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Patricia Brady


									                                           Patricia Brady
                                       Senior Project Manager
                                       San Francisco, Ca. 94112

           20 years of solid management experience in Information Technology with 10 - 15 years of
            very diverse experience as a Program Manager, Lead Technical Project Manager, Business
            Analyst, implementing enterprise-wide solutions for web development, data warehouse,
            systems integration, technical communications and infrastructure projects in multiple
            industries (telecommunications, bio-tech, banking and health

           Exceptional ability for documenting requirements, project plans, project timelines and
            milestones, critical path, feasibility studies, issues management, risk assessments,
            communications plans, implementation plans, business and system processes, training
            manuals and training job aids, system troubleshooting and error messages, systems security
            and policies, SOX compliance, backup processes, and

           10+ years experience as a Program Manager and decision maker in building (PMO) Project
            Management Offices including organization, governance structure, program management,
            prioritization, issues and risks tracking, financial forecasting, tracking and reporting. Tracked
            schedule milestones and phase gates. Documented project management policies, methods and

           Ability to work with a high degree of autonomy and professionalism. Strong ability to
            summarize and visualize key trends in data and calculation of metrics. Largest program
            managed was 82 projects, $50M annual budget, with 30 project mangers.

           25+ years of exceptional experience leading and building teams (direct reports and project
            teams), meeting facilitation, status reporting, process management, issues and risk
            management, business process and systems re-engineering

           Managed groups as large as 120 people with 56 applications and a budget of $21M annually
            for a Broadband Network pro

           Exceptional oral, written skills and presentation skills with rigorous attention to detail; very
            keen ability to ask tough questions in order to define potential project issues and risks early in
            project or to get to the root of the issue in very quick time.

           Excellent PC and Mac skills with a wide variety of off-the-shelf software packages, most
            especially the MS Office Suite of applications and MS Project.
                                           Technical Skills

Software used to Manage/control projects: MS Project „95-2003, Visio 98-2003, SDLC Methodology,
Excel, Word, PowerPoint, MS Access, Outlook 2000-2003, Internet Explorer 7.0, Netscape, Apple Mail,
Safari, Mozila Firefox, Tandem Security Administration, Remedy, Novell Lotus Notes, , Manage X,
Compaq Insight Manager, Clarity, Artemis (Budget tracking), CM/PM, ClearQuest, Wiki; Document
Management Systems: FileNet (Panagon & P8), Documentum, SharePoint; and DOORS (requirements
tracking and document storage).

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OS: Windows NT, 98, 2000, 2003, XP, MS DOS, Windows Mobile, MVS, OS 390, Mac OS 10.5
Leopard, UNIX, Novell

Hardware: Desktops, laptops and servers, Treo, iPAQ, Blackberry, AS 400, CICS, TN3270, DB2,
VT100, Tandem; DLT and AIT tape back-up; Firewire drives, server racks, KVM switches, racks, power,

Technologies: CICS, Microsoft SMS, LANDesk, LDAP, Data Warehouse, Speedware, Oracle, Sybase,
SQL 2000, Tandem Software Distribution, Kerberos, CITRIX server, Microsoft SUS, document
management systems, Websites, Web portals, Web applications, Java, JSP, XML, Procs, SQL, Visual
Basic, Visual C++, Quota Sentinel, Veritas, RACF, Win-Runner, SAS

Networks: Tandem Networks, Microsoft Networks, Active Directory, WINS, Domain Controllers, Token
Ring, DSL, DS1-3, T1, 5 ESS, SS7, X.25, ISDN, TCP/IP, Network Cards, adapters, routers, gateways,
Ethernet, LAN/WAN, VPN, Fiber Network

IT Standards and Methodologies: PMI Methodology and Standards, Wells Fargo/ISG RUP
methodology, Pacific Bell Project Management Method, Kepner-Tregoe Project Management Method,
ITIL, AT&T EXPRESS and Express One Processes; Kaiser Permanente‟s Comprehensive Delivery
Process, SEI/CMM standards and methodologies, SDLC, ISO 9000 standards; IEEE standards, Disaster
Recovery and back-up standards and methodologies, E-mail and file server data retention; data storage
policies and standards, Information Security Policies and Procedures, HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley compliance

