2011 Recital Accessory List 2 by AdamZurek


									                               Showcase Dance Studio 2011 Recital Accessory List
     Class          Teacher      Day     Time        Song                Shoe             Tight Color       Socks      Gloves     Accessories
                                                                      Pink Ballet
                                                 Sleeping Beauty    (Leather-full sole)
Adv. R.A.D Ballet              Tue/Thu   5:00                       Capezio or Bloch          Pink
                      Jay                             Waltz                                                  N/A         N/A        Hair Piece
                                                                     Pointe Shoes
                                                                      Pink Satin
Adv. R.A.D Ballet     Jay        Wed     6:30       Spanish          Pointe Shoes             Pink           N/A         N/A           N/A
                                                                       (Any Style)
                                                                                                                                  Wrist Guards
                                                  A Tale Of The                           Footless Light
 Adv. Diva Jazz                  Tue     6:00                        Foot Undeez                             N/A         N/A          Sword
                                                    Spartans                                 Suntan
                     Crystal                                                                                                          Shield
                                                                                                                        Long       Silver/Teal
                                                I’ve Had Time Of     321/PP323
   Adv. Pom          Crystal     Tue     7:00                                                Suntan          N/A       Black          Poms
                                                     My Life        Black Pedinis
 Adv. Hip Hop        Crystal     Tue     8:00    Dirty Orchestra    Tennis Shoes              N/A            N/A        N/A            N/A
 Adv. Rhythm                                                        SO388 Black
                     Chris       Wed     7:00    Rhythm of Love                              Suntan          N/A         N/A           N/A
      Tap                                                           Oxford Taps
                                                                      936 Tan
  Adv. Musical                                   Nursery School                                                         White      Wings/Hair
                     Chris       Wed     8:00                        Character               Suntan          N/A
    Theatre                                          Blues                                                              Wrist        Bows
      Adv.                                                                                Footless Light
                    Shelley      Thu     6:00       Feel Alive       Foot Undeez                             N/A         N/A           N/A
Lyrical/Contemp                                                                              Suntan
    Int. Adv.                                   Swinging Through     550 White ½
                     Molly       Mon     6:00                                             Tan Fishnets       N/A         N/A           N/A
 Broadway Tap                                       The 30’s             Taps
                                                                                                             Navy                 Baseball Glove
Int. Adv. Theatre                               Shoeless Joe From   Capezio Black
                     Molly               7:00                                                 N/A            Knee        N/A       Baseball Bat
      Ballet                     Mon             Hannibal Moe       Jazz Oxfords
                                                                                                            Socks                  Baseball Hat
                                                                                                                       Black or     Cat Ears
    Int. Adv.                                      Jellide Cats     Each student is                        Colored
                     Crystal             8:00                                                Suntan                     White      Cat Mouth
 Broadway Jazz                                      Narrative          different                              Leg
                                 Mon                                                                                    Wrist       Choker
                                                                                                           ½ Group
   Int. Adv.                                                         SO388 Black                                                  1/2 Group w/
                     Chris               5:00   Gettin’ Ready Rag                            Suntan          With        N/A
  Rhythm Tap                     Wed                                 Oxford Taps                                                    costume
Int. Adv. Musical                                Welcome To A          321 Black
                     Chris               6:00                                                 N/A            Knee        N/A      Nerd Glasses
     Theatre                     Wed            Wild, Wild Party        Pedini
                                                                      456 ½ inch
 Int. Adv. R.A.D
                     Wendy       Wed     7:00     Santa Maria           Black                Suntan          N/A         N/A        Red Rose
     Class           Teacher    Day   Time         Song                 Shoe             Tight Color      Socks   Gloves     Accessories

Int. Adv. R.A.D.                                                     Pink Ballet
                       Jay      Thu   6:00      Skater Waltz       (Leather-full sole)      Suntan         N/A     N/A           N/A
     Ballet                                                        Capezio or Bloch

