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									STEAM SHOWER CABIN   Supersteam Quad

Instructions for installation Instructions for use

                                                                SUPERSTEAM quad
                                                                           eco color

            Contents                                                                      Page

            1.    General information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .          3

            2.    Assembly / Installation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .        4
            2.1   Summary Components . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .               4
            2.2   Fundamentals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       5
            2.3   Background condition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .             5
            2.4   Water installations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .        5
            2.5   Electrical installation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .        5
            2.6   Tools          .............................                             5
            2.7   Installation process A-M . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .             6

            3     Operating instructions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .          11
            3.1   General recommendations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                 11
            3.2   “Water settings” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    11
            3.3   Cabin display . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   12
            3.4    Functional description . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .         13

            4.    Electrical malfunctions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       14
            5.    Cleaning and care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       14
            6.    Guarantees, service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .         14
            7.    Recycling      .............................                            14

                  Warranty certificate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      16

                  Additional information, for example concerning new products, current
                  assembly instructions, etc. can be found on ur homepage:
                       German: www.jokey.com/jokey_badprogramm/de/
                       English: www.jokey.com/jokey_badprogramm/en/.
  1. General information

1.1 Introduction

Congratulations on purchasing your new Steam-shower. This product has an all-new design with
functions developed to meet the physiological needs of the human body.
The aim of these instructions is to facilitate assembly and use.
If you follow all indications your steam-shower is sure to work perfectly.
It is also very important that you comply with all safety recommendations.

Please make sure you check that the delivery is complete and the equipment in good condition as
soon as possible after reception. Do not use any damaged components or equipment. Make sure
you don't knock against it, in case a little water should remain in the system. It is due to the final
inspection of the product and will not cause any damage. The original packaging should only be
disposed of once the shower cabin has been installed successfully. The warranty is only valid if the
new (or faulty) product is returned in its original packaging.

Please read these instructions prior to assembly and keep them safely.
Installation should only be carried out by professional plumbers and electricians!
Connection prerequisites:

A) Water installations: Water pressure: 0.3 MPa, Maximum: 0.4 MPa
   In case of higher water pressure, a pressure reducer has to be installed!
   Water hardness: If water hardness exceeds 10° dH, we strongly recommend the use of a water
   softening system / water-conditioner. Urgent recommendation: Please fix an aquastop both at
   the cold water connection and at the warm water connection (this is protection against tube           !
   bursting and condition for warranty adjustments).
   Do not forget the aquastops of the two tubes before connecting.

B) Electrical installation: 230V, 50 Hz, 16A shockproof socket, separate circuit!
   Connected load of the cabin: 3 kW
   Potential equalisation according to current national standards.
   In the case of old electrical installations which are not equipped with a fuse for the bathroom,
   we strongly recommend retrofitting for your own safety.


Please make sure that plastic aluminium surfaces do not get scratched.
During assembly: All frame parts, such as rear panels, side panels, shower tray, ceiling, aluminium
frame, etc. must be sealed individually with sanitary silicone prior to screwing! Please bear in mind
that plastic parts may easily be scratched during assembly. Safety measure: e.g. placing a blanket
in the shower tray. Once the cabin has been assembled, before carrying out final connections,
please check that the entire system is leak-proof and seal any remaining joints (e.g. screws which
may have come loose during transportation).
The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for: Minor discrepancies with the drawings shown in
the assembly and instructions manual. The delivery of new spare parts (whose design may be
slightly different from the original parts in some cases). Technical changes regarding manufacturing
and possible mistakes contained in this instructions manual. The manufacturer reserves the right to
review and update these specifications on a regular basis, without this leading to an individual

    2. Assembly and Installation
    2.1 Component overview
                                                                                     H1                H2
                                                                I1                                                         I2
                                                                          E    J1 M                     M J2       E
                                                                                           F      F
                B1                          B2


                                                                                      G1               G2

        Large components:                                            Small components:

