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                                                                                                                           h nmadc  n h

                                                                                                                           army ach yu

                                                                                                                           dachmn, wcmng

                                                                                                                           uncrany, bng

                                                                                                                           hay wh wha ,

                                                                                                                           gng and harng. n’

                                                                                                                           ha wha ruay

                                                                                                                            a abu?

                                                                                                                           by Chitra Jha

                                                                                                     arMy life is
    Illustration: Starlyn D'souza;

                                                                                                                           this packing-unpacking business,
                                                                                                                           but is that all there is to an army
                                                                                                                           life? My thinking brought up
                                                                                                                           huge spiritual lessons hidden in
                                                                                                                           our nomadic life.
                                                                                                                              Whenever we think of packing
                                                                                                                           our ‘world’ into boxes and cartons,
                                                                                                                           invariably we run short of pack-
                                                                                                                           ing material and space. That is the
                                                                                                                           time when most of us decide to
                                                                                                                           take stock and discard/give away/
                                                                                                                           sell what we don’t really need. This

                                                                                     I  have been married to an army
                                                                                        man for 25 years now. In these
                                                                                     two-and-a-half decades we have
                                                                                                                           ultimately brings in detachment to
                                                                                                                           things. We also think twice before
                                                                                                                           buying anything because the ghost
                                                                                     moved house about 10 times.           of packing keeps peering down
                                                                                     Now it is time to move once           our shoulders at all times.
                                                                                     again. One of my ‘civilian’ friends      Our last posting was in Shimla.
                                                                                     recently asked me, “Don’t you get     We loved the place, but for the first
                                                                                     sick of packing, unpacking, and       eight months we didn’t get proper
                                                                                     packing yet again?” Her ques-         accommodation. So we made do
                                     Chitra Jha is a life skills coach, past life
                                     regression therapist, ‘now consciousness’       tion got me thinking. It is true      with meagre stuff in our makeshift
                                     teacher and writer.
                                     E-mail:                    that I don’t particularly enjoy       temporary home, and didn’t really

                                                                                          november 9

miss all that was kept packed in a    tell me one field where inter-
godown somewhere. These days          personal skills don’t play a great
we are in Eastern Ladakh. It is       role! So that takes care of their
a non-family station, though I        career needs and relieves us par-
have been living here along with      ents from unnecessary worry!
my husband for most part of the          Until the Sixth Pay                                        The book "Zero 2 Dot", talks about what I
year. all that we own, including      Commission, our pockets were                                       have learnt from my Gurushree and
our car, has been stashed away in     quite empty most of the time,                                documents my inner journey to the Truth - the
                                                                                                       "Absolute Truth"; A book on Purity;
borrowed spaces. We don’t even        but we had perfected the art of                                    on Grace; On Bhao, on Mahabhao;
want to think about what must         living rather well, within our                                               On Divine Love.
                                                                                                          On my journey from The Tamsic
be happening to all our electronic    means, without cribbing. Now of
                                                                                                            level to the Sattvik heights;
goods, and other stuff. I do miss     course, we have become compar-                                It describes a mix of Science and the
my books at times but I am get-       atively affluent! There is no scope                            Divine in Spirituality as experienced by
                                                                                                        me.In this spiritual journey with my
ting by without them. Most of         for unnecessary and unhealthy
                                                                                                       Gurushree, I have tried to describe in
our clothes are out there as well,    competition amongst ourselves,                                         a very simple manner my
but again we make do with two         as we all sail in the same boat.                                 anubhuties - Divine Experiences.
                                                                                                     It undeniably is a "transformative book"
suitcases full that we got with us,   We don’t need to show off, as
most of it being winter clothing.     everyone knows about every-                                           Few lines from the book…….
                                                                                                     "…Those moments as the divine blessings
and now we are expecting our          one else’s pay packet. We are a                                  penetrated and touched the core of my
move once again, to another part      most co-operative lot. When we                                     being- it felt as if consciousness was
of this beautiful country.            move house, we don’t need to                                 performing an abhishek on this Tan, Man and
                                                                                                    Atma; (mind,body,soul) and since has been
   These frequent moves make          worry about our next meal. For                               clearing and purifying me of all past sanskars
us comfortable with change and        the first and last few days in a                               deeply embedded in the Antaratma; in my
uncertainty; something that the       station, we are extended invita-                                     journey of birth after birth"…...
                                                                                                   ….."I have been one of the lucky few who
New age has been asking us all        tions to breakfast, lunch, tea, and                          has received this special Grace. I am totally
to accept wholeheartedly. Well,       dinner every day. Where else can                                 in the ether where changes reach the
it comes naturally to us ‘faujis’.    one find such camaraderie?                                    deepest core of me and made permanent.
                                                                                                   All old known boundaries have been broken
We have had ample practice and           So, what are the spiritual les-                            and the soul is free to go beyond believing
experience! We learn to accept        sons that an army life teaches?                                              into knowing"….
people, places, neighbours, and       These are: detachment, welcom-
                                                                                                    These transformative blessings can come
colleagues as they are. Living        ing uncertainty, being happy                                  from one who is already merged with the
with diversity all our lives, we      with what is, giving and sharing,                             Divine and that can happen only through
                                                                                                                the Divine Guru.
learn to appreciate differences in    being compassionate and loving,
eating habits, dressing styles and    adjusting and accepting all under                            For more information on this Spiritual book
                                                                                                     'Zero2Dot' you can refer to the website:
general outlook towards life.         all circumstances. Well, that is                             
   Our children learn to adjust       the crux of living a spiritual life!                         You can read a very interesting and thought
and prove themselves in the              I hope this encourages more                                    provoking article on this website,
                                                                                                    'My type of guru -The Divine Guru'.
umpteen schools that they attend.     and more youngsters to join
This makes them grow into more        the forces as soldiers or as                                         This book can be purchased:
                                                                                                          On line
agreeable adults. I have been told    spouses! Join the army, and                                           Phone +91 9833218770
that defence kids do very well in     become spiritual! How’s that                                          Abha Shahra Shyama
fields where interpersonal skills     for an ad line?                   [                                      Book price Rs. 400/-
                                       We welcome your comments and suggestions on this article.        plus packing and delivery charges
are paramount to success. Well,                              Mail us at

                                                            november 9                                                           9

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