                                                                                         Footless Light
    Int. Adv.        Shelley    Thu   5:00       The Fame          Foot Undeez                             N/A     N/A           N/A
                                              A Record Of The      Capezio Black
 Int. Adv. Pom        Crystal   Fri   6:00                                                  Suntan         N/A     N/A      Red/Silver Poms
                                                    80’s           Jazz Oxfords
  Int. Adv. Hip                                Legend Of The          Tennis
                      Crystal   Fri   7:00                                                    N/A          N/A     N/A       Black T-Shirt
       Hop                                      Green Men           Shoes/Black
                                                                    SO388 Black                                    White    Hat-comes with
 Beg. Teen Tap        Molly     Tue   5:00    Military Tribute                              Suntan         N/A
                                                                    Oxford Taps                                    Wrist       costume
                                             Dance Like It’s The
                                                                   Capezio Black                                   Gloves
 Beg. Teen Jazz       Molly     Tue   6:00   Last Night Of Your                             Suntan         N/A                   N/A
                                                                   Jazz Oxfords                                     with
                                               Singing In The                                             Black             Umbrella/Black
    Int. Tap          Natalie   Tue   5:00                           Black Taps             Suntan                 N/A
                                                    Rain                                                  Wrist              Hair Flower
                                             Listen To The Song         Ballet
   Int. Ballet        Natalie   Tue   6:00                                                  Suntan         N/A     N/A        Headband
                                                In My Heart        (Leather-full sole)
                                                                   Capezio or Bloch
                                                                     Black Jazz
    Int. Jazz         Natalie   Tue   7:00     Jailhouse Rock                            Fishnet/Suntan    N/A     N/A           Hat
                                                                     Pink Ballet
Int. R.A.D. Ballet     Jay      Wed   5:00        Gavotte          (Leather-full sole)       Pink          N/A     N/A           Fan
                                                                   Capezio or Bloch
                                             The Chronicles of     Capezio Black                                   Black
    Int. Jazz         Crystal   Wed   6:00                                                  Suntan         N/A               Gangster Hat
                                             Mr. Pinstripe Suit    Jazz Oxfords                                    Mitts
                                               This Joint Is        SO388 Black                                    Black       Teardrop
    Int. Tap          Crystal   Wed   7:00                                                  Suntan         N/A
                                                  Jumpin’           Oxford Taps                                    Wrist      Head Piece
                                                                                         Footless Light                         Double
   Int. Lyrical       Crystal   Thu   8:00     A Kite Memoir       Foot Undeez                             N/A     N/A
                                                                                            Suntan                            Headband
                                               We Hope You                               Footless Light
Beg. Int. Lyrical     Crystal   Mon   5:30                         Foot Undeez                             N/A     N/A         Hair Tie
                                                  Dance                                     Suntan
                                              Workin’ At The       Capezio Black                                             Hat-included
 Beg. Int. Pom        Crystal   Mon   6:15                                                  Suntan         N/A     N/A
                                                Car Wash           Jazz Oxfords                                             Red/Silver Poms
  Beg. Int. Hip                                                                                                             Each Student Is
                      Crystal   Mon   7:00    Ya’ Gotta Work       Tennis Shoes               N/A          N/A     N/A
      Hop                                                                                                                      Different
    Class         Teacher    Day   Time          Song                Shoe             Tight Color   Socks   Gloves    Accessories

                                           Can You Move It        Black Jazz
Beg. Int. Pom      Natalie   Mon   7:00                                                 Suntan       N/A     N/A     Red/Silver Poms
                                             Like This?           Sneakers
Beg. Int. R.A.D    Wendy     Fri   5:00       Andalucia              Ballet              Pink        N/A     N/A      Hair Ribbon
                                                                (Leather-full sole)
    Ballet                                                      Capezio or Bloch
                                                                Capezio Black                               Purple
Beg. Int. Jazz     Natalie   Fri   5:45    I’m Almost There                             Suntan       N/A               Head Piece
                                                                Jazz Oxfords                                 Mitts
                                           Mamma I’m A Big
Beg. Int. Tap      Natalie   Fri   6:30                           Black Taps            Suntan       N/A     N/A     Pink Hair Bow
                                              Girl Now

                                             You’ve Got A        TA35 Black                                  Black
   5-6 Tap         Natalie   Mon   5:30                                                 Suntan       N/A
                                             Friend In Me          Taps                                      Wrist

                                                                     Pink                                             Flower-comes
                                            My True Love’s           Ballet
  5-6 Ballet       Natalie   Mon   6:00                                                  Pink        N/A     N/A      with costume
                                                Kiss            (Leather-full sole)
                                                                Capezio or Bloch
                                             Dance To The       Capezio Black
   5-6 Jazz        Natalie   Mon   6:30                                                 Suntan       N/A     N/A       Headband
                                                Music            Jazz Oxford
                                                                 TA35 Black                                  Black      Pink Hair
   5-6 Tap         Crystal   Wed   4:30      I Like To Fuss                             Suntan       N/A
                                                                    Taps                                     Wrist       Flower
                                           Somewhere Over           Ballet
  5-6 Ballet       Crystal   Wed   5:00                                                  Pink        N/A     N/A          Tiara
                                             The Rainbow        (Leather-full sole)
                                                                Capezio or Bloch
                                             A Day In The       Capezio Black                                          Headband/
   5-6 Jazz        Crystal   Wed   5:30                                                 Suntan       N/A     N/A
                                             Candy Shop         Jazz Oxfords                                            Lollipop
                                                                 TA35 Black                                  Black
   3-6 Tap         Crystal   Sat   11:00      Baby Face                                 Suntan      Ankle             Teal Shoe Ties
                                                                   Taps                                      Wrist
                                              A Father’s             Ballet
  3-6 Ballet       Crystal   Sat   11:30                                                 Pink        N/A     N/A      Ribbon Bow
                                              Perspective       (Leather-full sole)
                                                                Capezio or Bloch
                                            Itty Bitty Pretty   Capezio Black                                Teal
   3-6 Jazz        Crystal   Sat   12:00                                                Suntan       N/A               Headband
                                                  One           Jazz Oxfords                                Gloves
                                                                 TA35 Black                                  Black      Pink Hair
   3-4 Tap         Crystal   Thu   5:00    The Alphabet Book                             Tan        Ankle
                                                                   Taps                                      Wrist       Ribbon
  3-4 Ballet       Crystal   Thu   5:30    A Fairytale Story         Ballet              Pink        N/A     N/A          Tiara
                                                                (Leather-full sole)
                                                                Capezio or Bloch

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