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									The Aftermath                                    Volume 1, Issue 4

    Another Successful STORM 101 Carnival
       It was the time we had all been waiting for. The
announcement had finally come on, releasing us. I joined the
rest of the school, rushing toward the practice field, which was
now turned into an all out carnival. The sun wasn’t nearly as
hot as I expected, thanks to the overcast, and the sight of
huge blown up slides, rock climbing walls, a swing ride, and so
much more brought a smile to my face.
    After several months of good grades, storm spirit and
remaining referral free, the Storm 101 Carnival had finally
arrived! All around me were my favorite perks; tons of free hot
dogs, popcorn, snow cones, Dippin’ Dots, churros and cotton
       As the carnival went on, there were special events
everyone gathered to either join or watch. The events
included tug of war, water balloon tosses, potato sack races,
and three legged races. Not only did the school get a taste of
how great it felt to take a break from the books, but it was also
an enjoyable school event. It gave seniors a day with all their
friends for one of their last high school memories. This year’s
carnival was a blast. Celebration High School is one school
that makes April 30th special rewards students for their hard
work. Hope to see you next year!
                                                 -Laura Buckstein

                 Prom Fashion Show
        As the Junior and Senior class prepare for one of the
 most exciting events, Prom, there is an annual prom
 fashion show as a preview of what’s to come for the
 hottest new looks. This year, there was a memorial tribute
 to the late genius, Michael Jackson, which included a
 dance and a slideshow, which brought us back to the old
 times of the King of Pop.
        The show was engaging, entertaining, organized and
 well put together. We look forward to what Mr. Tripp has in
 store for next year!                      -Ciarra Rhodes
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                Biology, Genetics, and EPCOT?

      It was a calm, chilly day on March 18th, when 116
Celebration High School students flooded into Epcot at Walt
Disney World. Laughter and multiple conversations filled the
air, but the mood was abruptly changed when Mr.
Diamond waved the scavenger hunt questions in the air.
Immediately, a mosh-pit formed around him, as kids fought
to the finish to retrieve their form first. The questions it
consisted of were Biology based questions like, “what
phylum does the animal that grabs Donald belong to?” and
not so Biology based questions like, “Who is the corniest
       Occasionally, groups ran into one another, and the
tension grew as people tried to find the answers before the
others, for the winning prize was a $45 gift card to Target, for
each 4 members of the team! Second place received $35,
third received $30, fourth received $25 fifth received $15
and sixth finished off with $10. The first place team consisted
of Bridget Chalifour, Rachel Jackson, Jessica Colvin, and
Mikayla Westerfield. The second place team consisted if
Kristen Taylor, Alex Ross, Daniela Osorio, and Megumi Ochi.
The third place team consisted of Tori McDonald, Kristen
Cala, Meghan Lott, and Ali Funk. Fourth place consisted of
Rose Rosas, Zachary Vilardo, Jianna Bona, and Nadeen
Kilwin. Fifth place consisted of Samantha Garcia, Samantha
Momperousse, Evan Buckstein, and Gloria Marquez. Last
place consisted of Britne Simpson, Luis Puesan, Jenay
Gurdon, and Ruben Valera.
     “It was a trip I’ll never forget!” said Tori McDonald, a
winner on the third place team,“although it was a lot of
work, we all had a blast!”
                               -Jessica Colvin & Kristen Cala
                         The Aftermath Take On Reviews
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                              Junior Burger/Trailer Burger
                  Big.Juicy.Filling.Delicious. That’s just how I like my burgers. But when
               pulling into a little parking lot that can be easily missed by the untrained
               eye, I didn’t realize my taste buds were in for a ride of a lifetime. Junior
               Burger, better known as Trailer Burger, is located right off of Kirkman in the
               Dr. Phillips area. It’s a classic, but not “classy,” little burger joint with no
               chairs, no tables, and no waiters. The menu isn’t big or extravagant, but
               the burgers sure are. Trailer Burger doesn’t open until 7:30 p.m. but stays
               open until 6 in the morning. For five dollars flat, you get a burger so big it
               could eat you. With your choice of several different types of cheese, as
               well as other yummy toppings which are usually unheard of on your
               average burger. Your burger comes with the usual lettuce, tomatoes,
               ketchup, and onions; but what’s special about this burger is that they’re
               basted with a sweet and tangy pineapple glaze and topped with crunchy
               tortilla chips. I’d have to give this trendy little “trailer” a ten out of ten.
                                                                                 -Raymond Pabon
                    I heard about Menchies™ from a friend who goes to school in the Dr.
               Philips area. Since the name isn’t very descriptive, she decided to take me
               there, not giving me a hint as to what we were doing. We pulled up to a
               small store and the sign read Menchies™ in pink and green letters. The
               store looked inviting because you could see the bright colors and people
               sitting outside eating. We walked inside and I felt like a 5 year old in a
               candy store.
                        Menchies™ sells frozen yogurt- a bit healthier than your typical ice
               cream. You walk into the store and see the wall aligned with about ten
               different flavors. Menchies™ changes their flavors every day but usually
               offers chocolate and vanilla. They also have unique flavors like New York
               Cheesecake, Peanut Butter Gold, and Red Velvet.
                    Here’s how it works: You grab a large cup and begin. The yogurt comes
               out of a soft-serve machine so you can put as much or as little as you
               want. Then as you move passed the wall of yogurt you realize why
               Menchies™ is so popular. There is a topping bar of about 20 toppings.
               From candy, to cookies, to fruit, Menchies™ has it all. Then of course you
               have to top off your self-made creation with hot peanut butter,
               marshmallow, and chocolate sauce. Then you weigh your creation and
               that is how it is priced, and it is affordable. Since I am a total ice cream
               fanatic, I filled mine way up to the very top and it only came to five dollars.
                    A Menchies™ is opening at “The Loop” soon and they have a couple
               more locations around the Dr. Philips and Winter Park area. It is seriously the
               best dessert place I have ever been too!

