; are the playlists for the Digital Blues - Here are the playlists
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are the playlists for the Digital Blues - Here are the playlists


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									Here are the playlists for the Digital Blues Podcasts which commence
March 2006

#1 - March 06

Artist                Track                    Source
Stephen Dale Petit    Sacremento               Guitarama
                      Kickin it back (with a
The Guvnors                                    Kickin It Back
                      mutha groove)
The Soul Kitchen      King Collins Blues       Demo
                      Don't Ever Let Nobody
Eric Bibb                                    Mali to Memphis
                      Drage Your Spirit Down

Dan Treanor &
African Wind - feat   Mississippi Fred's Dream Mercy
Rex Peoples

                      Lancashire Blood on a
Kevin Brown                                    Tin Church
                      Texas Floor
                                               Vagabond Devil & the
Mike O'Leary          Stain
Michael Messer        Lucky Charms             Lucky Charms
Janiva Magness        Workin' On Me Baby       Do I Move You?

Reba Russell Band     Sister Friend            Broke Down But Not Out

                      Mama, He Treats Your
Maria Auriegema                                Take Me
                      Daughter Mean
Cathy Jean            Bitchovich               Little Sick Twist
Dan Treanor &
                      Queen of the Dance Hall
African Wind - feat                           Mercy
Rex Peoples

Watermelon Slim &                              Watermelon Slim & the
                      Possum Hand
the Workers                                    Workers

#2 - April 06
Artist                             Track                       Source
Stephen Dale Petit                 Alexis Korner Says          Guitarama
Ben Waters                         Johnny 'B' Goode            Shakin in the Makin
Lightnin' Willie & the Poor Boys   Couldn't Do Nothin'         Buy American
                                                               Watermelon Slim & the
Watermelon Slim & the Workers      Devil's Cadillac
Johnny Copeland with Albert
                                   Lion's Den                  Crucial Texas Blues
Little Charlie & the Nightcats     Percolatin'                 Crucial Guitar Blues
Dan Treanor & African Wind feat
                                Tonight's The Night            Mercy
Rex Peoples
Janiva Magness                     Do I Move You               Do I Move You
                                   There Must Be A Better
BB King & Gloria Estefan                                       BB King & Friends - 80
                                   World Somewhere
Gary Moore                         Still Got The Blues         The Best of the Blues
Dr John                            World I Never Made          Our New Orleans 2005
Irma Thomas                        Back Water Blues            Our New Orleans 2005
Buckwheat Zydeco                   Cryin' In The Streets       Our New Orleans 2005
Bad Town Blues                     Supernatural Ball           Oblivion Road

#3 - April 06

Artist                               Track                          Source
Michael Messer                       Take Me Back                   Lucky Charms
Roland Chadwick                      Hey Little Sister              Native Tongue
Kevin Brown                          You Never Can Tell             Tin Church
Fran McGillivray & Mike Burke        Me & My Chauffeur              Restless
Bob Long                             Banty Rooster                  All By Myself
                                     Things I Used To Do All
Little Toby Walker                                                  Live at the Bottleneck
Little Toby Walker                   Interview
                                     100 Real Good Reasons to sing Toby Walker Plays Well
Little Toby Walker
                                     The Blues                     With Others
Little Toby Walker                   Interview
                                   Windshield Jam/Looking at
                                                                 Toby Walker Plays Well
Little Toby Walker                 the World Through A
                                                                 With Others
Little Toby Walker                 Interview
3am                                Sister Sunshine               Live 2005
Roadhouse                          Easy Street                   Broken Land
Roadhouse                          All Along The Watchtower      Broken Land
The John O'Leary Band              House of Ice                  Sins
funkydory                          Free & Easy                   Still
Podcast4 May 06
Artist                             Track                         Source
Daddy Mack Blues Band with Billy
                                   Slow Ride                     Slow Ride

