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					TR Also Known as “The
 President McKinley Assassinated
• In 1901, only a few months after being
  inaugurated president for a second time,
  McKinley was fatally shot by an anarchist
• His vice President Teddy Roosevelt takes
• Roosevelt is best known for being a war
  hero from the Spanish American War
         Conspiracy Theory
     You don’t need to write this!!!
• 1840 William Henry Harrison (died in office)
• 1860 Abe Lincoln (Assassinated)
• 1880 James Garfield (assassinated less then 6 months
  after taking office by someone who wanted a job)
• 1900 McKinley (assassinated)
• 1920 Warren Harding (died in office)
• 1940 Franklin Roosevelt (died in office)
• 1960 John F. Kennedy (assassinated)
• 1980 Ronald Reagan (assassination attempt – Shot and
• 2000 George W. Bush ??????
        TR’s Big Stick Policy
• Most famous quote: “Speak softly and
  carry a big stick”
• The “big stick” referred to Roosevelt’s
  aggressive foreign policy.
• TR’s main goal was to build the US into a
  world power.
• He had many supporters, however many
  critics as well.
    Speak Softly,
But Carry a Big Stick!
              Panama Canal
• Panama was controlled by Colombia, who
  refused to let the United States build the Canal.
• TR supported a revolt by Panamanians for their
  independence. This revolt was successful in
• One of the first things the newly independent
  country of Panama did was grant the United
  States permission to build the canal.
           Building the Canal
• It began in 1904. It was completed in 1914
• Hundreds of laborers lost their lives in the effort.
• Although most Americans approved of TR taking
  the Canal zone from Columbia, some were
  angry (especially those living Latin America), so
  we did agree to pay Columbia $25 million in
  1921 for the Canal zone.
                                Panama Canal

        TR in Panama
(Construction begins in 1904)
     The Roosevelt Corollary to the
           Monroe Doctrine: 1905
Chronic wrongdoing… may
in America, as elsewhere,
ultimately require
intervention by some
civilized nation, and in the
Western Hemisphere the
adherence of the United
States to the Monroe
Doctrine may force the
United States, however
reluctantly, in flagrant
cases of such wrongdoing
or impotence, to the
exercise of an
international police power .
       Results of the Corollary
• The United States sent gunboats to a Latin
  American country that was delinquent in paying
  its debts. U.S. sailors and marines would then
  occupy the country’s major ports until European
  debts were satisfied.
• We were doing this to “help” the Latin American
• The long term result was poor U.S. relations with
  the entire region of Latin America.
              TR and Japan
• Japan was angry over a California law that
  required Japanese children living in California to
  attend segregated schools.
• This was considered a national insult to Japan
• TR arranges a “gentlemen’s agreement” where
  the Japanese agree to restrict the emigration of
  Japanese workers in the US.
• In return, TR gets Cal. to repeal its racist laws.
       The Great White Fleet
• TR demonstrated US naval power by
  sending our navy (the Great White Fleet)
  on a world tour (1907-1909) including a
  stop in Japan to show off our naval power.
• TR believed showing the world our naval
  power (his “big stick”) no one would mess
  with us.
The Great White Fleet: 1907
• TR’s main goal with his “big stick” policy
  was to maintain peace.
• He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in
  1906 for working to end many conflicts
  including a war between Russia and
Constable of the World
Bully, Hero, or a little of both? (You need at least three facts to back up your

             •   TR building the Panama Canal while tossing dirt on Columbia.
   The Progressive Movement
• TR is thought of as the leader of the
  Progressive Movement.
• Main goals of the Progressives:
  Help the poor
  Improve the environment
          TR’s Square Deal
• Unlike most presidents before him, TR did
  not take the side of Big Business (Laissez
  Faire), but instead wanted a “Square deal”
  that was fair for both sides.
• First crisis came between coal miners on
  strike in 1902.
• Many Americans feared without coal, they
  would freeze during the winter.
           TR Gets Involved
• He calls the union leader and the coal mine
  owners to the White House to try and solve the
• The owners refuse to compromise, so TR gets
  annoyed and threatens to take over the mines
  with federal troops.
• The owners finally agree to accept a 10 percent
  wage increase and a nine hour day to the
• Most Americans approved on TR’s handling of
  the situation.
           The Trustbuster
• TR became the first President who
  actually tried to enforce the Sherman Anti-
  Trust Act passed in 1890.
• He broke up trusts in the railroad, and oil
• He did not think all trusts were bad, just
  ones he felt harmed the public and did not
  allow competition.
• Writers who wrote about problems in
  Society. The most famous muckraker
  book of this time was “The Jungle” which
  described the horrors of the meat packing
      Reaction to The Jungle
• The Pure Food and Drug Act – Forbade
  the manufacture, sale, and transportation
  of mislabeled food and drugs
• The Meat Inspection Act – Federal
  inspectors visit meatpacking plants to
  ensure that they met minimum standards
  of sanitation.
     TR the Environmentalist
• Set aside 150 million acres of federal land
  that could not be sold to private interests
• Held the first ever Conservation
  conference at the White House in 1908.
• The teddy bear is named for TR, who is
  thought of as the first ever environmental
      TR and Race Relations
• TR is the first president to invite an African
  American into the White House in 1901,
  when Booker T. Washington was invited
  for a dinner.
• The Southern newspapers reacted with
  anger and racism towards both
  Washington and TR.
• TR is shocked that it is so controversial.
      Rank the following in order of
•   The Panama Canal
•   The Roosevelt Corollary
•   The Big Stick policy
•   Nobel Peace Prize
•   Square Deal
•   The Impact of the Jungle
•   TR the Trustbuster
•   TR the environmentalist
•   TR inviting Booker T. Washington to the White