’mon In- I Fall To Pieces- Crazy- She’s Got You- Love Sick Blues-
                    first live performance video with his band, Blue Towne.
                    Interspersed with studio clips from recording sessions at Planet 3     How Can I Face Tomorrow
                    Studio, Richard leads the viewer through 12 choice cuts that         · PAL/VHS, color, 48 min: This Video Biography features rare,
                    highlight his explosive guitar virtuosity and vocal prowess, and       classic performances and heartfelt commentary by Loretta Lynn,
                    offers ample evidence as to why he is one of the most respected        Carl Perkins, Dottie West and others.
                    guitar players in acoustic music today.                              EDDIE COCHRAN
                  GARTH BROOKS                                                            TOWN HALL PARTY TV SHOWS RSR 2001 VHS                          € 25.50
                   LIVE FROM CENTRAL PARK                E 91934 VHS           € 28.50     Intro by Jay Stewart- Instrumental by the band- Intro Dick D’Agostin-
                  · PAL/VHS, Farbe/color, 120 Min, digital video transfer, Stereo !        C’mon Everybody- Have I Told You Lately That I Love You- Don’t
                   Das Mega Ereignis aus New York City - 21 Titel mit                      Blame It On Me- Summertime Blues- Interview with Eddie Cochran
                   Gastauftritten von Don McLean und Billy Joel - Ein Muss                 & band- Intro by Jay Stewart- Night Walk by the band (instr.)- Intro
                                                                                           Dick D’Agostin- School Day- Be Honest With Me- Money Honey-
                                                                                           C’mon Everybody (video viewing time)
                                                                                         · PAL/VHS, black & white, mono, 30 minutes;

                                                                                         PERRY COMO & EDDIE FISHER
                                                                                          TWO LEGENDS - TWO CLASSIC
                                                                                          SHOWS                              HHV 354 VHS      € 19.50
                                                                                         · PAL/VHS, B&W, 50 min; The Perry Como Show Mr. Smooth in
                                                                                           his prime, perfoming classic romantic hits, and ‘Choice Of The
                                                                                           People’ special requests. With the Ray Charles chorus and
                                                                                           elaborate Mitchell Ayers orchestra, Perry performs ‘A Feller
                                                                                           Needs A Girl’, ‘Who’S Sorry Now’, ‘Sway’, ‘Pappa Loves
                                                                                           Mumbo’, ‘Too Young’ and more in his ronowned informal and
                                                                                           relaxed delivery. Includes a cute all-girl quartet commercial
                                                                                           jingle by the sponsors. The Eddie Fisher Show The 50’s
                                                                                           hearthrob in a delightful extravaganza of love songs, each set
                                                                                           amidst a European city background. Choreographed in
                                                                                           Spanish, Parisian and Roman decor Eddie Charms his adoring
                                                                                           fans with such classics as ‘Brazil’, ‘Arrivederci Roma’, ‘Little
                                                                                           Spanish Town’, ‘I Love You’, ‘Till’, the emotive ‘I Believe’ and
                                                                                           more. Anyone for a Parisian cafe or the Venetian canals? A
                                                                                           delight for romantics.

                    BEAR FAMILY RECORDS GmbH                    P. O. BOX 1154 • D-27727 HAMBERGEN • GERMANY                                       8= NEW
                                          VIDEO - ARTISTS                                                                              391

                                                                                              WAYLON JENNINGS
                                                                                              RENEGADE -
                                                                                              OUTLAW -
                                                                                              LEGEND           PLATV 306 VHS          € 20.50
                                                                                             · PAL/VHS 60 Min; COLOR; THE
                                                                                               AUTHORIZED VIDEO BIOGRAPHY - The
                                                                                              true story of Waylon Jennings containing
                                                                                              concert TV & film performances spanning his
                                                                                              entire career. 20 classic songs &
                                                                                              performances including HONKY TONK
                                                                                             HEROES/THIS TIME/GOOD HEARTED
                                                                                             WOMAN/STORM NEVER LAST(duet with
                                                                                            MY DREAMS/ARE YOU SURE/HANK DONE
                                                                                            IN THIS WAY/AMANDA/THE EAGLE. Guest
                                                                                            appearances: CHET ATKINS, JOHNNY CASH,
                                                                                            WILLIE NELSON AND OTHERS.
                                                                                           LOST OUTLAW

                                                                          PERFORMANCE                             PLATV 309 VHS € 20.50
SLIM DUSTY                                                                NASHVILLE REBEL - 30TH
 GREATEST HITS VIDEO                                                      ANNIVERSARY EDITION                     WJ 2003 VHS       € 29.90
 COLLECTION                           EMI 15226 VHS € 20.50              · PAL/VHS, english, color, 91 min, limited, numbered edition of
· PAL/VHS, color, 75 min; 22 songs, documentary footage,                  2500 copies; The majority of the film was shot in Nashville and
 interviews and unreleased videos                                         features many live performances from the stage of the Grand
CONNIE FRANCIS                                                            Ole Opry. Performances by: Tex Ritter, Porter Wagoner, Wilburn
                                                                          Bros., Loretta Lynn, Sonny James, Faron Young and Cousin
 THE LEGEND LIVE                  PLATV 305 VHS € 20.50                   Jody. Waylon sings 7 songs including “Green River”, “Nashville
· PAL/VHS 1990 / 65 min / COLOR/STEREO FOR THE FIRST                      Bum” and of course “Nashville Rebel”.
  I Don’t Want Walk With You/I’m Ready To Take A Chance                   IN CONCERT (VOCAL SYLVIA
  Again/Maybe This Time/Stupid Cupid/Lipstick On Your                     VRETHAMMER)                           VHS TAR 1026     € 20.50
  Collar/Robot Man/Everybody’s Somebody’s                                · NTSC, Color, Stereo, 56 minutes; recorded 1979 in Germany
  Fool/Vacation/Among My Souvenirs/Don’t Break The Heart                  with the Botho Lucas Choir;
  That Loves You/Carolina Moon/My Happiness/Together/Who’s               JERRY LEE LEWIS
  Sorry Now/Where The Boys Are/Mama/Born
  Free/Malaguena/Hava Nagila/Exodus/Over The                              I AM WHAT I AM - THE REAL
  Rainbow/Trolley Song/You Made Me Love You/If I Never Sing               STORY                               M 7320126 VHS € 23.01
  Another Song;                                                          · PAL/VHS, English, Color & B/W, 60 min; Video -biography with
 WHERE THE BOYS ARE (NTSC) VHS M 600419 € 29.90                           clips, live excerpts, interviews with fellows like Johnny Cash, Roy
· 1960, English, Color, 100 minutes, starring Connie Francis,             Orbison, Sam Phillips and the Killer himself - superb film shot
  Dolores Hart, George Hamilton a.o. sehr selten - very rare now          on original locations in the South. !!!
 - few copies ! “ A raucous outburst of fraternity humor, sorority        THE JERRY LEE LEWIS SHOW
  sex talk and a tanorama of firm young bodies...”-Time                   1971                                 MMGV 030 VHS € 19.90
                                                                         · PAL/VHS, color/Farbe, 60 min. Recorded in Nashville 1971 and
KINKY FRIEDMAN                                                            includes also location material shot in Ferriday,Louisiana and
 HOW TO LOOSE FRIENDS &                                                   Natchez,Mississippi.
 IRRITATE PEOPLE                        KF 18193 NTSC € 20.50
· NTSC System ! In the fall of 1999 Kinky Friedman suckered, that        LORETTA LYNN
 is, persuaded,three of his closest friends...Don Imus, Willie            COAL MINER’S DAUGHTER             PLATV 311 VHS € 20.50
 Nelson and Dwight Yoakam... into making a TV ad for his CD              · PAL/VHS 1991; c. 55 Min. / COLOR The Authorized Video
 Pearls In The Snow. The hilarious results of their attempt to help       Biography
 their extremely irritting friend are captured here...see Don, Willie    PAUL McCARTNEY
 and Dwight at their uncut, uncensored, and irritated best...             GET BACK - WORLD TOUR
 Contains Adult Language !
                                                                          MOVIE                                 VHS VEST 9885          € 9.90
ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK                                                    · 1991, NTSC, Color, 92 Min., last copies !
                                                                                                                                                VIDEO - ARTISTS

                                                                         SCOTTY MOORE & D.J. FONTANA
HALL, LONDON                               7322516 VHS         € 23.01   LIVE IN CONCERT                          MMGV 066 VHS € 20.50
  Lovely Way To Spend An Evening/I’m So Excited- Hello- After The
                                                                           Introduction- Mystery Train- Blue Moon Of Kentucky- Good Rockin’
  Loving- Mona Lisa- Unforgettable- Medley: Lazy Crazy Hazy Days
                                                                           Tonight- Trying To Get To You- Heartbreak Hotel- My Baby Left Me-
  Of Summer/- Ramblin’ Rose/Too Young/When I Fall In Love- I Just
                                                                           Lawdy Miss Clawdy- A Fool Such As I- Gotta Lot Of Livin’ To Do-
  Called To Say I Love You- I’ll Walk Alone- Help Me Make It Through
                                                                           One Night- Money Honey- I Was The One- Tutti Frutti- Don’t Be
  The Night- Come A Little Closer- Please Release Me- Medley: This
                                                                           Cruel- Hound Dog- I Got A Woman- King Creole- Devil In
  Moment In Time/Lady St. Clair- De Belize/am I That Easey To
                                                                           Disguise- Baby Let’s Play House- Blue Suede Shoes- Rip It Up
  Forget/Quando- Quando Quando/Lonely Is A Man Without
  Love/- There Goes My Everything/Spanish Eyes/The- Last                 · PAL/VHS, color, 92 min, Recorded live at the Official Elvis
  Waltz/Love Is all I Have To Give- If Only We Had Love/I Wouldn’t         Presley Fan Club Festival, Hembsy GB on October,28th,1993.
  Care                                                                   MOVIE/SPIELFILM
· PAL/VHS, color, 60 min.                                                 HILLBILLYS IN A HAUNTED
                                                                          HOUSE (NTSC)                          VHS VCI 7374         € 14.90
ALAN JACKSON                                                             · Nashville, 1967, English, Color, 88 minutes, rated G, HiFi;
 GREATEST HITS VIDEO                                                      B-Movie with appearances by Ferlin Husky, Merle Haggard,
 COLLECTION                           BMG 1573 VHS             € 19.50    Sonny James, Molly Bee, Don Bowman, Jim Kent, Joi Lansing &
· PAL/VHS, color/Farbe, Stereo, 75 min.                                   Marcella Wright;

                                                 % (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-0 • FAX (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-20 • Email
                  392                                   VIDEO - ARTISTS
                  RICKY NELSON                                                            DOC WATSON & MERLE
                   IN CONCERT AT THE UNIVER-                                               DOC & MERLE                          OV 11335 VHS         € 25.50
                   SAL AMPHITHEATRE                      MMGV 034 VHS € 19.90             · PAL/VHS, 60 minutes, color This docmentary is a rich mixture of
                  · PAL/VHS, color/Farbe. Live at the Universal Amphitheatre, Los           music, informal interviews, old photographs and rare footage.
                   Angeles, California 22.08.1985.                                          The wide range of musical influences the Watson’s embraced is
                   GREATEST HITS                      MMGV 051 VHS € 20.50                  clearly shown through concert footage and less formal
                  · PAL/VHS, b&w/sw. Original segments from “The Ozzie And                  at-home-picking sessions. Sixteen songs are presented ranging
                   Harriet” Shows                                                           from “Black Mountain Rag and Wabash Cannonball to Blue
                   LIVE IN CHICAGO                         MMGV 053 VHS         € 20.50     Suede Shoes and Freight Train Blues”. Doc is reunited musically
                  · PAL/VHS, color/Farbe, 55 min.                                           with Jack Williams, his partner from the early 1950s, for a rare
                                                                                            rockabilly performance of “Step It Up And Go”. He also
                  LES PAUL                                                                  performs with Clint Howard and Fred Price playing “Fire On The
                   HE CHANGED THE MUSIC (LIVE                                               Mountain and Damiel Prayed” and with his wife Rosa Lee for a
                   WITH FRIENDS)                  MMGV 023 VHS                  € 19.17     moving rendition of “Wandering Boy”. This video is dedicated
                  · PAL/VHS, color/Farbe, 60 min.                                           to the memory of Merle Watson who died in a tractor accident
                                                                                            on October 23rd, 1985.
                  CLIFF RICHARD                                                            DOC’S GUITAR JAM                        OV 11360 VHS        € 25.50
                   THE HIT LIST - VIDEO                                                   · PAL/VHS, Color, Stereo, 60 minutes
                   SELECTION                            EMI 491345 VHS € 35.50
                  · PAL/VHS, color/Farbe, Hi-Fi mono, 86 min.                             DON WILLIAMS
                   40TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT WB 27130 VHS € 28.50                          GREATEST HITS COLLECTION                 PLATV 324 VHS        € 20.45
                    From A Distance- Do You Wanna Dance- Will You Still Love Me           DWIGHT YOAKAM
                    Tomorrow- Softly As I Leave You- All That Matters- Daddy’s Home-       LIVE ON STAGE                         MMGVE 007 VHS € 19.50
                    Real As I Wanna Be- I Will Always Love You- Miss You Nights- The      · PAL/VHS, color, 25 min. Recorded at the Peterborough Country
                    Twelfth Of Never- Through The Fire- Some People- Wired For             Festival, 23 August, 1986.
                    Sound- Move It- Even If It Breaks My Heart- Can’t Keep This Feeling   VARIOUS ARTISTS
                    In- Every Time We Say Goodbye- Hope Faith And You- We Don’t
                    Talk Anymore- She Makes Me Feel Like A Man- The Miracle- Butter-
                                                                                           COUNTRY’S FAMILY REUNION
                                                                                           10XNTSC SET                         CFR 1197 NTSC € 200.00
                    fly Kisses- Nessun Dorma- Vita Mia- Devil Woman- Ocean Deep-
                    It’ll Be Me- Peace In Our Time
                                                                                           VOL.1, TEDDY BOY ROCK &
                                                                                           ROLL WEEKENDER                      JJT 1 VHS         € 19.50
                  · PAL/VHS, 138 min, color, dolby stereo;                                · PAL/VHS, color, 45min.
                  SEEKERS                                                                  70S ROCK & POP - 13 HOT HITS
                   1968 BBC FAREWLL                                                        FROM 1970                           MC 2082 VHS        € 7.90
                   SPECTACULAR                             VHS 102375           € 18.90   · PAL/VHS, Color
                  · PAL, 47 minutes;                                                       CLASSIC ROCK & ROLL - 50’S &
                  DUSTY SPRINGFIELD                                                        60’S                                MMGV 012 VHS € 19.50
                   FULL CIRCLE - THE LIFE AND                                             · PAL/VHS, b&w/sw, 50 min.
                   MUSIC OF...                             VHS TAR 1024         € 19.50    LONDON ROCK & ROLL SHOW MMGV 015 VHS € 23.50
                  · This fascinating video retrospective celebrates the timeless          · PAL/VHS, Color, 85 min, Wembley Stadium, 5th August 1972.
                   music of one of the world’s greatest singers - Dusty Springfield.       TRIBUTE TO JOE MEEK                 MMGV 062 VHS € 20.50
                   Featuring extensive archive footage and rare performances, this          SCREAMING LORD SUTCH: Roll Over Beethoven CLIFF
                   is the story of one of the most unique and captivating voices            BENNETT : Slow Down WILLIAMS TRO-ESSEX: One Way Love
                   ever to emerge from Britain. For the first time, Dusty contributes       HONEYCOMBS: La Bamba VALENS CARLIN : Have I The Right
                   to her own intriguing story, with plenty of outrageous assistance        MIKE BERRY : Oh Boy WEST SOUTHERN PETTY : Heartbeat
                   from hosts Jennifer Saunders (of Absolutely Fabulous fame) and           HEINZ: Teenager In Love MOONTREKKERS: Green Onions
                   Dawn French. Also included is the only known footage of Dusty            DANNY RIVERS : Can’t Your Hear My Heart MOONTREKKERS:
                   performing with Jimi Hendrix, plus guest appearances by The              Night Of The Vampire SCREAMING LORD SUTCH: Jack The
                   Pet Shop Boys, Elvis Costello, Dionne Warwick, Martha Reeves             Ripper TORNADOS: Telstar
                   and Burt Bacharach. NTSC, Color & B/W, 58 minutes;
                                                                                          · PAL/VHS, 1991, color, 50 min;
                  MERLE TRAVIS                                                             CLASSIC HITS 50S & 60S (2)                MMGVD 005 VHS € 29.90
                   THE GUITAR OF MERLE TRAVIS              OV 11210 VHS         € 38.50   · PAL/VHS, color & b/w, 145 min, rare cinemascope clips;
                  · PAL/VHS, English, 95 min;                                               Volume One: The 1950’s an 1960’s produced an incredible
                   RARE PERFORMANCES                                                        number of classic hit records from the explosion of rock and roll
                   1946-1981                              OV 11230 VHS        € 25.50       to the emergene and excitement of the beat boom. The
                    No Vacancy- Nine Pound Hammer- Mus’Rat- I’m A Natural Born              exposure that television could offer was often instrumental in
                    Gamblin’ Man- Too Much Sugar For A Dime- Spoonin’ Moon- Lost            bringing these new acts and sounds the the widest possible
                    John- Dark As A Dungeon- Petticoat Fever- Sweet Temptation- John        audience. In The United Kingdom opportunities for such
                    Henry- I’ll See You In My Dreams- Midnight Special- Cannonball          exposure were limited but in the United States it was a very
                                                                                            different situation. This video features an array of televison
                    Rag- I Am Pilgrim- Sixteen Tons- Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette-           performances made in the United States, Canada and Europe,
                    Barbecue Rag- I’ll See You In My Dreams                                 mostly in the 1950’s, that featured artists who were to become

                  · PAL/VHS, 60 minutes, b/w & color, with 36 page booklet                  part of the history of popular music. In some cases their success
                  ERNEST TUBB                                                               was limited to the United States where the artists were to see
                   THANKS TROUBADOR THANKS MAS 732204 VHS € 19.17                           their songs covered by local acts in other countries; in others the
                                                                                            artists were to become international household names such as
                  · PAL/VHS, Color, 62 min; video biography features classic                CONNIE FRANCIS, BRENDA LEE and PAUL ANKA. Running
                   performances and interviews with Cal Smith, Jean Shepard,                Time 50 minutes approx. Volume Two: The second volume of
                   Skeeter Davis, Conway Twitty and others                                 ‘Classic Hits From The Fifties And Sixties’ again features a
                  GENE VINCENT                                                              compilation of promotional appearances from a wide range of
                  TOWN HALL PARTY TV SHOWS RSR 2002 VHS                       € 25.50       artists all of whom achieved chart success either in North
                    GENE VINCENT & THE BLUE CAPS 25th Oct. 1958- Intro by Jay               America or the rest of the world. These appearances were
                    Stewart/Be-Bop-A-Lula- High Blood Pressure- Rip It Up- Introduc-        largely made in television studios and broadcast mostly, but not
                                                                                            entirely, in black and white to promote a new record either
                    tion by Jay Stewart- Dance To The Bop- You Win Again- For Your          locally or nationally. Some however were actual promotional
                    Precious Love- GENE VINCENT w.’THE TOWN HALL PARTY’- Intro              films aimed at an even wider audience in arcades and bars. In
                    by Jay Stewart/Rocky Road Blues- Pretty Pearly- Be-Bop-A-Lula-          addition the clips of FABIAN and the RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS
                    Introduction by Jay Stewart- High School Confidential- Over The         were made at live appearances in Brooklyn, the promotional
                    Rainbow- GENE VINCENT w. ‘TOWN HALL PARTY’- Intro by Jay                aim of the appearances is common to them all. Whilst the
                    Stewart/Roll Over Beethoven- Over The Rainbow- She She Little           quality of the oroginal recordings cannot be compared with the
                    Sheila                                                                  standards of today they are a further fascinating reminder of the
                  · PAL/VHS, Mono, Black & White, 45 minutes;

                    BEAR FAMILY RECORDS GmbH                     P. O. BOX 1154 • D-27727 HAMBERGEN • GERMANY                                     8= NEW
                                        VIDEO - ARTISTS                                                                            393

 early days of popular music and some of its greatest arsists.         to the evolution of rock on television cannot be underestimated.
 Running Time 55 minutes approx.
 ROCK & ROLL AND THE 1950S                                             MEMORIES OF THE LEGENDS
 VOL.1&2                              MMGVD 006 VHS € 34.50            12XNTSC SET                          MOTL 1999 NTSC€ 200.00
· PAL/VHS, 120 minutes; included in these programmes are a             LEGENDS OF WESTERN SWING
 number of televised personal appearances including Bill Haley         GUITAR                               OV 11396 VHS      € 25.50
 and the Comets (performing ‘Rock Around The Clock’ and ‘Rip          · PAL/VHS, 60 minutes, b/w & color ‘Legends of Western Swing
 It Up’). Fats Domino (performing ‘Blueberry Hill’, ‘Need Your         Guitar’ presents the playing oh Eldon Shamblin, Billy Dozier,
 Lovin’’, ‘You Win Again’, Let The Four Winds Blow’ and ‘When          Bob Kiser, Muriel ‘Zeke’ Campbell, Benny Garcia, Cameron
 My Dreamboat Comes In’) and The Platters (performing ‘Only            Hill, Jimmy Wyble and Junior Barnard in rare black & white
 You’ and ‘Dance With Me Henry’). In addition are newsreel             archival films from the 1940s to recent performances recorded
 clips, movie trailers and television advertisements from the          in color from the last decade. As well Tommy Morrell, a guitarist
 period. Along the way are glimpses of the Marx Brothers, Abbott       of a younger generation, is also included. His playing highlights
 and Costello, Eddie Fisher and Elizabeth Taylor and James             not just the passing of a flame but new places the torch can be
 Dean in addition to the riotous arrival in London of Bill Haley.      carried.
 Vol.2: Included on these programmes are personal                      VOL.2, TEDDY BOY ROCK &
 appearances by Jerry Lee Lewis, Gene Vincent, the Everly              ROLL WEEKENDER                  PEP 004 VHS     € 24.90
 Brothers, Bobby Darin and Charlie Gracie together with               · PAL/VHS, 60min.COLOR FILMED AT THE VAUXHALL HOLIDAY
 newsreel coverage of such notable events in rock and roll             PARK IN 1994.FEATURING JANIS MARTIN, CRAZY CAVAN,
 history as the controversy surrounding the ill fated UK debut tour    MATCHBOX, FLYING SAUCERS, BOB & THE BEARCATS,COLIN
 by Jerry Lee Lewis and the media coverage of the death of             WINSKI ROCKIN BANDITS AND MANY MORE.
 Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens in a plane crash.
 Of equal interest is the newsreel coverage of such notable            DOO WOP 51 - 2000 CELEBRA-
 events in rock and roll history as the controversy surrounding        TION VOL.1                           RN 970004 NTSC € 21.90
 the ill fated UK debut tour of Jerry Lee Lewis and the media         · NTSC, Color, 70 Minutes, recorded at the Benedom Center,
 coverage of the death of Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and              Pittsburgh, PA May 2000
 Ritchie Valens in a plane crash. Of equal interest is the newsreel    MORE DOO WOP 50 - 1999
 coverage of both mid-1950s concerts by Elvis Presley and the          CELEBRATION                           RN 970006 NTSC € 21.90
 incredible publicity surrounding his rise to stardom. Linking         FLIP WILSON SHOW VOL.3                RN 970020 NTSC € 13.90
 these items are a number of classic American television              · Color, 45 minutes, 1971/72; feat. Johnny Cash, Bobby Darin,
 commercials from the period.                                          Lily Tomlin, Mohammed Ali;
 VOL.3, ROCK & ROLL AND THE                                            VOL.2, DOO WOP 51 - 2000
 1950S / BIG BEAT                     MMGVD 007 VHS € 34.50            CELEBRATION                           RN 970046 NTSC € 21.90
· PAL/VHS, color & B/W, 104 min; Vol.3 features the final two          DOO WOP 50 - 1999 CELEBRA-
 programmes from the original American series. Produced in             TION VOL.1                            RN 972668 NTSC € 21.90
 black and white the production features, once again, movie           · NTSC, 70 minutes, color, recorded in Pittsburg,PA in 1999
 trailers and advertisements from the 1950s in addition to a           hosted by Jerry Butler
 range of classic performances. Included are Little Richard (Long      VOL.2, DOO WOP 50 - 1999
 Tall Sally, Whole Lotta Shakin’). Johnny Otis (Willie And The         CELEBRATION                          RN 972702 NTSC        € 21.90
 Hand Jive). Chuck Berry (Roll Over Beethoven). Everly Brothers       · NTSC, 70 minutes, color;
 (Long Time Gone, Wake Up Little Susie). Frankie Lyman and the
 Teenagers (Why Do Fools Fall In Love, The Only Way To Love,           VOL.4, HARLEM ROOTS - JIVIN’
 Goody Goody). Also featured are fascinating newsreel clips of         TIME                                 SV 6003 VHS           € 17.90
 Richard Nixon, Nikita Kruschev, Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald            · PAL/VHS, B&W, 60 min.
 Reagan, Grace Kelly and Jayne Mansfield. Vol.2: In this               THE SNADER TELESCRIPTIONS -
 programme we see some of the earliest newsreel clips to report        THE VOCALISTS                        SV 6007 VHS           € 17.90
 the phenomenon of rock and roll and also some of the earliest        · PAL/VHS, B&W, 60:37 min
 television appearances by the new wave of artists. The film clip,     THE BLUES                            SV 6032 VHS           € 17.90
 as an independent form of promotion, began to emerge by the          · PAL/VHS, B&W, 49 min; rare clips 1929-62
 end of the 1950s. Initially these clips were in black and white
 but by the early 1960s they had already progressed to full           · featuring
 colour. Many of the artists who were promoted in this way made        ROCK, RHYTHM AND DOO
 their own contribution not only to the development of the music       WOP - TV SHOW (NTSC)                   VHS RN 70058        € 21.90
 but also to the way in which it was promoted. The artists
 included in this video range from the raw power of Jerry Lee         · NTSC, english, filmed in Pittsburgh,PA. in 2001, color, 116
 Lewis to the sophisticated delivery of Bobby Darin. In between        min.;
 come a host of artists who were to enjoy international fame          DOO WOP 51 - VOL.1&2
 including Bill Haley, Johnny Otis, Paul Anka, The Exciters, The      2XVHS(NTSC)                             VHS RN 70100        € 39.90
 Diamonds, Fats Domino, Big Joe Turner and many others.               DOO WOP 50 - VOL.1&2
 Although the quality of these early recordings cannot be             2XVHS(NTSC)                             VHS RN 72803        € 39.90
 compared to the technical standards of today their importance

                                          VIDEO - MOVIES
                                                                                                                                            VIDEO - ARTISTS

PETER ALEXANDER                                                       · NTSC, english, b&w, 60 minutes; featuring the episodes: Home
 ...UND SOWAS MUSS UM                                                  For Christmas & Christmas At The Clampetts
 ACHT IN’S BETT (PAL)                  VHS 300421           € 13.90   BILLY THE KID
· PAL, S/W, 1964, 92 Minuten; mit Gitte Haenning                      DEVIL RIDERS (NTSC)                     VHS UAV 4060         € 9.00
 DER MUSTERKNABE (PAL)                 VHS 300422           € 13.90   BING CROSBY & FRED ASTAIRE
· PAL, S/W, 1963, 89 Minuten, mit Conny Froeboess                      HOLIDAY INN - MOVIE                 006 7072 VHS          € 23.50
 KRIMINALTANGO (PAL)                   VHS 300437           € 13.90   · English, PAL/VHS, b&w, 101 min., mono; Irving Berlin’s classic
· PAL, S/W, 83 Minuten, 1960, mit Vivi Bach u.a.                       featuring “White Christmas” -
GENE AUTRY                                                            DORIS DAY
 BOOTS & SADDLES                       BWES 004 VHS         € 14.50    YOUNG AT HEART - MOVIE                 045 2663 VHS        € 17.90
· PAL/VHS, English, B&W, 54 min.                                      · PAL/VHS, English, color, stereo, 117 min;
 OH SUSANNA / BOOTS AND                                                THE THRILL OF IT ALL - MOVIE 078 2273 VHS                  € 23.50
 SADDLES 2-VHS (NTSC)                  VHS SIM 3250         € 14.50   · PAL/VHS, English, color, mono, 107 min.,
BEVERLY HILLBILLIES                                                    MIDNIGHT LACE                          078 2563 VHS        € 23.50
CHRISTMAS (BROADCAST                                                  · PAL/VHS, English, color, mono, 93 min.,
HISTORY 1962-1971)                     FRE 5967 NTSC         € 9.90

