Playground Restoration

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					Playground Restoration Project
               How to help?
• Simply send in a monetary donation to the
  Home and School Foundation
• Donations over $20.00 qualify for a tax
• Participate in school fundraising events and
  Mikes lunches.
• Forward any fundraising ideas or events or
  grants to the committee.
        Who else can help us?
• We are looking for companies to approach for
  large corporate donations.
• Do you work at or know of a company that is
  willing to support a community based project
  that is geared towards children, education or
  physical activity?
• Please forward suggestions of companies to
  the committee.
Playground Restoration Committee
• Monica Slanik
  514 695 0090
• Linda Thompson
  514 694 9880
This Years Additions
             The Complete Plan
•   Artificial soccer turf on Senior Side
•   Platform type play structure on Junior Side
•   Additional grassy areas on Junior Side
•   Removal of asphalt on both sides to
    accommodate grass and turf