                                                                 Fried Glass Onion
John Kilzer                        Glass Onion                   Memphis Meets the
                                                                 Beatles Vol2
Tom Principato                     Louisiana (Been Callin' Me)   Guitar Gumbo
                                                                 Electric Snow - "The
Bugs Henderson & the Shuffle Kings Honest I Do
                                                                 Best Of"
Cruesin for a Bluesin              Dangerous Mood                Demo - Exclusive!
James Hunter                       Til Your Fool Comes Home      People Gonna Talk
Josh Alan Band                     Josh's Breakdown              Josh Alan Band
Jim Suhler & Alan Haynes           Too Poor to Die               Live at Blue Cat Blues
                                   The Right Reverend of the
Edwin Holt                                                       Second Time Around
Robin Sylar                        Your Gonna Miss Me            Tricked Out
                                                                 Livin' With The Blues
Johnny Nicholas                    Froggy Bottom
Vincent Yannucci featuring Gary Lee On The Road Again            Set The Stage - Live
Sue Foley                          New Used Car                  New Used Car
Lou DeAdder                        Ain't Got Two Nickels         Slow Down

Podcast 5 May 06
Artist                            Track                          Source
Bad Town Blues                    Supernatural Ball              Oblivion Road
The Rocky Athas Group featuring
                                  Voodoo Moon                    Voodoo Moon
Larry Samford
Omar & the Howlers                Mississippi Hoo Doo Man        bamboozled
Bernard Allison                   It's A Man Down There          Energized - live in Europe
R J Mischo                        Bluebird Blues                 He Came to Play
Colin Linden                      Easin' Back to Tennessee       Easin' Back to Tennessee
Sons of the Delta                 Cryin' Down in Clarksdale      Made in Mississippi
The JW Jones Blues Band           Games                          Kissing in 29 Days
Tim Hain & Sunnyside Up           Fine Time Child                One Man Went to Mojo
Tim Hain & Sunnyside Up           Wind Cries Mary                One Man Went to Mojo
Grant Tunbridge                   Waiting For You                Onwards & Upwards
James Hunter                      People Gonna Talk              People Gonna Talk

Podcast 6 May 06                  Let's Hear it For the Girls!
Rita Chiarelli                    Woman in Blue                  The Future of The Blues
Koko Taylor                       Ernestine                      Crucial Chicago Blues
Connie Lush & Blues Shouter       Can We Love Again              Unfaithfully Yours
Irma Thomas                       Back Water Blues               Our New Orleans 2005
Janiva Magness                    Do I Move You                  Do I Move You
                                                                 Essex Delta Blues…..A
Crying Out Loud                   Alone in the Dark

                                  You Can Have My Husband
Rockin' Armadillos                (But Don't Mess With My        Armadillo in the Road
Sue Foley                         Do It Again                    New Used Car
                                                                 Blues on Blonde on
Deborah Coleman                   Temporary Like Achilles
Diana Braithwaite                 Train                          T.B.S. 20 Years
Ana Popovic                       Sittin' On Top of the World Ana! Live in Amsterdam

Reba Russell Band                 Off the Clock & on the Floor Broke Down but Not Out
Maria Aurigema                        Miracle Man                  Take Me
Candy Kane                            Mistress Carmen              White Trash Girl
Cathy Jean                            Bitchovic                    Little Sick Twist
Erja Lyytinen, Aynsley Lister & Ian                                Pilgrimage - Mississippi
                                      Funky Mama
Parker                                                             to Memphis
Roadhouse                             Knocking on Heaven's Door    Broken Land

Podcast 7 July 06
Sherman Robertson & BluesMove         Long Way From Home           Guitar Man - Live
James Hunter                          People Gonna Talk            People Gonna Talk
Papa George & Dr Ika                  City Blues                   CD Single - Exclusive
Dr Michael White                      Canal Street Blues           Our New Orleans 2005
Dr John & the Lower 911               Storm Warning                Sippiana Hericane
Irma Thomas                           Back Water Blues             Our New Orleans 2005
Jerry Forney                          Sparrow in the Rain          Poor Boy Blue
Tom Principato                        Tabgo'd up in the Blues      Guitar Gumbo
Tim Hain & Sunny Side Up feat Andy That's What the Blues Is All
                                                                One Man Went to Mojo
Cortez                             About
The JW-Jones BluesBand feat David
                                  Parasomnia                       Kissing in 29 Days
"Flathead" Newman
Darrell Scott, Danny Thompson &       It's the Whiskey that Eases
                                                                  Live in NC
Kenny Malone                          the Pain
Bill Sheffield                        Cherry Blossom Time          Journal on a Shelf
Walter Trout with Deacon Jones        After Hours                  Full Circle

