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Volume 94                  Number 22                  Lester Spell, Jr., D.V.M., Commissioner                                      Jackson, Mississippi                      November 15, 2005

Proposed Assistance For Mississippi Farmers And Forest Landowners
 Edited by Patrick Sullivan, MDAC         Commission (MFC), the Mississippi            * $30 million to fund the              tax credit.                              Assistance Program. Because of
                                          Forestry Association (MFA), the           Environmental Quality Incentives          • For dairy farmers, a request for       many compounding factors due to
   The following is a summary of the      Mississippi       Department        of    Program to assist in the control of       FEMA to reimburse dairy farmers          drought and hurricanes, lack of fall
Mississippi        Department        of   Agriculture and Commerce (MDAC),          invasive weed species (such as giant      who had power outages and were           grazing capacity and winter feed will
Agriculture and Commerce’s propos-        and additional input provided from        salvina, Chinese tallow tree,             required to use generators with          increase costs for many producers. If
al for assistance for 2005 agricultural   several specialty crop organizations.     cogongrass, privet hedge and              equivalent pay of up to one hundred      funded, the program will offer assis-
and forestry damages in Mississippi,      MDAC gratefully acknowledges those        Japanese climbing fern), which            gallons of diesel fuel per day while     tance in purchasing feed for eligible
written in cooperation with the enti-     who so willingly provided informa-        threaten to spread at rapid rates in      running generators. Additionally, for    producers in disaster counties.
ties mentioned below. The proposal        tion.                                     impacted areas.                           uninsured losses of dairy operations     • For beef and dairy farmers with
has been submitted to Governor               MDAC extends a special thanks to          * $750,000 annually to expand the      structures directly related to produc-   actual livestock losses, fund the
Haley Barbour and members of                                                        cogongrass landowner demonstra-                                                    Livestock Indemnity Program for
                                          James Cummins, Executive Director                                                   tion, farmers should be eligible for
Mississippi’s           Congressional                                               tion project, which provides chemi-                                                $500,000 for producers in disaster
                                          of the Mississippi Fish and Wildlife                                                50% of repair or replacement of this
Delegation.                                                                         cals to landowners for control of
                                          Foundation who testified before the                                                 infrastructure to an assistance level    counties to assist in the recovery of
   Recommendations were developed                                                   cogongrass on agricultural or forest
                                          Congressional subcommittee on                                                       not to exceed $250,000. $1.3 million     lost revenue due to animal mortality.
with input from the Mississippi Farm                                                lands.
                                          Forest and Forest Health. James has                                                 was requested for a Dairy Disaster       • For nursery growers, the enact-
Bureau Federation, various staff                                                       * $10 million to fund the Wildlife
                                          assimilated most of the figures and                                                 Assistance Payment Program to help       ment of legislation as part of an agri-
members of Mississippi State                                                        Habitat Incentives Program to
University, the Delta Council, the        information included in the forest                                                  recover revenues lost from dumped        cultural disaster package and ade-
                                          landowner portion of this proposal        restore lost habitat for endangered       or spoiled milk due to hurricanes in     quate program funding to cover loss-
Mississippi Nursery and Landscape                                                   species and game species.
Association, the Mississippi Poultry      and his recommendations on the                                                      2005. Also, a Dairy Market Loss          es in this industry. Wholesale nurs-
                                          implementation of this program are           * $50 million to fund the State Fire   Assistance Program ($13.6 million in     ery grower losses are estimated at
Association, USDA-Farm Service                                                      Assistance/Hazard           Mitigation
Agency       (FSA),     USDA-Natural      deeply appreciated.                                                                 Mississippi over 12 months to offset     $17-19 million.
                                          • For forest landowners, two of the       Program through the Mississippi           production related expenses) was           * The legislation, if enacted, would
Resources Conservation Service                                                      Forestry Commission.
(NRCS), the Mississippi Forestry          key elements of the Mississippi                                                     requested for producers in disaster      provide emergency relief to nursery
                                          Department of Agriculture and                * $10 million to fund the Volunteer    counties to assist with prolonged        growers suffering losses from
                                          Commerce’s forest recovery program        Fire Assistance Program to increase       production decreases and excessive       Hurricanes Dennis, Katrina, and
                                          include fair compensation for forest      funding for local volunteer fire                                                   Rita. Also, nursery producers in dis-
                                                                                                                              costs producers will incur over the
                                                                                    departments.                                                                       aster counties would be allowed to
                                          landowners and restoring softwood                                                   next twelve months attributed to
                                                                                       * $2 million to fund the                                                        seek eligibility in the Emergency
                                          and hardwood forest resources. A                                                    hurricane damage and related fac-
                                                                                    Cooperative Lands Forest Health                                                    Conservation Program for reim-
                                          variety of existing programs and sev-                                               tors.
                                                                                    Management Program to control for-                                                 bursement of costs associated with
                                          eral new programs have been pro-                                                    • For beef and dairy farmers with
                                                                                    est threatening insects.                                                           debris cleanup and removal.
                                          posed. The following is a brief                                                     grazing losses and feed shortages,
                                                                                       * $48 million to fund the Urban                                                         Continued on page 28
                                          overview.                                                                           $17 million to fund a Livestock
                                                                                    and Community Forestry Program to
                                             * $700 million to fund the
                                                                                    reestablish trees and restore quality
                                          Emergency Forest Restoration              of life on the Gulf Coast.
                                          Assistance Program, which provides           * $4 million to fund forest invento-
                                          landowners who experience 35%             ry and analysis to accurately deter-
                                          merchantable timber loss to recover       mine hurricane impacts.
                                          60% of value lost (capped at                 * $5 million to fund the Economic
                                          $250,000). Under the MDAC propos-         Action Program to assist loggers with
                                          al, landowners would immediately be       fuel and housing.
                                          paid half of compensation due. The           * Salvage Income Tax Exemption –
                                          remaining payment would be                exempt income derived from salvage
                                          received following completion of          cuts in affected counties (up to $2.5
                                          terms in the written reforestation        million per landowner) from federal
                                          plan prepared by a registered forester.   income tax. Limit capital gain to 5-
                                          Reforestation must be completed by        10% of the value of salvaged timber.
                                          March 31, 2010, on hurricane-dam-         Landowners can avoid taxes on sal-
                                          aged lands.                               vage income by reinvesting in quali-
                                             * $141 million to fund reforesta-      fied replacement property, including
                                          tion programs (Healthy Forests            reforestation costs, purchase of tim-
                                          Reserve Program, Partners for Fish        berland, or purchase of 80% control-
                                          and Wildlife Program, Landowner           ling stock in timber-related industry.
                                          Incentives Program, Forest Land              * Casualty Loss Reform – Casualty
                                          Enhancement/Stewardship Program,          loss should be the value of the timber    Mike Johanns, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, recently visited
                                          and the Emergency Restoration Tax         prior to the natural disaster, less the   Mississippi to assess agricultural damage from Hurricane Katrina. While tour-
                                          Credit Program). These programs, if       amount salvaged.                          ing the devastated area, Secretary Johanns met with farmers and state agricul-
                                          funded as proposed, will result in a         * Emergency Restoration Tax            ture officials. Pictured, from left, Joe Frank Sanderson of Sanderson Farms;
                                          total reforestation effort of 600,000     Credit – provide reforestation incen-     Lester Spell, Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce; Mike Johanns; and
                                          acres.                                    tive in the form of a federal income      David Waide, President of Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation.

November 15, 2005                                                            MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                          Page 1
                                                                                                              SUGAR ‘N’ SPICE CRANBERRIES
               From Our                                                                        3 (12 ounce) packages fresh or frozen cranberries
                                                                                               3 ½ cups sugar
                                                                                               1 ½ cups water

           Kitchen To Yours                                                                    ½ cup cider vinegar
                                                                                               1 ½ teaspoons ground cinnamon
                                                                                               ¾ teaspoon ground allspice or cloves

                                                                                               In a Dutch oven, combine all the ingredients. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat; simmer
                          DEEP-FRIED TURKEY                                                    uncovered for 35-40 minutes or until the cranberries pop and mixture is thickened.
                                                                                               Cover and refrigerate until chilled.
  1 (10-pound) turkey
  2 tablespoons House seasoning (recipe follows)                                               Source: Southern Living.com
  2 tablespoons of your favorite dry rub
  3-5 gallons peanut oil
  Cook’s Note: To measure the amount of oil needed to fry the turkey, place turkey in                                     PUMPKIN COBBLER
  fryer, add water to top of turkey, remove the turkey and the water line will indicate how
  much oil will be needed to fry your turkey. Having too much oil can cause a fire. The        1 29 ounce can of pumpkin
  pot should not be more that ¾ full or the oil could overflow when the turkey is added.       6 eggs at room temperature
                                                                                               2 cans of sweetened condensed milk
  Wash bird inside and out, and allow it to drain. Rub turkey all over with House              1 package of spice cake mix
  Seasoning. Coat turkey with dry rub and allow it to sit until it reaches room tempera-       1 cup chopped pecans
  ture. Heat peanut oil in a turkey fryer or a very, very large stockpot to 350 degrees F.     2 sticks of butter
  Lower turkey into hot oil, making sure it is fully submerged. Fry turkey for 3 minutes       1 cup brown sugar
  per pound, plus 5 minutes per bird. Remove turkey from oil and drain on paper towels.
                                                                                               Mix together pumpkin, eggs, brown sugar, cake mix, ½ of the pecans and 1 can of sweet-
  House Seasoning:                                                                             ened condensed milk. Melt 1 stick of butter in a 9 x 13 pan. Make sure the pan is fully
  1 cup salt                                                                                   coated with the butter. Pour the first mixture into the pan and bake for 40-60 minutes
  ¼ cup black pepper                                                                           in a 350-degree F. oven. Melt the remaining stick of butter, and add the rest of the pecans
  ¼ cup garlic powder                                                                          and other can of sweetened condensed milk. Mix thoroughly. Pour this mixture over the
  Mix ingredients together and store in an airtight container for up to 6 months.              top of the cobbler once it has been removed from the oven. Serve warm. Top with
                                                                                               whipped cream or ice cream.
  Source: Paula Deen, Food Network.com
                                                                                               Source: Southern Living.com
                          FANCY GREEN BEANS
  2 tablespoons teriyaki sauce                                                                                       LEFTOVER STORAGE TIPS
  1 tablespoon honey
  1 tablespoon butter                                                                          Storage Know-How: Leftover turkey meat should be removed from the carcass, wrapped
  1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice                                                               tightly and refrigerated for no more than 3 to 4 days. For longer storage chop the turkey
  1 ½ pounds fresh green beans                                                                 and freeze in 2-cup portions. Thaw as needed for use in salads, casseroles and soups dur-
  2 slices bacon                                                                               ing the holiday season or anytime. Leftover stuffing, potatoes and cranberries can be
  ½ cup red bell pepper strips                                                                 stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.
  ½ cup thin onion wedges
  ½ cup whole cashews                                                                          Safe Food Handling: When reheating leftovers, be sure to heat foods such as stuffing,
                                                                                               potatoes and casseroles to an internal temperature of 165 degrees F.
  In a small bowl, stir together the teriyaki sauce, honey and butter. Fill another bowl
  with cold water and ice cubes. Bring a large pot of water to a boil and add the lemon
  juice. Drop in the beans and cook for 4 to 5 minutes, or until beans are bright green.                             LEFTOVER USAGE IDEAS
  Drain the beans in a colander and then plunge them into the iced water. Drain the beans
  again and set them aside. In a skillet, cook the bacon until very crispy, crumble and set    Stir cubed cooked turkey into canned minestrone or vegetable soup, chili and casseroles.
  aside. Sauté the bell pepper and onion in the hot bacon fat for 2 minutes. Add the beans,
  cashews and bacon to the skillet. Add the teriyaki-honey sauce and toss gently.              Turkey Caesar Salad: Toss together cooked turkey, salad greens and Caesar dressing.
                                                                                               Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese
  Source: Paula Deen, Food Network.com
                                                                                               Turkey Wrap: Spread a flour tortilla with salad dressing or mayonnaise. Fill with turkey
                                                                                               slices, stuffing and top with cranberry sauce and wrap it.
                          SWEET POTATO BAKE
                                                                                               Turkey Grilled Cheese: Add turkey slices and honey mustard to your next grilled sand-
  3 pounds sweet potatoes                                                                      wich
  1 cup brown sugar
  1 ½ tablespoons cornstarch                                                                   Source: Kraft Foods
  ¼ teaspoon salt
  1/8 teaspoon cinnamon
  1 cup apricot nectar
  ½ cup hot water
  2 tablespoons grated orange peel
  2 tablespoons butter
  ½ cup chopped nuts

  Peel sweet potatoes. Cook in boiling, salted water until tender but not mushy. Drain
  and cool. Combine the sugar, cornstarch, salt and cinnamon in a medium saucepan.
  Stir in the apricot nectar, hot water and orange peel. Bring to a full boil, stirring con-
  stantly. Remove from heat and stir in butter. Cool slightly; stir in nuts. Cut sweet pota-
  toes in half and place them in a 7 ½ x 12-inch casserole. Pour sauce over potatoes so all
  are glazed. If you wish, refrigerate overnight, covered. Bake uncovered, in 375-degree
  oven for 25 minutes or until sauce is bubbling. Makes 10 to 12 servings.

  Source: Vardaman Sweet Potato Recipe Collection

Page 2                                                               MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                  November 15, 2005
                CHOOSE & CUT
      To be published in the Nov. 15th, Dec. 1st & Dec. 15th issues.
     For Mississippi Residents Only. In order to advertise, you must
            be a subscriber to the Mississippi Market Bulletin.
                                                                Prices: N/A                                                        Ph: 601-845-0433
                   ALCORN COUNTY                                Hours: 8:00 a.m. until dark                                        Variety of Trees: Leyland Cypress, Virginia Pines
Pine Mountain Tree Farm                                         Dates of Availability: Nov. 24 - Dec. 18, 2005.                    Prices: $3-$5 per ft.
43 Waukomis Lake Road                                                                                                              Hours: 8:00 a.m. until dark
Corinth, MS 38834                                                                 LOWNDES COUNTY                                   Dates of Availability: Thanksgiving until.
Ph: 662-284-9183
Variety of Trees: White Pine, Leyland Cypress, Virginia Pine    Swedenburg Christmas Tree Farm
Prices: $25-$60 (9-12 ft.)                                      979 South Lehmberg Road                                                            OKTIBBEHA COUNTY
Hours: Weekdays 3:00 p.m. until dark; Sat. 9:00 a.m. until      Columbus, MS 39702                                                 Johnny Gentry
dark; Sun. 1:00 p.m. until dark.                                Ph: 662-328-9140                                                   1789 Penn Station Road
Dates of Availability: Thanksgiving thru December 18, 2005.     Variety of Trees: Virginia Pine, Leyland Cypress                   Crawford, MS 39743
                                                                Prices: $30-$100 depending on height                               Ph: 662-272-5817
                                                                Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. & Sun. 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.
                   GEORGE COUNTY                                Dates of Availability: Nov. 26 - Dec. 17, 2005.
                                                                                                                                   Email: johnggentry@yahoo.com
                                                                                                                                   Variety of Trees: Red Cedar
“Gibson” Christmas Tree Farm
                                                                                                                                   Prices: $10-$20
2137 Basin Central Road                                                           NEWTON COUNTY
Lucedale, MS 39452                                                                                                                 Hours: 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Ph: 601-947-8348                                                Lazy Acres Plantation, LLC                                         Dates of Availability: Nov. 15 - Dec. 24, 2005.
Variety of Trees: Red Cedar, Deoder Cedar, Leyland Cypress      596 Lazy Acres Road
                                                                Chunky, MS 39323                                                   Longview Christmas Tree Farm
Prices: $12-$40
                                                                Ph: 601-655-8264                                                   2092 Old Hwy. 12
Hours: Tue.-Sat. 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. & Sun. 1:00-4:00 p.m.
                                                                Email: lazyacresfarm@hotmail.com                                   Starkville, MS 39760
Dates of Availability: Nov. 1 - Dec. 23, 2005.
                                                                Website: www.lazy-acres.com                                        Ph: 662-323-0719
                                                                Variety of Trees: Leyland Cypress, Virginia Pine, Carolina         Email: jkran@pss.msstate.edu
                    HINDS COUNTY                                Sapphire.                                                          Variety of Trees: Leyland Cypress, Fraser Fir
Kazery Tree Farm                                                Prices: N/A                                                        Prices: $5 per ft.
1470 South McRaven Road                                         Hours: Mon.-Sat., 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. & Sun. 1:00-5:00 p.m.       Hours: Mon.-Fri., 3:30-5:00 p.m.; Sat. 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.;
Jackson, MS 39209                                               Dates of Availability: Thanksgiving Day at 1:00 p.m. thru          Sun. 1:00-5:00 p.m.
Ph: 601-922-6767                                                Dec. 18, 2005.                                                     Dates of Availability: November 25 - Dec. 20, 2005
Variety of Trees: Leyland Cypress, Carolina Sapphire
Prices: $5-$6 per ft.                                           Bunty’s Christmas Trees
                                                                1186 Newton Conehatta Road                                                        PEARL RIVER COUNTY
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 3:00-5:00 p.m.; Sat. 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.;
Sun. Noon-5:00 p.m.                                             Newton, MS 39345                                                   The Children’s Christmas Tree Forest
Dates of Availability: Nov. 25 - Dec. 17, 2005.                 Ph: 601-683-6264                                                   177 Wind-N-Oaks Road
                                                                Variety of Trees: Leyland Cypress, Arizona Cypress                 Carriere, MS 39426
Springdale Hills                                                Prices: $30-$75 (7’-12’)                                           Ph: 1-601-798-9388
2116 North Springdale Road                                      Hours: 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. daily                                  Email: al1lo2@datastar.net
Jackson, MS 39209                                               Dates of Availability: Nov. 24 - Dec. 17, 2005.
                                                                                                                                   Variety of Trees: Leyland Cypress, Red Cedar, Virginia Pines,
Ph: 601-366-4679                                                                                                                   Blue Ice, Sapphire.
Variety of Trees: Red Cedar, Spruce Pine, Virginia Pines                           RANKIN COUNTY                                   Prices: Virginia Pines $5 per ft. + tax; All others are $6 per
Prices: $4 per ft.                                              Santa’s Choice                                                     ft. + tax.
Hours: Mon.-Sat. 9:00 a.m. until dark & Sun. 1:00 p.m.          355 Hwy. 469 North                                                 Hours: 9:00 a.m. until dark
until dark                                                      Florence, MS 39073                                                 Dates of Availability: Nov. 25 - Dec. 23, 2005.
Dates of Availability: Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve.

                    LEAKE COUNTY
Rosebud Christmas Trees
                                                                                      CHOOSE & CUT CHRISTMAS
5819 Gunter Road
Walnut Grove, MS 39189
                                                                                    TREE FARMS SUBMISSION FORM
Ph: 601-253-2285                                                        Use this handy form to list your chrismtas tree farm and return it before the deadline
Variety of Trees: Arizona Cypress, Blue Ice, Burkii Cedar,                                 Monday, November 14, 2005, 12:00 Noon.
Eastern Red Cedar, Leyland Cypress & Virginia Pine.
Prices: $2-$6 per ft. depending on grade.
Hours: 10:00 a.m. until dark, Mon.-Sat. & 1:00 p.m. until        YOUR NAME OR NAME OF FARM
dark on Sun.
Dates of Availability: Thanksgiving Day - Sun. Dec. 15, 2005.    ADDRESS

Lofton’s Christmas Trees                                         CITY                                                ZIP CODE                  COUNTY
1732 Hwy. 35 South
Carthage, MS 39051                                               TELEPHONE NUMBER                                               EMAIL
Ph: 601-267-4306
Variety of Trees: Leyland Cypress                                HOURS OF OPERATION
Prices: $4 per ft.
Hours: Mon.-Sat. 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. & Sun. 1:00-5:00 p.m.       SPECIES OF TREES
Dates of Availability: Nov. 24 - Dec. 19, 2005.
                                                                 PRICE PER TREE
                  LINCOLN COUNTY                                 DATES OF AVAILABILITY (FROM-TO)
Promise Land Farm
111 Overpass Trail                                                         (YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RESUBMIT YOUR AD, IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY RUN IN THE NEXT ISSUE).
Bogue Chitto, MS 39629                                                  SEND YOUR ADS TO: MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN • P.O. BOX 1118 • JACKSON, MS 39215-1118
Ph: 601-734-6873                                                                     EMAIL: MARKETBULLETIN@MDAC.STATE.MS.US • FAX (601) 359-1260
Variety of Trees: Leyland Cypress

November 15, 2005                                                   MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                        Page 3
                                                                                                                                    Rankin Co., 39 acres, partially wooded,      Noxubee Co., 108 acres, new 5-strand
                                                                                        FARM PROPERTY
 Here To Serve You!                                                                     All farm land must be sold by the actual
                                                                                        owners of farms. “Farm Land For Sale,”
                                                                                        “Farm Land For Rent or Lease” and
                                                                                                                                    gently sloping, pond, fronting highway,
                                                                                                                                    $6,000 per acre, will sell half, great for
                                                                                                                                    families or developers. Brandon, 601-
                                                                                                                                                                                 fence, 2- ponds, good grass, 4-lane
                                                                                                                                                                                 hwy., railroad track on the back, $1,500
                                                                                                                                                                                 per acre. Crawford, 662-272-8681.

                                                                                                                                                                                 Lawrence Co., 45 acres, 20 acres in
Mississippi Department of Agriculture & Commerce                                        “Standing Timber For Sale” must
                                                                                        consist of ten (10) acres or more!          Webster Co., 260 acres, Center               established Bermuda, rest in planted
             121 North Jefferson St.                                                    In order to advertise under this catego-    Community, on Center Road, paved             pines & old hardwood, ranch style
                                                                                        ry, you the owner will have to submit a     frontage on 2 sides, 10 yr. old natural      home, great for small farm, $200,000.
               Jackson, MS 39201                                                        statement/signature of ownership with       regeneration timberland, rolling hills,      Monticello, 601-587-9436.
                                                                                        the ad to include the term:                 $1,450 per acre. Kosciusko, 662-290-
                                                                                        “For Sale By Owner.”                                                                     Winston Co., 40 acres, 3 bdrm. 2 full
                           OFFICE HOURS:                                                Out-of-state residents owning farm
                                                                                                                                                                                 bath brick house, den w/fireplace, 1/4
                             Monday-Friday                                              property within Mississippi that is         Monroe Co., 142 acres, 7 acre lake,          mi. frontage on Hwy. 397, fenced &
                           8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.                                          being offered for sale, are allowed to      90% open in Aberdeen, borders streets        cross-fenced hay land & pasture,
                                                                                        advertise in this category.                 East & West, will finance 75% at             $150,000. Ackerman, 662-285-6993.
                                                                                        REAL-ESTATE BUSINESSES, LAND                prime, $1,100 per acre or cash.
                       For information contact:                                         BROKERS OR ANY PERSON SELL-                 Aberdeen, 662-369-2681.                      Clay Co., 151 acres, near Starkville,
                                                                                        ING LAND ON COMMISSION BASIS                                                             recreation property, some timber, exc.
                                                                                        ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO ADVERTISE!              Lauderdale Co., 40 acres, 20 acres 10        hunting for deer, turkey & squirrels,
     Commissioner’s Office                       Livestock Market News                                                              yr. old natural growth, 20 acres             $1,750 per acre. Starkville, 662-320-
        (601) 359-1100                               (601) 359-1120                        FARM LAND FOR SALE                       includes 4 bdrm. 2 bath house,               4441.
                                                                                                                                    19 mobile home lots, 1- 14x80 mobile
             Coliseum                                                                                                               home, $375,000. Collinsville, 601-737-       Oktibbeha Co., 52 acres, 5 mi. from
                                                 Make Mine Mississippi                 Scott Co., 31 acres open land, fenced,                                                    MSU, on Hwy. 82, w/16’ x 80’ mobile
          (601) 961-4000                                                                                                            5263.
                                                    (601) 359-1118                     3 bdrm. farmhouse, barn, 2 fish ponds,                                                    home, $170,000. Magee, 601-259-2068.
                                                                                       near schools, church & store, 3 mi.
            Ag Museum                                                                                                               Simpson Co., 88 acres, breeder hen
                                                  Market Development                   north of Lake, MS, $140,000. Brandon,                                                     Simpson Co., 410 acres land & timber,
                                                                                                                                    farm w/2- 40’ x 350’ houses & 1- 40’ x
          (601) 713-3365                                                               601-825-1746.
                                                                                                                                    500’ house, 2- homes in Shivers, MS,         Sec 20-21, T10N, R18W, $1,600 per
                                                    (601) 359-1159                                                                                                               acre. Crystal Springs, 601-892-9027.
                                                                                                                                    $625,000. Mendenhall, 601-847-5018.
   Agricultural Theft Bureau                                                           Pontotoc Co., 21 acres, comm. water,
        1-800-678-2660                               Meat Inspection                   fenced, some timber, beautiful building      Humphreys Co., 100 acres, duck/dove
                                                                                                                                                                                 Smith Co., 40 acres w/16 yr. old
                                                     (601) 359-1191                    sites, South Pontotoc School District,                                                    Longleaf & Loblolly pines, $2,300 per
                                                                                                                                    hunting & fishing, 6- impoundments
           Aquaculture                                                                 8 mi. south of Pontotoc, reduced to                                                       acre; Covington Co., 181 acres, exc.
                                                                                                                                    w/well, fishing pond, dove field, wood-
          (601) 359-1102                                                               sale, $1,800 per acre. Pontotoc, 662-                                                     hunting/fishing land, plenty of
                                              Mississippi Market Bulletin                                                           ed slough, water/electricity, close to
                                                                                                                                                                                 deer/turkey, $1,900/acre. Taylorsville,
                                                                                       542-8759.                                    Sky Lake, $1,500/acre, owner financ-
                                                    (601) 359-1155                                                                                                               601-785-4498.
     Board of Animal Health                                                                                                         ing. Brandon, 601-540-5783.
                                                                                       Copiah Co., 30 acres, located 3 mi.
         (601) 359-1170                           MS Farmers’ Market                   south of West Lincoln School, $1,200                                                      Smith Co., 24 acres, hwy. frontage, city
                                                                                                                                    Newton Co., 175 acres, 3/4 mi. from
                                                                                       per acre. Crystal Springs, 601-765-                                                       water, sewer & natural gas, live stream,
    Bureau of Plant Industry                        (601) 953-2445                                                                  I-20 frontage near Exit 109, big deer,
                                                                                                                                                                                 several good house sites, $2,800 per
                                                                                       4881.                                        pines, hardwood & pasture, pond,
        (662) 325-3390                                                                                                                                                           acre. Raleigh, 601-782-4494.
                                                   Regulatory Services                                                              $2,500/yr. CRP income, $1,450 per acre
                                                                                       Pike Co., 40 acres, 10 yr. old breeder       OBO. Brandon, 601-955-1309.
      Consumer Protection                            (601) 359-1111                    houses in exc. cond., includes JD 2640                                                    Hinds Co., 49 acres, development
                                                                                       tractor w/JD 540 loader, 6’ box blade,                                                    potential, 4/3.4 custom built home,
        (601) 359-1148                                                                                                              Rankin Co., 32 acres, 2 mi. north of
                                                                                       1996 INT 22’ spreader truck, $525,000.                                                    7,000 sq. ft. (4,415 heated space), safe
                                                   Petroleum Division                                                               Puckett, $4,750 per acre. Mendenhall,        room, 32x86 barn/shop, gazebo,
       Fruits & Vegetables                                                             McComb, 601-684-9628.                        601-825-4909.
                                                     (601) 359-1101                                                                                                              boathouse, 2 stocked lakes, $875,000.
         (601) 359-1138                                                                                                                                                          Raymond, 601-373-7841.
                                                                                       Pontotoc Co., 15 acres, small pond, lots     SW. Hinds Co., 253 +/- acres, has CRP
        International Trade                       Weights & Measures                   of shade, beautiful house site, 877’         land, approx. 8 acre lake, mixed timber,
                                                                                       paved road frontage, near Hwy. 78,                                                        George Co., 78 acres, mixed hard-
          (601) 359-1158                            (601) 359-1149                                                                  exc. hunting, $1,925 per acre. Port          woods/pines, dirt road frontage, elec-
                                                                                       minutes from Tupelo, Level 5 School          Gibson, 601-437-4012.
                                                                                       District, $100,000. Pontotoc, 1-662-                                                      tricity     available,      $160,000.
   Keep Mississippi Beautiful                            Operator                      489-6059.                                                                                 Waynesboro, 601-735-5016 after 6 p.m.
                                                                                                                                    Harrison Co., 36 acres, 3 bdrm. 2 bath
        (601) 359-1150                                (601) 359-1100                                                                brick house, 4 mi. north of D’Iberville’s
                                                                                       Grenada Co., 12.7 acres, 10 acres open,                                                   Wayne Co., 74 acres, timber, pasture &
                                                                                                                                    Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, adj. to new Hwy. 67,       farm land, located on Strengthford-
                                                                                       creek, paved road, city water, 3/10 mi.
                        Visit us at:                                                   road frontage, $62,000. Grenada Co.,
                                                                                                                                    $500,000. Ocean Springs, 228-872-
                                                                                                                                                                                 Cooley Road, good hunting/fishing,
                                                                                                                                                                                 could be subdivide, $300,000 OBO.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Grand Bay, AL, 251-422-2038.
                    www.mdac.state.ms.us                                               Simpson Co., 40 acres w/old barn,
                                                                                       fenced, part pasture, mostly timber,
                                                                                                                                    Webster Co., 25 acres on Center Road,
                                                                                                                                    8 acres open, rest in young timber,          Yazoo Co., 150 acres, south of Yazoo
                                                                                                                                    good home site & good hunting,               City, deer everywhere, great road sys-
                                                                                       ideal for large lake, lots of wildlife, 30   $30,000. Eupora, 662-258-8332.               tem, awesome lake site, paved road
          MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                  mi. south of Jackson, $175,000.
                                                                                       Braxton, 601-847-5575.                       Lowndes Co., 237 acres, 4 mi. north of
                                                                                                                                                                                 access, utilities available, convenient
                                (USPS 354-340)                                                                                                                                   property, $1,365 per acre. Flowood,
                                                                                                                                    Columbus, Hwy. 45 (road frontage),           601-540-6275.
     Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce                                Holmes Co., 110 acres, 1,615 sq. ft.         close to Columbus Air Base, $1,300 per
                    121 NORTH JEFFERSON STREET                                         brick house, 5 acre lake, 1/2 mi.            acre OBO. Shuqualak, 601-677-3765.           Hinds Co., 42 acres cattle farm, fenced,
                           JACKSON, MS 39201                                           frontage on paved road, close access to                                                   borders Clinton City Limits, an exc.
                              P. O. Box 1118                                           I-55, $350,000. West, 662-967-2461.          Pike Co., 95 acres, 2 houses, barns,         investment for future development in
                     Jackson, Mississippi 39215-1118                                                                                open, timber, live creek, near I-55/24,      fast growing area, $4,000 per acre.
                          Phone: (601) 359-1155                                        Calhoun Co., 53 acres timberland,            can be rezoned, investment, $395,000.        Jackson, 601-941-6100.
                            Fax: (601) 359-1260                                        w/16’ x 80’ mobile home, electricity,        McComb, 601-657-4729.
                  Email: MarketBulletin@mdac.state.ms.us                               telephone service, comm. water, good                                                      Covington Co., 54 1/2 acres, pasture,
    Periodical postage paid at Jackson, Mississippi, and at additional mailing         area for hunting deer/turkey, $800 per       Holmes Co., 237 acres, fenced, hwy.          wooded, pond, 3 bdrm. 3 bath home
office.                                                                                acre. Pittsboro, 662-568-2038.               frontage, ponds, timber, pasture,            w/pool, double wide mobile home,
    Presented as a service feature by this Department as authorized by Law,                                                         deer/turkey, homeplace, 1 hr. from           20’ x 30’ shed, MF tractor, 8- imple-
Subscriptions are $10.00 per year to bona fide residents of Mississippi, however       Copiah Co., 101 acres, 70 acres timber,      Jackson, $1,900 per acre. Leland, 662-       ments, $350,000. Mt. Olive, 601-797-
advertisers must be actually engaged in farm or agricultural pursuits. Dealers,        31 acres pasture, no road frontage, lots     378-9219.                                    9843.
buyers, sellers and business persons engaged in trade cannot list items for sale.      of deer, turkey & squirrels, food plots,
    All matters dealing with the purpose of this publication should be addressed       shooting houses, $1,800 per acre.            Lafayette Co., 12.6 secluded acres at        Rankin Co., 10 acres, 10 mi. west down
to Claude Nash, Editor. All matters of policy and subjects not dealing with the        Ponchatoula, LA, 504-812-0019.               Harmontown, north side of Sardis             White Road, w/1- trailer (7 yrs. old)
publication should be addressed to the Commissioner.                                                                                Lake, $12,000. Batesville, 662-561-          3 bdrm. 2 bath & 1- trailer/house
                                                                                       Itawamba Co., 40 acres, 12-20+ yr. old       0697.                                        2 bdrm. 2 bath, $170,000. Florence,
    In offering this public service to bona fide residents of Mississippi, we cannot
                                                                                       mixed timber, paved road, abundant                                                        601-845-7586.
verify the contents of each notice. Therefore, the availability of these pages for
                                                                                       wildlife, 3 mi. from Tombigbee & Tenn.       Copiah Co., 80 acres, near Hazlehurst,
listings of farmlands and related personal property constitutes no warranty on
                                                                                       Tom boat ramps, $2,200 per acre.             1 yr. old planted pines on hills, mature     Smith Co., 45 acres, 4- 40’ x 500’ clear
our part of any statement made by parties to such proposed transactions.
                                                                                       Nettleton, 662-213-0237.                     hardwoods in bottoms along stream            span poultry houses under contract,
    The Market Bulletin assumes no responsibility for any notice appearing in
the Bulletin nor for any transaction resulting from published notices.                                                              w/beautiful waterfall, paved road            nice 3/2 mobile home, large barn, half
                                                                                       Webster Co., 153 acres, established          frontage, great hunting, $118,000.           pasture, borders creek, good hunting,
    Advertisers are cautioned that it is against the law to misrepresent any prod-
                                                                                       interior roads, food plots, exc.             Lucedale, 601-766-1055.                      fenced, $150,000. Raleigh, 601-789-
uct offered for sale in public notice or advertisement carried in any publication
                                                                                       deer/turkey hunting, gravel road                                                          5176.
that is delivered.
                                                                                       frontage, north of Eupora Airport,           Franklin Co., 20 acres timberland,
    “POSTMASTER, Send address changes to MISSISSIPPI MARKET
                                                                                       $1,250 per acre. Winona, 662-283-            McCall Creek Community area,                 Copiah Co., 150 acres, wooded, 8 acre
BULLETIN, P.O. Box 1118, Jackson, MS 39215-1118 (DMM 455.2i)”
                                                                                       3319.                                        $35,000. Jackson, 601-941-3087.              lake, paved road, utilities, food plots,

