Training Workout Program by gawadi09


									Training Workout Program

  This is a whole body workout 2-3 times a week with cardio exercises 3-4 times per
Pick one exercise from each muscle group.

 The following workouts can be adjusted to a 3 day weekly or a 6 day by weekly

Workout #1

Day 1.- Chest, Triceps

Day 2.- Back, Biceps, Shoulders

Day 3.- Legs, Calves, Abs

Workout #2

Day 1.- Chest, Back, Shoulders

Day 2.- Biceps, Triceps, Abs

Day 3.- Legs, Calves, Abs

Workout #3

Day 1.- Chest, Biceps, Shoulders

Day 2.- Legs, Calves

Day 3.- Triceps, Back, Abs

Chest (Can Use Strength Chart)

 * Flat Bench
 * Incline Bench
 * Decline Bench
 * Cable cross-over
 * Peck Deck (or Dumbbell Flies) Rotate with Fly's
 * Flat Bench Fly's
 * Push-ups (Don't let your hands be much wider than the outside of your chest
  * Incline Bench Fly's
  * Decline Bench Fly's


  * Preacher Dumbbell, and Bar Curls
  * Standing Arm Blaster Curls
  * Standing Straight bar Curls
  * Seated Dumbbell Curls (Supination, Pronation)
  * Seated Incline Dumbbell Curls
  * Preacher Cable Curls
  * Standing Cable Curls
  * Standing Dumbbell Curls (with back against the wall)


  * Lying down Bent over One-Dumbbell Extensions
  * French Press-Nose Busters (with curl bar, or straight bar)
  * Reverse Cable Bar Curls
  * Push Downs (with V-bar)
  * Seated Dips
  * One Arm Dumbbell Kickbacks
  * Close-grip Bench Press


  * Lower Back Extension Machine
  * Straight Legged Dead lifts (use light weights especially, if beginner)
  * Seated Rows (wide grip and narrow grip )
  * Bent Over Rows Video Available
  * Lat. Pull Down (wide grip and narrow grip )
  * Chin Ups (wide grip and narrow grip )
  * One arm cable rows
  * Bent-Over Dumbbell Laterals

Legs (Can Use Strength Chart)

  * Lunges (with dumbbells or bar)
  * Leg Press
  * Squats (Smith Machine)
  * Sissy Squats
  * Abduction Machines
  * Adduction Machines
  * Leg Extension
  * Leg Curl
  * Lifts-Calves on steps-stretch Dorsiflexion ( heel down) to stretch calves, then
crunch Plantar Flexion ( heel up)

  * Cable pull downs with weight
  * Abdominal Machine
  * Leg lift-sit ups with lower back supported
  * Half sit ups on floor (front and sides)
  * Hanging knee lifts
  * Rotary Torso Machine
  * Laying Side Crunches
  * Laying Crunches


  * Lateral Raises
  * Front Raises
  * One-Arm Cable Cross Overhead Pulls
  * Dumbbell Shrugs
  * Rear Lateral Bent Over Raises

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