                                               % (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-0 • FAX (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-20 • Email
                 394                                   VIDEO - MOVIES
                 DORIS DAY                                                              OCEAN’S 11 - FRANKIE & SEINE
                  LOVER COME BACK                      VHS 904 6913          € 14.50    SPIESSGESELLEN                           VHS 2149491           € 13.90
                 · VHS PAL, colour, mono, englisch, 102 min.,starring                  · 1960, PAL, Deutsch, Farbe, 123 Minuten;
                  R.Hudson,T.Randall                                                    CAN-CAN (NTSC)                           VHS FOX 1016           € 9.90
                  SEND ME NO FLOWERS                   VHS 904 6943         € 14.50    · 1960, Color, Hi-Fi, English, starring: Frank Sinatra, Shirley
                 · VHS PAL, colour, mono, englisch, 96 min., starring R.Hudson,         McLaine , Maurice Chevalier, Juliet Prowse a.o.
                  T.Randall                                                            BLACKBOARD JUNGLE (SAAT
                  MIDNIGHT LACE                        VHS 904 7013        € 14.50     DER GEWALT) NTSC                          VHS M 205963          € 22.50
                 · PAL VHS, colour, mono, englisch, 103 min., starring Rex                                                        · English, 1955, B&W,
                  Harrison                                                                                                          90 minutes, digital
                                                                                                                                    video transfer; few
                  PILLOW TALK                          VHS 904 7843         € 14.90                                                 copies only ! In this
                 · PAL/VHS, English, Color, 1959, 98 minutes, starring Rock                                                         gritty urban drama, war
                  Hudson;                                                                                                           veteran Richard Dadier
                 CLINT EASTWOOD                                                                                                     (Glenn Ford) wants to
                  HONKY TONK MAN - MOVIE                SO 61305 VHS        € 17.90                                                 begin his career as a
                 · PAL/VHS, English, Color, Hi-Fi, 118 min, featuring guest                                                         teacher and is given an
                  appearances from Merle Travis, Ray Price, Porter Wagoner and                                                      assignment at a boys
                  the last recorded performance of Marty Robbins                                                                    high school in
                                                                                                                                    inner-city New York.
                 HEINZ ERHARDT                                                                                                      However, he soon
                  IMMER DIE RADFAHRER                    T 1287 VHS          € 20.50                                                discovers the school is
                 · PAL/VHS, 1958, Farbe, 97 min.                                                                                    overrun by delinquents,
                  DER HAUSTYRANN                         T 1668 VHS          € 20.50                                                led by Artie West (Vic
                 · PAL/VHS, 1958, s/w, 87 min.                                                                                      Morrow), an insolent
                  KAUF DIR EINEN BUNTEN                                                                                             hood who likes to call
                  LUFTBALLON                             T 1669 VHS          € 20.50                                                Richard ‘Mr. Daddy-O.’
                                                                                                                                    Artie and his gang
                 · PAL/VHS, 1960, Farbe, 97 min.                                                                                    steal, destroy property,
                 CONNIE FRANCIS                                                                                                     refuse to respect
                  WHERE THE BOYS ARE (NTSC) VHS M 600419 € 29.90                                                                    authority and threaten
                 · 1960, English, Color, 100 minutes, starring Connie Francis,                                                      the female teachers
                  Dolores Hart, George Hamilton a.o. sehr selten - very rare now                                                    with rape. While most
                 - few copies ! “ A raucous outburst of fraternity humor, sorority                                                  of the faculty have
                  sex talk and a tanorama of firm young bodies...”-Time                 given up and meekly let the delinquents do what they want,
                                                                                        Dadier is determined to bring order back to his classroom, even
                 CONNY FROBOESS                                                         after Artie’s thugs threaten Richard’s pregnant wife. Keep your
                  MARIANDL (PAL)                        VHS 00456          € 13.90      eyes peeled for a bit part by Jameel Farah, years before he
                 · Deutsch, Farbe, 1961, 85 min. mit Peter Weck, Rudolf Prack,          would change his name to Jamie Farr. The blackboard Jungle
                  Waltraut Haas u.a.                                                    was also the first major studio film to use rock ‘n’ roll on the
                  MARIANDLS HEIMKEHR (PAL)             VHS 300439           € 13.90     soundtrack; the film’s success kick started sales of ‘Rock Around
                 · Deutsch, Farbe, 1962, 85 min. mit Rudolf Prack, Waltraut Haas,       The Clock’ by Bill Haley and His Comets, which helped to spark
                  Peter Weck und Hans Moser;                                            the rock ‘n’ roll boom of the 1950’s.
                 PETER KRAUS & CONNY FROBOESS                                          DOLLY PARTON
                  WENN DIE CONNY MIT DEM                                                BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN
                  PETER                              300388 VHS              € 14.06    TEXAS                                  VHS 044 3843          € 14.50
                 · PAL/VHS, Deutsch, s/w, 98 Minuten                                   · VHS PAL, colour, englisch, Hifi, 110 min., starring Burt Reynolds
                  CONNY & PETER MACHEN
                  MUSIK                              300389 VHS              € 14.06   FREDDY QUINN
                 · PAL/VHS, Deutsch, s/w, 83 Minuten                                    UNTER FREMDEN STERNEN
                 PETER KRAUS & H. SCHROT                                                (PAL)                                VHS 0575          € 17.90
                  ALLE LIEBEN PETER                   300390 VHS             € 14.50   · Deutsch, Farbe, 1959, 94 min. mit Vera Tschechowa, Gustav
                 · PAL/VHS, Deutsch, Farbe, 90 Minuten                                  Knuth u.a.
                                                                                        WEIT IST DER WEG (PAL)                VHS 0577                 € 17.90
                 KARL MAY                                                              · Deutsch, Farbe, 1960, 86 min. mit Ingeborg Schöner
                  WINNETOU U. OLD
                  SHATTERHAND IM TAL DER                                               CLIFF RICHARD
                  TOTEN                                 VHS POL 009          € 14.50    THE YOUNG ONES/SUMMER
                 · Deutsch, Farbe, 1968, 90 Min., mit Pierre Brice, Lex Barker u.a.;    HOLIDAY - MOVIES                     SO 38696 VHS       € 23.50
                                                                                       · PAL/VHS, english, color, 207min. Contains two complete
                  OLD SHATTERHAND                       VHS POL 018          € 14.50    movies. Enthält zwei komplette Spielfilme.
                 · Deutsch, Farbe, 1963, 110 Min, mit P Brice, L. Barker, D. Lavi u.
                                                       .                               TEX RITTER

                                                                                        ROLLING PLAINS/TROUBLE IN
                  DER SCHATZ DER AZTEKEN                VHS POL 019       € 14.50       TEXAS NTSC/2VHS                    VHS MAD 6415                € 14.90
                 · Deutsch, Farbe, 1965, 99 Min., mit Lex Barker, Michele              · English, 1937/1938, B/W, 60 min/64 min;
                  Girardon u.a.;                                                        HITTIN’ THE TRAIL/TAKE ME..
                  DIE PYRAMIDE DES                                                      2-VHS (NTSC)                       VHS SM 1000                 € 12.50
                  SONNENGOTTES                          VHS POL 020       € 14.50      ROY ROGERS
                 · Deutsch, Farbe, 1965, 98 Min., mit Lex Barker, Michele
                  Girardon u.a.;                                                        THE GOLDEN STALLION (NTSC)               VHS REP 1567           € 8.90
                  IM REICH DES SILBERNEN                                               · English, 1949, Color, 67 min;
                  LÖWEN                                 VHS POL 038         € 14.50     NORTH OF THE GREAT DIVIDE
                 · Deutsch, Farbe, 1965, 95 Min., mit Lex Barker, Marie Versini         (NTSC)                                   VHS REP 3035           € 8.90
                  u.a.;                                                                · English, 1950, Color, 67 min;
                                                                                        SUSANNA PASS (NTSC)                      VHS REP 4040           € 8.90
                 MOVIE/SPIELFILM                                                       · English, 1949, Color, 67 min;
                  RAUMPATROUILLE ORION                                                  TWILIGHT IN THE SIERRAS
                  FOLGE 1-7 3-VHS                      VHS 16632           € 24.90      (NTSC)                                   VHS REP 4331           € 8.90
                 · PAL, Deutsch, S/W, 420 Minuten; die komplette siebenteilige         · English, 1949, Color, 67 min;
                  Kultserie mit Dietmar Schönherr, Eva Pflug, Wolfgang Völz u.a.

                   BEAR FAMILY RECORDS GmbH                   P. O. BOX 1154 • D-27727 HAMBERGEN • GERMANY                                       8= NEW
                                         VIDEO - MOVIES                                                                               395

 IN OLD CALIENTE/YOUNG BILL                                              Motorräder: eben Rocker der 50er Jahre. Mit Lee Marvin,
 H. 2-VHS (NTSC)                       VHS SM 1005           € 12.50     Robert Keith und Mary Murphy.
 HOLLYWOOD LEGENDS                                                      CAT BALLOU - MOVIE                     CC 7053 VHS            € 14.90
 3-VHS(NTSC)                           VHS TL 33060           € 9.90   · English, PAL/VHS, color, 93min. Featuring: Lee Marvin, Jane
· contains: Young Bill Hickock (1940, b&w,59 min.)                       Fonda and Nat King Cole
 Colorado(1940,b&w, 57 min.) Cowboy And The                             THE GIRL CAN’T HELP IT                 FOX 1386 VHS           € 19.50
 Senorita(1944,b&w, 56 min.)                                           · PAL/VHS, english, color, Hi-Fi, 98 min. Including: Little Richard,
ROY ROGERS & DALE EVANS                                                  Gene Vincent, Fats Domino, The Platters, The Treniers, Eddie
                                                                         Cochran and other special guests.
 APACHE ROSE (NTSC)                     VHS UAV 5921          € 9.00    ROCK BABY, ROCK IT                     MMGVF 001 VHS € 23.50
· English, B&W , 56 min.                                               · PAL/VHS
JOHN WAYNE                                                              ROCK, ROCK, ROCK                       MMGVF 002 VHS € 23.50
 HELL FIGHTERS                          VHS 044 5993        € 14.50    · PAL/VHS; ALAN FREED emerged as a dj with MOONDOG’s
· VHS PAL, colour, Hifi, englisch, 115 min.                              Rock & Roll radio show in Cleveland, Ohio in the early 1950’s
 PITTSBURGH                             VHS 044 7953        € 14.50      before moving to WINS in New York. Rock, Rock, Rock! was
· VHS PAL, B/W, 89 min.,englisch, starring Marlene Dietrich              released in 1956 and was one of several movies in which he
 REAP THE WILD WIND                     VHS 044 8273        € 14.50      appeared under his own name and which were characterised by
· VHS PAL, colour, Hifi, 118 min, englisch, starring S.Hayward           the musical sequences featuring the most popular artists of the
                                                                         day many of whom went on to become legends in their own
 THREE FACES WEST                       VHS 046 5003        € 14.50      right.-NIGEL MOLDEN; Featuring CHUCK BERRY, JOHNNY
· VHS PAL, B/W, englisch, 75 min.                                        BURNETTE TRIO, CONNIE FRANCIS, LAVERN BAKER, FRANKIE
· VHS PAL, colour, englisch, 132 min., starring                          WELD.
 R.Hayworth,C.Cardinale                                                 SWEET DREAMS - MOVIE                   UGC 0662 VHS € 20.50
 JET PILOT                             VHS 078 0143          € 14.90   · PAL/VHS, English, Color, 110 min, The Patsy Cline Story starring
· 1957, English, Color, Pal, 112 minutes, starring Janet Leigh;          Jessica Lange and Ed Harris
 WAKE OF THE RED WITCH                 VHS 638 0483          € 14.50    THE DOORS                              VHS 078 9563           € 14.50
· VHS PAL, B/W, Hifi Stereo, 102 min.,englisch, starring Gail          · VHS PAL, colour, stereo, englisch, 134 min., starring Val Kilmer,
 Russell                                                                 Billy Idol, Kyle MacLachlan,Meg Ryan, Kevin Dillon
 THE QUIET MAN / SHE WORE A                                             BLUESBROTHERS & BLUES
 YELLOW RIBBON                        VHS 903 8943           € 19.90    BROTHERS 2000                          VHS 904 3373          € 19.90
· VHS PAL, colour, stereo u. mono, 229 min.,englisch                   · VHS PAL, colour, stereo, englisch, 246 min., starring J.Belushi,
 THE FIGHTING SEABEES (NTSC) VHS REP 1268                     € 8.90    Dan Aykroyd, John Goodman
· 1944, color, 99 minutes;                                              AMERICAN GRAFFITY                      VHS 905 2583         € 14.50
 FLYING TIGERS (NTSC)                 VHS REP 1378            € 8.90   · VHS PAL, colour, stereo, englisch, 108 min., starring R. Dreyfuss
· Color, 110 minutes;
 IN OLD CALIFORNIA (NTSC)             VHS REP 1974            € 8.90    BACKBEAT                               VHS 906 3853          € 14.50
· English, 1942, Color, 88 min;                                        · VHS PAL, colour, stereo, englisch, 96 min.,starring S. Lee, S.
 STAR PACKER / LAWLESS                                                  Dorff
 RANGE 2-VHS (NTSC)                   VHS SIM 2331           € 14.50    LA BAMBA                               VHS 906 5483       € 14.50
 WINDS OF THE WASTE-                                                   · VHS PAL, colour, stereo, englisch, 104 min.
 LAND/DESERT TRAIL (NTSC)             VHS SIM 3253           € 14.50    TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL                    VHS CBS 6665        € 9.90
 WINDS OF THE WASTELAND                                                · NTSC, English, 1997, Dolby, Color; Christmas classic with Della
 (NTSC)                               VHS UAV 4030            € 8.90    Reese , Roma Downey and special Guest Star Randy Travis -
 THE MAN FROM UTAH (NTSC) VHS UAV 4126                        € 8.90    last copies
 THE LAWLESS FRONTIER                                                   DER MARSHAL                          VHS PA 098       € 14.90
 (NTSC)                               VHS UAV 4131            € 8.90   · Deutsch, Farbe, 123 Min., mit John Wayne u. Glen Campbell,
                                                                        ausführliche Broschüre zur Entstehung des Films;
VARIOUS ARTISTS                                                         DER MANN, DER LIBERTY
 COAL MINER’S DAUGHTER -                                                VALANCE ERSCHOß                      VHS PA 208        € 14.90
 MOVIE                                  044 4493 VHS        € 23.50    · Deutsch, Farbe, 113 Min., mit John Wayne u. James Stewart,
· English, PAL/VHS, color, 120 min., starring Sissy Spacek &            ausführliche Broschüre zur Entstehung des Films;
 Tommy Lee Jones                                                        DIE VIER SÖHNE DER KATIE
 QUADROPHENIA - A WAY OF                                                ELDER                                VHS PA 472        € 14.90
 LIFE                                   051 8353 VHS        € 17.90    · Deutsch, Farbe, 117 Min., mit John Wayne u. Dean Martin,
· PAL/VHS, English, Color, HiFi Stereo digital mastering, 114 min;      ausführliche Broschüre zur Entstehung des Films;
 Two rival youth cults emerge - the Mods and the Rockers -              QUADROPHENIA (NTSC)                    VHS RN 1999        € 18.50
 THE THING CALLED LOVE                400483 VHS             € 16.90   · English, 1991, Colour, Hifi, 115 min; Soundtrack by “The
· PAL/VHS, deutsch/german, color, stereo, 110min.                       Who”, Sting in his film debut.
  Liebesgeschichte aus Nashville mit viel Country Musik; Sandra         ROAD TO NASHVILLE - MOVIE
  Bullock, River Phoenix a.o.;                                          (NTSC)                               VHS RN 72848       € 14.90
 THE WILD ONE - MOVIE                     CC 1130 VHS        € 12.90
                                                                                                                                                VIDEO - MOVIES

                                                                       · NTSC, English, Color, 88 min, 1967 feat: Waylon Jennings,
· PAL, English, s/w, 76min.: This is the legendary classic movie         Connie Smith, Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins a.o. track listing see
  from 1953 that catapulted Brando to stardom and put an image           DVD
  and a label on him which he was unable to get rid of through          RIO BRAVO                           WB 001050 VHS € 20.50
  the 50s. Also features Lee Marvin, Robert Keith and Mary             · PAL/VHS, English, Color, 135 min;
  Murphy. Der Kultklassiker der 50er Jahre, der Brando zu
  Starruhm katapultierte und ihm ein Image verpasste, das er bis
  Ende jenes Jahrzehnts nicht mehr los wurde. Schwarzes Leder,

                          VIDEO - SPECIAL INTEREST
ARTUR BRAUNER                                                           mit einer grossen Fahrzeugschau in eben jener Halle, in der die
                                                                        Vorkriegs- Reichsbahn bereits 1935 das hundertjährige
 IHN GIBT’S NUR EINMAL              NPF 616 VHS              € 20.50    Bestehen der deutschen Eisenbahn feierte. 64 Jahre später gab
· PAL/VHS, Farbe/sw, ca. 30 Minuten                                     es dann zusätzlich noch eine eindrucksvolle Lokparade, die
EDITION EISENBAHN ROMANTIK                                              rund 33000 Besucher bewunderten. Eisenbahn-Romantik war
 DIE JAHRHUNDERT PARADE              SWR 413 VHS    € 20.50             mit fünf Filmteams zugegen, um dieses einmalige Ereignis sowie
· PAL/VHS, Deutsch, Farbe, 55 Minuten; Das DBMuseum                     die zahlreichen Zusatzveranstaltungen exklusiv zu
 Nürnberg wurde im Oktober 1999 100 Jahre jung. Dieser                  dokumentieren. Das Ergebnis: ein einmaliges Dokument der
 runde Geburtstag wurde gebührend gefeiert - unter anderem              Zeitgeschichte, das in keiner Videosammlung fehlen sollt.

                                                % (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-0 • FAX (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-20 • Email
                           396                   VIDEO - SPECIAL INTEREST
                           BETTY PAGE                                                                PIN UP GIRLS                      NPF 248 VHS       € 25.00
                            EXOTIC DANCES                        CULT 001 VHS        € 20.50        · PAL/VHS, Deutsch/German, Farbe/S&W, 55 Minuten; Die
                                                                                                      Geschichte des Pin-Up-Girl beginnt in den zwanziger Jahren am
                           · PAL/VHS, 90 min, b&w/sw, with original 50’s Rock & Roll                  Broadway. Shows wie “Celebrating the American Girl”
                            Soundtrack.                                                               begeistern das Publikum. Jean Harlow, Mae West gehören zu
                            TEASERAMA - THE LOST COLOR                                                den frühen Stars. Später bemächtigt sich die Armee der Pin-Ups,
                            FILM                                 CULT 004 VHS       € 20.50           um die Jungs an der Front bei Laune zu halten. Marlene Dietrich
                           · PAL/VHS, color/Farbe, 69 min. Scetches and Striptease Queens             und andere leicht bekleidete Stars trällern ihre Liedchen zur
                            featuring the legendary Joe E. Ross.                                      Wehrertüchtigung. Jede Woche bringt die Militärzeitung “Yank”
                           ED WOOD                                                                    Pin-Up-Girls zum Ausschneiden. Die erotischsten Mädchen
                            THE ED WOOD STORY                       CULT 95108 VHS € 20.50            Hollywoods stehen begnadeten Zeichern Modell: Traumfrauen
                           · English, color and b/w, 113 min.                                         für Männerträume. Der Film enthält seltenes, weitgehend
                                                                                                      unbekanntes Archivmaterial von Revuen und “Bathing Beauties”
                           BUNNY YEAGER                                                               zeigt die schönsten Mädchen der Welt unter ihnen Rita
                            100 GIRLS BY BUNNY YEAGER CULT 010 VHS                   € 20.50          Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe (ihre ersten Auftritte!), Jean Harlow,
                           · PAL/VHS, English, B/W & Color, Stereo, 45 min; features stills           Mae West, Jane Mansfield und ihre europäischen
                             and original footage of Bunny working with her models                    Nachfolgerinnen Gina Lollobrigida, Brigitte Bardot, Anita
                             1954-1997, with instrumental Rock & Roll soundtrack by Danny             Eckberg und andere ungezählte Schönheiten ...!
                             B. Harvey                                                               RADIO STAR - DIE AFN STORY               NPF 269 VHS          € 25.00
                            NUDE LAS VEGAS - MOVIE                    CULT 011 VHS        € 20.50   · PAL/VHS, Deutsch/German, Farbe/S&W, 94 Minuten;
                           · PAL/VHS, English, Color, 70 Min; sexy trashfilm from 1964                Rock’n’Roll und Jazz wurden im Nachkriegsdeutschland durch
                             featuring great cars, great clothing, filmed at original locations       den amerikanischen Soldatensender AFN (American Forces
                             in Vegas !                                                               Network) populär. AFN wurde schnell zum Lieblingssender von
                            NUDE CAMERA - MOVIE                       CULT 012 VHS        € 20.50     Teenagern und Twens, die mit der Musik von Bill Hailey und
                           · PAL/VHS, English, Color, 70 min; B-Movie from 1964 showing               Elvis Presley der deutschen Provizialität zu entfliehen suchten.
                             Bunny Yeager in action with Playboy centerfold Lisa Winters and        “Radio Star” zeigt einen atem- beraubenden Abriss aus der
                             other top pin up models from this period                                 Geschichte des Senders mit den schönsten Hits der 50er, 60er
                                                                                                      und 70er Jahre, klug montiert mit Statements ehemaliger DJs
                           VA                                                                         und Musiker. Seltenes Archivmaterial mit Auftritten von Marilyn
                            CHROM VETERANEN                      NPF 01 VHS         € 25.00           Monroe, Judy Garland, Marlene Dietrich, Glenn Miller und
                           · PAL, Farbe/s-w, 58 Min.: Locker und mit sehr sparsamen                   Bing Crosby lassen “Radio Star” zu einem faszinierenden
                            Kommentar versehen ist diese unglaubliche Sammlung von                    Rückblick auf den schönsten Import amerikanischen
                            Werbefilmen, Wochenschauausschnitten und Werksfilmen über                 Lebensgefühls werden. Ein Film von Hannes Karnick und
                            deutsche Nachkriegsautos. Einmalige historische Aufnahmen,                Wolfgang Richter
                            technisch einwandfrei restauriert. Informativ, kurzweilig und            VOL.2, CHROM VETERANEN                   NPF 391 VHS          € 25.00
                            eindeutig die gelungendste Veröffentlichung der NPF-Sammlung            · PAL/VHS, Deutsch, Farbe, ca.58min; Die deutschen Autos der
                            bisher.                                                                   60er und 70er Jahre in Original Werbe- und Werksfilmen,
                            RENDEZVOUS UNTERM                                                         kommentiert von Motor Klassik-Autor Christian Steiger. 1960
                            NIERENTISCH                            NPF 02 VHS             € 25.00     gibt es in Deutschland 3,8 Millionen Automobile. 1970 sind es
                           · PAL, Farbe/s-w, 85 Min.: Erstes Werk in der Sammlung                     bereits 13 Millionen. Vollmotorisierung ist das Motto der Zeit.
                            historischen Film- und Fernsehkulturguts der Firma NPF.                   Das Wirtschaftswunder ermöglicht vielen Kraftfahrern den
                            Lobenswertes Bemühen, die Kinowerbefilmchen der 50er und                  Aufstieg vom Kabinenroller zur repräsentativen Familienkutsche.
                            frühen 60er Jahre in technisch machbarer Qualität auf Video zu            Neue Modelle mussten grösser sein als ihre Vorgänger - und
                            bringen. Das Auffüllen des Bandes mit aus dem                             natürlich auch kräftiger. Heute wärmen die Autos der 60er und
                            Zusammenhang gerissenen Wochenschauausschnitten ist mehr                  70er Jahre als ‘Youngtimer’ die Herzen der Sammler. Am Steuer
                            als überflüssig. Die Werbefilmchen sind sehr amüsant und                  holen sie sich einen Teil ihrer Jugend zurück: Erinnerungen an
                            teilweise viel kurzweiliger als heutige Werbung. Da warten wir            eine Zeit auf der Überholspur. Ein Film von Wolfgang Dresler.
                            sehnsüchtig auf Teil 2 mit den Werbefilmchen aus den                     HAUPTSACHE GEMÜTLICH -
                            Kindertagen des Fernsehens. Wissen Sie noch ‘Ki-Witt,                    DEUTSCHE WOHNZIMMER                  NPF 402 VHS         € 25.00
                            Ki-Witt’-’Nix Ki-Witt, Witt Weiden, Witt Weiden!’                       · PAL/VHS, Deutsch, Farbe, 80 min; Rückblicke und Einblicke
                            FRÖHLICHE ZUKUNFT -                                                      AUTOWAHN UND

                            WÜNSCHE, WUNDER,                                                         WIRTSCHAFTSWUNDER                    NPF 583 VHS         € 25.00
                            VISIONEN                        NPF 03 VHS        € 20.50               · PAL/VHS, Deutsch, Farbe, 60 min; In den 60er Jahren steuerte
                           · GERMAN/DEUTSCH, Farbe, PAL, 60 min.: Höchst amüsante                    die Nation auf einen Verkehrskollaps zu: Verstopfte Städte, die
                             Zusammenstellung von Auschnitten aus Science-Fiction Filmen             Zahl der Zulassungen und Verkehrstoten stieg dramatisch an.
                             der 40er bis 60er Jahre, ‘wissenschaftlichen’ Erkenntnissen und         Doch das Auto blieb des Deutschen liebstes Kind. Diese
                             Wunschträumen von Laien und ‘Experten’, wie denn die Zukunft            Kassette präsentiert eine Fernsehdokumentation und
                             aussehen müsste oder könnte. Eine sorgfältige Auswahl in                Aufklärungsfilme aus den 60er Jahren über die Deutschen und
                             technisch vorzüglicher Qualität. Allerdings hätte man sich die          ihr Verhältnis zum Auto.
                             unqualifizierten Kommentare von Herrn Hüsch sparen sollen, er           ALS DIE WERBUNG FLIMMERN
                             ist nun einmal kein Komiker.                                            LERNTE - FIFTIES                    NPF 627 VHS      € 25.00
                            ALTE REKLAME                            NPF 05 VHS          € 20.50     · PAL/VHS, Farbe und sw, ca.65 Minuten; Wünsche werden
                           · PAL, Farbe, 50 Min.: Technisch vorzüglich, sowohl Bild als auch         Wirklichkeit! Sie hießen Zauberspiegel, Michelangelo, Optimat,
                             Ton, mit etwas reichlich Kommentar und nicht immer passender            Imperator: die Fersehtruhen der Fünfziger. Der Warenkorb war
                             Musik unterlegt, muss man sich fragen, ob Video das richtige            frisch gefüllt und 1956 ging der erste Spot über den Sender. Die
                             Medium ist, alte Werbeplakate und -emailleschilder dem                  gute Rama ist wieder da und Bauknecht weiß, was Frauen
                             Zuschauer darzubieten. Ich hätte mir das eine oder andere               wünschen. Mecki, Sarotti-Mohr und Bärenmarke-Bär toben in
                             lieber in einem grossformatigen Buch auf Kunstdruckpapier               drolligen Trickfilmen über die Mattscheibe. Ein witziger Streifzug
                             angesehen.                                                              durch die Wunderwelt des frühen Werbefernsehens mit flotten
                            HALT, MEIN FREUND,...DIE HB                                              Seitenblicken auf die bunte Kino- Werbung!
                            MÄNNCHEN SPOTS                   NPF 06 VHS      € 15.50                 ALS DIE WERBUNG FLIMMERN
                           · PAL/VHS FARBE/SW 45 min.KASSETTE ENTHÄLT 60 DER                         LERNTE - SIXTIES                    NPF 628 VHS         € 25.00
                            SCHÖNSTEN SPOTS VON 1957-1984                                           · PAL/VHS, Farbe und sw, ca.55 Minuten; Der Duft der großen
                            AMERICAN DREAM CARS                                                      weiten Welt weht den Deutschen um die Nase; Neckermann
                            2-VHS                             NPF 146 VHS      € 39.90               macht’s möglich und der weiße Wirbelwind bläst die
                           · PAL/VHS, deutscher Kommentar/german comments, Farbe,                    Wohnungen blitzblank. Die Fernsehbildschirme werden größer,
                            Gesamt 122 Min. Längst verloren geglaubtes Filmmaterial zur              die Geräte eckiger. Uwe Seeler nascht Gummibärchen, das
                            Geschichte einer einzigar- tigen Automobil Epoche                        HB-Männchen geht in die Luft und Klementine fummelt an
                            (1955-1960).                                                             Waschmaschinen herum. Afri-Cola entfacht zum Ausklang der
                            AMERICAN TV COMMERCIAL                                                   Sechziger den Flower-power-Rausch. 1967 wird das Fersehen
                            CLASSICS                              NPF 179 VHS        € 25.00         farbig: grellbunt stürmen moderne Synthetics und schrille Muster
                           · PAL/VHS, english, sw, ca 50 Min. Die besten 50er Jahre Spots            auf die Konsumenten ein. Eine amüsante Begegnung mit alten
                            der amerikanischen Fernsehwerbung.                                       Bekannten und vertrauten Tönen: ‘Mutti, Mutti, er hat überhaupt
                                                                                                     nicht gebohrt!’ Ein Film von Ulrich Wünsch.                   €

                              BEAR FAMILY RECORDS GmbH                    P. O. BOX 1154 • D-27727 HAMBERGEN • GERMANY                                       8= NEW
                                   COLLECTOR CARDS                                                                            397

                                    COLLECTOR CARDS
 COLLECTOR CARDS                       CC 9002           € 12.90
· Set of 36 cards (6.5x9 cm), b&w/color.