Consultant – Senior Project Manager – June, 2008 – July, 2009
Advantis Global. subcontracted to Wells Fargo – ISG, San Francisco, Ca.
        Project Managed and developed requirements for multiple web development projects associated
        with the Wells Fargo public website and web portal applications (J2EE, JSP, XML, Java, and
        Documentum) in ISG (Internet Services Group) for multiple lines of business: Consumer Deposits
        Group, Small Business, Home Mortgage, Home Equity, Equity Finance, Equity Direct, Online
        Business, Credit Card Services and Wealth Management. Worked with Network Management
        Security to design access from the Wells Fargo network to a 3rd Party vendor at two different
        locations. This effort provided marketing managers access to a marketing product application via a
        secured lines. Conducted working session with ISG Security, TOG Network Planning and a 3 rd
        Party vendor to design, configure and install T1 lines. Project Management responsibilities
        included developing and managing the project timeline, secured development and testing
        resources, coordination and management of project risks and issues, development of PDD
        (Project Definition Document) and conducting requirements working session to development of
        the SRS (Software Requirements Specifications), managing project budgets of $60K-$120K in
        Clarity, conduct project and testing status meetings, coordination of UAT with the lines of
        business entering and managing UAT defects into Clearquest. Utilized a revised version of RUP
        methodology and used MS Project for managing the project timeline and deliverables. Employed
        the use of the Wiki and MS Sharepoint for project communications and documentation storage.
        Conducted issues and risk assessments on each project and developed mitigation plans. Resolved
        issues on one project in the testing phase, when the client discovered that a significant requirement
        was missed. This added scope and cost to the project but we were able to include the new
        requirement and meet the project delivery schedule. Worked with ISG Security on several
        projects to flush out the network security requirements.
Consultant – Senior Project Manager – December, 2007 – April, 2008
iGate Mastech. subcontracted to Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, Ca.
        Project manage the development of the corporate strategic plan. To do this weekly working
        sessions were conducted with the Stategic Planning Directors and direct reports to flush out the

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        plan and work through issues and risks. In these sessions we defined criteria to be used for each
        business function to ensure that all the data gathered would align and roll-up uniformly when
        appropriate. Working with the VP, Executive Director and Directors of Strategic Planning under
        the CFO to bring together the national stakeholders and the regional strategic plans to ensure
        synthesis and alignment across the organization. Ensured deep dives were completed in key
        strategic areas, track issues and conduct gap and risk analysis as required. Conduct twice weekly
        project meetings and 1 on 1 status meetings with each Director. Very successfully conducted the
        kick-off meeting with all the leads (stakeholders) for each national organization and the CFO.
        Conducted mid-cycle and end-cycle stakeholder status meetings with the national leads and the
        OLG. Scheduled periodic status meetings with the NLT, OLG, and KPPG to keep them updated
        on our progress. The CFO will present the Strategic Plan to the Board of Directors in May, 2008.
Consultant – Senior Project Manager – June, 2007 – December, 2007
TAC Worldwide. subcontracted to AT&T, San Ramon, Ca.

        Very successfully project managed and documented the requirements for 2 Area Code Splits for
        AT&T Long Distance Billing Systems which included creating a finitely defined “Road Map” of
        all the jobs and scripts to be done on the night of the conversion. Error rate was <2% and the
        projects were completed within the negotiated down time. Conducted technical working sessions
        where we defined and resolved issues directly relating to roles and responsibilities for each project

        Successfully project managed and documented the requirements for the development of database
        tools that compared OMS (Ordering Management System) key data elements to the billing
        systems key data elements and determined where there was an Out-of-Sync condition and
        identified the application work group required to resolve the issue.

        Successfully project managed and documented requirements for a LightSpeed Release 5 project
        that gives the business office the ability to add messages to customer bills associated to the
        products that the customer may or may not have in order to sell or communicate to the customers
        important information about products.

        Project Managing documented requirements for a LightSpeed Release 7 project that creates tiered
        taxation for customers in Tennessee. This technology allowed AT&T to bill by specified taxable
        products at a tiered rate.