        A     Rear panel (˝Technical corner”)                        4x   Door roll, top (2 rolls)
        B1    Left-hand coloured side panel                          4x   Door roll, bottom (1 roll)
        B2    Right-hand coloured side panel                         1x   Mirror
        C     Ceiling                                                1x   Profile cover for rear panel profile
        D     Shower tray                                            2x   Profile cover for aluminium corner profile (left/right)
        E     Fixed glass panel                                      2x   Handgrip with mounting material
        F     Glass sliding-panel                                    2x   Slide-in seal
        G     Lower slide rail (G1 left / G2 right)                  1x   Hand shower head
        H     Upper slide rail (H1 left / H2 right)                  1x   Hand shower hose
        I1    Vertical aluminium corner profile, left                1x   Hand shower support
        I2    Vertical aluminium corner profile, right               1x   Hand shower wall socket
        J1    Vertical aluminium inside profile, left                1x   Glass shelf with mounting material
        J2    Vertical aluminium inside profile, right               1x   Handhold with mounting material
        M     Door sealing strip with a sealing lip                  1x   Steam nozzle
        N     2 Rear panel end pieces (plastic)                      1x   Siphon with siphon tube
                                                                     1x   Remote control
                                                                     2x   Slide rail corner angle (1 top / 1 bottom)


         8x     M4x10 screw, cross recess, slotted round head                  36x     Washer for M4 screws
         2x     M4x25 screw, cross recess, countersunk head                     8x     Decorative cap (for door rolls)
         2x     M4x20screw, flat head                                           2x     Angle bracket for water supply
         4x     4x8 tapping screw, cross recess, slotted round head             2x     Washer screw nut, 1/2”
         8x     4x25 tapping screw, cross recess, slotted round head            2x     Seal washer, 1/2”
        24x     4x16 tapping screw, cross recess, slotted round head            2x     Seal washer for M4 screws
        16x     M4x15 Allen head screw                                          2x     Plastic nut for M4 screws
        18x     M4 screw nut                                                    4x     M6 decorative screw nut

        2.2 Tools, auxiliary material
                                                                                  Bits: Philips 1, 2

                                                                                                            Philips 1, 2
                                                         Sanitary      or soap
                                                         silicone      solution
                                                                                                            3 mm

2.3 “Fundamentals”                                                                               Assembly to
                                                                                                 be carried
Dimensions of the cabin:      94.5 x 94.5 x 220 cm                                               out by
The upper circular edge is 210 cm high, total height equals 220cm!                               2 people
Minimum ceiling height:            225 cm

2.4 Floor condition
The floor should be as flat as possible with sufficient stability. Coating: Waterproof – tiles
or plastic. A waterproof angle on the vertical wall (approx. 10cm high) is a good idea.
We strongly recommend the installation of an additional (safety) floor water drain
(preferably in the shower tray area).
2.5 Water installations
The water supply provided by the customer (2x ½” connections, hot water left, cold water Approximate
right, height above the ground: approx. 115 cm) should be located behind the cabin. We     values:                 ply
strongly recommend the use of a separate stoppage solution for the cabin. This can be                  W ate

either 2 pre-located valves or corner valves as a direct connection for the cabin. The
corner valves may protrude 50 mm max. from the wall. The hot and cold water supply of                                  cm
the shower cabin involves flexible pipes, specific planning of the water supply pipes down
to the millimetre is therefore not necessary. This also often enables connection to an                          5c
existing installation without having to break or move tiles. The water supplies behind the                  15,          d
steam cabin have been sealed by the manufacturer, but should nevertheless be checked                      ho t
and retightened if necessary. The flexopipes for connection to the house water

                                                                                                                     90 - 115 cm
system must never be squashed, tugged or bent.                                                     2 x 1/2”
Do not forget the aquastops of the two tubes before connecting.

Waste water:
Floor drain: Please take the supporting structure, and more specifically the position of the              Flo
feet into account. Length of the flexible drain pipe included: at least 70 cm. Outlet pipe
required: HT 40, either as floor drainage or as floor-flush wall drainage (here particular
care must be taken to ensure water-tightness, since there is always a little water in the
system). The drainage system in the cabin is already equipped with an odour trap.

