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					                                     Fall 2008
                          Athletic Training Student Club
                       Wednesday, September 3rd 2008 9:00PM
                          Senate Chambers – Union Bldg

                                   Meeting Minutes

  I.   Call to Order –Michael Freed seconded by Scott Barringer
       Introduction to officers
       * Welcome back and thanks for coming. This meeting is a new way to make
       sure this club is run by the students, rather than the officers. You all run this
       club and the officers act as moderators. You all have one vote. To get things
       accomplished you must come to meetings or your silence will speak for you.
 II.   Roll Call –Pat Yoder: Attendance taken at the door.
                   Seniors = 19 Juniors = 23 Sophomores = 19 Freshman = 10
                   Total: 71 *See Names Attached

III.   Minutes –Amy Schendel
        Approved by Ashley Smith, Seconded by Lauren Jimison
IV.    Officer Reports
       a) Treasurers Report- Kyle Moore : made a budget for last year.
              - 2 accounts: 1 thru senate: $1732.36, 1 extra for what we need
              – HAVE to use this for the future: $400.00…
       ~Dues and memberships: $700
       ~Food and beverage: $540
       ~Supplies: $20
       ~Transportation and Lodging $1911
              ~Homecoming T-shirts: $200
       b) Honors & Awards- Scott Barringer
              ~Research and Education Scholarship Recipients: Kyle Moore, Michael
              Freed, Kerri Gavin
              ~Research and Education Scholarship Recipient: Michael Freed
              ~John R. Thatcher Scholarship Recipient: Kyle Moore
              ~Lois Wagner Scholarship Recipient: Scott Barringer

V.     Ad Hoc Committee Reports

VI.    Old Business

       a) NATA Recap – Scott Barringer
             ~Hall of Fame Breakfast: 6 different people describing a different field
             in athletic training
             ~Met lots of people
             ~Scholarship Banquet
             ~Met Potential Grad School Presidents

                                     Fall 2008
                          Athletic Training Student Club
                       Wednesday, September 3rd 2008 9:00PM
                          Senate Chambers – Union Bldg

               ~Site Seeing
        b) Attendance T-shirts – Matt Wisweisser
               ~ If members showed up to all but 2 meetings last year; you will get your
               T-shirt when we order homecoming shirts.

VII.    New Business
        a) Freshman Class Representative –Pat Yoder
               ~Sarah Marie – nomination by Scott Hatch, seconded by Ashley Smith

        b) Social Events by Class –Matt Wisweisser
               ~Seniors: Formal – Michael Freed
               ~Juniors: Canoeing – Matt Kelly
               ~Sophomores: Bonfire with S’mores – Lauren Farabaugh
               ~Freshmen: Movie Night – Sarah Marie

        c) Homecoming Committee –Matt Wisweisser: see Matt after the meeting

VIII.   Announcements
        a) Dues Deadline –Pat Yoder
               ~Wed 10th - $5 by end of meeting

        b) Minutes & Agenda Posted on Website –Amy Schendel
              ~Go to school website, webct: username :goatc password: getwrapped
               student club website
              ~Look here for postings

        c) Invite Underclassmen to LEAD seminars –Kyle Moore
                ~Rob Wright
                ~Lauren Farabaugh – secretary
                ~Anna Meraner – possible events coordinator
                ~Shauna McKenna
                ~Stacie Anastasio
                ~Sammie Dalton

        d) Upcoming Events (Dates)
              - Possible Canoe Trip/Hayride Social Events?
              - October 12th Special Olympics

                                          Fall 2008
                               Athletic Training Student Club
                            Wednesday, September 3rd 2008 9:00PM
                               Senate Chambers – Union Bldg

                    Special Announcement: Lindsey Seawalk: Member of the volleyball team
                    – need help at the tournament this weekend. Shagging balls, concession,
                    etc. Please, if you can help for any amount of time on Saturday or
                    Sunday, please contact the head volleyball coach by e-mail. Address
                    found on student website.

       IX.    Adjournment – Michael Freed, seconded by… all of club.


      Patrick McAllister, Nathan Weigel, Allan Parsells, Jamie Cronk, Heather
      Flaherty, Megan Phillips, Courtney Twining, Kerri Gavin, Ashley Care, Scott
      Hatch, Sandy Cook, James Peer, Linsey Sewalk, Mike Freed, Scott Barringer, Amy
      Schendel, Kyle Moore, Matt Wiswesser, Patrick Yoder
      Total: 19
      Steven Figueiredo, Priscilla Quiles, Kyle Bowie, Tim John, Amy Kitlan, Jeff
      Sluck, Josh Correa, Jimmy Stavits, Toni Schlosser, Sue Westock, Caitlyn
      Waechter, Caitlin O'Brien, Ashley Smith, Lauren Jimison, Scott Delange, Nate
      Carl, Barrett Isaza, Aaron Hanisits, Matthew Langan, Kristine Roder, Calvin
      Stocks, Maggie Devlin, Jenna Asher
      Morgan Scott, JD Howell, Jonathan Heffintrayer, Anna Meraner, Lauren Farabaugh,
      Daniel Rodriguez, Sammie Dalton, Rhiannon Reynolds, Shauna McKenna, Britt
      Fredrick, Jeff Jaindl, Stacie Anastacio, Hailey Katcher, Meg Zimmermen, Ryan
      Moran, Brett Frace, Ryan Jayne, Kevin Bloomfield, Rob Wright
      Total: 19
      Matt Michaels, Brian Cole, Saramarie Walsh, Tifani Vankuren, Brittany Tindall,
      Ashley Jarrell, Felicia Twiford, Sam Hager, Robert Lawler Jr,

      Total: 71