                                     RAHMEN / FRAMES
ALBUM FRAME                                                        · Entspiegelte Version des beliebten Acrylrahmens für
LP-COVER ACRYLIC FRAME -                                            Plattencover etc. 31.5x31.5 cm, Cover können gewechselt
NONGLARE/MATT                         FRAME 003          € 23.50    werden ohne den Rahmen von der Wand zu nehmen.

BEAR FAMILY                                                        CHAMPS
1000 NADELSTICHE                      POSTER 166          € 5.00   EL RANCHO ROCK
GUNTER GABRIEL -                                                   (38.5X28CM)                            POSTER 146       € 14.50
GUNTERWEGS                            POSTER 168          € 5.00   EDDIE COCHRAN
 DIN A2 29,5 cm x 12,5 cm                                          THE GIRL CAN’T HELP IT (40X28
TOMMY KENT - BRIEF                                                 CM)                           POSTER 125                € 14.50
MCCARTNEY                             POSTER 169          € 5.00   MEMORIAL ARENA (28X43 CM) POSTER 131                    € 14.50
BEATLES                                                            SITTIN IN THE BALCONY         POSTER 135                € 14.50
 MERSEY BEAT                          POSTER 057          € 7.67   CRICKETS
· 60x85 cm, s/w                                                    THAT’LL BE THE DAY (40.5X28
 BEATLES                              POSTER SET 2       € 25.57   CM)                                    POSTER 126       €   14.50
 DIN A2 (59,3 x 42 cm) je Poster                                   OH BOY (40X28 CM)                      POSTER 130       €   14.50
CHUCK BERRY                                                        IT’S SO EASY (28X41 CM)                POSTER 155       €   14.50
 .JS.                                 POSTER 108         € 14.50   THINK IT OVER (28X42 CM)               POSTER 171       €   14.50
BIG BOPPER                                                         JAMES DEAN
 THIS IS THE BIG BOPPER                                             AT GAS STATION WITH
 (WEDDING)(40.5X28 CM)                POSTER 129         € 14.50    PORSCHE                               POSTER 052          € 7.67
 CHANTILLY LACE (28X43 CM)            POSTER 149         € 14.50   · 85x57, color
· Repro, Farbe/color                                               FIREBALLS
BOXPOSTER                                                          FOOT PATTER/KISSIN
 SPORTPALAST 1956                      POSTER 404        € 15.00   (28X42CM)                              POSTER 174       € 14.50
· Repro, farbig, 59x83 cm, Bubi Scholz/Albanese(Frankreich) &      ELLA FITZGERALD
 Peter Müller/Masson(Frankreich)                                    PORTRAIT OF HERMAN LEON               POSTER 054          € 7.67
 WALDSTADION FRANKFURT                                             · 84x61 cm, b&w
 1966                                  POSTER 405     € 15.00
· Repro, farbig, 59.5x84 cm, Karl Mildenberger/Muhammad Ali        BOBBY FULLER
JOHNNY CASH                                                        EL PASO COLISEUM CONCERT
                                                                   POSTER (35.3X55.6CM)     POSTER 022                     € 13.90
 ODEON, 1966                          POSTER 059          € 7.67   GLEN GLENN
· B&W - 60x86 cm                                                   REALLY MOVIN’                          POSTER 138       € 14.50

                                                                                                                                       COLLECTOR CARDS

                                             % (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-0 • FAX (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-20 • Email
         398                                                  POSTER
         BILL HALEY                                                              WILLIE NELSON
         RIP IT UP/TEENAGER’S MOTHER                                              TOUR POSTER (AUSTIN OPERA
         (38X28CM)                   POSTER 141                        € 14.50    HOUSE 1979)                             POSTER 026            € 17.90
         MAMBO ROCK (28X38CM)        POSTER 144                        € 14.50   · Repro, Color/Farbe, 28x43 cm
         SEE YOU LATER ALLIGATOR                                                 BETTY PAGE
         (38X28CM)                   POSTER 148                        € 14.50    KITTEN WITH A WHIP                      POSTER 053             € 7.67
         HERBERT HOFFMANN                                                        · 84x61 cm, b&w
          TATTOO MOTIVE - LIMITIERTER                                             TIGER WALL                              POSTER 060             € 7.67
          KUNSTDRUCK                              POSTER 401           € 19.90   · Color - 60x86 cm
         · Traditionelle Tätowiervorlagen exklusiver Kunstdruck limitiert auf     BACK - GRACIOUS LIVING
          1000 Stück! Jedes Poster ist handsigniert und nummeriert!               (COLOR 29.5X83 CM)                      POSTER 163             € 7.67
          Grösse 70x100 cm. Palmen, Hulagirls, Anker, Kreuz und                   PRIVATE GIRL - RED SHIRT
          flammendes Herz: Eine Auswahl der traditionellen                        (COLOR 30X41 CM)                        POSTER 164             € 6.50
          Seefahrermotive, die Herbert Hoffmann in der 50er und 60er              PRIVATE GIRL - SOFA (COLOR
          Jahren für seine Kunden in der Tätowierstube auf der                    29.5X83 CM)                             POSTER 165             € 7.67
          Hamburger Reeperbahn zeichnete. Die fröhlichen und bunten
          Motive zeichnen sich durch ihren naiven Charme aus. Unter              ELVIS PRESLEY
          Tätowierern wurden sie in jüngster Zeit als Hautschmuck                 DON’T (28X41 CM)                        POSTER 133            € 14.50
          wiederentdeckt.                                                         ALBUM COVERS                            POSTER 400             € 7.67
         BUDDY HOLLY                                                             · 89x59 cm, color
          TOUR POSTER (TROCADERO                                                 JODY REYNOLDS
          1958)                                  POSTER 012            € 17.90   ENDLESS SLEEP (28X42CM)                  POSTER 172            € 14.50
         · Color, 41.5x58.5 cm, Re-print of the original poster for the
          legendary 1958 tour.                                                   RICHIE VALENS
         I’M GONNA LOVE YOU TOO                                                  DONNA (43X28 CM)                         POSTER 119            € 14.50
         (40X28 CM)              POSTER 120                            € 14.50   RITCHIE VALENS
         LUMBERJACKS DUGOUT CLUB                                                 COME ON, LET’S GO ( 28X41.5
         (28X36CM)               POSTER 143                            € 14.50   CM)                         POSTER 156                         € 14.50
         BUDDY KNOX                                                              GENE VINCENT
         HULA LOVE (43X28CM)                      POSTER 147           € 14.50    BLUE JEAN BOP                             POSTER 102          € 14.50
         JERRY LEE LEWIS                                                          BE BOP A LULA (43X28 CM)                  POSTER 122          € 14.50
          TOUR POSTER (& TRENIERS                                                 FIRST TIME IN TEXAS -
          1958)                                  POSTER 013            € 17.90    CONCERT POSTER                            POSTER 134          € 14.50
         · Color, 62.5x45 cm, Re-print of the original poster for                · High quality repro of this ultra rare Big D poster, two colors,
          appearance at the Gaumont, Doncaster on 17 June,1958.                   28x43 cm
         WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN’ (43X28                                              DANCE TO THE BOP                         POSTER 137            € 14.50
         CM)                        POSTER 124                         € 14.50   LINK WRAY
         WHAT’D I SAY (42X28CM)     POSTER 142                         € 14.50   RAWHIDE (42X28 CM)                       POSTER 121            € 14.50
         LEGENDEN                                                                VA
         COLLAGE (FARBE, 85X67 CM)                POSTER 403            € 9.99    WOODSTOCK - 30TH ANNI-
         MOVIE POSTER                                                             VERSARY POSTER                          POSTER 050          € 5.50
          ATTACK OF THE 50 FT. WOMAN POSTER 005                     € 10.23      · Repro, Farbe/color, 41x56 cm
         · Movieposter repro as featured in “Pulp Fiction” 67 x 105 cm            ROCK & ROLL STARS 2-POSTER
          RIO BRAVO                             POSTER 016          € 10.23       SET                                     POSTER 051         € 10.00
         · Color/Farbe, 69x99 cm                                                 · Zweiteiliges Set jeweils 31x44 cm, festes Glanzpapier in Farbe !
          DENN SIE WISSEN NICHT WAS                                               Klasse Deko fürs Musikzimmer / full color / high quality paper
          SIE TUN                               POSTER 027          € 10.23       RAT PACK (SANDS HOTEL)                POSTER 055           € 7.67
         · Repro, Farbe/color, 39x98 cm                                          · 60x95 cm, color
          FASTER PUSSYCAT, KILL, KILL           POSTER 030          € 10.23       STARS DES DEUTSCHEN FILMS -
         · Repro, Farbe/color, 68x98 cm                                           COLLAGE                               POSTER 058              € 12.50
          PSYCHO                                POSTER 031           € 8.90      · Collage von Kurt Degen, 86x68 cm, Farbe
         · 102x67 cm, color                                                       WINTER DANCE PARTY                    POSTER 103              € 14.50
          ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE                                                 EMPIRE (GENE VINCENT &
          WEST                                  POSTER 033           € 8.90       EDDIE COCHRAN)                        POSTER 104              € 14.50
         · 68.5x98 cm, color                                                      ROOF GARDEN (L.WRAY, KALIN
          THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE                                                 TWINS, TURNER)                        POSTER 105              € 14.50
          UGLY                                  POSTER 034           € 8.90       AKRON ARMORY, OHIO SHOW
         · 100x70 cm, color                                                       (BUDDY HOLLY, DION)                   POSTER 109              € 14.50
          WINNETOU                              POSTER 035           € 8.90      · Clyde McPhatter, Frankie Avalon, Elegants, Bobby Darin,
         · 98x68 cm, color                                                        Olympics, Jack Scott a.o. 28x53 cm
          AMERICAN GRAFFITI -                                                     LEE GORDON PRESENTS
          DRAWING                               POSTER 036           € 8.90       (FRANCIS, VEE, BURNETTE)             POSTER 110          € 14.50
         · 68x101 cm, color                                                      · (28x43 cm)
          SEARCHERS (JOHN WAYNE)                POSTER 037           € 8.90       CANTON MEMORIAL AUDITO-
         · 100x68 cm, color                                                       RIUM (FREED’S BIG BEAT)              POSTER 111          € 14.50
          A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE                                               · (28x39.6cm), Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Frankie Lymon,
                                                                                  Chuck Berry, Diamonds, Danny & The Juniors, Chantels,
          (BRANDO)                              POSTER 038           € 8.90       Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Jo Ann Campbell a.o.
         · 100x78 cm, color                                                       8TH SHOW OF STARS                      POSTER 136           € 14.50
          DER BLAUE ENGEL (DIETRICH) POSTER 039                      € 8.90

                                                                                  TOP RECORD STARS OF 1957               POSTER 139           € 14.50
         · 68x97 cm, color                                                        BIG GOLD RECORD STARS
          O BROTHER, WHERE ARE THOU                                               (41X28CM)                              POSTER 145           € 14.50
          ?                                     POSTER 040           € 8.90      · Everly Bros, Bill Haley, Jimmie Rodgers, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee
         · Color, 69x101 cm                                                       Lewis
          THE GIRL CAN’T HELP IT (41X28
          CM)                                   POSTER 128          € 14.50

           BEAR FAMILY RECORDS GmbH                     P. O. BOX 1154 • D-27727 HAMBERGEN • GERMANY                                      8= NEW
                                                     POSTER                                                                      399

 (HOLLY, ANKA, LEWIS)                   POSTER 158        € 14.50
· 28x43 cm, color, Civic Auditorium - photo poster Buddy Holly,
 Jerry Lee Lewis, Paul Anka, Jodie Sands
1958 (28X42CM)            POSTER 175                      € 14.50
S/W 81X64 CM              POSTER 402                       € 6.69
ROCK & ROLL PICTURE SET   POSTER SET 1                    € 15.00

                                             METAL SIGNS
BEAR FAMILY                                                           HIS MASTERS VOICE
EMAILSCHILD - BEAR FAMILY                                              BLECHPOSTKARTE                     SIGN 112               € 6.50
HÄNDLER                               SIGN BEAR 2         € 30.68     · Farbe, 10x15 cm, mit Umschlag und Wandhalter
BRUNSWICK                                                              BLECHSCHILD - RCA NIPPER
EMAILSCHILD 25CM/10" BILL                                              (FARBE, 40X27 CM)                  SIGN 113              € 19.90
HALEY                                 SIGN 516            € 35.79     METRONOME
COLLECTOR CARD                                                        EMAILSCHILD 25CM/10"
LINK DAVIS                            BFCC 001             €   7.41   ANDREW BURMAN                         SIGN 517            € 35.79
ARLIE DUFF                            BFCC 002             €   7.41   PEPSI COLA
ROY ORBISON                           BFCC 003             €   7.41    BLECHSCHILD - ANY
EVERLY BROTHERS                       BFCC 004             €   7.41    WEATHER..(FARBE, 41X29 CM) SIGN 115                      € 19.90
JACK SCOTT                            BFCC 005             €   7.41   · Blechschild, Pepsi Cola “Any Weather’s Pepsi Weather”, Farbe.
CONNIE FRANCIS                        BFCC 101             €   7.41
FATS DOMINO                           BFCC 102             €   7.41   POLYDOR
BILL HALEY                            BFCC 103             €   7.41   EMAILSCHILD 25CM/10"
ROY ROGERS                            BFCC 201             €   7.41   FREDDY QUINN                          SIGN 518            € 35.79
GENE AUTRY                            BFCC 202             €   7.41   EMAILSCHILD 25CM/10"
LOUIS JORDAN                          BFCC 203             €   7.41   BEATLES & TONY SHERIDAN               SIGN 519            € 35.79
ROCK & ROLL REVUE                     BFCC 204             €   7.41   EMAILSCHILD 25CM/10" ROY
RHYTHM & BLUES REVUE                  BFCC 205             €   7.41   BLACK                                 SIGN 520            € 35.79
CHICAGO AFTER DARK                    BFCC 206             €   7.41

                                              % (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-0 • FAX (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-20 • Email
              400                                        METAL SIGNS
              ELVIS PRESLEY
               BLECHSCHILD - THE KING
               OF ..(B&W, 30 CM)                      SIGN 116            € 19.90
              · Blechschild, “The King of Rock’n’Roll”, B&W.
              EMAILSCHILD 25CM/10" ELVIS
              PRESLEY                    SIGN 515                         € 35.79
              SUN RECORDS
               LICENSE PLATE /
               NUMMERNSCHILD                          PLATE 01            € 12.50
              · Tin sign/Blechschild 15x30 cm.
               EMAILSCHILD 25CM/10" ROY
               ORBISON                                SIGN 512            € 30.68
               EMAILSCHILD                           SIGN 111            € 17.90
              · Echtes Emailleschild 20x10 cm in guter Qualität (180 g) Weiß
               mit roter Schrift - Wandschmuck mit Stil - begrenzte Auflage

                                                                                     with sealed CD’s. This opener removes the sealing easily,
                                                                                     without destroying the jewelbox. Custom made with Bear Logo.
                                                                                    GENE AUTRY                             BUCKLE 01           € 17.90
                                                                                    BILLY THE KID                          BUCKLE 06           € 17.90
                                                                                    FUZZY DICE/WUERFEL
                                                                                    LARGE (8X8 CM)
                                                                                    BLACK/SCHWARZ                          DICE 001             €   8.90
                                                                                    LARGE (8X8 CM) WHITE/WEISS             DICE 002             €   8.90
                                                                                    LARGE (8X8 CM) PINK/ROSA               DICE 003             €   8.90
                                                                                    SMALL (4X4 CM) WHITE/WEISS             DICE 102             €   7.50
                                                                                    SMALL (4X4 CM) PINK/ROSA               DICE 103             €   7.50
                                                                                    WAYLON JENNINGS
                                                                                    BUMPER STICKER/AUFKLEBER
                                                                                    (LOGO 28X8 CM)                         BUMP 002             € 2.50
                                                                                    CUP HOLDER/DOSENHALTER                 CUP 001              € 5.00
                                                                                    BETTY PAGE - JUNGLE GIRL
                                                                                    WITH CATS                              PAD M007             € 8.90
              ASCHENBECHER/ASHTRAY                                                  BETTY PAGE - DANGER GIRL               PAD M009             € 8.90
               BILLARD 1 GELB/YELLOW                 ASH 001             € 15.00    BETTY PAGE - PRIVATE GIRL /
              · alle Aschenbecher aus Porzellan mit Druckverschluß Billardkugel     RED SHIRT                              PAD M022             € 8.90
               ca.12x16 cm, Würfel ca.10x10x18 cm;
              BILLARD 2 BLAU/BLUE                ASH 002                  € 15.00   BETTY PAGE
              BILLARD 3 ROT/RED                  ASH 003                  € 15.00    DRESS-UP MAGNET SET                    MAGNET 001         € 28.90
              BILLARD 4 LILA/LILAC               ASH 004                  € 15.00   · 30 pieces, color, 25x33 cm, refrigerator magnets/ mix & match !
              WÜRFEL/DICE                                                            Farbiges Magnetset für Kühlschrank, Pinnwand etc.
              SCHWARZ/BLACK                           ASH 009             € 15.00
              WÜRFEL/DICE BLAU/BLUE                   ASH 010             € 15.00
              WÜRFEL/DICE GELB/YELLOW                 ASH 011             € 15.00
               BASEBALL CAP                            CAP 02             € 14.06
              · One size fits all/mit verstellbarem Riemen und gesticktem BEAR
               FAMILY Logo
               CD-ÖFFNER/CD-OPENER                   ZIP 301             € 2.30
              · Kein Ärger mit der Versiegelung von CD’s mehr. Mit einem
               Handgriff wird die Folie entfernt ohne die Hülle zu beschädigen.
               Spezialanfertigung mit Bear Family Logo. No more problems

                BEAR FAMILY RECORDS GmbH                   P. O. BOX 1154 • D-27727 HAMBERGEN • GERMANY                                   8= NEW
                                             MERCHANDISE                                                                           401

T-SHIRT                                                               BEAR FAMILY GR.L GRAU/GREY              SHIRT 2501           € 12.90
 SWAN RECORDS - BEATLES                                               BEAR FAMILY GR.XL
 “SHE LOVES YOU”                     SHIRT 19              € 12.90    GRAU/GREY                               SHIRT 2502           €   12.90
· Size/Grösse: large only/L Color/Farbe: black with silver            JOHN LENNON GR.XL                       SHIRT 2503           €   14.90
 letters/ Schwarz mit silberner Schrift                               PAUL MCCARTNEY GR.XL                    SHIRT 2504           €   14.90
VELVETONE                                 SHIRT 21          € 12.90   SUN 255 - TEN CATS DOWN L               SHIRT 506            €   12.90

                                                        CD ROM
HIT CHRONIK/CD-ROM                                                    · 40 Jahre deutsche Single Charts, 3.600 Interpreten, 14.000
 LEXIKON DER HIT INTERPRETEN ROMCD 0081 05 € 25.00                     Titel.
· Von Aaliah über Hans Albers, George Michael, Uwe                    DEUTSCH/GB/US CHART LP’S
 Ochsenknecht und Zhane bis ZZ Top. Die Hit-Interpreten aus           1962-2000                               ROMCD 0081 07 € 76.00
 den deutschen, englischen und amerikanischen Charts. Mit der         ROCK IN DEUTSCHLAND
 kompletten Auflistung ihrer Hits. 5.000 Biografien 13.000
 Musiker 50.000 Charts-Titel Mit weiteren Suchfunktionen nach          LEXIKON DEUTSCHER
 den Gruppen der Musiker Lebensdaten (Geburtstage,                     ROCKGRUPPEN UND
 Todestage) Kalender (Geburtstage, Todestage zum Kalendertag)          INTERPRETEN                        ROMCD 0081 06 € 25.00
 Freitextsuche                                                        · Diese CD-ROM ist ein Dokument der deutschen
                                                                       Rockgeschichte. Sie enthält die kompletten, unveränderten
HIT GUIDE/CD-ROM                                                       Biografien der drei Buchausgaben “Rock in Deutschland” aus
US CHART SINGLES 1950-1999 ROMCD 0081 02 € 76.00                       den Jahren 1975, 1979 und 1984. 250 Biografien; 2000
HIT RECORDS/CD-ROM                                                     Musiker; 1500 Alben; über 200 Fotos & Cover-Abbildungen.
 BRITISH CHART SINGLES                                                 Mit Suchfunktionen nach: Gruppen; Musikern; Alben
                                                                       Erscheinungsdaten der Alben; Freitextsuche. Inhaltssoftware für
 1950-2000                             ROMCD 0081 03 € 76.00           Microsoft Windows 3, Windows für Workgroups, Windows
· 6.000 Interpreten 22.000 Titel 6.000 Songautoren Neu: mit            95/98 und Windows NT.
 4.5000 Biografien Mit Suchfunktionen nach: -Interpreten;
-Titeln; -Nr.-1Hits; -Hits des Jahres; -Goldene Schallplatten;        SINGLE COVER KATALOG
-Zeiträume; -Songautoren; -Cover- Versionen; -Labels Zudem in          GERNOT KIRCHER: UNDER
 einer Übersicht: Die Plazierung in den deutschen bzw.                 COVER PRODUKT KATALOG             ROMCD 0081 20 € 25.00
 amerikanischen Charts                                                · 5000 Farbabbildungen im PDF Format, Singlehüllen 50-90s,
HITBILANZ/CD-ROM                                                       EPs und Firmenlochcover
1956-1998                                 ROMCD 0081 01 € 76.00

                                                     DVD Artists
ABBA                                                                    tracks and the band’s own archival footage from the PET
                                                                        SOUNDS era and their European tours, ENDLESS HARMONY
 THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL (1) DVD 016 907                   € 27.50      explores the unique contributuins of each individual to The
· NTSC, Color, Dolby digital, 91 min. All four members talk about       Beach Boy’s ongoing legacy. FEATURING 45 BEACH BOY’S
 their lives before, during and after Abba. Also there are              SONGS INCLUDING PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED VERSIONS
 exclusive extracts from both rehearsals and performances from          OF THESE CLASSICS: Good Vibrations, California Girls, God
 the smash it West End musical “Mamma Mia!” based on the                Only Knows, Heroes And Villains AND REVEALING RATITIES
 songs of Abba.(30 min)                                                 INCLUDING: Loop De Loop (Flip Flop Flyin’ In An Aeroplane),
 THE DEFINITIVE COLLECTION                                              Brian’s Back, Barbara, Soulful Old Man Sunshine 5 BONUS
 (0)                                    DVD UNI 17445 € 24.90           DVD VIDEO CLIPS: Surfin’ USA, things We Did Last Summer,
· English, Dolby Digital, 168 min., contains all 30 videos restored     Little Deuce Coupe, In my Room, Sloop John B., Friends AND 7
 and remastered, picture gallery, bonus videos;                         BOUS DVD 5.1 SURROUND SOUND ADIO MIXES: California
ALABAMA                                                                 Girls, Kiss Me, Baby, God Only Knows, Surf’s Up, Long
 FOR THE RECORD - LIVE (1)            DVD RCA 67851 € 45.50             Promised Road, Sail On Sailor, Do It Again
· NTSC, Dolby Stereo, Digital Mastered, Scrolling Lyrics,              THE LOST CONCERT (0)                   DVD ID 5647          € 25.00
 Complete On Screen Discography, Bonus Video; Recorded in               Programm Start; Fun, Fun, Fun- Long Tall Texan- Little Deuce
 Las Vegas, 1998                                                        Coupe- Surfer Girl- Surfin’ USA- Shut Down- In My Room- Papa
                                                                        Oom-Mow-Mow- Hawaii- End Credits
ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL                                                   · NTSC, B&W, 22 Minutes;
 IN CONCERT (0)                        DVD INAK 6517 € 20.90           NASHVILLE SOUNDS -
· April,2000, 4:3, Dolby Stereo, 60 minutes, special features,         MAKING OF STARS & STRIPES             DVD SVE 3016        € 19.90
 recorded at TV-Studio “Ohne Filter” Baden-Baden, Germany
                                                                      · Code 0, PAL, Dolby, English, Dolby 5.1, 60 minutes; After a
CHET ATKINS                                                            decade apart from the rest of the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson
 A LIFE IN MUSIC (1)                      DVD ID 9690       € 29.90    re-united with them in 1996 at the behest of Capitol Records in
· NTSC, Color, 44 minutes;                                             the U.S. 35 years after their hit-single, the plan was to record of

 RARE PERFORMANCES                                                     classic Beach Boys songs with some of country music’s biggest
 1955-1975 (1)                            DVD VEST 13027 € 27.50       names, thus bringing together two major forces within American
· NTSC, B&W and Color, 58 min;                                         popular music. With Brian Wilson as producer, the result was the
                                                                       album ‘Stars & Stripes’ that, whilst retaining the Beach Boys
BEACH BOYS                                                             trademark close harmony backing vocals; also, in Mike Love’s
 ENDLESS HARMONY - A                                                   words, brought ‘a whole new life and personality’ to the songs.
 DOCUMENTARY (0)                        DVD CAP 92353 € 32.50         ‘Nashville Sounds - The Making Of Stars & Stripes’ documents
· Buoyed by vibrant voices, infectious melodies and ingenious          the sessions for the album and gives us an intimate
 arrangements, the sounds of the Beach Boys have captivated            behind-the-scenes look as the Beach Boys record with, amongst
 music fans across the globe for nearly four fantastic decades.        others, Willie Nelson, Tammy Wynette, and The Eagles’ Timothy
 Touched in equal measure by success and sorrow, The Beach             B. Schmit. Candid footage of the recording process, and
 Boys’ career has been scrutinized by nearly everyone - except         interviews with each of the Beach Boys and their special-guests,
 the California natives who made it happen. Now for the first          makes this a fascinating portrait of a unique collaboration.
 time, The Beach Boys themselves reveal the story of their rise
 from suburban pop fledglings to American Institution. Featuring
 exclusive interviews with Brian and Carl Wilson, Mike Love, Al
 Jardine and Bruce Johnston, as well as previously unreleased

                                                % (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-0 • FAX (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-20 • Email
              402                                           DVD Artists

              BEE GEES                                                               CARPENTERS
               LIVE BY REQUEST (2)                   DVD 91989             € 24.90 8 INTERPRETATIONS (0)                          DVD AM 82009 € 21.50
              · 2001, PAL, 5.1, Stereo, Color, 90 Min;                                 Without A Song- Superstar- Rainy Days And Mondays- Reason To
              TONY BENNETT                                                             Believe- (They Long To Be) Close To You- Calling Occupants Of
               TONY BENNETT’S NEW YORK                                                 Interplanetary Craft- Little Girl Blue- Bless The Beasts And Children-
               (4)                                    DVD U 0061         € 19.90       We’ve Only Just Begun- When I Fall In Love- From This Moment On
              · PAL, Color, 4:3, 2.0 Dolby, 90 Min; Tony Bennett, the man who        · (1995/A&M), NTSC, Dolby, Color, 37 min; A&M and I proudly
               gave the world I Left My Heart In San Francisco, has now been           present this video compilation of eleven Carpenters’ tracks
               one of the world’s top singing stars for almost half a century. His     never before availabe on DVD. All have been digitally
               popularity and appeal spans all generations, won over by a              enhanced and feature remastered stereo audio. The tracks were
               musical style that is timeless in its appeal. Born Anthony              videotaped during the ten spanning September 1970 to March
               Dominick Benedetto, the son of an Italian immigrant, in                 1980. ‘From This Moment On,’ an outtake from our fifth
               Queens, New York, in 1926, he became Tony Bennett in 1949               television special is presented for the first time in this collection.
               after comedian Bob Hope saw him singing in a club and                   (Richard Carpenter, June 2003)
               suggested a change of name. Bennett never looked back...              JOHNNY CASH
               early hits like Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Just In Time and          THE MAN, HIS WORLD, HIS
               Strange In Paradise brought him recording success on both             MUSIC                                      DVD CR 002        € 35.00
               sides of the Atlantic. In 1962 he recorded I Left My Heart In San       Ring Of Fire- Land Of Israel- Daddy Sings Bass- Folsom Prison
               Francisco, the song that has become his signature tune. More
               than thirty million album sales later, Tony Bennett is still going      Blues- Five Feet High & Rising- Blue Suede Shoes- Remember The
               strong. This unique video special features Tony in performance          Alamo- Buttering Biscuit Up Tonight- Great Speckled Bird- Jack-
               in Atlantic City and in an interview in and around New York in          son- Orange Blossom Special- Blistered- Ballad Of Ira Hayes- Big
               1996. Archive footage and contributions from his many                   Foot- Were You There When They Crucified My Lord- Cisco
               entertainment business friends bring further insights. It is a          Clifton’s Fillin’ Station- Busted- The Last Thing On My Mind- Big
               fascinating look at the eventful life and career of the man who         River- Long Black Veil- Jackson- The Devil To Pay
               Frank Sinatra named as his favourite singer and who is now            · PAL, color, 90 min;
               considered ‘The King Of Cool’ by a new generation of                  THE MAN, HIS WORLD, HIS
               admirers.                                                             MUSIC (2)                                  DVD SDE 3008        € 22.50
              CHUCK BERRY                                                              Ring Of Fire- Land Of Israel- Daddy Sings Bass- Folsom Prison
              ROCK & ROLL MUSIC -                                                      Blues- Five Feet High & Rising- Blue Suede Shoes- Remember The
              CONCERT FILM SERIES (1)                 DVD PA 98595        € 29.90      Alamo- The Walls Of A Prison- Great Speckled Bird- Jackson-
                Rock And Roll Music- Long Live Rock & Roll- Johnny B. Goode-           Orange Blossom Special- Blistered- Ballad Of Ira Hayes- Big Foot-
                Promised Land- Carol- Hoochie Koochie Man- Maybellene- Too             Were You There When They Crucified My Lord- Cisco Clifton’s
                Much Monkey Business- Reelin’ & Rockin’- Sweet Little Sixteen- In      Fillin’ Station- Busted- One Too Many Mornings- Big River- Long
                The Wee, Wee Hours (I Think Of You)                                    Black Veil- You’re All I Need- The Devil To Pay
              · 5.1 Dolby Digital, Color, 46 minutes;                                · English, Dolby Stereo, 5:1, 80 minutes; The producers of the
              CHUCK BERRY & BO DIDDLEY                                                 documentary movie Johnny Cash: ‘The Man, His World, His
                                                                                       Music’ set out to focus on one of the leading lights of country
               ROCK & ROLL ALL STAR JAM (1) DVD PA 99564                  € 29.90      music in the late 1960s. They were rewarded with a unique
              · 5.1 Dolby Digital, Color, 55 minutes, filmed at Irvine Meadows         portrait of an artist who, by the time the documentary was
               Amphitheatre in California 1985, Feat.: Ron Wood, Mike                  screened, was arguably as famous and as popular as any
               Fleetwood, John Mayall, Carl Wilson a.o.;                               singer in America. The film - first shown in Britain on cinema
              BROOKS & DUNN                                                            screens, rather than TV - was shot over slightly less than a year.
              VIDEO COLLECTION (1)                    DVD AR 18859         € 19.50     The shooting covered the period between the mixing sessions
DVD Artists