               Visit Hwww.menchies.comH, find a store, bring your friends and family and
                     U                     U

               go A.S.A.P.! -Katelynn Kraft
                    The Aftermath Take On Reviews
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            The sun is out, our Ugg boots are off, and our sandals are on. Shorts and skirts have
  come out from retirement, and our skin is now a golden tan. It’s summer time! We couldn’t
  be happier. What else goes better with your new attitude? A new wardrobe! Here are five
  style trends that will help you start off the summer right.

  1. Nautical-
  Ahoy mate! Show everyone one deck who’s ‘styling’ with the nautical trend. White jeans
  with red or blue stripes look great paired together. Try adding bows and golden buttons to
  top off your look. Top designers Tommy Hilfiger and Dsquared have incorporated nautical
  to their most recent summer 2010 collection.

  2. Pastels-
  Feeling light? Pastels are a great way to show off your girly side, while staying cool in light
  summery clothes. Pastels look beautiful on every skin color day or night. Try a pastel top with
  dark jeans for great contrast.

  3. The Nude Pump-
  Everyone loves a shoe that goes with just about everything. Nude pumps go with the
  blackest black to the brightest of Brights. Pair them with a vibrant shirtdress, or a great pair
  of jeans with a basic top. Nude pumps are everywhere this season. Christian Louboutin sells
  the favorite shoe in Nordstrom for $395. However, you can snag the cheap alternative from
  Forever 21 for $19.99

  4. The Military jacket-
  Left, left, right, left! Salute the general with a chic military jacket. Military jackets can add a
  tomboy twist to chic jeans, or a mini dress. The trick to the military jacket is to find one that
  fits; having an oversized jacket can add bulk to your frame, which is unflattering. Here’s a
  tip: your jacket should stop at your low hips, and you should have more than 2 inches of
  room between your arm, and the inside of your jacket.

