The Steps to Reaching Top Seo Rankings for Your Website

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					The Steps to Reaching Top Seo Rankings for Your Website
It is advisable to learn search engine optimization from seo professionals if you would like to achieve top search engine marketing ranks. The phrase
search engine optimization creates lots of controversy and is frequently debated amongst "seo gurus." There are a lot of folks that claim to be search
engine optimization gurus on this industry however not many truly understand what they are doing.

It's important to learn search engine optimization from search engine marketing experts if you want to achieve top seo ranks. It is advisable to realize
that seo needs time to work and patience to attain preferred results. There are some appropriate search engine optimization processes to adhere to
that can help launch your posts to the top level of the search engines.

So which search engine optimization experts are you able to trust and do you know the suitable seo methods that you ought to follow?

Go to Better Networker, and Warrior Forum, and do a search on these "experts." You'll see if these so called leaders are who they are saying they are
by what information pops up.

The legitimate search engine optimization frontrunners have a lot individuals writing testimonies and content articles about them.

These sites are extremely reputable and if you notice the title "instructor" on Better Networker or they're "thanked" a lot on Warrior Forum then you
know that these leaders are legitimate.

On Warrior Forum, perform a search for these experts to see how many posts that they've done and just how many times that they've been "thanked."
Go to Warrior Forum special offers and find out if these "seo experts" are currently posting worthwhile deals to Warrior forum members. Make sure to
read the reviews that fellow members are writing about them.

An additional way to tell if somebody is legitimate is to perform a Google search on them and find out the number of articles and reviews are written on
their company.

When doing your research in the search engines like google take notice of the top sites that display on the first page. Glance at the website names
and see if you see sites with the organization name and bonus, review, .org, and .net in the domain name. These web sites are run by affiliates and
affiliates desire to make money. If the first page is dominated by these kinds of sites then there's a good change these companies or market leaders
are legitimate.

Here's a really valuable suggestion. If you're looking to advertise a product as an affiliate then check to see if the domain name of the product is for
sale in .net, .org, bonus, or review. The domain name is vital. If you set up a Wordpress website with these types of domains then you will have a very
excellent chance of skyrocketing your site to the top of the search engines making yourself a fortune in affiliate commissions.

So since you are aware how to tell if a search engine optimization company or "guru" is legitimate, do you know the steps to achieving top seo

I'm going to share with you some highlighted steps on how to attain top search engine ranking positions. If you wish to discover these steps in more
detail then I recommend the course "Traffic Cipher" by Raymond Fong and Ferny Ceballos.

This course is among the best seo courses in the market and the fantastic part is the fact that these leader are "instructors" on Better Networker.
These seo guru's come highly recommended by industry icon Mike Dillard, which means you know that they are legitimate.

Important Factors to Reaching Top Seo Rankings:

(Disclaimer: This is intended as a highlighted version only. )

* Reserve your own domain name with the search phrase at the start of the domain.

*Run your website on a fully hosted Wordpress foundation.

*Make certain your key phrase is within the description, site title and search phrase section of your site. A great Wordpress extension to use is the "All
in One Seo Pack."

*It's vital that you make sure that you do proper keyword research for each piece of content material on your own website.

Listed below are the keys to search for when you are performing proper keyword research on your competitors:

*The Age of the Domain name

*Google page rank

*Google's index count number

*The quantity of page backlinks

*Number of domain back-links

*Number of .gov and .edu back-links

*Website listing in the DMOZ directory

*Yahoo directory listing

*Keywords in web site title, description, web address, and header

This is a lot of analysis to accomplish by hand right? Don't get worried. There is an analysis tool called Market Samurai that will do this painful
research for you personally.

All blog posts needs to consist of:

*Proper header tags which include h1, h2, and h3 tags on each and every post

*Set alt tags for all pictures

*It's vital that you include rel="nofollow" to all external hyperlinks on your website

*Link to a minumum of one other page on your website inside each post

*Have a keyword density of 1-5%

*Have your key phrase in the 1st and final sentence of your article

*Decorate your keywords with different font decorations

Does all this information overwhelm you? Don't worry. There's a Word press plugin called Seo Pressor which will help to make all this work far more
easy to accomplish. It really can make seo enjoyable. Do not even think of blogging and site-building without this tool.

Accomplishing top seo ranks takes a great deal of time and effort. It is not an easy process and do not let anybody trick you into thinking that it really
is. On the other hand, if you partner with the suitable search engine optimization leaders that will teach you how you can do it the proper way from the
start, then the procedure will become easy and achieving top search engine optimization ranks rapidly is realistic.

If you'd like to dominate the search engine rankings then you need to have patience, give search engine optimization plenty of time which it deserves,
and set realistic expectations. If you follow these methods you'll dominate the major search engines in no time.
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If you wish to achieve top search engine rankings then you need to give it the appropriate time and patience which it warrants. If you want to
accelerate the process and learn seo the correct way from search engine optimization professionals check out top search engine optimization
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