                                                                                       for ‘Land Od Israel’, a track from Cash’s spiritual LP ‘The Holy
              JAMES BROWN                                                              Land,’ in the final weeks of 1968 to the Country Music
               BODY HEAT - LIVE (2)                DVD SV 3007             € 17.50     Association awards ceremony in the early autumn of 1969.
              · 1979 Monterey, PAL, Color, 60 Minutes;                               AN ANTHOLOGY OF THE MAN
              GLEN CAMPBELL                                                          IN BLACK (0)            DVD U 0069                          € 19.90
               IN CONCERT (2)                          DVD 79110           € 25.55    Opening Credits- Folsom Prison Blues- Big River- Five Feet High &
              · Color, 61 minutes, stereo, dolby, 5.1, bonus features;                Risin’- Cry, Cry, Cry- I Walk The Line- Orange Blossom Special-
                                                                                      Ring Of Fire- Jackson- The Man In Black- A Boy Named Sue-
                                                                                      Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down- If I Were A Carpenter- Daddy Sang
                                                                                      Bass- Bird On A Wire- End Credits- Somewhere In The Darkness-
                                                                                      An Epic Story- Down-And-Out- The Theatre Of The Mind- A Pocket
                                                                                      Full Of Songs- The Memphis Melting Pot- The Carter Family- Ring
                                                                                      Of Fire- A Hundred Pills A Day- Music With A Message- Prison

                BEAR FAMILY RECORDS GmbH                    P. O. BOX 1154 • D-27727 HAMBERGEN • GERMANY                                        8= NEW
                                                   DVD Artists                                                                         403

  Shows- ‘The Johnny Cash Show’- Man In Black- The Highwaymen- EDDIE COCHRAN
  Cash- End Credits                                                     AT TOWN HALL PARTY DVD
· PAL, English 2.0, Color, 4:3, 143 Min; This special collection        (0)                                       BVD 20002            € 25.00
  includes two programs ‘Johnny Cash: The Anthology’ and ‘Half
  Mile a Day’ which detail the incredible six-decade career of this JOE COCKER
  10-time Grammy winning artist through performances, rare            8 IN CONCERT (0)                            DVD ACE 11557 € 18.90
  archival footage and photos. A host of stars including Judy            Feelin’ Alright?- Look What You’ve Done- A Whiter Shade Of Pale-
  Collins, Carl Perkins, Willie Nelson, Billy Bob Thornton, Kris         Sweet Little Woman- Just Like Always- Jealous Kind- Shocked-
  Kristofferson, Jerry Lee Lewis, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard,        Hitchcock Railway- Watching The River Flow- Delta Lady- The
  Mary Stuart, Glen Campbell, George and Sam Phillips all pay            Letter- You Are So Beautiful- With A Little Help From My Friends
  tribute to The Man In Black, Johnny Cash. Scoring over 100 hit
  singles during his career, ‘Johnny Cash: The Antholoy’ takes         · (2003/ALPHA CENTAURI) color, Dolby Digital, 59 min.;
  viewers on a journey which begins with the 1950’s hit ‘Cry, Cry,       recorded live in Italy 1981 - 5.1 Surround & Stereo
  Cry’ and continues through the 1990’s classic ‘Bird On A Wire’. DAVID ALLAN COE
                                                                      8 LIVE AT BILLY BOB’S TEXAS (1)             DVD SMG 5017 € 21.50
CHIEFTAINS                                                               Heaven Only Knows- Storms Never Last- Ain’t That The Way (Love’s
 WATER FROM THE WELL - LIVE                                              Supposed To Be)- Talkin’ To The Blues- Son Of The South- ‘59
 OVER IRELAND (4)                          DVD U 0047         € 19.90    Cadillac ‘57 Chevy- Wreckless- Nothin’ To Lose (part 2)- Tiem Off
  SCENE SELECTIONS:- How we got together- Paddy at the house of          For Bad Behavior- When I Was A Young Man- If That Ain’t Country
  Conroy- Chieftains into the music- chieftains and guests- ‘Water       (part 2)- Lay My Money Down- Will You Remember Me- Long
  From The Well’- Turning professional- Working together and apart-      Haired Redneck 2001- Take This Joe And Shove It- Drank My Wife
  ‘The music industry’- ‘The Menagerie’- SONGS:- Bean An Fhir            Away- The Ride- You Never Even (All Me By My Name)- Face My
  Rua- Lots Of Drops Of Brandy- The Kilfenora Set- Ballyfin Polkas-      Mind- Follow Me
  The Ballyfin Slide- The May Morning Dew- The Galician Set- The · (2003/SMITH MUSIC GROUP), NTSC, Color, 20 tracks Great
  Lovely Sweet Banks Of The Moy- Dusty Miller- Live From Matt            Live performance at the worldfamous Honky Tonk!!/Super Live
  Molloy’s Pub- THE CHIEFTAINS- Paddy Moloney: Uilleann Pipes,           DVD aus der berühmtesten Honky Tonk der Welt!!
  Tin Whistle &- Accordion- Derek Bell: Harps, Harpsicord, Piano &- NAT KING COLE
  Tiompan- Marin Fay: Fiddle- Seán Keane: Fiddle- Kevin Conneff:        AN EVENING WITH (2)                       DVD 92946            € 21.90
  Bodhran & Vocals- Matt Molloy: Flute- Santiogo- Guadalupe- · 1995, PAL, Color, Digital Mono, 47 Min; British Show from
  Maneo- Eliot Fisk - Classic Guitar- Txalaparta- Kepa Junkera -         1961;
  Accordion- Nao Vas Ao Mar, Toino- Julio Pereira - Cavapuinho, COLLINS KIDS
  Percussion- Dum Paterfamilias/Ad Honorem- Galician Overture-
  Galleguita/Tutankhamen- Dublin In Vigo
                                                                        AT TOWN HALL PARTY DVD
                                                                        (0)                                       BVD 20005            € 25.00
· PAL, 16:9, 5.1, Color, 110 mins, special features; Journey with
  The Chieftains to the special places and people of the home          SHAWN COLVIN
  countries that formed the band’s musical soul. Derek Bell, Kevin      LIVE IN BORA BORA (1)                     DVD ID 1748          € 24.90
  Conneff, Martin Fay, Seán Keane, Matt Molloy and Paddy               · NTSC, Stereo, Color, 53 minutes;
  Moloney tell the tales of their earliest memories of Irish music.    SAM COOKE
  Their thoughtful and often amusing stories capture the emotion
  behind the scenes of every performance.                               LEGEND - THE LIFE, THE
                                                                      8 LEGEND, THE LEGACY (0)                    DVD ABK 10049 € 27.90
PETULA CLARK                                                             Intro- Childhood- Gospel Years/Specialty Records- Crossvoer To
 THIS IS MY SONG (0)                       DVD SVE 2002       € 24.90    Secular Music- Copa- Chitlin’ Circuit- SAR Records/Kags Music-
· Code 0, PAL, english, color and b&w, mono, 55 minutes; this            European Tour- Return To Copa- Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali)-
  specially extended version of THIS IS MY SONG documents                Cassius Clay vs. Sonny Liston- A Change Is Gonna Come- Final
  Petula Clark’s amazing life story, from childhood stardom to the       Days- End Credits
  present day. Using archive footage and brand new interviews
  with famous friends and colleagues this is the ultimate Petula       · 2003/ABKCO, NTSC, 4x3, Stereo, written by Peter Guralnick,
  Clark documentary. Plus extensive footage of: I Know A Place;          Subtitles: English, Spanish, Brazilian, Portugese & Japanese;
  The Wind Of Change; On The Path Of Glory (with Harry                   Running Time 70 minutes plus 120 minutes additional
  Belafonte); Visions Of Sugar Plums (with Andy Williams); When          interviews; English language ! Allein durch die rare Clips ein
  Johnny Comes Marching Home (with Peggy Lee); TV Promo                  faszinierendes Projekt auch für Fans die kein Englisch sprechen.
  (with Dean Martin); Finian’s Rainbow movie trailer; Childhood          Singer, songwriter, business man, family man, civil rights activist:
  newsreel and french concert                                            Sam Cooke transcends all barriers of race faith and talent. This
                                                                         first-ever biography of the definitive soul singer looks at his
                                                                         extraordinary career and personal life - from his gospel-singing
                                                                         roots through his R&B and pop music career. Featuring rare and
                                                                         never-before-seen performances clips, TV footage and family
                                                                         photos plus exclusive bonus interviews with: Aretha Franklin,
                                                                         Bobby Womack, Lou Rawls, Lloyd Price, Lou Adler, L.C. Cooke
                                                                                                                        and more!
                                                                                                                                                 DVD Artists

                                                 % (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-0 • FAX (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-20 • Email
              404                                             DVD Artists
               BING CROSBY                                                                Wheel Someday- The Fat Man- My Girl Josephine- Goin’ To The
                A BING CROSBY CHRISTMAS (1) DVD QD 3175                     € 30.63       River- Walking To New Orleans- When The Saints Go Marching
               · Color, 60 minutes; No other entertainer is as closely identified         In/Sentimental- Journey
                with Chrsitmas as Bing Crosby. In this collector’s edition, Bing        · 2003, PAL, Color, ca.90 Min; recorded live at the New Orlean
                sings ‘White Christmas’ , ‘Silent Night’, ‘Have Yourself A Mery           Jazz & Heritage Festival 2001 plus bonus interviews, bios &
                Little Christmas’, plus 20 other favorites. Bing’s wife, Kathym,          photos;
                and his good friend, Gene Kelly, host this tribute to the man           BOB DYLAN
                whose voice came to symbolize the warmth and hope of the                 DON’T LOOK BACK (1)                 DVD NVG 9447 € 39.90
                season. ‘A Bing Crosby Chrsitmas’ is a celebration of his annual        · Documentary 1965, 96 minutes, Feat: Joan Baez, Alan Price,
                Christmas Specials, featuring a compilation of scenes from               Donovan and Albert Grossman; When acclaimed documentary
                original programs from 1962 to 1977. Watch the Crosby family             filmmaker D.A. Pennebaker (Monterey Pop, The War Room)
                grow up around his as they join Bing on stage to celebrate the           filmed Bob Dylan during a three week concert tour of England
                season year after year. Join old friends like Fred Astaire, Jackie       in the Spring of 1965, he had no idea he was about to create
                Gleason, Mary Martin, Carol Burnett, Michael Landon, Connie              one of the most intimate profiles of the musician ever put on
                Stevens, Bernadette Peters, John Byner, Roy Clark, David Bowie,          film. Wanting to make more than just a concert film, Pennebaker
                and others who chimed in to make those golden days ‘merry                sought both the public and private Bob Dylan. With unobtrusive
                and bright.’                                                             equipment and rare access to the performer, he achieved a
               JOHN DENVER                                                               fly-on-the-wall glimpse of one of music’s most influential figures.
                MONTANA CHRISTMAS SKYS                                                   Hailed as one of the best documentaries about a performing
                (0)                                       DVD 82015           € 20.50    artist ever created, ‘Don’t Look Back’ is more than a view of an
                 Christmas For Cowboys- Til Santa’s Gone (I Just Can’t Wait)-            extraordinary concert tour - Bob Dylan’s last as a solo acoustic
                 Someday Soon- Christ Child’s Lullaby- Wild Montana Skies-               performer. It’s ‘a portrait of the young Dylan tearing the pop
                 Potter’s Wheel- Grandma’s Feather Bed- Rudolph The Red-Noses                              .
                                                                                         world apart!’ (S.F Examiner) Five original, uncut audio
                                                                                         performances/Spectacular new digital transfer/Commentary
                 Reindeer- Away In A Manger- Jingle Bells- I Want To Live- Feelings      from D.A. Pennebaker and tour road manager, Bob
                 Of Love- A Change In The Air                                            Neuwirth/Never-before-seen version of ‘Subterranean
               · A holiday with friends, featuring Clint Black, Kathy Mattea &           Homesick Blues’ cue card scene/Original theatrical trailer/D.A.
                 Patty Loveless                                                          Pennebaker filmography /Bob Dylan discography/Biographies
                A PORTRAIT (O)                            DVD MH 326712 € 39.90          of the cast and crew
               · NTSC, 60 minutes, Stereo;                                              NOKIE EDWARDS & ADVENTURE
                THE WILDLIFE CONCERT (O)                  DVD SMV 49710 € 19.90         LIVE AT THE SUNHOUSE (0)                 DVD C 1944         € 21.90
                 Program Start- Introduction from John Denver- Eagles And Horses-         Introduction- Walk Don’t Run- Slaughter On 10th Avenue- Eight
                 Country Roads- Back Home Again- The Wildlife Conservation                Days A Week- Steel Guitar Rag- Orange Blossom Special- Tequila
                 Society- You Say The Battle Is Over- A Song For All Lovers- Feeling      Sunrise- I’m Walking- Driving Wheels- Miss Judy- Alabama Jubi-
                 Rocky Mountain High- Rocky Mountain High- I Guess He’d Rather            lee- The House Of The Rising Sun- Mrs Robinson- Driving Guitars- I
                 Be In Colorado- Outdoor Life- I’d Rathe Be A Cowboy- For You- I’m        Got A Woman- Secret Agent Man- Wipe Out/Let’s Go- Pipeline-
                 Sorry- New Perspectives- Fly Away- Two Different Directions-             Caravan- A Whiter Shade Of Pale- Bumble Bee Rock
                 Shanghai Breezes- Annie’s Song- Images From Nature- Sunshine
                 On My Shoulders- The Spirit Of The American West- Wild Montana
                                                                                        · PAL, 4:3, Surround 5.0, Dolby Digital, PCM Stereo, 72 min;
                                                                                          Join world famous Solo Guitarist of the Ventures: Nokie
                 Skies- Darcy Farrow- Poems, Prayers, And Promises- The Harder            Edwards here playing together with international renown
                 They Fall- Bet On The Blues- Falling Out Of Love- What Can I Do?-        Ventures act group Adventure (Alvert van Prehn, Hans Stevens,
                 Calypso- Resentment And Regret- Amazon- To Be Remembered-                Harry Spies, Roy Henninger and Lia van Prehn Vocals On track
                 Medley: Leaving On A Jet Plane/Goodbye Again- Farewell And               8 and 9) for an evening of mostly Instrumental Greats recorded
                 Credits                                                                  Live at The Sunhouse (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) on
               · Special DVD features include: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround,                November 8th 2002./Ventures Gitarrist Nokie Edwards
                 interactive menus, Dolby Stereo, instant chapter access to               zusammen mit der international bekannten Ventures Revival
                 songs, english lyrics and subtitles, in-depth biography, special         Gruppe AdVenture!Live im Sunhouse in Amsterdam, 2002!
                 wildlife future; recorded in 1995, 113 minutes, NTSC, Color,           RAMBLIN’ JACK ELLIOTT
                 Surround Sound;                                                         THE BALLAD OF RAMBLIN’
               NEIL DIAMOND                                                              JACK                                DVD WHE 73134 € 39.90
              8 GREATEST HITS LIVE (0)                DVD SMV 49014 € 19.90             · NTSC, English, Color, Documentary/Performance, 112 minutes;
                 America- September Morn- I’m Alive- Cherry, Cherry- Sweet Caro-         From his unlikely roots as the son of a Jewish doctor in
                 line- I Am...I Said- Headed For The Forture- Hello Again-               Brooklyn, to his ongoing wanderings as the last of the singing
                 Heartlight- Jungletime- You Don’t Bring Me Flowers- Forever In          cowboys, Ramblin’ Jack has packed so many adventures into
                 Blue Jeans- Teach Me Tonight- Medley: Golden Slumbers/Carry             his life that he seems more myth than man. After running away
                 That Weight/The- End- Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show-          to join the rodeo at the age of fifteen, he traveled and sang with
                                                                                         Woody Guthrie and became friend and mentor to Bob Dylan.
                 This Time-                                                              His music helped ignite a folk revolution in the ‘60s and has
               · (SONY) original 1988, NTSC, Dolby Digital, 60 min; Live at the          influenced some of the most popular musicians and performers
                 Aquarius Theatre, L.A.                                                  of our day. Jack’s daughter Aiyana had originally wanted to
               DIXIE CHICKS                                                              document the great rambler in action and bring his story to
                AN EVENING WITH THE DIXIE                                                light. However, when she hit the road with him, the focus of the
                                                                                         story turned from the roving cowboy’s life on the road to the
                CHICKS (1)                              DVD CVD 55322 € 24.90            daughter’s search for a dad who was rarely at home. Shot over
                 Long Time Gone- Landslide- Travelin’ Soldier- Truth No.2- White         the course of two years, the film skillfully weaves stellar
                 Trash Wedding- A Home- More Love- I Believe In Love- Tortured,          performances, contemporary verité, candid interviews and a
                 Tangled Hearts- Lil’ Jack Slade- Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)- Top Of        walth of archival material including never-before-seen home
                 The World- Wide Open Spaces- Cowboy Take Me Away- Goodbye               movies from the Guthrie family’s private collection resulting in a
DVD Artists

                 Earl- Sin Wagon                                                         film that takes us beyond the legend and into the psyche of the
               · NTSC, 5.1 Dolby Surround, 92 minutes, special features;                 man. DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Interactive Menus, Scene
                 recorded at the Kodak Theatre, Los Angeles                              Access, Production Credits, Theatrical Trailer, Audio
                UNAUTHORIZED BIO (1)                    DVD VDI 10212 € 27.50            Commentary with Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Clips from short film
               · No Music ! Biography only !, 45 minutes;                                Ramblin’ Jack in Texas, Discography, Weblinks
               FATS DOMINO                                                              ENGELBERT
                THE MUSIC OF FATS DOMINO                                                 LIVE AT THE ROYAL ALBERT
                (0)                                    DVD 201951          € 21.90       HALL (2)                               DVD WHE 1051         € 15.90
                I’m Walkin’- Let The Four Winds Blow- My Blue Heaven- I’m In Love       · English, PAL, 59 minutes;
                Again- I’m Ready- Don’t You Know- Shake, Rattle And Roll- Blue-
                berry Hill- Girl I Love- Blue Monday- Poor Me- All By Myself-
                So-Long- When My Dreamboat Comes Home- I’m Gonna Be A

                  BEAR FAMILY RECORDS GmbH                    P. O. BOX 1154 • D-27727 HAMBERGEN • GERMANY                                      8= NEW
                                                    DVD Artists                                                                          405

 DAN FOGELBERG                                                            ROBERT JOHNSON
8 LIVE (0)                                DVD SMV 49109 € 19.90 8 THE SEARCH FOR (0)                              DVD SMV 49113 € 19.90
   Program Start/Aurora Nova- The Wild Places- Heart Hotels- Over · (1992/SONY) Dolby Stereo, NTSC, Interactive Menus, 72 min;
   & Over- The Spirit Trail- Make Love Stay- Believe In Me- Road         For the first time in history, “The Search For Rober Johnson”
   Beneath My Wheels- Run For The Roses- Leader Of The Band- Band                                                  traces the path of this
   Intros- Twins Theme/Intimidation- The Power Of Gold- Lonely In                                                              private,
   Love- Missing You- Part Of The Plan- Same Old Lang Syne- There’s                                                            troubled figure.
   A Place In The World For A Gambler- Closing Credits                                                                         In documentary
                                                                                                                              style, drawing
 · (2000/SONY/EPIC) Dolby Digital, NTSC, Colour, 100 min.;                                                                    on the research
   recorded June 25th, 1991 at the Fox Theatre, St. Louis,                                                                    of blues
   Missouri.                                                                                                                  scholars Mack
 FOUR TOPS                                                                                                                    McCormick and
  40TH ANNIV.LIVE FROM MGM                                                                                                    Gayle Dean
  GRAND, LAS VEGAS (1)                    DVD CWP 2212 € 29.90                                                                Wardlow for its
   Introduction- MacArthur Park- Shake Me, Wake Me (When It’s                                                                foundation, the
                                                                                                                             soul of an
   Over)- Baby I Need Your Loving- In The Still Of The Night- Ain’t No                                                       elusive spirit is
   Woman (Like The One I’ve Got)- When She Was My Girl- Ask The                                                              pieced together.
   Lonely- I’ve Got You Under My Skin- Bernadette- It’s The Same Old                                                         Those who come
   Song- Walk Away Renee- Reach Out I’ll Be There- Standing In The                                                          to bear witness
   Shadows Of Love- I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)- (I                                                        include fellow
   Can’t Get No) Satisfaction- Jumpin’ Jack Flash                                                                           bluesman J.
 · NTSC, Color, 64 min, digitally recorded;                                                                                 Shines and
 KINKY FRIEDMAN                                                                                                             Edwards, who
  PROUND TO BE AN A++HOLE                                                                                                  learned their craft
8 FROM EL PASO (1)                        DVD WS 3092          € 21.50                                                     from Johnson,
   A##hole From El Paso- They Ain’t Making Jews Like Jesus                                                                 girlfriend W. Mae
   Anymore- Homo Erectus- Sold American- Get Your Biscuits In The                                                          Powell and others
   Oven And Your...- Marilyn And Joe- Twirl- Old Ben Lucas- Waitret,                                                       who knew the man
   Please, Waitret- The Ballad Of Charles Whitman- Men’s Room,           who folklore says sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads.
   L.A.                                                                TOM JONES
 · (2003/White Star), English,NTSC,Color,90 minutes!! Unique            CLASSIC R&B AND FUNK (2)                  DVD 7322958            € 26.90
   and interesting biography with 11 live clips / Interessante         · PAL, Dolby Stereo;
   Biografie, gedreht an diversen Schauplätzen in Texas plus 11
   clips mit Kinky Live On Stage.                                      LOUIS JORDAN
                                                                           LOUIS JORDAN AND THE
 MARVIN GAYE                                                               TYMPANY FIVE (1)                    DVD BMG 8008 € 25.00
   LIVE IN ‘76 - GREATEST HITS (4) DVD U 0048                 € 19.90     · NTSC, 48 minutes, Remastered in 5.1 Surround Sound, Instant
  · PAL, Color, 2.0, 60 mins; This concert was recorded live on             Song Access, Full Motion Interactive Menus
   Marvin Gaye’s first European tour in 1976. Filmed in Holland at
   the Edenhalle Concert Hall in Amsterdam before a sellout               JACK KEROUAC
   audience, this show, preserved now for prosperity, was one of           KING OF THE BEATS (4)                  DVD U 0105           € 21.90
   the rare live performances captured on film.                           · 2001, PAL, Color, 4:3, Dolby Digital, 73 Min; This is the award
                                                                            winning biography of the King of the Beat Generation . Jack
 NANCI GRIFFITH                                                             Kerouac’s writings, including his extraordinary novel ‘On The
   WINTER MARQUEE (0)                     DVD ROU 3220 € 17.90              Road,’ took American literature to new levels of creativity and in
  · Filmed at the historic Tennessee Theater in Knoxville,TN in             the process inspired unprecedented social and cultural change.
   2002; special guests: Emmylou Harris, Tom Russell and Andrew             Kerouac’s life is examined through fascinating rare documentary
   Hardin                                                                   footage and revealing interviews with some of Kerouac’s most
 MERLE HAGGARD                                                              famous contemporaries such as Allan Ginsberg, Lawrence
   POET OF THE COMMON MAN                                                   Ferlinghetti and William Burroughs. ‘Jac, Kerouac: King of the
   & LIVE IN CONCERT (2)                   DVD 7320058          € 25.90     Beats’ is both an accurately detailed documentary and a
                                                                            moving drama. The film begings with Kerouac’s Catholic
  · PAL, Dolby, Stereo                                                      boyhood; captures his development as one of the most
   IN CONCERT (1)                          DVD BDVD 936         € 29.90     important modern American authors, and end with his self
  · Color, Digital Stereo, 150 minutes,                                     destructive demise at the age of 49. Music by: Duke Ellington,
 EMMYLOU HARRIS                                                             Thelonius Monk, Charles Mingus, Zoot Sims.
  SPYBOY - LIVE FROM THE                                                  BARNEY KESSEL
  LEGENDARY EXIT/IN                     DVD EM 25100 € 24.90              RARE PERFORMANCES
   Introduction- My Songbird- Where Will I Be- I Ain’t Living Long Like 8 1962-1991 (0)                    DVD VEST 13013 € 27.50
   This- Love Hurts- Deeper Well- Prayer In Open D- Calling My · (2002/VESTAPOL) B/W and Colour, 60 min..
   Children Home- All My Tears- Born To Run- The Maker                   HAL KETCHUM
 · NTSC, Color, 54 minutes;                                               VIDEO COLLECTION (1)             DVD D2 70005   € 26.90
 FAITH HILL                                                              · NTSC, Stereo, Special Features;
   FAITHFULLY YOURS - UNAU-                                               B.B. KING
   THORIZED (O)                          DVD DR 1461       € 19.90         IN CONCERT (1)                         DVD MCA 110847 € 29.90
  · NTSC, 50 minutes; Documentary - no music !!!
                                                                                                                                                   DVD Artists

                                                                          · NTSC, Color, Dolby Digital; Inspired by the 1993
   WHEN THE LIGHTS GO DOWN                                                  Grammy-winning album, this historic meeting of superpowers
   (1)                                   DVD WB 38579 € 20.50               stars the King of the Blues performing duets with a pantheon of
  · NTSC, Color, Dolby Stereo, Live Performance & Bonus Tracks,             fellow legends: Ruth Brown, Albert Collins, Robert Cray, Buddy
   55 Min; plus 2 bonus songs and never before seen footage; 12             Guy, Koko Taylor, Irma Thomas and Joe Louis Walker.
   performances including ‘Breathe,’ ‘This Kiss,’ ‘There You’ll Be’         Interspersed with exclusive interviews, it’s an inspired and
   and ‘Cry’                                                                unprecedented gathering of blues greats that may never be
 JAN & DEAN                                                                 equaled. The perormances includes B.B.’s signature song, “The
   ONE LAST RIDE - LIVE (1)               DVD ID 9191       € 29.90         Thrill Is Gone,” and “Playin’ With My Friend,” which was
  · Live In New York 1981, Color, Digital Mono, 61 minutes;                 penned by Robert Cray just for The Blues Summit. Best of all,
                                                                            with this home video, you sit right on stage where you don’t
                                                                            miss a beat.