Page 4                                                                           MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                              November 15, 2005
hunter & fishermen paradise, $2,500          NE. Attala Co., 23 acres, 18 acres in 12                                                  Bermuda horse hay, square bales $4           2005 crop, Alicia Bermuda horse, hay,
per acre. Byram, 601-372-5837.               yr. old pine plantation, road frontage,
                                             good deer habitat, 1.8 mi. off Natchez
                                                                                                FARM CROPS                             out of barn, rolls $25., fert., weed free.
                                                                                                                                       Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-825-9190.
                                                                                                                                                                                    fert., weed free, $3.50-$4., can load flat
                                                                                                                                                                                    trailers w/tractor, ask for details. Paul
Wayne Co., 14.8 acres, 2 yr. old pines,      Trace, $38,525. Starkville, 1-662-324-          AGRICULTURAL SEED                                                                      Arender, Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-
$30,000; Wayne Co., 15 +/- acres pas-        8306.                                                                                     Top quality Tifton & Alicia Coastal, well    825-2516.
                                                                                             In accordance with the MS Pure Seed
ture land, $45,000., or both for                                                           Law Section 69-3-11 (1) a farmer-grow-      fert., great deal at $3.25>20 bales or
$70,000., blacktop frontage, partially       Clay Co., 50 acres of land set out in         er in this state may sell vegetable,        $3.50<20 bales; $25 per round bale.          Highly fert. hay, 5 1/2 x 5 bales, cured
new fence. Waynesboro, 601-735-4433.         pines, nice pond, good hunting,               flower, tree and shrub seeds without a      Warren Co., Vicksburg, 601-638-8988.         w/o rain, $25/bale stored outside,
                                             w/shop, barn, older house, paved road,        permit. However, he is required to label                                                 $30/bale stored in barn, can load but
Yazoo Co., 984 acres, 701 acres culti-                                                     seed when sold and shipped away from        2005 crop, 4x5 rolls of Bahia & mixed        not equipped to haul. Calhoun Co.,
vated, remainder in pasture & timber,        great for investment, hunting camp,
                                             $110,000. Cedar Bluff, Montpelier, 662-       his premises. In order to properly label    grass hay, $18 per roll; Limited num-        Vardaman, 662-682-7378.
8 mi. west of I-55 at Pickens Exit, cur-                                                   seed, they MUST BE TESTED. A                ber of small square bales of Bahia
rently under lease, $3,000 per acre.         494-7038.                                     signed farmer/grower certificate MUST       grass, $2.75 each. Neshoba Co.,              4x5 rolls of Crab grass hay, well fert.,
Decatur, 601-635-2769.                                                                     accompany all seed listings. For certifi-   Philadelphia, 601-416-2222.                  $25 per roll; Square bales of Bahia
                                             Walthall Co., 175 acres prime pasture         cate forms Write: MS Market Bulletin,                                                    grass hay, $2.50 per bale. Forrest Co.,
Webster Co., (Mathiston) 48 acres, 12        land, 3- ponds, fenced/cross-fenced,          P.O. Box 1118, Jackson, MS 39215-1118.      4x5 round bales of grass hay, 2005 crop      Petal,      601-582-3016.       Email:
yr. old 3,000 sq. ft. 3 bdrm. 2 1/2 bath     steel   working     pen,    $350,000.         Only in-state residents are allowed to      in field, 125 bales at $10 each. Pike Co.,
                                                                                           advertise within this category.                                                          jplott39465@yahoo.com
home w/double carport, 2- fireplaces,        Columbia, 601-736-1696.                                                                   Osyka, 601-542-5635.
deck, fish pond, road frontage,                                                                                                                                                     007 Bermuda grass, top quality, highly
$400,000. Mathiston, 662-263-4300.           Tishomingo Co., 119 acres, 2- ponds,                  AGRICULTURAL                        “Horse Heaven” - 5x6 bales of                fert., 4x6 round bales, net tied, big
                                             cut-over timber, some timber, utilities               GRASS & SEEDS                       Bermuda, $40; Square bales of Bahia,         bales, $35; Square bales, $3.50 per bale;
Panola Co., 229 acres, north side Edin       available, good deer/turkey hunting,                                                      $3; Bahia/Rye mix, $2.50; Cow hay, $2.,      Alfalfa hay, $9.50 per bale. Lawrence
Lake, borders government mature oak          $750 per acre. Tishomingo, 662-438-                                                       highly fert., limed & sprayed. Walthall      Co., Monticello, 601-587-7146.
forest, $35,000 4 bdrm. 2 bath double        6639.                                        Sumrall 007 Hybrid Bermuda grass,            Co., Tylertown, 601-876-3925.
wide, live streams, deer/turkey, black-                                                   custom planting, $75/acre (10 acre                                                        Alfalfa horse hay, green & leafy, $11;
top road, $1,550/acre. Lexington, 662-                                                    minimum), sprigs at farm by bushel or        2005 crop, 400- 4x5 rolls of mixed
                                             Panola Co., 120 acres, Hwy. 310                                                                                                        Alicia Bermuda horse hay, exc. quality,
834-3989.                                                                                 pickup load, closed variety, registered      grass hay, fert. w/chicken litter, $12 per
                                             w/frontage, near Longtown, fenced, 2-                                                                                                  well fert., cured w/o rain, $4 per square
                                                                                          trademark. Gerald Sumrall, Lawrence          roll. Attala Co., Kosciusko, 662-289-        bale; Rolls $20. Simpson Co.,
Lauderdale Co., 21 acres of virgin tim-      ponds, $1,950 per acre; 38 acres, small      Co., Monticello, 601-587-7122.               3652.                                        Mendenhall, 601-847-3740.
ber, 4/3 log home, designer built, 3,000     brick house, 2- barns, 1- pond,
sq. ft. under roof w/900 sq. ft. of porch-   $140,000. Azle, TX, 817-773-1479.            Custom sprig Tifton 44, 85, 419, Alicia,     Excellent Bermuda hay in square bales,
es & decks, $350,000. Meridian, 601-         Website: www.board-horse.com/ms                                                                                                        Square bales of Tifton 44 Bermuda,
                                                                                          Dixie W.F., Jiggs, planted on 12” spac-      limed/fert., weed free, cured w/o rain,      heavy bales, highly fert., top quality
693-1110.                                                                                 ing, $65 & up per acre, Dixie W.F.           test reports available, $4; Bahia $3.50;     guaranteed, $4 per bale. Leflore Co.,
                                             Holmes Co., 135 acres, ducks & deer,         topped all varieties at MSU. Leake Co.,      Round bales $23 & $25. Newton Co.,
Carroll Co., 120 acres, 1/4 mi. road                                                                                                                                                Greenwood, 601-201-3718.
                                             cypress slough, 1/3 in soybeans, 1/3 in      Carthage, 601-267-4471.                      Newton, 601-683-3945.
frontage, prime deer/turkey hunting,         slough, 1/3 in 15 yr. old planted hard-
interior roads, shooting houses & food                                                                                                                                              Alicia Bermuda, exc. quality, cured w/o
                                             woods, borders hillside refuge,              Combine run Bahia grass seed, $1 per         2005 crop, Bahia grass hay, large round
plots, 14’ x 80’ mobile home, furnished,                                                                                                                                            rain, 4x5 rolls stored in barn, $36;
                                             $1,500/acre. Brandon, 601-946-3316.          lb. Greene Co., Richton, 601-989-2307.       bales $30; Square bales $3., all fert.,
$1,250 per acre. Carrollton, 662-237-                                                                                                                                               Square bales $3.75. Hinds Co., Utica,
                                                                                                                                       stored in barn, good horse hay. Hinds        601-885-8648.
4209.                                                                                     Pensacola Bahia grass seed, 2005 crop,       Co., Crystal Springs, 601-878-0052.
                                             Tate Co., 330 acres, mixed hardwood &
                                             pine, 60 acres crop land, deer/turkey,       clean & tested, exc. germination &
Lamar Co., 25 acres improved pasture,                                                                                                                                               Good quality, well fert., 4x5 round
                                             1 hr. from Memphis, 10 min. to Sardis        purity, 50 lb. sacks, $1.50 per lb. Jim      Fertilized large rolls of hay, $20 each or
4 bdrm. 2 bath 1,900 sq. ft. country                                                                                                                                                bales of Bahia/Bermuda, $20 per bale,
                                             Lake, $1,850 per acre. Senatobia, 662-       Stephens, Stephens Farms, Lawrence           $15 each if all are taken, will load.
home, 2 stocked ponds, net wire fenced                                                                                                                                              will load. Hinds Co., Terry, 601-878-
                                             562-8582.                                    Co., Silver Creek, 601-587-2526.             Itawamba Co., Mantachie, 662-282-
& cross-fenced, $155,000. Sumrall,                                                                                                                                                  5551.
601-943-6516.                                                                             Combine run wheat, bulk $8 per 100
                                             Hinds Co., 153 +/- acres, 8 yr. old pines,                                                                                             Square bales of hay: Bermuda $3.25;
                                                                                          lbs; Combine run wheat, oats & rye           Alicia Bermuda hay, top quality, highly
Leake Co., 40.25 acres, 24 yr. old limb      2 ponds, hunting/fishing, 3/4 mi. paved                                                                                                Bahia $2.75; Mixed grass $2.50; Round
                                                                                          grass seed mixed, bulk 15¢ per lb.           fert., $4 per square bale in barn. Stone
timber, well, telephone & electricity        frontage, comm. water system, near                                                                                                     bales of Bahia, $30. Calhoun Co., Water
                                                                                          Madison Co., Canton, 601-317-1014.           Co., Perkinston, 601-928-7407.
available, 1,767’ driveway, easy access      Raymond, $460,000. Raymond, 601-                                                                                                       Valley, 662-413-4175.
to Hwy. 25, $5,000 per acre. Puyallup,       857-5706.                                                                                 Highly limed/fert. Bahia & Coastal hay,
                                                                                          Pensacola Bahia grass seed, 2005 crop
WA, 1-253-677-5306.                                                                                                                    5 1/2’ x 5’ bales, cured w/o rain, stored    Alicia Bermuda horse hay, weed free,
                                                                                          year, 98% germination & good purity,
                                             Greene Co., 36 acres, mature timber &                                                     in barn, tight bales baled w/JD 566          cured w/o rain, under shed, 4x5 rolls,
Union Co., 210 acres, paved road                                                          recleaned in new sacks, $1.50 per lb.
                                             young timber, comm. water, good                                                           baler, $30 per bale. Lauderdale Co.,         will load, $18. Scott Co., Harperville,
frontage, all utilities, barn, plenty of                                                  Joe B. Thompson, Thompson Farms,
                                             deer/turkey hunting, $2,300 per acre.                                                     Toomsuba, 601-632-9364.                      601-625-7111.
springs, $210,000. Ripley, 662-837-                                                       Jefferson Davis Co., Bassfield, 601-943-
                                             State Line, 601-848-7704.                    5443.
1060.                                                                                                                                                                               2005 crop, 100- 5x5 bales of Bahia, $15
                                                                                                                                       Well fert. Bahia hay, 4x4 round bales,
                                                                                                                                       $12., will load for you. Lauderdale Co.,     per bale; 5x5 round bales of Bermuda,
Marion Co., 28.5 acres, running creek,       Neshoba Co., 50+ acres, 8 mi. North                           CORN                                                                     stored in barn, $30; Square bales,
deer/turkey, good neighborhood,              Hwy. 19 frontage, ponds, outbuildings,                                                    Collinsville, 601-917-1443.
                                                                                                                                                                                    $2.50-$3.50. Leake Co., Lena, 601-654-
$3,000 per acre. Foxworth, 601-736-          timber, electricity, comm. water & tele-                                                                                               3485.
2074.                                        phone, $140,000. Dekalb, 601-677-            Shelled corn, cleaned, $7.50 per 100#        6x6 bales of well fert. Bahia grass hay,
                                             2380.                                        in 50# sacks, $7 in your containers.         stored out of weather, $25 per bale.
                                                                                          Lamar Co., Sumrall, 601-408-3073.            Covington Co., Sumrall, 601-758-3917.        Heavy Vermeer baled Bahia grass, 5 x
Jasper Co., 120 acres cut-over, some                                                                                                                                                5 1/2 bales, $20 per bale. Jefferson
standing timber, exc. deer/turkey hunt-      Madison Co., 64 acres, Firetower Road,                                                                                                 Davis Co., Prentiss, 601-792-4882.
ing, Tallahala Creek runs full length of                                                  Yellow ear corn, $10 per 100 lbs. bulk,      Square bales of top quality Bermuda
                                             cut-over timberland, exc. hunting,           $160 per ton bulk, or bagged in 50 lbs.      horse hay, $4 per bale in barn.
80 acres, $1,200 per acre negotiable.        gravel road, electricity, $1,175 per acre.                                                                                             4x5 rolls of Bahia, fall crop, cured w/o
Louin, 601-789-5655.                                                                      $7. Hinds Co., Raymond, 601-857-             Itawamba Co., Mantachie, 662-282-
                                             Carthage, 601-267-3186.                      5592.                                        7467.                                        rain, stored in barn, $23. Walthall Co.,
                                                                                                                                                                                    Tylertown, 601-876-5745.
Rankin Co., 39 acres on Hwy. 43, 3 mi.
from Puckett, part cleared, w/pond,          Clarke Co., 31 acres, in Enterprise          Corn, cleaned, 50# bags, $4 per bag.         World Feeder Bermuda horse hay,
                                             School District, frontage on Hwy. 11,        Jefferson Davis Co., Prentiss, 601-792-      highly fert., high sugar content, high       Horse quality Sumrall 007 Bermuda
electricity & water, $6,000 per acre.
                                             south of Enterprise, will sell smaller       0325 nights/weekends.                        in protein & digestibility, cured w/o        hay, round bales $35., square bales
Mendenhall, 601-825-2346.
                                             acreage, $1,400 per acre. Meridian,                                                       rain, $4 per bale out of barn. LS Farms,     $3.50., all in barn; Mixed grass round
Leake Co., 40 acres timber, exc. hunt-       601-938-4483.                                Shelled corn, 55 gal. barrel $20.            Madison Co., Pickens, 662-468-3080.          bales, $20 in field. Monroe Co.,
ing, $2,500 per acre. George Nichols,                                                     Newton Co., Lawrence, 601-917-4978.                                                       Smithville, 662-315-0983.
Canton, 601-859-6558.                                                                                                                  Alicia Bermuda grass, square bales,
                                                     FARM LAND                             FRUITS, NUTS & BERRIES                      $3.25; Bahia grass, $3., will load;          Large round bales of high quality
Lafayette Co., 85 acres on CR 251 off                                                                                                  Round bales of Bahia grass, $25., all        mixed grass hay, stored in barn, $30
Hwy. 30E, 1,000 sq. ft. cabin, work-
                                                  FOR RENT OR LEASE                                                                    fert., & cured w/o rain. Scott Co.,          per roll. Claiborne Co., Port Gibson,
shop, ponds, timber, hunting, 13 mi.                                                      Dry peanuts, machine harvested,              Forest, 601-469-4196.                        601-437-6248.
from Ole Miss sports, $199,000.              Lee Co., 20 acres in 9 yr. old pines to      machine cleaned, $12 per bushel.
Oxford, 662-234-7123.                        rent for baling pine straw, 35 mi. east      Mitchell Farm, Covington Co., Collins,       Alicia Bermuda horse hay in square           Large round (5x6) bales of Bahia grass,
                                             of Amory. Tupelo, 662-680-4753 after 6       601-765-8609.                                bales, $4; Mixed grass hay in square         $20 per bale, heavily sprayed/fertilize.
Hinds Co., 83 +/- acres on corner of         p.m.                                                                                      bales, $3. Simpson Co., Magee, 601-          Jefferson Davis Co., Bassfield, 601-943-
Hwy. 18 & Tom Collins Road, $3,000                                                        Black walnuts, 2005 crop, still in hull,     849-3210.                                    5443.
per acre, minimum 25 +/- acres at                                                         $2.50 per lb. plus shipping. Alcorn Co.,
$4,200 per acre. Brandon, 601-540-           Attala Co., 180 acres hunting lease,         Rienzi, 662-462-8475.                        Alicia Bermuda horse hay, top quality        Highly fert., weed free, Tifton 44
0034.                                        deer/turkey, on Hwy. 14 East, $10 per                                                     square bales, $4 per bale, loading avail-    Bermuda, square bales in the barn, $4
                                             acre. Ethel, 662-674-5108.                                                                able for flat beds w/tractor. John           per   bale,    10-bale    minimum.
Simpson Co., 25 acre horse farm,                                                                     FEED & HAY                        Littich, Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-825-       Washington Co., Greenville, 662-820-
2,300+ sq. ft. like new brick home,          Webster Co., 311 acres for hunting                                                        5350.                                        5401.
large barn, arena, round pen, sheds,         lease, located in Eupora, w/fire lanes,      Top quality Alicia Bermuda hay, very
pasture, timber, small house, old            100 acres located in Fame Community,         high protein, limed & fert., 2005 cut-       Square bales of horse quality Bermuda,       Tifton 44 Bermuda hay, $3.50 per bale,
chicken house, $295,000. Mendenhall,         also w/fire lanes, $5 per acre. Eupora,      ting, $4 in barn. Pearl River Co.,           sprayed & fert., $3.50 in barn. Grenada      high quality, weed free. Leake Co.,
601-847-3740.                                662-258-6557.                                Poplarville, 601-299-0256.                   Co., Grenada, 662-226-8766.                  Carthage, 601-298-9009.

November 15, 2005                                                                  MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                                   Page 5
2005 crop, 5x5 round bales of mixed         Angel trumpet seed, 10 for $4; Double        Mizer sawmill, $160/1,000 bd. ft.              es, 10’ centered, $3,500 each. Smith         Reg. Maltese, Cocker Spaniels, Yorkies,
grass hay stored in barn, $25 each;         white or purple, 10 for $5; Pink 4           Stephen Prewitt, Webster Co., Eupora,          Co., Raleigh, 601-374-0510.                  Basset Hounds, Shih-Tzus, Papillons
Square bales $3 each. Hinds Co.,            O’clock seed, 20 for $4; Spider lily seed,   662-258-2734.                                                                               or other dogs of breeding age to raise
Clinton, 601-924-3254.                      20 for $4. Scott Co., Forest, 601-625-                                                      Custom build horse barns, hay barns,         on farm. Guy Foster, Marion Co.,
                                            0110.                                        Wood-Mizer bandsawed lumber, 50¢               other farm buildings, wood or steel          Improve, 601-731-9706.
Fresh cut hay, cut approx. on Oct. 15,                                                   bd. ft. & up; Cypress lumber favailable        framing, also build pipe catch pens,
2005, 100-200 (800-900 lb.) round           Variety of 5 heirloom daffodils, mixed       at 95¢ bd. ft./up; Will custom saw your        prices starting $2,500., call for other      Chocolate female Pomeranian, reason-
bales of Bahia/Fescue, pick up in field,    3/$10; Southern red spider lilies, 5/$10;    logs, $200/1,000 bd. ft. Leake Co.,            price quotes. Simpson Co., Magee, 601-       ably priced. Jones Co., Laurel, 601-649-
$20/bale negotiable. Lauderdale Co.,        Mixed daffodils, 10/$10 plus shipping.       Carthage, 601-267-8839.                        849-4566.                                    5839.
Meridian, 601-479-3110.                     Adams Co., Natchez, 601-445-2270.
                                                                                         750’ of cherry lumber, $600. Choctaw           Several sheets of tin, 23’ long, $15 per     Female Rottweiler that you no longer
Bermuda/Dallis firmly packed square         Rosemary,      gardenia,      snowball,      Co., Eupora, 662-258-8532.                     sheet; 2x6’s, $2.50 each. Newton Co.,        want or don’t have room for, I will give
bales, $2.50 per bale at barn. Clay Co.,    Carolina allspice, pink hibiscus, catal-                                                    Conehatta, 601-635-3483.                     her a good home in the country, must
West Point, 662-494-1132.                   pa, any 3/$12 postage paid, mail order       Custom & grade sawed lumber & nov-                                                          be gentle nature. DeSoto Co.,
                                            only, Make Mine Mississippi Member.          elty wood, green & air dried (moisture         Steel Master building kit, 30’ wide x 70’    Hernando, 662-429-7915.
5x5 round bales of Bahia grass hay, will    Padgett, 227 Padgett Road, Magee             meter tested), generous species selec-         long x 14’ high, great for workshop or
load, 2005 cutting, $12 per bale. North     39111. Simpson County.                       tion, 50¢/bd. ft. & up, planing avail-         storage, new in shipping container, can
Rankin Co., Lena, 601-854-6004.                                                          able. Amite Co., Summit, 601-567-              deliver, $15,000 OBO. Rankin Co.,                 LIVESTOCK WANTED
                                            “Camarosa”     strawberry     plants,        9914.                                          Brandon, 601-209-1804.
                                            $10/100;     Daylilies,    forsythia,                                                                                                    Potbelly R & R receiving sows &
    SYRUP, CANE, HONEY,                     hydrangea, in gal. pots, $1 each.            Treated pine beveled siding, 65¢ LF.           Lots of wood for building, need per-         neutered     boars.     Hancock Co.,
     BEES & EQUIPMENT                       Marion Co., Sumrall, 601-736-3588.           Cedar planed, from 65¢ LF; KD oak,             son(s) to take very old house apart for      Picayune, 228-255-9638.
                                                                                         poplar, other species from $1.50 BF;           equal share of the wood, located in
                                            Spider lily bulbs, 2 for $1; Amaryllis       KD cypress beveled siding, from 75¢            Webster Co., near Maben. Washington
Syrup varieties, 52-48 & 67-500 for         bulbs, red & orange, $2.50 each.                                                                                                         Welsh type pony for small child w/o
                                                                                         LF. Pike Co., McComb, 601-249-2936.            Co., Leland, 662-686-9117.                   riding experience, must be gentle. West
seed or making syrup, 25¢ per stalk,        Rankin Co., Florence, 601-845-7261.
will negotiate on price on large quanti-                                                                                                                                             Monroe, LA, 318-329-5475.
                                                                                         Will custom saw your logs at your site         2- 40’ x 450’ broiler houses to be
ties. Jefferson Davis Co., Prentiss, 601-                                                or mine, full time, $200/1,000 bd. ft.
                                                 FERTILIZERS, MULCH                                                                     moved, 4x4 treated posts, 2x6 rafters,       Brahman heifers, weaning age to
672-7493.                                                                                Wayne Co., Waynesboro, 601-687-                4- lines of Brower feeders, feed bins,
                                                  & GROUND COVER                         1507.                                          fans, etc., $5,000 each house. Wayne
                                                                                                                                                                                     breeding age. Union Co., New Albany,
Pure raw honey, locally made by our                                                                                                                                                  662-534-6827.
bees, great help in preventing allergies,                                                                                               Co., Waynesboro, 601-735-2306.
                                            Wood shavings, $3/tax per 45-50 lb.                 POSTS & FENCING                                                                      Mule broke to work, must be 65”-66”,
$4/pint; $7/quart; $20/gallon, located
                                            bag, perfect for landscaping, conve-                                                        New 10” perilings, random lengths,
1 mi. from the Jackson Airport. Rankin                                                                                                                                               prefer blonde or light sorrel color.
                                            niently located Downtown Jackson,                                                           half price $1.25 per ft. Warren Co.,
Co., Pearl, 601-936-4001.                                                                100- 6’ locust posts, $200. Prentiss Co.,                                                   Tishomingo Co., Belmont, 662-454-
                                            2913 North West Street. Hinds Co.,                                                          Vicksburg, 601-638-6292 nights.
                                                                                         Booneville, 662-728-3455.                                                                   9703.
5- long rows of Louisiana Variety sugar     Jackson, 601-362-5333.
                                                                                                                                        4- Hired Hand fabric roll-up doors, 12’
cane, good for syrup or seed, 25¢ per                                                    Cattle gaps: 13’ 8” x 7’- $650; 14’ x 7’-
                                            Erosion hay, $1.50 per bale. John                                                           x 11’, $300. Walthall Co., Tylertown,         LIVESTOCK HANDLING &
stalk. Attala Co., Goodman, 662-468-                                                     $750; 14’ x 8’- $850; 15’ 6” x 5’ 6”-
                                            Littich, Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-825-                                                      601-876-3540.
                                            5350.                                        $500. Pike Co., Summit, 601-684-4540.                                                       TACK EQUIPMENT WANTED
                                                                                                                                        Metal roofing, brand new, never used,
Pure honey, direct from flower to you,      Construction/mulch/erosion hay, baled        Cedar posts, 7’ long, $5 each & up.            48- sheets of premium 26-gauge               Dog kennels, 6’ x 6’, height 35” & up.
$22 per gal. (pickup), $30 per gal.         in 2005, tightly baled & on pallets, over    Hinds Co., Pocahontas, 601-982-2903.           w/accessories, bronze color, 25 yr. war-     Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-825-3947.
postage paid; Quart comb honey, $10         600- square bales, $2 per bale. Walthall                                                    ranty, 24’ x 3’, $3,000. Marion Co.,
(no shipping). Yazoo Co., Yazoo City,       Co., Tylertown, 601-876-3925 leave           Poles: 6” x 16’- $25; 6” x 12’- $15; 6” x
                                                                                                                                        Columbia, 601-736-6217 leave mes-            Creep feeder on wheels. Calhoun Co.,
662-746-6004.                               message.                                     20’- $40; 6” x 8’- $10; 6” x 10’- $12.50.
                                                                                                                                        sage.                                        Water Valley, 662-413-4175.
                                                                                         Greene Co., McLain, 601-753-2687.
Sugar cane, good for chewing or seed,       Pine straw, big bales, premium quality,                                                     Steel trusses, new, 50’- $260; 40’- $190;    Potbelly R & R needs dog houses, cor-
$1 per stalk, discount on more than 10-     $4.50 per bale, delivery also available.     Cattle gap, 12’ 8” x 6’ 6”, $300. Attala
                                                                                                                                        30’- $160; 20’- $110., can deliver.          ner posts & bedding. Hancock Co.,
stalks. Lauderdale Co., Meridian, 601-      Madison Co., Madison, 601-720-2886.          Co., Kosciusko, 662-289-5465.
                                                                                                                                        Newton Co., Lake, 601-775-3467.              Picayune, 228-255-9638 nights.
                                            Mulch hay in square bales, $1.50 per         Cattle gap, heavy duty, 20’ x 6 1/2”,
                                                                                                                                        Metal roofing & metal building compo-
                                            bale at barn. Clay Co., West Point, 662-     w/folding ends, $600. Hinds Co.,                                                            2-horse bumper pull trailer, doesn’t
  TREES, VINES & SHRUBS                     494-1132.                                    Bolton, 601-852-5218.
                                                                                                                                        nents, prime 29 gauge starting at $44
                                                                                                                                                                                     need to be fancy, will use to haul emus.
                                                                                                                                        per square, call for current pricing;
                                                                                                                                                                                     Bamboo Emu Farm, Lauderdale Co.,
                                                                                         Cattle gap, portable, 13’ wide x 20’           Custom built steel building, starting at
Trees: maple, holly & mulberry;                                                                                                                                                      Meridian, 601-693-1108 ask for Peg.
                                                                                                                                        $2,395. Lincoln Co., Brookhaven, 601-
Shrubs: forsythia, hawthorn, rose of
Sharon, single & double, nandine,
                                             FARM BUILDINGS,                             long, will carry load of heavy farm
                                                                                         equip., $650; Personal cattle gap for          833-7181.
                                                                                                                                                                                     2-4 horse gooseneck trailer w/sleeping
bridal spirea, weigeia, euonymus, $4
each; Baby roses, $6 each. Itawamba
                                               MATERIALS,                                4-wheelers, 4’ wide x 8’ long, $150.
                                                                                         Webster Co., Eupora, 662-552-2725.             Chicken house to be moved, 40’ x 400’        quarters, nothing fancy, but in exc.
                                                                                                                                                                                     condition & reasonably priced. Lincoln
                                                                                                                                        plus half of 40’ x 400’ chicken house,
Co., Tupelo, 662-862-2575.                     & SUPPLIES                                10’ x 20’ dog pen, 6’ tall, $300. Rankin       $12,000., includes used equipment,           Co., Brookhaven, 601-833-5345.
                                                                                                                                                                                     Email: WindRiverHorses@aol.com
                                               All items listed under the this catego-   Co., Richland, 601-933-0077 ask for            write to: Bill Diehl, 377 Hwy. 532, Mt.
Red climbing honeysuckle, orange or          ry must be farm/agriculture related. All                                                   Olive 39119. Covington County.
yellow trumpet vine, purple wisteria,                                                    David.                                                                                      Used 4-horse walker, working or not.
                                             items must be offered for sale or their
any 3/$12 postage paid, mail order           services offered by persons in                                                             Lumber torn down from chicken                Alcorn Co., Corinth, 662-286-0181.
only, Make Mine Mississippi Member.          Mississippi actually engaged in farming.    Cedar posts, $1; 8’ cedar split rails,
                                                                                         $4.50; 10’ cedar split rails, $5.50.           house: 2x4’s, 12’ long, $1 each; 4x4
Padgett, 227 Padgett Road, Magee             Only in-state residents are allowed to                                                     posts, 10’ long, $6 each. Scott Co.,
39111. Simpson County.                       advertise within this category.             Lauderdale Co., Meridian, 601-681-                                                            EQUIPMENT TRAILERS &
                                                                                         4495.                                          Forest, 601-625-8669.
                                                                                                                                                                                          WAGONS WANTED
Premier, Britewell, Tiffblue, Climax
                                                  LUMBER FOR SALE
blueberry plants in full gallon pots,
booking now for fall planting, $3 each            & CUSTOM SAWING                                FARM BUILDINGS                              FARM WANTS                              Slightly used small hyd. dump trailer
if all taken. Itawamba Co., Fulton, 662-                                                          & MATERIALS                              All items listed under the this catego-   in Southern MS area. Pearl River Co.,
862-3790.                                                                                                                                ry must be farm/agriculture related.        Poplarville, 601-795-9190. Email: cgas-
                                            Treated lumber: 6x6x16- $30; 8x8x16-                                                         Out-of-state residents are allowed to
                                                                                         5- 40’ x 450’ broiler houses w/metal                                                        con@ametro.net
                                            $75; 8x8x12- $55; 6x6x12- $20; 6x6x14-                                                       advertise in this category.
Yellow rose of Texas, $3; Blueberry         $25; 4x4x12- $10. Greene Co., McLain,        trusses, in good cond., to be torn down
bushes, $2; Twisted willow, $4; Cypress,                                                 & moved, $10,000 each. Simpson Co.,                                                         Gooseneck trailer, 20’-24’ long, 8’ wide,
$5., all in pots. Rankin Co., Florence,                                                  Pinola, 601-847-2893.                                 FLOWERS, TREES,                       w/2- axles & elec. brakes, reasonably
601-845-7261.                                                                                                                                                                        priced. Lee Co., Tupelo, 662-844-7760.
                                            Turn your logs into lumber, your loca-
                                                                                         I-beam, 20’ 6” x 10”, $125. Attala Co.,
                                                                                                                                               & SEEDS WANTED
                                            tion or mine, prices starting at $180
  OTHER PLANTS & SEEDS                      per 1,000 bd. ft., over 25 yrs. experi-      Kosciusko, 662-289-5465.
                                            ence sawing. Ray Harris, Clarke Co.,                                                        Bamboo roots that will grow fishing              HEAVY MACHINERY &
                                            Shubuta, 601-776-2322.                       1- 40’ x 420’ poultry house, built in          poles about 15’ tall. Adams Co.,                 EQUIPMENT WANTED
Unlabeled daylilies, Fall sale, $1 per                                                   1995, on 4’ x 6’ treated studs, 280            Natchez, 601-445-9499.
plant, plus $5 postage for the first 20     Rough sawed lumber, cedar 50¢ per bd.        pieces of 3’ x 24’ tin, you tear down &
plants, bonus plants shipped w/each         ft; Walnut, starting at $1 per bd. ft.       move, $10,000. Leake Co., Lena, 601-                                                        Bulldozer for farm use, must be ready
order. Reidis Nash, 1483 Hwy. 51                                                         654-9364.
                                                                                                                                                  DOGS WANTED                        to use, prefer small or medium size but
                                            Noxubee Co., Macon, 662-549-9877.
North, Winona 38967. Ph: 662-283-                                                                                                                                                    would consider large one, north half of
5361.                                       Have your logs sawed at your place,          Chicken houses to be moved, 40’ x              Toy Fox Terrier dog(s), must not             MS only. Union Co., New Albany, 662-
                                            $180x1,000 2”; $200x1,000 1”, some           375’, 2’ x 6’ prefab trusses on 5’ cen-        mature over 6 lbs., must be registered.      489-3874.
Large white daffodils w/large yellow        pine & oak on hand. Yazoo Co., Yazoo         ters, 3’ x 24’ tin, $11 per lineal ft. Scott   Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-825-3947.
center, blooms early & lasts a long         City, 662-746-7917.                          Co., Sebastopol, 601-625-8985.                                                              JD 450 bulldozer for parts, in any con-
time, will bloom this year, $5/dozen                                                                                                    Beagle female, small type, straight rab-     dition. Folsom, LA, 985-796-9681.
plus $5 shipping. Webster Co., Eupora,      Custom sawing service, I will come to        4- 40’ x 300’ poultry houses to be             bit dog, reasonably priced. Jefferson
662-258-3490.                               your site & saw your logs w/Wood-            moved, to the ground, barn type truss-         Davis Co., Prentiss, 601-792-5941.

Page 6                                                                             MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                November 15, 2005
                                                                                          Self starter person for farm road main-      Garrard Stables, full care boarding,         & white, $3,000 OBO or swap for
       FIELD EQUIPMENT                       POULTRY & EGGS WANTED                        tenance, shop work, tractor driver,          new barn w/12 x 12 matted stalls, 66’        4-wheeler of equal value. Covington
       & PARTS WANTED                                                                     $7.50 hr. full or part time, small fur-      round pen & 132’ x 66’ arena, located        Co., Seminary, 601-543-8282.
                                            Dominecker rooster.           Pike     Co.,   nished house & garden available, great       in Western Madison Co., $350 per
                                            McComb, 601-783-3121.                         country living. Lawrence Co., Wesson,        month. Madison Co., Jackson, 601-            1985 Born Free 24’ motor home,
Reasonably priced good operating 3PH
                                                                                          601-587-4452.                                506-0565.                                    w/diesel eng., oak cabinets, TV/VCR,
hyd. bank cutter or ditch cutter,
                                                                                                                                                                                    microwave, bath/shower, generator,
whichever you want to call it, must be                POULTRY                             Adult needed for general farm work,          Why board your horse to someone else         $11,000 OBO or swap for 50 HP tractor
in operating cond., will buy or trade.           EQUIPMENT WANTED                                                                      when you can rent the boarding facili-
                                                                                          mostly w/horses, including feeding &                                                      & equipment. Amite Co., Liberty, 601-
Lincoln Co., Brookhaven, 601-844-                                                                                                      ty & board horses for your friends?
                                                                                          stalls, some experience needed, located                                                   657-8631.
7478.                                                                                                                                  $1,250 per month. Rankin Co.,
                                            Automatic generator, 45 KW or larger,         in the Bogalusa/Crossroads area. Pearl
Reasonably priced good running diesel       prefer diesel. Simpson Co., Magee, 601-       River Co., Picayune, 601-772-9933.           Brandon, 601-613-6149.                       MCI bus, reduced price, conversion
eng. for 885 David Brown tractor.           849-3210.                                                                                                                               started, $9,000 or swap for Dodge ext.
                                                                                          Someone who is able to operate               Horsemanship lessons for youth &             cab truck w/turbo diesel. Rankin Co.,
Neshoba Co., Union, 601-656-2485.                                                                                                      adults, show or recreation, private,
                                                                                          machinery such as bulldozers, track-                                                      Pelahatchie, 601-927-0227.
Used Triple H brand hay spear/ring
                                                  PROPERTY WANTED                         hoe & tractors, knowledge of mechan-         patient     instruction,   consultant,
mover, made in Readyville, TN, within                                                     ics/welding is a plus, CDL’s also a big      Certified Purina Equine Advisor since        2- 2 yr. old black-brown nose mules,
75 mi. of Tupelo. Lee Co., Tupelo, 662-     Buy land or timber within 100 mi. of          plus. Newton Co., Newton, 601-917-           1984, open show judge, references.           have been worked 6- times, gentle,
840-9775.                                   Hattiesburg. Perry Co., New Augusta,          4530.                                        Alice Rachal, Pearl River Co.,               make 1,200 lb. mules, $2,000 or swap
                                            601-964-3662.                                                                              Poplarville, 601-795-6255.                   for    gooseneck      stock   trailer.
JD 420S tractor for parts, must have                                                      I have fence rows to clean up & put                                                       Tishomingo Co., Belmont, 662-454-
good serial plate. Itawamba Co.,            15-50 acres in Pelahatchie for quiet &        down either barbed wire or field fenc-       Obedience training for young or prob-        9703.
Fulton,    662-862-5402.      Email:        secluded home site. Rankin Co., Pearl,        ing. Jackson Co., Hurley, 228-588-           lem dogs from 9 wks. old to 1 yr. old, 20
pepaw67@yahoo.com                           601-260-3008.                                 6463.                                        yrs. experience handling dogs, using         Ford 6600 tractor, in exc. cond., eng.
                                                                                                                                       firm but gentle techniques. Lawrence         completely rebuilt & brought to stan-
11’-13’ disk & harrow in good condi-                                                      Adult needed for farm work, mostly           Co., Jayess, 1-888-876-4666.                 dard, new tires, $9,500 or swap for
tion. Amite Co., Osyka, 601-783-6625.
                                               HUNTING, FISHING &                         w/horses, including exercising, feeding                                                   40-50 HP tractor of equal value.
                                             CAMPING ITEMS WANTED                         & stalls, some experience w/horses           Squirrel season will be here soon, dogs      Marion Co., Foxworth, 601-736-6760.
Old JD farm tractor dead or alive, with-                                                  needed. Lamar Co., Hattiesburg, 601-         trained for upcoming season, $400
in 100 mi. of coast. Grand Bay, AL, 251-                                                  264-3751.                                    Feist, $450 Curs. Covington Co., Mt.         4- Reg. Paso Fino horses, swap for 2-
                                            All hunting land destroyed by                                                              Olive, 601-797-4726.
865-4357.                                   Hurricane Katrina, I have squirrel dogs                                                                                                 western pleasure QH’s. Bolivar Co.,
                                                                                          Seeking sober person to work on cat-                                                      Cleveland, 662-843-9714.
                                            & would be glad to take you, your fam-                                                     PS Quarter Horse & Cattle Farm
3PH backhoe attachment for 65 HP                                                          tle/horse operation in Smith Co., must
                                            ily or hunting club members hunting.                                                       breaking/training, problem horses wel-
tractor, in good condition. Jefferson                                                     be willing to work & have experience                                                      5 mo. old Jack Russell male puppy, $60
                                            Pearl River Co., Poplarville, 601-795-                                                     come, training for calf roping, team
Davis Co., Sumrall, 601-943-6516.                                                         w/livestock & machinery, salary nego-                                                     or swap for Reg. Rat Terrier. Perry Co.,
                                            9321.                                                                                      roping, cattle sorting & trail riding,
                                                                                          tiable. Smith Co., Mize, 601-946-6495.                                                    Beaumont, 601-753-2710.
Good engine or rebuildable gas eng. for                                                                                                over 30 yrs. experience. Franklin Co.,
                                            Old guns, working or not, war relics                                                       Smithdale, 601-567-2245.
INT 504 tractor. Yalobusha Co.,                                                                                                                                                     1989 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 4x4, 6 cyl.,
Tillatoba, 662-675-2294.
                                            wanted. Pike Co., Osyka, 601-542-5237             FARM WORK WANTED                                                                      auto., new tires, cold A/C, all power, in
                                            leave message.
                                                                                                                                                                                    good cond., $1,950 or swap for
Front-end loader to fit Ford 4600 or
6600 tractor, also hood & grill for early
                                            Buy ATV’s, reasonably priced or in need
                                                                                          Bush-hog blades hammered out, $12 &
                                                                                          up per pair. Lauderdale Co., Meridian,
                                                                                                                                        SWAP/EXCHANGE                               4-wheeler of equal value. Rankin Co.,
                                            of repair. Lincoln Co., Brookhaven,                                                           All items listed under the this catego-   Brandon, 601-331-4179.
model Ford 2000 tractor. Lee Co.,                                                         601-483-7025.                                 ry must be farm/agriculture related.
Tupelo, 662-844-7760.                                                                                                                   You must swap/exchange a farm/agri-         Yamaha Banshee, cut fenders, drag
                                                                                          Tractor work, bulldozer, trackhoe,            culture item for a farm/agriculture         pipes, extended swing arm, many extra
                                            1995-2005 4x4 4-wheeler. Simpson
10’ disk or bigger; Working grain drill                                                   backhoe, dump trucks, hauling, site           item. Only in-state residents are allowed   parts, $2,000 or swap for 4x4 4-wheel-
                                            Co., Pinola, 601-847-4812.
or one that can be repaired; Roller har-                                                  preparation, clearing, demolition,            to advertise within this category.          er. Wilkinson Co., Crosby, 601-639-
row. Walthall Co., Jayess, 601-876-                                                       excavation, ditches, ponds, driveways,                                                    7098.
3276.                                               MISCELLANEOUS                         foundations, fill dirt, clay-gravel, sand,   Reg. AQHA & APHA horses, some
                                                                                          topsoil, limestone, free estimates.          w/babies, bred & unbred, most are rid-       10 yr. old green broke QH, not regis-
                                                     FARM WANTS                           Newton Co., Newton, 601-917-4530.            able, prices start at $1,000 for swap for    tered, sorrel gelding, built like ranch
       MISCELLANEOUS                                                                                                                   cattle. Amite Co., Centreville, 601-645-     or roping horse, fast, $800 or swap for
     EQUIPMENT WANTED                       Used set of Towncraft cookware in good        Will build 5-strand 12 1/2” ga. barbed       6565.                                        1 or 2 horse trailer. Rankin Co.,
                                            condition. Union Co., New Albany, 662-        wire fence w/steel T posts spaced 10’                                                     Brandon, 601-454-9118.
                                            534-6827.                                     $1.50/ft. on your cleared property line      16’ metal top gooseneck trailer, swap
Fuel tank, “L” shaped alum., w/12-volt                                                                                                 for 16’-18’ metal top bumper pull trail-
                                                                                          in southern counties. Pearl River Co.,                                                    San Juan buck rabbit, 6 mos. old, swap
pump, 90-110 gal. capacity. Pike Co.,       Small butane gas stove & used kitchen                                                      er. Madison Co., Ridgeland, 601-856-
                                                                                          Poplarville, 601-795-2961.                                                                for young Florida Cotton Tail doe rab-
Summit, 601-684-4540.                       cabinets. Leake Co., Carthage, 601-                                                        3100.                                        bit. Pike Co., Magnolia, 601-542-5509.
                                            267-3355.                                     Dump truck hauling: dirt, Clay gravel,
Reasonably priced cane mill to restore.                                                                                                Camelot sleigh bed, black w/gold-
                                                                                          limestone, topsoil, driveways, etc.;                                                      Beagle rabbit dogs, swap for wood split-
Marion Co., Kokomo, 601-736-1680.           Wood burning heater w/blower, must                                                         flecked steel accents & graceful rope
                                                                                          Tractor work: bush-hogging, box blade,                                                    ter w/Briggs & Stratton motor. Wayne
                                            be in new or very good cond., to be           front loader, disking, within 50 mi.         design, full size $180 or swap for farm      Co., Waynesboro, 601-735-4413.
Old grist mill or old mill stones, any                                                                                                 equipment. Marion Co., Kokomo, 601-
size. Demopolis, AL, 334-289-8906.          used in home. Madison Co., Canton,            radius of Jackson. Hinds Co.,
                                            601-859-8180.                                 Raymond, 601-954-8903.                       441-9739.
Email: raleaves@email.com
                                            CB’s or CB amps, beams, rotors, towers        All types of farm repair, from fence         Reg. APHA & AQHA mares w/babies &                      POULTRY
Generator, 5,000 watts min. or combi-                                                                                                  bred back, many to choose from, prices          Any fowl advertised in this category
nation generator/welder. Rankin Co.,        or any other CB accessories. Simpson          building to fence clearing, also all types
                                                                                                                                       starting at $1,000 or swap for cattle of      must be raised on your farm and your
Pearl, 601-939-6177.                        Co., Pinola, 601-847-4812.                    of barn repair, within 100 mi. radius of                                                   advertisement must have the following
                                                                                          Jones Co., free quotes. Jones Co.,           equal value. Amite Co., Centreville,
                                                                                                                                                                                     statement along with a signature:
                                            Old steam pressure cooker w/slotted           Laurel, 601-319-7084.                        601-810-4912.                                 “These were raised on my farm and I am
  TRUCKS, ACCESSORIES,                      lid, must hold at least 10 gal. of water.                                                                                                not a dealer, buyer, seller or business
                                            Adams Co., Natchez, 601-445-9499.             Will set & sharpen Wood-Mizer &              Umbrella cockatoo & Indian Ringneck           person engaged in trade. Only in-state
     & PARTS WANTED                                                                                                                    parrots w/cages, $900 or swap for 2           residents are allowed to advertise with-
                                                                                          other bandsaw blades, $6 per blade plus
                                                                                          shipping. Yalobusha Co., Water Valley,       miniature mares or 2 Yorkie puppies.          in this category.
Bed for 1998 Chev. truck, SWB w/tail-
gate, reasonable. Leake Co., Kosciusko,
                                                 EMPLOYMENT                               662-473-4393 after 5 p.m.                    Lee Co., Tupelo, 662-844-1789.
                                               Notices are accepted for agricultural                                                   AQHA 4 yr. old gelding, finished for
662-289-7622.                                work only. Notices are not accepted for      Stump grinding work, taking jobs now.
                                             housework, nursing, or companionship         Hinds Co., Byram, 601-371-2893.              reining, gentle, $5,000 OBO or swap
Flatbed w/headache rack to fit 1995          needs. Only in-state residents are                                                        for nice reining or cutting bred mare of     100- chickens, $1.50 each. Smith Co.,
GMC 1-ton truck. Leake Co., Carthage,        allowed to advertise within this category.                                                equal value. Carroll Co., Carrollton,        Raleigh, 601-269-3202.
                                                                                          Forestry mowing (up to 6” in diam.)
601-267-6876.                                                                             bush-hogging,      erosion    control,       662-237-6313 nights.
                                                                                                                                                                                    20- pullets, 4- roosters, commercial
Reliable used truck to use for work,             FARM HELP WANTED                         downed tree cleanup, within 100 mi.
                                                                                                                                       Lauderdale Co., 21 acres - virgin tim-       White Leggings, just beginning to lay,
                                                                                          radius of Clinton. Hinds Co., Clinton,                                                    selling for health reasons, $100 for all.
prefer around $500 or less, will consid-                                                  601-924-9091.                                ber, 4/3 log home, 3,000 sq. ft. under
er up to $1,000. Carroll Co.,               Need person(s) to take very old house                                                      roof w/900 sq. ft. of porches/decks,         Yazoo Co., Yazoo City, 662-746-4903
Carrollton, 662-237-6969. Email:            apart for equal share of the wood,                                                         $350,000 or swap for Gulf Coast prop-        after 6 p.m.
wireless@alexandrabode.com                  located in Webster Co., near Maben.                   LIVESTOCK                            erty. Meridian, 601-693-1110.
                                            Washington Co., Leland, 662-686-                                                                                                        11- pretty little mixed breed Bantam
Western Hauler body or flatbed body         9117.
                                                                                             BOARDING & HANDLING                       CKC Reg. German Shepherd male,               chickens, April 2005 hatch, now laying,
for 1995 Ford F-350 dually. Hinds Co.,                                                                                                 red/sable, big dog, gentle, good watch-      $4 each. Smith Co., Mt. Olive, 601-733-
Byram, 601-373-9896.                        Honest, part time caretaker, prefer           Silver Creek Equestrian Club has 2 full      dog, 2 1/2 yrs. old, swap for gun or Pit     2774.
                                            misplaced, retiree(s), 3 bdrm. mobile         service stalls available, covered/lighted    of equal value. Franklin Co., McCall
Front and/or back fenders for 1955-         home on 200+ acres available, some            100x200 arena, 240 acres riding trails,      Creek, 601-823-4212.                         Barred Rocks, 6 mos. old, ready to lay,
1957 Chev. SWB truck, rust free.            hunting (deer/turkey) & fishing rights,       round pen, all disciplines welcome.                                                       $9 each; Young Black Australorps, $2 &
Choctaw Co., Ackerman, 662-285-             rent according to qualifications.             Warren Co., Vicksburg, 601-638-8988.         2- SSHBEA stud colts, 1- 14 mos. old,        up. Simpson Co., Magee, 601-849-
7073.                                       Webster Co., Eupora, 662-258-8645.            Website: www.silvercreekarena.com            black/white, 1- 19 mos. old, palomino        6069.