Warning – following assembly of the electrical module: Do not forget the pipe connection
between the steam generator and the siphon (residual flow draining of the steam
generator). Safeguard using the hose clamp or the screw connectors included.

2.6 Electricity supply
Installation should only be carried out by a professional electrician! Please comply with current
electrical regulations: above all D: VDE 0100 ..., VDE 0100, Section 701, A: ÖVE-EN 1 Section 4
§ 49 ..., CH: SN SEV 1000:2005, above all: 7.01 or as the case may be, the current national
requirements in the country concerned. Please take into account the various guard areas outside the
shower: Socket either at least 60 cm from the shower or above the shower, at least 230 cm above
the floor and therefore at least 20 cm above the edge of the cabin.

Fuse of the AC power line: install in an accessible area! Red power-button on = tension on the line.
Power-light off: Press Reset button. Fuse-test to be carried out twice a year. Press Test button.
Light should go off. Press Reset again!

Please bear in mind that the shower installation leads to restrictions concerning other equipment
being installed nearby (as for all showers): Switches, sockets, lights, etc. (if in doubt, ask a
professional electrician!).


    2.7 Installation process

    A. Install the siphon

    B. Carefully adjust the shower tray in its final location using the air lever. In order to do this, you can remove the
       shower tray's streamlining. The decorative caps on the streamlining are clipped on and can be removed for this
       purpose (please place the “middle” feet also and secure all adjustments with counternuts!). Then move away
       from the wall again and place in the “assembly position”.

    C. Install the front aluminium frame.                                    C.1 Note that the upper and lower slide
       If necessary, pre-drill using a small spiral                              rails as well as the left and right corner
        drill (3 mm).                                                            profiles look different!
                                                                                 Use 8 4x10 screws.

                                                                                   Install the slide rails so that the
                                                                                   boreholes face outwards (distance
                                                                                   between borehole and corner profile
                                                                                   equals 30 cm).

                                                                                            H1             H2

                                                                                    30 cm                           m
                                                                                                                30 c

                                                                                            G1             G2
                                                                                    30 cm                           m
                                                                                                                30 c


C 2. Before you slide the moored glass                  C.3 Slide the moored glass panels into the frame.
     panels into the grooves of the vertical                Slide the slide-in seal from the outside between
     frames - Clip aluminium profiles                       the glass and the aluminium profiles. In order
     lengthwise onto the glass.                             to facilitate sliding, apply a little silicone spray /
                                                            soap solution to the strips.

                                                                           2.        2.



C. 4 Screw the panels to the frame [M6x25 +                 C. 5 Carefully seal the gap between the moored
     screw nuts]                                                 glass panel and the lower slide rail from the



    C. 6 Apply silicone to the corners of the shower tray      D.   Install the glass side panels and the rear panel.
         in order to provide permanent protection around            When assembling the components, make sure all
         the tray. Then place the complete aluminium                joints are bound together with a thick silicone
         frame onto the shower tray.                                seam.

                                                               D.1 When installing the left-hand side panel, use 6 4 x
                                                                   16 tapping screws for assembly to the aluminium
                                                                   profile and 4 M4 x 16 screws, each with two
                                                                   washers + screw nuts for assembly to the
                                                                   shower tray.


    D.2 Secure the small parts to the glass side panels     D.3 Before installing the rear panel, remove the white
        (mirror, hand shower, handhold, steam nozzle,           plastic keyhole plate from the back. Now clip
        glass shelf). Make sure all bolted assemblies are       end pieces for the rear panel profile onto the top
        carefully sealed with silicone at the rear of the       and bottom. To secure the rear panel, use 6 4 x
        cabin.                                                  16 tapping screws. Make sure no pipes/cables
                                                                get damaged in the process.




  D.4 When installing the right-hand side panel, use      E. Secure the small parts to the glass panels.
      12 4 x 16 tapping screws for assembly to the           (Handgrip, upper door rolls, lower door rolls, sealing
      aluminium parts and 4 M4 x 16 screws, each             strip)
      with two washers + screw nuts for assembly to
      the shower tray.

