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					OCASI has been providing users support and training to Settlement Workers in
Schools since 2003/2004.

The main goal of this service is to enhance the technology experience of the SWIS
workers and to empower the users by making OTIS accessible. OCASI achieves this
by providing a user-focused single point of support, for all OTIS-related technology
services, which is available 5 days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

OTIS Help Desk
The OTIS Help Desk responds to users‟ questions; supports new users upon
registration, help to access and locate data; organizes customized training on
existing or enhanced features; provides users with the latest information about
relevant software and hardware, computer security, user tips and advice.
What is OTIS?

The OTIS system is a centralized, web-based system that provides settlement workers in
Ontario schools and libraries with the ability to quickly enter data from one-on-one or group
sessions in the database. Being a web based solution, settlement workers can access the
system from anywhere they are as long as they have access to the Internet.

The purpose of the OTIS Tracking Form is to gather data about how well each project is working
and to ensure accountability to the clients, the school system, and the funder.
  Login to OTIS:
                               User / Access Levels

User /Access levels define the actions a user can perform on the OTIS system.

Regular User
Regular users are allowed to enter data on the Tracking Forms, see their work
history, and modify or delete their own Tracking Forms when necessary. This class of
users is not allowed to perform any other changes, except to their own account.
Front line settlement workers are categorized in this group.

This group of users have the authorization to see their own Tracking Forms as well as
the Tracking Forms of any other users that report to the “supervisor”. This class of
users is not allowed to perform any changes, except to their own account and to the
forms of related “Regular Users”. SWIS and LSP Coordinators are categorized in this

Report Viewing Only
Report Viewers are only allowed to execute and view report results. This group of
users does not have access to the Tracking Forms. The funders, CIC staff, are
categorized in this group.

System Administrator
System Administrators can perform every function available in the SWIS system.
The procedure to register with the OTIS site is:

    o   Coordinators send request with staff names to

    o   Coordinators and users will be added to OTIS database.

    o   e-mails will be created „name‟
OCASI has hired TEKDESK to give training to SWIS/LSP projects. is an award-
winning social enterprise specializing in technology training and support for over 850 Public
Libraries and non-profit organizations.

TEKDESK will provide training courses that will improve the skills of SWIS and LSP staff and
familiarity with their online email systems, data entry and reporting tools in conjunction with
the OCASI OTIS User Support Coordinator.

OTIS TEKDESK Training will be provided for groups only, individual training can be done online.

Send request to to book OTIS site training for your staff.
The system supports the collection of data on two different form types:

       •   Family Tracking form
       •   Group Tracking form

The Family Tracking form is filled out every time a settlement worker provides a
service to an individual or a family.

The Group Tracking form is filled out every time a settlement worker provides a
workshop to a group.

Settlement workers normally capture the information during sessions with
clients on paper instead of directly entering into the database. This data will
eventually be transferred to the database.

To get accurate monthly statistics, workers have to input all the data in
the month the services were provided.
Summary Stats Report
The OTIS system provides a limited number of reports:

    •   Total Clients Served by Project
    •   Total Families Served by Project
    •   Family Form - Summary Statistics Report
    •   Group Form - Summary Statistics Report

The Summary Statistics Report is comprised of summarized views of the various
types of information collected on the family tracking form. The report is accessible
by users that have permissions to view reports within the system. The report can be
run with a variety of different filters.
Data displayed on the report can be based on the project that a user belongs to or
on the project that a school belongs to.
In the coming year OTIS support will focus on SWIS/LSP integration. The OTIS
website alterations will continue into the next year as this new program matures.

New e-mail system for LSP workers will be implemented.

Creating web-based help and a user manual using web-based conferencing software.
Lessons will include easy step-by-step guidance on: OTIS Logging In and Out;
Potential Login Problems and Solutions; Summary Reports; Performing Basic and
Advanced Searches; E-mail Logging In and Out; Self Support Options.
Elena Trapeznikova
SWIS User Support and Administration
416 322 4950 ext 241

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