November 15, 2005                                                                   MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                                  Page 7
7- Cornish game roosters, 6 mos. old,                                                  Quaker male w/cage, $75. Warren Co.,         Antique mansion bed, oak, $750;
$2 each. Rankin Co., Florence, 601-                 UNCLASSIFIED                       Vicksburg, 601-638-4951.                     Antique oak dining room table w/4                 CRAFTS & WOODWORK
845-7261.                                                                                                                           chairs, table has leaves stored inside,
                                           Guineas, $6 each. Chickasaw Co.,            White Mute swans, 2005 hatch, nice           chairs have fabric covered bottoms,            Beautiful new cedar swing, never has
Assorted Bantam (banty) chickens, $3-      Okolona, 662-447-2720.                      birds, $500 per pair. Pearl River Co.,       $875. Lawrence Co., Silver Creek, 601-         been exposed to the weather, paid
$5 each. Wayne Co., Buckatunna, 601-                                                   Picayune, 601-798-3244.                      886-7603.                                      $100., asking $75. Montgomery Co.,
648-9201.                                  2- parakeets, 1- solid white, 1- green,                                                                                                 Winona, 662-283-5361.
                                           $15 for pair or $10 each; 1- large cage,    Beautiful Lorykeet, already talks, bird,     Aladdin lamps, beautiful, functional,
Blue Cochin Bantams, $5 each. Rankin       $20., 1- small cage, $7., or all for $40.   cage & all accessories $300. Scott Co.,      clean burning oil or electric, antiques        Handmade walking sticks & hiking
Co., Pearl, 601-936-4001.                  Neshoba Co., Philadelphia, 601-656-         Lake, 601-775-3273 ask for Charlotte.        & new reproductions, all original              sticks, 50 to choose from, $10-$100
                                           5068.                                                                                    Aladdin parts & service dealer, $125 &         each. Forrest Co., Petal, 601-582-5482.
Rhode Island Red chickens, just started                                                Hand fed baby parrots: cockatiels,           up. Oktibbeha Co., Starkville, 662-323-
laying, $6 each. Chickasaw Co.,            Guineas, pearl gray, pied, $2 each,         Ringnecks, Quakers, Amazons, some            4524.
Houston, 662-456-2292.                                                                                                                                                             Duct tape purses, handmade, an assort-
                                           cash. Webster Co., Eupora, 662-258-         already talking, also pairs & adults:                                                       ment of colors, great Christmas gifts,
                                           6834.                                       conures,     cockatiels,    Quakers,         Antique farmers sink, single bowl,             $10 each. Clay Co., Cedar Bluff, 662-
Young laying hens, lay big brown eggs,
                                                                                       Ringnecks, Greys, Amazons, cockatoos         drain board, $350; 4’ claw foot, $900.,        494-5832.
$7 each, roosters for free, Partridge      Quail, $2.50 dressed, $2.25 live. Clay      & macaws, $35-$1,200. Chickasaw Co.,         both refinished to mint cond., more to
Rocks, Black Giants, Columbian             Co., West Point, 662-494-6907.              Houston, 662-456-0142.                       choose or bring your own to refinish.          Cypress: swings w/chains & gliders
Wyandottes, White Wyandottes, Red
                                                                                                                                    Lawrence Co., Monticello, 601-587-             from $119; Rockers & adirondacks
Star, Black Star, Barred Rocks. Prentiss   Peacocks, Indigo blue & white, $35.                                                      9436.                                          from $129; Baby swings w/chains $55;
Co., Booneville, 1-662-728-9765.           Noxubee Co., Mashulaville, 662-726-               BIRD CAGES,
                                                                                                                                                                                   Children’s rockers $65. Pike Co.,
Chickens, $5 each. Carroll Co.,
                                           5697.                                        ACCESSORIES/EQUIPMENT                       Recliners & file cabinets, $20. Hinds          McComb, 601-249-2936.
                                                                                                                                    Co., Terry, 601-878-2480.
Carrollton, 662-237-4411.                  Umbrella cockatoo & Indian Ringneck
                                                                                       Electric water cool debecker for chick-                                                     Cedar & cypress adirondack chairs,
                                           parrots w/cages, $900. Lee Co., Tupelo,                                                  Iron bed, $75; Ice tongs, $35. Coahoma
Old English Bantams, superior quality                                                  ens & birds, $100. Itawamba Co.,                                                            rustic & driftwood furniture, $100 &
                                           662-844-1789.                                                                            Co., Rena Lara, 662-624-5660.
show stock, blacks only, $10/pair, will                                                Tupelo, 662-862-2575.                                                                       up; Pie safes, $400. Rankin Co.,
be very small type Bantams, cash only.                                                                                                                                             Brandon, 601-919-2049.
                                           Guineas, almost grown, $3.50. Greene                                                     Antique cards - gifts in envelopes, lam-
Smith Co., Taylorsville, 601-785-6982.                                                 Bird cages, accessories, equipment &
                                           Co., Richton, 601-989-2347 after 7                                                       inated copies of antique postcards of
                                           p.m.                                        chicken nest pads, 25¢ each. Marion                                                         Squirrel & bird feeders, bluebird &
W. A. Kelso brood stag, $60; Dan Gray                                                                                               New Orleans, trains-tracks-stations,
                                                                                       Co., Sumrall, 601-736-3588.                                                                 wren boxes, flower trellis, wood duck
Kelso brood cock, $70; Hatch brood                                                                                                  Navy, street cars, historical plus others,
                                           2 yr. old male white peacock, $75; 14                                                                                                   boxes & other woodwork $5 & up.
hens, $50 each; Lacy brood hens, $35                                                                                                each packet $7.95. Hinds Co., Clinton,
                                           white/peach doves w/large cage, $75.        2- large incubators, $150 each.                                                             Grenada Co., Grenada, 662-226-3656.
each. Simpson Co., Mendenhall, 601-                                                                                                 601-924-8303.
                                           Stone Co., Wiggins, 601-528-0913.           Marshall Co., Holly Springs, 662-564-
847-0795.                                                                              3548.                                                                                       Hickory bend rockers, $97; Baskets,
                                                                                                                                    Ancient terracotta Holy Land oil lamps,
                                           Yellow double headed Amazon, 6 mos.                                                      100 BC - 100 AD, 3 1/2” long, $50;             $6-$12; Doll cradles, $20; Oatmeal,
4- Rhode Island Red roosters, $5 each.                                                 Used bird cages, several sizes, prices                                                      honey, glycerin, moisturizing soaps,
Marshall Co., Holly Springs, 662-564-      old, hand fed, very tame & talking,                                                      Widow’s mite coins, $35., certificates of
                                           $900. Scott Co., Morton, 601-732-           from $10-$450. Chickasaw Co.,                authenticity. Newton Co., Decatur,             $1.60 per 4 oz. bar. Emanuel
3548.                                                                                  Houston, 662-456-0142.                                                                      Gingerich, 1038 Houpt Road, Pontotoc
                                           8539.                                                                                    601-635-3327.                  Website:
                                                                                                                                    http//www.ancientauthenticartifacts.com        38863. Pontotoc County.
Old English game bantams, rare vari-
eties, most out of champions, $30/pair;    Bobwhite quail, $2.50., dressed quail                        EGGS
                                           $2.85. Carroll Co., North Carrollton,                                                    Five slot (cans not bottles) upright Coke      Collection of Hull pottery, $60 & up.
Sebrights,     $100/pair;    Japanese,
                                           662-237-6247 after 5 p.m.                                                                machine, not working but fixable, $150         Franklin Co., McCall Creek, 601-833-
$200/pair. Hinds Co., Jackson, 601-
                                                                                       Jumbo Wisconsin quail eggs, 10¢ each,        firm. Lincoln Co., Brookhaven, 601-835-        0838.
                                           Approximately 750- 1 yr. old Bobwhite       no shipping, call to place order. Lamar      2208.
Roosters, 1- Black Australorp, 1-          quail breeders, $2.25 each. Winston         Co., Sumrall, 601-268-7683.
                                           Co., Louisville, 662-773-8430.                                                           Dining set, seats 6, w/buffet, solid oak,
Araucana & 1- Red Feather Footed, $5
each. Simpson Co., Mendenhall, 601-                                                    Fresh country eggs, white & brown            $950    cash      only.   Simpson Co.,             INSERTS &, HEATERS
847-6962.                                  Bobwhite quail, $2.50; Ringneck             shells, $1 per dozen, no shipping.           Mendenhall, 601-849-4103 after 7:30
                                           pheasants, $35., selling due to hurri-      Alcorn Co., Rienzi, 662-462-8475.            p.m.                                           Large King wood burner heater
                                           cane. Hancock Co., Kiln, 228-493-
TURKEYS, DUCKS & GEESE                     1325.                                                                                    1- electric hospital bed, $150; 1- bar for
                                                                                                                                                                                   w/blower, heater is porcelain on out-

Turkeys, $10-$12 each depending on
                                                                                          FARM HOME                                 hospital bed, $50; 1- air mattress, $25.
                                                                                                                                                                                   side, in good cond., $150. Choctaw Co.,
                                                                                                                                                                                   Ackerman, 601-382-9332.
                                           Parakeets, most colors, $7 each;                                                         Grenada Co., Grenada, 662-226-2358.
age. Chickasaw Co., Okolona, 662-447-
                                           Finches/variety, $10 & up. Hinds Co.,         MISCELLANEOUS                                                                             Ashley wood heater, used 2 mos., paid
                                           Terry, 601-346-4650.                           All items listed under the this catego-   9- beautiful antique Gone With The Wind
                                                                                                                                                                                   $650., asking $350. Tishomingo Co.,
                                                                                        ry must be farm/agriculture related.        lamps, pretty colors, all different, in per-
Flying Mallard ducks, ready for pond,      Parakeets, Split/Blue Quaker, Bourke,                                                                                                   Burnsville, 662-427-8274.
                                                                                        Dealers, brokers or businesses are not      fect cond., $35-$285. Smith Co.,
hens $8 each, drakes $7 each.              Indian Ringneck, Budgies, Finches,           allowed to advertise. Only in-state resi-   Sylvarena, 601-789-5137.
Lawrence Co., New Hebron, 601-694-         Zebra, Society, Diamond, Firetail,           dents are allowed to advertise within                                                      Sierra wood heater w/glass to see fire,
2743.                                      breeders: Indian Ringneck, Rosella,          this category.                              Oak display case, 6’ long, w/metal feet,       very heavy metal, $200; Box stove
                                           African Grey, Umbrella, Sulfa Crested                                                    restored to beautiful cond., $250;             heater w/2 opening covers, used twice,
Turkeys, farm grown, $15 each or $25       cockatooo, $8 & up. Pike Co., Osyka,                                                     Display shelves from 1910 drug store,          $100 cash only. Lawrence Co., Jayess,
per pair. Stone Co., Perkinston, 601-                                                    ANTIQUES & FURNITURE                                                                      601-587-7319.
                                           601-542-3252.                                                                            1- section, in fair cond., $100. Choctaw
928-3552.                                                                                                                           Co., Ackerman, 662-285-7073.
                                           Red golden pheasants, $5 each.              Entertainment center, cherry wood,                                                          2 gas wall heaters, Van-Guard brand,
3- pair of grown bronze turkeys, $40       Itawamba Co., Fulton, 662-585-4285.         holds 27” TV, one end swings out for                                                        3 burner, 1 w/thermostat $175., 1 w/o
per pair. Pearl River Co., Picayune,                                                   DVD/CD storage, other end has glass             COOKBOOKS & RECIPES                         thermostat $100. Oktibbeha Co.,
601-799-2201.                              Scarlet macaws, 4 mos. old, $1,000          door w/5- shelves for stereo compo-                                                         Starkville, 662-324-7993.
                                           each; Zebra finches, $6 each;               nents, $100. Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-       Cooking With Friends Cookbook, ideal
2- Blue Slate gobbler turkeys, $20                                                     825-7457.                                    Christmas, wedding or birthday gift,           Wood burning insert heater, Better N
                                           Cockatiels, $65 each. Rankin Co.,
each. Wayne Co., Buckatunna, 601-                                                                                                   over 850 recipes, send $18 (shipping &         Ben, black, 27” wide, 22 1/2” tall, 14”
                                           Florence, 601-845-7639.
648-9201.                                                                              15 year antique collection, service sta-     handling included) to: Shirley Brown,          deep, double doors, in great cond., fac-
                                           7- doves, Indian Ringneck, cage & all       tion signs, oil cans/dispensers, brass       230 Morgan Road, Alligator 38720.              ing to cover fireplace included, $225.
Giant African Dewlaps, 1- male & 3-                                                    locks, brass fire extinguisher & promo-                                                     Amite Co., Liberty, 601-225-9793.
hens, $30 each, cash. Webster Co.,         set up, all for $100. Jones Co., Laurel,                                                 Coahoma County.
                                           601-426-6369.                               tional itmes, $10-$65. Montgomery,
Eupora, 662-258-6834.                                                                  Winona, 662-283-2294.                                                                       4- CleanBurn used oil-fired furnaces,
                                                                                                                                    Excellent Holiday gift, 108 original
                                           Peacocks, 2005 hatch birds, whites,                                                      canning recipes plus canning guide,            model CB-3500, generates 350,000
Bourbon red turkeys, $75 per pair or
                                           $50 each. Pearl River Co., Picayune,        Clocks, grandfather, carriage, kitchen,      hardback/spiral bound, send $13.90             BTU/hr., industrial grade construction,
$40 each; Geese, $20 each. Scott Co.,
                                           601-798-3244.                               mantle, all clocks serviced by certified     (includes shipping/handling) to: J.F.          burns any oil base - used oil, diesel,
Lake, 601-775-3231.
                                                                                       clock repairman, $100-$2,000., no            Duplantis, 17 Billy Craft Road, Laurel         hydraulic fluid, kerosene, $3,000.
2 yr. old female African goose, $20.       India Blue peacocks, 1- male & 2-           Sunday calls. Forrest Co., Petal, 601-       39443. Jones County.                           Walthall Co., Tylertown, 601-876-3540.
Stone Co., Wiggins, 601-528-0913.          females, grown peacocks that have           545-7179.
                                           been laying, $250 for trio. Greene Co.,                                                  Why Gather In The Kitchen? A collec-           10,000 BTU propane/LP gas wall
75- Muscovy ducks, $5 each. Smith          State Line, 601-848-7704.                   Camelot sleigh bed, black w/gold-            tion of 350 family favorites, send $18         heater, in original box, never used,
Co., Raleigh, 601-269-3202.                                                            flecked steel accents & graceful rope        (shipping/handling included) to:               Comfort Glow, vent free, $50 firm;
                                           Racing Homer pigeons, late hatchers,        design, full size $180. Marion Co.,          Sybil H. Powell, 206 Lake Harbour              23,000 BTU indoor convection
Adult Mallard ducks, $20 per pair.         unbanded, 20- birds $95; Also white         Kokomo, 601-441-9739.                        Drive, Ridgeland 39157. Madison                kerosene heater, $50 firm. Madison
Covington Co., Seminary, 601-752-          wedding Homers, 12- birds $95;                                                           County.                                        Co., Canton, 601-955-3090.
5552.                                      Fantails, 12- birds $60; Indian Jacks &     House & shed stuffed w/antiques, mov-
                                           Fantails, $20/pair. Lauderdale Co.,         ing - all must go, pie safes, barber         Vaiden “Live Wires” senior adult               155,000 BTU Eveready Pro kerosene
 Deadline to submit ads                    Meridian, 601-934-7908.                     chairs, coffee mills from the late           “Country Cookin Cookbook”, good                heater, like new, for shop or construc-
   for the December 1st issue:                                                         1800’s, mantle clocks, etc., $25 & up.       recipes by best cooks, ideal Christmas         tion, bought new at Lowe’s, $250.
 Mon., November 14th, 12:00 P.M.           Red sided Eclectus female parrot, $500;     Lauderdale Co., Meridian, 601-693-           gift, send $10 to: Cody Dean, Rt. 1, Box       Prentiss Co., Booneville, 662-728-
                                           1- pair of black headed Caiques, $600;      1110.                                        228, West 39192. Holmes County.                6162.

Page 8                                                                          MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                 November 15, 2005
5-brick propane space heater, $50.           per bar. Pearl River Co., Poplarville,       2- 14-ton Chore-Time feed bins, new          4-wheel hay rake in good cond., $400.       Cub (red) tractor, w/new tires, runs
Pontotoc Co., Pontotoc, 662-489-1747.        601-795-0570.               Website:         style legs, in exc. cond., $600 each.        Pontotoc Co., Pontotoc, 662-489-7244.       good, in very good cond., w/cultv’s.,
                                             www.hometown.aol.com/pdavenp913              Wayne Co., Waynesboro, 601-735-                                                          $2,500. Smith Co., Pulaski, 601-536-
Heavy duty wood stove, w/chrome top,                                                      4142.                                        MF 12 square hay baler, in good cond.,      3926.
chrome on front of door, chrome              Kenmore chest freezer, 15 cu. ft., runs                                                   stored under shed, $1,400; Hay accu-
bumper, 2- lift out eyes, $350; 4-grate      good, never repaired, w/2 rows of bas-       2- large incubators, $150 each.              mulator & grapple, made by Hay              JD 430 tractor, w/good metal, good
natural gas floor heater, $45. Pearl         kets, $75. Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-         Marshall Co., Holly Springs, 662-564-        Master, in exc. cond., $5,000. Hinds        back tires, runs good, cut my garden
River Co., Carriere, 601-798-5922.           672-5990.                                    3548.                                        Co., Crystal Springs, 601-878-0052.         this year, $2,800. Scott Co., Forest,
                                             30” gas range, $50. Jackson Co.,             60 KW generator w/auto. transfer             Hay rakes: 1- NH side delivery, 1-
   FIREWOOD & KINDLING                       Vancleave, 228-218-0090.                     switch, $10,000; Lewis #2 Poultry            5-spool spider rake, both 3PH, $275         8’ Bush Hog clipper, 3PH, new, $2,800.
                                                                                          Housekeeper, 4 yrs. old, $8,000; Cool        each. Oktibbeha Co., Starkville, 662-       Holmes Co., Durant, 601-941-3871.
Free firewood on the ground, you cut         Cookshack smoker oven, purchased             cell system for 2- houses, 50’ long,         323-4827.
& haul. Leake Co., Kosciusko, 662-289-       new April 2005, black sides, stainless       $7,000. Jones Co., Laurel, 601-649-                                                      Ford 3000 & 4000 diesel tractors,
7622.                                        steel top/interior, rib racks, grills,       8986.                                        JD 530 round hay baler, field ready,        rebuilt, try out on farm, $5,800 &
                                             cookbook, manual, hickory wood                                                            $10,000; Kuhn GMD 700 hay mower,            $6,500. Madison Co., Canton, 601-859-
Free firewood, standing hardwood, you        included, makes great smoked meat,           2004 PHS 500 AG-Spray poultry house          $1,500. Scott Co., Sebastopol, 601-625-     8879.
cut, easy to reach, no clean up              $3,000. Washington Co., Leland, 662-         washer, John Blue high pressure pump,        7773 nights.
required. Tate Co., Sarah, 662-560-          379-6673.                                    exc. cond., always kept shedded,                                                         MF 165 tractor, $4,500; MF 65 tractor,
6198.                                                                                     $3,500. Smith Co., Pineville, 601-789-                                                   $2,000; 6 1/2’ disk, $1,100; 6’ disk,
                                                                                                                                       2- Ford 530 square hay balers, $500 for
                                             Sears Kenmore stove (drop in),               5301.                                                                                    $600; Stiff shank cultv., $300. Rankin
                                                                                                                                       both. Itawamba Co., Fulton, 662-862-
Free firewood, you cut down & stand-         propane, stainless steel top, very clean,                                                                                             Co., Brandon, 601-825-6554 leave mes-
ing trees. Simpson Co., Harrisville,         $75. Yazoo Co., Bentonia, 662-755-                                                                                                    sage.
601-845-6597.                                8737.
                                                                                                   HAY EQUIPMENT
                                                                                                                                       NH 575 square hay baler, $5,000; Sitrex     Taylor 4-shank Pasture Dream, field
Cut pecan firewood, some needs split-                                                                                                  4-wheel hay rake, $150; New                 ready, $1,800; 7’ 3PH double disk
                                             Whirlpool A/C for house, etc., $100.         Heavy duty hay lift, $200. Harrison Co.,     2-drum hay cutter, $2,200. Lamar Co.,
ting, you haul $30 per pickup truck          Hinds Co., Terry, 601-878-2480.              Saucier, 228-831-1764.                                                                   w/scalloped cutter blades, exc. cond.,
load. Perry Co., Brooklyn, 601-598-                                                                                                    Columbia, 601-441-1485.                     $1,200. Kemper Co., Dekalb, 601-743-
2628 leave message.                          Waterless cookware set w/elec. skillet,      Vermeer WR20 hyd. fold hay rake, field                                                   5284.
                                                                                                                                       NH 273 square hay baler in good cond.,
                                             5-ply T-304 surgical stainless steel,        ready, $1,100. Covington Co.,                stored in shed, $1,000; Netherexe
Split oak firewood, $150 per cord; 1/2                                                    Seminary, 601-722-4105.                                                                  1995 Landini 7860 tractor, 74 PTO HP,
                                             large set, brand new in box, lifetime                                                     8-bale accumulator/grapple, like new,
cord $80. Madison Co., Ridgeland, 601-                                                                                                                                             w/shuttle shift, dual hyd’s., 2,300 hrs.,
                                             warranty,     $695.   Wayne       Co.,                                                    $6,500. Lawrence Co., Monticello, 601-
856-6822.                                                                                 Case-IH 8240 round hay baler, in exc.                                                    Allied 495 front-end loader, 80% rub-
                                             Waynesboro, 601-671-4211.                                                                 587-2257.
                                                                                          cond., used to bale less than 400 bales,                                                 ber on front/rear, $16,750. Copiah Co.,
Firewood, split & stacked, $65. Bennie                                                    under     shed,     $7,000.    Lee Co.,                                                  Wesson, 601-643-2762.
Ellisor, 8621 Greenfield Road, Moss          Electric churn, $20. Lamar Co.,                                                           Morra brand disc hay mower, 9’ cut,
                                             Hattiesburg, 601-264-6969.                   Mooreville, 662-842-3396.                    brand new, never used, $4,800 OBO.
Point 39562. Jackson County.                                                                                                                                                       Adams stainless steel seed/fert. spread-
                                                                                                                                       Itawamba Co., Nettleton, 662-862-           er, drive mechanism & bearings
                                             42 gal. aquarium w/stand, also 29 gal.       NH 664 round hay baler, kept in shed,
Firewood, 21” oak, 1/2 cord $55., full                                                                                                 4010.                                       replaced this summer, new cover,
                                             aquarium w/stand, both are like brand        $8,500 cash. Union Co., Myrtle, 662-
cord $110; 21” mixed, 1/2 cord $40.,                                                                                                                                               works great, $4,500 firm. Washington
                                             new, would make great Christmas gifts,       538-5772.
split/stacked, you haul. Hinds Co.,                                                                                                    Hay fork, $100; Scissor lift, $100.         Co., Greenville, 662-332-0016.
Pocahontas, 601-982-2903.                    all accessories included, $550 for both.                                                  Lauderdale Co., Collinsville, 601-737-
                                             Simpson Co., Mendenhall, 601-849-            8’ Kuhn GMD 600 hay mower, in good
                                                                                                                                       8826.                                       Ford 4610 tractor, one owner, w/origi-
                                             4103.                                        cond., $2,650; 8’ NH 462 hay mower, in
              GOURDS                                                                      good cond., $2,000; 8’ Vicon hay                                                         nal tires on rear, double outlets, bush-
                                                                                                                                                                                   hog, 6’ disk, section harrow, blade,
                                                                                          mower, good cond., $1,000. Oktibbeha                FIELD EQUIPMENT
Gourds, different varieties, will ship,
Martin gourds $2 & up; Craft gourds,
                                                 MACHINERY &                              Co., Maben, 662-549-9165.                                                                spray rig w/pump, small Pasture
                                                                                                                                                                                   Dream, $12,500 for all. Winston Co.,
                                                                                                                                       Farmall 656 tractor, in good cond.,
50¢ & up. Mrs. Jerry Davis, 11132 Byrd
Doerner Road, Collinsville 39325. Ph:
                                                  EQUIPMENT                               Hesston 530 round hay baler, makes
                                                                                          small bales, $4,500 cash; 5 1/2’ Kuhn        w/new battery, $5,000. Lee Co.,
                                                                                                                                                                                   Louisville, 662-803-7763.

                                                All equipment listed under this head-     hay cutter, $2,500 cash, both in good        Mooreville, 662-842-3396.                   2- Case 1370 tractors, exc. motor, can
(601) 737-5333. Lauderdale County.            ing must be offered for sale by persons
                                                                                          condition. Pearl River Co., Poplarville,                                                 hear it run, clutch not working, other
                                              actually engaged in farming and must                                                     15’ Midland heavy disk, in real good        is parts tractor, $5,000 OBO. Itawamba
New crop of gourds for Purple Martin          have been used on their farm in agricul-    1-601-795-2585.
or crafts, $1 & up; Also have custom                                                                                                   cond., $2,500; 3-tine heavy sub-soiler,     Co., Fulton, 662-852-5402. Email:
                                              tural pursuits. Dealers are not allowed                                                  $350. Covington Co., Seminary, 601-         pepaw67@yahoo.com
made steel pole, wench to rise/lower          to advertise. Equipment bought by           MF side delivery hay rake, used this
gourds, $75 at farm. Prentiss Co.,                                                        year, $250. Covington Co., Mt. Olive,        722-4105.
                                              farmers for resale purposes are not eli-                                                                                             Kubota L245 tractor, 24.5 HP, w/5’
Booneville, 662-728-7605.                     gible for this free advertising. Only in-   601-765-1330.
                                                                                                                                       INT 706 diesel tractor in good cond.,       bush-hog, toolbar w/several plow
                                              state residents are allowed to advertise
                                                                                          1992 JD 375 round hay baler, 4x5             $6,500; Farmall H gas tractor, runs         attachments, looks rough but runs
                                              within this category.
SEWING & OTHER FABRICS                                                                    (1,000 lb.) bales, looks & runs great, all   good, $900; INT 856 diesel tractor w/JD     great, all for $2,500., no checks. Lamar
                                                                                          belts & bearings are in good cond., no       48 loader w/bucket, $7,500 for both.        Co., Sumrall, 601-758-3702.
Quilts, all sizes, lots of patterns to           POULTRY EQUIPMENT                        problems, $4,500 firm. Carroll Co.,          Oktibbeha Co., Maben, 662-549-9165.
select from, $25-$75., I will quilt your                                                                                                                                           Pittsburg 1-row cultv., w/extra plows,
                                                                                          Carrollton, 662-237-0045.
tops. Leake Co., Walnut Grove, 601-          Electric water cool debecker for chick-                                                   1995 Long 2510 tractor, w/2,233 hrs.,       $325. Lamar Co., Hattiesburg, 601-
625-8423.                                    ens & birds, $100. Itawamba Co.,                                                          in good cond., $5,500. Greene Co.,          264-6667.
                                                                                          Hesston 5510 round hay baler, in very
                                             Tupelo, 662-862-2575.                        good cond., $3,450 cash; NH 254              Richton, 601-989-2496 after 5 p.m.
Quilts, handmade, baby, regular &                                                                                                                                                  BP 100 bean harvester (peas, butter
                                                                                          fluffer/rake combo, $1,495 OBO, cash;                                                    beans & string beans), in exc. cond.,
queen, $25-$135., lots of patterns,          1- 420’ house of Val Nipple drinkers, 4-     V-rake on caddy, in exc. cond., $1,695.      1999 Kubota 4WD tractor w/1,700 hrs.,
order your quilts for Christmas pre-         lines per house, $1,200; Winches, $10                                                     $28,000. Newton Co., Decatur, 601-          $19,000. Grenada Co., Grenada, 662-
                                                                                          Leake Co., Carthage, 601-267-4471.                                                       809-5352.
sents, will make your top into quilt for     & up; 1- power box, serves 4- chicken                                                     635-3461.
you. Scott Co., Forest, 601-625-0110.        houses, $500. Leake Co., Lena, 601-          JD 335 round hay baler, 4x4 bales, like                                                  Disk for MF 165 tractor, used but like
                                             654-9364.                                    new, kept in shed, also 8-wheel rake on      Zetor 3320 tractor, in exc. cond.,
Monogramming, handmade & mono-                                                                                                         w/4,775 hrs., well maintained, $6,250       new, half price $175. Newton Co.,
                                                                                          saddle, both for $9,500. Lauderdale                                                      Newton, 601-683-3945.
grammed custom baby diaper bags,             2- 40’ x 450’ broiler houses to be           Co., Collinsville, 601-917-1443 after 6      OBO. Harrison Co., Saucier, 228-832-
burp cloths, diaper wipe cases, purses       moved, 4- lines Brower feeders, 6-ton        p.m.                                         3260 ask for Kenneth.
                                                                                                                                                                                   10’ disk in good cond., $1,500. Walthall
& more, these make great baby gifts,         feed bins, 22- 36” fans, fog systems,                                                                                                 Co., Tylertown, 601-248-0100.
$7 & up. Forrest Co., Hattiesburg, 601-      stainless steel waterers, $5,000 each        JD 224T hay baler, $2,500; JD 224T           2-row middle buster, $250; Ford 3-bot-
606-3806.                                    house. Wayne Co., Waynesboro, 601-           baler for parts or can be fixed to bale      tom breaking plow, $250; 7’ section         INT 200 gas tractor, w/good tires,
                                             735-2306.                                    w/minor repair, $1,200; JD 24T baler         harrow, $200. Prentiss Co., Booneville,     $2,000; Ferguson TO30 tractor, w/new
Quilt tops, some peaced by hand, some                                                     for parts, $500. Hinds Co., Bolton, 601-     662-728-3455.                               tires, $2,000. Lowndes Co., Artesia,
in sewing machine, regular size $40-         Fans: 36” direct drive, box type, $50        866-7696.                                                                                662-272-5320.
$50., queen $75; Quilts: regular $100.,      each; 36” belt drive, $35 each; Heaters:                                                  6’ heavy duty box blade, $300; Lift pole,
queen $125-$150. Jasper Co., Rose            LB White Guardian, $200 each;                JD 1320 hay cutter/conditioner, 1968         $75; Spreader, $250. Harrison Co.,          1973 JD 4430 tractor, w/cab-air, dual
Hill, 601-727-9232.                          Cambridge Agr, $80 each. Scott Co.,          JD 4020 butane tractor, 90 HP, $9,800        Saucier, 228-831-1764.                      hyd’s., 90% rubber on front/rear, 7,700
                                             Lake, 601-775-0012.                          for both. Oktibbeha Co., Starkville,                                                     hrs., very clean, avg. cond., w/rear
        MISCELLANEOUS                                                                     662-418-4150 ask for Eddie.                  3PH seeder/fert. spreader, $275 cash,       duals $13,500., w/o duals $13,000.
                                             6- curtain machines, $200 each; 36”                                                       firm; Covington 1-row planter, $600         Copiah Co., Wesson, 601-757-5101.
         HOME ITEMS                          belt driven fans, $50 each; 6- water         NH 851 round hay baler, baled hay last       cash, firm, items used twice on 1/2 acre
                                             meters w/water filters, $50 each; Agri-      year, shedded until storm, sold cows &       garden, like new, kept under shed.          1979 Fiat Agri-Power diesel tractor,
30” elec. white stove, $150; Portable        cup drinkers, 450’ line, $100. Simpson       don’t need, $2,000. George Co.,              Marion Co., Columbia, 601-736-6864.         100 HP, w/6’ bush-hog, in great cond.,
dishwasher, $150; Electric clothes           Co., Pinola, 601-847-2893.                   Lucedale, 601-947-1678.                                                                  $3,500. Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-331-
dryer, $150. Oktibbeha Co., Starkville,                                                                                                21’ disk, in good cond., $4,500; Ford       5700.
662-324-7993.                                200- 4” coated cool cell pads, used 1-       Hesston 5800 round hay baler, 5x5            1720 diesel tractor, 27 HP, like new,
                                             flock, stored in shed, $10 each.             bales, baled hay this year but will need     $8,500; Amco PTO disher, $1,000.            1951 Super A tractor w/cultv., $3,500;
All natural goat milk soap, skin friend-     Simpson Co., Mendenhall, 601-847-            new belts very soon, $950 OBO.               Tallahatchie Co., Oakland, 662-647-         1948 Allis-Chalmers model G tractor
ly, nothing artificial, various scents, $4   0126.                                        Neshoba Co., Union, 601-774-5398.            8956.                                       w/cultv., $5,000., both in good condi-

