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									                                  Stephen A. Engel
                            Curriculum Vitae, February, 2009

       University of Minnesota, Department of Psychology
       S253 Elliott Hall
       75 East River Road
       Minneapolis, MN 55455
       phone: (612) 825-5571
       FAX: (612) 625-5571

Academic History

       2007-present            University of Minnesota, Dept. of Psychology, Full Professor
       2006-2007               UCLA, Dept. of Psychology, Full Professor
       2002-2006               UCLA, Dept. of Psychology, Associate Professor
       1996- 2002              UCLA, Dept. of Psychology, Assistant Professor
       1995-1996               Stanford Univ., Dept. of Psychology, Post-doctoral fellow
       1989-1995               Stanford Univ., Dept. of Psychology
                               Ph.D., Cognitive Psychology
                               Thesis Title: Mapping Human Primary Visual Cortex
                               with Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
       1983-1987               Harvard College
                               B.A. with High Honors, Computer Science

Grants, Fellowships, and Honors

          Keck Foundation, “UCLA Program for Vision and Image Sciences” (co-PI with
           Yuille and Soatto), $660,000, 2005-2007

          National Eye Institute, RO1 EY11862: “Color Processing in Human Cortex”,
           $575,185, 1999-2007

          Associate Editor, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 2007-

          Member, NIH Cognitive Neuroscience Review Panel, 2000-2003.
   Whitehall Foundation, 1999-12-49: “The Neural Basis of Perceiving 3-D Volume”,
    $150,000, 1999-2001

   National Eye Institute, James A Shannon Director's Award: “Color Processing in
    Human Cortex”, $100,000, 1997-1999

   Phi Beta Kappa, 1986
Engel, S.A.                                                                                     3


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Engel, S.A.                                                                                    4

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Engel, S.A.                                                                                    5

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Engel, S.A.                                                                           6

Selected Invited Talks

             University of Pennsylvania (2009)

             University of California, Berkeley (2006)

             University of Minnesota (2006)

             Vanderbilt University (2006)

             University of Chicago (2005)

             UCSD Cognitive Neuroscience Retreat, Keynote Address (2005)

             University of Pennsylvania (2005)

             University of California, Santa Barbara (2005)

             Medical College of Wisconsin (2004)

             Northwestern University (2004)

             Stanford University (2002)

             University of California, San Diego, (2002)

             Fall Vision Meeting Workshops of Color and Neuroimaging, (2001, 2002)

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