                                                   % (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-0 • FAX (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-20 • Email
              406                                             DVD Artists
               FREDDIE KING                                                            LITTLE RICHARD
                IN CONCERT, DALLAS,TX 1973                                             KEEP ON ROCKIN’- CONCERT
                (0)                        DVD PVDV 12                       € 35.50   FILM SERIES (1)                         DVD PA 98591          € 29.90
               · NTSC, color, 55 min;                                                    Blueberry Hill- Lucille- Good Golly, Miss Molly- Rip It Up- Tutti
               KINGSTON TRIO & FRIENDS                                                   Frutti- Keep A Knocking- Hound Dog- Jenny, Jenny- Long Tall Sally
              8 REUNION CONCERT (1)                    DVD WS 1668         € 21.50     · 5.1 Dolby Digital, Color, recorded 1969 in Toronto,
                 Three Jolly Coachmen- Early Morning Rain- Scotch And Soda-            LOS SUPER SEVEN
                 Hard, Ain’t It Hard- Zombie Jamboree- Tom Dooley- Medley:              NO BORDERS (2)                         DVD IX 0066           € 24.90
                 Blowin’ In The Wind/Lonesome- Traveler/Hangman- Down                  · PAL, Color, 128 min., Stereo, 5.1 Surround; Dieser
                 Among The Sheltering Palms- Where Have All The Flowers Gone-           faszinierende Blick auf die GRAMMY AWARD Gewinner Los
                 Leavin’ On A Jet Plane- Reuben James- Chilly Winds- Greenback          Super Seven folgt der Band von Ihren Studio Sessions zu der
                 Dollar- You Can’t Go Back To Kansas- Spinnin’ Of The World- Hard       Veröffentlichung Ihres Albums CANTO und auf die
                 Travelin’- Sloop John B- A Worried Man- M.T.A.                         Konzertbühne. Die von Kritikern gefeierte Band ist Teil des
               · (WHITESTAR), NTSC, 90 Minutes, Color                                   globalen Musikphänomens der Weltmusik, das Klänge aus
                                                                                        Kuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Peru und Brasilien integriert. Jedes
               ALISON KRAUSS & UNION STATION                                            Mitglied der “super group” bringt seine eigenen musikalischen
              8 LIVE 2-DVD (0)                          DVD ROU 515          € 24.90    Traditionen und seinen bewährten Stil ein.
                 DVD-1:- Let Me Touch You For Awhile- Choctaw Hayride- The             BOB LUMAN
                 Lucky One- Baby, Now That I’ve Found You- Bright Sunny South-         AT TOWN HALL PARTY DVD
                 Every Time You Say Goodbye- Tiny Broken Heart- Cluck Old Hen-         (0)                                      BVD 20004            € 25.00
                 Stay- Broadway- Ghost In This House- Forget About It- Faraway
                 Land- A Tribute To Peador O’Donnell/Monkey Let The- Hogs Out-         LORETTA LYNN
                 The Boy Who Wouldn’t Hoe Corn- Take Me For Longing- I Am A             AN EVENING WITH (2)                     DVD AC 11037         € 16.90
                 Man Of Constant Sorrow- Maybe- We Hide & Seek- But You Know I         · Color, PAL, English, Dolby Digital.
                 Love You- When You Say Nothing At All- New Favorite- Oh, Atlanta      MANHATTAN TRANSFER
               · (2003/ROUNDER) NTSC, Dolby Digital, Surround, PCM Stereo,             VOCALESE LIVE (1)                        DVD ID 5726        € 32.90
                 16:9, 1.78, filmed in High-Definition at the Louisville Palace,KY;      Four Brothers- Rambo- Meet Benny Bailey- Airegin- To You- Sing
                 DVD-2: Exclusive Interviews With Alison Krauss + Union Station,         Joy Spring- Move- That’s Killer Joe- The Duke Of Dubuque-
                 Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes And On-The-Road Footage, Over               Gloria- Heart’s Desire- Birdland- On The Boulevard- Shaker Song-
                 150 Rare And Unreleased Photos And Home Videos, Alison                  Java Jive- Blue Champagne- How High The Moon- Boy From New
                 Krauss + Union Station Discography, Video For ‘New Footage’,            York City- Ray’s Rockhouse
                 Tribute To Frank Edmonson!/ DVD-1:LIVE im Louisville Palace in
                 Louisville,KY!DVD-2:Exclusive Interviews mit Alison Krauss und        · NTSC, Color, 80 minutes, recorde live at Nakano Sun Plaza,
                 Union Station und Backstageaufnahmen mit 150 raren und                  Tokyo, on February 20 & 21, 1986;
                 bisher unveröffentlichten Fotos und Videoauf- zeichnungen plus        DEAN MARTIN
                 Discographie!!                                                         THAT’S AMORE (1)                   DVD CAP 77904 € 24.90
               BRENDA LEE                                                              · NTSC, B&W and Color, 64 minutes; excerpts from the Dean
                AN EVENING WITH (2)                     DVD AC 11039         € 16.90    Martin Shows
               · Color, PAL, English, Dolby Digital.                                   CURTIS MAYFIELD
               JERRY LEE LEWIS                                                          LIVE AT RONNIE SCOTT’S (0)           DVD SVE 3004          € 24.90
                THE JERRY LEE LEWIS SHOW                                               · NTSC, English, Dolby 5.1, 4:3, 60 Min; This concert film from
              8 1971 (0)                               DVD 600264          € 12.50      1988 captures the full power of one of the giants of black
               · PAL, Color, 50 minutes; TV Show Nashville 1971 featuring Carl          American music in performance and, as a bonus, also includes
                 Perkins, Jackie Wilson, Linda Gail Lewis, Kenny Lovelace a.o.          an interview Mayfield gave at the time to life-long fan Paul
                IN CONCERT - LONDON 1989                                                Weller.
              8 (0)                                     DVD AVO 44281 € 14.90          MARTINA McBRIDE
               · PAL, Dolby Stereo, Color, 60 minutes, 4:3, 14 tracks;                 GREATEST HITS COLLECTION
                 Biographer Jim Miller once described Jerry Lee’s voice as ‘the        (1)                                  DVD RCA 67024 € 24.90
                 very incarnation of nonchalant lust’. A fan entering the 1989          My Baby Loves Me- Life #9- Independence Day- Safe In The Arms
                 London concert where this DVD was captured, puts it al little          Of Love- Wild Angels- A Broken Wing- Whatever You Say- Love’s
                 simpler: ‘He’s loud and he’s proud.’ Under the musical                 The Only House- When God-Fearin’ Woman Get The Blues- The
                 direction of Dave Edmunds, the great Jerry Lee is seen                 Time Has Come- Cheap Whiskey
                 performing in the company of his regular band and a retinue of
                 long-time admirers, most of whom are superstars in there own          PAUL McCARTNEY
                 right... John Lodge (Moody Blues), Dave Davies (The Kinks),            BACK IN THE U.S. CONCERT
                 Brian May (Queen), Van Morrison, Stuart Adamson and Dave               FILM (0)                             DVD EMI 77990 € 23.90
                 Edmunds.                                                              · 2002, PAL, Color, 5.1 Dolby Surround, 180 Minutes; ‘Back In
                AND FRIENDS (O)                          DVD ID 5876        € 19.90      The U.S.’ puts you: In the front row at the show to enjoy more
                 Introduction- I Am What I Am- I Don’t Want To Be Lonely Tonight-        than 30 songs close-up and experience them all in 5.1 Dolby
                 You Win Again- I Got A Woman- Goodnight Irene- What’d I Say-            Surround Sound. In a private seat at Sound Check to watch
                 High School Confidential- Rockin’ My Life Away- Johnny B. Goode-        performances the public never sees. Inside the dressing rooms,
                 Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On- Great Balls Of Fire- Good Golly           at after-show parties and with the roadies on the crew bus. On
                 Miss Molly/Tutti Frutti- Mexicali Rose- Wild One, End Credits           the back seat of Paul’s limo and even aboard his chartered jet.
                                                                                         A concert film featuring acclaimed new performances of classics
               · NTSC, Color, 61 minutes; Live at London’s Labatt’s Apollo with          including: ‘All My Loving, Band On The Run, Back In The
                 Van Morrison, Dave Edmunds, John Lodge, Brian May & Dave                U.S.S.R., Blackbird, Coming Up, Driving Rain, Freedom, Getting
                 Davies                                                                  Better, Hello Goodbye, Here Today, Here, There And
DVD Artists

               GORDON LIGHTFOOT                                                          Everywhere, Hey Jude, Jet, Let Me Roll It, Let It Be, Maybe I’m
              8 GREATEST HITS - LIVE (0)               DVD ACE 11558 € 18.90             Amazed, My Love, Something’ and got dozen more!
                 Don Quixote- I’ll Prove My Love- The House You Live In- Sundown-       LIVE AT THE CAVERN CLUB !                DVD IX 0384        € 24.90
                 Carefree Highway- Restless- Blackberry Wine- For Lovin’ Me/Did        · Am 14. Dezember 1999 drängten sich 300 Zuschauer in den
                 She Mention My Name- The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald-                Cavern Club in Liverpool, um Paul McCartney zum ersten Mal
                 Waiting For You- Fading Away- Rainy Day People- Shadows- If You         seit 1963 an dem Ort zu sehen, der durch und mit den Beatles
                 Could Read My Mind- A Painter Passing Through- Make Way For             berühmt geworden ist. Unterstützt wird McCartney auf der
                                                                                         Bühne unter anderen durch so berühmte Musikerkollegen wie
                 The Lady- Early Morning Rain- Baby Shop Back- Song For A                den Pink Floyd Gitarristen David Gilmour und den Deep Purple
                 Winter’s Night- Canadian Railroad Trilogy- Old Dan’s Record-            Schlagzeuger Ian Paice, sowie den legendären Mick Green und
                 Cold On The Shoulder                                                    Pete Wingfield. Die Kombination aus der besonderen
               · (2003/ALPHA CENTAURI) Color, Dolby Digital, 83 min.,                    Atmosphäre und der Einmaligkeit des Ereignisses machen
                 NTSC/PAL, 5.1 Surround;                                                 dieses Konzert zu einem phantastischen Rock Erlebnis. Bonus

                  BEAR FAMILY RECORDS GmbH                    P. O. BOX 1154 • D-27727 HAMBERGEN • GERMANY                                     8= NEW
                                                   DVD Artists                                                                        407

   Features: * 2 Music Videos * 22-Minute Viedeo Interview * Band        WILLIE NELSON & FRIENDS
   & Cavern Club Biographies                                             FARM AID - CONCERT FOR
 TIM McGRAW                                                              AMERICA (1)                               DVD PA 11906       € 29.90
  GREATEST VIDEO HITS (1)                 DVD D2 70001         € 25.50     MARTINA McBRIDE : I Love You- Broken Wing- Independence Day
 · NTSC, Stereo, Special Features;                                         DOOBIE BROS: China Grove- Black Water- Long Train DAVE
                                                                           MATTHEWS : Everyday DAVE MATTHEWS & MICKEY RAPHAEL: All
 JOE DEE MESSINA                                                           Along The Watchtower JOHN MELLENCAMP : R.O.C.K. In The
  VIDEO COLLECTION (1)                    DVD D2 70003         € 26.90     USA- Pink Houses NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE: Don’t Cry No
 · NTSC, Stereo, Special Features;                                         Tears- When I Hold You In My Arms WILLIE NELSON : Whiskey
 MONKEES                                                                   River- Stay All Night- Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be...
  HEAD - MOVIE (1)                       DVD RN 74460  € 20.50             ALL STARS: Will The Circle Be Unbroken- Amazing Grace
 · NTSC, English, Color, 96 mins, hi-fi;                                 · Farm Aid, Concert for America was performed on September
  60S TV SERIES FULLY RESTORED                                             29, 2001, in Noblesville, Indiana, at the Verizon Wireless Music
  (1)                                    DVD RN 976025 € 24.90             Center. Held just 18 days after the September 11 attacks, the
   Here Come The Monkeys 1965- The Picture Frame 1967- Alias               sold-out concert honored family farmers as a resource for the
   Micky Dolenz 1966- Hillbilly Honeymonn 1967                             nation-strong farmers for a strong America. Willie Nelson, Neil
 · English, Color, 100 min., DVD Features;                                 Young, and John Mellencamp organized the first Farm Aid
                                                                           concert in 1985 to raise awareness about the loss of family
 LORRIE MORGAN                                                             farms and to raise funds to keep farm families on the land.
  THE COLOR OF ROSES (1)               DVD ID 1364          € 25.90        Farm Aid 2001 was the organization’s 14th concert.
 · NTSC, Color, 5.1, Dolby Stereo, 76 min, concert special with          MICHAEL NESMITH
   two audio bonus tracks & video interview;                              LIVE AT THE BRITT (1)                 DVD AB 11270          € 37.50
 ANNE MURRAY                                                             · NTSC, Digital Stereo, Color, 85 min;
  WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD                                                 RANDY NEWMAN
  - TV SHOW (0)                        DVD EE 19011       € 22.90         AT THE ODEON - &
 · Intimate, warm and unforgettable, Anne Murray’s What A                 L.RONSTADT & RY COODER (1) DVD RN 972513 € 29.90
   Wonderful World shows why Anne Murray continues to charm
   audiences worldwide with her special magic and unparalleled           · NTSC, Color, 57 min., 5.1 Audio, Discography; In performance
   talent. Featuring music from Anne’s top-selling CD ‘What A             at New York’s legendary nightspot, Randy Newman At The
   Wonderful World’ and performances of ‘Put A Little Love In Your        Odeon, with friends Linda Ronstadt and Ry Cooder, is an
   Heart’, ‘In The Garden’, ‘Put Your Hand In The Hand’, ‘Softly          intimate and unforgettable evening of some of the most
   And Tenderly’, ‘Song Of Bernadette’, ‘Elijah’, ‘The Other Side’        profoundly engaging and intelligent songs ever written. Randy
   and Anne’s own version of the classic ‘What A Wonderful                Newman has received a ‘Grammy’, nominations for five
   World’. Anne is joined by special guest Deborah Cox for a duet         Golden Globe Awards, 13 ‘Oscar’ nominations, and the 2000
   of ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ and Anne and her daughter Dawn              Billboard Century Award. His idiosyncratic songs, about misfits,
   Langstroth team up to perform their powerful duet, ‘Let There Be       outcasts, charlatans, yuppies, rednecks and conmen, have a
   Love’. In a memorable “in-the-round” segment Anne is joined            wry, satiric edge and draw from musical traditions that stretch
   by her guests to sing a medley of such popular songs as                back to New Orleans R&B and Tin Pan Alley pop. Newman is a
  ‘Amazing Grace’, ‘You’ve Got A Friend’, ‘Lean On Me’ and ‘Just          true American original whose music moves us all.
   A Closer Walk With Thee’. Features exclusive interview and            ROY ORBISON
   behind the scenes footage, Anne’s music video ‘Let There Be            IN DREAMS - THE STORY (2)             DVD 7322688       € 25.90
   Love’, discography, biography and more.                               · PAL, Dolby Stereo, 92 minutes; “In Dreams - The Roy Orbison
 WILLIE NELSON                                                             Story” is the ultimate exclusive music documentary of the life of
                                                                           Roy Orbison. It provides in depth insights into his legendary
                                                                                                                                                DVD Artists

  VALENTINE CONCERT (1)                DVD DCW 387             € 24.50     career with classic performances, personal home movies and
 · NTSC, Two Concerts, 88 minutes, digitally remastered;                   photos, location footage and interviews with the stars and
                                                                           people that he touched with his music.
  SOME ENCHANTED EVENING                                                  THE ANTHOLOGY (2)                       DVD 7322938         € 26.90
8 (0)                                  DVD U 0128              € 21.90
   Spanish Eyes- Moon River- Some Enchanted Evening- What A
                                                                         · PAL, 55 minutes, Dolby Stereo
   Wonderful World- South Of The Border- Ole Buttermilk Sky- Where        BLACK & WHITE NIGHT(1)                  DVD ID 8826         € 24.90
   Is Your Heart- To Each His Own- Twilight Time- Accentuate The Posi-
                                                                         · NTSC, B&W, 64 minutes, Dolby Stereo;
   tive- City Of New Orleans- When I Dream- Pancho And Lefty-             THE ANTHOLOGY (1)                       DVD ORB 1907 € 39.90
   Always On My Mind- Old Friends- On The Road Again                     · NTSC, 52 minutes, Color;
 · (UMBRELLA/1999); colour, Pal, 60 min.; Willie Nelson live,
   paying tribute to other song writers and their classic songs.

                                                  % (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-0 • FAX (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-20 • Email
              408                                           DVD Artists
              ELVIS PRESLEY                                                            McNair, Terri Garr, Celeste Yarnall, Plus many, many more.
                                                                                       Gorgeous girlfriends like: Connie Stevens, Barbara Leigh,
               ELVIS & JUNE - A LOVE STORY        DVD 445629            € 19.90        Sheila Ryan, Linda Thompson, plus lifelong friends and
              · NTSC, English, Color and B&W, 59 minutes; interviews, rare             members of Elvis’ inner circle share their intimate stories, fresh
               photos & homemovies (fishing, shooting etc);                            insight, and reminiscences for the very first time in this historic
               THE CLASSIC COLLECTION                                                  series. Every Film and Television Appearance is represented in
               4-DVD (2)                             DVD 459043         € 59.90        this series as well as Rare Footage Of Many of Elvis’ Tours &
              · PAL, Deutsch, 405 Minuten; enthält die Filme “King Creole”,            Concerts Executive Consultant Joe Esposito, who spent nearly
              “Blue Hawaii”, “GI Blues” und “Roustabout” alle Filme sind               twenty years as Elvis’ road manager, confidant, and close
               digital restauriert und mit original Kinotrailern                       friend, has helped to set the record straight about Presley’s
              HE TOUCHED ME VOL.1&2                                                    private life and career, dispelling the innumerable lies,
              2-DVD (2)                                    DVD 8444589        € 29.90  half-truths and rumors that have evolved over the years.
                How Great Thou Art- Peace In The Valley- Swing Down, Sweet             THE DEFINITIVE 8-DVD LIMITED
                Chariot- Where Could I Go- I, John- If I Can Dream- An American 8 GOLD EDITION (0)                                DVD RV 0088       € 49.90
                Trilogy- Bosom Of Abraham- This Time You Gave Me- A Mountain- · limited, numbered edition (10.000), 16 hours; English, PAL;
                In The Ghetto- Put Your Hand In The Hand                               BEHIND THE IMAGE (0)                       DVD SPOT 4619 € 45.00
              · color & B/W over 180 minutes of music & memories Long                 · Color, 75 minutes, unreleased live & home movies (no music),
                before Elvis was heralded as the king of rock ‘n’ roll, he was a        interviews, trailer;
                faithful fan of gospel music. Although it was instrumental his         JOE ESPOSITO - HIS BEST
                spiritual life as well as his career, no documentary has truly         FRIEND REMEMBERS (1)                       DVD UNI 22110 € 27.90
                chronicled this facet of his life...until now. He Touched Me: The     · English, NTSC, 130 minutes, color, stereo, hundreds of rare
                Gospel Music of Elvis Presley, Volume I and II feature more than        photos, home movies, interviews etc;
                thirty of Elvis’ gospel recording and never-before- seen footage.      THE MISSING YEARS - COLLEC-
                This 3-hour collection, filled with personal stories by those who      TOR’S EDITION (0)                          DVD WHE 1030 € 19.90
                knew him well, goes behind the scenes of Elvis’ career. Discover · English, 140 min., with bonus CD and 32 page photo booklet;
                how Elvis was dramatically influenced by two of southern gospel         Die DVD zeigt bislang kaum dokumentierte Ereignisse aus Elvis’
                music’s premiere quartets, the Statesmen and the Blackwood              Leben und enthüllt detailliert seine zwei Jahre in Deutschland,
                Brothers. Examine Elvis’ thirty-year friendship with gospel legend      als er auf dem Höhepunkt seiner Karriere und drei Wochen
                J.D. Summer. Learn of the controversy surrounding his                   nach dem Tod seiner Mutter zur US-Armee einberufen wurde
                performance of ‘Peace In The Valley’ on The Ed Sullivan Show.           (140 min.) Die CD beinhaltet neben Interviews folgende Titel:
                Hear the surprising story behind the recording of his signature         Tweedle Dee/I’ve Got A Woman/Maybellene/That’s Alright
                hymn. ‘How Great Thou Art. ‘ You’ll see Elvis in a new light as         Mama/Blue Moon Of Kentucky/There’s Good Rocking
                you witness how deeply he was touched by gospel music.                  Tonight/Baby Let’s Play House
               IN THE 50S 2-DVD (2-6)                      DVD BMG 94424 € 29.90
              · Deluxe packaging featuring “Elvis In Hollywood” & “Elvis’56"          CHARLEY PRIDE
                with 16 page booklet and four postcards; 125 minutes; color &          AN EVENING WITH (2)                        DVD AC 11040 € 16.90
                B/W ELVIS IN HOLLYWOOD An intimate look at Elvis Presley’s            · Color, PAL, Dolby Digital.
                hugely successful movie career of the 1950’s. Containing              LOUIS PRIMA
                fascinating and previously unseen footage, this disc features an       THE WILDEST (2)                            DVD IX 0072       € 25.90
                inside look at what happened when Elvis’ swapped the                  · PAL, 80 min., Color, Mono, Special Features; This film profiles
                recording studio for the movie set. Includes classic                    the magnetic Louis Prima in a nostalgic historical journey
                performances of ‘Jailhouse Rock, Love Me Tender, Loving You,            through the music scenes of a racy New Orleans, the swinging
                Blue Suede Shoes, King Creole, Heartbreak Hotel, Baby I Don’t           jazz culture of uptown New York and Las Vegas’s “formative”
                Care And More.’ Featuring film clips, home movie footage,               years. As a solo act or with his wife, acclaimed singer Keely
                photographs and in-depth interviews with Elvis’ manager,                Smith, Louis Prima was and will forever be “the wildest” man in
                friends and colleagues. ELIVS ‘56: 1956 was Elvis Presley’s             business! Winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary
                breakthrough year, when popularity gave way to national and             at the 1999 Hamptons International Film Festival. Special
                international fame and as a year old, he changed the face of            Features: Never-Before-Released Interviews Full-Length
                popular music forever! This disc captures Elvis’ initial television     Performance Videos                Street Blues”, “Oh
                appearances including those early performances on the ‘Dorsey “Waitin’ on the Robertof “BasinBonus Songs (AudioBabe!” and
                                                                                                                 E. Lee”                     Only):
                Brothers Stage Show” and the ‘Milton Berle Show.’ Featuring            “Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing),” “Robin Hood,” and “Please
                exclusive footage and rare early recordings, Elvis ‘56 includes         No Squeeza Da Banana”
                the timeless ‘Blues Suede Shoes, Shake Rattle & Roll,
                Heartbreak Hotel, Hound Dog, Love Me Tender, Don’t Be Cruel’ JOHN PRINE
                and many, many more.                                                   LIVE FROM SESSIONS AT WEST
               THE DEFINITIVE (EU) 4-DVD (2) DVD DP 031                      € 100.00 54TH (1)                                    DVD OBR 500       € 29.90
              · PAL, English, ca.15 hours, Dutch & French subtitles, 2.0 stereo.,     · NTSC, 90min, Dolby Digital, Special Features;
               CLASSIC ALBUMS (2)                          DVD EREDV 203 € 19.90
                                                                                      RAT PACK
              · Color,B&W, english, Dolby Digital, 100 min.                            RAT PACK’S LAS VEGAS (1)                   DVD WS 3025       € 19.90
               ELVIS, THE COLONEL & ME - BY                                           · Join Frank, Dino, Sammy, Joey and Peter in the Rat Packs’s Las
                                                                                        Vegas. This unique program traces the history of the Rat Pack,
               ED BONJA                                    DVD EUP 0040       € 42.00   beginning with Frank Sinatra’s solo stint as a Vegas headliner
              · All DVD systems, color, 70 min; Interviews, Film & Fotomaterial         when his movie and recording careers crumbled, to his famous
                / stories, pictures and film footage - does not include any songs      ‘Summits’ with the rest of the pack at the fabled Sands ‘A Place
                of Elvis Presley                                                        In The Sun’ Hotel, to the triumphant on-location filming of the
               THE DEFINITIVE (US) 8-DVD (1) DVD PV 8000                     € 120.00   Packs’s Ocean’s 11 (which showcased as many stars as could
              · NTSC, English, ca.15 hours !; THE DEFINITIVE ELVIS: August              make it to Vegas during the filming). The program features rare
                16th, 2002, marks the 25th anniversary of the death of Elvis            footage of the Pack in action at the Sands’ Copa Room as well
                Presley, the most celebrated entertainer of the 20th century. THE       as rare stills of JFK and other Kennedy Era luminaries. The
                DEFINITIVE ELVIS ist exactly that - an all-encompassing,                program also offers frank discussion of the racism that
DVD Artists

                in-depth look at the life and career of a man whose popularity is       dominated Las Vegas in the 1950s - and Frank Sinatra’s heroic
                unrivalled in the history of show business and who continues to         efforts to end it for his good friend Sammy Davis, Jr. From the
                attact millions of new fans each year. This groundbreaking,             birth of the Sands to its razing to make way for today’s fabulous
                sixteen-hour series is brimming with classic film clips, rare home      Venetian Resort Hotel, the Rat Pack’s Las Vegas showcases the
                movies, never-before-seen photos, and newly produced                    men and the times that built the myth - and mystique - of
                location footage that cover every aspect of Elvis’ life as never        America’s No.1 tourist destination. NTSC, Color, 50 minutes;
                before. At the heart of this landmark project are more than 200
                Exclusive Interviews with many of Presley’s most intimate
                associates, as well as some of the biggest names in the film and
                recording industries. Legendary entertainers like: Kenny Rogers,
                Tony Orlando, Patti Page, Mac Davis, Barry Gibb, Tab Hunter,
                Dick Clark, Phyllis McGuire, Bill Medley, Glen Campbell
                Memorable costars such as: Ann-Margret, Stella Stevens,
                Deborah Walley, Mary Ann Mobley Sheree North, Barbara

                BEAR FAMILY RECORDS GmbH                     P. O. BOX 1154 • D-27727 HAMBERGEN • GERMANY                                      8= NEW
                                                    DVD Artists                                                                           409

