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The University has in force a policy of insurance covering all full-time registered students which provides the
following compensation in the event of an accident or death. There is no additional charge for this policy and the
cover is worldwide. The incident giving rise to a claim must be notified to the Insurance Office within 30 days of


An accident means a bodily injury or injuries caused solely by violent accidental external and visible means which
injury or injuries shall independently of any other cause, be the sole cause of any of the result.

Pre existing conditions/ailments are excluded.

                  RESULTS                                           COMPENSATION

(a)       Reasonable medical, surgical,                      (a)    Reimbursement of expenses up to
          dental, hospital, nursing home                            R10 000 for any one person in
          and nursing fees or charges                               respect of any one event.
          necessarily incurred within                               Insurer will only pay medical
          twenty four months from the                               expenses where there is no other
          happening of the event which                              cover in force.
          caused the injury.

(b)       Death                                               (b)   R10, 000

The policy covers the reasonable cost of dentures and/or bridgework to replace natural teeth damaged as the result of
an accident, provided that there is accidental bodily injury.

Spectacles and contact lenses are not covered
There are a number of exclusions to the policy, and attention is drawn to these below:-

The insurance will not apply to any event consequent upon:

      (a) War, invasion, foreign enemy hostilities, civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection or military usurped

      (b) Suicide, attempted suicide or intentional self injury.

      (c) Travel by air other than as a passenger and NOT as a member of the crew or for the purpose of any trade or
          technical operation therein or thereon.

      (d) Engaging in racing of any kind involving the use of any power-driven vehicle, vessel, craft or aircraft
          mountaineering necessitating the use of ropes, winter sports involving snow or ice, polo on horseback, steeple
          chasing, professional football or hang-gliding.

      (e) Pregnancy or childbirth.
(f) Any pre-existing defect or infirmity. It is therefore important to notify the Chief Finance Officer of any
    physical defect, infirmity or ill-health, so that the brokers may try to arrange cover. It is difficult to be precise
    on the matters which should be reported to the insurers, but to exemplify, if an injury is suffered which the
    medical assessors, on behalf of the insurers, feel is attributable to pre-existing defects etc., which have not
    been notified to the insurers and accepted by them, the insurers could repudiate liability.

(g) Unusually hazardous activities. In the event of a student or students undertaking any unusually hazardous
    activity, advance notice must be given to the Finance Division, in order that the matter can be referred to the
    insurers for consideration.

(h) Any accident resulting from the insured person being under the influence of drugs and/or liquor.

(i) Participation in any riot or civil commotion.

It is a strict condition of the policy that benefits shall be payable only if incurred within the following periods:-
Medical Expenses -              within 24 months of the date of accident being advised to the campus
                                insurance officers
Death                  -        within 24 months of the date of accident which had been advised to the campus
                                insurance officers

Only in very exceptional cases will insurers consider making a payment after these periods have lapsed.

The first R250.00 of every claim in respect of medical expenses is payable by the injured person.

Sporting accident must be certified by Sports Union officials, usually the Sports Supervisor.

Where students are covered by medical aid, the insurers will only pay any shortfall between the amount of the
accounts and the amount paid by the medical aid.

It is important that written notice be given to the insurers within one month of the occurrence of the event. To
meet this deadline, the Insurance Section of the Finance Division must be informed within ten days of each event.


Covers all registered full-time students in the event of a death.

Cover is 24 hours.

Compensation is R10 000

Claims will not be paid where documentation is submitted later than 6 months from the date of death.

All Howard College and Medical School claims and queries regarding this insurance should be addressed to Mrs
C.Musto, Finance Division, Westville Campus (Extension 2252).

All Pietermaritzburg claims and queries should be addressed to Mrs A.Whiteman, Finance Division, Baxter
House, Pietermaritzburg (Extension 5322).

All Westville and Edgewood claims and queries should be addressed to Mrs V.Govender, Finance Division,
Westville Campus (Extension 7131).