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Weldsale Platens Flame Tables Tooling


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 Stoody Industrial & Welding Supply, Inc.- San Diego (619) 234-6750/ Victorville (760) 530-0765 WWW.STOODYIND.COM

   Weldsale Platens, Flame Tables & Tooling                                                                                          Platens / Flame Tables / Tooling

                                      Compare Weldsale Platens' Unique Design With Any Other Platen
 Why Platens are                                                                                                                                                       Enlarged Underside View
 Used                                                                         Raised Machine Bosses on Sides. When two or more
 ● Layout                   Round Counter Sunk Holes Keep the Entire          Weldsale Platens are set up in multiple beds, they fit
 ● Bending                  Work Surface Clear of Bolt Heads. Heads of        flush with each other at the slotted holes. This
 ● Straightening            the mounting bolts are recessed below the work    completely eliminates the possibility of
 ● Minimum Set-Up Time      surface. Bolting the platen to the stand                the sides cracking when bolting
 ● Any Clamp is Used in     eliminates any unwanted moving                               together.
    Any Square Hole         or shifting while removing                                          Slots on the bosses make
 ● Restraint During Welding the workpieces.                                                            bolt together simple,
 ● Minimizing Distortion                                                                                       fast, and easy.
 ● Fixturing                  Top View
                                                                                                                   Cross Ribbing In Both
 ● Cast Iron Stays Flat                                                                                              Directions greatly reduces
 ● Downdraft Ventilation    Machined
                                                                                                                   sagging and warping. Helps to assure a
 ● Systems                  Shoulders allow
                                                                                                                 long lasting, flat working surface on the top side.
                            exact, completely
                                                                                                           The top surface of every Weldsale Platen is machined to
 Where Platens              flush set up of
                                                                                                           ± .005" per foot tolerance for a very flat, smooth working surface
                            multiple platen
 Are Used                   beds                                                               Radius in all four                              Cast-In Sockets on the Bottom of every Square Hole
 ● Maintenance Shops                                                                      Corners of Each Square Hole                          Make bolt down of tooling by one operator fast and
 ● Fabrication Shops        Extra Thick Skirts around the                            This cast-in feature of our platens was designed to easy. The operator simply inserts bolt (head first) into
 ● Production Line Shops    perimeter and 2" high shoulders also add            reduce the “notch effect” on the corners of each square the square hole, turns the bolt 1/4 turn, then pulls the
 ● Machinery Builders       strength and durability.                        hole, reducing the chance of cracking from hole to hole.           bolt up into the cast-in socket for positive grip.
 ● Utilities
 ● Ship and Submarine                           Weldsale Platens                                                                       Weldsale Flush Mount Stands
 ● Military and Government                         Platen                               Approx.                    Platen                    Stand              #       Approx.              Stand
    installations                                    Item              Size              Weight                     Price                     Item              of       Weight              Price
 ● Laboratories                                   Number                                   (lbs.)                                          Number             Legs        (lbs.)
 ● Robotic Installations
                                                  *WS36D                  3' x 6'            838             $1,895.00 EA             WS36DNS             4          210         $795.00 EA
             Exclusive                             WS25B                2 1/2' x 5'          840             $2,395.00 EA             WS25BNS             4          315         $925.00 EA
         Weldsale Features
       shown in bold face type.
                                                   WS44B                  4' x 4'           1100             $2,495.00 EA             WS44BNS             4          325         $975.00 EA
                                                   WS55B                  5' x 5'           2280                 CALL                 WS55BNS             4          360           CALL
                                                   WS56B                  5' x 6'           2695                 CALL                 WS56BNS             4          370           CALL
             Weldsale                              WS58B                  5' x 8'           3240                 CALL                 WS58BNS             6          455           CALL
                                                  WS510B                 5' x 10'           4300                 CALL                 WS510BS             6          475           CALL
                                           Four 5' x 5' Weldsale Platens bolted together to form a 10' x 10' multiple platen
                                           bed. *Only the stand can be bolted on the model #WS36D.                                              Special height stands can be ordered.
                                                                                       Cast Iron Construction Resists Warping                 We supply four WS13 mounting bolts with each
                                       Standard stand height is 32" floor to                                                                  Weldsale Flush Mount Platen Stand, for secure
                                       platen work surface.                            Specifications subject to change without               bolt down of platen to stand.
                                   Standard 1 3/4" Square Holes on 3 1/2" Centers                        notice.

