Search Engine Optimization And Placement

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					                     Search Engine Optimization
                           And Placement

What is Search Engine Optimization Placement?

The function of the search engines is to accurately provide an answer to someone
searching for something on the web. As more and more people research on the
web, your web presence MUST be an integral part of your marketing strategy. But,
if you are not ranked on top of major search engines you are not present on the

•   Search Engine Optimization is a technique to rank your web site very high on
    top of Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines by using the most targeted
    keywords describing the content of your web pages.
•   Search Engine Placement is the process to rank your domain name on major
    search engines each time a visitor search for a specific keyword on the web.

Search Engine Optimization Placement Solution

The solution is to research the top web sites in your market and to profile them.
After you select your targeted keywords, or search your competitors to find the
relevant keywords they use, you come up with the requirements to be posted on
major search engines. All you need to do is to better integrate these keywords in
your web site using SEO techniques to perform your ranking on Google, Yahoo, and
MSN (The leading SE). SEO techniques enable you to achieve this goal. Search
Engine Placement is a methodology, which includes tools to optimize and improve
your web presence and placement on Google, Yahoo and MSN. Achieving better
keywords ranking is a TRUE commitment if you want succeed on the web..

Search Engines Optimization Placement Approach

Search engines use algorithms to determine your ranking. This involves the
architecture of your site, the readability of your web content, and your linking
strategy. The way you rank on Google, Yahoo, and MSN is based on how best you
sync these factors altogether compared to other web sites. Then, you MUST focus on
three major factors in order to better rank your web site on major search engines:

1. Web site architecture: The right Titles, Description, and Keywords Tags for every
   web page of your site enable your site to be well identified by Spiders
2. Web site unique content: Rich content including relevant keywords enhances your
   savoir-faire in your domain, and Bots recognize you as an expert in your field
3. Web linking strategy: Internal and external links develops your web popularity,
   and the number of quality links to your web site impact on ranking.

Search Engines Optimization Placement Process

Search engine optimization is not a secret or a bizarre alchemy. But, it is a strict and
step-by-step methodology. Spiders or Bots consider the web design, web content,
and web architecture when indexing your web pages. If everything syncs perfectly
you may rank very high on Yahoo, Google, and MSN search engines.
You must:

1.   Define the relevant keywords related to your activity that drive high traffic
2.   Identify the top-10 web sites ranked by these keywords by Search Engines
3.   Measure the top-10 web sites by providing keywords density pages analysis
4.   Monitor DMOZ open directory for each relevant keyword part of your strategy
5.   Analyze your web pages construction in terms of Meta Tags (Title, Description,
     Keyword, keywords, Alt Images…)
6.   Analyze your web pages content information in terms of Headings information,
     keywords in body part, and readability of your content
7.   Check the configuration of the web server for issues that create problems for SE
8.   Refine the Meta, and build rich content including targeted keywords before
     resubmitting these pages to Search Engines
9.   Monitor your ranking on a weekly basis or monthly basis

Applying Six Sigma methodology to ensure that each step is accomplished accurately
is one way to proceed. The use of Six Sigma tools can help you raise your future
success in SEO. Search Engine placement is not just technical, nor only content, nor
simply linking strategy, nor just search engine submission, but a complex mix of all
of these components. However, it is difficult to reach your goal without the
implementation of a proven methodology

Benefits Of Search Engines Optimization

Search engines placement is both an Art and a Science of promoting web sites on
the web. It is a science (technical) and an Art (design). The benefits of Search
Engine Optimization will increase your web presence on major search engines.
Success in SEO brings more web visitors, more leads, then more sales and revenue.

Search engines optimization is the right decision for an organization that wants to
rank high on major search engines. It will make your web site visible on the
Internet. The success of SEO best practices is measured by the ranking of domain
name, traffic generation, lead conversion, and return visitors based on your
targeted keywords and search engines. The ultimate result of SEO is to make sure
your expertise is recognized AS-IS on the Internet. So, when people research the
web you appear as an expert in your domain.

Achieve High Result Search Engine Optimization

If you want to rank on top search engines few options are offered depending on the
resources allocated by your organization to the implementation of Search Engines
Optimization. The time to get result in search engine placement varies based on the
scope and the kind of work to be accomplished. In addition, search engine ranking is
not achieved for ever, but must be monitor every week or month according to
competition changes on the web.

Every web site has the potential to become well-recognized on the Internet. But,
you MUST apply precisely the web site marketing principles and work appropriately
on search engines placement. The web Internet marketing strategy MUST be
viewed as an integral part of the search engines optimization strategy.

Then, Search Engine training is just the next step. Learn how to fish and do not let
others fish for you. SEO training will enable you to support your own web site and
help you implement the six sigma methodology to achieve the best results by
reducing the cost of doing it. Our methodology help you select the right keywords,
measure your competitors, analyze your web site, and how best implement your
strategy and monitor your results to remain ranked on top of major search engines.