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Home Stretch


									                          Home Stretch
Week 2, Quarter 4                                                April 19, 2010

  Encourage your children as they move down the final stretch of this school year to
finish strong. It is very easy to put things off when it is so nice. Only four more
sleeps and we will be into May. Say goodbye to the showe rs, more like flurries, and
hello to the flowe rs and don’t look at the forecast, look at the calenda r.

 Remembe r to mark on your calendars the Annual Meeting scheduled for May 11 th
at 7:00 pm. Be in prayer as to what God would have you doing for the school for the
coming year. An age nda will be sent out soon.

 Please remember to send back the report cards when you are finished with them.
There is one more piece to be stapled to it and then it will be completed for the year
and you will be able to keep it and put it in the scrapbook or me mory book or put it
on eBay. If you have any questions or would like to set up an inte rvie w time please
call the school or write it on the report card and your teacher will get back to you.

 Parents please remember that space is filling up fast for next year. Don’t delay in
getting your Re-enrolment forms in. The re are 35 students registered thus far. We
are also accepting registrations for ne w students. Talk to your friends and
neighbours, yourselves and God, if now is the time to register at Lighthouse
Christian Academy. The budget for next year is being worked on and it becomes a
more valuable tool to use if the numbers are accurate.

 We will be enjoying our first ever Salad Bar on Tuesday. There will be 5 or 6
different salads.

 It is time to sign up and show your special talent. May 5 th starting at 12:40 we are
going to have Talent Day at Lighthouse Christian Acade my. Students and staff will
be demonstrating some unique and interesting and ente rtaining things. It is hard to
put into words so come out and expe rience it for yourself and bring your came ra.

                         The school camping trip is booked for May 27 and 28 at
Camp Kuriakos. Book the time off now to s pend it with your children and the
school on an unforgettable adventure.

  CONGRATULATIONS to the following students for saying the scripture on the
first day: Chloe Allen Ace Beaulieu, Bekha Stevenson, Kelsey Gervais, Graham
Wirth, and Mrs. B. Emma Hoogendoorn, Jessica Krause. CONGRATULATIONS
to the following students who said the scripture in the first week: Emily Ammeter,
Taylor Snelgrove, Tannis Ellerby, Tins Gervais, Mallory Grayson, Katelyn
Hoogendoorn, Keelaina Loewen, Richard McBride, Raihna Remick, Jessica
Stevenson, Hudson Kloss, Andrea Berger, Joel Bender, Sandy Kosteriva, Mrs.

 CONGRATULATIONS to the students that achieved perfect attendance in the
third quarter, Matthew Bender, Samuel Bender, Cruz Manus, Olivia Ram Taylor,
Nolan Mearns, Mikaela Bender, Brooke Smith, Grace Smith, Joel Bender, Logan
Kreutz, Ethan Mearns, Jesse Saysongkham, Noah Wilson, Lauren Mearns, Emma
Hoogendoorn, Sylvie Masson, Cole Schimke, Emily Ammeter, Cheyenne
Budvarson, Kelsey Gervais, Katelyn Hoogendoorn, Bekah Stevenson, Graham

 CONGRATULATIONS to the following students for earning honor roll status for
the third quarter: Grade 1—Hunter Kloss, Eden Kreutz, Nolan Mearns, Sam Stone
Grade 2/3 – Mikaela Bender, Kaitlin Heaton, Hudson Kloss, Brooke Smith, Grace
Smith Grade 4/5—Isaac Kingma, Andrea Berger, Ethan Mearns, Joel Bender, Jesse
Saysongkham Grade 6/7—Sonja Heaton, Maria Kingma, Jessica Krause, Lauren
Mearns Grade 8/9—Breanna Allen, Keelan Ellerby, Danielle Carruthe rs, Joy
Fugler, Emma Hoogendoorn, Sam Krause, Sylvie Masson, Highschool—Chloe
Allen, Emily Ammeter, Kelsey Gervais, Katelyn Hoogendoorn, Keelaina Loewen,
Bekah Stevenson, Graham Wirth.

                        The Grad Banquet is coming up June 19 th . The grade 8/9
students will be serving and cleaning up in pre parations for their own celebration
only a few years away.