        Managed and controlled project budgets of $75K - $120K for each project in CM/PM. Managed
        and tracked project plans, milestones and deliverables using MS Project. Utilized the AT&T
        Express One Project Management Process and Documentum as the document management
        system. Adhered to SOX Compliance with the creation and maintenance of the requirements
        tracking document.
Consultant – Senior Project/Program Manager - October, 2005 – April, 2007
MS9 Consulting Inc. subcontracted to Kaiser Permanente, Walnut Creek, Ca.
        Project/Program manager and business analyst for the remediation of NT servers to Windows
        2003 Server OS for Care and Deliver, Health Plan Operations, and Business Intelligence
        applications. Our objective was to remove all legacy servers running Windows NT 4.0 and
        migrate all infrastructure and business applications so that the Kaiser Permanente server platform
        is stable and supportable. This included file, print and application servers.
        This program required that we create a project processes to achieve our objectives. My roles and
        responsibilities included:
         Project Manage and create the project definition document, project timeline, issues, risks and
        hardware and software requirements for the following applications: Apollo, DOCS Open,

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        eProgram, PCR/SHP (Population Care Registry and Significant Health Problem), eReferral a web
        application, TRRS (Transcriptions Result Reporting for Radiology) a Sybase database, KCMA,
        DebtMaster, RMT & Core, Quantim MEDREC, TCS Cardiology, HealthTrac, EKG Tracemaster,
        and RiskMaster. The technology for these applications included Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MS
        Access, and FileNet data bases that had to be upgraded by several versions in order to be
        compatible with Windows 2003. Individual project requirements and technical working sessions
        were conducted to define the approach and resolve technical issues. Some working sessions were
        conducted with 3rd Party vendors to determine the correct technical path to take when updating
        systems, for example from Sybase v 8.6 to 11.3.
        Program Manage: conduct assessments of the program, defining and re-defining scope to be
        completed in 2006, 2007 and beyond. Many of these projects were applications and databases
        existing on Windows NT server and were required to be updated by multiple versions or replaced
        by another application or database. Some application servers needed to be moved to the data
        center because they were not meeting company security standards. For each segment of the
        Program defined cost structure and budget for the remaining months in 2006 and all of 2007. This
        program consisted of 350 projects, $5M budget over a 2 year period of time. Managed the
        program score card using MS Access where all the PMs updated their projects and we were able to
        pull out key predefined project and program indicators each week. Budget data was pulled
        monthly from Clarity for the entire program. Identified potential program risks and issues to the
        successful completion of the program. Negotiated with operations, development and testing
        management to get commitment for IT resources for the entire program.
Consultant - Senior Project Manager - March, 2004 - October, 2005
Fujitsu Consulting Inc. sub contracted to SBC Communications. San Ramon, Ca.
        Project Managed the build and implementation of two COTS applications, Granite Application
        and Net Provision (which was later replace by a home grown application, SOLID). These projects
        both included work done by other internal application development teams such as the FIRST
        application and Middleware application and servers. The objectives of these projects are to
        provide the ability to assign and provision a fiber network from the central office to the customer‟s
        premises. Negotiated testing and operations install resources for each application. Ensured that
        each application met all corporate network and security policies and standards. Worked with
        Operations to facilitate the purchase, install and validation of new servers. These projects were
        part of a very larger overall $8B program that was scheduled to implement in 2006. Adhered to
        SOX Compliance with the creation and maintenance of the requirements tracking document. Used
        FileNet‟s Panagon and P8 as the document management system.
        Program Manager of a $50M program budget for the multi-phased LightSpeed Project. Provided
        estimates and actual budget results weekly and rolled up monthly and annually. Gathered weekly
        project and budget status data on each project within the program for executive management
        reviews using a standardized scorecard. Provided a varied number of views of the budget for the
        Program Office and the department. Program included 82 projects and approximately 30 project
        managers. These projects are part of a very larger overall $8B program that is scheduled to
        implement in 2006.
Consultant - Senior Project Manager - June, 2003 - January, 2004
Gloria Christman, Inc. sub-contracted to Genentech, Inc. South San Francisco, Ca.
        Project managed and documented the requirements for the implementation from Netscape
        Browser and Netscape Messenger 4.78 on the PC and Mac to Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 and
        Office/Outlook 2003 for the PC and Panther OS 10.3 with Apple Mail 1.3 and Safari 1.1 on the
        Mac. When I started this project there were significant issues with how Office 2002 was working
        with the e-mail hosting software. I brought companies to the table and we put scopes on the server
        and desktop side and conducted multiple coordinated test to prove where the problem existed and
        ultimately resolved. The decision was then made to move to Outlook 2003 which had a newly
        built engine that managed the synchronization of high volumes of e-mail folders and content in a
        satisfactory amount of response time.