November 15, 2005                                                                   MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                                Page 9
tion. Leake Co., Lena, 601-654-0009           & alternator, $7,000. Pearl River Co.,      JD 5200 tractor, w/JD canopy, JD 540        Mitsubishi 4WD tractor, 19 HP, w/box        3- JD tractors, 1- running, w/good tires
after 6 p.m.                                  Poplarville, 601-795-2676.                  loader, MFWD, in exc. cond., $16,000;       blade & bush-hog, 40 hrs., $4,900.          & paint, 2- for parts, all 3 for $1,500;
                                                                                          7’ Woods finishing mower, used very         Forrest Co., Petal, 601-543-6331.           Allis-Chalmers CA tractor, w/hyd. lift,
5’ Rhino SE5 rotary mower, needs bot-         6’ finishing mower, w/good blades,          little, like new, rear discharge, $1,700.                                               tricycle front end, $500. Perry Co.,
tom oil seal & light welding, $200.           runs good, 3PH, $300. Clay Co., West        Monroe Co., Amory, 662-256-7736.            Ford-NH 7840 tractor, w/cab-air, 6 cyl.,    Petal, 601-582-9441.
Neshoba Co., Philadelphia, 601-656-           Point, 662-495-1182.                                                                    $21,000. Scott Co., Sebastopol, 601-
1334.                                                                                     4’ Kubota RM 1441 tiller, 3PH, $250;        625-7773 nights.                            IH 468 8-row folding pull type do-all,
                                              Belarus 405A farm tractor, 57 HP, 380       4’ single row disk, 3PH, needs a little                                                 w/C-shank scratchers, fair to good
Ford 800 diesel tractor w/5’ bush-hog,        hrs., down pressure on lower links, exc.    work, $100., both for $300. Rankin Co.,     Ford 4000 diesel tractor, w/PS, 90%         cond., some spare parts included,
runs good, $2,100 cash. Lincoln Co.,          post hole digging tractor, $4,000.          Brandon, 601-613-3753.                      tires, 6’ Woods cutter, 6’ disk, boom       $2,500. Tallahatchie Co., Charleston,
Brookhaven, 601-833-6652.                     Panola Co., Batesville, 662-561-0697.                                                   pole, grader blade, post hole digger,       662-458-4021.
                                                                                          MF 383 tractor w/MF 236 loader, buck-       $7,000; Ford 841 gas tractor, $2,800.
1957 Ferguson TO35 tractor w/pasture          JD model A tractor, restored, $3,000;       et & hay spear, fiberglass canopy, in       Tate Co., Senatobia, 662-562-9447.          14’ chisel plow w/5-shanks, $3,850;
clipper, new tires & brakes, runs good,       JD model B tractor, one of the last         exc. cond., $14,000 firm, bank check.                                                   24’ offset disk, Bush Hog brand 246,
$2,800. Lincoln Co., Brookhaven, 601-         made, $3,000; JD model G tractor,           Scott Co., Forest, 601-536-2781.            5’ Prime disk, 16- 18” swivel discs, 8 on   disassembled, $2,500. Pearl River Co.,
835-4143.                                     ready to work, $2,500. Pontotoc Co.,                                                    front, 8 on back, adjustable, heavy         Lumberton, 601-796-2000.
                                              Pontotoc, 662-489-5335.                     NH TC35 4x4 tractor, w/shuttle trans.,      duty, exc. cond., $400; 6’ Dragon box
Farmall Super A tractor w/some equip-                                                     310 hrs., $11,000; 6’ Befco finishing       blade, heavy duty, $250. Madison Co.,       INT 474 diesel tractor, in good cond.,
ment, in good cond., $1,800 cash.             1968 JD 4020 butane tractor, 90 HP,         mower, like new, $1,300. Leake Co.,         Flora, 601-879-9224.                        w/PS, live PTO, good rubber, $3,250.
Attala Co., Vaiden, 662-289-2140.             JD 1320 hay cutter/conditioner, $9,800      Carthage, 601-267-3930.                                                                 Lee Co., Tupelo, 662-767-3351.
                                              for both. Oktibbeha Co., Starkville,                                                    Ford 5000 diesel tractor, w/Bush Hog
6’ Bush Hog brand finishing mower, in         662-418-4150 ask for Eddie.                                                             front-end loader & hay spear, $8,500.
                                                                                          Ford 6600 tractor, in exc. cond., eng.                                                  MF 30” dirt scoop, in exc. cond., $200.
good cond., $1,000. Jones Co., Ovett,                                                                                                 Lincoln Co., Brookhaven, 601-833-
                                                                                          completely rebuilt & brought to stan-                                                   Calhoun Co., Bruce, 662-983-7668.
601-344-7258.                                 JD 5210 tractor, w/canopy, 385 hrs.,                                                    2927.
                                                                                          dard, new tires, $9,500. Marion Co.,
                                              6’ Woods bush-hog, new 6’ grader
                                                                                          Foxworth, 601-736-6760.                                                                 Taylorway 11-tine chisel plow, $700.
2- new Goodyear tractor tires, 16.9 x 30      blade, 5’ JD finishing mower, 6’ disk, 6’                                               JD 4850 tractor, w/5,217 hrs., 20.8 x
$250. Kemper Co., Porterville, 662-           driveway blade, $16,000 total. Pontotoc                                                 38” radials, $21,000; 30’ Great Plains      DeSoto Co., Southaven, 662-349-6575.
476-8308.                                                                                 Ford 8N tractor lift top without cylin-     solid stand drill, 10” spacing, hyd.
                                              Co., Randolph, 662-489-8820.
                                                                                          der, $25 cash. Hinds Co., Raymond,          markers, 600 acres on blades, field
JD 2040 tractor w/5’ Bush Hog brand           Ford 3000 diesel tractor, w/PS, new         601-922-5596.                               ready, $5,500. Lee Co., Shannon, 662-           MACHINERY,
bush-hog, 1,635 hrs., $8,000 firm.            pump, rear tires & wheels, bush-hog,                                                    767-8705.
Forrest Co., Hattiesburg, 601-579-            disk, extra rear wheels & tires, $5,000.    1997 JD 5400 2WD tractor w/canopy,
                                                                                          dual hyd’s., joystick, 660 hrs., $16,500;
8116. Email: rmurch@megagate.com              Stone Co., Perkinston, 601-528-9108.                                                    JD 6400 4WD tractor, w/cab-air, power
                                                                                          2001 JD MX8 mower w/semi mount,
                                                                                          $3,000. Madison Co., Flora, 601-879-
                                                                                                                                      quad trans., new tires, JD 640 loader, in       & TRAILERS
2- PTO shafts & clutch for Ford pas-          2- JD 4400 combines, w/213 headers,                                                     very good cond., $32,500. Lafayette            All machinery, equipment, trucks &
ture clipper, $60. Calhoun Co., Bruce,        $2,000 each or $3,500 for both; JD          3900.                                       Co., Oxford, 662-234-5867.                   trailers listed under this heading must
662-983-2103.                                 7000 4-row planter, $500. Tippah Co.,                                                                                                be offered for sale by persons in
                                              Walnut, 662-587-2542.                       Farmall 140 garden tractor w/plows,         8-row hipper w/markers, $895; IH             Mississippi actually engaged in farming
Zetor 7711 tractor w/loader, $4,800;                                                      planters & cultv’s., in exc. cond.,         8-row hyd. fold markers, $300; IH 133        and must have been used on their farm
MF 135 diesel tractor, $3,500; Ursus          Bush Hog brand 765H backhoe attach-         $4,500 OBO. Rankin Co., Pearl, 601-         4-row cultv. w/fenders, $295; IH picker      in agricultural pursuits. Dealers are not
2812 tractor, 38 HP, $12,000; DMD             ment for 25-45 HP tractor, has PTO          421-0568.                                   rear wheel, 11:25 x 24”, $75. Sunflower      allowed to advertise. Machinery, equip-
2060 mower, $5,500; MF 65 transmis-           pump, 2- buckets (9” & 24”), $4,000.                                                    Co., Shaw, 662-754-3591.                     ment, trucks & trailers bought by farm-
sion, $400. Covington Co., Collins,           Grenada Co., Gore Springs, 662-294-         1680 combine w/1020 22’ flex head,                                                       ers for resale purposes are not eligible
601-765-6760.                                                                             4WD, A/C, $18,000 OBO; Eddins FR3-          JD 2-row rotary hoe, $125; 3PH 5x5           for this free advertising. Only in-state
                                                                                          26 8-row hipper roller, in exc. cond.,                                                   residents are allowed to advertise with-
                                                                                                                                      carry-all, $120. Union Co., Blue
                                                                                                                                                                                   in this category.
1996 Ford-NH 7840 4x4 tractor, w/cab-         Horse drawn JD implements, plow,            $7,500. Humphreys Co., Belzoni, 662-        Springs, 662-534-3990.
air, 16x16 trans., 4,500 hrs., in good        mower, planters, from $150-$500.            571-6455.
cond., $23,500; 2615 Legend bush-hog,         Pearl River Co., Poplarville, 601-795-                                                  IH M gas tractor, w/wide front, 3PH,                EQUIPMENT
3 yrs. old, very good cond., $7,500.          8943.                                       MF 135 diesel tractor, runs good,           $1,850; Ford 600 tractor, $2,500; Parts
Webster Co., Eupora, 662-258-8332.                                                        w/good lift, tires, sheet metal, $5,000;    for Super M tractor, $25 & up; Ford
                                                                                                                                                                                      TRAILERS & WAGONS
                                              3PH tractor grapple, 76” opening, side      MF 40 gas tractor, 4 cyl., runs good,       2-row cultv., $200. Coahoma Co., Rena
1995 Belarus 205 AS diesel tractor w/5’       shift 30 degrees, heavy duty cylinders,     w/good lift, new carburetor, $3,800.        Lara, 662-624-5660.                         C-W 32’ flatbed trailer, 102” wide, in
bush-hog, one owner, in good cond.,           grease fittings, only used twice, like      Jones Co., Laurel, 601-428-5196.                                                        great cond., $4,850. Grenada Co.,
good rubber, $3,700. Pike Co., Summit,        new, takes 50-100 HP tractor, $4,000.                                                   JD 2840 diesel tractor, 80 HP, very         Thaxton, 662-401-0013.
601-684-3043.                                 Jasper Co., Montrose, 601-917-4530.         5’ Woods bush-hog, $200. Union Co.,         clean, PS, canopy, $8,500 OBO; JD
                                                                                          New Albany, 662-534-7899.                   silage blower, $250; Woods finishing        20’ gooseneck equip. trailer, w/dual
7100 8-row planter, w/monitor, roll           JD 4440 tractor, w/cab-air, power shift,                                                mower, $650. Madison Co., Canton,           tandem axles, heavy ramps, dovetail,
cleaners, insecticide boxes, etc.,            540 & 1,000 PTO, new back tires, good       JD seed/fert. sower, $350. Scott Co.,       601-898-1434.                               winch, 8,000 lbs., in good cond.,
$3,500. Noxubee Co., Macon, 662-726-          clean tractor, $22,500. Newton Co.,         Morton, 601-732-2927.                                                                   $3,800. Oktibbeha Co., Maben, 662-
4816.                                         Decatur, 601-635-5280.                                                                  INT 856 tractor, very good, Allis-          549-9165.
                                                                                          3- MF 760 combines, 20’ tables pickup       Chalmers 7040 tractor, 140 HP,
New Idea 309 1-row pull type corn             JD 6410 4WD tractor, w/cab-air, self        reels, V-8 Perkins diesel engines, all 3    w/power shift, dual 20.8x30 R/C tires,      16’ gooseneck trailer w/dump bed,
picker, in good cond., shedded, field         leveling loader, air ride seat, left hand   for $3,500. Sunflower Co., Indianola,       very good, $6,000 each. Warren Co.,         7,200 lb. axles, in exc. cond., $5,100.
ready, $2,500. Tippah Co., Ripley, 662-       reverser, 1,950 hrs., $45,000. Rankin       662-887-3514.                               Vicksburg, 601-638-6292 nights.             Jackson Co., Vancleave, 228-826-3721.
837-8488.                                     Co., Brandon, 601-906-7600.
                                                                                          Sod cutter, Teledyne-Princeton, in very     JD 4020 tractor, w/power shift, wide        12’ equipment trailer, heavy duty, 2”
MF 50 gas tractor, needs eng. work,           JD 4440 tractor, w/cab-air, quad range,     good cond., $11,000. Pearl River Co.,       front, loader, needs trans. work,           ball hookup or pintle hitch, which ever
w/6’ bush-hog, as is $2,000. Amite Co.,       good rubber, clean tractor, $15,000.        Poplarville, 601-795-6719.                  $7,200; JD 630 tractor, w/new rubber,       you prefer, $975. Hinds Co., Terry, 601-
Smithdale, 601-567-9807.                      Yalobusha Co., Oakland, 662-623-8683.                                                   needs paint, $4,500. Bill Diehl, 377        878-5872.
                                                                                                                                      Hwy. 532, Mt. Olive 39119. Covington
                                                                                          Kubota M6800 4x4 tractor, w/synchro-
Yanmar 1500 tractor, needs crank, all         1967 Ford 4000 diesel tractor, 4 cyl.,                                                  County.
                                                                                          nized shuttle trans., LA 1002 quick                                                     Factory built 5’ x 10’ utility trailer,
others parts in good cond., new steer-        wide front end, 4-spd. trans., overall
                                                                                          attach Kubota loader, roll bar &                                                        $625. Lincoln Co., Brookhaven, 601-
ing section & brakes, rear end & trans.       fair cond., no PS, $2,500. Grenada Co.,                                                 MF 210 tractor, A-1 cond., good brakes,
                                                                                          canopy, dual remotes, 905 hrs., in exc.                                                 835-4143.
in good cond., $1,400 OBO. Rankin             Grenada, 662-226-8789.                                                                  tires & seat, new paint, $3,000 cash.
                                                                                          cond., $20,500. Clarke Co., Quitman,
Co., Brandon, 601-594-1731.                                                                                                           Leake Co., Carthage, 601-298-1899.
                                              2002 Mahindra tractor, 36 hrs., 35 HP,      601-479-6170.                                                                           Extra heavy duty 2-cord pulpwood or
2003 Kubota 4900 diesel tractor, 49 HP,       w/5’ bush-hog, disk, box blade, lift pole                                               JD 5410 2WD tractor, w/540 front-end        firewood trailer, haul up to 8’ length
240 hrs., like new, w/big tires, shuttle      & 16’ trailer, $9,999 OBO. Scott Co.,       Ford 4610 tractor, 60 HP, in exc. cond.,    loader, 7’ bucket & hay spear, in good      wood, selling due to age, $650. Lincoln
trans., roll bar & canopy, $13,500.           Forest, 601-943-6296.                       ready to do whatever you need, $9,200.      cond., $16,500. Scott Co., Morton, 601-     Co., Wesson, 601-833-7533.
Leake Co., Carthage, 601-298-1572.                                                        Stone Co., Wiggins, 601-928-5426.           732-2488.
                                              MF 240 tractor in exc. cond., $7,300.                                                                                               1972 Strick dry van trailer, 45’ long,
48” finishing mower, w/new spindle,           Itawamba Co., Marietta, 662-365-7102.       Allis-Chalmers D-17 LP gas tractor, 54      Case-IH 7140 4WD tractor, w/cab-air,        w/roll up door, spoke Dayton wheels,
blades & belt, $500. Rankin Co.,                                                          HP, exc. tractor, in show cond., $6,500     duals, $28,000; JD 4230 tractor             10020 tube tires, spring suspension,
Pelahatchie, 601-672-3777.                    6’ multi-purpose disk, $325. Pontotoc       negotiable. Lamar Co., Sumrall, 601-        w/front-end loader, $13,500; JD 2240        good cond., $2,000. Montgomery Co.,
                                              Co., Pontotoc, 662-489-7244.                606-1211.                                   tractor,   $6,200.    Webster    Co.,       Kilmichael, 601-497-1167.
95B combine, late model, all hyd.,                                                                                                    Bellefontaine, 662-258-7531.
$750. Madison Co., Ridgeland, 601-            Kelley 2-row peanut digger, windrow &       Orthman 12-row flat fold cultv. & bed-                                                  1999 48’ flatbed trailer, w/spread axle,
856-3100.                                     turn peanuts up, 3PH, $475. Oktibbeha       der, $15,000; Orthman 12-row flat fold      Ford 600 tractor only, new front, fair      air ride suspension, in exc. cond.,
                                              Co., Starkville, 662-323-4827.              bedder only, $12,000; Orthman 12-row        back, 6-volt system, all items work,        $7,000. Harrison Co., Biloxi, 228-860-
1953 Allis-Chalmers WD 45 gas tractor                                                     flat fold cultv. only, $8,000.              $2,500 cash only - firm. Pike Co.,          9514.
for parts, w/tricycle front end, will load,   Covington 2-row planter, many new           Washington Co., Leland, 662-820-            McComb, 601-395-0159.
$350. Pike Co., Summit, 601-684-4540.         parts, gears, hoppers, scrapers &           6699.                                                                                   Short pulpwood trailers, several to
                                              wheels, also on cultv., $350; 1-row sin-                                                14.9-28 tractor tire, new cond., $175       choose from, prices range from $1,500-
MF 255 tractor, looks & runs good,            gle cutter, $300. Tippah Co., Blue          10’ JD hyd. disk, $1,800. Jackson Co.,      OBO. Rankin Co., Sandhill, 601-829-         $4,500. Hinds Co., Jackson, 601-940-
w/new sheet metal, seat, lights, starter      Mountain, 662-587-7198.                     Hurley, 228-217-3175.                       2472.                                       3466.

Page 10                                                                            MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                              November 15, 2005
4-wheel wagon, good for hauling fuel         cash OBO. Union Co., Myrtle, 662-538-       2002 Ford F-150 XL LWB reg. cab             diamond plate toolbox, bedliner, tinted      1979 Chev. 4x4 LWB truck, 4-spd.
tank on, $275. Clay Co., West Point,         5772.                                       truck, red, V-6, 4.2 eng., 5-spd. stan-     windows,    good     tires,    $6,000.       trans. w/NP 205 V-8, good hunting
662-495-1182.                                                                            dard, 37,000 miles, exc. cond., $7,500      Lauderdale Co., Collinsville, 601-986-       truck, w/1977 Chev. SWB 4x4 parts
                                             1996 Ford F-350 4-door truck,               OBO. Kemper Co., Dekalb, 743-5721.          2524.                                        truck,     $2,000.    Simpson Co.,
Tandem axle trailer w/seats for hunting      w/Power Stroke diesel, 5-spd., tilt,                                                                                                 Harrisville, 601-847-9136.
or wagon, $1,500. Hinds Co., Bolton,         cruise, flatbed w/toolboxes, gooseneck      1994 Ford XLT 3/4-ton diesel truck,         1989 Ford F-150 XLT Lariat truck, 5-
601-866-7696.                                hitch, bumper receiver, 173,000 miles,      just replaced motor, 360,000 miles on       spd., motor runs great, w/good tires,        1995 Dodge 2500 ext. cab LWB truck,
                                             in good cond., $9,800. Oktibbeha Co.,       truck, $4,250. Newton Co., Conehatta,       $1,500. Marion Co., Foxworth, 601-           Cummins turbo diesel, PS, PL, PW,
1994 Trailboss lowboy trailer, 25-tons,      Maben, 662-549-9165.                        601-635-5151.                               736-0707.                                    cruise, new trans., 171,000 miles, good
in exc. cond., $10,000. Tallahatchie                                                                                                                                              truck, $6,100 OBO. Jasper Co., Rose
Co., Enid, 662-623-8609.                     1985 Dodge Ram truck, auto., 6 cyl.,        1993 Ford F-150 4x4 SWB truck, auto.,       1997 Chev. Z71 ext. cab truck, w/third       Hill, 601-727-3524.
                                             $2,000. Covington Co., Collins, 601-        302 eng., all options, high miles, like     door, push button 4WD, AM/FM radio
Trail-Boss 4-wheel trailer, 15’ long x       765-6760.                                   brand new inside/out, $5,995. Hinds         w/cassette & CD, 350 Vortec eng.,            Rear truck bumper w/swing out hitch,
5’ 9” wide, w/brakes, tail lights, 2-                                                    Co., Byram, 601-373-9896 after 7 p.m.       chrome toolbox, bedliner, towing pkg.,       $75; Rochester 2-barrel carburetor,
spare tires, 1- Atlas fertilizer distribu-   1986 Chev. 3/4-ton truck, exc. work                                                     $9,700. Prentiss Co., Booneville, 662-       $100. Sunflower Co., Shaw, 662-754-
tor, works off PTO, both for $1,100.         truck, in good cond., ready to go,          1979 Ford F-250 4x4 truck, Dana 60          401-8297.                                    3591.
Noxubee Co., Macon, 662-726-5457.            $2,000. Pontotoc Co., Pontotoc, 662-        front/rear, truck needs gas tank, other-
                                             489-7194.                                   wise ready to go, $1,000 cash. Clay Co.,    Pulpwood truck w/factory Louisville          4- Wild Country mud terrains, 32” x
Equipment trailer, $800. Jasper Co.,                                                     West Point, 662-494-8675.                   bed w/loader, holds 2 1/2 cords & 9’         11.5” x 15”, very good cond., no
Bay Springs, 601-428-7833.                   1996 Chev. Z71 ext. cab truck, white,                                                   logs, truck is 1980 Chev. 1-ton 4x4          plugs/patches, plenty of tread, w/alloy
                                             one owner, w/leather, bedliner, towing      1995 Ford F-150 truck, w/toolbox, new                                                    wheels, tires $200., rims $280., $400
                                                                                                                                     w/double axles on back, 350 eng.,
1974 Palmer 20’ steel dump trailer,          pkg., $6,550; 1985 Chev. 1-ton truck,       tires, alum. rims, Alpine stereo system,                                                 for all. Marion Co., Kokomo, 601-731-
                                                                                                                                     $6,500. Lauderdale Co., Meridian, 601-
w/bedliner, roll up dolly, good cond.,       w/steel flatbed, 350 eng., 4-spd. trans.,   in good cond., $3,500. Scott Co., Lena,                                                  1620.
$9,500; 1976 Fruehauf 27’ alum. dump         $3,150. Itawamba Co., Mantachie, 662-       601-654-8830.
trailer, w/roll up tarp, extra good cond.,   401-8694.                                                                                                                            2004 Chev. 3/4-ton heavy duty 4x4
                                                                                         Leer alum. white camper shell w/wide        4- 10x15, 6-hole Eagle alum. wheels,
$10,500. Prentiss Co., Baldwyn, 662-                                                                                                                                              quad cab truck, gooseneck hitch, 79k
                                                                                         windows, fits all LWB full size trucks,     $200. Simpson Co., Pinola, 601-847-
365-5657.                                    1984 Chev. SWB 4x4 truck, small block                                                                                                miles, exc. cond., $16,000; 2002 Chev.
                                                                                         like new, $500. Webster Co., Eupora,        4463.
                                             400, 411 gears, 8,000# winch, QR                                                                                                     3/4-ton 4x4 quad cab truck, 99k miles,
24’ alum. Coke trailer, dual tandem          Buckshot radials, nice truck, good          662-258-3443.                                                                            $11,000. Smith Co., Mize, 601-733-
                                                                                                                                     2001 Silverado 1-ton crew cab truck
axles, new tires & white paint, 2 5/16       truck for hunting season, $5,500.                                                                                                    5627.
                                                                                         2003 Ford F-150 XLT Lariat FX4 4x4          w/Miller welder, Victor torch set, new
gooseneck hitch, pull w/1-ton truck,         Hinds Co., Raymond, 601-954-8903.                                                       Ingersoll-Rand air compressor, impact
$2,800. Jackson Co., Hurley, 228-588-                                                    4-door ext. cab truck, loaded, w/towing                                                  Log bed for bob truck, will haul 12’-22’
                                                                                         pkg., sprayed-in bedliner, nerf bars, 23k   wrench for a big truck, toolbox & tools,     cuts, bed built by Bowman Machine
9015.                                        2003 Ford F-150 King Ranch super                                                        $16,000. Tallahatchie Co., Enid, 662-
                                             crew 4-door 4x4 truck, two-tone             miles, leather, never off blacktop,                                                      Works in Ackerman, MS, good straight
                                                                                         $25,000. Lauderdale Co., Meridian,          623-8609.                                    bed, in exc. cond., $1,400. Webster Co.,
4-wheel wagon in very good cond.,            green/beige, loaded, 45,000 miles, paid
$550; 12’ tandem axle trailer w/ramps        new $40,000., asking $22,800. Clarke        601-737-8111.                                                                            Mathiston, 662-258-2899.
                                                                                                                                     1966 Chev. Custom cab SWB truck
& lights, $400; 7’ x 18’ trailer, loaded     Co., Enterprise, 601-917-8881.                                                          w/large rear glass, factory A/C, $950;
w/extras, 2005 year model, $3,250.                                                       2000 Chev. Silverado 2500 ext. cab                                                       1986 Ford 1-ton truck, 6.9 diesel,
                                                                                         truck, w/third door, 6.0 eng., auto.        1973 Chev. truck, w/40k actual miles,        w/service body, all compartments in
Madison Co., Canton, 601-898-1434.           1991 Chev. 3500 1-ton 4WD LWB                                                           350 eng., 350 auto. trans., PS, A/C,
                                             truck, auto., runs exc., new trans.,        trans., gooseneck hitch, bedliner, tow-                                                  good cond., auto. trans., dual rear
                                                                                         ing pkg., new tires, 91,000 miles,          $2,300. Montgomery Co., Winona, 662-         wheels, good tires, runs good, $2,200.
Heavy duty 3-axle trailer, w/pintle          85,000 miles, new mud tires, $9,500.
                                                                                         $10,300     OBO.      Simpson      Co.,     283-2294.                                    Newton Co., Decatur, 601-635-2044.
hitch, ramps, haul tractor, backhoe or       Clay Co., West Point, 662-495-1182.
bulldozer, $2,000 OBO. Jones Co.,                                                        Mendenhall, 601-847-0126.
                                                                                                                                     2001 Dodge Ram 1500 1/2-ton SWB              1996 Ford F-150 ext. cab 4x4 truck,
Soso, 601-763-3808.                          1993 Ford F-150 ext. cab truck, 351,
                                                                                         1946 Chev. 3/4-ton truck, w/8’ metal        truck, V-8 Magnum, Laramie SLT,              XLT pkg., never off road, 82,000 miles,
                                             5-spd., new tires, $2,500; 1982 Ford
                                                                                         bed, good motor & body, always shed-        76,000 miles, auto. trans., PS, PL, PW,      5.8 V-8, auto. all power, galv. toolbox &
16’ Diamond utility trailer, w/tandem        F-150 truck, 351, auto., good tires,
                                                                                         ded, $750. H. H. Lancaster, Monroe          new tires, AM/FM/cassette, exc. cond.,       rails, Warn winch, $15,000. Webster
axles & hideaway ramps, in exc. cond.,       100k miles, $2,500. Lowndes Co.,
                                                                                         Co., Hamilton, 662-343-8847.                $9,000. Chickasaw Co., Houston, 662-         Co., Mathiston, 662-263-4300.
stored out of the weather, $700.             Artesia, 662-272-5320.
Lawrence Co., Monticello, 601-587-                                                       4- 8.00-16.5 LT tires on Ford 8-hole                                                     2000 Ford F-350 Super Duty ext. cab
7663.                                        2004 GMC Sierra 1500 LWB standard
                                                                                         rims, plus spares, used only 1,000          1996 Dodge ext. cab 4x4 truck, 318           4x4 truck, 4-doors, 7.3 diesel, 6-spd.,
                                             cab truck, w/PL, PW, low mileage, war-
                                                                                         miles, $150; MT80 trans. for PTO,           eng., auto. trans., fully loaded, exc.       clean, ready to work, $17,000. Greene
Furniture type trailer, tandem axles,        ranty, Linex bedliner, $16,500. Pike
                                                                                         rebuilt, $300. Adams Co., Natchez,          cond., $8,500. Yazoo Co., Bentonia,          Co., Lucedale, 601-394-4264.
w/side door, $750. Calhoun Co.,              Co., Summit, 601-276-3385.
                                                                                         601-445-9806.                               601-624-3879.
Calhoun City, 662-628-5262.                                                                                                                                                       1976 Chev. 1/2-ton 2WD truck, auto.
                                             1997 Chev. Silverado 3500 crew cab          1999 Toyota Tacoma SR5 ext. cab 4x4         1982 Chev. 3/4-ton truck, 350 eng., 4-       trans., 2,000 mi. on factory 350 eng.,
Utility trailer, new, 5’ x 8’ w/drive on     2WD LWB dually, only 67,500 miles,          truck, V-6, auto. trans., tilt, bedliner,   spd., standard trans., $2,500. Newton        mech. sound, body needs work, $1,100
ramp, has expanded metal floor, rail         loaded, auto. trans., 354 eng., A/C, all    nerf bars, toolbox, PW, PL, keyless         Co., Union, 601-635-3172.                    OBO. Attala Co., Kosciusko, 662-290-
around sides & front, lights, fenders,       power, CD, bars, toolbox, excellent,        entry, tinted windows, 94,500 miles,                                                     0294.
safety chain, 2” coupler, $550. Webster      $11,500. DeSoto Co., Olive Branch,          $12,000. Lauderdale Co., Meridian,
Co., Mathiston, 662-258-2899.                662-895-5297.                                                                           Ford rear end, fits E250 - E350, late
                                                                                         601-482-5871.                               model, still has all brake components,       1989 Ford F-350 truck, flatbed
                                                                                                                                     in perfect cond., first $300 will load for   w/gooseneck ball, 30k miles on rebuilt
Wells Cargo tandem trailer, 12’ long x       Stainless steel brush guard, fits full      1997 Ford F-150 Lariat 4x4 ext. cab                                                      motor, tires like new, new computer,
8’ high x 6’ width, 3’ tongue, white         size Dodge truck, w/winch mount, like                                                   you. Kemper Co., Collinsville, 601-986-
                                                                                         truck, w/third door, V-8, all electric,     8316.                                        fair cond., $1,800. Grenada Co.,
w/nose cone, battery & ramp type drop        new, cost $800., asking $400. Scott Co.,    auto., new motor, $6,900. Pike Co.,                                                      Holcomb, 662-227-2705.
down door w/alum. extension, $5,100.         Morton, 601-732-8772.                       Summit, 601-276-9209.
Copiah Co., Wesson, 601-643-5040.                                                                                                    1- set of 16” Chev. Z71 wheels, fits
                                                                                                                                     models 1988-1998, $150. Lee Co.,             1996 GMC Z71 4WD truck, SLE pkg.,
                                             1986 Chev. 1-ton truck, flatbed             1995 Ford F-150 reg. cab truck, 5-spd.,                                                  AM/FM/CD/cassette, leather, PW, PL,
18’ Port City flatbed trailer, w/6,000 lb.   w/dump body, gooseneck hookup &                                                         Tupelo, 662-844-1378.
                                                                                         V-8, PS, PB, A/C, $2,500 OBO; 1997                                                       PS, towing pkg., brand new tires,
axles, ramps, in good cond., $1,200.         bumper hitch, in exc. cond., $6,000.        Ford F-350 XLT crew cab truck, loaded,                                                   199,000 miles, good cond., $5,800.
Jackson Co., Hurley, 228-588-6357.           Scott Co., Forest, 601-469-2397.                                                        1996 Ford F-450 Super Duty utility
                                                                                         115,000 miles, $14,000 OBO. Hinds           truck, w/attached fuel tank & compres-       Hinds Co., Raymond, 601-857-2505.
                                                                                         Co., Terry, 601-878-2127.                   sor, 80,000 miles, $16,000. Pike Co.,
1994 Clements dump trailer, $10,500.         1998 Mazda B-4000 ext. cab 4x4 truck,                                                                                                1994 Toyota reg. cab 4x4 truck, w/fresh
Lincoln Co., Brookhaven, 601-835-            V-6, auto., loaded out, 99,000 miles,                                                   Tylertown, 601-684-4512.
                                                                                         1988 GMC 3/4-ton truck w/steel                                                           rebuilt motor, new alum. rims & mud
1834.                                        $6,300 OBO. Lee Co., Guntown, 662-          flatbed, auto., new 350 eng., runs &                                                     grip tires, $4,200 OBO. Perry Co.,
                                             401-8977.                                                                               2001 Ford F-150 super crew 4-door
                                                                                         drives good, $1,250. Lowndes Co.,                                                        Beaumont, 601-784-3239.
1985 East all alum. 45’ flatbed trailer,                                                                                             truck, Arizona beige, loaded, w/leather,
                                                                                         Columbus, 662-329-1420.
spread axle, w/dump valve, used daily,       1989 Chev. step side SWB 4x4 truck,                                                     Line-X bedliner, in exc. cond., $14,000.     1979 Ford F-150 4x4 LWB truck, has
need 48’ trailer is the reason for sell-     350 eng., 5-spd. trans., in good cond.,     1993 Chev. Z71 truck, loaded, in good       Lincoln Co., Brookhaven, 601-833-            less than 12,000 miles on new 351M
ing, $12,000. Alcorn Co., Corinth, 662-      $2,950. Attala Co., Kosciusko, 662-289-     cond., w/164,000 miles, $5,000. Stone       0776.                                        eng., body in good cond., extra set of
287-9528.                                    7283.                                       Co., Wiggins, 601-928-7941.                                                              tires/rims, $3,100 OBO. Leflore Co.,
                                                                                                                                     2004 Dodge Ram 1500 4-door truck,            Greenwood, 662-455-3816.
1974 Palmer dump trailer, 18 yd. bed,        1987 Toyota 4x4 truck, 2200R eng.,          Dually bed, fits 1988-1991 Ford 1-ton,      only 9,750 miles, w/bedliner, show-
sandblasted/painted, cylinder packed,        rough body but mech. sound, perfect         Hide-A-Bed hitch, bumper, rubber bed        room cond., $19,975. Covington Co.,          1997 Dodge 2500 SLT LWB 2WD truck,
new floor, brakes, led lights & push bar     for hunting, new tires, $2,500. Newton      mat, tailgate, $800 firm; 8’ work bed       Mt. Olive, 601-797-9843.                     auto. trans., gooseneck hitch, trailer
apron, $7,500. Monroe Co., Smithville,       Co., Union, 601-635-2750.                   cover, w/3-doors & ladder rack, $250.                                                    brakes, new paint, Cummins diesel,
662-651-5101.                                                                            Lincoln Co., Summit, 601-567-2467.          1984 Ford F-150 4WD truck, auto.             $10,500. Attala Co., Sallis, 662-418-
                                             1994 Dodge Ram 1500 truck, silver &                                                     trans., 300 6 cyl. eng., auto. trans. does   2624.
                                             red, in exc. cond., nice clean truck,       1995 Chev. 2500 truck, 6.5 diesel,          not work, $800. Scott Co., Morton,
         TRUCKS,                             adult driven, $4,500. Scott Co., Forest,    auto., 86,000 miles, super nice, $5,900.    601-732-8539.                                2000 Ford F-350 LE crew cab dually,
   ACCESSORIES & PARTS                       601-625-8063.                               Oktibbeha Co., Starkville, 662-323-                                                      loaded, w/Power Stroke, auto., below
                                                                                         5599.                                       2002 Ford F-250 Lariat 2WD truck,            book value, $22,500. Warren Co.,
                                             1993 Toyota T100 SR5 4x4 LWB truck,                                                     Power Stroke diesel, loaded, like new,       Vicksburg, 601-529-0811.
1976 Ford 1-ton truck w/ball set up to       full size, V-6, 211k miles, one owner,      1995 Ford F-250 XLT truck, 351, V-8,        never been worked on, 93k miles,
pull gooseneck trailer, it runs but          $3,800. Lawrence Co., Jayess, 601-823-      one owner, 94,000 miles, towing pkg.,       $22,500 OBO. Rankin Co., Florence,           1997 Ford F-150 Lariat super cab 4x4
needs a little work, buy as is, $1,000       0546.                                       cowboy bumper, gooseneck hookup,            601-845-0562.                                truck, w/third door, 5.8 V-8, auto., all