Podcast 8 August 06
R J Mischo                            I Came to Play              He Came to Play
The Elevators                         Everyday I Have the Blues   Relatively Blue
The Elevators                         Night Life                  Relatively Blue
BB King                               The Thrill Is Gone          The King of the Blues
Mo Indigo                             The Hurricane Song          The Blues Inside
Angela Brown & the Mighty 45s         I Can Stand A Little Rain   In A Dangerous Mood -
                              Blues Can't Hit (What the    Live at Stonybrook
The Hitman Blues Band
                              Blues Can't Catch)           University
Blues is Truth                Let Me Love You Baby         Five Long Years EP
Mitch Woods                   Big Easy Boogie              Big Easy Boogie
Janiva Magness                Workin' On Me Baby           Do I Move You?
Bob Brozman                   Vieux Kanyar Blues           Blues Reflex
                                                           Dave Arcari: Vol.1
Dave Arcari                   Travelling Riverside Blues   Something Old, Something
Moreland Arbuckle & Floyd     Fo                           Floyd's Market
The Cutler Waterworth Band    Get Thee Behind Me           King Cotton
The Mustangs                  Can't Find a Lover           Split Decision
Memphis in the Meantime       Web Top Checker              Take Me Home

Digital Blues Live at the Hot Hob Jam, Brentwood
Podcast 9 August 06
House Band                    Trouble Making Woman
John Edmonds                  On My Way
Chris Johnson                 Stormy Monday
Stevie King                   Shake Rattle & Roll
Paul Booth                    Busted
Bob Marks                     Gin House Blues
John Norman                   Crossroads
Lisa Pyman                    Summertime
Peter Ellison                 Love You Baby
Andy Robinson                 Leave My Girl Alone
Mitch                         T Bone Shuffle
House Band                    In My Dreams
Recorded by John Edmonds at the Hot Hob Jam at the Essex Arms,
Brentwood Tuesday nights throughout July 2006

Edited and produced by John Edmonds to whom big thanks as well
as to all the musicians involved.
Podcast 10 September 06
Artist                              Track                        Source
                                                                 Putting the R hythm Back
Hair of the Dog                     La Grange
                                                                 in the Blues
Electric Experience                 Up From the Ground           Up From the Ground
                                    Burning the Church House
The Hamsters                                                     Open All Hours
Russell Hitman Alexander/The
                                    Green Thing                  Live at Stonybrook Unive
Hitman Blues Band
Odyssey Blues Band                  Me & My Woman                Demo
SoulKitchen                         House on the Hill            Demo
Papa George Band                    Flooding Down in Texas       Down at the Station
                                    Drowned my Sorrows (But
Ian Siegal Band                     They Sure Learned How To     Meat & Potatoes
Richard Dobney Band                 How I Feel Today             Essex Delta Blues … A Sa
The Wildcards                       Look What You Done to Me     On Fire
Gary Primich                        House Rockin' Party          Travellin' Mood
Connie Lush & BluesShouter          Standin'                     Unfaithfully Yours
                                                                 In A Dangerous Mood -
Angela Brown & the Mighty 45s       Dangerous Mood
3AM                                 Simple Suggestion            Live 2005
The Matt Taylor Band                Radio City Blues             Demo

Podcast 11 September 06
Artist                              Track                        Source
The Jives                           Down At The Doctors          Live in 2005
                                    She Was All The World to
Big Joe Louis & the BluesKings                                   Big Sixteen
Papa George Band                   Man With the Blues          Blues at the Statiom
The Heaters                        Baby Please Don't Go        Elements of The Heaters
Roadhouse                          All Along the Watchtower    Broken Land
Bad Hair Day                       Black Drawers               Live in 2005
Cruisin' For a Bluesin'            I Believe I'm In Love       Demo
                                   The Church of the Ringing
Roy Mette                                                      12 Bars & the Blues
                                   If The World is Gonna
Martin Harley                                                  Money Don't Matter
Bagge & Armer                      110 in the Shade            Bagge & Armer
                                                               Matt Bullard & To the
Matt Bullard & To the Bridge       Liar 5 Times
The Stumble                        You Upset Me Baby           The World is Tough
B.B. & the Blues Shacks            Let's Get Crazy             Live at Vier Linden
Memo Gonzalez & the Bluescasters   I've Bee Thinking           Live in the UK
The Hitman Blues Band              Slither                     Live
                                                               Sweet Release - BAR
Andy Cowan                         Voodoo Kind

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