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       Defined, designed and build the first PC lab within Genetech‟s CIT for the testing of new
       applications being brought on the desktops for both the PCs and the MACs. This required
       acquiring every variety of PC and MAC configuration found within Genentech and supplying
       access to the LAN/WAN working with Network Management and computer security. In addition,
       negotiated to have permanent QC testers assigned to the lab to manage and control all the
       equipment in the lab. This implementation impacted all 5,500+ employees and 6,500 PC‟s in
       South San Francisco, Vacaville and Porrino, Spain.
       Project Managed a study of the PROP environment in order to define a roadmap of moving the
       existing legacy applications off of Windows NT servers onto Windows 2003 servers. A roadmap
       was developed we were constrained by the lack technology in 2003 therefore our timeline to
       accomplish this was 2 years.

Consultant - Senior Project Manager - March, 2001 to December, 2001; March, 2002 to September,
2003; via Gloria Christman, Inc. contracted to Verzion Wireless, Walnut Creek, Ca.
       Project managed a team of 18 technical employees for the conversion of 400+ Novell servers to
       350 Compaq servers running MS NT4, then Windows 2000 Server across 16 western states.
       Responsibilities included managing multiple projects (File/Print servers, MS Exchange, SMS and
       network servers). Developed the project plans; secured resources, documented the software and
       hardware requirements, managed and brought to resolution issues and risk through out the project.
       Project managed the desktop upgrade to Office 2000 which included introducing MS Outlook to
       all the users. Managed and tracked $3M budget. Validate configurations and security on all
       installed servers.
Area Manager - Lead Technical Project/Program Manager 1991-2000
Information Systems, SBC/Pacific Bell, San Ramon, Ca.
       1998 - 2000 - Program Manager - Billing Project Management. Lead the development of project
       management standards and processes for Retail and Wholesale Billing Project Managers across 7
       states blending best practices and standards from each region into one set of best practices and
       standards nation wide. Identified and tracked key score card metrics to be tracked at the project
       and program levels which included Cost, Schedule and Performance. Budgets were managed
       using CM/PM (internally developed budget application). Project schedule was managed using
       FileNet/Panagon as the document management system where project documentation was stored
       and maintained. I coordinated the implementation, role out and training of FileNet/Panagon for
       the Billing PMO.
       1995 - 1998 - Program Manager - PMO - Network Operations and Engineering Information
       Technology - Created a Project Management Office (PMO). Developed standards and practices
       for the management, control and tracking of cost, schedule, and performance of all projects.
       Created and implemented a Project Communications Plan and a Project Change Management Plan
       that was standardized on all projects within the PMO. Created a program and status tracking
       method that focused on project cost, schedule, and performance (pre and post production errors
       and resolutions); simultaneously, managed ten to twelve small projects for system development in
       the Network Operations and Engineering Division. Utilized Business Objects to pull product and
       system data for new projects. Used SAS for pulling project cost results.
       Project managed a web-based UI (User Interface) project established key business indicators
       required to be pulled from the data warehouse on a daily, weekly and monthly basis from multiple
       mainframe applications and presented the data in a “Morning Report” format. This project
       required detailed requirements that defined business intelligence data elements via different types
       of source applications such as data warehouse DB2, Oracle, and AS400. Many of the BI
       (Business Intelligence) data elements were not in the data warehouse and this team did the
       research to identify the source data and associated system, define the data elements and the
       commands/queries for obtaining the data. This project was completed successfully within year.