November 15, 2005                                                                 MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                               Page 11
power, towing pkg., leather, 130k           1999 Isuzu Rodeo, V-6, PW, cruise, exc.     1988 L9000 truck w/winch & mono-            1994 JD 310 backhoe w/4,400 hrs.,            JD 440 cable skidder, in good cond.,
miles, in exc. cond., $8,200 OBO.           cond., 66,000 miles, one owner, $7,800.     rail, $12,000. Pike Co., Tylertown, 601-    $45,000. Pike Co., Tylertown, 601-684-       $8,500; 100” Esco grappler, $800.
Washington Co., Leland, 662-686-            Jefferson Davis Co., Oakvale, 601-792-      684-4512.                                   4512.                                        Marion Co., Foxworth, 601-736-9020.
2117.                                       8368.
                                                                                        2001 Mack truck, 427 eng., 18-spd.          Cat. D7E bulldozer, hyd. blade w/tilt, in
2001 Ford Ranger XLT truck, V-6,            1994 Jeep Wrangler, straight 6, never       trans., wet kit, headache rack, 145,000     good cond., $19,500. Washington Co.,
                                                                                                                                                                                         LAWN & GARDEN
17,500 miles, CD player, tow pkg.,          been in the mud, A-1 cond., $6,000.         miles,     $58,000.     Lincoln    Co.,     Leland, 662-820-6699.                                  EQUIPMENT
$11,000 OBO. Franklin Co., Meadville,       Hinds Co., Terry, 601-878-2480.             Brookhaven, 601-835-1834.
601-384-5379.                                                                                                                       JD 350B gas bulldozer, w/new main            Loading ramps for lawn mower, new,
                                            2000 Ford Windstar ES, 168,000 miles,       1978 Ford F-600 dump truck, runs            clutch, new steering clutches, good          $60/pair. Calhoun Co., Bruce, 662-
2000 Chev. 2500 4x4 truck, white, in        body & interior in good cond., very         good, $3,500. Pike Co., Magnolia, 601-      undercarriage, ready for work, $8,900.       983-2103.
good cond., w/new tires, toolbox, 5-        clean, needs trans. work, $1,500.           783-9070.                                   Newton Co., Decatur, 601-635-2044.
spd., gooseneck hitch, good gas             Copiah Co., Wesson, 601-643-2524.                                                                                                    2004 Snapper hydrostatic riding
mileage, 116,000 miles, $13,900.                                                        1985 Ford F-600 truck, 4-spd., 2-spd.
                                                                                                                                    Tractomotive loader, rubber tired,           mower, 30” cut, like new, warranty
Jasper Co., Bay Springs, 601-764-7051.      1993 Jeep Cherokee Sport, 4-doors, 6        rear end, steel flatbed w/gooseneck
                                                                                                                                    2WD, in good cond., $4,500; 1970 INT         remaining, retail $2,200., asking
                                            cyl., hunter green, A/C & heat works,       hookup, in very good cond., $2,700.
                                                                                                                                    TD-8C bulldozer, $10,900. Pike Co.,          $1,000 cash. Simpson Co., Magee, 601-
1994 Mazda B-4000 4WD truck, V-6,           $2,500 OBO. Jones Co., Laurel, 601-         Rankin Co., Florence, 601-845-0776.
                                                                                                                                    Magnolia, 601-783-9070.                      849-0270.
5-spd., $1,000. Newton Co., Conehatta,      425-2046.
                                                                                        Enclosed alum. bed for 2-ton truck, 4-
601-683-3712.                                                                                                                       Vermeer M485 tree spade, 40”, 4WD,           MTD lawn tractor, 18 HP, w/42” cut,
                                                                                        bays per side w/roll up doors, each side
                                            1995 Ford Econoline van, 2500 series,                                                   w/front-end loader, $8,500; 3179T John       Briggs & Stratton eng., $300. Jefferson
                                                                                        can be locked, 12’ from front to center
1992 GMC Sierra LS 1500 LWB truck,          PS, PB, A/C, alarm system, new tires, in                                                Deere eng., low hrs., can hear run,          Davis Co., Prentiss, 601-792-5941 leave
                                                                                        of wheel well, $1,600. Oktibbeha Co.,
V-6, auto., A/C, one owner, 97,000          very good cond., $1,600. Lee Co.,                                                       $1,600; 6’ 6-way push blade w/cylin-         message.
                                                                                        Starkville, 662-324-6565.
miles, very clean, $4,950. Hinds Co.,       Tupelo, 662-844-1378.                                                                   ders, $1,200. Oktibbeha Co., Starkville,
Terry, 601-373-6584.                                                                    1989 Chev. box van, 8’ x 24” alum. box      662-324-6565.                                Snapper riding mower, older model,
                                            1999 Jeep Wrangler, hard top, color         w/roll up door, V-8 diesel eng., 225k                                                    28” cut, high-vac., w/bagger attach-
1999 Ford F-150 ext. cab 4x4 truck,         khaki, exc. cond., $850. Jasper Co.,        miles, $2,000 OBO. Rankin Co.,              Takeuchi mini trackhoe, w/steel tracks,      ment, 11 HP Briggs & Stratton eng.,
white, XLT pkg., towing pkg., never off     Heidelberg, 601-433-1478.                   Brandon,    601-892-7400.       Email:      10’ arm reach, weighs 12,000 lbs.,           elec. start, $350. Lee Co., Tupelo, 662-
road, 87,000 miles, V-8, 5-spd., PW, PL,                                                lowcab36@netzero.net                        $12,000. Franklin Co., McCall Creek,         844-7760.
bedliner, $11,500.     Newton       Co.,    2004 Dodge Grand Caravan, blue, in                                                      601-532-6690.
Hickory, 601-646-4748.                      exc. cond., V-6, seats 7, all power, CD,    1997 Ford F-800 truck, 6-spd.,                                                           Gravely Pro-Master 50, $1,000; 22”
                                            67,000 miles, $11,500. Clay Co., Cedar      Cummins diesel eng., dump body,             Taylor pulpwood loaders, ranging from        Murray self propelled, $100. Hinds Co.,
1989 Ford F-150 XLT 4WD SWB truck,          Bluff, 662-494-9141 nights.                 $17,000. Lauderdale Co., Meridian,          18,000-30,000 lbs. cap., priced $2,500-      Terry, 601-878-2480.
5-spd., 2-spd. transfer case, 302 V-8                                                   601-681-4495.                               $10,000 each. Claiborne Co., Port
eng., PS, PB, cruise, good tires,           1989 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 4x4, 6 cyl.,                                                  Gibson, 601-668-8027.                        MTD Yard Machine chipper/shredder,
102,103 miles, $3,500 cash. Hinds Co.,      auto., new tires, cold A/C, all power, in   1975 2 1/2-ton big truck w/16’ dump                                                      5 HP Briggs & Stratton, exc. cond.,
Raymond, 601-922-5596.                      good cond., $1,950. Rankin Co.,             body, V-8 eng., $4,000. Greene Co.,         Case 580 SE backhoe w/extendahoe,            $325. Jackson Co., Vancleave, 228-218-
                                            Brandon, 601-331-4179.                      Leakesville, 601-394-2613.                  36” bucket, good rubber, $12,000.            0090.
1976 Ford F-350 truck, 360 V-8, PS,                                                                                                 Calhoun Co., Calhoun City, 662-628-
A/C, 4-spd., flatbed w/trap door for        2002 Ford Expedition XLT, white,            1995 Ford L-9000 truck w/N-14                                                            Tractor turf tires, 2- 13.6 x 16, in exc.
gooseneck, brake control & wired for        immaculate, 48,000 miles, light camel       Cummins, new rear end, air compres-                                                      cond., both for $50. Hinds Co., Bolton,
trailer, good farm truck, $1,800. Smith     interior, AM/FM/CD/cassette, third          sor, truck used daily, $9,000; 1979                                                      601-852-5218.
                                                                                                                                    Fiat-Allis 21B bulldozer, in good cond.,
Co., Mize, 601-733-5585.                    seat, $17,500 OBO. Newton Co.,              Chev. C-60 truck w/flatbed dump, new        oil pump needs to be changed, I have
                                            Newton, 601-683-6651.                       hyd. pump, $2,500. Alcorn Co.,                                                           John Deere LT180 mower, automatic,
                                                                                                                                    oil pump & 2- extra motors that go           48” cut, exc. cond., 134 hrs., cost
1993 Ford F-150 LWB truck, 8 cyl.,                                                      Corinth, 662-287-9528.                      with it, $7,500. Itawamba Co.,
dual gas tanks, toolbox, PW, PL, power      1990 Dodge Caravan SE, 7-passenger,                                                                                                  $3,399 new, asking $2,500. Hinds Co.,
                                                                                                                                    Mantachie, 662-282-7545.                     Raymond, 601-857-8557.
seat, good truck, $2,800. Clay Co.,         V-6, cheap on gas, new A/C, many new        1983 Autocar bobtail log truck, 350
Prairie, 662-494-3905.                      parts, ready to go, $1,895. Wayne Co.,      Cummins, 9-spd. Fuller, 4.88 Eaton
                                                                                                                                    JD 350B bulldozer, needs trans.,             Yanmar 2200 diesel tractor, 2 cyl.,
                                            Waynesboro, 601-671-4211.                   rear ends, in very good cond., $12,000.
                                                                                                                                    $1,000. Jasper Co., Bay Springs, 601-        w/647 hrs., $3,100. Lowndes Co.,
2000 Dodge Dakota truck, $7,500.                                                        Franklin Co., McCall Creek, 601-532-
                                                                                                                                    428-7833.                                    Caledonia, 662-356-6821.
Pearl River Co., Lumberton, 601-796-        1999 Chev. Tahoe, 128,000 miles, in         6690.
2000.                                       good cond., $8,000. Lee Co., Tupelo,                                                    Cedarapids asphalt paver, 12’ screed,
                                            662-566-1389.                               14 yd. dump bed, w/elec. roll up tarp,                                                   5 HP industrial Craftsman chipper-
                                                                                        spreader bar, 3-stage cyl. hyd. pump,       $5,000 OBO. Madison Co., Flora, 601-         shredder, used very little, in good
1976 GMC 1/2-ton truck, road ready,                                                                                                 879-8144.
                                            1998 Mercury Mountaineer, one owner,        reservoir tank, in exc. cond., $4,800.                                                   cond., $225 firm. Winston Co.,
good tires, motor & very clean, $2,000
                                            maroon, 106,000 miles, new set of Toyo      Pike Co., Magnolia, 601-783-6665.                                                        Louisville, 662-779-2030.
cash. Prentiss Co., Booneville, 1-662-                                                                                              Cat. D3B LGP bulldozer, w/6-way
728-9765.                                   tires, PW, PL, auto., V-6, great cond.,
                                                                                        1981 GMC Topkick dump truck, 3208           blade, wide pads, in good cond.,             2005 Snapper zero turn mower, Pro-
                                            $5,500. Jones Co., Laurel, 601-428-
                                                                                        eng., 13-spd. trans., tandem, 14 yd.        $14,000. Lauderdale Co., Meridian,           Series mower, w/heavy duty deck, cool-
1988 Chev. Silverado 4x4 reg. cab           5128.
                                                                                        bed, $6,000. Simpson Co., Florence,         662-427-0060.                                ing fans, 48” cut, has 28 hrs. on it, lists
truck, factory rebuilt trans., w/less                                                                                                                                            for $7,199., asking $5,500. Newton Co.,
than 10,000 miles, motor reworked,          2001 Isuzu Rodeo, silver, 4 cyl., great     601-845-6897.
                                                                                                                                    Knuckle boom loader on 1973 INT              Lawrence, 601-775-0237.
350 V-8 eng., auto., good hunting           on gas, 41k miles, $7,000 firm. Jasper
                                                                                        1985 Ford Econoline van, 6 cyl., auto.      truck, loader runs on Detroit diesel,
truck, $3,000 firm. Jones Co., Laurel,      Co., Louin, 601-727-4011.                                                                                                            New electric backpack sprayer, paid
                                                                                        trans., good cond., ready to work,          truck & loader in good running cond.,
601-428-5128.                                                                                                                       $9,000. Monroe Co., Nettleton, 662-          $145., asking $130. Pontotoc Co.,
                                            1998 Ford Windstar van, auto., A/C, PS,     $2,500 OBO. Rankin Co., Brandon,
                                                                                        601-919-2049.                               963-7376.                                    Pontotoc, 662-489-1747.
                                            PB, side & rear door, no rear seats,
        SPORT UTILITY                       cargo van, $2,250 OBO. Hinds Co.,                                                                                                    Yazoo 26 HP diesel mower, 62” front
                                                                                        1972 INT 1100 LWB truck, good body          Franklin Fellow Buncher cutter, in
       VEHICLES & VANS                      Terry, 601-878-5829.                        & glass, powered by Ford 400 cid            good cond., $10,500. Walthall Co.,           cut, hyd. deck lift, hydrostatic drive,
                                                                                        2-barrel & C6 trans., all good, solid,      Tylertown, 601-876-5931.                     $2,200. Rankin Co., Sandhill, 601-829-
                                            1994 Oldsmobile Bravada, 4-doors,           $1,000 OBO. Itawamba Co., Tremont,                                                       2472.
1993 Chev. S-10 Blazer, auto., good         Smart Trax 4WD, 4.3 V-6, auto., all
tires, $2,500. Lowndes Co., Artesia,                                                    662-652-3682.                               1973 Cat. D6C bulldozer, serial
                                            power, leather interior, just serviced,
662-272-5320.                                                                                                                       #10K8565, w/80% tracks, sprockets &
                                            new tires & shocks, dark green, exc.        Airport scissor lift-bed truck, runs &      rollers, tilt blade, limb risers & screens
                                            cond., $4,500. Webster Co., Mathiston,      works very good, $2,000. Hinds Co.,                                                                EQUIPMENT
1995 Nissan Pathfinder 4x4, V-6, auto.,     662-263-4300.                                                                           on ROPS canopy, power shift, new radi-
PW, PL, cruise, 99,000 miles, exc.                                                      Terry, 601-878-2480.                        ator, $28,000. Prentiss Co., Baldwyn,
cond., nice, $3,650 cash. Leake Co.,        1986 Jeep Renegade 4x4, w/big tires,                                                    662-365-2062.                                1- pair of 10,000 lb. Dexter axles, brand
Carthage, 601-267-4471.                     runs real good, $3,000. Greene Co.,               HEAVY MACHINERY                                                                    new, vacuum over hyd. brakes, $1,800.
                                            Leakesville, 601-394-2613.                                                              Cat. 950 front-end loader, w/third valve     Amite Co., Summit, 601-684-1519.
1986 Chev. Suburban, rides & runs                                                               & EQUIPMENT                         & top clamp, $30,000; Peerless 2770
great, $1,950. Pontotoc Co., Pontotoc,                                                                                              knuckle boom log loader on trailer,          Self standing blacksmith forge w/some
662-489-5335.                                         INDUSTRIAL                        Kubota L35 tractor 4x4 loader/back-         $25,000. Lincoln Co., Brookhaven,            coal, $500. Lamar Co., Hattiesburg,
2003 Chev. Tahoe, white, 80,000 miles,
                                                    TRUCKS & VANS                       hoe, w/18” & 24” buckets, glide shift,                                                   601-264-6667.
                                                                                        ROPS w/canopy, 1,565 hrs., $16,800.
warranty until 110,000 miles (transfer-                                                 Pike Co., McComb, 601-684-6566.             INT Dresser 530 loader, 3 yd. bucket         Kenmore well pump, submerge type,
able), new tires, all extras, exc. cond.,   1974 GMC 6000 single axle log truck,                                                    w/teeth, approx. 50 hrs. on eng.,            1/2 HP, in very good cond., ready to
one     owner      vehicle,     $23,500.    truck & motor in exc. cond., ready to       Cat. D5 bulldozer, w/power shift, lots of   $18,000. Franklin Co., Meadville, 601-       pump water, $175. Tippah Co., Ripley,
Tallahatchie Co., Charleston, 662-458-      work,    $2,100.    Simpson      Co.,       new parts, runs good, truck & lowboy        384-2585.                                    662-837-1560.
4021.                                       Mendenhall, 601-847-4968.                   trailer included, $25,000. Scott Co.,
                                                                                        Lena, 601-654-8830.                         1996 Hitachi 100 trackhoe/excavator          Weigh-Tronix 70’ x 11’ truck scale,
1986 Jeep CJ7, Dana 44, 4-spd., 258         1996 INT truck w/4-bolster log trailer,                                                 w/thumb, $34,000. Pearl River Co.,           200,000 lb. cap., full electronic above
inline 6, handles/drives exceptional, 4”    good tires on truck & trailer, $18,500;     2000 JD 310 SE 4x4 backhoe w/extend-        Lumberton, 601-796-2000.                     ground scale, in perfect cond., state
super lift, Warrior HD shackles & S.S.      1996 INT truck w/Pitts bolster log          ed boom, in exc. cond., $35,000.                                                         certified, concrete deck, $13,500.
disconnect sway bars, $11,500. Marion       trailer, in very good cond., $20,000.       Pontotoc Co., Randolph, 662-489-            1992 Komatsu bulldozer, $27,000.             Claiborne Co., Port Gibson, 601-668-
Co., Kokomo, 601-731-1620.                  Tallahatchie Co., Enid, 662-623-8609.       8820.                                       Scott Co., Morton, 601-732-6664.             8027.

Page 12                                                                          MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                               November 15, 2005
Plastic culverts, 20’ x 15” diam., $150;     3 gal. plastic nursery pots, 10¢ each.       Blacksmithing coal, 100 lb. bags, $25        2000 S&H 4-horse trailer, full living       200 bags- $3. Rankin Co., Pelahatchie,
20’ x 24” diam., $225. Pike Co.,             Warren Co., Vicksburg, 601-638-1127          each. Pearl River Co., Picayune, 601-        quarters w/shower, microwave, refrig-       601-720-1113.
Summit, 601-684-4540.                        leave message.                               798-0060.                                    erator, stereo, 10’ shortwall, $22,500.
                                                                                                                                       Yalobusha Co., Oakland, 662-623-8737.       Ammerman barrel saddle, 15” full quill
Trolley w/18’ 8” galv. track, $125. Attala   Craftsman radial saw, $125. Jackson                                                                                                   blue ostrich seat, fully tooled w/cross
Co., Kosciusko, 662-289-5465.                Co., Vancleave, 228-218-0090.                  LIVESTOCK HANDLING &                       1997 Cato Classic 3-horse slant load        conchos, used very little, $1,800. Scott
                                                                                               TACK EQUIPMENT                          trailer, w/removable partitions, mid        Co., Morton, 601-732-2488.
Diesel fuel tanks: 250 gal. $250; 500        Kohler “Command” 18 HP 2 cyl. gas                                                         tack, rear tack, full living quarters,
gal. $300; 14’ all metal bean bed, in        eng., w/oil filter, came off air compres-                                                 water heater, holding tanks, full bath-     2000 Sooner Royale 4-horse slant load
good cond., shed kept, $1,000.               sor (went to electricity), has horizontal    Saddles, several to choose from, 15” -       room, lots of storage, $27,500. Newton      trailer, w/rear tack, drop windows, liv-
Pontotoc Co., Pontotoc, 662-489-7244.        shaft, 2-belt pulley, $800 OBO. Amite        17 1/2”, most are new cond., $175-           Co., Chunky, 601-490-0655.                  ing quarters, heat/air, microwave,
                                             Co., Smithdale, 601-567-9807.                $475. Hinds Co., Byram, 601-373-
                                                                                                                                                                                   stove, satellite, AM/FM/cassette, sleeper
55 gal. plastic barrels, $10 each.                                                        9122.                                        New 16” black Wintece western syn-          sofa, $27,500 OBO. Rankin Co.,
Itawamba Co., Nettleton, 662-862-            Meat saw, good for deer camp, $300.                                                       thetic saddle, used only once, $200;        Florence, 601-278-0659.
4010.                                        Yazoo Co., Yazoo City, 662-746-7917.         Antique doctors buggy, in good cond.,        Used 18” English AP saddle, no brand
                                                                                          2-seater,    $2,500.   Warren    Co.,        name, Havana brown, regular tree,
                                                                                          Vicksburg, 601-638-8988. See picture                                                     15 1/2” Jackie Foster roping saddle,
Sears wood lathe, no motor, $100.            Heavy duty culverts, 36” diam., 20’                                                       great cond., $100. Hinds Co.,               1- mo. old, like new, top of the line,
Madison Co., Flora, 601-750-0585.            long, use under driveways, roads, etc.,      at: www.silvercreekarena.com                 Ridgeland, 601-878-5619.                    $750. Washington Co., Hollandale,
                                             below cost at $500 each. Lauderdale                                                                                                   662-822-9977.
                                             Co., Collinsville, 601-626-0009.             Used 15” Billy Cook pleasure/barrel          2001 Sundowner 2-horse bumper pull
Fuel tank on skids, $150. Scott Co.,
                                                                                          saddle, light oil, rough out fenders,        slant load trailer, w/dressing area, rear
Morton, 601-732-2927.                                                                                                                                                              2- stalls, 10’ x 10’ galv. frame & sliding
                                             54” circular sawmill, hyd. steel car-        $300 OBO. Hinds Co., Ridgeland, 601-         swing out tack, used 5 times, like new,
                                             riage, 12” planer, edger, live deck, 48”     720-5937.                                                                                doors, tongue/groove wood, out of
Moveable metal shop vise, stand                                                                                                        many extras, $9,200. Lamar Co.,             large county horse barn, nice, $1,000
w/base, $50. Union Co., Blue Springs,        Windham chipper, knife sharpener, all                                                     Sumrall, 601-408-3163.
                                             working cond., diesel eng., $18,000.         14’ Hale double axle open top cattle                                                     for both stalls. Newton Co., Lake, 601-
662-534-3990.                                                                                                                                                                      775-3136.
                                             Copiah Co., Crystal Springs, 601-892-        trailer, $750 cash. Lincoln Co.,             Wood shavings, $3/tax per 45-50 lb.
                                             1274.                                        Brookhaven, 601-833-6652.                    bag, perfect for livestock bedding, con-
500 gal. propane tank w/filler hose,                                                                                                                                               1999 Aztec Sundowner 3-horse slant
$525; 7 1/2 HP motor, 110 volts, 220                                                                                                   veniently located Downtown Jackson,
                                             Propane tanks: 250 gal. $195; 150 gal.       16’ bumper pull stock trailer, w/new         2913 North West Street. Hinds Co.,          load trailer, in exc. cond., kept in
single phase, $150; Black vise, $75.                                                                                                                                               garage, factory living quarters, shower,
                                             $165; 100 gal. $115. Yazoo Co., Yazoo        paint, open frame top, good floor,           Jackson, 601-362-5333.
Coahoma Co., Rena Lara, 662-624-                                                                                                                                                   microwave, stove, sink, refrigerator,
                                             City, 662-746-4028.                          escape door, some rust, 4-H used,
5660.                                                                                                                                                                              walk thru, radio, awning, $22,000.
                                                                                          $1,400. Hinds Co., Jackson, 601-922-         15” Martha Josey Ultimate saddle,
                                             Portable Hobart 230 amp DC welder &          6767.                                        semi-bars, square skirt, black seat, for-   Walthall Co., Tylertown, 601-876-7061.
1-man Belsaw w/edger & planer,
$4,500. DeSoto Co., Southaven, 662-          generator on wheels, 100’ positive &                                                      ward swing, exc. cond., $850; Impact
                                             65’ ground, Wisconsin 2 cyl. eng., in        2000 CM 2-horse trailer, in exc. cond.,      gel pad, like new, used approx. 6 times,    16’ brown riding saddle & pad, in good
349-6575.                                                                                 $1,500 OBO; 2004 Exsis 4-horse trailer,                                                  cond., $225 OBO. Rankin Co., Sandhill,
                                             good cond., $900. Union Co., Guntown,                                                     $120. Scott Co., Forest, 601-469-4052.
                                             662-365-2452.                                w/heat & A/C in dressing room, pulled                                                    601-829-2472.
Electric meat saw, ready to use, stain-
                                                                                          very little, like new, $17,000 OBO.          16’ bumper pull stock/horse trailer,
less steel top, $350. Pontotoc Co.,
                                             Shop built wood splitter, 5 cyl. w/30”       Hinds Co., Terry, 601-878-2127.              w/new floor, new paint, metal top,
Randolph, 662-489-2453.
                                             stroke, 8 HP Briggs & Stratton eng.,                                                      escape door, $1,600 cash. Lawrence           HUNTING, FISHING,
                                             $600. Lee Co., Guntown, 662-869-             1987 McQuery 6-horse alum. trailer,          Co., New Hebron, 601-694-2108.
Miller Bobcat 225 welder, w/generator,
serial #KK258767, 64 hrs., w/all leads,      2456.                                        custom made for Nolan Ryan, w/good                                                        & CAMPING ITEMS
                                                                                          floor & tires, separate tack & A/C dress-    Pony saddle w/blanket, in good cond.,           All hunting, fishing & camping items
$2,000. Adams Co., Natchez, 601-442-                                                      ing room, need 5th-wheel to pull,
                                             3-slotted board riser culverts, 2- 30’ x                                                  $75. Lamar Co., Hattiesburg, 601-264-        listed under this heading must be adver-
5268.                                                                                     $4,500. Choctaw Co., Ackerman, 662-
                                             25”, $1,000 each; 1- 21’ x 18”, $700.,                                                    6969.                                        tised from in-state residents only. No
                                             $2,500 for all three. Coahoma Co.,           285-6993.                                                                                 businesses or dealers are allowed to
CMI 30’ x 10’ 70,000 lb. truck scale,                                                                                                                                               advertise. Only in-state residents are
                                             Clarksdale, 662-624-6534 ext. 112.                                                        14 1/2” Martha Josey Cordura barrel
above ground, in good cond., low pro-                                                     1903 1-horse sleigh, always stored                                                        allowed to advertise within this category.
                                                                                                                                       saddle, $450; 15” Rocking R barrel sad-
file, concrete deck, $6,900. Claiborne       Brand new Nema Step Five starter &           under cover, $600. Pearl River Co.,          dle, brand new, $550; Circle Y show
Co., Port Gibson, 601-437-4012.              used 100 HP 3,600 RPM motor, 440             Poplarville, 601-795-8943.                   halter, used twice, $85. Webster Co.,          ATV’S & ACCESSORIES
                                             3-phase, starter $3,000., motor $700 or                                                   Maben, 662-263-5908.
Craftsman 10” table saw, model 100,                                                       16’ cattle insert for 16’ utility trailer,
                                             $3,300 for both. Forrest Co.,
steel table, plus extra equipment, $200.                                                  factory made w/canvas top, $900.             20’ gooseneck cattle trailer in good        2005 Honda Recon 4-wheeler, w/elec.
                                             Hattiesburg, 601-270-4873.
Hinds Co., Jackson, 601-366-6070.                                                         Jackson Co., Hurley, 228-588-9015.           cond., $2,500. Newton Co., Conehatta,       shift, only 5 mos. old, adult ridden, in
                                             8’ Aermotor windmill w/40’ tower, still                                                   601-774-9975.                               exc. cond., $3,000. Rankin Co.,
Mac 3/4” heavy duty impact wrench,           in box, never assembled, paid $5,000.,       10’ x 20’ dog pen, 6’ tall, $300. Rankin                                                 Brandon, 601-260-3095.
$350. Tippah Co., Ripley, 662-837-           asking $3,500. Oktibbeha Co.,                Co., Richland, 601-933-0077 ask for          16” Cheyenne Tucker saddle, like new,
4282.                                        Starkville, 662-769-5411 ask for Ed.         David.                                       $1,000; 16” light tan barrel saddle,        Loading ramps for 4-wheeler, new,
                                                                                                                                       new, $400. Tallahatchie Co., Sumner,        $60/pair. Calhoun Co., Bruce, 662-983-
25 KW PTO driven generator, w/very           Jet mill, 3 HP D.R.O., auto. feed, 2- sets   Large, 7’ tall, 2-horse trailer, w/5’        662-375-8945.                               2103.
low hrs., $1,500 cash only. Lawrence         of collets, Birmingham lathe, 17”            dressing room, saddle racks under
Co., Jayess, 601-587-7319.                   swing, 6’ bed, 3 & 4 jaw chucks,             horses head in dressing room, in exc.        Trip-Hopper self unloading feed box         2000 Honda Rancher 4x4 4-wheeler, in
                                             $10,000. Lowndes Co., Columbus, 662-         cond., $2,700. Newton Co., Lake, 601-        mounted on 4-wheel trailer, runs off        good cond., $2,200 OBO. Benton Co.,
Arts-Way 420 grinder-mixer, in fair          327-1122.                                    938-0132.                                    12-volt battery, can be mounted on
cond., with manual that came with it,                                                                                                                                              Lamar, 662-324-6931.
                                                                                                                                       pickup truck, like new, $1,575.
$500. Jones Co., Ellisville, 601-498-        Good ramps off of car hauling truck,         Livestock head gate, $125. Scott Co.,        Sedgewood Plantation, Madison Co.,
8681.                                                                                                                                                                              2-seater go-cart, 5 HP, w/seat belts, roll
                                             make good trailer or bridge, $200.           Morton, 601-732-2927.                        Canton, 601-879-8739.                       cage, $500. Newton Co., Conehatta,
                                             Rankin Co., Florence, 601-845-0776.                                                                                                   601-683-3712.
Table saw, 10” saw mounted on home-                                                       1- goat milk stand, $50. Marshall Co.,       Simco roping saddle, 15 1/2” seat, solid
made stand & dust catcher on casters,        Sutton, Steele & Steele brand gravity        Holly Springs, 662-564-3548.                 rawhide, exc. cond., basket weave,
$35. Warren Co., Vicksburg, 601-218-                                                                                                                                               1988 Honda 350 4WD 4-wheeler,
                                             seed cleaner model BX-100, $500.                                                          comfortable, keepers & more made to
4019.                                                                                                                                                                              w/front & rear racks, $1,200. Leake
                                             Jefferson Davis Co., Bassfield, 601-943-     Calf creep feeder, $200. Walthall Co.,       last, $600. Madison Co., Flora, 601-        Co., Carthage, 601-298-1899.
                                             5443.                                        Tylertown, 601-876-3540.                     879-9224.
Wireless driveway alarms, motion acti-
vated, $40; 8’ steel constructed wind-       Briggs & Stratton 5,500 watt gas gen-        13” youth saddle in very good cond.,         2005 WW 3-horse slant load bumper           8-wheel Argo Conquest-Amphibious,
mill, 22” wheel, $40. Monroe Co.,            erator, still in box, never used, bought     $200. Lee Co., Tupelo, 662-566-1389.         pull trailer, w/dressing room, never        18 HP, Kohler eng., ready for hunting
Gattman, 662-256-8015.                       for Katrina, 2 yr. warranty, $750.                                                        used, $5,100; 2005 Chaparral 3-horse        season, runs well, $1,000. Chickasaw
                                             Madison Co., Canton, 601-624-1855.           Just in time for Christmas, pony size        slant load gooseneck trailer, w/dressing    Co., Okolona, 662-447-3833.
Parts cleaner for brake drums, air pow-                                                   buckboard, in good cond., works well         room, $5,600. Webster Co., Mantee,
ered, $25. Hinds Co., Terry, 601-878-        Anvil, made by Fisher w/1913 date, in        w/Shetland pony, $500. Oktibbeha Co.,        662-456-3972.                               1984 Honda TRX-200, shaft drive,
2480.                                        good cond., bolted to metal stand,           Starkville, 662-323-5091.                                                                front/rear racks, $1,000. Madison Co.,
                                             $110; Visible gas pump, $450; 1950’s                                                      New 14” Dakota barrel saddle w/black        Madison, 601-743-5908.
55 gal. plastic drums, plugs in top, $10     elec. gas pumps, $100 & up. Choctaw          150 bu. Apache creep feeder, w/2- creep      seat, was not what I ordered, must sell,
each. Jefferson Davis Co., Sumrall,          Co., Ackerman, 662-285-7073.                 attachments, used less than 1 yr.,           $475; Used 13” youth barrel saddle, in      1994 Kawasaki 300 4x4 4-wheeler, runs
601-943-5932.                                                                             $1,950. Alcorn Co., Corinth, 662-287-        very good cond., $200. Scott Co.,           good, front/rear rack, drop down rack
                                             48’ house moving rig, money maker or         2646.                                        Harperville, 601-625-7564.                  on rear, $2,000. Rankin Co., Brandon,
Craftsman 12” compound miter saw,            use rails for bridge stringers, $1,500                                                                                                601-941-2420.
w/Laser Trac extra 40-tooth carbide          OBO. Itawamba Co., Tremont, 662-             1- new head gate & 1- old head gate,         2-horse straight load gooseneck trailer,
blade & accessories, $250. Hinds Co.,        652-3682.                                    both for $300. Harrison Co., Saucier,        w/large dressing room, has A/C, in          2-seater go-cart, w/roll bar over top, 2
Raymond, 601-857-5054.                                                                    228-831-1764.                                good cond., $1,800. Marion Co.,             seat belts, good cond., runs good, $500.
                                             2- Southbend lathes, used, 1- 16”,                                                        Columbia, 601-736-3820.                     Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-383-2420.
Craftsman 3-piece roll around toolbox        1- 13”, lots of extras/spare parts,          30’ 4-horse trailer w/sleeping compart-
full of name brand tools, including          3-phase power, needs cleaning & TLC          ment, King brand - older model,              Quality bedding for horses, 4 cu. ft.       Yamaha Breeze 125cc, auto. trans.,
Snap-On roll around cart, $1,500.            but great deal, $1,500 for all. Warren       $3,800; Older 2-horse trailer, $1,200        bags, $2.90 picked up, deliver up to 25     great kids ATV, $1,600. Madison Co.,
Bolivar Co., Cleveland, 662-588-3456.        Co., Vicksburg, 601-638-9901.                OBO. Hinds Co., Flora, 601-672-3001.         miles, 50 bags- $3.20; 100 bags- $3.10;     Canton, 601-937-4433.

November 15, 2005                                                                  MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                                 Page 13
Kids 250cc 4-wheeler, w/reverse, elec.      Martin Jaquar bow, 4 yrs. old, 45-60 lb.    w/shower, kitchen w/oven, microwave,       25 HP Evinrude motor, runs great,            mm Leupold Vari X II scope $700.
start, auto. trans., 6 mos. old, $1,200.    pull, w/quiver, arrows, zebra twist         stove & refrigerator, $7,800. Grenada      gear in foot is bad, $300; Ski boat trail-   Smith Co., Morton, 601-537-3412.
Madison Co., Canton, 601-624-1855.          string, sights, TM hunter rest, extra set   Co., Grenada, 662-226-7022.                er w/115 HP Mercury, lines not con-
                                            of modules, manual, $225. Lamar Co.,                                                   nected to shifter, $800. Leake Co.,          Reloading & supplies, powder, primers,
1989 Honda 300 4x4 4-wheeler, $1,250.       Purvis, 601-794-2607.                       2004 Springdale bumper pull travel         Carthage, 601-267-8678.                      w/fittings for 6 mm. rifle & .38 Special
Smith Co., Morton, 601-537-3412.                                                        trailer, w/super slide, bunk beds, full                                                 loads, $100. Hinds Co., Jackson, 601-
                                            Bear bow, recurved, 1970 model, in          bed, used about 10 times, in new-exc.      1998 19.5’ Stingray pleasure boat, seats     982-1800.
2003 Honda Rancher 350 4x4 4-wheel-         perfect cond., w/2- dozen assorted          cond., sleeps 6-8, $15,000. Kemper Co.,    8, 4 cyl. Mercruiser inboard, great for
er, w/Warn unlocker, $3,100; 2000           arrows, target/hunting, $100. Hinds         Dekalb,      601-737-5052.      Email:     skiing & tubing, exc. cond., used very       Browning 7 mm. 08 A5, stainless steel,
Kawasaki Bayou 220 2WD 4-wheeler,           Co., Jackson, 601-982-1800.                 onegoodcook@bellsouth.net                  little, $7,500. Lauderdale Co.,              brand new, never been fired,
$1,700. Lincoln Co., Brookhaven, 601-                                                                                              Collinsville, 601-737-5263.                  w/Simmons       2.8x10x44     scope,
754-6504.                                                                               2000 Landau by Georgia Bay 35’ motor                                                    w/Browning case, $900. Calhoun Co.,
                                             CAMPING & ACCESSORIES                      home, 11,000 miles, extra large slide      1994 Ski Nautique, low hrs. on eng.,         Bruce, 662-983-4427.
2003 Polaris 4x4 Ranger, w/windshield,                                                  out, dual heat/air, 2- TV’s, VCR, DVD,     new upholstery, boat in good to very
hard top, enclosed, used on farm, adult     1989 Pinnacle/Fleetwood Class A 30’         rear camera, auto. jacks, $49,500.         good cond., accessories, NADA                Bushmaster AR-15, 16” carbine, 223
ridden, exc. cond., $7,000. Hinds Co.,      motor home, sleeps 4, self contained        Jones Co., Ellisville, 601-752-6000.       Bluebook $14,000., asking $12,000            cal., post ban, in like new cond., $680.
Terry, 601-892-1274.                        generator, roof A/C, central heat,                                                     OBO. Washington Co., Hollandale,             Rankin Co., Florence, 601-594-0169.
                                            gas/electric refrigerator, water heater,    1988 Mallard 30’ bumper pull camper,       662-827-2446.
2003 Honda Rubicon, red, completely         awnings on windows, $12,000. Scott          sleeps 4-6, w/large refrigerator, range                                                 S&W mod. 57, 41 mag, 4” barrel, $450;
stock, 77 hrs., 348 miles, adult ridden,    Co., Lena, 601-654-8830.                    w/oven, shower/toilet, 30 gal. exterior    1988 15’ Monark boat, w/28 HP                Glock model 20, 10 mm, nite sights,
garaged, exc. cond., $4,500 OBO.                                                        water heater, large awning, TV anten-      Johnson eng., stick steering & trolling      extras, $600., ID required. Marshall
Warren Co., Vicksburg, 601-638-9901.        1- camper 15k 5th-wheel hitch, base &       na, $4,500 OBO. Hinds Co., Terry, 681-     motor, $2,400. Newton Co., Union,            Co., Holly Springs, 662-252-5458.
Email: mikiemegawatt@bellsouth.net          hitch like new, $250. Newton Co.,           878-0050.                                  601-635-3172.
                                            Union, 601-635-3172.                                                                                                                Ruger GP-100 .357 mag, 4” target bar-
2002 Polaris Ranger 4x4, w/new wind-                                                    2001 Holiday Rambler Alumiscape 30’        14x42 Alumacraft boat, w/foot con-           rel, $400; S&W mod. 66 - .357 mag., 4”
shield & soft top, new front drive          1997 Jayco Eagle 28.5’ fifth-wheel                                                     trolled trolling motor, 25 HP elec.          barrel, $400; Taurus auto. PT-22, .22
                                                                                        bumper pull camper, w/central H/A,
shafts, bearings & tie rod ends, in good    camper, w/queen bed, bunk beds, 14’                                                    start, swivel seats, carpet, Dixie Craft     cal., pocket gun, $175. Lamar Co.,
                                                                                        awning, roll down stabilizer, stereo,
cond., less than 1,700 hrs., $4,000.        super slide out, full bath, central H/A,                                               trailer, clean, ready to fish, $3,000.       Lumberton, 601-796-4944.
                                                                                        hardwood cabinets, 1-piece alum. roof,
Smith Co., Pineville, 601-789-5301.         awning, new tires, $11,500. Lawrence                                                   Yazoo Co., Bentonia, 601-624-3879.
                                                                                        2- doors, sleeps 6, $11,500. Lauderdale
                                            Co., Monticello, 601-587-2257.                                                                                                      Remington .870 Express, 3 1/2 w/28”
                                                                                        Co., Meridian, 601-482-3213.
Yamaha, EZ-GO & Club golf carts, gas                                                                                               16’ fiberglass pleasure/bass ski boat,       barrel & extra full choke, good
& electric, add-on accessories for all      Service head for camper trailer, meter                                                 w/trolling motor, live wells, 115 HP         deer/turkey gun, holds good pattern,
                                            base w/30 amp & 20 amp breakers &           1997 Nomad 27’ 5th-wheel camper, in
makes, rear fold-down seats, lift kits,                                                                                            Mercury motor, trailer w/new tires,          $350; Mossberg defense shotgun, $500
                                            receptacles, $50 cash. Hinds Co.,           exc. cond., w/bunk beds & queen size
etc., starting price $1,500/up. Marion                                                                                             $2,500; 17.5’ 2004 Invaider 175 CS           negotiable. Scott Co., Forest, 601-507-
                                            Raymond, 601-922-5596.                      bed, pulled 6 times, shed kept, $9,500.
Co., Columbia, 601-736-5981.                                                                                                       alum. boat $13,500. Wayne Co.,               2404.
                                                                                        George Co., Lucedale, 601-947-6855.
                                                                                                                                   Shubuta, 601-735-4127.
1997 Yamaha 4x4 4-wheeler, special          35’ camper trailer for deer camp,                                                                                                   12 ga. BSS, $1,050; Belgium Sweet 16,
                                            loaded, total elec., w/heat & air, com-     1982 Ford school bus camper, w/370
edition, $2,000. Copiah Co., Crystal                                                                                               18’ fishing boat, 115 HP Mariner, galv.      $750; Remington Wingmaster 12 ga.,
                                            pletely furnished, $4,000. Hinds Co.,       motor, good trans., partially furnished,
Springs, 601-894-3478.                                                                                                             trailer, $2,000. Hinds Co., Raymond,         w/chokes, $300; 7M Bar, $450;
                                            Jackson, 601-953-7328.                      w/air in back, ideal for hunters, $950.
                                                                                                                                   601-857-3154.                                Remington 30-06 pump, 3x9 scope,
Honda 250 FourTrax 2WD 4-wheeler,                                                       Neshoba Co., Philadelphia, 601-656-
                                                                                                                                                                                $350. Grenada Co., Big Creek, 662-
in exc. cond., runs good, $1,500.           1988 Mallard 35’ motor home, 6.5 KW         6258.                                      Boat for the big fisherman & duck            628-6850.
Newton Co., Lawrence, 601-775-3917.         Onan generator, self contained, 454                                                    hunter, G3 Olive Drake boat by
                                            Chev. eng., 50k miles, sleeps 6,            1998 Wilderness 5th-wheel camper,                                                       Ruger pistol SP101 .357 mag. never
                                                                                                                                   Skeeter, 17 1/2’ long, 76” wide, 54”
2003 Yamaha Big Bear 4x4 4-wheeler,         $15,000. Rankin Co., Mendenhall, 601-       w/slide out, refrigerator, water heater,                                                shot, w/box of shells, will also shoot .38
                                                                                                                                   deep, 60 HP Yamaha motor, $8,600.
red, w/stick stoppers, 2,500 lb. winch,     825-4909.                                   gas or electric, central heat, roof A/C,                                                shells, 2” barrel, rubber grips, stainless
                                                                                                                                   Calhoun Co., Pittsboro, 662-983-2228.
Outlaw tires, 1,500 miles, in exc. cond.,                                               queen size bed, 13” TV, microwave,                                                      steel, $325. Monroe Co., Hamilton,
$3,500 firm. Prentiss Co., Marietta,        25’ Avion travel trailer, kitchen has new   front awning, $10,500. Clarke Co.,         1984 Duracraft 14’ alum. boat, 25 HP         662-343-8020.
662-416-8995.                               refrigerator, w/bedroom, bathroom           Quitman, 601-776-2063.                     Evinrude, mounted trolling motor,
                                            w/shower, A/C, heater, $1,500.                                                         steering w/tiller handle, trailer w/new      #1 Ruger 30-06 w/3x9x40 Leupold
New set of 25” ATV tires & rims, $400;      Tallahatchie Co., Charleston, 662-647-      1999 Prowler by Fleetwood 25’ camper,      tires, $2,500 OBO. Hinds Co., Clinton,       scope, $950 OBO; Winchester 7 mm.
1985 Honda 200S 3-wheeler, $800.            2753.                                       w/slide out, walk around master bed-       601-925-5227.                                WSM w/break, 3x9x50 Leupold, $750.
Hinds Co., Jackson, 601-624-9091.                                                       room, in exc. cond., non-smoker, will                                                   Tate Co., Senatobia, 662-562-4178.
                                            1985 AlumaLite 31’ travel trailer, very     deliver, $10,500. Jackson Co., Moss        1986 pleasure bass/ski boat w/trailer,
2005 Yamaha Rhino 660 4x4, w/wind-          clean, in good cond., $6,350. Lamar         Point, 228-588-6357.                       17’ long, Mercury 115 outboard motor,        Reconditioned Glock 9 mm, hasn’t
shield & sun top, like new, not used        Co., Lumberton, 601-796-4406.                                                          trolling motor, live wells, new batter-      been fired since reconditioning, in per-
very often, $7,950. Oktibbeha Co.,                                                      30’ Boles Aero bumper pull camper, in      ies, black/red metallic, 6-passenger,        fect cond., includes 2 clips & loader,
Starkville, 662-323-6472.                   2001 Fleetwood Prowler 31’ bumper           good cond., great for deer camp,           $3,000. Madison Co., Canton, 662-347-        $500. Madison Co., Ridgeland, 601-
                                            pull camper, w/16’ slide out, used only     $1,800 OBO. Hinds Co., Raymond, 601-       0379.                                        668-9244.
2004 Honda Rubicon, in exc. cond.,          5 trips, in exc. cond., $18,000. Yazoo      857-0355.
loaded, w/low miles, ready to go hunt-      Co., Yazoo City, 601-421-0890.                                                         1994 Skeeter 18’ bass boat, 150 HP           Ruger M77R .270 cal., custom glass
ing, $6,500; Yamaha Timberwolf 250cc,                                                   1985 Born Free 24’ motor home,             Evinrude, new trolling motor, 2 depth        bedded, custom trigger, rings, $550.,
one of the toughest ever made, $1,200       2001 Jayco Eagle 31’ 5th-wheel              w/diesel eng., oak cabinets, TV/VCR,       finders, in good cond., $7,500 OBO.          w/scope $650. Pike Co., Summit, 601-
negotiable. Scott Co., Forest, 601-507-     camper, w/super slide, queen bed, rear      microwave, bath/shower, Onan genera-       Stone Co., Wiggins, 601-928-2603.            276-3385.
2404.                                       kitchen, lots of oak cabinets, awning,      tor, exc. cond., $11,000 OBO. Amite
                                            large refrigerator, gas or electric,        Co., Liberty, 601-783-0316 after 5 p.m.                                                 Browning Belgium Auto 5, 12 ga.,
1998 Honda 400 4WD 4-wheeler,               tub/shower, $18,200. Newton Co.,                                                              GUNS, PISTOLS,                        “light twelve” $650; Browning Belgium
w/brush guard & winch, $3,500; 2001         Decatur, 601-635-3569.                      1992 Terry by Fleetwood 24’ camper,           RIFLES & ACCESSORIES                      Auto 5, 12 ga., $425; Browning
Honda Rancher 350 4WD 4-wheeler,                                                        w/queen bed in rear, 2- entry doors,                                                    Belgium A5, “Gold Hunter” 12 ga.,
w/brush guard & winch, $4,000. Pearl        33’ camper, Normad by Skyline, in nice      large awning, hardwood floor, full bath,                                                NIB, $800. Carroll Co., McCarley, 662-
River Co., Lumberton, 601-796-2000.         cond., everything works, cold air, heat,    great cond., everything works, $4,400.     German pistols: 1920 Luger 9 mm,             417-3882.
                                            $4,000. Newton Co., Lawrence, 601-          Hinds Co., Terry, 601-260-8535.            $800; Walther AC 44 WWII P-38 9 mm,
1995 Yamaha Timberwolf 4x4 4-wheel-         683-3891.                                                                              $800., w/holsters. Pike Co., Summit,         Belgium Browning A-5 12 ga. shotgun,
er, in good cond., adult ridden only,                                                   1997 Class C 30’ motor home, F-Super       601-684-4540.                                w/26” vent rib cyl. barrel & 28” vent rib
$1,700. Jefferson Davis Co., Prentiss,      2005 Wildwood, Forest River 28.5’           Duty Tioga by Fleetwood, sleeps 8,                                                      modified barrel, round knob, perfect
601-792-5253.                               Limited Edition 5th-wheel camper,           large slide out, fully self contained,     50 cal. T/C Black Diamond muzzle-            cond., $1,200. Union Co., New Albany,
                                            rear living area, large super slide, full   generator, 24,500 miles, new tires,        loader/accessories, w/3-9x40 brand           662-538-4548.
2000 Kawasaki Prairie 300 4WD               size shower, queen size bed, asking         $34,500. Winston Co., Louisville, 662-     new scope, zeroed in ready to shoot
4-wheeler, automatic, in good cond.,        payoff $20,000. Carroll Co., Carrollton,    773-9260.                                  w/Weaver quick detach mounts for easy        Knight BK 92 .54 cal. muzzleloader
$2,800. Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-825-       662-237-0045.                                                                          cleaning of rifle, $300. Marion Co.,         w/accessories, $175 OBO. Stone Co.,
8760.                                                                                   1981 American 5th-wheel camper trail-      Kokomo, 601-441-9739.                        Wiggins, 601-928-2603.
                                            1989 Georgia Boy 30’ motor home, 454        er, $2,800. Franklin Co., Meadville,
Yamaha Banshee, cut fenders, drag           Chev. eng., 54,000 actual miles, big        601-384-2585.                              Remington 870 mag. 12 ga. pump
pipes, extended swing arm, many extra       generator, good tires, new queen size                                                  shotgun, $250; J.C. Higgins model                HUNTING/FISHING
parts, $2,000. Wilkinson Co., Crosby,       bed, new refrigerator, shower, A/C,                                                    1017, 16 ga. double barrel shotgun,           LEASES & MEMBERSHIPS
601-639-7098.                               awning, $12,500. Marion Co.,                         FISHING,                          stock & forearm are like Nylon 66 rifle,
                                            Foxworth, 601-736-6027.                        BOATS & ACCESSORIES                     $395. Oktibbeha Co., Starkville, 662-
                                                                                                                                   324-7993.                                    Attala Co., 180 acres hunting lease,
   BOWS & ACCESSORIES                       1982 Nomad 18’ bumper pull camper,                                                                                                  deer/turkey, on Hwy. 14 East, $10 per
                                            sleeps 4, A/C, refrigerator, heat, stove,   17’ Cobia, inboard, new trailer, $4,000.   Barrett .50 cal. BMG, model M99, fac-        acre. Ethel, 662-674-5108.
Parker left hand bow, 80% let off, pen-     bathroom w/shower, $1,200 cash or           Madison Co., Canton, 601-859-8879.         tory scope, Bipod, $3,675 new, asking
dulum sight, quiver & hard case, $325.      certified check. Lincoln Co., Wesson,                                                  $2,500., also have ammo. Marion Co.,         Webster Co., 311 acres for hunting
Simpson Co., Magee, 601-849-0270.           601-833-3576.                               2002 16’ Alumacraft boat, w/25 HP          Columbia, 601-736-3820.                      rights, located in Eupora, w/fire lanes,
                                                                                        Yamaha 4-stroke motor, elec. start, 48”                                                 100 acres located in Fame Community,
PSE compound bow, $250. Hinds Co.,          1990 33’ Cari Lite RV, w/central heat &     wide, 18” deep, w/trailer, $3,200 firm.    Ruger M77 .308 cal. w/scope bases &          also w/fire lanes, $5 per acre. Eupora,
Jackson, 601-624-9091.                      air, solar panels, queen size bed, bath     Leake Co., Carthage, 601-267-6876.         bullets, new cond., $450 or w/3x9-50         662-258-6557.

