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6 Easter Arts and Craft Ideas


									Easter Arts and Crafts: 6 Ideas For You And Your Kids To Enjoy

Easter arts and crafts are great fun for kids, and there are plenty of things you can suggest to get them in
the mood for the holiday. Here are 6 activities that kids will love.

1) Easter Coloring: One of the simplest activities for kids is coloring. The internet can provide a huge
number of different pages for you to print out, ready for your little ones to fill with color.

2) Easter Baskets: Your kids are probably getting really excited about the Easter Bunny and their egg hunt on
Easter Sunday, but why not make use of Easter arts and crafts to help get ready for the hunt? Each child can
make their own Easter basket ready to collect the eggs on the day. There are many ways to go about this:
you could buy small baskets and get them to decorate them with ribbons and paper flowers, or they can
make the baskets from scratch with card.

3) Egg Decorating: This is a firm favorite when it comes to Easter arts and crafts, and it isn't too difficult
either. You'll need to hard boil some eggs and let them cool, before giving them to your kids to decorate
however they like. This could mean dying them (food coloring comes in handy here) or coloring them with
crayons and painting. You can then display the eggs proudly around the home!

4) Bunny Ears: Kids love dressing up, but instead of buying them ready made bunny ears for Easter, why not
turn it into a craft project and have them make their own? These are really easy to make when you use
cardboard. You'll just need some white card for the ears and the headband, and pink ears to stick on for the
inside of the bunny ears. Simply cut out white ears and smaller pink ears to glue inside them. Then create a
headband with more of the white card. Your kids can decorate the ears if they want to.

5) Easter Nest: There are many ways to go about making an Easter nest, but the most simple is to use
different sized circles of card, pushed inside a round container and glued with each layer. The layering helps
to create the effect of a nest, and you can remove the nest from the container once the glue dries. You can
put chicks inside the nest, or use decorative or small chocolate eggs.

6) Edible Easter Nests: This makes for a fun craft project and a tasty treat for the kids! Simply coat cereal in
melted chocolate and arrange it in a nest shape in a suitable container. You can put chocolate mini eggs into
the top of the nest to top it off. It's so simple yet fun!

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