                  $64.00 EA                      $16.50 EA                               # WS9 U Clamp                           $173.00 EA
                                                         # WS6 Offset Square                $33.30 EA
             # WS1A Gooseneck                            Head Bolt 3/4" D x 10" LG                                               # WS16
             Hold Down Dog                               for bolting weldments or                                                Vertical
             Clamp down, pieces to                       fixtures to platen.                                                     Clamp
             minimize distortion                         WS6                                                                     Arm Slides
                                                                                                                                 Up and Down Rail
       # WS2 Tapered Drift Pin                                                                                                   With one fast turn of the screw,
                                                             3/4" D x 5 3/4" LG                                                  the part is clamped. All the time
              $53.30 EA
                                                             WS7                                                                 turning the screw on
  ● Tapered drift pins are used as           $16.50 EA                                                                           conventional arm clamps saved.
    stops and also for                                                                                                           Bases are knurled and hardened
    straightening and bending.                           # WS8 3/4" D x 4 1/4" LG,       ● U Clamp can be used on                to bind in platen hole. Great
  ● Also used with horizontal clamps.                    fully threaded. Used with         platens same as in machine shop       operator appeal.                                 WS17-134-28
                                                         # WS4 Arm Clamp.                  trades. U Clamps and bolts (See       Clamping Envelope: 0" to 9"
      $64.00 EA        $132.00 EA                        WS8                               WS6, WS7, WS8) are used to            Throat: 4 1/2"
       # WS3           # WS3BD               $16.50 EA                                     bolt weldments down to platen.
                                                                                           (See also # WS36                      $280.25 EA
                                   Bolt In                                                 Shims/Leaf-Stack.)
                                               # WS8A - Same as # WS8 except                                                       # WS17-134
                                               2 3/4" LG. Fits WS23B. WS25B,                                                       Bolt Down
                                               WS44B Platens.                                                                      Vertical Clamp
             Push In               New!
                                               WS8A               $16.50 EA                                                      ● The # WS17 Bolt Down
                                               WS8B               $18.95 EA                                                        Vertical Clamp has been
      ● Bending posts are used for                                                                                                 designed to
                                                                                                                                                                        $298.75 EA
      bending or straightening                                                                                                     withstand hammering or               # WS17-134-30
                                                                                         $12.25 EA
      with horizontal clamps.                                                                                                      shitting of the weldment. It         Extra Long
                                                                                         # WS10 Heel Wedge
                                                                                         Much like a set up wedge except the       bolts into the cast-in sockets       Vertical Clamp
     # WS4                                   $178.90 EA
                                                                                         heel provides a method for pounding       on the bottom of every               Arm Slides
     Arm                                     # WS8CAM                                                                                                                   Up and Down
                                                                                         the wedge into the desired position.      square hole. This is a unique
     Clamp              $90.75 EA            Cam Bolt for                                                                                                               Rail
                                                                                         Heel provides surface to pry wedge        design, feature of Weldsale
                                             Quick Action
                                                                                         out from work.                            Platens.
 ● Arm Clamps are baked down tightly         Bolt Down of                                                                                                               ● 360° Rotation
                                                                                                                                 ● Bolt down feature also allows
   to platen for vertical clamping.          Weldments and Tooling                                                                                                      ● Excellent for damping
                                                                                         # WS18                                    360° swivel.
 ● Platen hole size and thickness            ● No Tools Required                                                                                                          tall parts or clamping
                                                                                         Horizontal                                Clamping Envelope: 0- to 5'"
   determine proper mourning                 ● Quick action cam for damp. unclamp,                                                                                        above the surface of
                                                                                         Clamp                  $195.00 EA         Throat: 4 1/2"
   bolt.                                        and reclamp applications                                                                                                  the platen
 ● Clamping Envelope: 0" to 3 1/4"           ● Square nut fits Into cast-in socket on                                            # WS18-134-36 $262.50 EA               ● Clamping Envelope:
                                                                                         Horizontal Clamping in Any
   Throat: 2                                    bottom of platens square holes.                                                  Extra Long                                0- to 28 3/4"
                                                                                         Radial Direction
                                             $9.95 EA     # WS12 hex bolt                Traditional clamps are limited to       Horizontal Clamp                         Throat: 4 1/2"
  # WS5A 90° Horizontal Clamp                             1" D x 4 3/4" LG for           applying pressure at only 45° or        Horizontal Clamping
  # WS5B 45° Horizontal Clamp                             bolting platens together.      90°.                                    in Any Radial
                                                                                         Our Weldsale clamps give you            Direction
       5A                     5B                                                         added versatility by clamping in        ● 360° Rotation
                                             $9.95 EA     # WS13 Hex Head Bolt                                                   ● Clamping Envelope: 2" (With
                                                                                         any radial direction
                                                          1" D x 6 1/2" LG for bolting   Clamping Height: 2" With Sliding           sliding Arm Reversed) to 36"
                                                          platens down to stands or                                                 Extra Tall!
   $90.75 EA              $90.75 EA                                                      Arm Reversed) to 15"
                                                          I-beams.                       3 1/2" Throw of Screw                      3 1/2" Throw of Screw

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