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					  Your ‘One Stop Shop’ for business development needs

                  Uniting Like Minded

                          Enhance your business
                         model in the global market

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                                   About Us……..

We are U.K. based with an office in Sussex, on the south
coast of England
Our Indian subsidiary, Bajwa-Brady Consulting Pvt Ltd, is
based in Gurgaon, Haryana
Formed in 2005, we aim to provide a more personal service
to small and medium sized enterprises than the usual
buy/sell matching web sites.
   We don’t avoid I.T. or technology but we value face to face
   relations in building trust in longer term relationships
   We pride ourselves in tailoring solutions to match the
   requirements of all parties – without increasing cost or

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                                           What we offer…
We offer a full spectrum of services from establishing a local
presence to acquisitions
     Incremental steps to market entry
      • Local Supply/Procurement
      • Local Representation
      • Local Presence
     A single stride
      • Alliance, Joint Venture, Acquisition
Set a strategy matched to your goals and requirements
     Understand & reduce risks
     Provide support for as long as you want
      •   Find buyers & suppliers
      •   Act as local agent
      •   Process Integration
      •   Post Implementation support

    It’s your business, you decide – It’s what we call the “pick and mix

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                          Pick and Mix Approach
It may seem frivolous to apply an approach to business
taken from memories of buying sweets as a child, but…
   Pick and Mix means you always get what you want
   The mix can be adjusted or biased, before you buy, until you are
   The selection allows for other parties to be taken into account
   It’s always clear exactly what you are buying in to!
Frivolous we are not! Our flexible approach applies not
only to the scope of our offering but extends to our fee
   Fixed Fees, Retainer, Performance Based/Profit Share
   A mix of each – start with one and move to another as
   opportunities mature

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                                                                                                 ‘Pick and Mix’ Fees
                                                                                        Increased Opportunity Complexity
                                        FIXED FEE

                                                                                Business Development Services                                    Support Services
                                                              Incorporate your            Provide qualified contacts
Increased Bajwa-Brady Involvement

                                                              company in-country                                                                 • Incorporation/Articles
                                                              • Registration              Qualify leads you have
                                                              • Memoranda & articles      identified/Sound out
                                                              • Bank Account(s)           targets

                                                              Provide In-country

                                                                                                                                                 • M.O.U./L.O.I
                                                              office services
                                                     + FEE

                                                                                          Setup initial face to                                  • I.P.R protection
                                                              • Reception
                                                                                          face contact                                           • Land & Facility
                                                              • Enquiry forwarding
                                                              • Telemarketing                                                                      Procurement

                                                              Set up local office                           Lead & negotiate
                                                              inc. recruitment
                                    Revenue Scheme

                                                                                                            supply or

                                                                                                            distribution contract
                                                                                                                                                 • Licensing

                                                              Act as local                                                                       • Acquisitions/Due
                                                              representative                                                                       Diligence
                                                              • Account Management                                      Partnership/Alliances/
                                                              • Sales Management                                        Joint Venture/

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                                 Add some polish…

          Often business decisions are made on more subjective
          grounds than we like to admit.
          Larger corporations can afford to spend time getting to
          know the dynamics, culture and vagaries of any given
          market and address the less objective side

Bajwa-Brady Consulting can help in providing that
extra little something - that adds the final polish to a
proposal or business plan - that makes it ‘fit’ the
             Bajwa-Brady Consulting Ltd – Company Use & Web Site View Only
                             …or set your sights on
                                  bigger fish!

For clients with strategic growth plans in place
we can help find that acquisition or
partnership target.

                Whether you’re looking for total control, equity
                share or more of a business partnership; we can
                help not just find the right candidate but protect
                your investment:
                      On-going support
                      Due diligence
                      Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection

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  Your ‘One Stop Shop’ for business development needs

                Outline what you want and
                 we’ll come back to you
                   with our view of the
                     options and risks.

                It won’t cost you more than an
                e-mail to one of the addresses
                                If you’re seeking a deal/partner

                              if you’re offering a product or service

                              for general enquiries or just curiosity

Bajwa-Brady Consulting Ltd – Company Use & Web Site View Only

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