                                             Add another layer
                                             of silicone to the                             Before hinging the doors, slide
                                                               NE                           the rolls into their highest
                                                         SIL                                position. Once the doors are
                                                                                            hinged you can align them using
                                                                                            the adjusting screw

             Silicone!                                              E.2

F. Hinging the doors

F.1 Hinge the upper door rolls from the inside
    into the upper slide rail.
                                                              G. Seal the front aluminium frame in the area of the
                                                                 vertical aluminium profile and the moored glass
                                                                 panels. The shower tray should not be sealed with
                                                                 aluminium where the doors are, to enable water to
                                                                 drip back into the shower tray.


F.2 Press the lower door rolls with the clip facing
    downwards and hinge the lower door rolls into
    the lower slide rail.

                                                                          Make sure the groove remains silicone-free.


     H.1 H.1 Install the cabin ceiling using 9 M4 x 16 [C]                                        Electrical cabling diagram
         screws, washers and 2 screw nuts each.
         Couple the sockets for the: ventilation,
         loudspeakers, light and temperature sensors.

                                                                                                                                   control system


                                                                                   blue               red                   white

                                                                                                                                                                                     Operating display
                                                                                                                                                          CD / Audio
                                                                                                    Rear panel light


                                                                                                                                          Ceiling light


     H.2 Assemble all remaining connections:
         Carry out electrical cabling according to the diagram /colour code or plug shape.
         Drainage, cold and hot water supply, connect the condensate pipe of the steam generator to the siphon,
         connect the steam hose to the steam nozzle, then: Hand shower, shower head
         Make sure all water supply pipes are equipped with seals!

                               Shower head
                                                                                (Diameter 40 mm)

            Hand shower                         Massage jets

           Steam generator

                  cold water                 hot water                                                                                   Condensate pipe
                      supply                 supply                                                                                      of the steam generator

     I. Check pre-assembled hose connections and retighten if necessary!
     J. Plug the mains plug into a Schuko socket fused with 16A.
     K. Final checks: Water:           Leakage test / performance test.
                      Electrics:      Protective earth conductor test, fuse test, performance test.
     L. Secure the keyhole plate back to the back of the rear panel (see D.3).
     M. Carefully move the cabin to its final location (2 people required!).

                                                                                       3. Operation

 3.1 General recommendations
 Children should not use a steam shower without adult supervision. An adult must always be present.
 Sick and elderly, frail people must ask a doctor before using the shower.
 Always switch off after use (main button to “off”).
 In case of prolonged absence, we recommend that you turn the water off.
 Respect steam fuse clearance distance (at least 20 cm, otherwise risk of scalding!).

 Only use very diluted fragrances! Concentrated fragrances can make the shower bath untight
 and cause damage.                                                                                               !

 3.2 “Water settings”                                           3.3 Readjusting the doors

                                                                The magnet profiles have not been
   Rain (ceiling/head) - sprinkler
                                                                permanently secured to the doors.
                                                                They are easy to readjust should they have
                                                                been slightly displaced during transportation:
                                                                Start by adjusting the doors to the upper
                                                                door rolls (perpendicular). If the magnet
                                                                profiles don't line up all the way to the
                                         change-over switch     bottom (light slit), take a small plank (e.g.
                                         (selector valve)       from the glass protection packaging) and
                                                                place it against the outside of the magnet
                                                                profile. Carefully tap back into place using a
                                                                small hammer.
Massage jets                    hand shower
                                                                Do not hit the door!
                                         Total water amount

            45             35
                                         Thermostatic valve

                                  38°C safety limit. Pressing
                                  down the safety button (1)
             !                    enables higher temperatures
                                  (2) (risk of scalding!)