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        1993- 1995 - Program Manager - QA/QC Testing Team - Lead a team of 120 employees and
        contractors. This was the initial Broadband Network development and implementation effort at
        Pacific Bell. QA/QC Testing was a sub-project to an overall Broadband Program Management
        Office. Organized and created a Project Management Office with documentation and standardized
        processes and procedures to be used by all members of the project team related to tracking cost,
        schedule, and performance. Created and implemented a Project Change Management Plan and
        process in which we analyzed the impact of each change to cost, schedule and performance of the
        project plan. Responsible for the identification, documentation and tracking of project issues,
        action items and jeopardies as well as escalation of issues or jeopardies as necessary. Managed
        the design and development of a three tiered QA/QC Lab that would be used for system and
        integration testing. This lab included multiple levels of computer security as well as physical
        security to a tier 3 lab that included 60 PC‟s and 10 servers. Managed the contract of 80 Anderson
        Consulting contractors. Planned, facilitated and documented the testing Project Steering
        committee weekly meetings which included documenting meeting notes, tracking and pursuing
        resolution of unresolved testing issues and jeopardizes. Managed and controlled the annual
        budget of $21M for QA/QC Testing. Used SAS to pull budget tracking actuals.
        1991- 1993 - Lead Technical Project Manager – As the lead project manager for the Order and
        Provisioning Systems Re-engineering, our mission was to identify “fall-out” errors and develop
        system fixes and new business processes so that service orders would flow through the systems
        without necessary intervention from employees. Created a project team of cross-functional areas
        of system and business processes to analyze and define errors and fixes. Conduct business process
        and technical working sessions to identify, and resolve items of fall-out in the provisioning
        process. Implemented 54 changes to the system processes
Project Director 1990 - 1991
Marketing and Sales/Information Systems, Pacific Bell, San Ramon, Ca.
        Network and windowing software was developed (1987, prior to the first release of MS Windows)
        to allow marketing and sales users to access multiple applications simultaneously from one PC.
        The proposal was accepted and approved and I was give the opportunities to project manage, train
        and implement the project. I had a staff of 10 for training development and delivery and desktop
        installs. This software product was implemented to 5000 Operations employees in 20 offices
        across the state of California and generated a savings of $5.3 M in the first year.
Business Analyst 1987 - 1990
Marketing and Sales/Information Systems, Pacific Bell, San Ramon, Ca.
        Lead a User Council of 19 from 120 regional offices representing 20,000 users in California and
        Nevada. Each council member had a network of approximately 10 offices in the area. The
        purpose of this council was to communicate to all end users in their network offices via tailgate
        meetings and The Gemstar User Council Newsletter.
Business Consultant 1984 - 1987
Operations and Information Systems, Pacific Bell, San Ramon, Ca.
        Planned, facilitated and conducted Leadership Development Seminars. Provided consultation and
        assisted in the development of business plans for Vice Presidents down through 1 st level
        management in Marketing and Sales, Network Operations and Information Technology.
        Facilitated strategic business planning meetings for District Managers, Division Managers and
        Assistant Vice Presidents across all company departments.
Installation and Maintenance Manager 1980 – 1984
        Managed 18 direct reports for installation and maintenance of telephone service in San Francisco.
        Supervised telephone testers, installers, routers, call center employees. Coordinated and
        implemented the first Installation Call Center. Developed methods and procedure for the
        Installation call center.

                                     Education and Training

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Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Management, University of San Francisco,
Suma Cum Laude, 1993

Wells Fargo Clarity Training
AT&T Express Project Management Process – 2007
AT&T Express One Project Management Process - 2007
C Programming, Skyline College, 1994
Pacific Bell Training:
         Professional Information Systems Management - 1996
         IBM-Best Practices Project Management 1993
         Pacific Bell Project Management Method 1991
         Standard Development Life Cycle Training 1990
                  SEI/CMM Training - 1992; 2000
                  Kepner-Tregoe Project Management Method - 1990
                  Leadership Development - Business Consulting and Business Planning Training 1982 –

                                     Professional Memberships
Project Management Institute

References available upon request.

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