Page 14                                                                          MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                              November 15, 2005
Neshoba Co., wild hog hunts available,       bought but altered for safety, $100.         BWF bulls, $750. Tippah Co.,                mos. old, 1- pair out of Traveler, 3-       BBU Reg. Red Beefmaster bull, 20 mos.
$250 & up, food, lodging & fishing           Oktibbeha Co., Starkville, 662-324-          Tiplersville, 662-223-6407. Email:          cows, $1,200/up. Greene Co., Avera,         old, exc. qualities, approx. 1,200 lbs.,
available; Booking 2005-2006 quail           7993.                                        ffalf@dixie-net.com                         601-989-2010.                               Make My Day bloodline, $1,200.
hunts now, $125 per person, quail for                                                                                                                                             Lincoln Co., Wesson, 601-835-0009.
sale, $3/up. Philadelphia, 601-656-          Tri-Tronics shock collars, Trash             Reg. yearling bulls or heifers, Angus,      Reg. polled Charolais bulls, weaning
5717.                                        Breaker Ultra II, 2 mi. range, 2- units      Brangus, Braford & Brahman, (certi-         age from HBR Program 297 stock, exc.        Reg. Brangus bulls, vet checked, per-
                                             available to pick from, both in real         fied F-1), $850 w/papers, $800 w/o          temperament & EPD’s, $750 & up.             formance tested, Brinks bloodline,
Noxubee Co., 6,000 acres total, 5,000        good cond., $425 each. Copiah Co.,           papers & up. Frank Niemeyer, Lamar          Pearl River Co., Picayune, 601-798-         ready to work for you, $2,500 & up.
acres dog/still hunting, 1,000 acres still   Wesson, 601-643-0109 leave message.          Co., Lumberton, 601-796-4517.               3244.                                       Cowbelle Ranch, Pontotoc Co.,
hunting only, good private roads, easy                                                                                                                                            Pontotoc, 662-488-1360.
access, family welcome (bring kids),                                                      Reg. Charolais bulls, exc. quality, good    Reg. Angus bull, 2 yrs. old, exc. blood-
                                             Old turkey caller, possibly the proto-       disposition & EPD’s, guaranteed semen       line, gentle, birth weight +2, sired by     Young Longhorn bulls, $400 & up.
$500/individual,            $600/family.
                                             type of a now famous call (name,             check, $1,200 & up. Newton Co.,             H. J. Black Max, heifers to show,           Stone Co., Perkinston, 601-928-1606.
Shuqualak, 601-677-2923.
                                             address & telephone number of maker          Hickory, 601-480-1750.                      $1,500. Harrison Co., Gulfport, 228-
West Oktibbeha Co., hunting club has         on call), collectors, $1,000. Simpson                                                    539-5377.                                   2- red brindle heifers, 9 mos. old, 550
2 membership openings, exc.                  Co., Magee, 1-601-867-3869 ask for           3- Reg. Black Angus bull calves & 1-                                                    lbs., vacc. & dewormed, $675 each or
deer/turkey, no alcohol allowed, yearly      John.                                        Reg. Black Angus heifer calf, from exc.     PB Reg. polled Charolais bulls, Rogers      $1,300 for both. Attala Co., Sallis, 662-
fees $425. Sturigs, 662-324-6490 ask                                                      bloodline, low birth weights, gentle,       Program & Duke 261 breeding, 12             418-2624.
for Buddy.                                   Liberty gun safe, 25-gun capacity,           $800-$1,400. Pike Co., Osyka, 601-542-      mos. old, $1,200 & up. Montgomery
                                             granite color, fire rated 1,200 degrees,     5635.                                       Co., Winona, 662-283-3830.                  Quality red Brahman cattle, Dixie
Hinds Co., 80 acres of mostly wooded         can deliver, $799. Rankin Co.,                                                                                                       National, Mississippi State Fair &
low land near Pearl River, looking for       Brandon, 601-209-1804.                       5- Reg. horned Hereford bulls, 7-11         Reg. Angus bulls, 2 yrs. old, A.I. sired,   Houston, Texas Champions, herd bulls,
responsible, non-commercial hunting                                                       mos. old, very gentle, good bloodlines,     1,500 lbs., athletic, muscular, good        cows, show calves, $750 & up. Neshoba
group or individual interested in                                                         $800 & up. Carroll Co., Colia, 662-455-     frame, $1,900-$2,300. Sedgewood             Co., Philadelphia, 601-656-5717.
$1,200 annual hunting lease. Jackson,
                                                 AQUACULTURE                              2208.                                       Plantation, Madison Co., Canton, 601-
                                                                                                                                      879-8739.                                   Red Brangus & Red Angus bulls tested,
                                                Any item advertised in this category      10- black Brangus & Brangus-cross                                                       ready to work, heifers & semen, $1,250
                                              must be raised on your farm and your
Jefferson Co., 1,360 acres, 26 yr. old        advertisement must have the following
                                                                                          bred heifers, bred to Cow Creek             15- F-1 Brangus heifer calves, weaned,      & up. Hidden Creek Ranch, Monroe
hunting club has openings for mem-            statement along with a signature:           Brangus, heifer bulls to calve Nov. 1 -     500-650 lbs., $900 each; 4- Brahman         Co., Amory, 662-256-8114.
bers, $750. Florence, 601-946-2668.           “These were raised on my farm and I am      Apr. 15, 2006, $1,100 each. Noxubee         bull calves, weaned, 500-700 lbs., $500
                                              not a dealer, buyer, seller or business     Co., Macon, 662-726-5664.                   each. Oktibbeha Co., Starkville, 662-       PB Charolais bulls, 12-18 mos. old,
Perry Co., openings in a year round           person engaged in trade.” Only in-state                                                 323-2184 nights.                            very gentle, $1,000 each; PB Charolais
managed hunting club, lakes, creek &          residents are allowed to advertise with-    62- Brangus, 10- Charolais heifers, 5-                                                  heifers, 12-18 mos. old, very gentle,
river frontage, 21 food plots, estab-         in this category.                           8 mos. bred (vet checked) to black          Reg. Brangus bull, 4 yrs. old, gentle,      $900 each. Covington Co., Seminary,
lished shooting houses, good family                                                       Limousin bulls, weigh 900-1,200 lbs.,       easy kept, has been shown, $1,250.          601-722-4609.
environment, yearly dues $500. New           Catfish fingerlings, $150/1,000 & up;        $1,100 each if all taken. Montgomery        Attala Co., Ethel, 662-674-5481 nights.
Augusta, 601-964-3662.                       Coppernose Bluegill or Native Bluegill,      Co., Duck Hill, 662-565-2311.                                                           Reg. Texas Longhorn, young herd sire,
                                             Shellcracker (Redear sunfish) $25/100                                                    14- excellent replacement heifers,          throws lots of color, horn & show qual-
Holmes Co., approx. 1,200 acres, great       & $200/1,000; Florida bass or F-1 bass,      Outstanding group of 2 yr. old Gelbvieh     Angus based, black & black baldies, 9-      ity calves, $2,000 OBO. George Co.,
hunting, seeking 2 members for gun           $90/100. Jones Co., Laurel, 601-425-         bulls, all polled, black or red, $1,600 &   are 4-6 mos. old bred, $850 each; 5-        Lucedale,     601-947-2216.     Email:
season only, 25 plots & 35 stands, lots      4480.                                        up; 12-18 mos. old, $1,250 & up.            open/ready to breed, $750 each.             suzyeb@yahoo.com
of deer, $1,000 dues, only 10 members                                                     Newton Co., Lawrence, 601-775-9212.         Simpson Co., Magee, 601-847-2103.
total. Brandon, 601-573-9450.                Channel catfish, $120/1,000; All bream,                                                                                              4- Black Brangus type heifers bred to
                                             $200/1,000; Fathead Tuffy minnows,           Reg. Brangus heifers, 8- total, weaned,     11 Reg. (Camp Cooley bloodlines)            Black Angus bull to calve in early
Winston/Attala Co., 10,000 acres             $40/1,000; Grass carp, black crappie         Pathfinder, Sleep Easy & Newsday            Brangus heifers bred A.I. to Brinks         spring, & 1- red Brahman cow, $950
deer/turkey hunting club has openings        bass, koi & goldfish, $10/lb. Randall        bloodlines, $800 each. Itawamba Co.,        Lead Gun, weighing approx. 1,100 lbs.,      each. Covington Co., Mt. Olive, 601-
for members, dog & still hunters wel-        Slade, Pearl River Co., Lumberton,           Tremont, 662-315-1531.                      start calving Jan., $2,000 each. Clay       765-1330.
come, Big Buck Program, $1,000 dues.         601-796-2000.                                                                            Co., West Point, 662-295-3816.
Philadelphia, 601-479-7605.                                                               5- Reg. Charolais heifers, 5-9 mos. old,                                                20- pet cows & 1- pet bull, $19,500;
                                                                                          Performer 181, Wy. Wind & Duke              Reg. Red Brangus bulls, top bloodlines,     10- heifers, $5,500. Covington Co.,
                                             Channel catfish fingerlings, $120/1,000      bloodlines, gentle, polled, exc. quality,                                               Collins, 601-517-5700.
Madison Co., individual has 2- 300 acre                                                                                               gentle, low birth weight, breeding age,
                                             & up; All bream, $200/1,000., pick up        out of great cows, $3,900 for group.
lease & would like a few good members                                                                                                 guaranteed breeders, $1,250-$1,500.
                                             or delivery available. Greene Co., Sand      Grenada Co., Holcomb, 662-227-2705.                                                     3- exceptional 3 yr. old Angus bulls,
to share with, $750-$1,000 annually,                                                                                                  Leake Co., Kosciusko, 662-289-3409.
                                             Hill, 601-989-2466.                                                                                                                  they were 3 of the top bulls at the
also camp in Attala Co., $400 annually.
Jackson, 601-929-2221.                                                                    Reg. Angus bulls, 1- 3 yr. old 1407 son,    Reg. full French Charolais cattle, exc.     November 2004 BCIA sale in Raymond,
                                             Freshwater shrimp, lobster taste, low        $2,500; 2- 24 mos. old, $1,800; 12 mos.     quality, very gentle, bulls $1,250 & up,    $2,000-$3,000 each. Claiborne Co.,
                                             fat, calories, iodine, sodium, choles-       old, $1,100., AHIR & EPD’s. Tippah          heifers $800 & up. Smith Co., Mt.           Port Gibson, 601-437-6248.
        MISCELLANEOUS                        terol, individually quick frozen, per lb:    Co., Blue Mountain, 662-685-4269.           Olive, 601-849-4446.
                                             medium $8.99., large $11.99., jumbo                                                                                                  Young black cows bred to Reg. Angus
Clay shoot by Lincoln Traps, The             $13.99. Lauren Farms, Washington             Reg. black Simmental & Angus bulls          PB Charolais bull, 11 mos. old, make        bull, wormed, $925 each; Black heifers
Falcon model, manual, double loaded,         Co., Leland, 662-390-3528. Email:            by top A.I. sires, all gentle/on feed,      good herd bull, $800. Monroe Co.,           bred to Reg. Angus bull, $1,000 each,
$275. Montgomery Co., Kilmichael,            prawnfarm01@yahoo.com                        some are halter broke, outstanding          Smithville, 662-651-4641.                   heifers have had all shots. Calhoun Co.,
601-497-1167.                                                                             EPD’s for growth/calving ease,                                                          Bruce, 662-983-7647.
                                             Channel catfish, $150/1,000 & up; All        $1,000/up. Lauderdale Co., Meridian,        6- excellent Angus replacement heifers,
Dog box, 72” x 38” x 24”, solid weld         bream, $200/1,000; Grass carp, $5            601-737-5362.                               weaned, shots/wormed, bunk broke,           2- Reg. FB Limousin bulls, halter
alum., treated plywood floor, $400           each; Large mouth bass & Florida bass,                                                   gentle, $675 each. Clay Co., West           broke, exc. EPD’s, 23 mo. old, Punch,
cash. Smith Co., Raleigh, 601-536-           $1 each, pick up or deliver. Forrest Co.,    Reg. Brangus bulls, 3 yrs. old, $2,000;     Point, 662-494-4988.                        1,800 lbs., $2,300; 13 mo. old, Special
3961.                                        Hattiesburg, 601-466-5113.                   19 mos. old, $1,750., weaning age                                                       K X Punch, 1,150 lbs., $1,500. Jones
                                                                                          bulls, $800., Newmaker & Newsday            2 yr. old Reg. Charolais bull, childs 4-H   Co., Ellisville, 601-498-8681.
Portable blind, $75. Hinds Co.,                                                           bloodlines. Union Co., New Albany,          project,      $1,500.      Winston Co.,
                                                                                                                                                                                  Charolais, a good selection of service
Jackson, 601-982-1800.
                                                     LIVESTOCK                            662-534-7899.                               Noxapater, 662-724-2448.
                                                                                                                                                                                  age bulls, good disposition, $1,000 &
Grand Old Man climbing stand for the             All livestock must be from bona fide     Reg. Angus bulls, exc. bloodlines, gen-     9- cross-bred cows, 5- w/calves & 4-        up. Jones Co., Ovett, 601-344-7248.
big man, in exc. cond., w/bow holder,         livestock farmers. We cannot accept         tle, low birth weights, A.I. sired by       bred, $8,200 for all. Smith Co., Mize,
$150. Rankin Co., Pearl, 601-421-0568.        notices from livestock dealers, order       Traveler 004 & GAR Expectation,             601-733-9733.                               2- Brangus type heifers, A.I’d to calve
                                              buyers or persons selling on a commis-      AHIR, EPD’s, $1,000. Simpson Co.,                                                       in Feb., 5- 3 yr. old Brangus type cows,
Custom built shooting houses, approx.         sion basis. All livestock bought by farm-   D’Lo, 601-847-4434.                         Reg. Romagnolas, 7 yrs. old w/bull          4-6 mos. bred, $9,100 for all. Yazoo
6”-8” off ground, 4x4x8- $280; 4x6x8-         ers for resale purposes are not eligible                                                calves - approx. 5 mos. old, $2,500/pair,   Co., Yazoo City, 662-571-2996.
$365; 6x6x8- $470., welded frame,             for this free advertising. All livestock    Reg. Brangus bull, 7 yrs. old, still a      calves are registered. Attala Co., West,
wood sides, metal top & painted. Hinds        listings must have a signature and be       good bull, need to sale due to keeping      662-967-2062.                               Reg. Angus heifers, 6- bred heifers,
                                              accompanied by the following state-                                                                                                 granddaughters of GAR Precision 1680
Co., Edwards, 601-421-6054 leave mes-                                                     heifer calves, $1,200. Greene Co.,
                                              ment in order to be published in the                                                    Reg. Brangus: 4 yr. old herd bull, son of   bred to GAR Expectation 4915, $1,200
sage.                                         Bulletin: “I am a farmer and not a live-    Richton, 601-989-2347.
                                                                                                                                      Transformer of Brinks, out of Gerimo        each or take all for $6,900; Bulls $1,500
                                              stock dealer, order buyer or persons
Shooting houses, 1- all metal, 4’ off         who sells on a commission basis.” Only      Reg. full French Charolais bulls &          of Brinks dam, 18 mo. old grandson of       each. Oktibbeha Co., Starkville, 662-
ground, on skids, $450; 1- black, all         in-state residents are allowed to adver-    females, polled & dehorned, exc. quali-     Transformer, $2,500/up. Jackson Co.,        769-1183.
plastic sportsman condo, $625., both          tise within this category.                  ty, weaned to breeding age, $1,500 &        Hurley, 228-588-6357.
large for 2- hunters, never used. Scott                                                   up. Winston Co., Louisville, 662-773-                                                   Irish Dexter bull calf, black, small
Co., Morton, 601-732-2927.                                                                6824.                                       Reg. Red Brangus bull, 6 mos. old, nice     stock, really good conformation, will
                                                        BEEF CATTLE                                                                   club calf prospect, will consider trading   make very good herd sire, $500.
3- dog Tri-Tronics Trash Breaker Ultra,                                                   Reg. Black Angus bull, exc. bloodlines,     for nice black young brood cow or           Neshoba Co., Collinsville, 601-656-
2 mi. range, $500; 1- dog Tri-Tronics                                                     gentle, low birth weights, sired by GMJ     heifer of breeding age, $750. Carroll       1900.
Waterfowl Special, $225. Lincoln Co.,        Reg. Shorthorn bull, 2 yrs. old, gentle      Mischief, calved 8/25/98, $1,400 OBO.       Co., Carrollton, 662-237-6313.
Wesson, 601-833-1359.                        & ready for service, $1,800; 5- Black        Lee Co., Mooreville, 662-844-4072.                                                      Reg. full French polled bulls & females,
                                             Angus-cross heifers, out of PB Angus                                                     1- 3 yr. old Brangus bull & 1- 4 yr. old    $1,250 & up, full French semen avail-
12’ deer stand, 2-man that leans on          cows, replacement quality, $550 each.        Reg. Black Angus cattle, 18 mo. old         Brangus bull, $1,250 each, no papers.       able. Scott Co., Harperville, 601-625-
tree, in exc. cond., used 1 yr., store       Kemper Co., Dekalb, 601-743-5284.            heifers, $1,200; 4- bull calves, 10 & 12    Newton Co., Newton, 601-683-7888.           7111.

November 15, 2005                                                                   MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                             Page 15
Reg. Black Angus bull, born 9/23/04,         CAE negative, $150. Harrison Co.,            low bark, MSM, glucosamine & chon-            Harrison Co., Pass Christian, 228-255-      rels, $2,000. Oktibbeha Co., Starkville,
Traveler, Scotch Cap, Rito, Westwind         Saucier, 228-861-7526.                       droitin, 3 oz. roll on, $23.99 or 8 oz.       8056 call before Noon.                      662-323-5091.
bloodlines, 480 lbs. on 205 weight day,                                                   tube $36.99. Franklin Co., Meadville,
EPD’s BW +1.9, ww +30, $1,000. Union         Boer bucks, 4-10 mos. old, 3/4, 7/8 &        601-532-6060.                                 SSHBEA Reg. gaited colts, all colors,       9- really nice QH’s, some registered,
Co., Blue Springs, 662-321-0020.             15/16, very nice for breeding, 4                                                           gentle, all natural gaited, beautiful,      gentle, some broke, palomino gelding
                                             Ennoblements, Magnum & Eggsfile                                                            great potential, ready to be weaned,        cow horse & timed event, some mares
24- Brangus/Angus cross heifers, calve       lines, $125 & up. Walthall Co.,              EXOTIC LIVESTOCK & PETS                       $500 & up. Scott Co., Lake, 601-775-        bred to Reg. paint stallion, $500 & up.
from Jan. 25th thru Apr. 25th, heifers       Tylertown, 601-222-1675.                                                                   3733 after 6 p.m.                           Jasper Co., Heidelberg, 601-580-7118.
weighing approx. 1,000 lbs., black &                                                      Red deer, venison for sale, grass fed,
black baldy, $25,200 if all taken. Clay      IBGA Reg. full South African Boer            grain fed, farm raised, whole or half         6 mo. old chestnut natural gaited mule      Beautiful dun pony gelding, super gen-
Co., West Point, 662-425-0991.               buck, born 3/8/05, $175. Winston Co.,        carcasses only, low in cholesterol, low       filly, both parents are natural gaited,     tle, catch anywhere, 52” performance
                                             Louisville, 662-773-7263.                    in fat, $2.99/lb. Marion Co., Foxworth,       dam- TW, $1,000. Jefferson Davis Co.,       prospect, QH build, endless possibili-
4- Reg. Beefmaster bulls, 9-16 mos.                                                       601-736-5057.                                 Prentiss, 601-792-4050.                     ties, $1,000. Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-
old, 2- Panther sired (black), color-        ADGA Reg. Nubian buck, 7 yrs. old,                                                                                                     540-1409.
black, brindle, red & a paint, $1,000 &      black/white, healthy & beautiful, $200.      3- gerbles, black, gray & brown, all for      12 yr. old white stud, 1/2 Arabian & 1/2
up. Pike Co., Summit, 601-276-3435.          Leake Co., Carthage, 601-267-9843.           $10. Neshoba Co., Philadelphia, 601-          QH, gentle, broke to ride, 15 H, $1,200.    Shire draft horses, 1-8 yrs. old, gray,
Email: breecows@aol.com                                                                   656-5068.                                     Rankin Co., Carthage, 601-824-4263.         bay & black, some trained to pull/ride,
                                             2- female pygmy goats, 1- female kid                                                                                                   $3,000-$5,000; 1/2 Shire & 1/2 QH bay
Black Angus bull, 2 1/2 yrs. old, used to    3 wks. old, 1- male pygmy goat, $35          13- red deer, 1- trophy buck 6x6, 1-          Donkeys, young jack & jennies, $100 &       mare, $2,000. Chickasaw Co., Okolona,
breed heifers, very gentle, $1,175.          each. Amite Co., Osyka, 601-542-5471         3 yr. old buck 2x2, 2- young bucks, 8-        up. Lauderdale Co., Meridian, 601-482-      662-447-3833.
Scott Co., Forest, 601-625-8669.             after 7 p.m.                                 bred does, 1- young doe, $5,000 or sell       1660.
                                                                                          separate. Scott Co., Morton, 601-732-                                                     11 yr. old grey Saddle Horse gelding,
Reg. Simmental heifers, PB & FB,             3- brush goats, 2- nannies & 1- billy,       2258.                                         Reg. APHA fillies, fine conformation,       ridden by woman, great trail horse,
some ready to breed, black & red,            about 1 yr. old, pretty colors, $100                                                       gentle, ready to train, $800 & up; 1-       easy keeper, no bad habits, $1,700.
Fleckvieh influenced, some select A.I.       firm. Jones Co., Laurel, 601-425-1557.       Red deer, 7 total, various ages & sex,        mature stallion, white/sorrel, proven       Hinds Co., Flora, 601-672-3001.
show heifers, $900 & up. Lincoln Co.,                                                     exc. cond., $250-$450 each. Jones Co.,        paint producer, $3,000; Gray mare,
Brookhaven, 601-833-1486.                    2- Dwarf Nigerian dairy goat nannies,        Ellisville, 601-752-6000.                     trail/pleasure, $2,500. Jones Co.,          Reg. AMHR weanling & yearling fillies
                                             unbred, 1 yr. old in age, very healthy,                                                    Moselle, 601-752-2388.                      & mares, $500-$700 each. Chickasaw
1- Reg. polled black Saler bull, 5 yrs.      wormed, all shots, registered stock,                                                                                                   Co., Okolona, 662-447-2248.
old, great for heifers, keeping heifers,
$1,800. Greene Co., Richton, 601-989-
                                             $650 for pair, not sold individually.
                                             Pearl River Co., Poplarville, 601-795-
                                                                                            HORSES, MULES                               19 mo. old buckskin QH gelding, exc.
                                                                                                                                        on ground exercise, $800; 5 yr. old         Paint Saddle Horses, all ages, $500 &
2496 after 5 p.m.                            9205.
                                                                                               & JACKS                                  Saddle Horse gelding, easy to ride, very
                                                                                                                                        gentle, $900. Newton Co., Hickory,
                                                                                                                                                                                    up. Chickasaw Co., Okolona, 662-447-
                                                                                             All horses, mules and jacks must be        601-646-0638.
          DAIRY CATTLE                                     RABBITS                         from bona fide livestock farmers. We                                                     Reg. TWH weanlings, yearlings & rid-
                                                                                           cannot accept notices from horse deal-       Shetland pony, 42”, light tan, white        ing horses, championship blood
                                                                                           ers, order buyers or persons selling on a
Jersey bull, 10 mos. old, ready for light    California & New Zealand cross rab-                                                        mane/tail, well broke for riding or dri-    w/many WGC in background, all classy,
                                                                                           commission basis. All listings of horses,
service, $500. Covington Co., Mt. Olive,     bits, $10 each; Mini Rex rabbits, $15         mules or jacks must have a signature         ving, extra good w/children, $400.          naturally gaited, $400 & up. Simpson
601-797-4726.                                each. Hinds Co., Utica, 601-885-6986.         and be accompanied by a statement            Noxubee Co., Macon, 662-549-9877.           Co., Magee, 601-847-5025.
                                                                                           from the seller that he agrees to furnish
                                             Swamp rabbits - Cane Cutters, good            the buyer a copy of the original negative    3- Reg. TWH black/white tobiano colts,      Bay 4 yr. old John mule, 14.1 H, broke
         GOATS & SHEEP                       runners, $10 each. Yazoo Co., Benton,         Coggins test for Equine Infectious           1- filly & 2- studs, 2- are Pusher blood-   to saddle, just needs riding, loads, clips
                                             662-673-9965.                                 Anemia (E.I.A.) that was performed           line, approx. 6 mos. old, haltered &        & trims, shots/coggins current, $1,000.
ADGA Nubian dairy goats, does, bucks                                                       within the past 12 months prior to sale      gentle, $1,050 each. Scott Co., Lake,       Union Co., Blue Springs, 662-869-
& kids, top quality, show stock from a       Little “Hops” rabbits: Dutch, Californians    on horses, mules and jacks, except nurs-     601-775-3592.                               2384.
healthy herd, $250 & up. Covington           & Mini Rex, breeding stock or small           ing foals. Only in-state residents are
Co., Seminary, 601-752-5552.                 ones, also have good fryers, $7 & up.         allowed to advertise within this category.   Paso Finos: 4 yr. old bay filly, super      Line bred Poco Bueno Tom, Zippios Mr.
                                             Rankin Co., Pearl, 601-932-2074.                                                           smooth, exc. disposition, father is         Good’Bar, Royal King, Poco Dell, Poco
Herd sellout, 28 head, full South                                                         3-18 mo. old horses, palominos & red          multi time national champion, $6,000;       Taito crosses, palominos, buckskins,
African red codi/CPI buck, full South        PB Californias, from Reg. ARBA stock,        duns, Little Peppy, Doc O’lena, Young         3 yr. old super sweet gelding, $3,500.      bays & sorrels, pleasure or perfor-
African red buck, full South African         $8 & up, some breeders available, cages      Gun bred, 1- palomino stud ready to           Pearl River Co., Poplarville, 601-795-      mance, $300/up. Tate Co., Coldwater,
doe, hay racks, mineral feeders,             built on request. P&I Rabbitry, Smith        breed in 2006, $1,000/up. Chickasaw           9190.                                       662-292-0368.
troughs, $6,000. Forrest Co., Petal,         Co., Mize, 601-733-5456.                     Co., Okolona, 662-447-2441.
601-582-2728.                                                                                                                           Reg. TWH black mare, 5 yrs. old, 16 H,      Reg. TWH/SSHBEA stud, 15 mos. old,
                                             PB show quality Mini Rex & Himalayan         Golden buckskin gelding, started              Pusher & Midnight Sun bloodlines,           chestnut/white, gentle, natural gaited,
Fainting billy goats, $50 each. Walthall     rabbits, $25. Forrest Co., Hattiesburg,      under saddle, very quiet, APHA Reg.,          gentle, broke, no bad habits, $1,200.       real nice colt, great breeding prospect,
Co., Tylertown, 601-876-5306.                601-270-4873.                                world champion Cherokee Indian &              Pontotoc Co., Pontotoc, 662-489-6059.       $2,000. Wayne Co., Richton, 601-735-
                                                                                          Cutter Bill bloodlines, will make big                                                     3536.
2- IBGA FB Boer does, $250 each; 1-          Florida Cottontail, $8; New Zealand          horse, $650. Amite Co., Summit, 601-          4- APHA mares, all 3-in-1 packages, all
IBGA FB Boer buck, $200; 7- percent-         Whites, $8-$10; Fuzzy Lop Eared, $10;        684-1519.                                     babies tobianos, $10,000 for all or         Donkeys, keep dogs out of your pas-
age Boer bucks, $80-$100 each, sire-         Dutch, $6; Mixed New Zealand Whites,                                                       $3,000 each; 1- overo ranch gelding,        ture, train your show calves & colts the
South African Boer. Marion Co.,              $6-$8; Mini Rex rabbits, $15 each.           QH trained for roping, $2,500; Pack           $4,000. Amite Co., Centreville, 601-        easy way - use donkeys, $250 & up.
Foxworth, 601-731-6470.                      Chickasaw Co., Houston, 662-456-             mule, trained for coon hunting, $350          645-6565.                                   Neshoba Co., Philadelphia, 601-656-
                                             5838.                                        w/saddle; Reg. Arabian, 26 yrs. old,                                                      5717.
Young milk goats, milking now, 1-                                                         $300. Amite Co., Osyka, 601-542-5471          AQHA Reg. sorrel gelding, 8 yrs. old,
2 yrs. old, $80; Others $60-$125., cash.     Mini Rex, Mini Lop, Dutch, New               after 7 p.m.                                  w/blaze face & 2- white stockings,          POA 13 H gelding, trained for games,
Lincoln Co., Brookhaven, 601-835-            Zealand & California, all sizes, $8 & up.                                                  beautiful build, very friendly w/good       very speedy, great on trail rides too, up
0853.                                        Lamar Co., Purvis, 601-794-6864.             AQHA Jet Decks great grandson, born           manners, needs exp. rider, $1,200.          to date on shots, coggins, etc., $500.
                                                                                          4/8/05, bay, built for speed, $1,000.         Lamar Co., Hattiesburg, 601-579-7463.       Hancock Co., Pass Christian, 228-324-
Wool sheep, 1- proven ram, 2- males, 3-      50- Missouri Swamp rabbits, $5 each.         Amite Co., Summit, 601-249-3624.                                                          5646.
ewes bred back, $350 cash, will consid-      Smith Co., Raleigh, 601-269-3202.            Email: barney@telepak.com                     14 yr. old QH mare, gentle for anyone
er partial trade in on bales of good feed-                                                                                              to ride, good for trail riding, sorrel      AMHA/AMHR miniature horses, very
                                             Sandwon & Florida Cottontail rabbits,        4 yr. old gelding, started on barrels,        w/blaze 2- rear white stockings, $500.      correct, sweet mini’s, 4- mares, 2- fil-
ing hay. Lamar Co., Purvis, 601-794-
                                             8 wks. old & up, $5 each. Chickasaw          running 3D times, my 9 yr. old son            Walthall Co., Tylertown, 601-876-9554.      lies, 3- colts, most around 28”, some
                                             Co., Houston, 662-456-2292.                  pushes out steers on him at rodeos,                                                       mares in foal, starting at $1,000-
1- Reg. Nubian goat bred to Reg.                                                          great disposition, $3,500. Grenada Co.,       Reg. TWBEA/SSHBEA/NSSHA Spotted             $2,000. Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-825-
Nubian, $275. Choctaw Co., Weir, 662-                        SWINE                        Thaxton, 662-322-3947.                        Alen Again 2 yr. old black tobiano filly,   3947.
547-9690.                                                                                                                               green broke, would make exc. future
                                                                                          AQHA 3 yr. old bay gelding, 15 H,             breeding prospect, $2,500. Oktibbeha        2- 2 yr. old black-brown nose mules,
ABGA, IBGA & USBGA Reg. full South           Beautiful potbelly sow, $50. George          gente, broke to ride, make good pole or       Co., Starkville, 662-323-9259. Email:       have been worked 6- times, gentle,
African Boer buck, born 2/23/00, hate        Co., McLain, 601-945-2418.                   barrel horse, Doc Bar & Dash For Cash         skparrott@juno.com                          make 1,200 lb. mules, $2,000.
to sellout but having to change blood-                                                    bloodlines, $1,800. Hinds Co., Byram,                                                     Tishomingo Co., Belmont, 662-454-
line, $300. Simpson Co., Harrisville,            EMUS, OSTRICHES,                         601-373-9122.                                 TWH/SSH Spotted Alen mare in foal,          9703.
601-668-9504.                                                                                                                           $3,000; TWH MG mare in foal, $2,600;
                                               EQUIPMENT & PRODUCTS                       1- black/white filly, bloodlines to Strait    TWH/SSH weanling filly, $600;               TWHBEA palomino filly, ready to start
FB South African Boer billies, born                                                       From Texas, Leo, Surprise Tag, Price          Yearling spotted mule gelding, TWH          riding, beautiful conformation, color,
Jan. 2005, $200 & up. Jones Co.,             Emu oil, natures finest moisturizer, 2       Tag, Leo Tag & Strait Texas, will cow &       dam, $800. Monroe Co., Amory, 662-          pedigree, shots/wormed, trimmed,
Moselle, 601-752-2488.                       oz. $15; Arthritis & pain relief cream       perform,      $1,200.      Amite     Co.,     256-2771.                                   weanling black filly by Wired, beautiful
                                             w/MSM, emu oil, chondroitin, glu-            Centreville, 601-810-4912.                                                                & gentle, starting at $2,000. George
Nubian buck, Nubian/brush nannies,           cosamine, 4.6 oz. $19.95., shipping                                                        Reg. TWH gelding, 15 H, gentle, lady        Co., Lucedale, 601-947-4448.
$45 each. Hinds Co., Jackson, 601-346-       available. Bamboo Emu Farm,                  3- riding mules, ages 2 1/2, 4 & 8, $800      ridden & owned, $3,000 firm. Madison
4650.                                        Lauderdale Co., Meridian, 601-693-           & up. Newton Co., Conehatta, 601-625-         Co., Madison, 601-201-3023.                 TWH/RH colts, all colors & shades,
                                             1108.                                        8281 after 5:30 p.m. weekdays.                                                            cremello, palomino, spotted gray,
ADGA Reg. Nubian buck, 20 mos. old,                                                                                                     Reg. Appaloosa mare, 5 yrs. old, brown      black, chestnut, Handshaker & Pusher
dam is 1*M, pictures available at            Extra strength Extreme Cryogel               Sorrel QH mare, 16 H, approx. 10 yrs.         w/white spots & star, Dash For Cash         CG bloodlines, $400 & up. Chickasaw
www.2-gfarm.com, red w/black trim,           enhanced w/pure emu oil, arnica, wil-        old, very gentle w/children, $2,000.          great granddaughter, started on bar-        Co., Prairie, 662-456-4348.