 Bibles for Grads is coming up June 2nd for all the grads in Sylvan Lake. The
committee is looking for turkey cookers, card encourager writers, and table
setterupers, servers and donations for Bibles. If you are able to help with any of
these projects talk to Mrs. Nielsen. This might be the 16th annual Bible give away.
Be a part of blessing the graduates of Sylvan Lake. Someone in this group might be
running the nursing home when you need it!

 The Mission’s team for next year is heading out on the highway next Saturday to
clean the ditches. We are meeting at the school at 7:30 AM starting with a safety
meeting. If you love walking or picking up garbage or love being a part of a group
but you are not in highschool you are still welcome to join us for what will be a great
day. We are in need of at least 5 adults but the more the merrier as we are covering
the area from the traffic circle in Sylvan Lake to the Bentley turnoff. It is only 16
Kilometres, twice. This is a lot for one person but not very much for a large g roup.

 To receive this hot off the press right at your computer at home or work, go to our
ne w website, and sign up for the ne wsletter.
Checkout what else is going on this week and the rest of the year.


Pre School

 We had a great time at the Medicine River Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre with the
Grade 6/7 class. Thank you M rs. Noyes and Mrs. Walters for coming to help. Our
the mes this week are Sea Creatures and Plants/seeds.

Thank you Dr. Taylor for helping with transportation to the dairy farm and to see
the Fletcher’s lamb and sheep. This week’s field trip is to the Rona Lumbe ryard. I
would like one more driver for this trip on Thurs day, leaving from the school at

1:50 P.M. Next week’s field trip has been changed to Tuesday April 27th , we will be
going to the Planted Earth Greenhouse at 1:45 P.M.; Please let me know if you can
help drive for either of these trips. Thanks so much!

Grade 1

Grade 2/3

Grade 4/5
Andrea went camping and quadding on the weekend. Rachel and Hannah are
visiting our class. Ethan did NOT dirt bike all weekend. Joel got in the fields this
weekend. Luke is selling his quad to buy a boat!

Grade 6/7
Maria watched he r brother play hockey all weekend. They got silver in the
tourname nt. Jamie went to the park for the first time this year and the Big Moo.
She also went swimming in the POOL twice (unlike other crazy people in her class!
 ). Lauren (on the othe r hand) went in the lake, touched the ice, dunked, and ran
out. Lauren also had a fun time playing settlers. Logan fell off the horse and face
planted (apparently it was the horse’s fault). Isaac and Mitchell made a mini-
potatoe gun. Alieda is BACK! She had a fun trip in Costa Rica, saw a sloth and
wants to go back (come in and ask he r for all the interesting stories!). She had a fun
weekend. Katey’s Dad made pancakes every day. She also rode in the field twice,
and her pony got a bath (she must have a HUGE bathtub in he r house!). Babe went
in the lake for the second time (another CRAZY grade 7 student…man who’s their
teacher???), and she also won the game of Life by gambling her money. Miss W. is
really proud of her brother and sister who both finished their nursing degrees and
received their pins this weekend.

Grade 8/9
Marianne what’s classroom ne ws? ; She could only shake her head
sideways…‖what are you writing down? I can’t even talk during classroom ne ws
  Jenson-just ask him ―Where’s Waldo?‖
  Mike got to go to Calgary and ate lots of McDonalds—feeling supersized?
  Zack jumped into the lake. I wonder who told him to do that?
  Emma’s mom came home, yeah! And Emma worked all weekend.
  Keelan slept at work sshhh! Don’t tell his boss. Oh and are they hiring?
 Joy cooked a turkey and a leg of lamb. I wonde r what s he did with the rest of the
lamb? Sounds good.
  Mitchell any classroom ne ws? ……….‖Em…eeemmmm…. em…. it rained

High School News

 Katelyn got a collage of pictures from Emily and Bekah. It was a fabulous gift.
 Cheyenne rodeoed at Delburne this weekend. She placed on Saturday but still
battling a wrist injury.
 Mikayla got a ne w horse on Saturday name d Sugar. Logan has already fallen off.


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