  5. Flower earrings-
  Flower earrings are fun, summery and the accessories of the moment. If you have short hair
  try a larger flower, if you have longer hair try a bright colored flower. You can even match
  the flower to your eye color for a real eye catcher!                   --Maggie Kemp
                                                                                                        Fashion Sketches by:
                  Movie-“Nightmare on Elm St.”                                                           Tiffany Bencosme
          Are you thirsty for strong, bloody, horror, violence, disturbing images, terror and a
whimsical world of nightmares? Do you like watching fantasy, horror, or thriller movies?
Then you have to see the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. Director Samuel Bayer
directs on of the must-see movies of the year that also has the current number one spot
at the box office. If you’ve seen the past movies about the serial killer Freddy Krueger and
his nightmarish killings, then you will have a chill go up your spine when you watch the
          A Nightmare On Elm Street the remake is a re-imagining of the serial killer Freddy
Krueger (Jackie Earle Haley; Watchmen, Semi-pro, All the King’s Men), who wears a glove
with four blades embedded in the fingers. His intentions are to kill people in their dreams,
resulting in their real death in reality after a horrific incident happened in the past.
Although this isn’t the case when two people, Quentin Smith (Kyle Gallner; Jennifer’s
Body, The Haunting in Connecticut) and Nancy Holbrook (Rooney Mara; Urban Legends;
Bloody Mary, Dare) set out to find why all these people are dying in their sleep. They
miraculously face Freddy Krueger in reality once and for all in the end in hopes of ending
his massacres. Although you’ll have to see what happens when you go watch it in
theaters. I loved this movie from beginning to end because it was my first time watching
the killings of Freddy Krueger. It was a scary experience that gave me a wicked
adrenaline rush throughout. This movie is rated R, but with 95 minutes of pure horror you
may find yourself never able to sleep again!                         -Amber Alexander
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                                                                                  Beauty Tips
                                                                                By: Nicole Albecia

                                                                                1.Brush your teeth with
                                                                                baking soda once a
                                                                                2.Apply Neutrogena
                                                                                Norwegian formula
                                                                                hand cream to unruly
                                                                                3. To get rid of stains
                                                                                from dark nail polish,
                                                                                stick your fingers into
                                                                                lemon halves for 5
    Rap artist. B.O.B.’s debut album is currently number one on the             4. To beat buildup,
                                                                                add a teaspoon of
charts (as of May 1) and provides singles that tickle the casual                vinegar to your
modern-audio listener’s fancy. There isn’t much to distinguish Bob’s            shampoo bottle and
songs from much else out there in the top 40, but he has mastered the           shake it up.
                                                                                5. To sooth eye and
art of fluffy, heavy-beat, electrified voice effect, strongly melodic           reduce face swelling,
chorus rap/pop. His strangely titled album has spawned several hits             use cold herbal teas
including: “Nothin’ On You,” “Airplanes,” and “Magic.”                          like chamomile,
                                                                                which have soothing
        Like most, if not all, rap albums, Adventures is littered to the brim   and anti-inflammatory
with numerous guest appearances. Bruno Mars, Haley Williams, and                effects.
Eminem are featured in singles and put forth a decent demonstration             6. For removing make
                                                                                up, use Vichy’s Purete
of the sounds that made them popular. It’s sort of touching that artists        Thermale or
of such renowned stature would take a chance on a new voice.                    Neutrogena Eye
    The album is fairly fun, the songs are cute, and the lyrics are             Makeup Remover.
                                                                                7. Jergen’s Face
everything one would expect from rap. The beats and rhythms are                 “Glow” Moisturizer
consistent enough throughout the piece to keep the average head-                helps to even the skin
bobber interested for the whole ride. Lots of easy rhymes and                   out.
                                                                                8. Burt’s Bees Acne
renewed song topics are brought out for the simple listener’s                   formula shrinks pores
enjoyment: “…beautiful girls all over the world.”                               and is not harsh.
        All in all, not a very relevant album, but perhaps one of a long        9.Powder your roots. If
                                                                                your hairline is greasy,
string of chart topping popular music hits yet to come from B.O.B. As           with a big makeup
far as debuts go, it’s hard to do better than number one. Two stars for         brush, dip it into a pot
the crafting of an effortless, computer programmed, modern sound. It            of loose powder. Dust
                                                                                it over the roots as it
appears that electronica is “in.” Adventures may be a fine rap/pop              mop up oil.
album, but rap/pop is not a superior genre. If any of these songs get           10. Milk and brown
radio play two years from now, I doubt they will be received by most            sugar mixed work well
                                                                                as a face scrub as it
with anything less than the all too regular, “OMG, this song is so old.”        softens the skin.
                                                              -Elijah Lewis
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              Name Changes In Hollywood
       Are you a fan of Alecia Moore? How about Marshall Bruce
Mathers III? Maybe you like Richard Starkley or Norma Jean Baker. You
might not have heard these names before, but they are actually well
known stars. Alecia Moore goes by the name Pink, Marshall is actually
the famous rapper named Eminem, Richard is the drummer in The
                          Name Jean Baker is In Hollywood
Beatles, Ringo Starr, and Norma Changes the one and only Marilyn
       How do they choose such marketable names? Eminem got his
rapper name from his initials. Unlike Pink’s original name, which is dull,
Eminem’s name was too complicated and unattractive. For Pink, she got
the idea for her name change while watching the movie “Reservoir
Dogs” with her friends. They thought she resembled the character “Mr.
Pink,” and the rest is history. Pink actually has said she does not like her
stage name or her real name. “I don’t feel like I’m Pink either. I feel like
I’m a soul walking around. I don’t feel defined by the name,” she said.
       So, why do they change their names in the first place? It is simple.
They want to be marketable. Would you really remember the name
Marshall Bruce Mathers III? It would be very hard. How about a name like
Alecia Moore? It’s forgettable. Stage names help celebrities to enhance
their career and get their name out there.              -Cindy Stodolak