      3.4 Cabin display

         Volume/Station +/-
                               Volume On/Off

                               Station On/Off

                 Telephone     Main button On/Off
            option available

              Steam On/Off
                               Radio / CD switch

            Temperature +/-
       Cabin steam-time +/-    Saved radio stations

                               Ceiling light On/Off
           Ventilator On/Off
                               Rear panel light On/Off


3.5 Functional description
Press the power button to switch the system on, the ceiling light comes on. The system is currently in
standby mode.
When the system is active, the ceiling light and the lights in the panel area can be controlled. The light
symbol is lit up on the display. To switch the light off, press on the light symbol again.
System on: Ventilation can be switched on or off anytime.
When it is on, the ventilation symbol is lit up on the display.
System on: The alarm can be activated or de-activated. The acoustic alarm automatically switches the
ventilation on. To switch it off: Alarm button + ventilation button.
To switch on, press “FM/CD“. If a frequency is displayed, this means the radio is on.
Press “+/-“, to change frequency /program a station.
Volume: Press “Volume”, then “+/-" (from 1 to 10).
Saving a station
To save the station playing, press quickly on “M”.
If you keep “M” pressed down, another station will come on.
CD (Audio) Function
By pressing on the “FM/CD" button again you will switch to the audio-outlet for external devices (CD-
player, MP3 player, etc.) and the music will be played via the cabin loudspeakers. The "CD" symbol is
lit up on the display. Please make sure all external devices are placed at least 60 cm away from the
cabin (in case of a 230V device). This does not apply for battery-operated devices.

Press the “Steam symbol“, it is lit up on the display and steam bath begins.
Before you do this, make sure water supply to the cabin is possible (e.g. after prolonged absence).
Blockages could destroy the steam generator!
Programming the “Steam-time” and cabin temperature
This function lets you program the time and temperature of your steam bath. Standard program: 60
minutes and 45°C.
Start by programming the steam function, then adjust time and temperature using “+/-“.
Setting range: 0-120 min, 25-60°C.
Please respect steam fuse clearance distance Risk of scalding!
If you wish to use fragrances, please only use water-soluble and very diluted products.
Fragrances, although they are pleasant for people, can cause great damage to the plastic shower
tray. They can cause discolouration and cracks, the shower can become untight.
The following recommendations must therefore be respected:
Most suitable fragrances are designed for saunas (there are very few products especially for steam
showers at the moment). These are exclusively concentrates.
Dilution: 10ml to 20ml max to be mixed with 1l of water!
Dip a piece of cotton wool into the diluted fragrance mix and place it in the steam outlet (after having
pulled the round cap off towards you). After your steam bath, remove the cotton wool and thoroughly
rinse the steam outlet with warm water.
Oil for fragrance lamps is generally not suitable (acidic and not always water-soluble)!
Please also comply with the instructions on the product!

Additional appliances
Never use other electrical appliances (230V) inside the cabin
(e.g. hair-dryers, rasors, etc.) ) !

     4. Electrical malfunctions
     1. Fuse in the mains connection cable, near the Schuko socket: In case of failure (of the entire electrical
        unit): Press reset button.
        Otherwise, check operation regularly (twice a year): Press Test button. Red “Power” tell-tale should
        switch off! Press Reset again!                                                                                   !
     2. Overheating in the steam generator. In case of failure, switch steam generator off (cause: water
        shortage). Check and secure water inlet. Press the reset button on the side of the steam generator
        (metal casing at the rear of the cabin, lower third) using a small screwdriver.

     3. 2 Micro-fuses on top of the control box on the cabin's rear panel, upper third:
        1 A: In case of failure due to lack of steam, display is off.
        3 A: In case of failure, the display shows: “E E“, no light, no steam.
        If a fuse keeps failing, please call a professional for help!                                                    !
     5. Maintenance Clare Cleaning
     Please check tightness at least once a year (especially silicone seals, hose joints, drainage system).
     Always clear blockages immediately (including the steam generator-siphon connection and check the
     steam nozzle / steam outlet!).

     Clean surfaces with a damp cloth only. For bad stains, use mild, solvent-free / alcohol-free multi-purpose
     cleaning fluid. Organic solvents including alcohol can attack the high-quality acrylic surface – and even
     cause cracks. Do not use limescale removers for aluminium parts. Most of these cleaners are
     inappropriate for aluminium and leave their mark on it (white cords). Never use scouring cleaning agents
     or sponges on plastic surfaces! To remove scratches, use acrylic polish / treatment from a specialised

     To clean the mirror, use a soft cloth. Remove dirt with clear water and a damp leather cloth. Never use
     chemical cleaning products on the mirror (risk of the mirror “fading” at the edges).