 CLIFF RICHARD                                                            NEIL SEDAKA
  LIVE IN THE PARK (0)                   DVD MRA 1565 € 24.90      AN EVENING WITH (0)                    DVD AC 11033                    € 16.90
 · 1998, PAL, Color, 93 Minutes, 5:1, Dolby, Live In Hyde Park;   · PAL, Color, 5:1, Dolby, with biography;
  DVD COLLECTION 2-DVD                                            SEEKERS
  DIGIPACK (2)                           DVD WB 38471 € 42.50      25 YEAR REUNION CELEBRA-
 · PAL, English, Dolby, 2.35:1, Color, 316 min., Extras (Trailer 8 TION (0)                               DVD EMI 90699                 € 21.50
   etc.); The Young Ones, Summer Holiday, Wonderful Life -
  Aufwendige Digipacks im Schuber mit 3 Farbtafeln (14x18 cm)                When The Stars Begin To Fall- With My Swag All On My Shoulder-
                                                                             Myra- Plasir D’Amour- Medley: Lemon Tree/The Times They Are A-
 RIGHTEOUS BROS                                                              Changin’/Puff The Magic Dragon- Morningtown Ride- You’re My
8 IN CONCERT (1)                         DVD WS 1671         € 21.50         Spirit- Kumbaya- Gospel Medley: This Little Light Of Mine/- Open
   Old Time Rock & Roll- (You’re My) Soul And Inspiration- Young             Up Them Pearly Gates/We Shall Not Be- Moved- One World Love-
   Blood- Ebb Tide- Georgia On My Mind- Let It Be Me- Guess Who-             Devoted To You- Colours Of My Life- Time And Again- I Am Austra-
   Just Once In My Life- Rock & Roll Heaven- Brown Eyed Woman-               lian- I’ll Never Find Another You- Georgy Girl- A World Of Our
   Hold On! I’m A-Comin’- Soul Man- Unchained Melody- Justine-               Own- The Carnival Is Over- Keep A Dream In Your Pocket- Amaz-
   Ko Ko Joe- Little Latin Lupe Lu- My Babe- You’ve Lost That Lovin’         ing- Calling Me Home- Speak To The Sky- The Bush Girl- Gotta
   Feelin’                                                                   Love Someone- It Doesn’t Matter Anymore- The Shores Of Avalon-
 · (WHITESTAR) NTSC, Color, 60 Minutes; recorded live at the                 Forever Isn’t Long Enough (For Me)- Future Road- It’s Hard To
   Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles;                                              Leave- Far Shore (bonus film clip)
 MARTY ROBBINS                                                             · (2003/EMI AUSTRALIA) PAL, 125 minutes, filmed on tour
  AT TOWN HALL PARTY DVD                                                     1993, in the studio 1997 plus the “Far Shore” promo clip filmed
  (0)                                      BVD 20007            € 25.00      in 1997;
 SMOKEY ROBINSON                                                          BRIAN SETZER
  STANDING ROOM ONLY (2)                DVD 50681               € 21.90    BRIAN SETZER ORCHESTRA LIVE
 · 1909, 5.1, Stereo, PAL, Color, 59 Min;                                  IN JAPAN (2)                DVD 922227                      € 21.90
                                                                             Hawaii 5-0- This Cat’s On A Hot Tin Roof- The Dirty Boogie-
 KENNY ROGERS                                                                Jumpin’ East Of Java- The Footloose Doll- Drive Like Lightning
8 LIVE BY REQUEST (0)                    DVD SVE 3027        € 24.90         (Crash Like Thunder)- Caravan- Americano- I Won’t Stand In Your
   Program Start- Islands In The Stream- Request- Daytime Friends-           Way- Mystery Train- Gene & Eddie- Guitar Rag- Sleepwalk- Stray
   Request- She Believes In Me- Request- Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love          Cat Strut- Jump Jive An’Wail- Pennsylvania 6-5000- Gettin’ In The
   To Town- Request- Love Will Turn You Around- Request- The                 Mood- Get Me To The Church On Time- Rock This Town- Rock This
   Greatest- Request- Love Or Something Like It- Request- Through            Town (‘68 comeback special)
   The Years- Request- Lucille- Request- Don’t Fall In Love With A         · PAL, Color, 86 Min & Documentary Footage, 5.1 Surround
   Dreamer- Request- Coward Of The County- Request- Lady-                    Sound, 12 page booklet with lyrics and photos; geniales
   Request- Crazy- Request- The Gambler- Request- We’ve Got                  Konzert mit Powersound - ein Highlight für Auge und Ohr !
   Tonight- Request- You Decorated My Life- Request- Slow Dance
                                                                            LIVE IN BIRMINGHAM - VIDEO
 · (2003/SANCTUARY/DREAMCATCHER) 33 tracks, stereo, 5.1,                    EP (2)                                  DVD 481 2329          € 25.00
   85 minutes; Live from Sony Music Studios in New York City
                                                                           · Stereo, 24 minutes, color
 DEMIS ROUSSOUS                                                           NINA SIMONE
8 DVD&CD SET                                DVD BR 2220          € 21.90 8 LIVE AT RONNIE SCOTT’S (0)                DVD U 0014           € 19.90
                                          DVD-1:- Rain And Tears- I         Opening Credits- God, God, God- If You Knew- Mr Smith- Fodder
                                          Want To Live- It’s Five           In Her Wings- Be My Husband- I Love You, Porgy- Other Woman-
                                          O’Clock- Spring Summer            Mississippi Goddam/Alabama Song- For A While- See-Line
                                          Winter And Fall- We Shall         Woman- I Sing Just To Know That I’m Alive- My Baby Just Cares For
                                          Dance- My Reason- Forever         Me
                                          And Ever- Goodbye My Love       · (1985/WADHAM FILMS), PAL, Dolby, 57 minutes;
                                          Goodbye- My Friend The MARTIN TAYLOR
                                          Widn- Schönes Mädchen            IN CONCERT (0)                            DVD VEST 13067 € 27.50
                                          aus Arcadia- My Only Fasci- · (2002/VESTAPOL), Color, 75 Min; Martin Taylor has been
                                          nation- When Forever Has          playing guitar for as long as he can remember, ever since his
                                          Gone- Because- Life In The        father gave him his first instrument at the age of four. It was to
                                          City- Lost In Love- Race To       be the start of a career which has delighted audiences
                                          The End- Lament- Follow           worldwide and drawn critical acclaim from some of the world’s
                                          Me- Island Of Love- On Écrit      finest musicians. Chet Atkins, Barney Kessel, John Williams, Joe
                                          Sur Les Murs                      Pass, Stephane Grappelli, Toots Thielmans, Yehudi Menuhin,
                                                                            David Grisman, Bill Wyman are just some of the musicians who
                                          · (2002/BR MUSIC),                have collaborated with Martin. In this 75 minute concert,
                                            Region O, PAL, Dolby            recorded at the Manchester Craftmen’s Guild in Pittburgh, PA,
                                            Stereo, 4:3, total running      Martin explores all the facets of his dynamic solo playing. Titles
                                            time 207 minutes plus 20        include: ‘Georgia, I Got Rhythm, Can’t Take That Away From
                                            track Audio CD; DVD-2:          Me, In A Mellow Tone, Why Did I Choose You, The Dolphin,’
                                            SPECIAL FETURES:                Medley: ‘Dixie/Old Man River, Sweet Lorraine, Stelly By
                                            Interactive Menu’s,             Starlight, Lulu’s Back In Town, I Remember Clifford And Taking A
   Interview Oct. 1999 In London, Discography, Biography,                   Chance On Love.’
   Sleeves, Chapter Search, Photogallery/ 207 Minuten plus 20
                                                                                                                                                    DVD Artists

   Titel CD!!Interview von 1999,Discographie,Bio-                         THE BAND
   graphie,Livemitschnitte und vieles mehr!!!                            8 THE LAST WALTZ (2)                        DVD 17337            € 14.90
 BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE                                                       · (MGM/2003) original 1978, Pal, Dolby Digital, Widescreen,
                                                                            152 min., colour; it started as a concert. It became a
  UP WHERE WE BELONG (O)                    DVD ID 9489          € 29.50    celebration. Join an unparalleled lineup of rock superstars as
 · NTSC, Color, 47 minutes; Since she first arrived on the music            they celebrate “The Band’s” historic 1976 farewell
   scene in the 1960s, her songs have been performed by scores              performance. Directed by M. Scorsese (Raging Bull,
   of legendary artists, including Elvis Presley, Barbara Streisand,        GoodFellas),"The Last Waltz" is not only the most beautiful rock
   Neil Diamond, Donovan and Janis Joplin. This powerful concert            film ever’s one of the most important cultural events of
   showcases Buffy Sainte-Maries’s personal vision of her music             the last two decades!
   and explores the many aspects of her fascinating life. Plus, don’t
   miss performances by two-time world champion powwow
   singing groups Red Bull and Stoney Park.

                                                   % (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-0 • FAX (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-20 • Email
              410                                              DVD Artists
              THREE PICKERS                                                               New Jersey, to her debut at the Apollo Theatre and her
                                                                                          pre-eminence in nightclubs, concedrt halls and jazz festivals
                EARL SCRUGGS/DOC                                                          around the world. Packed with live performances spanning her
              8 WATSON/RICKY SKAGGS (0)               DVD ROU 526         € 17.90         entire career, Sarah Vaughan - The Divine One offers a portrait
                 Earl’s Breakdown- Walk On Boy- Road To Spencer- Pick Along-              of a woman who was personally shy professionally
                 Feast Here Tonight- What Would You Give In- Exchange For Your            unparalleled. Friends, family and fellow musicians illuminatingly
                 Soul?- Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down- Who Will Sing For Me?-               of Sarah; among them Billy Eckstine, Roy Haynes, Joe Williams,
                 Soldier’s Joy- What Is A Home Without Love?- The Storms Are On           George Gaffney, Sarah’s mother, Ada and her daughter, Paris.
                 The Ocean- Down In The Valley To Pray- The Banks Of The Ohio-            John O’Connor in the New York Times called Sarah Vaughan -
                 John Hardy- Katy Hill- Foggy Mountain Top- Roll In My Sweet              The Devine One, ‘beguiling’ and Variety called it ‘class
                 Baby’s Arms                                                              act-entertaining and incisive.’ Leonard Feather said in Los
                                                                                          Angeles Times, ‘this riveting hour shows just how Vaughan
               · (2003/ROUNDER) NTSC. Dolby Surround, Dolby Stereo,                       evolved, visually and vocally; it will leave the viewer with a
                 concert running time 1:02:07, documentary 22:49 minutes;                 mixture of joy that this wonderous memento exists and sorrow at
              RANDY TRAVIS                                                                the loss of which it reminds us.’
                LIVE - IT WAS JUST A MATTER                                              BILLY VAUGHN
                OF TIME (1) 2-DVD                     DVD IDO 743       € 29.90           IN JAPAN (1)                          DVD PA 10516        € 39.90
               · NTSC, Dolby Digital Stereo, Color, 83 minutes, bonus Audio              · Color, 53 minutes, filmed at the Nakano Sun Plaza Hall in
                DVD incl                                                                  Japan plus bonus features;
              TANYA TUCKER                                                               GENE VINCENT
                VIDEO HITS AND MORE (1)               DVD CAP 77953 € 19.90               AT TOWN HALL PARTY DVD
               · NTSC, English, Color, 34 min, inc. conversational commentary             (0)                                       BVD 20003            € 25.00
                with T. Tucker.
                                                                                         DALE WATSON
              SHANIA TWAIN                                                                FOR FANS ONLY - REAL DEAL
                LIVE (1)                              DVD 053 823         € 37.50         COUNTRY CONCERT (0)                   DVD DA 8002              € 23.50
               · NTSC, color/Farbe, 120 min; two full hours of one of today’s            · PAL, Color, Stereo, 56:18 min; Zu den prominentesten
                 hottest performers - the world tour concert / 2 Stunden Spielzeit        Vertretern der neuen Country-Generation zählt DALE WATSON.
                - alle Hits                                                               1988 zog er nach Los Angeles, wurde schnell Hausgitarrist im
                PLATINUM COLLECTION (0)                 DVD 170258         € 25.50        Palomino Club und präsentierte sich einem breiten Publikum in
               · PAL, Color/Farbe                                                         einer kleinen Rolle neben SANDRA BULLOCK und RIVER
              RITCHIE VALENS                                                              PHOENIX in dem Knostreifen ‘Thing Called Love.’ 1995
               THE COMPLETE - LIMITED                                                     erschien mit ‘Cheatin’ Heart Attack’ sein erstes Album unter
               EDITION (O)                                  DVD W 2002           € 29.90  eigenem Namen, es folgten ‘Blessed Or Damned, ‘The Truckin’
                                                                                          Sessions’ und ‘Every Song I Write Is For You’ . Die Höhepunkte
                That’s My Little Suzie- In A Turkish Town- Come On, Let’s Go-             dieser vier Scheiben präsentierte DALE WATSON jetzt auf DVD
                Donna- Boney Maronie- Ooh! My Head- La Bamba- Bluebirds                   For Fans Only - Live. Aufgenommen am ersten Tag einer
                Over The Mountain- Hi-Tone- Framed- We Belong Together-                   grossen Europa-Tournee im Herbst 2001 präsentiert sich
                Dooby Dooby Wah- Stay Beside Me- Cry, Cry, Cry- Big Baby Blues-           WATSON vor einer handverlesenen Fanschar in einem
                Paddi-Wack Song- My Darling Is Gone- Hurry Up- Little Girl- Now           hollänischen Studio. In der dabei angesagten intimen
                You’re Gone- Fast Freight- Ritchie’s Blues- Rockin’ All Night- That’s     Atmosphäre agieren DALE WATSON und sein Quartett LONE
                My Little Susie (stereo mix)- In A Turkish Town (stereo mix)- Bluebirds   STAR ebenso inspiriert wie konzentriert. Neben den 17 Songs
                Over The Mountain (demo)- Dooby Dooby Wah (demo)- Cry, Cry,               enthält die DVD noch einen biografischen Teil, Bandfotos und
                Cry (alt. vers. stereo mix)                                               eine mit Kommentaren von DALE WATSON versehene
              · English, NTSC, Color, 119 minutes, with Spanish Subtitles;                Discografie.
                Whirlwind Media is proud to present a unique DVD package,                 DOC WATSON
                The Complete Ritchie Valens. Included in the video chapter is a            RARE PERFORMANCES
                never- before-seen documentary, viva Ritchie-The Ritchie Valens 8 1963-1981 (0)                                     DVD VEST 13023 € 27.50
                Story. Culled from interviews with family members, fellow                 · (2002/VESTAPOL), B/W and Color, 60 min..
                musicians and industry colleagues, this 119 minute presentation
                also includes rare home movie footage, rehearsal recordings,              HANK WILLIAMS JR
                family pictures and memorabilia and publicity stills from the            8 FULL ACCESS (0)                          DVD U 0125            € 21.90
                archives of Del-Fi Records. The audio chapter includes every                My Name Is Bocephus- Buck Naked Young Country- A Country Boy
                studio master take performed by Ritchie, digitally remastered               Can Survive- If Heaven Ain’t A Lot Like Dixie- Man Of Steel- Whis-
                from the original master tapes. An interactive chapter allows the           key Bent & Hell Bound- Ain’t Misbehavin’- Mind Your Own Busi-
                viewer to brows through dozens of photos, letters , and                     ness- Long Gone Daddy- Move It On Over- What You Don’t Know
                mementos from Ritchie’s short life. Klasse Edition mit farbigem             Won’t Hurt You- Family Tradition- All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming
                Klappbooklet. 119 Minuten Film & Interview Material plus Audio                                                       Over Tonight- Oh Atlanta-
                Spur mit allen Studio Mastern (28) in Top Sound.
                                                                                                                                     Born To Boogie- If The
              KARL VALENTIN & L.KARLSTADT                                                                                            South Woulda Won
               DIE KURZFILME 3-DVD                          DVD MOK 9003 € 69.90                                                     · Pal, Colour, Dolby
                DVD-1:- Die lustigen Vagabunden- Der neue Schreibtisch-                                                                Digital, 80 min.;
                Mysterien eines Frisiersalons- Auf dem Oktoberfest- Im                                                                 recorded at the Omni
                Photoatelier-      Orchesterprobe-        So     ein    Theater-     Im                                                Atlanta Georgia, Feb.
                Schallplattenladen- Der Theaterbesuch- Der verhexte                                                                    1999; comprised of live
                Scheinwerfer- Der Firmling- DVD-2:- Der Zithervirtuose- Beim                                                           concert footage and
                Nervenarzt- Das verhängnisvolle Geigensolo- Die Erbschaft- Beim                                                        interviews at the
                Rechtsanwalt- Die karierte Weste- Musik zu Zweien- Der                                                               “Country Music
                                                                                                                                       Entertainer Of The
                Antennendraht- In der Apotheke- DVD-3:- Dokumentation über
DVD Artists

                                                                                                                                       Year’s” private Montana
                Karl Valentin:- Einmal im Jahr möcht’ ich auch lachen- können (von                                                     retreat and at home in
                Jo Baier)                                                                                                              Tennessee.
              · Deutsch, Dolby Digital, über 7 Stunden, 4:3 Vollbild,
                schwarz-weiß, Digipack im Schuber, mit einer Dokumentation
                von Jo Baier (147 min.) & Extras
              SARAH VAUGHAN
                THE DIVINE ONE (0)                   DVD U 0135                € 21.90
               · 1993/2002, PAL, 4:3, 2.0, 60 mins; A Portrait Of a
                Professionally Unparalleled Woman She was Sarah, Sassy, The
                Divine One - The Incomparable Sarah Vaughan. Sarah
                Vaughan - The Divine One recounts the stellar singer’s career
                from her beginnings at the Mt. Zion Baptist Church In Newark,

                 BEAR FAMILY RECORDS GmbH                      P. O. BOX 1154 • D-27727 HAMBERGEN • GERMANY                                         8= NEW
                                                      DVD Artists                                                                         411

   SHOW                                  DVD ID 9875       € 25.90
  · NTSC, English, Color, 58 Minutes, from the award winning TV
   series 1962-1971 with special guests: special guests: Julie
   Andrews, Pearl Bailey, Tony Bennett, Bing Crosby, Bobby Darin,
   Sammy Davis, Jr., Eddie Fisher, Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Garland,
   Antonio Carlos Jobim, Jerry Lewis, Henry Mancini, The
8 IN CONCERT AT BRANSON (1) DVD WS 1692                           € 21.50
   Beginning- L-O-V-E- Our Love Is Here To Stay- Call Me Irresponsi-
   ble- Days Of Wine And Roses- Charade- Theme from ‘Love Story’-
   Love Theme from ‘The Godfather’- He’s Got The Whole World In
   His Hands- Oh, Happy Day- Day By Day- Go Tell It On The Moun-
   tain- You’ll Never Walk Alone- Words- American Trilogy- Chatta-
   nooga Choo-Choo- Cocktails For Two- Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
   Of Company B- I’ll Never Smile Again- MacArthur Park- Born Free-
   Butterfly- Are You Sincere- I Like Your Kind Of Love- Lonely Street- In
   The Summertime- Canadian Sunset- Hawaiian Wedding Song-
   Can’t Get Used To Losing You- Moon River- May Each Day (Conclu-
 · (WHITESTAR), NTSC, Color, 82 Minutes,
 JOHN WILLIAMSON                                                             · (2003/MERLEFEST) NTSC, Dolby Digital Surround, recorded
                                                                              on the campus of Wilkes Community College Wilkesboro,NC
  GUNYAH - I’LL SING YOU THE                                                  Featuring: Doc Watson & Friends, Richard Watson, Sam Bush,
  OUTBACK                                    DVD EMI 90236 € 24.90            John Cowan, Jerry Douglas, Alison Krauss, Albert Lee, Patty
 · ‘Gunyah - I’ll Sing You The Outback’ is a musical trip with                Loveless, Tim O’Brien, Tony Rice, Peter Rowan, Earl Scruggs,
    JOHN WILLIAMSON through the great Australian Outback. But                 Chris Thile
    what actually is The Outback? Well, best leave John to explain: 8 CLASSIC HITS 50S & 60S (0)                       DVD 600408         € 12.50
  “It’s not just red dust and the desert, it’s all the isolated secret      · PAL, Color and B&W, 100 minutes; TV clips from Europe,
    places right across our great country - from top to bottom - from         Canada & USA featuring Paul Anka, Bobby Darin, The Drifters,
    blistering heat and humidity, to wind and snow. But more than,            Marty Robbins, Neil Sedaka a.o.
    it’s than that, it’s how it shapes the characters that live there”.    8 ROCK & ROLL AND THE 50S (0) DVD 600409                       € 12.50
    Featuring 13 songs from the album. It also includes 2 songs
   ‘Sail The Nullarbor’ and ‘Old Man Emu’not seen in the original           · PAL, B&W, 120 Minutes; Music Clips, TV ADS, Movie Trailers &
    TV special. Also included as a bonus is the 30 minute ‘True               Newsreels
    Stories’ Documentary tracing John’s career, which was filmed for         LONDON ROCK & ROLL SHOW
    Country Music Television (Australia) at Alice Springs in the           8 (0)                                       DVD 600410         € 12.50
    Northern Territory of Australia, in 1999.                               · Live at Wembley Stadium Saturday August 5 1972. This
                                                                              amazing concert took place on the 5th of August 1972 and
 WYNONNA                                                                      featured some of the world’s greatest rock & roll legends. It was
   LIVE IN VENICE (2)                        DVD 79083             € 25.55    also the first music event to be staged at the world famous
  · Color, 50 Minuten, Dolby Stereo, 5.1 Surround; over 1 hour of             Wembley Stadium. The concert lasted for dome eleven hours
    bonus feature “Behind the Scenes”                                         and was watched by an audience of 87,000. This event was
 VARIOUS ARTISTS                                                              without question the concert of the year and a great moment in
                                                                              rock and roll history. This DVD release features the highlights of
   THE MAIN EVENT (4)                        DVD 1019899           € 33.90    the performances by those legendary artists of rock and roll who
  · PAL, 159 min., Dolby Digital; A sell out event - the                      came together on that day! Artists include: Bo Diddley, Jerry Lee
    once-in-a-lifetime Australian entertaiment spectacular that               Lewis, Bill Haley, Little Richard, Chuck Berry and many more.
    brought together the legendary John Farnham, Olivia                    8 LEGENDS OF ROCK & ROLL (0) DVD 600412                        € 12.50
    Newton-John and Anthony Warlow. Backed by a forty piece
    orchestra and the fabulous Farnham Band, The Main Event is a            · Includes: Fats Domino, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Bill Haley,
    magical 2 1/2 hour LIVE extravaganza never to be forgotten                Charlie Gracie, Johnny Otis, Everyly Bros, Buddy Know, Bo
    featuring 40 all time favourite songs including Age of Reason, I          Diddley, Jerry Lee Lewis and many more.
    Honestly Love You and Music of the Night from ‘The Phantom               LEGENDS: LORETTA LYNN &
    Of The Opera’. Featuring John Farnham, the biggest selling               PATSY CLINE (2)                           DVD 7322808        € 25.90
    Australian artist within Australia and five times winner of the         · PAL, Dolby Stereo, 103 minutes; contains two video portraits
    King of Pop between 1969 and 1973. He ist the first Australian           DOO WOP 51 - 2000 CELEBRA-
    to have No.1 hits in the past four decades, and is also a former         TION VOL.1&2 (1)                          DVD 976032         € 39.90
    Australian of the year! Olivia Newton-John has had Top 10 hits            VELVETS: Tonight (Could Be The Night) HANK BALLARD &
    in the US and around the world and starred in the biggest movie           MIDNIGHTERS: Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go- Work With Me Annie
    musical of all time ‘Grease’. Anthony Warlow is the king of               TOKENS: The Lion Sleeps Tonight BILL PINKEY’S ORIG. DRIFTERS:
    Australian musical theatre, having starred in ‘The Pahntom Of             Drip Drop CHARLIE THOMAS : There Goes My Baby- This Magic
    The Opera,’ ‘My Fair Lady’ and ‘Lés Miserables,’ as well as               Moment BILL PINKEY : White Christmas CRYSTALS: Da Doo Ron
    having recorded hit albums, including ‘Centre Stage,’ ‘On The
    Boards’ and ‘Back In The Swing’ which have achieved gold or               Ron TEENAGER: Why Do Fools Fall In Love DUBS: Don’t Ask Me To
    platinum status. Including a behind-the scenes look at the                Be Lonely- Could This Be Magic RANDY & THE RAINBOWS:
    concert and featuring 13 extra songs not seen on the TV                   Denise EDSELS: Rama Lama Ding Dong SHIRLEY ALSTON REEVES
    broadcast, ‘The Main Event’ is pure magic.                                : Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow CADETS: Stranded In The Jungle
   BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB (2) DVD 21406                           € 17.90    JACKS: Why Don’t You Write Me DELLS: Oh What A Night TYMES &
                                                                                                                                                    DVD Artists

  · Doku, Spanisch (deutsche Untertitel), ca. 101 min.                        GEORGE WILLIAMS: So Much In Love CLOVERS: Love Potion #9-
   MERLEFEST LIVE ! 15TH ANNI-                                                Devil Or Angel DIAMONDS: The Stroll DIAMONDS & M.
8 VERSARY JAM (1)                            DVD 29539             € 24.50    WILLIAMS & ZOD.: Little Darlin’ MAURICE WILLIAMS & ZODIACS:
    Freight Train Boogie- Whiskey Before Breakfast/RAgtime Annie-             Stay CHIFFONS: One Fine Day EXCELLENTS: Coney Island Baby
    Summertime/Doc’s Medley- Lonesome Pine- Cora’s Gone- Cattle               DON & JUAN: What’s Your Name COASTERS: Poison Ivy MEL
    Call- Shady Grove- A Mountaineer Is Always Free- No Hiding                CARTER & PURE GOLD: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me BETTY
    Place- Shake Rattle & Roll- A Good Woman’s Love- Mambo Banjo-             EVERETT & JERRY BUTLER: Let It Be Me FIVE KEYES: Close Your Eyes
    Midnight Moonlight- She’s Gone Away- Salt Creek- Careless Love-           EL DORADOS: At My Front Door MAGNIFICENTS: Up On The
    Blue Moon Of Kentucky- Paul And Silas- Sittin’ On Top Of The              Mountain ORIOLES: Crying In The Chapel CLASSICS: Till Then
    World- Leaving London- You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive- Bury Me · recorded live May 16-17, 2000 Pittsburgh,PA in 5.1 Audio
    Beneath The Willow- Patrick Meets The Brickbats- They’re Gonna            NTSC, Color, 70 min. featuring interviews with The Coasters,
    Miss Me When I’m Gone- Sweet Georgia Brown- Amazing Grace                 Drifters, Jerry Butler, Randy & The Rainbows, Tokens and Velvets;

                                                     % (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-0 • FAX (+49) (0 47 48) 82 16-20 • Email
              412                                            DVD Artists
                DOO WOP 50 -1999 CELEBRA-                                              Mero Corazon” 28 min, color, bilingual and previously
                TION VOL.1&2 (1)          DVD 976657                       € 39.90     unreleased bonus footage 30 min., color, bilingual.Feat.:
                 PLATTERS: Only You- Great Pretender DEL-VIKINGS: Come Go              L.Mendoza,F.Jiminez,N.Martinez, Little Joe & La Familia,
                 White Me J. BEAUMONT & SKYLINERS: This I Swear- Since I Don’t         Chavela & Brown Express and more.
                 Have You PENGUINS: Earth Angel GENE CHANDLER & PURE                  TRUE BELIEVERS - THE FAMILY
                 GOLD: Duke Of Earl J. MAESTRO & BROOKLYN BRIDGE: 16                  OF ROUNDER (1)                           DVD BMG 45842 € 19.90
                 Candles- Worst That Could Happen LEE ANDREWS & THE                     MARCIA BALL : Big Shot JOHNSON MOUNTAIN BOYS: John
                 HEARTS: Long, Lonely Nights CLEFTONES: Little Girl Of Mine-            Henry- My Better Years BILL MORRISSEY : Robert Johnson- Birches
                 Heart And Soul CAPRIS: There’s A Moon Out Tonight MARCELS:             ALISON KRAUSS : Carroll County Blues- Baby Now That I Found
                 Blue Moon JIVE FIVE: My True Story- What Time Is It LEGENDS OF         You LITTLE JIMMY KING & R. LEVY &: Little Jimmy King’s Blues #1-
                 DOO WOP: Just To Be With You- Oh Rosemarie- Guardian Angel             Little Jimmy King’s Blues #2 IRMA THOMAS : Tears From A Smoke
                 EARL LEWIS & CHANNELS: That’s My Desire- The Closer You Are-           Filled Room BRUCE DAIGREPONT : Acadia A La Louisiane STEVE
                 CADILLACS: Zoom- Gloria- Speedo GOLDEN GROUP                           RILEY & MAMOU PLAYBOYS: Bayou Noir/Back Of Town Two-Step
                 MEMORIES: Unchained Melody- Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)             BEAU JOCQUE & Z. HI-ROLLERS: Beau Of Jocque Boogie
                 CHANTELS: Look In My Eyes ARLENE SMITH & CHANTELS: Maybe               MARCIA BALL : The Facts Of Life TISH HINOJOSA : Deja Me Llorar
                 HARVEY & THE MOONGLOWS: Sincerely- Ten Commandments                    BILL MORRISSEY : Letter From Heaven ALISON KRAUSS : Maybe
                 Of Love JERRY BUTLER & PURE GOLD: For Your Precious Love               HEATHER MYLES : True Love NATALIE MACMASTER : In My Hands
                 HARPTONES: Sunday Kind Of Love- Life Is But A Dream                    ROOMFUL OF BLUES: She’ll Be So Fine
                 FLAMINGOS: I Only Have Eyes For You- Lovers Never Say Good-          · NTSC, remasterd in 5:1 Surround Sound; During its
                 bye CADILLAC & LEGENDS OF DOO WOP: Gloria Medley SPAN-                 distinguished history, Rounder Records has been home to an
                 IELS: Stormy Weather- Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight                 astonishingly eclectic array of roots music performers, from
                                                                                        Allison Kraus to Beau Jocque & Zydeco Hi-Rollers. This
               · NTSC, 5.1 audio, 140 minutes, color; recorded live May 11 &            documentary takes you behind the scenes with some of the
                 12, 1999 at the Bendom Center for the Performing Art in                artists and music aficionados who are the true believers who’ve
                 downtown Pittsburgh,PA hosted by Jerry Butler - DVD with               made this label great for more than twenty years. Whether it’s
                 additional interviews                                                  the reggae fire of Burning Spear, the New Orleans soul of Irma
              8 COUNTRY GALA (0)                        DVD 980 940        € 27.50      Thomas or the Latin-tinged beauty of Tish Hinojoso, the story of
                 JOHNNY LORENZ : Heart In A Letter KATJA KAYE : What Are You            Rounder Records will make a true believer out of even the
                 Doing With My Heart JOHNNY HILL : Jambalaya HERMANN                    casual fan.
                 LAMMERS MEYER : Don’t Forget To Remember LARRY SCHUBA &               ECHT KULTIG - 25 JAHRE ZDF
                 WESTERN UNION: Nach Süden RATTLESNAKE ANNIE: I Ride                   HITPARADE (2)                          DVD BMG 98601 € 14.90
                 Alone GUNTER GABRIEL : Es war nicht alles schlecht LINDA FELLER      · PAL, Farbe, Stereo, 4:3, 50 Minuten;
                 : Wenn du sagst Goodbye RATTLES: Singing The Blues SALLY              GET IT ON - THE 70S DVD
                 CARTER : Lieber nehm ich Dich TOM ASTOR : Hit-Medley:                 JUKEBOX (0)                            DVD CP 6060         € 24.50
                 Freunde/Irgendwie wirds schon- gehen/Rocky Mountain                  · PAL, 5.1 Dolby Digital, 1.33:1, 80 minutes, special features:
                 Man/Take It Easy,- nimms leicht/Junger Adler TRUCK STOP:               Fact File On Each Featured Artist, DVD Jukebox (Up To 10
                 Super-Hit-Medley: Old Texas Town die- Westernstadt/Frau mit dem        Tracks);
                 Gurt/Wir sind die- Cowboys/Easy Rider/Hilly Billy - Country- Lilly    A VISION SHARED (1)                      DVD CVD 49006 € 29.90
                 GURDRUN LANGE & KACTUS: Wo sind all die Gefühle JOHNNY               · 1988, Color, Dolby Digital, 72 minutes; This incredible
                 HILL : Wer wie er viel unterwegs war FREDDY QUINN : Oh Lone-           collection of artists and songs features powerful new versions of
                 some Me- Some Broken Hearts Never Mend DIVERSE:                        Woody Guthrie and Leadbelly’s most important and influential
                 Zusammensteh’n                                                         music. In interviews and performances filmed in a variety of
                                                                                        locations, including recording studios, concert stages, and on
               · 2003/KOCH UNIVERSAL) 17 tracks                                         the road, the superstars of today pay tribute to these two
                 DOWN FROM THE MOUNTAIN                                                 legendary folk heroes.
                 (1)                                   DVD ART 12324 € 29.90           VOL.2, DEUTSCHES
                · NTSC, 98 min, Color, Digitally Mastered, Special Features;           SCHAGERMAGAZIN (2)                     DVD DA 440        € 21.90
                  Performances by: THE COX FAMILY, FAIRFIELD FOUR, JOHN               · PAL, Farbe, Dolby Digital, 4:3, über 170 Minuten Musik und
                  HARTFORD, EMMYLOU HARRIS, CHRIS THOMAS KING,                         Extras;
                  ALISON KRAUSS, UNION STATION, GILLIAN WELCH, DAVID                  VH1 DIVAS LIVE / 98 (1)                 DVD EVD 50175 € 29.90
                  RAWLINGS, THE WHITES
                                                                                        MARIAH CAREY : Start- Intro Mariah Carey- My All- Make It
                 REMEMBER THE 70S (0)               DVD BD 3002      € 18.50            Happen GLORIA ESTEFAN : Intro Gloria Estefan- Turn The Beat
                · 4:3 PAL, Color & B/W, Stereo;
                                                                                        Around- Heaven’s What I Feel- Megamix: Dr. Beat/Conga/Rhythm
                 VOL.2, REMEMBER THE 60S (0) DVD BD 3003             € 18.50            Is Gonna Get- You/1-2-3/Get On Your Feet SHANIA TWAIN : VHI
                 VOL.2, REMEMBER THE 70S (0) DVD BD 3004             € 18.50            Save The Music Spot Intro- VHI Save The Music Spot- Intro Shania
                EUROVISION - SONGFESTIVAL                                               Twain- Man! I Feel Like A Woman!- You’re Still The One ARETHA
              8 HITS (0)                                DVD BD 3005       € 18.50       FRANKLIN & MARIAH CAREY: VHI Save The Music Promo ARETHA
                  BROTHERHOOD OF MAN: Save Your Kisses For Me ALICE &                   FRANKLIN : Intro Aretha Franklin ARETHA FRANKLIN & MARIAH
                  BATTIATO: I treni de tozeur NEW SEEKERS: Beg Steal Or Borrow          CAREY: Chain Of Fools CELINE DION : Intro Celine Dion- River
                  CAROLA: Love Isn’t Love JOHNNY LOGAN : What’s Another Year            Deep, Mountain High CAROLE KING : Intro Carole King CELINE
                  CATHARINA FERRY : 1, 2, 3 SANDRA: The Party’s Over CONNY              DION & CAROLE KING: The Reason CELINE DION : My Heart Will
                  FROBOESS : Zwei kleine Italiener MILK & HONEY: Hallelujah             Go On C. DION & G. ESTEFAN & ...: You’ve Got A Friend DIVAS: A
                  SANDRA & ANDRES: Als het om de liefde gaat SHADOWS: Let Me            Natural Woman- Testimony / Credits
                  Be The One TEACH IN: Ding Dong JOHNNY LOGAN : Hold Me
                  Now FRIDA BOCCARA : Un Jour un enfant CLIFF RICHARD : Power         · Color, Dolby Stereo, 80 minutes;
                  To All Our Friends DAFNA: Zerak Sport SANDRA KIM : J’aime la vie     THE MCGARRIGLE HOUR (1)                DVD HN 1447         € 39.90
                  RUTH JACOTT : Vrede MAGGIE MACNEAL : Amsterdam DANA:                · NTSC, Dolby Digital 5.1, Stereo Audio Mix, Interviews,
                                                                                        Biographies; This live performance featuring Kate & Anna
                  All Kinds Of Eberything VICKY LEANDROS : Aprés toi ANNE MARIE         McGarrigle with their family and friends (Emmylou Harris, Linda
DVD Artists

