CLOUD SERVERS: LINUX

The next generation of server environment, replacing the conventional concept of the dedicated server. BitCloud
provides on-demand server computing resources that look and feel exactly like the dedicated servers, but with a
difference: no capital expenditure, and only pay for what you need today.

The server hardware that has traditionally powered your business’ IT infrastructure in
the past can be summarized in one word: finite. Great care was taken to ensure that the
server hardware purchased by your organization was powerful enough to service your
requirements for the foreseeable future, but not so powerful that you would never expand
to utilize what you had purchased. Unforeseen growth, peak periods of utilization and
specialized projects can disrupt even the most careful planning, and lead to additional
purchasing or server resources that struggle to deliver results
Cloud Servers takes the traditional model of planning server resources and turns it on its head. Why pay for something
now that you won’t need for another two years, or for something that you only need for two months of the year? Why
even pay for your server hardware upfront when you can convert a capital expense into an operational expense? Cloud
Servers allows you to increase or decrease server resources according to your needs.

Cloud Servers from BitCloud running Linux-based operating systems are offered on both VMWare and OpenVZ
virtualization platforms. VMWare is an industry-standard, tried and tested virtualization platform that runs on extremely
powerful grid-based server hardware, allocating flexible resources to “virtual servers”. OpenVZ delivers an alternative
platform, optimized for application delivery. Expand or shrink your CPU power, RAM or storage on the fly - the sky is
the limit! As BitCloud maintains the underlying infrastructure in secure datacentres to ensure a guaranteed 99.99%
uptime, your business can reap the benefits of this economy of scale.
BitCloud uses the best of the breed processing components, including Intel Xeon X5670 hex-core CPUs spread
across multiple blade servers housed across multiple blade encloses. All our storage is based on enterprise grade
SAN farms using high speed 15KRPM SAS drives for primary storage, and high capacity SATA drives for our Tier 2
storage. All primary storage is replicated to an off-site replication SAN for Disaster Recovery. We also keep multiple
point in time snapshots of all servers. Our internet connectivity is through at least 3 separate providers, handled by our
highly advanced grid of fully redundant Cisco Routers. We have separate internal networks for our iSCSI data, internal
data traffic and external data, with highly customised firewall and security settings to protect our customers from both
external and internal attacks.

Virtualisation, blade server technology and complex SAN systems have brought a lot of extra power, flexibility and
redundancy to computing systems, but they also bring a whole new world of security issues. New ways for people to
attack systems, to intercept data and to launch DOS and spam attacks against others.
At BitCloud we started the whole process of putting together our systems with security as the primary focus. We have
numerous firewalls protecting the cloud from external attacks, we have firewalls that further protect each node in the
cloud, and networking and software settings that monitor and protect each server instance within each node, both
from external attacks as well as internal attacks.

We are confident in our systems and will back our promises with real guarantees. We expect to exceed 99.9% of every
month in terms of network and server uptime. We also guarantee that the resources you have paid for (i.e. memory,
disk, CPU and bandwidth) will always be available to you.
If we fail to meet these promises, customers will be entitled to a credit equivalent to 100% of their regular monthly fees.
If your server experiences an uptime of less then 99% for any month, you will be entitled to a credit/refund equivalent
to 200% of your regular monthly fees.

                     1300 932 248                          WWW.BITCLOUD.COM.AU
                                                                    CLOUD SERVERS: LINUX

BitCloud offers Cloud Servers running the following operating systems.
Enterprise VMWare Linux Cloud Servers         OpenVZ Linux Cloud Servers - Basic            OpenVZ Linux Cloud Servers - Themed
     Minimal CentOS 5.5                            Minimal CentOS 4.8                            CentOS 5.5 with PowerDNS
     CentOS 5.5 & WHM/cPanel 11                    Minimal CentOS 5.5                            CentOS 5.5 with Mysql 5.0.77
                                                   Minimal Ubuntu 10.04                          CentOS 5.5 with WHM/cPanel 11
                                                   Minimal Debian 5.0                            CentOS 5.5 with LiteSpeed Web Server
                                                   Minimal Fedora 13
99.9% uptime SLA; Guaranteed I/O, RAM &       99.8% uptime SLA; Guaranteed RAM & CPU;       99.8% uptime SLA; Guaranteed RAM & CPU;
CPU; Live storage replication with 6 hourly   Live storage replication.                     Live storage replication.

When a BitCloud server is activated, we install and configure the operating system, and provide you with the login
details. It is then up to you to install any other components you want and to otherwise manage and configure the server
however you want.
The infrastructure behind Cloud Servers offers a significant amount of flexibility in the configuration of your server
resources. Any combination of the following resources can be selected from our online setup and configuration tool.
        1-12 CPU Cores @ 400-2800MHz*                                     512MB-32GB RAM
        5**-200GB High-Speed SAN Storage                                  10-1000GB Data/Traffic (upload/download)
Additional resources are available on request. Please contact BitCloud for further information on how we can service
your cloud computing requirements.
* OpenVZ-based Cloud Server CPU resources and VMWare-based Cloud Server CPUs resources are governed by different requirements and offer
   different options - see online setup and configuration tool for more information.
** Minimum OpenVZ-based Cloud Server storage is 5GB; Minimum VMWare-based Cloud Server storage is 30GB.

The infrastructure that powers Cloud Servers is continually monitored and supported to ensure that your server
resources are available when you need them. We realize however that some customers may require a greater level of
support to ensure that their servers running on the BitCloud platform continue to deliver the services required. BitCloud
offers multiple levels of server support, from Basic Server Management to Full Server Management.

As no virtual server configuration is the same, it is impossible to outline cost structures in a comprehensive manner.
We have outlined a number of example configurations below, and we invite you to use our online configuration tool to
build the perfect solution for your requirement.
Although monthly costs are provided below and with our online configuration tool, all services are charged by the hour.
This delivers the highest level of flexibility to you, as you only pay for what you need, hour by hour!

Minimal CentOS 5.5 (OpenVZ)                   CentOS 5.5 with Litespeed (OpenVZ)            CentOS 5.5 with WHM/cPanel 11 (VMWare)
1 CPU Cores @ 400MHz                          1 CPU Core @ 1600MHz                          2 CPU Core @ 280MHz
512MB RAM                                     1GB RAM                                       2GB RAM
5GB High-Speed SAN Storage                    30GB High-Speed SAN Storage                   40GB High-Speed SAN Storage
10GB Data/Traffic (upload/download)            10GB Data/Traffic (upload/download)            50GB Data/Traffic (upload/download)
Cost per month: $15                           Cost per month: $78                           Cost per month: $258

                                              CONTACT INFORMATION
                               Postal Address: PO Box 245, Parramatta, NSW 2124, Australia
                                        Phone: 1300 932 248, Fax: +61 2 9891 3277
                           Bitcloud is a division of Bucan Holdings Pty Ltd ABN 72 924 334 435

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