Page 16                                                                            MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                November 15, 2005
Reg. TWH bay gelding, 2 yrs. old, calm,      AQHA 18 mo. old strawberry roan filly,      AHA Reg. Arabian mare, 6 yrs. old,           bloodlines, prices start at $3,000.         2 yr. old Reg. RH gelding, sorrel w/flax-
gentle & quiet, naturally gaited,            gentle, $700 cash firm; APHA 28 mo.         Polish/Russian bloodline, $1,500.            Jackson Co., Vancleave, 228-826-3041.       en mane/tail, 4- white stockings, trail
smooth, easy keeper, comes when              old breeding stock filly, gentle but not    Lincoln Co., Wesson, 601-833-8380.                                                       ridden, $1,300; 5 yr. old Reg. TW mare,
called, trail ridden, $1,500 cash.           broke, $700 cash. Neshoba Co.,                                                           APHA Reg. 6 yr. old palomino gelding,       15 H, black, $1,600. Jones Co., Ovett,
Chickasaw Co., Houston, 662-456-             Noxapater, 662-724-2524.                    19 yr. old paint mare, knows all speed       very easy to handle, clips, loads, shoes    601-344-5564.
4429.                                                                                    events, great for exp. kid, $2,500; 5 yr.    without any problems, anyone can
                                             6 yr. old bay gelding, gentle, beautiful    old AQHA gelding, 1D/2D barrels, lots        ride, $2,500. Lincoln Co., Wesson, 601-     QH mare, 4 yrs. old, started on barrels,
9 yr. old AQHA chestnut gelding,             horse, $750. Lamar Co., Purvis, 601-        of potential, $7,500. Marion Co.,            833-1359.                                   Dash For Cash & On A High bred,
WFQA halter reserve champion, all            268-9670.                                   Foxworth, 601-736-3561.                                                                  $3,000; QH gelding, 3 yrs. old, broke to
around pleasure & speed event horse,                                                                                                  2- jack donkeys, born 2005, from wild       ride, $1,500. Rankin Co., Florence,
gorgeous, out of Chocolate Chip,             Child safe 15 yr. old pony mare, great      Thoroughbred stallion, $1,500; Black         stock, raised in pasture w/cows &           601-845-8678.
$7,000. Warren Co., Vicksburg, 601-          for whatever level of riding, has colt on   TWH stallion, $950; Spotted Walking          goats, great for pets or predatory con-
638-8988.                                    her side, so won’t be ready until           colts, $1,000 & up; Solids $650 & up.        trol, $1,000 each OBO. Noxubee Co.,         8 yr. old QH gelding, has been hunted
                                             Thanksgiving, $1,500 OBO. Covington         Tippah Co., Tiplersville, 662-223-6407.      Brooksville, 662-272-5030.                  on & used to pasture rope, gentle,
AQHA 6 yr. old red roan mare, bred to        Co., Collins, 601-517-8581.                 Email: ffalf@dixie-net.com                                                               $1,200. Attala Co., Kosciusko, 662-289-
work cattle, broke, rides good, has been                                                                                              2- Paso Finos: 1- Reg. bay mare, 14 yrs.    7283.
trimmed & had shoes on, nice gentle          8 yr. old QH gelding, good trail riding     2- 3 yr. old AMHR pinto mares bred to        old, $1,300; 1- Reg. bay gelding, 5 yrs.
horse, $1,500. Oktibbeha Co., Maben,         horse, rode in Dixie National Wagon         AMHA/AMHR 29” cremello stallion,             old, $1,1,00., or both for $2,000. Union    Pony, 44” tall, sorrel & white spotted,
662-549-9165.                                Train last 3 yrs., $1,000. Rankin Co.,      $850 & $1,000; 6 mo. old sorrel minia-       Co., Myrtle, 662-988-0801 leave mes-        used for lead-in for 4 yr. old child,
                                             Richland, 601-933-0077 ask for David.       ture filly, $450. Stone Co., Wiggins,        sage.                                       $500; Older gaited black/white spotted
APHA mare, tri-color, proven producer,                                                   601-528-0913.                                                                            mare, bred, $500. DeSoto Co.,
child broke, 1994 model, Lucky Go                                                                                                     AQHA foundation bred colts/fillies, sev-
                                             Black John mule, 8 yrs. old, 55” tall,                                                                                               Hernando, 662-429-7915.
Vantage, Joe Chief Bar, Magic Mount,                                                     APHA 2003 paint gelding, flashy sorrel       eral to choose from, roans, grays &
                                             works to wagon, plows & rides, $800.
$1,200. Hinds Co., Terry, 601-878-5872                                                   tobiano, gentle, athletic, double bred       buckskins, high percentage of Hancock
                                             Monroe Co., Hamilton, 662-343-5249.                                                                                                  2 yr. old triple registered black/white
ask for Nancy.                                                                           Mr. San Peppy, double bred Two Eyed          & Blue Valentine, great disposition &
                                                                                                                                                                                  stallion, well trained, anybody can ride,
                                             2- pony mares, 1- stud & 1- filly, $1,200   Jack, exc. roping or timed event             conformation, $1,000/up. Tallahatchie
                                                                                                                                                                                  $3,500; 17 mo. old gaited bay gelding,
1- Reg. PB Arabian grey mare, 7 yrs.                                                     prospect, $1,250. Scott Co., Forest,         Co., Tutwiler, 662-745-2938.
                                             for all; Reg. TWH Silver Dollar mare                                                                                                 gentle, anyone can ride, $1,000. Union
old, $650. Wayne Co., Buckatunna,                                                        601-469-4052.
                                             bred to Mr. Push Button stud, $2,500.                                                    Own son of Freckles Playboy, out of a       Co., New Albany, 662-534-3613.
601-648-9201 after 5 p.m.
                                             Prentiss Co., Baldwyn, 662-365-2623.                                                     NCHA money winning Doc’s Remedy
                                                                                         2005 AQHA colts & fillies, Two Eyed                                                      2005 stud colt, red roan, sire- Poco
Reg. Missouri Fox Trotters, 2- palomi-                                                   Jack, Duel Pep, Poco, Zan Bar, Peppy         daughter, trained in cutting, 6 yrs. old,
no weanling stud colts, 1- palomino          AQHA solid black gelding, small horse,                                                   15.2 H, sorrel, very stout, $5,500.         Secret Flash, money earning in team
                                             gentle, ridden by 6 yr. old boy, $1,200;    San, Doc’s Sug, Freckles Powder River,                                                   roping, dam- is APHA, has points in
filly, $650 each; 8- bred broodmares,                                                    Hickory & Quixote, $800 & up.                Lauderdale Co., Meridian, 601-934-
$1,000 & up. Yazoo Co., Yazoo City,          APHA mare, gentle, $800. Lincoln Co.,                                                    1069.                                       team roping, Chiefs Danty Dee, $1,200.
                                             Ruth, 601-833-6860.                         Neshoba Co., Union, 601-656-9156.                                                        Stone Co., Wiggins, 601-928-5426.
                                                                                         RTWH 9 yr. old grey gelding, ridden by       1- pair of mules, 7 & 8 yrs. old, w/new
5- AQHA fillies, 5 mos. to 2 1/2 yrs. old,   Miniature donkeys, 35” & under,                                                          harness, covered wagon w/side flaps,        APHA sorrel solid stallion, 5 mos. old,
                                             chocolate, grays & spotted, jacks &         lady, great gait, Generator bloodline,                                                   $150; Sorrel/white paint stallion, 8
palomino gray roan sorrel, Doc Shug                                                      $3,750; RTWH 5 yr. old spotted geld-         brakes on all 4 wheels, $2,400.
Two Eyed Jack King, grade palomino           jennies, starting at $500. Lauderdale                                                    Choctaw Co., Weir, 662-547-9690.            mos. old, $285; QH bay filly, 1 yr. old,
                                             Co., Meridian, 601-681-4200.                ing, grey black/white, Pushers blood-                                                    $325., cash only. Smith Co.,
broodmare, $3,000 for all. Madison Co.,                                                  line, $3,750. Forrest Co., Hattiesburg,
Flora, 601-879-3358.                                                                                                                  3- Reg. QH geldings, 5-6 yrs. old, gen-     Taylorsville, 601-785-6982.
                                             1990 AQHA dun daughter of Highbrow          601-408-3163.
                                                                                                                                      tle, anyone can ride, 1- palomino, 2-
Miniature jack, very gentle, great pet,      Hickory/Clarks Doc Bar dam, tuned,                                                       paints, $2,000 each. Webster Co.,           APHA 20 mo. old gelding, 15 H, very
                                             ready for weekend cuttings, open,           Fancy sorrel Mammoth gaited jack &                                                       gentle, Joey Bar Bang Up (TB), Moon
catch anywhere, 31”, $400. Jones Co.,                                                                                                 Mathiston, 662-263-4300.
                                             NCHA ME, producer of NCHA ME,               jenny colts at weaning, mature 15 H,                                                     Deck, great barrel prospect, $900.
Laurel, 601-426-6369.
                                             $10,000. Lincoln Co., Ruth, 601-833-        also mature bred jennets, $500 & up.                                                     Jasper Co., Bay Springs, 601-764-7051.
                                                                                                                                      6 yr. old buckskin mare, $900; 16 yr.
TWH, Spotted Saddle Horses, Paso             4619.                                       Leflore Co., Greenwood, 662-453-5612.
                                                                                                                                      old sorrel mare, w/papers, $750. Hinds
Fino’s, all colors, all ages, broke, green                                                                                            Co., Crystal Springs, 601-878-0052.         3- horses: blue roan mare, bred,
                                             2004 colt, top notch cutting, reining,      Reg. Paso Fino gelding, 14.2 H, 6 yrs.
broke & unbroken, also several bred                                                                                                                                               Hancock breeding, sorrel gelding,
                                             team penning prospect, 7- NCHA              old, Walking Horse mare, 15.1 H, 7 yr.       4 yr. old Quarter mare, buckskin/white
mares & stallions, $350 & up. Kemper                                                                                                                                              heading horse, 3 yr. old well bred geld-
                                             money earners on his AQHA papers,           old, good riding horses, $1,500 each.        paint, broke, very gentle, smooth trot,
Co., Porterville, 601-479-6172.                                                                                                                                                   ing, 60 days prof. riding, $2,000 & up.
                                             $1,500. Pearl River Co., Carriere, 601-     Copiah Co., Crystal Springs, 601-892-        lope, $850; Reg. SSHBEA gelding, 2          Lawrence Co., Monticello, 601-660-
TWHBEA/SSHBEA flashy bay tobiano             749-8456.                     Website:      2352.                                        yrs. old, “Lit Up”, sorrel/white, $2,000.   7231.
gelding, 4 yrs. old, winner in lite shod     www.candjhorses.com                                                                      Clay Co., Montpelier, 662-494-7038.
classes at TWHBEA & SSHBEA shows                                                         APHA 2 yr. old mare, black/white, 15 H,
                                                                                                                                                                                  Donkey, gray jack w/cross on shoulder,
w/11 yr. old rider, $5,000. Oktibbeha                                                    very flashy, good bloodline, 30 days rid-    2003 dun Paso Fino gelding, Amadeus,
                                             AQHA weanlings Kings Ranch & Rebel                                                                                                   real gentle, eats candy out of your
Co., Starkville, 662-324-8008.                                                           ing, $1,000. Jones Co., Laurel, 601-         Capitan & Resorte III on his papers,
                                             Cause bloodlines, great disposition &                                                                                                hand, keeps dogs out of pasture, $250.
                                                                                         426-2981.                                    $3,500 OBO, must sale due for surgery
                                             conformation, line back buckskin colt,                                                                                               Lauderdale Co., Collinsville, 601-626-
2005 AQHA Incentive Fund chestnut            $1,350. Monroe Co., Smithville, 662-                                                     on another horse. Rankin Co.,               8367.
colt sired by Sir Cool Skip & out of                                                     2000 AQHA race bred gelding, loping          Pelahatchie, 601-854-8057.
                                             315-0983.                                   barrels, child safe, $4,000. Stone Co.,
granddaughter of Obvious Conclusion                                                                                                                                               Sell out TW paint colts, 7-19 mos. old,
& Just To Impress, Hypp N/H, $3,500.                                                     Perkinston, 601-928-5882. Email:             AQHA 4 yr. old gelding, finished for
                                             7 yr. old mare, started on barrels &        nbhams06@bellsouth.net                                                                   6- broodmares, 1- stud black/white
Jones Co., Laurel, 601-425-1505.             heeling, $2,500; 17 yr. old heading &                                                    reining, gentle, can be ridden by youth,    homozygous, Jail House Rock blood-
                                             world qualifier barrel horse, $3,500; 17                                                 will make nice 4-H, AQHA or NRHA            line, $650-$1,200. Holmes Co.,
4- standard jennies & 2- standard geld-                                                  Beautiful black/white overo colt, APHA       show horse, $5,000 OBO. Carroll Co.,
                                             yr. old gray mare, $1,000. Rankin Co.,      Reg., grandson of Mr. Cisco, $800.                                                       Lexington, 662-834-3989.
ings, 1- paint jack, 1 yr. old, $250 & up.   Florence, 601-845-5114.                                                                  Carrollton, 662-237-6313 nights.
Covington Co., Collins, 601-765-8335.                                                    Jones Co., Laurel, 601-422-3900.
                                                                                                                                                                                  3- Missouri Fox Trotter colts, FB,
                                             APHA 7 mo. old stud colts, $600 each;                                                    Saddle mare, 7 yrs. old, gentle, $600       1- filly, 2- males, $650 each. Jasper Co.,
Reg. TWH herd dispersal, many colors                                                     3- mules, work to wagon & ride, 48”-         cash. Leake Co., Carthage, 601-298-
                                             8 yr. old bay overo mare, rides, $1,400;    57”, 1- hunted off of, $350-$850. Perry                                                  Heidelberg, 601-787-3744.
& top bloodlines, studs, bred mares,                                                                                                  1899.
                                             4 yr. old bay QH mare, rides, $1,200.       Co., Petal, 601-582-1694.
open mares, yearlings, $1,000 & up.
                                             Harrison Co., Gulfport, 228-831-3849.                                                                                                Palomino gelding, very gentle, kid
Prentiss Co., Booneville, 662-728-                                                                                                    4- Reg. miniature male donkeys, gray
                                                                                         12 yr. old Reg. Appaloosa gelding, have                                                  broke, $650. Simpson Co., Magee, 601-
3925. Email: chamcofarm@yahoo.com                                                                                                     duns, very good conformation, small,
                                             NASDHA 15/16 Percheron premium              owned him for 9 yrs., head, heel or trail                                                849-2446.
                                                                                                                                      all around 30”, 3 of them are out of
Miniature horse mare, 2 1/2 yrs. old,        spotted drafts, 18 mo. old stallion &       ride, bombproof, $3,500. Covington           spotted jennies, $350 each. Neshoba
AMHA Reg., 29” tall, beautiful little bay    filly, $1,800 each; 4 yr. old mare,         Co., Terry, 601-722-4546.                                                                2004 AQHA sorrel gelding, gentle,
                                                                                                                                      Co., Collinsville, 601-656-1900.
huge star, very gentle, must see, $1,100     $2,500; AQHA bay roan stallion,                                                                                                      stout, Bob Acre Doc, Smart Little Lena,
cash. Kemper Co., Bailey, 601-737-           $1,800. Washington Co., Greenville,         AQHA Reg. weanings, sorrel stud colt         3- QH mares, $450-$600. Pike Co.,           Sonofa Doc, Doc’s Lynx on papers,
2868.                                        662-347-9725.                               & buckskin filly, big gentle colts, halter   Ruth, 601-276-2842.                         $1,500. Webster Co., Maben, 662-258-
                                                                                         broke & handles easy, Impressive,                                                        3073.
3- nice Welsh ponies, 1- paint, 1- light     2005 AQHA colts & fillies, Two Eyed         Bonanza & Skipper W bloodlines, $800         18 mo. old palomino stud w/papers,
tan color, they do not bite or kick, 5       Jack, Duel Pep, Poco, Zan Bar, Peppy        each. Lee Co., Tupelo, 662-842-4197.         real gentle w/children, comes to you        2- AQHA palomino sisters, w/4- socks
yrs. old, $300 each. Neshoba Co.,            San, Doc’s Sug, Freckles, Poweder                                                        when he sees you & called, catches eas-     & blaze, foundation bred, 3 yr. old
Union, 601-986-5800.                         River, Hickory & Quixote, $800 & up.        Reg. TWH’s, riding horses & brood-           ily, can be easily trained, $1,000.         green broke, 6 mo. old halter broke,
                                             Neshoba Co., Union, 601-656-9156.           mares, all colors, $1,000 & up. Walthall     Rankin Co., Mendenhall, 601-825-            parents also for sale, $1,000-$2,000.
2001 AQHA bay gelding, 15 H, Peppy                                                       Co., Tylertown, 601-876-5950.                2346.                                       Holmes Co., West, 662-967-2817.
San Badger, Dun Commander, Doc               Reg. Paso Fino’s 5 yr. old mare, under
Clabber & Mr. Bud Bars Slip on papers,       saddle, $3,500; 3 yr. old fillies, $1,500   2- trail mares, gentle & sweet, Walking      2003 APHA black mare, started on cat-       Reg. Spotted Saddle Horse mares,
broke to ride, $1,600. Chickasaw Co.,        each, granddaughters of Capuchino; 11       Horse mare, 14 H, 10 yrs. old, good          tle, exc. heeling prospect, Double Doc      grade Saddle Horses & big ponies,
Okolona, 662-231-3169.                       yr. old mare, top breeding, $4,500.         gait, Saddle bred mare, 16 H, 13 yrs.        Horn, Dakota, Skippers Bar Doc on           $750 & up. Madison Co., Canton, 601-
                                             Bolivar Co., Cleveland, 662-843-9714.       old,     $1,250    each.     Stone Co.,      papers,     $2,200.    Franklin    Co.,     937-4433.
5 yr. old grullo mare, quiet, running                                                    Perkinston, 601-928-0297.                    Smithdale, 601-567-2245.
4-D barrels, ready to push, Skipper’s        Homozygous buckskin tobiano APHA                                                                                                     10 yr. old AQHA red roan stallion by
Lad, Puddenhead, Jackstraw, Poco             2004 colt, grandson of Joe Chief Bar,       Paso Finos, herd reduction, 1- 9 yr. old     6 yr. old AQHA sorrel gelding, broke,       Red Glow Nicky, good gentle trail or
bloodlines, $3,700. Newton Co., Lake,        son of Chiefs Casanova, $5,000.             mare, several pintos also available,         just needs riding, 15 H, $1,000. Scott      hunting horse, $1,200. Washington
601-938-0132.                                Madison Co., Canton, 601-853-1717.          smooth, gentle, good disposition, exc.       Co., Forest, 601-625-1600.                  Co., Hollandale, 662-822-9977.

November 15, 2005                                                                 MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                                Page 17
10 yr. old green broke QH, not regis-         Amadeus, Simbolo & others, fees from          CKC     Chihuahuas,  2-   males,            build/temperament, spayed, $500,              be rdy. this season, $40 ea., Oktibbeha
tered, sorrel gelding, tall & stout, built    $1,000., plus shipping. Pearl River Co.,      shots/wormed, $125 ea., cash,               Kemper Co., Bailey, 601-737-5094.             Co., Sturgis, 662-465-6302.
like ranch or roping horse, fast, $800.       Poplarville, 601-795-9190. Email:             Washington Co., Leland, 662-335-
Rankin Co., Brandon, 601-454-9118.            cgascon@ametro.net                            7856.                                       2- Beagle Bluetick males, 2 yrs. old,         Rat Terrier puppies, parents on premis-
                                                                                                                                        $250 ea.; Reg. Bluetick female Beagle,        es, shots/wormed, $85, Oktibbeha Co.,
AQHA horses, ages 6 mos. to 7 yrs. old,       Ivory’s Gold Generator, golden palomi-        CKC Jack Russell puppies, $100 ea.,         $235; 5- litter mates, 1 yr. $185 ea.,        Starkville, 662-323-2203.
all have exc. bloodlines, must see to         no, Reg. TWH & RHBA, sire- Royal              Prentiss Co., Baldwyn, 662-365-2623.        Chris Strickland, 10320 Road 311,
appreciate, pricing starting at $600.         Ivory, grand sire- JFK, 10 WGC &                                                          Union, 39365. Newton County.                  Free to good home only, 1/2 Lab - 1/2
Holmes Co., Goodman, 662-472-2239             many palominos in background, fee             CKC Basset Hound puppies, long ears,                                                      Blue Heeler pupies, 7 mos. old, Rankin
after 7 p.m.                                  $150. Simpson Co., Magee, 601-847-            big feet, lots of wrinkles, parents on      UKCI Reg. Rat Terrier puppies, tri-col-       Co., Florence, 601-845-1635.
                                              5025.                                         premises, shots/wormed, $200 cash,          ored, very pretty, tails docked, $100 ea.,
2004 APHA stud colt, grullo in color,                                                       Forrest Co., Petal, 601-544-9909.           Walthall Co., Sandy Hook, 601-876-            Teacup & tiny Chihuahuas, Jack
has blaze face & white stockings, 2004        TWH palomino, line bred Generator,                                                        5406.                                         Russell Terriers, tiny Dachshunds, Rat
bay/white tobiano stud colt, both will        16 H, beautiful, great disposition, gait,     AKC Boston Terrier puppies, healthy,                                                      Terriers, Red Nose Pit Bulldogs, catch
make nice colts, $600/up. Newton Co.,         fee $250., mare care $3/day, $4 w/foal,       shots/wormed, perfect markings,             AKC Reg. Lab puppies, black, 2- males,        dogs & puppies, Yorkie-Poos,
Lawrence, 601-775-0237.                       multiple mare discount. George Co.,           black/white, born 8-25-05, males $350,      2- females, 1st shots/wormed, dew-            shots/wormed, $150 up, Jasper Co.,
                                              Lucedale, 601-947-4448.                       females $425, Pearl River Co.,              clawed, block heads, healthy, parents         Heidelberg, 601-580-7118.
Timed event/pleasure horses, good                                                           Poplarville, 601-463-0154.                  on premises, good pedigrees, $250
child or adult horses, 1 small bay mare,                                                                                                OBO, Noxubee Co., Macon, 662-574-             Red Bloodhounds, 11 mos. old, 1-
1 sorrel gaited mare, 1 buckskin filly,       Reg. TWH/SSHBEA black/white spot-
                                              ted, beautiful, exc. natural gait,            AKC German Shepherd puppies, farm           1855.                                         male, 1- female, $300 ea., Walthall Co.,
$600 & up. Rankin Co., Florence, 601-                                                       raised, 100% European bred, titled par-                                                   Jayess, 601-876-5487.
845-8292.                                     smooth, Reg. TWH palomino, big,
                                              beautiful, nice, very intelligent, all nat-   ents, large bone, big box heads, bred       Reg. Toy Rat Terrier puppies, beautiful,
                                                                                            for loyalty/family protection, males &      black/white, make perfect small               CKC Miniature Dachshund puppies,
2005 AQHA bay roan stud colt, very            ural, fee $200 each. Chickasaw Co.,
                                                                                            females, $300 ea., Panola Co., Sarah,       inside/outside dog, born 9-10-05, $125,       smooth coat, red, black/tan, choco-
gentle, halter broke, Two Id                  Houston, 662-456-4429.
                                                                                            662-382-7135.                               Yazoo Co., Benton, 662-673-2393               late/tan, CKC adult longhaired females
Bartender/Tyrees Watch bloodlines,                                                                                                      nights.                                       & unrelated male, $150 up; CKC Boxer
$2,500. Madison Co., Flora, 601-624-          Reg.     TWH,      SSHBEA,        RHBA,
                                                                                            CKC German Shorthair Pointers, 4                                                          puppies, $300, Kemper Co., Bailey,
3484.                                         black/white stallion, 15.1 H, natural                                                     Reg. Beagle puppies, straight rabbit
                                                                                            mos., $300; Chihuahuas $350 up, adult                                                     601-737-5289.
                                              gaited, great disposition, siring “Spots                                                  stock, mature 30” or less, $75, Walthall
                                                                                            male $175; York-Chihs $300; Mini
Perfect “Christmas Happy”, AQHA &             Without Trots”, fee $200., mare care                                                      Co., Tylertown, 601-876-9554.                 CKC Reg. Pekingese puppy, male, 3 1/2
                                                                                            Dachshunds $200-$350, free delivery
APHA great selection, top lines, all col-     $4/day. Wayne Co., Richton, 601-735-                                                                                                    mos. old, black/white spotted,
                                                                                            Jackson to Coast, Lawrence Co.,
ors, bay, black, grullo, palomino, buck-      3536.                                                                                     Treeing Walker female, 2 yrs. old, sire:      shots/wormed, $300, Lawrence Co.,
                                                                                            Monticello, 601-954-9637.
skin & more, $1,200-$5,000. Lincoln                                                                                                     Grntch Rock River Stone, $200, Lamar          Jayess, 601-587-5682.
Co., Brookhaven, 601-833-5345.                AQHA buckskin stallion, grandson of           3- Running Walkers, 10 mos. old, $75        Co., Sumrall, 601-758-3891.
Email: WindRiverHorses@aol.com                Freckles Playboy top, great grandson of       ea.; 5- Running Walkers, 13 mos.-3                                                        Setter female, 20 mos. old, 100%
                                              Doc O’lena bottom, great disposition,         yrs., $100 ea., all are running, Franklin   AKC Bloodhound puppies, $300-$500,            Lewellin breeding, white/black mark-
Matching pair of sorrel mules, weight         fee $500., free mare care. Jefferson          Co., Meadville, 601-384-6230.               1st shots/wormed, rdy. 11-19-05; red          ings, rdy. to hunt, $250, Calhoun Co.,
approx. 900 lbs. each, work well, trail       Davis Co., Prentiss, 601-792-8891.                                                        male, 20 mos. old, red female, 19 mos.        Bruce, 662-983-4427.
rides, rode in Dixie National, also gear                                                    CKC Boston Terriers, 4- males, 6 wks.       old, not related, $500 ea., cash, Clay
& wagon, no junk, $3,500. Leake Co.,          2001 red roan AQHA & NFQHA Reg.,              old, $300; AKC Chinese Crested, 3-          Co., West Point, 662-494-8675.                UKC/PKC Black/Tans, 2- females, 2-
Lena, 601-654-7756.                           Cactus Ben & King bred, trained in            powder puff males, 1- powder puff                                                         males, 6 mos. old, $225 ea., Calhoun
                                              heading & heeling, fee $500., plus            female, $600, 1- hairless male $1,000,      Belgian Malinois female puppy, 4 mos.,        Co., Bruce, 662-983-7647.
3 1/2 yr. old Reg. Missouri Fox Trotter       mare care. Stone Co., Wiggins, 601-                                                       protection dogs, parents on premises,
                                                                                            Forrest Co., Hattiesburg, 601-261-
gelding, true buckskin, 15 H, gentle,         928-5426.                   Email:                                                        $600; German Shepherd, trained, 2 yrs.        CKC/AKC Boxer puppies, 1st shots/tails
broke good, 6 mos. of trail riding,           bhr50@wmconnect.com                                                                       old, $2,500; CKC Reg. Bloodhound              docked/dewclawed, health guaranteed,
$1,500. Copiah Co., Hazlehurst, 601-                                                        AKC Labs, trained ducks/doves, males        puppies, $600, Pearl River Co.,               $225 up, Union Co., New Albany, 662-
750-2820.                                     APHA son of “RR Risky Masterpiece” 2x         & females, 3 colors, heartworm free,        Poplarville, 601-795-9190.                    534-6827.
                                              world & reserve champion cow horse            grand sires FC/AFC, $1,500-$2,500,
American Saddle mare, bay w/4- socks,                                                                                                                                                 Free to good home only, 2 yr. old Red
                                              events, 100% color & black producer,          Scott Co., Forest, 601-469-2529.            Reg.       Miniature        Pinschers,
goes anywhere, coon hunts, trail, traf-                                                                                                                                               Heeler, listens well, genuine reason for
                                              fee $600. Wayne Co., Waynesboro, 601-                                                     shots/wormed, black/tan, red, males
fic broke, doesn’t spook, wagon train                                                                                                                                                 sale, Hancock Co., Kiln, 228-216-2940.
                                              735-6093.                                     PB Border Collie puppies, black/white,      $450, females $550; Reg. Shih-Tzu
ready, $650. Scott Co., 601-625-8137.
                                                                                            1st shots/wormed, $150 ea., Hinds Co.,      female, black, shots/wormed, $650;
                                              Reg. 2003 Appaloosa stallion,                 Jackson, 601-922-2755.                      Reg. Yorkies, shots/wormed, $600 up,          AKC/ASCA/NSDR Australian Shepherd
Beautiful 14 yr. old QH/Saddle Horse
                                              black/blanket/peacock spots, blood-                                                       Tate Co., Senatobia, 662-562-0666.            puppy, born 8-2-05, black-tri male,
mare & 6 mo. old nursing filly, to be
                                              lines trace to Zip’s Cochise, gentle dis-     AKC Boston Terrier, small, 3- male                                                        champion bloodlines, $200 OBO, Jones
sold together for $750 or sold separate-
                                              position, to limited outside approved         puppies, black/white, $300 ea.,             AKC Papillons, 2- tri-colored females, 6      Co., Laurel, 601-425-1505.
ly for $375. Madison Co., Madison, 601-
                                              Appaloosa mares only, introductory fee        Walthall Co., Tylertown, 601-876-2924.      wks., parents on premises, shots, $700
856-5371.                                                                                                                                                                             CKC Boston Terrier puppies, toy size,
                                              $400. Lawrence Co., Jayess, 1-876-                                                        ea.; Adult male, 2 1/2 yrs., tri-colored,
TWH stud colt, black/white tobiano,           5417.                                         Tri-color Beagles, $50 up, Rankin Co.,      must sell, $700, Lamar Co.,                   parents 10 lbs., taking deposits for
halter broke, gentle, very flashy, foaled                                                   Pearl, 601-825-5720.                        Hattiesburg, 601-264-8920 after 6 pm.         Christmas, $350 & $400, Newton Co.,
5/3/05, Spirit Of Apache bloodline,           Own son of Doc Tari by own daughter                                                                                                     Meridian, 601-527-5875.
$1,000 OBO. Tippah Co., Dumas, 662-           of Cutter Bill, fee $400 LFG plus $3          Walker deer dogs, easy to handle, all       5- Beagle puppies, 8 wks. old, 1st
                                              daily mare care, pictures & pedigree on       ages, can be reg., $100 ea., Adams Co.,     shots/wormed, $75 ea.; 2- female              AKC Beagle puppies, sire: LP RCH,
                                              website: www.candjhorses.com. Pearl           Natchez, 601-445-9806.                      Beagle rabbit dogs, $100 & $250,              dam has fast speed, should be 14”
2- 15 mo. old palomino paint fillies,         River Co., Carriere, 601-749-8456.                                                        Rankin Co., Florence, 601-218-6330            w/good hunt & speed, $100, Leake Co.,
1/2 Percheron & 1/2 QH, $2,000/pair.                                                        CKC Reg. Pug male, $100; CKC                after 5 pm.                                   Carthage, 601-562-0110.
Hancock Co., Bay St. Louis, 601-795-          Gaited black Mammoth jack, w/white            Siberian Husky male, $50; 1- pair
0447.                                                                                       Chihuahuas $300; Beagles $100 ea.,          Rabbit dogs, 7/8 Beagle - 1/8 Basset,         Reg. pair Schnauzer puppies, small,
                                              points, 56 1/2” tall, exc. disposition &
                                                                                            Jasper Co., Laurel, 601-729-8926.           5 mos. old, $60 ea., Jasper Co., Bay          pretty, great for breeder pair, $800/pair,
                                              conformation, proven producer of gait-
QH gelding, very gentle, pasture or                                                                                                     Springs, 601-764-2339 after 7 pm.             Jones Co., Laurel, 601-426-6369.
                                              ed mules, fee $150; AQHA dun, founda-
hunting horse, 12 yrs. old, $1,200; Bay                                                     UKC Treeing Walker puppies, 5 mos.
                                              tion bred, fee $200. Leflore Co.,
mare, 8 yrs. old, roping horse, gentle                                                      old, treeing on caged coon, 60 Gr. Ch.      Golden Retriever female, 1 yr. old,           CKC Chihuahua puppies, rdy. week of
                                              Greenwood, 662-453-5612.
for anyone, $1,500. Attala Co.,                                                             in pedigree, $150 ea., Jackson Co.,         friendly, parents on premises, good           Thanksgiving,      white      w/spots,
Kosciusko, 662-289-2286.                                                                    Moss Point, 228-588-9432.                   family dog, good w/kids, $100, Neshoba        black/tan, red sable, sire silver/blue
                                              Broken Arrow’s Sundae, 1999, triple                                                                                                     w/great apple head, males $250,
                                                                                                                                        Co., Collinsville, 601-656-1900.
                                              Reg. TWH Racking, SSHBEA,                     AKC Labs, 2- black males, started train-                                                  females $300, Winston Co., Louisville,
1- jenny, 3 1/2 yrs. old, grey/white, 1-      black/white, stocky, easy, classy, fee
colt, $350; 1- jenny, 2 yrs. old,                                                           ing, $200 ea., Jones Co., Ovett, 601-       AKC Akita puppies, 1- male,                   662-773-9495.
                                              $150. Clay Co., Montpelier, 662-494-          344-0944.                                   sable/white, 2- females, black/white, 5
grey/white, $200; 1- jenny, 13 mos. old,      7038.
pet, $150. Leake Co., Carthage, 601-                                                                                                    mos. old, big bone, $250, Chickasaw           Beagle puppies, 6 wks., rabbit & deer
267-8195.                                                                                   AKC rabbit Beagle sellout, 3- adult-        Co., Houston, 662-456-9041.                   stock $25 ea.; CKC Reg. Jack Russell
                                                                                            males, 5- adult females, 8 puppies,                                                       Terrier, male, squirrel stock $75; FB
APHA: 3- overo yearling fillies, will hal-                   DOGS                           double alum. dog box w/top storage,         CKC Miniature Dachshund puppies, 2-           female Pit Bull, good natured, $50,
ter, 1- stud colt, 3- weanlings, all out of      Listings in this column must be            $2,000 will not separate, Copiah Co.,       black/tan longhaired males, wormed,           Simpson Co., Pinola, 601-847-5340.
Johnny Rico, $500 & up. Calhoun Co.,           accompanied by the following state-          Wesson, 601-643-2762 after 7 pm.            vet checked, parents on premises, $250
Houlka, 662-983-4443.                          ment with a signature: “I am a farmer                                                    ea., Hinds Co., Raymond, 601-885-             AKC Dachshunds, black/tan, smooth,
                                               and raised this dog (or these dogs) on       ABC Reg. Border Collie puppies, 2-          6440 lv. msg.                                 1- female, 2- males, champion sire &
6 yr. old paint QH, $700. Itawamba Co.,        my farm”. Rural addresses must be            males, black/white, beautiful mark-                                                       dam, shots/wormed, being crate
                                               used. Dogs cannot be listed for kennels
Nettleton, 662-862-4010.                       even though they are on a farm. Dogs at      ings, 3 1/2 mos., shots, health guaran-     Maltese/Maltese/Shi-Tzu puppy, $300;          trained, pets only w/spay & neuter con-
                                               stud cannot be listed. Only in-state res-    teed, from working stock, $100 ea.,         CKC Teacup Poodle male puppy, 3 mos.          tract, $350 ea., Lawrence Co.,
                                               idents are allowed to advertise within       Marshall Co., Holly Springs, 662-252-       old, less than 1 lb., too small for child’s   Monticello, 601-587-7666.
        HORSES AT STUD                         this category.                               5663.                                       pet, shots/wormed, $700 cash, Jones
                                                                                                                                        Co., Ellisville, 601-477-2813.                Reg. Standard Poodle puppies, blue &
18- Paso Fino stallions, many are             CKC Reg. Siberian Husky puppies,              AKC English Bulldog female, 6 yrs. old,                                                   black parti factor, shots/wormed,
national & world champions, blood-            $300 each. Bolivar Co., Cleveland, 662-       excellent pet/mother, black/white,          4- Running Walker puppies, 8 mos.,            groomed, $400 ea.; Dachshund pup-
lines include: Capuchino, Classico,           588-3456.                                     $400; 2 yr. old red/white, excellent        out of excellent deer dog stock, should       pies, various colors, $300 ea., Amite