                  DAVID : Tu te reconnairas SEVERINE: Un banc, un arbre, une rue        Ronstadt a.o.) captures the unique spirit of American song from
                  MOUTH & MACNEAL: I See A Star                                         Cole Porter to the Appalachians. Include bonus tracks from Kate
                · (2003/BR) 24 tracks Color & B/W original TV clips                     & Anna’s 1981 concert at Theatre Expo in Montreal.
                 ROOTS OF CAJUN & ZYDECO                                               TRIBUTE TO BURT BACHARACH
              8 MUSIC (1)                           DVD BF 103           € 27.50       & HAL DAVID (1)                      DVD ID 11183        € 35.90
                · (1989 & 2002/BRAZOS FILMS), color, bilingual, 84 min.; feat.:       · NTSC, Color, 108 min., Dolby Stereo; Performing 25 of the
                 C. Chenie,Queen Ida,W.Mouton,Rockin’Sidney,Balfa                      pair’s truly timeless classics, a stunning galaxy of internationally
                 Bros,N.Abshire M. Doucet &                                            renowned performers paid tribute to the pair in grand style at
                 Beausoleil,J.Delafose,W.Toups,B.Chavis,P.Daigle & Cajun G.            London’s Royal Albert Hall. From Dionne Warwick singing the
                 and more.                                                             hits she helped make so popular to Elvis Costello teaming with
              8 ROOTS OF TEX - MEX MUSIC (1) DVD BF 104                     € 27.50    Bacharach on the piano to Bacharach and David in a rare
               · (1979/1994 & 2003/BRAZOS FILMS) 2 films by L. Blank & C.              appearance together on stage, the evening was a magical night
                 Strachwitz: “Chulas Fronteras” 58 min, color, bilingual / “Del        to remember.

                  BEAR FAMILY RECORDS GmbH                   P. O. BOX 1154 • D-27727 HAMBERGEN • GERMANY                                      8= NEW
                                                   DVD Artists                                                                          413

8 VOCAL GROUPS (0)                        DVD IHV 1052         € 18.90
   MILLS BROS: Caravan- Rockin’ Chair- Lazy River- ‘til Then- Cielito
   lindo- You Always Hurt The One You Love- Paper Doll (& DORO-
   Dwelt In Harlem- Jack, You’re Playing The Game- Just A Sittin’ And
   A Rockin’- Rigoletto Blues- Snoqualomie Jo Jo- Take The ‘A’ Train-
   Gimmy Me Some Skin My Friend DEEP RIVER BOYS: Shadrack-
   Toot That Trumpet JUBALAIRES: The Preacher And The Bear- Noah-
   Brother Bill CHARIOTEERS: The Darktown Strutters Ball
 · 54 min., the 1940’s marked the heyday of one of the most
   outstanding movements in popular music history, the birth of the
   classic vocal ensemble. This exraordinary DVD showcases many
   of the most exciting groups of the genre.
8 LEGENDS (0)                             DVD IHV 1053        € 18.90
   ARTIE SHAW : Lady Be Good (& HELEN FOREST)- Dig It (& FRED
   ASTAIRE)- Concert for Clarinet (& FRED ASTAIRE)- Dig It (& FRED
   Rampart Street Parade- Smack Dab In The Middle (& CHARLIE
   SHAVERS) JIMMY DORSEY : Oh Look At Me Now (& R.EBERLE & H.            · Dolby Digital (Mono), ca. 60 min.;
   Boy That’s Crazy Riffin’ STAN KENTON & JUNE CHRISTY: A Lovely          ‘70-’83 (2)                          DVD RB 22005       € 19.90
   Way To Spend And Evening- I’m Gonna Love That Guy GLEN GRAY           · Dolby Digital (Mono), ca. 60 min.;
   & HIS CASA LOMA OR.: Sentimental Journey LARRY CLINTON :               VOL.5, BEST OF MUSIKLADEN
   Dipsy Doodle- Deep Purple- Whatcha Know Joe?- Chant Of The             ‘70-’83 (2)                          DVD RB 22006       € 19.90
   Jungle- Semper Fidelis Swing VICTOR YOUNG : Hold That Tiger           · Dolby Digital (Mono), ca. 60 min.;
   CUGAT : She’s A Bombshell From Brooklyn                                ‘70-’83 (2)                          DVD RB 22007       € 19.90
 · 60 min., this extraordinary DVD will transport you back in time       · Dolby Digital (Mono), ca. 61 min.;
   to the golden age of the big bands. Included here is footage of        VOL.7, BEST OF MUSIKLADEN
   some of the most legendary bands of the era.                           ‘70-’83 (2)                          DVD RB 22008       € 19.90
 SWING ERA - BOOGIE                                                      · Dolby Digital (Mono), ca. 60 min.;
8 WOOGIE & R&B (0)                      DVD IHV 1055       € 18.90        VOL.8, BEST OF MUSIKLADEN
   MEADE LUX LEWIS : Roll’em- Boogie Woogie- Low Down Dog                 ‘70-’83 (2)                          DVD RB 22009       € 19.90
   MAURICE ROCCO : Beat Me Daddy, Eight- To The Bar- Rhum                · Dolby Digital (Mono), ca. 60 min.;
   Boogie- Rocco’s Blues GENE RODGERS : Jukebox Boogie LYNN               VOL.9, BEST OF MUSIKLADEN
   ALBRITTON : Backstage Blues HARRY ‘THE HIPSTER’ GIBSON :               ‘70-’83 (2)                          DVD RB 22010       € 19.90
   Opus 12 Eee- Hadnsome Harry The Hipster ROBERT CRUM :                 · Dolby Digital (Mono), ca. 62 min.;
   Adventures In Boogie Woogie RAY SINATRA : Boogie Woogie                VOL.10, BEST OF MUSIKLADEN
   Upstairs THELMA WHITE : Hollywood Boogie AMOS MILBUM &                 ‘70-’83 (2)                          DVD RB 22011       € 19.90
   PAUL W. BAND: Down The Road Apiece- Rocky Mountain- Bewil-            · Dolby Digital (Mono), ca. 62 min.;
   dered- Bad Bad Whiskey JIMMY BROWN & PAUL W. BAND: My                  ROAD TO NASHVILLE - MOVIE
   Love Is True CLOVERS & PAUL WILLIAMS BAND: Fool, Fool, Foll-           (1)                                  DVD RN 72848       € 19.90
   Miss Fanny- Lovey Dovey- Little Mama LARKS & PAUL WILLIAMS            · NTSC, 1967, Color, 88 min;
   BAND: Without A Song WILL BRADLEY : Chicken Gumboog- Basin             WEBB PIERCE & CHET ATKINS -
   Street-Boogie- Boardwalk Boogie                                        COUNTRY CLASSICS                     DVD SHAN 601 € 39.90
 · 71 min., this rare DVD brings you many of the greatest                · Area Code 1, Dolby Stereo, Color, 60 minutes, Webb Pierce
   boogie-woogie and R&B artists of the 1930’s and 1940’s.                and Chet Atkins are two of the all-time great figures in country
  THE DOORS - A CELEBRATION                                               music history. These legendary artists are captured here at the
  (2)                                   DVD IX 1019         € 25.90       very peak of their powers, in the early days of their careers
 · PAL, Color, 75 min., Dolby Stereo;                                     when one hit song followed another. The high quality 35mm
  ALLSTAR TRIBUTE TO BRIAN                                                color film used to compile this video was shot from 1954
  WILSON (2)                            DVD IX 1232         € 25.90       through 1956. Assembled on this video are the very best
 · Er ist der Mozart des Pop, der Orson Welles des Rock, der              performances done by Webb and Chet during that magical
  George Gershwin seiner Generation. Weshalb er so genannt                period.
  wird, werden Sie auf der An All Star-Tribute To Brian Wilson            HIGH LONESOME - THE STORY
  bestens sehen, hören und verstehen. Das Konzert zu Ehren                OF BLUEGRASS MUSIC                   DVD SHAN 604 € 39.90
  Wilson’s künstlerischer Leistung wurde am 29. März 2001 in der         · Area Code 1, Color, 95 minutes; With uncommon passion and
  berühmten Radio City Music Hall in New York aufgenommen.                devotion, High Lonesome traces the evolution of bluegrass, one
  Dieses einmalige Zusammentreffen von Superstars und                     of America’s most vital musical fusions, from its folk roots in the
  Legenden auf einer Bühne entführt uns auf eine erstaunliche             Kentucky hills through the innovations which shaped its most
  musikalische Reise durch das unvergleichliche musikalische              modern forms. With over 100 songs and a keen thread of the
  Lebenswerk des Brian Wilson. Auf dem Weg erfahren wir die               cultural and historical forces running through them, ‘High
  bewegende Geschichte des heroischen Überlebenden, der uns               Lonesome’ captures the heart and soul of the music and its
  ein Leben voll unvergesslicher Musik beschert hat.                      founder Bill Monroe, along with other seminal figures. The story
                                                                                                                                                 DVD Artists

  BEAT-CLUB BEST 1965-1973                                                unfolds through the words and songs of the musicians
  10-DVD (2)                             DVD RB 12019 € 134.50            themselves, flawlessly matched with images imbued with an
 · Dolby Digital 5.1 (neu bearbeitet) und Dolby Digital 2.0               intimate front porch feel. Linking the music’s birth with the social
  (original), 4:3 Vollbild, Farbe/Color, ca.500 min., im Schuber;         upheaval of the Great Depression and following it through the
                                                                          maze of American modernity, ‘High Lonesome’ is more than just
  VOL.1, BEST OF MUSIKLADEN                                               the vividly rendered story of bluegrass. It’s a vision of how life
  ‘70-’83 (2)                             DVD RB 22002         € 19.90    has changed in America and a testimony to the enduring
 · Dolby Digital (Mono), ca. 62 min.;                                     strength of a music which has continued to find voice over
  VOL.2, BEST OF MUSIKLADEN                                               decades of shifting musical taste. Featuring: Bill Monroe/The
  ‘70-’83 (2)                             DVD RB 22003         € 19.90    Stanley Bros/Mac Wiseman/Jimmy Martin/ Flatt & Scruggs/The
 · Dolby Digital (Mono), ca. 60 min.;                                     Osborne Bros/Jim & Jesse/The Seldom Scene/Sam Bush/Alison
  VOL.3, BEST OF MUSIKLADEN                                               Krauss/The Nashville/Bluegrass Band...and more
  ‘70-’83 (2)                             DVD RB 22004         € 19.90

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              414                                            DVD Artists
              8 HEARTWORN HIGHWAYS (0)              DVD SMA 024          € 22.50        FRIZZELL : I Love You CONNIE SMITH : Never Get Over Loving You
               · (2003/CATFISH), English, PAL, 150 minutes, 14:9, 2:0 Stereo,           MARGIE SINGLETON : For Just A Moment BILL ANDERSON : Poor
                 24 page booklet; Heartworn Highways is James Szalapski’s               Folks- I Love You Drops DOTTIE WEST : Would You Hold It Against
                 fabled documentary about the rebirth of country music around           Me- Here Come My Baby MARTY ROBBINS : Working My Way
                 Austin and Nashville in the mid-70’s. Featuring Townes Van             Through A Heartache- Begging To You STONEMAN FAMILY: Send
                 Zandt,Guy Clark,Charlie Daniels and others! This deluxe                Me A Letter- Cripple Creek HANK SNOW : I’ve Been Everywhere-
                 edition includes a transcribed interview with Szalapski and            Just A Faded Petal From OSBORNE BROS: A Beautiful Bouquet- Be
                 additional written contributions from the other key players            Alright Tomorrow PORTER WAGONER : Howdy Neighbour- Skid
                 responsible for the creation!Plus unseen footage and extra
                 features that only serve to enhance the legendary status of the        Row Joe NORMA JEAN : I Wouldn’t Buy A Used Car From Him
                 movie plus unreleased versions of the songs and complete               CARTER FAMILY: I Walk The Line JOHNNY CASH & CARTER
                 unreleased material! James Szalapskis Film über die                    FAMILY: Were You There JOHNNY CASH : The One On The Right
                 Wiedergeburt des Austin Country Rock in den 70er Jahren.               CONNIE SMITH : Nobody But A Fool MARTY ROBBINS : El Paso
                 Unveröffentlichte Songs und Auftritte der Künstler, Interviews und   · PAL, Color, 4:3, 5.1, 88 Min; Country Music Film from the 60s
                 vieles mehr!!!                                                         with 60 stars singing 37 smash hits;
                APPALACHIAN JOURNEY (1)                  DVD SVD 89262 € 29.90         AMERICA: A TRIBUTE TO
               · Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Mark O’Connor NTSC, Color, 95                  HEROES (2-6)                          DVD WB 8562       € 27.90
                 minutes, Stereo, 5.1 Dolby Suround, Bonus Videos, selectet           · New York Benefit 2001, PAL, Stereo, 120 minutes;
                 Discography; April 5 th, 2000... On the heels of their                CAN’T YOU HEAR THE WIND
                 unanimously acclaimed albums Appalachia Waltz and                     HOWL ? - MOVIE (O)                    DVD WHE 73015 € 39.90
                 Appalachian Journey, Appalachian Journey Live In Concert             · The Life & Music Of Robert Johnson - hosted by Danny Glover -
                 captures three of the world’s most extraordinary musicians live       NTSC, Color & B&W, 76 minutes, featuring Eric Clapton, Robert
                 in concert, along with very special guests James Taylor and           Cray, Keith Richards and many others; An in-depth, award
                 Alison Krauss, from their sold-out performance at New York            winning documentary on Robert Johnson, the man who
                 City’s Avery Fisher Hall. This captivating concert contains music     influenced, among others, Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan, Led
                 from Appalachian Journey including Meyer’s “1 B,” Stephen             Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones. Containing rare photos,
                 Foster’s timeless calssic “Hard Times come Again No More”             exclusive interviews and vivid re-creations of events in Johnson’s
                 featuring James Taylor, and Foster’s “Slumber My Darling” with        life, Can’t Your Hear The Wind? prsents a compelling portrait of
                 Alison Krauss. Also included are O’Connor’s dynamic title             this enigmatic figure, revealing the man behind the myth. Over
                 composition from Appalachia Waltz and converstations with the         sixty years of mystery surround this strange, gifted artist who
                 artists.                                                              lived in the rural south of 1920’s and 30’s. He sang his own
                MORE THAN THE MUSIC..LIVE                                              songs with unequeled intensity and style songs about betryed
                (1)                                  DVD TLN 88621 € 34.90             women, terror-filled nights and walking side by side with the
               · Inroducing an exciting new gospel music series of old time            devil. Johnson recorded only 29 songs - but they constitute the
                Gospel songs, new favorites, exclusive interviews and special          most astonishing, influential body of work any bluesman has
                moments. Watch as artists talk about more than the music with          ever committed to wax. Special Features: Production Credits,
                their story and a song (85 min.) plus bonus preview of the More        Scene Access, Interactive Menus, Filmographies, Discography
                Than The Music-Life Story videos (30 min).                 LIFE COULD BE A DREAM - THE
                MORE THAN THE MUSIC..LIVE                                8 DOO WOP SOUND                        DVD WS 3094         € 21.50
                STORY (1)                          DVD TLN 88622 € 34.90 · (2002/WHITESTAR), NTSC, Color, 70 Minutes; Doo-Wop is a
               · The Happy Goodman video includes interviews with Howard    unique form of harmony singing which ultimately swept the
                and Vestal Goodman plus comments from the wives and                    world and transformed the face of popular music. It’s a simple
                children of Rusty and Sam Goodman.(80 min.) The Blackwood              style of harmony singing, born of the urban streets, but in its
                Brothers video contains one of the last interviews with James          inherent simplicity is a powerful attraction and a fascinating tale
                Blackwood, completed just prior to his death. Interviews with          of passionate young love, heartache, triumph, and some of the
                Cecil, Ron, Jimmy, Billy and other family members and friends          sweetest lyrics and sounds ever recorded. It’s a story that has
                are inc.                                                               never been told. This is that story. Featuring: Lewis Lymon and
               ROAD TO NASHVILLE - MOVIE                                               Jimmy Merchant (The Teenagers), Earl ‘Speedo’ Carroll (The
               (4)                                      DVD U 0082         € 19.90     Cadillacs), Arlene Smith (The Chantels), Pookie Hudson (The
                Introduction/Opening Credits MARTY ROBBINS : Count Me Out-             Spaniels), Reather Dixon and Emma Pought (The Bobbettes),
                Devil Woman STONEMANS: Instrumental WEBB PIERCE : You                  Dave Somerville (The Diamonds), Things To Come, Cyndy &
                Ain’t No Better Than Me- Love’s Something I Can’t Understand           The Cliftonaires, Ronnie Italiano (UGHA), Bobby Jay (WCBS),
                WAYLON JENNINGS : Anita DON WINTERS : Annie Lou BOBBY                  Don K. Reed (WCBS).
                SYKES : Back To Me QUININE GUMPSTUMP & BUCK: Cutting                   TIMES AIN’T LIKE THEY USED
                Room Floor KITTY WELLS SHOW: Is Love Worth All The Heartache           TO BE (1928-35)                      DVD YAZ 512          € 29.90
                BILL PHILLIPS : Put It Off Until Tomorrow KITTY WELLS : A Woman       · Early American Rural & Popular Music from rare original Film
                Half My Age FARON YOUNG : Dreams- I Miss You Already LEFTY             Masters NTSC, B&W; Code 1

                                                               DVD Western
              BONANZA                                                                 · PAL, 1974, Deutsch, E,S, Farbe/Color, 89 Min; Mel Brooks
                TV FAVORITES 2-DVD(6                                                   (Regie), Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn;
              8 EPISODES) (1)                          DVD MAD 9273 € 19.90            RING OF FIRE (2)                       DVD 114369       € 19.90
                 The Trail Gang- The Last Viking- The Ape- Silent Thunder- Day Of     · Deutsch/Englisch, Dolby Digital, ca. 105 min.
                 Reckoning- Badge Without Honor                                        NANON                                  DVD 114752       € 14.50
               · English, NTSC, Color, 300 Minutes, bonus features;                   · Deutschland 1938, deutsch, Vollbild s/w, mono, ca. 80 Min.;
                                                                                       mit: Erna Sack, Johannes Heesters u.a.
              LONE RANGER                                                              DIE UMWEGE DES SCHÖNEN
                LONE RANGER (0)                       DVD ALP 3152           € 9.90    KARL                                  DVD 114814        € 14.50
DVD Artists

               · English, 1949, Black & White, 69 min;                                · Deutschland 1938, deutsch, Vollbild s/w, mono, ca. 95 Min.;
              KARL MAY                                                                 mit: Heinz Rühmann, Karin Hardt u.a.
                IM TAL DER TOTEN (2)                  DVD POL 75019 € 24.90            ERBARMUNGSLOS - UNFOR-
               · Deutsch, Farbe, 86 Min., Dolby Digital, Special Feat.:                GIVEN (2)                            DVD 1253195             € 19.90
                 Kinoplakate, Arbeitskopie S/W, Bilder zum Ausdrucken                 · PAL, 1992, Deutsch, S,E, Farbe/Color, 125 Min; Clint
                                                                                       Eastwood, Gene Hackman;
                OLD SHATTERHAND (2)                    DVD POL 75022 € 24.90
               · Deutsch, Farbe, 113 Min., Dolby digital, Special Feat.: Trailer       MAVERICK (2)                         DVD 1337495       € 19.90
                 aus GB u. Italien, Plakatmotive, Dreharbeitenfotos;                  · PAL, 1994, Deutsch, E,S, Farbe/Color, 121 Min; James Garner,
                                                                                       Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster,
              MOVIE/SPIELFILM                                                          DER TEXANER (2)                      DVD 2151795         € 19.90
               BLAZING SADDLES (DER WILDE                                             · PAL, 1976, Deutsch,E,S, Farbe/Color, 131 Min; Clint Eastwood
               WILDE WESTEN) (2)          DVD 100195                        € 19.90   , Sandra Locke;

                 BEAR FAMILY RECORDS GmbH                    P. O. BOX 1154 • D-27727 HAMBERGEN • GERMANY                                     8= NEW
                                                 DVD Western                                                                             415

                                                                             KLEIDER MACHEN LEUTE                DVD PTD 2005       € 14.50
                                                                            · Deutschland 1940, deutsch, Vollbild s/w, mono, ca. 91 Min.;
                                                                             mit: Heinz Rühmann, Hertha Feiler u.a.
                                                                             FRECH UND VERLIEBT                  DVD PTD 2009       € 14.50
                                                                            · Deutschland 1945, deutsch, Vollbild s/w, mono, ca. 89 Min.;
                                                                             mit: Johannes Heesters, Gabriele Reismüller, Carl Heinz
                                                                             Schroth u.a.
                                                                            FAMILIE SCHIMEK                      DVD PTD 2014       € 14.50
                                                                           · Deutschland 1935, deutsch, Vollbild s/w, mono, ca. 79 Min.;
                                                                            mit: Hans Moser, Käthe Haack u.a.
                                                                            ENDSTATION                            DVD PTD 2015        € 14.50
                                                                           · Deutschland 1935, deutsch, Vollbild s/w, stereo, ca. 91 Min.;
                                                                            mit: Hans Moser, Paul Hörbiger u.a.
                                                                           UND DU MEIN SCHATZ FÄHRST
                                                                           MIT                                   DVD PTD 2018      € 14.50
                                                                          · Deutschland 1936, deutsch, Vollbild s/w, mono, ca. 97 Min.;
                                                                           mit: Marika Rökk, Hans Söhnker u.a.
                                                                           HEIMKEHR INS GLÜCK                    DVD PTD 2023      € 14.50
                                                                          · Deutschland 1933, deutsch, Vollbild s/w, mono, ca. 80 Min.;
                                                                           mit: Heinz Rühmann, Paul Hörbiger u.a.
                                                                           ICH SUCHE DICH                       DVD PTD 2038       € 14.50
                                                                          · Deutschland 1955/56, deutsch, Vollbild s/w, mono, ca. 91
                                                                           Min.; mit: O.W. Fischer, Anouk Aimée, Nadja Tiller u.a.
  O BROTHER WHERE ARE THOU                                                 HERRSCHER OHNE KRONE                  DVD PTD 2039      € 14.50
  ? (1)                                   DVD 21654        € 37.50        · Deutschland 1956, deutsch, Vollbild Farbe, mono, ca. 105
 · NTSC, English, 103 min, color, digitally masterd, bonus                 Min.; mit: O.W. Fischer, Odile Versois, Horst Buchholz u.a.
  material;                                                                DER MANN, DER SEINEN
  JUNIOR BONNER                          DVD 29626             € 14.90     MÖRDER SUCHT                          DVD PTD 2040      € 14.50
 · Deutsch/Englisch, Dolby Digital, ca. 96 min., mit Steve                · Deutschland 1931, deutsch, Vollbild s/w, mono, ca. 52 Min.;
  McQueen u. Robert Preston.                                               mit: Heinz Rühmann, Lien Deyers u.a.
  CAT BALLOU - HÄNGEN                                                      VERWEHTE SPUREN                       DVD PTD 2042      € 14.50
  SOLLST DU IN WYOMING (2) DVD 310009                     € 23.90         · Deutschland 1938, deutsch, Vollbild s/w, mono, ca. 78 Min.;
 · PAL, 1965/1993, Deutsch,E,F,S,I, Farbe/Color, Widescreen, 92            mit: Kristina Söderbaum, Charlotte Schulz u.a.
  min, Jane Fonda, Lee Marvin;                                             PETER VOSS, DER
  ALVAREZ KELLY (2)                     DVD 310090         € 27.90         MILLIONENDIEB                         DVD PTD 2045      € 14.50
 · PAL, 1966, Deutsch,E,F,I,S, Farbe/Color, Widescreen, 105 min;          · Deutschland 1945, deutsch, Vollbild s/w, mono, ca. 86 Min.;
  William Holden, Richard Widmark;                                         mit: Viktor De Kowa, Else von Möllendorf, Georg Thomalla u.a.
  KAKTUS JACK (2)                       DVD 311106         € 23.90
 · PAL, 1979, Deutsch,E,S,F,I, Farbe/Color, Widescreen, 85 min;
  Ann Margret, Kirk Douglas, Arnold Schwarzenegger;                       ROY ROGERS
  GERONIMO (2)                           DVD 319873        € 27.90         ROUGH RIDERS ROUND - UP
 · PAL, 1993, Deutsch, E,F,I,S, Farbe/color, 110 min, Gene                 (0)                                   DVD ALP 4010            € 9.90
  Hackman, Robert Duvall, Music by Ry Cooder;                             · English, 1939, Black & White, 54 min;
  WINNETOU I-III 3-DVD                                                     THE RANGER AND THE LADY (1) DVD CV 3005                     € 22.50
  SCHUBER                             DVD 500135               € 39.90     BELLS OF SAN ANGELO -
 · PAL, Deutsch, ca.270 Minuten, ungekürzte, restaurierte                  SPECIAL EDITION (1)                   DVD CV 3007           € 22.50
  Fassungen mit Bonus Material;                                           · NTSC, English, B&W, 74 Minutes, specials;
  CONVOY (2)                            DVD 500342         € 29.90         SAGA OF DEATH VALLEY -
 · Deutsch, 106 min, Dolby Stereo, Trucker-Western mit Ali                 SPECIAL EDITION (1)                   DVD CV 3008           € 22.50
  McGraw & Kris Kristofferson                                             · NTSC, English, B&W, 54 Minutes, specials;
8 DER ELEKTRISCHE REITER (2)              DVD 903 615          € 12.90     SAN FERNANDO VALLEY -
 · (2002/UNIVERSAL), Pal, Dolby Digital, 116 min.,feat.                    SPECIAL EDITION (1)                   DVD CV 3009           € 22.50
  R.Redford,J.Fonda                                                       · NTSC, English, B&W, 74 Minutes, Specials;
8 EIN FRESSEN FÜR DIE GEIER (2) DVD 903 659              € 12.90           HOLLYWOOD FAVORITES
 · (2002/UNIVERSAL) original 1969, Mono, Dolby Digital, 109              8 2-DVD(6 EPISODES) (1)                 DVD MAD 9322       € 19.90
  min., feat.: C. Eastwood, S. Maclaine u.a.                                Bells Of San Angelo- Carson City Kid- Colorado- Cowboy And The
 THE WILD WEST 10 MOVIES                                                    Senorita- Robin Hood And The Pecos- Young Bill Hickok
 5-DVD (1)                               DVD BRENT 44213€ 29.90           · English, NTSC, B&W, 5 hours 30 Min., bonus features;
   Cry Blood Apache (Approx. 80 minutes)- Crazy Horse & Custer
   (Approx. 90 minutes)- Fistful Of Lead (Approx. 92 minutes)- The        RANDOLPH SCOTT
   Gunfighters ( Approx. 95 minutes)- The New Daughters Of Joshua          RAGE AT DAWN (0)                       DVD ALP 3150           € 9.90
   Cabe (90 minutes)- The Over The Hill Gang (Approx. 75 minutes)-        JOHN WAYNE
   Territorial Men (Approx. 100 minutes)- Daniel Boone: Trail Blazer       DIE COMANCHEROS (2)                   DVD 0117708        € 19.90
   (Approx. 90 min.)- The Jackals (Approx. 105 minutes)- Savage           · PAL, 1961, Deutsch, E,F,I,S, Farbe/Color, Widescreen, 103 Min;
   Pampas (Approx. 105 minutes)                                            Lee Marvin, Stuart Whitman;
                                                                                                                                                  DVD Western

