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					Useful Tips:                                         Drinking Water:
                                                      Each hut has two taps, one is marked “bore”
Washing:                                                water which is used for washing dishes etc. The
 A laundry is available next to Hut 3 and is          other is marked “tank” or “drinking” water. Al-
   available for all Huts 1-6 to utilise.               though both taps are safe to drink form the tank
                                                        water is clear clean and refreshing.
Fridges:                                              Water is heated by boiling the kettle on the
 Please bring your food well-chilled upon             stove.
   arrival to assist in the proper operation of
   our GAS fridges.                                  Helpful advice:
                                                      4WD hire is not available at the Cowan base         Cowan Base Huts
Pets:                                                   huts, although there is a taxi service available
 Moreton island is 98% National Park, so              on Moreton island.                                     The Beachfront of
   therefore no pets or animals are to be
   brought onto the Island. Residents of More-
   ton island are able to have pets on the is-
                                                      The Cowan base if approximately half way be-
                                                        tween Bulwer and Tangalooma Resort. It is a
                                                                                                                 Moreton Island
   land with special per-                               reasonable an
   mits.                                                hour and a half
 NO PETS are allowed                                  to walk to either
   at the Cowan base                                    destination from
   huts.                                                Cowan Cowan.

Fishing:                                             Safety:
 Fishing may be done                                Cowan Cowan
   from both the eastern and western beaches            has restricted
   or on boats. Small boats may be launched             vehicle access
   form the beach at Cowan Cowan.                       and is a “safe”
                                                        beach for children.
Wildlife:                                             There are no life savers on Moreton island.
 There is a large variety of bird life, snakes,     There are National Park Rangers in residence
   lizards, insects and some feral pigs on the          on the island.
   Island.                                            The police are present on the island during
 Usual care is required to prevent harm to            peak periods and all normal road rules apply.       Cowan huts are based on the
   these animals.                                     There are No Ambulance on the Island                beachfront of Moreton Island
Shopping:                                                                                                      in a town called Cowan
 There is a convenience store, a liquor store,     For all other
   bait/fishing and tackle store available at Bul-   queries                                                           Cowan.
 A fast food outlet operates near the Bulwer
                                                     don't hesi-
                                                     tate to ring
                                                                                                           They are a slice of paradise for
   General Store. Shops are usually closed on        Moreton                                                the members of Moreton Bay
   Tuesdays.                                         Bay Boat
                                                     club during                                              Boat Club to sit back and
Power:                                               office
 There is no 240v electricity available at the     hours.                                                             relax.
   Cowan Base huts.
                                      Moreton Bay, Cowan Base Huts
Cowan base facilities:                                Bookings:                                              Accommodation fees:

 Cowan Base consists of three buildings,            To make a booking for Cowan Base Huts contact,         Maximum of 6 people per hut
     Each building is divided into two huts. These    Moreton Bay Boat Club on:
     huts can be opened to suit large parties or                                                              Full members $65.00 per night.
     secured to allow accommodation for two           Phone: 3203-5188                                        Full members Off Peak $45.00 per night.
     separate parties. In each of the huts there is
     a double bed and two single bunk beds,           between 8:30am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday              Full members weekly fee is $315.00
     each hut sleeps 6 people. There are toilets      Full members are able to booking six months prior
     close to the huts, hot and cold showers are                                                              Social members $75 per night.
                                                      to the date of arrival as part of their club member-
     also available.                                                                                          Social members off peak $55.00.
                                                      ship incentive program.

                                                      Social members are able to make bookings five           Social member weekly fee is $365.00
                                                      months prior to their date of arrival.
                                                                                                              Bond $300 per Hut for all bookings.
                                                      A booking fee for Cowan Huts of 50% of the total
                                                                                                             Checkout Time of the Huts is 10am
                                                      fee is at time of booking,

                                                      The final pay-                                         MICAT Ferry Tickets:
                                                                                                              Are available from Moreton Bay Boat Club for
                                                      ment must be
                                                                                                                transportation over to the huts.
                                                      made 14 days
                                                      prior to date.                                         MICAT Tickets: $185.00 (From the Club)
                                                      Deposits may                                            One, 4 wheel drive containing two people (driver
                                                      not be refunded                                           and one passenger)
                                                      if the booking is                                       Any extra passengers can be paid for at port of
                                                                                                                Brisbane when catching the MICAT.
                                                      within two
Each hut consists of:                                 weeks of the
 Solar lighting,                                    arrival date.
 Gas refrigerator,
 Gas stove                                          Cowan Base is a Club facility, leaving the huts
 Most huts also have a gas oven                     clean and tidy is a requirement of club members.
 Eskies are still required as overloading           Therefore a bond of $300.00 per hut is required. Al-
   the fridge will cause poor cooling                 though this will be reimbursed when it is confirmed
 There is also crockery and cutlery for             that the hut has been left clean, tidy and in good
   six people.                                        condition.

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