                          Teacher’s Advice

     …Year 2017…
         Holding the paper in hand, George Mingleton traces his fingers slowly
over the letters Ph.D. and realizes that his dreams are finally accomplished. He
looked down at his jubilant parents and back at his smiling professors, knowing
that all his indescribable pressure and sleepless nights are finally paid off.
George’s mind wanders back to the source of his success, and the voice of his
Celebration High School teachers still echoes in his ears…
         “Pursue higher education,” said Ms. Bertram, English II Honors teacher.
“Go to class everyday and show that you are a valuable student. In the end, do
not forget to apply everything you learned in high school because these four
years are what it is all about, to prepare you.”
         “Study abroad can open your mind in so many different ways,” Mrs.
Davila, Spanish II teacher, added. Also, you are going to have a lot of pressure,
therefore, you need to have your priorities straight and your believes well-
founded. Try not to forget, however, to “explore and have a responsible great
         “Take a lot of science in college,” said Mrs. Shimizu, Biology Honors
teacher, “It can open lots of doors and careers for you in the future. Lastly,
wherever you go, do not forget that Celebration High school has prepared you
     Prom Fashion Show
well. “
         George smiles and let out a breath of contentment and knows in his
   Prom Fashion Show
heart that over the past eight years since graduation, all of those things are
exactly what he has been doing.                                 --Ngan Vo
PROM 2010
STORM 101 Carnival
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        The Aftermath Editorial

                    “Give Me A Break”
   It’s finally early December, time for friends, food, and celebrating.
You are ready to have two weeks off of school, not having to worry          Who’s Who On The
about the marathon of studying you have done for the past couple            Aftermath Staff?

of weeks. It is then you realize you have midterms after break.             Executive Editors:
Wouldn’t it just be easier to have mid- terms before break?                 Juan Bernal
                                                                            Lesly Parra
   There are two kinds of students; the first kind are those who are        Marc Perkins
not going to study over break because the meaning of break
                                                                            Layout Editor
means a break from school, not time to do school work at home.              Juan Bernal
Then there are students who attempt to be overachievers and
                                                                            Text Layout Editor:
spend a lot of time on their break, trying to prepare for mid- terms.       Erynne Bowers
So, a solution would be to have midterms before break. This way, the
overachievers can enjoy a nice, relaxing break without having to            Lesly Parra
worry about schoolwork, and the procrastinators can have a shot at          Lauren Temple
                                                                            Darlene Mena
getting a better grade because they won’t have a two-week break             Monica Selmi
to forget.
                                                                            Paper Design:
   Having midterms before break will also take a little bit of stress off   Lauren Temple
of the teachers. Teachers won’t have to worry about putting                 Lesly Parra

together their mid- term or worrying if their students are actually
going to study.
   Having mid terms before winter break will be beneficial to
students and teachers because it will avoid the stress of studying
and give everyone a nice and relaxing break.
                                                     -Katelynn Kraft

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