 · English, NTSC, B&W, DVD Special Features;                               WINDS OF WASTELAND (0)              DVD 0581106         € 8.90
  WESTWÄRTS ZIEHT DER WIND                                                · 1936, NTSC, b&w, 55 minutes;
  (2)                                     DVD PA 0405          € 17.90     RIO BRAVO (2)                       DVD 1105095        € 19.90
 · Dolby Digital, Englisch, Franz., Deutsch, Italienisch, Spanisch,       · PAL, 1959/1987, Deutsch, E,S, Farbe/Color, 126 Min; Dean
  ca. 158 min., 1969, L. Marvin, C. Eastwood, J. Seberg,                   Martin, Ricky Nelson;
  Colour/Farbe.                                                            DER SCHWARZE FALKE (THE
  NANU, SIE KENNEN KORFF                                                   SEARCHERS) (2)                       DVD 1465195        € 19.90
  NOCH NICHT?                           DVD PTD 2003      € 14.50         · PAL, 1956, Deutsch,E,S, Farbe/Color, 114 Min; Vera Miles,
 · Deutschland 1938, deutsch, Vollbild s/w, mono, ca. 91 Min.;             Natalie Wood;
  mit: Heinz Rühmann, Senta Foltin u.a.                                    DIE COWBOYS (2)                      DVD 1518395            € 19.90
  DER FLORENTINER HUT                   DVD PTD 2004      € 14.50         · PAL, 1971, Deutsch, English, Farbe/Color, 129 Min;
 · Deutschland 1939, deutsch, Vollbild s/w, mono, ca. 87 Min.;             ungeschnittene Originalversion
  mit: Heinz Rühmann, Herti Kirchner u.a.

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              416                                          DVD Western
               JOHN WAYNE                                                              ANGEL AND THE BADMAN &
                DER LETZTE SCHARFSCHÜTZE                                               BLUE STEEL (1)                         DVD MRG 0004 € 17.90
                (THE SHOOTIST) (2)                      DVD 21872        € 15.50      · English, NTSC, B&W, 156 minutes;
               · Dolby Digital,deutsch u. englisch, ca. 102 min.                       DER MARSHALL (2)                       DVD PA 1098           € 17.90
                KAVALLERIE COLLECTION                                                 · Dolby Digital, Deutsch, Englisch, Franz., Ital., Spanisch, 1969,
                3-DVD EDITION (2)                       DVD 500427       € 39.90       ca. 123 min., Farbe/Colour.
               · PAL, Deutsch & English, Dolby Digital Mono,1:1, 33(4:3); Rio          DER MANN, DER LIBERTY
                Grande, Bis zum letzten Mann, Der Teufelshauptmann; Bonus              VALANCE ERSCHOSS (2)                    DVD PA 2315          € 17.90
                Specials: Dokumentation, Interview mit John Ford, Produktions-        · Dolby Digital, Englisch, Franz., Deutsch, Italienisch, Spanisch,
                Notizen, Ungekürzte US Fassung “Bis zum letzten Mann”                  ca. 118 min., 1962, James Stewart, John Wayne, B&W.
                (34min länger) und mehr; - im limitierten Schmuckschuber -             LAWLESS FRONTIER & LUCKY
                THE STAR PACKER & RIDERS OF                                            TEXAN (0)                               DVD PMC 0262          € 9.90
                DESTINY (1)                        DVD MAD 9003             € 15.90   · English, Black & White;
               · 1933/34, NTSC, English, b&w, 112 minutes;                             THE STAR PACKER & DAWN
                HOLLYWOOD FAVORITES                                                    RIDER (0)                               DVD PMC 7701          € 9.90
              8 2-DVD(6 EPISODES) (1)              DVD MAD 9325             € 19.90   · English, Black & White;
                 Neath The Arizona Skies- West Of The Divide- Texas Terror- Hell       WINDS OF WASTELAND &
                 Town- Desert Trail- Frontier Horizon                                  SAGEBRUSH TRAIL (0)                     DVD PMC 7702          € 9.90
               · (2002/MADACY), NTSC, English, B&W, 5 hours 15 minutes;               · English, Black & White;                                          €

                                                          DVD Movies div.
               ANNETTE                                                                 DIE LEGENDE VON PAUL UND
                HOW TO STUFF A WILD BIKINI                                             PAULA (0)                              DVD 19135       € 14.90
                (1)                                   DVD MGM 8062 € 17.90            · Deutsch, Dolby Digital, Color, ca. 101 min., 1973.
               · NTSC, English, Color, 93 min., 1965, Widescreen & Standard            AMERICAN GRAFFITI (1)
                Format, with original trailer; Annette Funicello, Buster Keaton,       COLLECTOR’S EDITION                    DVD 20272       € 37.50
                Mickey Rooney;                                                        · NTSC, 112min, Dolby Surround, Color, Widescreen, English,
                                                                                       special features;
               BEVERLY HILLBILLIES                                                     OCEAN’S 11 - FRANKIE & SEINE
                TV FAVORITES 2-DVD(10                                                  SPIESSGESELLEN                        DVD 2149495       € 19.90
              8 EPISODES) (1)                        DVD MAD 9269 € 19.90             · (2) PAL, 1960/1988, Deutsch, E,S,, Farbe/Color, 123 Min; die
                 Jed Cuts The Family Tree- Elly’s Animals- Psychoanalyst Gets          Original Version mit Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis
                 Campletted- Hair Raising Holiday- Granny’s Garden- Elly               Jr, Peter Lawford, Angie Dickinson a.o. Music by Nelson Riddle /
                 Becomes A Secretary- Clampett Look- Turkey Day- Clampetts Are         Special Features;
                 Overdrawn- Garden Party                                               ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS -
               · (2001/MADACY), B&W, 300 minutes. bonus features,                      LONDON 1958 (2)                         DVD 21550          € 22.90
               BRUCE BROWN                                                            · Dolby Digital, Deutsch, Englisch, ca. 103 min., David Bowie;
                SURF CRAZY (2)                         DVD IX 8792          € 20.50    MARLENE (2)                             DVD 24328          € 11.90
                SURFIN’ SHORTS (2)                     DVD IX 8793          € 20.50   · Dolby digital, deutsch, ca. 128 min.
                                                                                       HONEYMOON IN VEGAS (2)                  DVD 24364          € 22.90
               MARLENE DIETRICH                                                       · Dolby Digital, Deutsch, Englisch, ca. 92 min., N. Cage, S.J.
                DER BLAUE ENGEL (2) 2-DVD DVD BMG 83974 € 29.90                        Parker;
               · Deutsch, Hauptfilm 106 Min., Bonusmaterial: 133 Min.;                 RAUMPATROUILLE ORION
                Bonusmaterial Disc 1: Interview mit M.D., Chronik der                  FOLGE 1-7 2-DVD                       DVD 26634          € 34.50
                Filmentstehung, 30 Biographien zu Stab u. Besetzung, Foto             · Deutsch, s/w 4:3, Dolby Digital 5.1 & 1.0, ca.417 Minuten, mit
                Galerie; Disc 2: Orig. englische Filmfassung, 100 Min.;                Musikvideo, Bildschirmschoner und weiteren Specials;
               MARILYN MONROE                                                          EASY RIDER (2)                         DVD 310005        € 27.90
                DER PRINZ UND DIE TÄNZERIN                                            · PAL, 1969, Color, Deutsch,E,F.I,S, 92 min., Dennis Hopper,
                (2)                                 DVD 1115495        € 19.90         Peter Fonda, Jack Nicholson;
               · PAL, 1957/1985, Deutsch, E,S, Farbe/Color, 112 Min; (The              DER WILDE (2)                          DVD 310848         € 27.90
                 Prince And The Showgirl) Laurence Olivier;                           · PAL, 1953, Deutsch,E,F,I,S, s/w, b&w, 76 min, with Marlon
                THE COMPLETE (0)                         DVD W 2020        € 27.90     Brando, Lee Marvin;
               · English, B&W, Color, 149 min, Marilyn in the news, a collection       LA BAMBA (2)                          DVD 311285         € 27.90
                 of trailers for M.M. films, complete collec. of studio               · PAL, 1987, Deutsch,E,F,I,S, Dolby Color, 105 min;
                 performances, M.M. filmography, digital scrapbook of photos           BLUES BROTHERS - COLLEC-
                 and movie posters;                                                    TORS EDITION (2)                      DVD 331193         € 27.90
               MOVIE/SPIELFILM                                                        · PAL, 1980/2001, Color, Deutsch, E,I,F,S, 142 min, Widescreen;
                SWING KIDS (2)                        DVD 101493         € 19.90       CASABLANCA - SPECIAL
               · PAL, 2002, Deutsch, E, I, Farbe/Color, 109 Min; Robert Sean           EDITION BOX (2)                       DVD 5288295         € 69.90
                Leonard, Christian Bale;
              8 CIRCUS-WELT (2)                     DVD 114977            € 12.90     · Pal, Deutsch, E,S, S/W, 98 Min, 23x29x7 cm; Inklusive: 8
                                                                                       Original Schaukastenbilder, Exklusives Senitype ( limitierter u.
               · (2002/EMS), Dolby Digital, mono, color, 133 min., feat.: John         nummerierter Qualitätsdruck eines Szenenbildes inklusive 35
DVD Western

                Wayne, Claudia Cardinale, Rita Hayworth u.a.                           mm Filmausschnitt, Original Filmplakat (68,5 x 101,5 cm)
                WOODSTOCK - DIRECTOR’S                                                 VOM WINDE VERWEHT -
                CUT (2)                             DVD 1354995        € 19.90         SPECIAL EDITION BOX (2)               DVD 5622795       € 69.90
               · PAL, 1970/1994/2000, English, Farbe/Color, 216 Min;                  · PAL, Deutsch, English, Farbe/Color, 224 Minuten, 23x29x7 cm;
                DENN SIE WISSEN NICHT WAS                                              Inklusive: 8 Original Schaukastenbilder, Exklusives Senitype (
                SIE TUN (2)                         DVD 1406995        € 19.90         limitierter u. nummerierter Qualitätsdruck eines Szenenbildes
               · PAL, 1955/1983, Deutsch, E,S, Farbe/Color, 107 Min; (Rebel            inklusive 35 mm Filmausschnitt), Original Filmplakat (68,5 x
                Without A Cause) James Dean, Natalie Wood, Sal Mineo;                  101,6 cm)
                BEIM STERBEN IST JEDER DER                                             WANDERERS - DIRECTOR’S
                ERSTE-DELIVERENCE                    DVD 1544595            € 19.90    CUT (0)                                 DVD 857267          € 12.90
               · (2)PAL, 1972, Deutsch,E,S, Farbe/Color, 105 Min; Burt                · PAL, Deutsch, English, Dolby Digital, 16:9, Trailer, 3-D Menü,
                Reynolds, Jon Voight, Ned Beatty, Ronny Cox; Kult Klassiker mit        remastered uncut version with 113 Min / Rock & Roll Kultfilm in
                der Duelling Banjos Szene !                                            der digital bearbeiteten, ungeschnittenen Fassung (113 Minuten

                  BEAR FAMILY RECORDS GmbH                   P. O. BOX 1154 • D-27727 HAMBERGEN • GERMANY                                     8= NEW
                                            DVD Movies div.                                                                            417

  !) Musik: Four Seasons, Shirelles, Ben E.King, Dion and many
8 FREUDENHAUS IN TEXAS (2)              DVD 903 593        € 12.90
  · (2002/UNIVERSAL) Pal, Dolby Digital, 109 min.;B.Reynolds &
8 OF MOTOWN 2-DVD SET                DVD ART 13780 € 26.90
  · (2003/ARTISAN), Code 1, NTSC, English, Dolby Dogital, Color,
   110 min; Detroit, Michigan, 1959. Berry Gordy gathered the
   best musicians from the city’s thriving Jazz and Blues scene for
   his new record company: Motown. They called themselves the
   Funk Brothers, and they were the greatest hit machine in the
   history of popular music. This is their story. Disc 1 Features:
   Widescreen 16:9, Audio Commentary with Director and
   Producer, 6.1 DTS-ES/5.1 Dolby-EX/2.0 Dolby Stereo, Subititles
  - English and Spanish, Trivia Track, Song
   Selections/Performances, How It All Began - The Photo That
   Started It All, The Video That Started It All,
   Presents THE HIRE: A Series of Short Films (Hostage, Ticker,
   Beat the Devil) Disc 2 Features: Dinner with the Funk Bros,
   Multiangle Jam Sessions, Deleted Scenes, The Ones That Didn’t
   Make It, At Long Last Glory, Funk Bros Video Biographies, Music
   Video Montage, Selected Discography, Honorable Mentions,
   Hi-Resolution - DVD-ROM Playable Version, Interactive - Virtual
   Recording Studio gehört!Auftritte,Discographie,die Story und
   und und....EIN MUß!! Komplettwerk mit allem Schnickschnack,              dem Mond, erleben Sie Höhepunkte dieser unvergessenen
   Nötigem und Unnötigem über das weltbekannte MOTOWN                       Epoche noch einmal.
   Label!!Die Story,Auftritte,Kurzfilme,Discographie und und
   und....Ein absolutes MUSS für JEDEN Musikfan!!                          BARBARELLA (JANE FONDA) (2) DVD PA 1016                 € 17.90
   DIRTY DANCING - SPECIAL                                                · Dolby Digital, Mono, Englisch, Deutsch, Spanisch,
   EDITION (2)                           DVD CON 2105 € 24.90               Farbe/Colour, 1968, ca. 94 min., Jane Fonda;
  · PAL, Deutsch, 16:9, 5.1, 2.0, 105 Minuten plus 60                      LACHENDE ERBEN                        DVD PTD 2002      € 14.50
   min.Bonusmaterial: 3 Musikvideos, Trailer, Making Of, Goofs,           · Deutschland 1933, deutsch, Vollbild s/w, mono, ca. 72 Min.;
   Interviews etc.                                                          mit: Heinz Rühmann, Max Adalbert u.a.
   AMERICAN GRAFFITI (4)                                                  BETTY PAGE
   COLLECTOR’S EDITION                DVD DU 31180 € 16.90                 PIN UP QUEEN (0)                   DVD CULT 001       € 34.50
  · 1973/2000, PAL, Deutsch, Farbe/Color, Widescreen, 108 Min.            · 1951-56, Color and B&W, 97 minutes, PAL & NTSC, special
   plus 73 Min. Bonus Material (Trailer, Interviews etc.) language         features;
   options:German, Italian, English, Spanish, French; Rock & Roll
   Kultfilm mit Wolfman Jack !, Harrison Ford, Richard Dreyfuss,          MARTY ROBBINS
   Paul Le Mat u.a. - Ein Muss !                                           HELL ON WHEELS - MOVIE (1) DVD 972846                    € 19.90
   O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU                                               · NTSC, English, 96 min., color, 1967 Nascar movie feat. Connie
   ? (4)                                    DVD DU 32874 € 16.90           Smith
  · PAL, Deutsch, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Farbe/Color,         JOHN TRAVOLTA
   Widescreen, 102 Min; geniales Südstaaten Roadmovie mit viel             COLLECTION 3-DVD EDITION
   Bluegrass Musik - Klasse !                                              (2)                                   DVD 459048            € 59.90
8 ROCK, ROCK, ROCK ! (0)                   DVD G 12999          € 20.90   · PAL, Deutsch, 327 Min., Farbe, Dolby, div.Extras (Trailer,
   I Never Had A Sweetheart- The Things Your Heart Needs- Rock,            Interviews) Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Staying Alive
   Pretty Baby- Rock ‘N’ Roll Boogie- I Knew From The Start- You Can’t     Aufwendige Digipacks im Geschenkschuber
   Catch Me- Will I Be Crying?- The Big Beat- Thanks To You- Rock         BUNNY YEAGER
   Tonight- Little Blue Wren- Lonesome Train- Over And Over Again-
   Tra-La-La- Ever Since I Can Remember- Baby Baby- I Am Not A
                                                                           100 GIRLS BY BUNNY YEAGER
                                                                           (0)                               DVD CULT 003       € 23.90
   Juvenille Delinquent- Won’t You Give Me A Chance- Right Now            · 1950-1997, NTSC, B&W and Color, 45 minutes, more than
   Right Now- Swing Cat Stomp                                              200 photos and unreleased clips, music by Danny B. Harvey;
 · English/1956/B&W/83 Minutes/NTSC Featuring the movie 50s
   Slide Show, Alan Freed Trailers and the digital remastered             VARIOUS ARTISTS
   soundtrack!!/Der Film und viele Extras wie z.B. Alan Freed              THE VIBES OF THE 50S AND
   Trailern!!Beste Qualität!!                                              60S (2)                               DVD 69009            € 20.50
   THE 60S - SPIELFILM & BONUS                                            · English, PAL 4:3, Mono, Color & b/w, rare clips from the 50s &
   DVD                                   DVD NBC 114047 € 22.90            60s;
  · 2001, Deutsch, English, 4:3, Dolby 2.0, 166 Min; J.F.K.                BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB -
                                                                           MOVIE (1)                              DVD ART 10176 € 25.00
                                                                                                                                                 DVD Movies div.

   ermordet - Einmarsch amerikanischer Truppen in Vietnam - Das
   Woodstock-Festival - Cassius Clay konvertiert zum Islam -              · NTSC, Spanish with English subtitles, 1999, Color / B&W, 105
   Bürgerrechtskämpfe in Mississippi - Die Mondlandung - Martin            minutes; “The Buena Vista Social Club,” guitarist Ry Cooder’s
   Luther King ermordet - Malcolm X und die Black                          celebrated album featuring the recently re-discovered talents of
   Power-Bewegung - Rassenunruhen Mit Dokumentaraufnahmen                  Cuba’s foremost folk musicians, sold millions of copies and
   unterlegt, von Musiker der Stones, Bob Dylan und Jefferson              earned a Grammy Award. Now, Cooder teams up with
   Airplane begleitet, erzählt der Film die Geschichte einer Familie,      acclaimed director Wim Wenders (Paris, Texas) to reveal the
   deren Sohn in Vietnam kämpft und deren Tochter sich in den              astonishing life stories, vibrant personalities and unforgettable
   Wirren der Protest-Bewegung zu verlieren droht. Mit: Julia Stiles       music of the brilliantly talented but long-overlooked performers
   (Save The Last Dance), Jerry O’Connel (Mission To Mars) &               who collarborated on this now-legendary recording. From the
   Jordana Brewster (Faculty) Specials: Information aus den                crumbling barrios of their Havana, to their triumphant, sold-out
   Bereichen Kultur, Politik, Sport, Musik und Wissenschaft der 60er       concerts in Amsterdam and New York’s Carnegie Hall, it’s an
   Jahre; Biografien und Filmografien zu den                               unforgettable, deeply emotinonal journey into the passion, pride
   Hauptdarstellern/e-m-s Trailershow; Bonus DVD: Sehen Sie                and humanity of the artists whose sparked a worldwide musical
   einen Auszug aus der Reihe ‘100 Jahre - Die grossen Bilder des          phenomenon! SPECIAL FEATURES: Audio commentary featuring
   20. Jahrhunderts’. Die den Zeitraum 1960-1969 umfassende                director Wim Wenders, 16:9 Fullscreen Version, 5.1 Dolby
   Dokumentation liefert Ihnen auf informative und unterhaltende           Digital, Theatrical Trailer, Crew Information, Musician
   Weise den geschichtlichen Hintergrund zum Film. Ob der                  Information, Production Notes, Digitally Mastered, Interactive
   Jahrhundertmord an John F Kennedy oder der erste Mensch auf
                                .                                          Menus, Scene Access, Additional Scenes

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                  418                                    DVD Movies div.
                    TEENAGE MONSTER (&                                                      RENDEZVOUS UNTERM
                    TRAILER) (1)                        DVD ID 9775         € 24.50         NIERENTISCH (2)                      DVD NPF 666        € 29.90
                   · NTSC, B&W, 65 min., 1957, english;                                    · Farbe/sw, 86 min,;diese DVD präsentiert die Höhepunkte aus
                    ALS DIE WERBUNG FLIMMERN                                                Kinowerbung u. Wochenschauen der Adenauer Ära in einer
                  8 LERNTE (2)                          DVD NPF 20029 € 29.90               turbulenten Collage: eine schrille Revue durch die Pubertät der
                   · Deutsch, Farbe, 110 Minuten, 4:3, Werbespots der 50er und              Republik;
                     60er Jahre;                                                            THE BEACH GIRLS / THE POM
                    CHROM VETERANEN, VOL.1 &                                                POM GIRLS (1)                         DVD RN 5739       € 24.90
                    2 (2)                                  DVD NPF 662       € 29.90       · English, NTSC, Color, total 180 minutes; 1970s B-Beach
                   · Farbe/ sw, 100 min.;der Inhalt der beiden Videos wurde neu           Movies
                     bearbeitet und mit zusätzlichem Material ergänzt, chronologisch 8 HEARTWORN HIGHWAYS (0)                     DVD SMA 024         € 22.50
                     nach Jahrzehnten geordnet und kommentiert. Mit Such- und           · (2003/CATFISH), English, PAL, 150 minutes, 14:9, 2:0 Stereo,
                     Sortierfunktionen; 50er Jahre in Deutschland: Die Republik wird      24 page booklet; Heartworn Highways is James Szalapski’s
                     mobil. ‘Leukoplastbomber’ und ‘Knutschkugeln’ bevölkern die          fabled documentary about the rebirth of country music around
                     Strassen, bald auch die ersten Nobelkarossen. Von der ‘Isetta’       Austin and Nashville in the mid-70’s. Featuring Townes Van
                     bis zum luxuriösen Vorstands-Daimler zeigt ‘Chromverfahren’          Zandt,Guy Clark,Charlie Daniels and others! This deluxe
                     einen amüsanten Rückblick auf diese unvergleichliche Epoche,         edition includes a transcribed interview with Szalapski and
                     in der die Autos noch ‘Gesichter’ hatten. 1960 gibt es in            additional written contributions from the other key players
                     Westdeutschland 3,8 Millionen Automobile. 1970 sind es               responsible for the creation!Plus unseen footage and extra
                     bereits 13 Millionen. Vollmotorisierung ist das Motto der Zeit.      features that only serve to enhance the legendary status of the
                     Das Wirtschaftswunder ermöglicht vielen Kraftfahrern den             movie plus unreleased versions of the songs and complete
                     Aufstieg vom Kabinenroller zur repräsentativen Familienkutsche.      unreleased material! James Szalapskis Film über die
                     Neue Modelle mussten grösser sein als ihre Vorgänger- und            Wiedergeburt des Austin Country Rock in den 70er Jahren.
                     natürlich auch kräftiger: Erinnerungen an eine Zeit auf der          Unveröffentlichte Songs und Auftritte der Künstler, Interviews und
                     Überholspur.                                                         vieles mehr!!!
                    DIE HB MÄNNCHEN SPOTS (2) DVD NPF 663                       € 29.90
                   · Farbe/sw., 99 min,; alle Werbespots der beiden Videos jetzt auf
                     DVD! Plus Dokumentation über den Schöpfer Roland Töpfer.

                                                             VINYL - Country
                   JOAN BAEZ                                                               MAC DAVIS
                    DIAMONDS & RUST 180G                                                   WHOS LOVIN YOU                         FC 38950             € 9.90
                    VINYL                                  LP 393 233            € 18.50   TOMMY DOSS
                   MICHAEL BALLEW                                                          TOMMY DOSS                             BFX 15225           € 10.23
                    RIVER/GREAT DIVIDE -                                                   CHRIS LE DOUX
                    7"SINGLE                                PR 811              € 3.00     SING ME A SONG MR. RODEO
                   · Long out of print collectors item on Phooey Records - few copies      MAN                                    CLD 78               € 2.56
                     only -
                                                                                           HE RIDES THE WILD HORSES               CLD 84               € 2.56
                   BEAUSOLEIL                                                              THIRTY DOLLAR COWBOY                   CLD 88               € 2.56
                    LIVE ! FROM THE LEFT COAST             ROU 6035               € 7.90
                                                                                           JIM EANES
                   BIG GUITARS FROM TEXAS                                                  BLUEGRASS SPECIAL                      BS 2                € 12.90
                    THAT’S COOL - THAT’S TRASH             AM 1008                € 6.90
                                                                                           LEON EVERETTE
                   BLANKENSHIP BROS                                                        DOIN WHAT I FEEL                       MHL1 8518            € 4.90
                    BLUEGRASS & ROCKABILLY
                    KINGS FROM INDIANA                     BSLP 100              € 11.90   BOB EVERHART
                                                                                           TIME AFTER TIME                        FV 12027            € 10.90
                    LOOKING BACK TO SEE                    BFX 15190             € 10.23   EXILE
                                                                                           HANG ON TO YOUR HEART                  BFE 40000           € 12.90
                   BUCKWHEAT ZYDECO                                                        KENTUCKY HEARTS                        FE 39424             € 5.50
                    TAKING IT HOME - CUT OUT               WB 90968               € 4.90
                                                                                           TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD
                   JOHNNY CASH                                                             SIXTEEN TONS                           HAT 3118            € 11.90
                    GET RHYTHM - 180G                      GET 7507              € 18.90
                    SINGS I WALK THE LINE - 180G GET 7509                        € 18.90   JOHN GARDNER
                    ALL ABOARD THE BLUE TRAIN -                                            MY PRAYER - 7"SINGLE                   WRC 3313             € 3.90
                    180G                                   GET 7513              € 18.90
                    THE MAN COMES AROUND -
                    AMERICAN IV 2-LP                       LP 63336              € 19.90
DVD Movies div.

                   · Limited Double Vinyl with 2 additional tracks not on CD !
                    AT TOWN HALL PARTY 1959
                    (180G)                                 SLP 5171              € 20.00
                   BILL CLIFTON
                    SPRINGHILL DISASTER/THE
                    GIRL I LEFT BEHIND 7"                  K 251                  € 3.84
                   BILL CLIFTON & PAUL CLAYTON
                    A BLUEGRASS SESSION                    BF 15001               € 8.95
                   PATSY CLINE
                    GOTTA LOT OF RHYTHM -
                    EARLY COUNTRY ROCKER                   DMSLP 2045            € 12.50
                   COLLINS KIDS
                    TELEVISION PARTY                       TV 5758               € 11.90
                   J.C CUNNINGHAM
                    J.C CUNNINGHAM                         B1 25173               € 5.50

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