     The shower should be rinsed with warm water using the hand shower after every use. If fragrances were
     used, thoroughly rinse the nozzle and the area around the steam outlet. Then leave the doors open until
     the shower cabin is completely dry.

     6. Warranty and Service
     Our products have a 2-year warranty-period. You will find the warranty certificate on the last page. You
     can order spare parts from our customer service department. Please describe the part in detail – using the
     short description found in this booklet (letter / number) as well as the exact type of cabin (e.g. Topsteam,
     Art. 220016).

     We are always open to suggestions and thoughts.

     7. Recycling
     For the disposal of the electronics of this product, the electrical and electronic use appliance law applies.
     The “Used appliance“ shall be taken to a relevant collecting point. We recommend that you remove the
     control panel, the light unit and the display and also take them to the electrical and electronics collection
     point. The remaining main “unit” can be disposed of in the usual way (customary variant – such as bulky
     item collection, etc.).


                       WARRANTY CERTIFICATE                     STEAM SHOWERS 2-YEAR WARRANTY
                       We wish to thank you for you trust in purchasing you new steam shower and will do
                       everything in our power to uphold this trust. Please read the Assembly and user's guide
                       with care before installing and using your shower. If you have any questions, our customer
                       service is here for you.

                       Warranty start date: Date of purchase: Date shown on the warranty certificate or the
                                            receipt. Repairs do not extend the warranty period.
                       Warranty items:      Proven manufacturing defects and material defects are processed
                                            free of charge during the 2-year warranty period.
                                            Other claims are not provided for in the warranty.

                       The warranty is only valid if the following conditions are met:
                        1. This certificate is produced along with the date of purchase, company stamp and
                           signature of the salesperson. Complete receipts (purchase date, complete
                           salesperson detail) are also accepted. We will also need the grey “QS-field" with the
                           manufacturer's stamp (on the back of the assembly instructions) or a photocopy
                           thereof. It is essential for our quality control department. In case of damage, we also
                           require concrete information on the type of damage / defects.
                        2. Care when transporting the new shower (no prop, no torsion!)
                        3. Never store the cabin outside or in rooms exposed to frost!
                        4. Unpack with care after purchase. In case of flaws, please file a complaint to the
                           salesperson. You will quickly be provided with a replacement free of charge. Please
                           do not use any parts which are clearly faulty for installation. This will invalidate the
                        5. Water supply: Minimum pressure: 0.3 MPa, maximum: 0,4 MPa. Water hardness: If
                           water hardness exceeds 10° dH, we strongly recommend the use of a water
                           softening system. Please install aquastops at the water connections (warm and
                           cold). These are a protection against tube bursting.
                        6. Installation should only be carried out by professionals! (plumber /electrician).
                        7. No alterations shall be made to the device itself (control electronics).
                        8. Assembly flaws are not covered by the warranty; please comply with assembly
                           instructions, in particular those showing a safety symbol. Please make sure all
                           connections are leak-proof.
                        9. The shower cabin shall be installed on a waterproof floor. If it is installed on an
                           untight floor, we take no responsibility for water damage/ subsequent damage.
                           We strongly recommend that you install an additional safety water drain in the
                           shower tray area.
                       10. “Second hand products” are not protected by the warranty.
                       11. The same goes for damage caused by the use of concentrated fragrances.
                       12. The shower cabin shall not be fitted / bricked in permanently. The rear panel shall
                           remain accessible for maintenance (moved forward).
                       13. Use original parts exclusively for repairs.

                       Type of steam shower                                               Salesperson's stamp

                       ____________________________                                       ________________________
                       Place, Date                                                        Salesperson's signature

                        Quality control :

                                                                                      Steam shower Supersteam Quad / 22018 / 05 / 2009

                                                                                                Alterations / errors excepted.

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           eco color
                                            Tel.: +49(0)35936 / 36-0  Tel. Service: +49(0)35936 / 36-265 email: js.service@jokey.com
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