Page 18                                                                              MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                November 15, 2005
Co., Gloster, 601-225-9798, e-mail:        3/4 OMC - 1/4 Treeing Walker puppies,     Pearl River Co., Carriere, 601-590-         Rat Terrier puppies, 10 wks. old, from     AKC English Bulldog puppies, 8 wks.
sdawnwilson@bellsouth.net.                 born 8-3-05, shots/wormed, parents        1808.                                       squirrel stock, $75 ea., Madison Co.,      3- males, champion sired, red/white,
                                           are squirrel dogs, Smith Streak, Mt.                                                  Flora, 601-750-0585.                       beautiful, $1,900, Pike Co., Summit,
CKC Reg. Rat Terrier puppies, tri-col-     Jackson, Kemmer Yellow Bob blood-         Beagle puppies, 2- males, 3 mos. old,                                                  601-551-1000.
ored white, 1st shots/wormed, tails        line, $150, Newton Co., Hickory, 601-     parents good hunting dogs, tri-color,       AKC Bassett Hound, 1 yr. old, tri-color,
docked, w/puppy starter pack, $100         635-4347.                                 $100 pair, Rankin Co., Florence, 601-       shots, heart meds, $150; CKC Mini          Good rabbit dogs, $100-$300, Pike Co.,
w/papers, $75 w/o, many to choose                                                    845-6315.                                   Dachshunds, black/tan, adult male,         Ruth, 601-276-2842.
from. Marion Co., Foxworth, 601-736-       AKC Beagles, bluetick male $300,                                                      long hair, $100, Rankin Co., Puckett,
3596.                                      lemon/white males & females, $100-        CKC Reg. toy white Pomeranian pup-          601-824-4269.                              CKC Yorkie female, 5 mos., $1,200;
                                           $300; Redtick puppies, born 9-4-05,       pies, 1st shots/wormed, rdy. to go, 4-5                                                AKC/CKC, Pomeranians, males &
2- Catahoula hog dogs, females $200        $75 ea.; Redtick mother $200,             lbs. when grown, $350 ea., Marion Co.,      CKC Yorkshire Terriers, 2- males, 1st      females, 5 mos., $500 ea.; Poodle &
ea., $300 for both, Lincoln Co., Bogue     Covington Co., Collins, 601-765-2257.     Columbia, 601-736-6111.                     shots/wormed, puppy kit, $500 ea.,         Pomeranian females, $100; 7 mo.
Chitto, 601-734-6183.                                                                                                            Leake Co., Carthage, 601-267-7836.         Pomeranian male $250, Lincoln Co.,
                                           CKC Reg. Blue & Red Heeler puppies,       CKC Reg. Shih-Tzu puppies, family                                                      Wesson, 601-833-4562.
Reg. Bluetick puppies, male $75,           born in Oct., wormed, tails docked,       raised inside w/children, brindle, $200;    Great Pyrenees puppies, raised
female $100; 2- Reg. Redtick female        parents on premises, just in time for     AKC Reg. white Lab female puppies,          w/sheep, parents on premises, born         CKC puppies, Shorkies, Yorkie-Poos,
puppies, 6 Reg. Bluetick puppies, $125     Christmas, $150, Simpson Co., Magee,      parents white, already retrieving, good     9/14/05, $100 ea., Pearl River Co.,        Cock-a-Poos, Feist, Jack Russells, Toy
ea.; 3- Reg. Bluetick puppies, $100 ea.,   601-849-3164 after 5 pm.                  w/children, $200, Chickasaw Co.,            Lumberton, 601-796-2270.                   Poodles, $100-$500; AKC puppies, Wire
rabbit Beagles, Chickasaw Co.,                                                       Okolona, 662-542-6679.                                                                 Fox Terriers, Yorkshire Terriers,
Houston, 662-456-2292.                     Feist squirrel dogs, several ages to                                                  Rat Terrier puppies, small, toy size,      Chinese Cresteds, $400-$1,000, Smith
                                           choose from, excellent bloodlines,                                                    excellent little inside/outside compan-    Co., Magee, 601-269-3746.
                                                                                     CKC Yorkies, 2- males, standard size,
CKC Reg. yellow Labs, 6 mo. male, 60       $200-$800, Wayne Co., Waynesboro,                                                     ion, $100-$150; 1- pair of black Lab
                                                                                     born 9-3-05, $500 ea.; 2- AKC males,
days obedience training, retrieves on      601-735-2365.                                                                         breeders, less than 2 yrs. old, $250       PB Blue Heelers, male & female, 1 yr.
                                                                                     toy, born 9-6-05, $750 ea., teddybear
command, health/hip/eye guarantee,                                                                                               cash, Lauderdale Co., Meridian, 601-       old, rdy. to train, $100 ea.; 2- female PB
                                                                                     faces, rdy. to go, Lincoln Co.,
$400; 2 yr. female, blood trails deer,     Reg. Treeing Walker female, 6 yrs. old,                                               934-7908.                                  Heeler puppies, born 9-8-05, 1st
                                                                                     Smithdale, 601-734-6788.
$450, Lawrence Co., Jayess, 601-876-       Master Latch breeding, $1,500; Reg.                                                                                              shots/wormed, $75 ea., Jasper Co.,
5417.                                      Treeing Walker female, 2 yrs. old,                                                    Pug male, fawn, 16 mos., $350, Rankin      Pachuta, 601-727-4254.
                                                                                     Beagle, pack of 8, young, 5- males, 3-      Co., Sandhill, 601-829-2472.
                                           Stylish Banjo breeding, $500, Scott
CKC Reg. Bloodhounds, 9 wks. old,                                                    females, tri-color, 12”-13”, running                                                   AKC Basset Hound puppies, tri-col-
                                           Co., Forest, 601-469-3628 between 8-5.
females, $300, Franklin Co., McCall                                                  good, hunt deer or rabbit, $100 ea.,        Jack Rat/Rocky Mountain Cur puppies,       ored, red/white, $250; 6 mo. old pup-
Creek, 601-532-6411.                       UKC Reg. Bluetick Coonhound pup-          $700 for all, Copiah Co., Hazlehurst,       work champion squirrel dog blood-          pies, tri-colored, red/white, 15 mo. old
                                           pies, rdy. to start, out of World Ch. &   601-277-3337.                               lines, whelped 7-10-05, shots/wormed,      tri-colored males, $200 ea., Prentiss
7- Beagle Deer Dogs, lost hunting          Hammer breeding, $200, Perry Co.,                                                     2- males, 2- females, $50, Rankin Co.,     Co., Booneville, 662-728-0095.
lease, selling out, sell as pack only,     Richton, 601-964-3729.                    Schnauzers $250; Chihuahuas $250-           Jackson, 601-278-6173.
$800, Pontotoc Co., Ecru, 662-489-                                                   $350; Shih-Tzus $350, all CKC Reg.,                                                    CKC Australian cattle dog puppies,
2939.                                      AKC Australian cattle dog puppies         shots/wormed, adults & puppies,             AKC/CKC Peek-a-Poos, non-shedding,         wormed, parents on site, $100,
                                           known as Blue or Red Heelers, great       Simpson Co., magee, 601-849-3851.           tiny, several colors, $250 up cash,        Calhoun Co., Vardaman, 662-682-7822.
Blue or Red Heeler puppies, 1st            working dogs/family pets, available                                                   Smith Co., Polkville, 601-537-3650,
shots/tails docked, $75, Lowndes Co.,      11/15/05,   deposit   holds   until       CKC Jack Russell puppies, marked            e-mail: littlepawsbynell.com.              Reg. Border Collie puppies, will make
Columbus, 662-328-8242.                    Christmas, $300 ea., Covington Co.,       great, short, good pet/squirrel                                                        good working dog & pet, 1st
                                           Seminary, 601-722-4546.                   prospect, smart parents, shots &            Jack Russell puppies, 4- females, short    shots/wormed, $150, Jasper Co.,
American Pit Bull puppies, black,                                                    wormed, health guaranteed, $200,            legs, smooth coat, close relatives on      Stringer, 601-649-6310.
white, brindle, top quality, big, stout,   AKC Reg. Beagle puppies, born             George Co., Lucedale, 601-947-1678.         premises, in many national publica-
$100 ea., Lincoln Co., Brookhaven,         8/20/05, lots of hunt/speed, good look-                                               tions, shots/wormed, tails docked,         PB English Shepherd puppies,
601-835-0283.                              ing $125 ea., Calhoun Co., Bruce, 662-    Reg. Rat Terrier puppies, rdy. for pick     $275, Scott Co., Forest, 601-536-2533.     black/tan, born, 10-4-05, parents are
                                           983-2184.                                 up, $125 ea., Pearl River Co.,                                                         smart, $75 ea., Choctaw Co., McCool,
PB Blue Heeler puppies, parents on                                                   Poplarville, 601-273-0299.                  4- deer Beagles, 3-4 yrs. old, $75 ea.,    662-547-7434.
farm, excellent working dogs, Close Up     CKC Yorkshire Terriers, small type, 3-                                                Walthall Co., Tylertown, 601-876-5724
imported dog, $100; Rat Terrier pup-       males, 1- female, born 10-20-05, $700     AKC German Shepherd puppies, rdy.           after 4 pm.                                Australian Shepherd puppies, triple
pies, make good pets/squirrel dogs,        ea., Winston Co., Louisville, 662-773-    for Christmas, grand sire imported                                                     reg., watchdogs, red merles, $350.
$75, Wayne Co., Waynesboro, 601-410-       4310 after 5 pm.                          from Germany, great grand sire was          Beagle puppies, 10 wks. old, will be       Copiah Co., Wesson, 601-894-3831,
1617.                                                                                Memphis K-9 Maago, taking deposits,         medium size, sire reg. straight rabbit     e-mail: danddjbarlow@bellsouth.net.
                                           Redtick, Bluetick & Walker dogs, start-   $400 & $450, Tishomingo Co., Iuka,          dog, dam PB, 1st shots/wormed, $50,
Reg. Border Collie puppies, born           ed on coon, 2 yrs. up, some Reg, some     662-423-9646.                               Chickasaw Co., Houston, 662-447-           German Shepehrd male, 28 mos. old,
9/24/05, out of ABCA dogs, from Great      grade, $200 up, Perry Co., Petal, 601-                                                5573.                                      red sable, gentle, good watchdog, $225
Britain National Champion & imported       582-1694.                                 AKC Reg. Sheltie puppies, 1st                                                          cash, Franklin Co., McCall Creek, 601-
stock, $200, Lincoln Co., Brookhaven,                                                shots/wormed, rdy. to go 12-2-05,           CKC Miniature Dachshund puppies, 1-        823-4212.
601-833-1486.                              Straight Beagle rabbit dogs $300 & up;    sable/white, tri-colored, males &           shorthaired silver dapple male, 1-
                                           Deer dogs, Redbone-Walker crosses &       females, $300 w/AKC Reg., Jones Co.,        shorthaired silver dapple female, 1-       CKC Maltese pair, proven female, 4.5
Free to good home only, 1/2 Red Heeler     running Walkers, hunted outside,          Ellisville, 601-477-3391 after 6 pm,        longhaired black/tan female, 6 wks.        lbs., male 8+ pounds, proven female
puppies, dam CKC Reg., beautiful           must sell, $150 & up. Neshoba Co.,        e-mail: jpowell@megagate.com.               old, $150, Newton Co., Conehatta, 601-     Toy Poodle, $1,500 cash for all, Marion
markings, Madison Co., Canton, 601-        Philadelphia, 601-656-5717.                                                           625-8393.                                  Co., Improve, 601-731-9706.
331-5239.                                                                            Jack Russell male, 3 yrs. old, $50,
                                           CKC Jack Russell Terriers, whelped        Carroll Co., Carrollton, 601-237-4411.      AKC/CKC Boston Terrier puppies,            Bulldog male, 2 yrs., $300; Bulldog
AKC German Shepherd spayed female,         10/11/05, white/black/tan, smooth                                                     shots/wormed, $400 ea.; CKC Jack           male, 9 mos., shots/wormed, $100;
5 yrs. old, excellent for family w/chil-   coat, tails docked, 1st shots/wormed,     Lab puppies, 3- males, 2- brown, 1- yel-    Russell puppies, 3- males, $250 ea.;       1/2 Doberman Pinscher-1/2 Pit Bull,
dren, $150 OBO; AKC German                 well bred, rdy. 11/29/05, parents on      low, $100; FB male, trained to duck         CKC Boxer, reverse brindle male, 7         shots/wormed, 4 mos., free to good
Shepherd puppies, rdy. for Christmas,      premises, $150, Tippah Co., Ripley,       hunt, holds on command, $100, Tippah        mos., $250, Lincoln Co., Bogue Chitto,     home, Walthall Co., Tylertown, 601-
taking deposits, $250-$400, Chickasaw      662-837-7597.                             Co., Blue Mountain, 601-587-7198.           601-833-9245.                              876-3319.
Co., Houston, 662-542-9317.
                                           AKC Collie puppies, males & females,                                                  AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies,          Jack Russell male puppy, 5 mos. old,
                                                                                     Reg. black/tan Cur female, 1 1/2 yrs.
AKC Reg. Rottweiler German puppies,        rdy. for Christmas, shots/wormed, nice                                                born 9-24-05, 5- females, 1- male,         $60; 6- CKC Reg. Basset Hound pup-
                                                                                     old, well started treeing, $250 cash;
dam 90 lbs., sire 110 lbs., on premises,   pedigrees, $400 ea., Stone Co.,                                                       red/white, $350 ea., Scott Co., Morton,    pies, 10 wks. old, $100 ea., Perry Co.,
                                                                                     Mountain Cur female, 10 mos., $75
$300 ea., Hinds Co., Bolton, 601-866-      Wiggins, 601-928-6408.                                                                601-732-2488.                              Beaumont, 601-753-2710.
                                                                                     cash; Cur male, started, $100 cash,
9405, e-mail: glenbronco@aol.com.
                                           CKC Reg. Jack Russell puppies, born       Leake Co., Carthage, 601-298-1899.          2- Beagle males, 3 1/2 yrs. old, excel-    Reg. Beagle puppies, straight rabbit
CKC Reg. Great Pyrenees puppies, 3-        9/8/05, 2- black/white males, 1- 90%                                                  lent deer dogs, $250/pair; 8- Running      stock, mature 13” or less, $75 ea.,
males, 1- female, $200 ea., Covington      white male, 1st shots/wormed, tails       AKC & grade rabbit dogs, $150 up,           Walker deer dogs, trained outside, $125    Walthall Co., Tylertown, 601-876-4509.
Co., Mt. Olive, 601-797-3502.              docked, dewclawed, parents on premis-     Wayne Co., Waynesboro, 601-735-             ea., Attala Co., Kosciusko, 662-289-
                                           es, $250, Clarke Co., Meridian, 601-      4413.                                       7283.                                      CKC Dachshund puppies, red, red dap-
Beagles, all must go due to health,        693-4675.                                                                                                                        ple, $225 ea.; CKC Reg. Mini
some running, some just starting, $60                                                Great Pyrenees, 2- males, 10 mos. old,      PB Blue Heeler puppies, DOB 10-18-         Schnauzers, black/grey, black, males
up, Rankin Co., Braxton, 601-825-          CKC Teacup Poodle puppies, 10 wks.        raised w/goats, excellent guard dogs,       05, good cow dogs, parents on premis-      only $300; Jones Co., Laurel, 601-649-
6184.                                      old, 1- black male, 1- black female,      $150 ea., Tishomingo Co., Tishomingo,       es, $75 ea., Jones Co., Laurel, 601-433-   5839.
                                           each with a touch of white, parents on    662-438-6639.                               6807.
AKC Sheltie female puppy, whelped          premises, $600 ea., Neshoba Co.,                                                                                                 AKC/CKC Cocker Spaniels, Toy
9/5/05, sable/white/white collar, small    Noxapater, 662-772-2524.                  CKC Reg. Jack Russell puppies, short        AKC Labrador Retriever puppies, black,     Poodles,    Schnoodles,   rdy.   for
size, 1st shot/wormed, dewclawed, gen-                                               hair, small type, bobtailed, black/white,   chocolate, beautiful, 1st shots/wormed,    Christmas, will hold w/deposit,
tle family pet, $300, Lowndes Co.,         AKC Reg. black Lab puppies, dam           $175 ea., cash, Simpson Co.,                whelped 10-7-05, parents on premises,      shots/wormed, $250-$350, Jasper Co.,
Columbus, 662-328-3233.                    chocolate, sire yellow, $50 for papers,   Mendenhall, 601-847-0795.                   $150, Newton Co., Decatur, 601-635-        Heidelberg, 601-787-3066.
                                           free to a good home only w/o papers,                                                  3327.
AKC German Shepherd puppies, born          Jasper Co., Bay Springs, 601-764-4670.    1/2 Rat Terrier-1/2 Jack Russell puppy,                                                AKC black Lab puppies, born 10-7-05,
10-19-05, working bred Western                                                       9 wks. old, 1st shots/wormed, tails         CKC Miniature Dachshund, 2 yrs. old,       parents from imported bloodlines,
German import bloodlines, taking           AKC Great Dane puppies, whelped           docked, #1 squirrel stock, great pets,      chocolate sable male, short hair, car-     hunting stock, dam lives on farm,
deposits for Christmas, $400 & $450,       8/4/05, 1- male, 2- females, rare blue    $100, Simpson Co., Harrisville, 601-        ries blue eye gene, $200, Marshall Co.,    hunts, $300, Jones Co., Laurel, 601-
Newton Co., Meridian, 601-479-8441.        merles, big beautiful puppies, $500,      845-7124.                                   Holly Springs, 662-252-6617.               428-3873.

November 15, 2005                                                             MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                              Page 19
                                          ★★★ UPCOMING EVENTS ★★★
UKC Reg. Rat Terrier puppies,                                                                                                    President (601) 567-2513 or Deborah Flowers, MSEA Secretary (601) 532-
black/white, chocolate/white, born                                                                                               6060.
10/17/05, $100 ea., Walthall Co.,
Tylertown, 601-876-5950.                  Handworks Holiday Show- Fri.-Sat., Nov. 18-19, 2005. Mississippi Trade Mart,           I-55 Flea Market- Every 2nd & 4th Sat. of each month. Sell, buy and trade
                                          Jackson, MS (Hinds Co.) Admission $5. Children under 12 free. “Stroller-               your items and produce. Also Cajun food is featured. I-55 Exit 30 - West Side
Pekingese, Maltese, Mini Pomeranians,     friendly” show. More than 120 exhibitors of fine arts and crafts gather for            Bogue Chitto, MS (Lincoln Co.) For more information, call (601) 734-6606.
shots/wormed, health guarantee, $250      Handworks’ 24th bi-annual show. Perfect timing for holiday gift shopping. For
up, Chickasaw Co., Woodland, 662-         more         details,      call       601-948-6436            or        visit:         Equestrian Girl Scout Troop- Girl Scout Troop 672, “The Horse Troop”, meets
456-3029.                                 www.handworksmarket.com                                                                this fall at Reveillon Lodge Retreat Center and Arabian Horse Farm, between
                                                                                                                                 Raymond and Byram, MS (Hinds Co.) We have openings for four girls. All
                                          Horsemans Christmas Trade Day- Sun., Dec. 4, 2005. Lauderdale County                   scout age groups accepted. Full scouting program plus certified professional
AKC Reg. Derby Beagle puppies,
                                          Agri-Center - Meridian, MS (Lauderdale Co.) Check in for horses starts at 9:00         riding instruction. Beginner and experienced riders welcome. Horse owner-
Blackcreek, Skullfort, Backroads
                                          a.m. Horses, work stock, tack, trailers, equipment, dogs, etc., if you want to         ship not required. For more information, call (601) 857-2545.
Buddy breeding, 5 mos. old, out of
straight rabbit dogs, $300 ea., Lincoln   sell it, bring it. If you want to buy it, be here. No livestock auction. Owners will
Co., Wesson, 601-833-1359.                display, sell and collect payment on items and stock sold. Tack vendors wel-           Bogue Chitto Trade Day- 2nd & 4th Sat. of each month. Sell, buy or trade.
                                          come, Concessions available. Covered arena and lots of room to try out hors-           Chickens, ducks, guineas, turkeys, etc. Bogue Chitto, MS (Lincoln Co.). For
                                          es. For more information, call 601-482-8498.                                           more information, call (601) 734-3965 or (601) 833-4162.
4- Redbone deer dogs, good track dogs,
$175 ea. or $600 for all; 2-              UKC Licensed Youth Coon Hunt- Sat. Dec. 10, 2005, at Morganfork
1/2 Blackmouth Cur-1/2 Mountain Cur,
                                                                                                                                 Ocean Springs Fresh Market- is seeking vendors for Saturday market. Food,
                                          Coonhunter’s Club, Meadville, MS (Franklin Co.) Bench show at 4:30 p.m. and            jams, honey, cheese, produce, flowers, breads & cakes. For more information,
hog dogs, $300 ea, Attala Co.,
                                          night hunt at 6:30 p.m. Great prizes, good food and good fellowship.                   call (228) 297-1935.
Kosciusko, 662-289-2286.
                                          Sponsored by the Mississippi Raccoon Hunter’s Association. For club location,
                                          contact Wesley Ratcliff at 601-384-2954 or Jeremy Rawls at 601-853-2880.               South MS Fair Flea Market- Jan.-Aug. & Nov.-Dec. 2004. Held Thursdays,
Rat Terriers, 5- females, 1- male, 1-                                                                                            Fridays & Saturdays of each week at the Laurel Fairgrounds in Tie Barn, 1457
female w/5- puppies, $1,000 for all,      Exotic Bird Fair- Sat.-Sun., Nov. 19-20, 2005, Mississippi State Fairgrounds           Ellisville Blvd., Laurel, MS (Jones Co.). For more information or vendor infor-
Lincoln Co., Wesson, 601-823-4216.        in the A & I Building, Jackson, MS (Hinds Co.) For more information, call              mation, call (601) 649-9010.
                                          601-575-1135. Website: www.birdshows.com
                                                                                                                                 Barrel Clinic- Every Saturday, one-on-one instructor. Located at Horse Haven
        SOUTH MS                          Freshwater Prawn & Shrimp Meeting- The United States Freshwater Prawn                  Stables in Byram, MS (Hinds Co.) Call for appointment (601) 502-8518.
     FAIRGROUNDS &                        & Shrimp Growers Association will host their annual meeting at the Grand

                                          Hotel Convention Center in Tunica, MS (Tunica Co.) Fri.-Sat. Dec. 9-10, 2005.
                                          This meeting provides information for those interested in growing prawns,
                                          the latest in university research and developments in the industry. For more
                                                                                                                                      ★★★ AGRICULTURAL★★★
                                          information,      call
                                                                    662-390-3528     or  visit    our    website    at:          ORGANIZATIONS & MEMBERSHIPS
                                                                                                                                 Mississippi River Beekeepers Association- Another year has passed and 2005
            Laurel, MS
                                                                                                                                 dues are due. The cost is $5 for single and $7 for family. Please make checks
         PH: 601/649-9010
Website: www.themagnoliacenter.com        ★★★ ONGOING EVENTS ★★★                                                                 out to Mississippi River Beekeepers and send to Wanda Magliocco, 17370 Oak
                                                                                                                                 Ridge Road, Vicksburg, MS 39180. For more information, call 601-634-6167.
                                          481 Flea Market- Every Saturday. Located 5 mi. north of Morton on Hwy. 481,
            Wed., Nov. 16                 under large covered building. Vendor spaces available. For more information            Mississippi Raccoon Hunter’s Association- Promote and protect the sport of
              Aerobics                    or vendor information, call 601-732-8644.                                              raccoon hunting with dogs. President, Leonard Burchfield, 662-674-5087.
      Thu.-Sat., Nov. 17-19                                                                                                      Join today. Send $10 to: Jerry Wheat, 353 Humphrey Road, Poplarville, MS
South MS Fairgrounds Flea Market          Chicken Sale- Every Sat. morning at Hub City West Farm & Garden in                     39470. For more information, call 601-772-9429.
                                          Hattiesburg, MS (Forrest Co.) Chickens, ducks, guineas, rabbits & more. For
            Fri., Nov. 18                 more information, call 601-268-9400 or 601-584-0939.                                   Woodcarvers- Anyone interested in the art of woodcarving from novice to
              Aerobics                                                                                                           expert is invited to attend the meetings of the Mississippi Pearl River
         Sat., Nov. 19                    Free Plant Swap Meet- Hurley Church of Christ, 8404 Hwy. 614, Moss Point,              Woodcarvers, Inc. This organization meets twice monthly (on each 2nd and
Piney Woods Cattle Breeders Show          MS (Jackson Co.) 4th Tuesday of each month at 1:00 p.m. Bring list of plants           4th Monday night) at the First Baptist Church in Terry, MS (Hinds Co.) For
                                          needed or to share. For more information, call 228-588-6870 or 228-475-                more information, contact: Patty Fultz (601) 924-4850 or James Buie (601)
            Mon., Nov. 21                 3363.                                                                                  924-4690. Visit our website: www.geocities.com/pearlriverwoodcarvers
      Fri.-Sat., Nov. 25-26               Historic Downtown Leland Farmers’ Market- Leland, MS (Washington Co.)                  Trail Dusters- We’re a family oriented club dedicated to trail riding, fellowship
South MS Fairgrounds Flea Market          Fridays 7:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. beginning June 10th. Produce and live plant ven-           and fun. A great ride is scheduled every weekend. Membership is only $12 a
                                          dors needed. For more information, call 662-686-2687.                                  year. For more information call Doug Jeter, (601) 636-6042.
            Mon., Nov. 28
              Aerobics                    Beagle Sale- 1st Sat. of each month, July thru November 2005, 6:00 a.m.-1:00           Mississippi Peacemakers- A Cowboy Action Shooting Club - affiliated with the
            Wed., Nov. 30                 p.m. Beagles and hunting dogs. Bring your dogs, buy, sell or trade. 12-acre            Single Action Shooting Society. If you love the Old West, if you love Old Guns,
                                          running pen for Beagles. Concessions available. $5 per person at gate. Panther         if you love to have a good time in the company of friends and gunpowder -
                                          Branch Beagles, Laurel, MS (Jones Co.) For more information, call 601-729-             come visit us in Purgatory. We shoot the 3rd Saturday of every month at our
       Thu.-Sat., Dec. 1-3                2739 nights.                                                                           range in Mendenhall, MS (Simpson Co.) Currently the fastest growing shoot-
South MS Fairgrounds Flea Market                                                                                                 ing sport in the world. The guns we use are from designs patented pre 1900
                                          Soap Making Classes- Learn to make milk-based soaps using wholesome                    and we wear period clothing. For more information, contact Wayne
            Fri., Dec. 2
                                          ingredients like goats milk and cow cream. We teach the old-fashioned way              Humphreys (Squinter) at (601) 825-8640 or Ed Douglass (Leatherneck) at
     Set-up For Dinner Theater
                                          using lye (not melt and pour). Excellent for gift giving and craft fairs. 3 hour       (601) 853-0117.
            Sat., Dec. 3                  class $35. Bay Springs, MS (Jasper Co.) For more information, call 601-764-
    South Jones Dinner Theater            9446.                                                                                  Mississippi Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association- Thundering hooves and
            Mon., Dec. 5                                                                                                         smoking guns - come join the fastest growing equestrian sport today.
                                          Greater Belhaven Market- 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 Noon every Saturday, rain or               Practicing weekly in Vicksburg, MS (Warren Co.) Timed competition on
                                          shine, April through December, in the Winn Dixie Parking lot located at 902            horseback, firing 2- .45 caliber single action revolvers at 10- reactionary tar-
            Wed., Dec. 7                  Fortification Street in Jackson, MS (Hinds Co.) The Greater Belhaven Market            gets, using CMSA certified ammo. If the old west and cowboy action is your
             Aerobics                     is an open air producers only market providing produce, meats, arts, crafts,           interest, then this is the sport for you. The most fun you will ever have on
       Fri.-Sat., Dec. 8-10               speciality food items, baked goods and tons more. Great family atmosphere,             horseback. For more information contact: Kim Wolhfiel (601) 629-3999 or
South MS Fairgrounds Flea Market          live entertainment and guaranteed fun for all. For more information or to              Kerry Southern (601) 638-2118. email: totalhorse@aol.com
                                          become a vendor, call 601-352-8850 or visit our website:
             Fri., Dec. 9                 www.greaterbelhaven.com and click on market.                                           Attention Mississippi Rabbit Growers- Interested in a Mississippi market for
              Aerobics                                                                                                           your rabbits? Call 601/444-0069 for more information.
            Sat., Dec. 10                 Lumberton Arts, Crafts & Farmer’s Market- (Lamar Co.) has a number of
     West Jones Dinner Theater            spaces open. Vendors and farmers wanted. Located on a major state highway              Mississippi Hunting Dog Association, Inc.- “An organization dedicated to the
                                          (Hwy. 13). Lots of traffic. For more information, call Paul Ockmand at (601)           preservation of hunting game with dogs in the state of Mississippi.” If you are
            Mon., Dec. 12                 688-5050 or (601) 796-2060.                                                            interested in hunting with dogs, join now for $6.00 per year. For more infor-
         Fair Board Meeting                                                                                                      mation contact: Marjorie Gordon, President (601) 847-1302 or Dan Pipkins
            Tue., Dec. 13                 First Saturday Adoption- Happy Healthy Pet Adoption is a volunteer, non-               (601) 947-4013. website: www.mshda.homestead.com
   Junior Livestock Club Meeting          profit organization for the purpose of caring for homeless, abused or unwant-
                                          ed animals while seeking permanent homes. HHPA is located on Hwy. 15                   Race The Thoroughbreds of the Sky- The Queen City Racing Pigeon Club in
            Wed., Dec. 14                 South in Bay Springs, MS (Jasper Co.) at the Bay Springs Veterinary Hospital.          Meridian, MS (Lauderdale Co.) would like to invite you to join this exciting
              Aerobics                    HHPA will sponsor a special “First Saturday Adoption” on the first Sat. of each        family sport. Train your pigeons to compete in races up to 400 miles. Members
          Thu., Dec. 15                   month 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 Noon. You can also adopt Mon.-Fri., 7:30 a.m - 5:00            will help you get started. For more information, contact Ronnie Shumaker
    Laurel Leader Call Carrier            p.m. by calling (601) 764-4129. Visit our website at www.hhpetadopt.org.               (601) 659-3133 or Everett Stenman (601) 485-2346.
    Employees Christmas Party
                                          Mississippi Emu Association Meetings- The Mississippi Emu Association                  South Mississippi Bird Club- The purpose of our organization is to promote
      Thu.-Sat., Dec. 15-17               meetings are currently being held on a quarterly basis. For more information           interest and awareness of all bird species. Provide avian education to the pub-
South MS Fairgrounds Flea Market          on emu or for those interested in attending, please contact Earl Burris, MSEA          lic, support avian health and well being through fundraising and volun-

Page 20                                                                       MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                           November 15, 2005
teerism. Also assist in protecting threatened and endangered bird species
                                                                                                                                                                      MISSISSIPPI STATE
through captive breeding programs and public awareness. Located in Biloxi,
MS (Harrison Co.) For information on monthly meetings, annual bird fairs                  SPECIAL UPCOMING                                                              FAIRGROUNDS
and membership, call Steve Dunaway at (228) 872-4624 or visit us at                                                                                                       COMPLEX
www.SMCBS.org                                                                          LIVESTOCK SHOWS/SALES                                                              Jackson, Mississippi
Central Mississippi Bird Club- Love parrots & exotic birds or just want to                                                                                                 PH: 601/961-4000
learn more? You can be a member of CMBC. Yearly fee $15/individuals,                    Board of Animal Health Regulations require that all public sales                        Website:
$20/family. We are established to learn more about avian nutrition, behavior,          of livestock and poultry (even if they are on private property) must              www.mdac.state.ms.us
breeding, medical care & rescue. Monthly meeting - “The Orchard” facility,             have prior approval by the State Veterinarian 30-days prior to sale.
600 South Pear Orchard Road, (behind North Park Mall) Ridgeland, MS                                 For more information, call 1-888-646-8731.                            Tue.-Wed., Nov. 15-16
(Madison Co.) For more information, contact Myrlene Carraway (601) 845-                                                                                                     IHL College Fair
7639 or email: Azaleaaviary@juno.com                                                                                                                                           Trade Mart
                                                                                                     Cattle Shows & Sales                                                Wed.-Sun., Nov. 16-20
Attention Deer Farmers- If you are interested in a market for your cull or excess
deer, call (601) 796-9227.                                                                                                                                               Fortune 5 Barrel Race
                                                                                         Sunbelt Red Brangus Organization 3rd Annual “Color’em Red”                          Expo Center
Pineywoods or Woods Cattle Owners- The Pineywoods Cattle Registry and               Red Brangus/Red Angus Bull & Female Sale With Select Influence Heifers
                                                                                                 Sat. Nov. 19, 2005 - 1:00 PM - Lunch Served                              Fri.-Sat., Nov. 18-19
Breeders Association has been established to aid in the preservation of these
                                                                                             Scott County/Forest Coliseum - Forest, MS (Scott Co.)                              Bull Bash
beautiful animals and their unique genetics by providing contact between
breeders and information on histories of registered stock. Herd and individual                                                                                                  Coliseum
registrations are kept. A $25 yearly association fee allows for the registration    For more information, call 662-272-5020 or 662-349-3990.                              Fri.-Sat., Nov. 18-19
of any number of approved animals by each owner. For more information,                                                                                                         Handworks
contact David Ozborn, (601) 825-3622 or (601) 906-0595 email:                                      Deep South Bull Group Sale - 4th Annual Sale
                                                                                                                                                                               Trade Mart
ozborn1@ayrix.net                                                                                         Sat. Mar. 4, 2006 - 1:00 PM
                                                                                                          Tylertown, MS (Walthall Co.)                                 Mon.-Fri., Nov. 21-Dec. 23
Love Your Appaloosa? Would you like to meet and hang out with other                                                                                                      Christmas Tree Sale
Appaloosa lovers? We have 6 shows scheduled this year to show off your hors-        The group will be selling 55 Simmental, Sim-Angus and Angus bulls. All of            Industrial Building
es. Some of us enjoy a good trail ride, a bunch of us have kids that love to ride   these bulls will be black. Also selling 200 replacement heifers - bred and
                                                                                    open. Some will be purebred Simmental and some will be purebred Angus.                Fri.-Sat., Nov. 25-26
and our show fees are cheap enough for the whole family to participate and                                                                                           Larry Burroughs Team Roping
not break the bank. Sound like you? Come check us out. Our website is:              For more information, contact Frank Brown at 601-582-0563 or Charles
                                                                                    Holland at 601-849-2954. If you have heifers that you would like to con-                  Expo Center
                                                                                    sign, please contact us.                                                             Fri.-Sat., Nov. 25-26
Do You Love Appaloosa Horses? If you are 18 and under, you can be a youth                                                                                               Watchtower Convention
member of the Magnolia States Regional Appaloosa Horse Club. You don’t                               Heart Of Mississippi All Breeds Bull Sale
have to own an Appaloosa to join...just love them. For more information call                                Fri. Dec. 2, 2005 - 6:00 PM
Kristy Carballo, Youth Coordinator at 601/932-0137 or e-mail: kcarball@bell-               Sebastopol Livestock Sale Facility - Sebastopol, MS (Scott Co.)                     Fri., Dec. 2
south.net.                                                                                                                                                           Mississippi Private School Assn.
                                                                                    Breeds from 7 states represented. Angus, Balancer, Brangus, Charolais,                       Coliseum
Paso Fino Horses are one of the most versatile horses available for show, plea-     Hereford and Simmental. All bulls tested and guaranteed. Also selling set
                                                                                                                                                                           Fri.-Sun., Dec. 2-4
sure or other competition. They are considered the smoothest riding horses of       of commercial heifers bred to Cow Creek bull. For more information and
                                                                                    catalog request, contact Claude Fisackerly at 601-625-7471 days or 601-                Craftsmen’s Guild
all. They are naturally gaited horses that are people oriented, intelligent and
willing partners with their rider. For more information about the Paso Fino         625-7352 evenings.                                                                         Trade Mart
Horse, call 601-310-0799 or 601-795-0757.                                                                                                                                 Fri.-Sun., Dec. 9-11
Mississippi Appaloosa Horse Association- Join the fellowship in one of the                 Other Livestock Shows & Sales                                              Great Southern Gun & Knife
                                                                                                                                                                               Trade Mart
country’s oldest state Appaloosa horse associations. Memberships for family
$25; single adult $15. For more information call Kevin Blakeney, 764-4821.                    Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station                        Tue., Dec. 13
                                                                                                              Annual Production Sale                                     Blue Cross Blue Shield
Mississippi Goat Association (MGA)- welcomes you to our membership. The                                         Thu. Nov. 17, 2005                                             Trade Mart
MGA is a statewide organization that promotes goats of all breeds, while pro-                 MSU Agricenter, Mississippi State, MS (Oktibbeha Co.)
moting 4-H kids and clubs. We are family oriented and geared to improve                                                                                                  Wed.-Sun., Dec. 14-18
goats and goat products. Membership accepted. For more information, con-            Horse sale 10:00 a.m. Complementary lunch served at 12:00 noon. Cattle                     Dog Show
tact Mark Huff at 601-824-9255. Website: www.mississippigoatassociation.org         sale 1:00 p.m. The MAFES Annual Production Sale will feature registered                   Trade Show
                                                                                    Angus, Hereford and Charolais bulls from the MSU research herds. Bred                    Thu., Dec. 15
South Central Mississippi Goat Association- the Association is here to edu-         commercial heifers from MAFES Branch Stations throughout Mississippi                MSU vs Jacksonville State
cate and help the public on the care and health and issues of raising goats. Do     will sell following the bulls. The horse offering includes registered Quarter              Coliseum
you have an area of land growing up? Then goats are the answer - they do a          Horses and Thoroughbreds. For a catalog or cattle information, contact
wonderful job for this problem, and help the land in return, and add income.        Jane Parish or Blair McKinley at 662-325-3515. For horse information,                 Fri.-Sun., Dec. 16-18
There is a processing plant for your goats. We are on the cutting edge of the       contact Peter Ryan at 662-325-2938. Cattle sale information is available                     NBHA
goat industry. Office hours are 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. For more information call     online at: http://msucares.com/livestock/beef/mafesbeef.html and horse                     Expo Center
601/847-0652 or write to: 405 H.B Smith Road, Magee, MS 39111.                      sale information is available at: http://www.msstate.edu/research/equine                Sat., Dec. 17
Mississippi Dairy Goat Association- invites you to join our membership. We                           Lawrence County Open Invitational Show                         MHSAA Cheerleading Competition
are the only statewide organization that specifically promotes dairy goats and                              Fri.-Sat., Dec. 30-31, 2005                                      Coliseum
dairy goat products. We also sponsor 4-H shows each year. Membership is only               James E. Givens Agri-Building - Monticello, MS (Lawrence Co.)                   Fri.-Sun., Jan. 6-8
$15.00 per year. For more information, please call: Carroll D. Pierce (601)                                                                                                B & B Promotions
752-5552 or Elise Clark (662) 356-0095.                                             Market Goats & Dairy Goats Show will begin at 7:00 p.m. on the 30th. Beef             Agriculture Building
                                                                                    Breeding, Market Steers and Market Lambs Show will begin at 11:00 a.m.
National Pygmy Goat Association- (affiliated club of Mississippi; Unique            on the 31st. Entry deadline is Dec. 20th. Entry fee is $15 per head and $5                 Sat., Jan. 7
Petites Pygmy Goat Club) are currently the only official statewide club that is     showmanship fee paid in advance. A $20 per animal late entry fee after the                St. Dominics
promoting the pygmy goat. Our club is offering NPGA sanctioned shows.               20th. For more information, contact the Lawrence County Extension                          Trade Mart
Quarterly newsletter “Hoof Prints”. Educational seminars, informal gather-          Office at 601-587-2271 or Dan Stuckey at 601-587-3102.
ings with other pygmy goat owners and free farm listings at the club website.
Membership dues are $20 for a family, $10 for single membership, and $5 for
youth membership. For more information, please call Pam Goza, (601) 795-
0765.                                                                               Give The Perfect Gift!!                                                             MULTI-PURPOSE
Woodcarvers- anyone interested in the art of woodcarving from novice to                             The Mississippi Market Bulletin is only                                   Canton, MS
expert is invited to attend the meetings of the MS Pearl River Woodcarvers,                     $10.00 per year mailed inside Mississippi and                       Email: michael@cantonmcmc.com
Inc. This organization meets twice monthly (on each 2nd and 4th Monday                         $15.00 mailed out of state. Return this form and
night) at the First Baptist Church in Terry, MS (Hinds Co.) For more infor-
mation contact Patty Fultz at (601) 924-4850 or James Buie at (601) 924-4690.
                                                                                               mail it along with your check or money order to:                           Fri.-Sat., Nov. 18-19
                                                                                                          Mississippi Market Bulletin                                  Lazy J High School Rodeo
website: www.geocities.com/pearlriverwoodcarvers
                                                                                                 P.O. Box 1118, Jackson, MS 39215-1118                                         Sat., Dec. 3
Wood Turners- anyone having an interest in wood turning from beginners to                                                                                           National Barrel Horse Association
advanced skill levels is invited to attend and bring a friend to the meetings of    To: Name
                                                                                                                                                                               Sat., Dec. 10
the Magnolia Woodturners, Inc. This is a statewide organization that meets at
various locations in the state on the 3rd Sat. of every other month. For more
                                                                                    Address                                                                         Mississippi Hunter Jumpers Assn.
information contact: Sonny Vaughn, P.O. Box 82, Flora, MS 39071. Ph:                                                                                                          Fri., Dec. 16
                                                                                    City                                    State           Zip                     City of Canton’s Christmas Party
601/879-8323 or 601/924-4275. email: chare@jam.rr.com

November 15, 2005                                                             MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                 Page 21
                                                                                                                                    RODEOS, BARREL RACES,
                                          MISSISSIPPI                                                                                 & TEAM PENNINGS
                                                                                                                                   NBHA MS06                           Timed Events

                                       FARMERS’ MARKETS                                                                     $1,000 Added Barrel Race
                                                                                                                                 Sat. Nov. 19, 2005
                                                                                                                         Exhibitions 10:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                  3rd Sat. of Every Month
                                                                                                                                                                     Point Show G.C.A.
                                                                                                                                                              Vancleave Arena - Hwy. 57 South
                                                                                                                           First class runs at 1:00 p.m.        Vancleave, MS (Jackson Co.)
           Adams County                         Harrison County                  45 North of Macon, Macon, MS 39341            George County Arena                   Ph: 228/826-5562
  Adams County Farmers’ Market             D’Iberville Farmers’ Market              Open: May 24 thru Mid August            Lucedale, MS (George Co.)                Open Horse Show
          613 Main Street                   10383 Automall Parkway               8:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon Mon. thru Sat.             Ph: 601-928-5882                      Every Saturday
        Natchez, MS 39120                     D’Iberville, MS 39540                      Contact: Larry Miller           Email: nbhams06@bellsouth.net              Gates Open - 2:00 PM
      Open: April - November                 Open: April - December                       Ph: 662-726-9929                Team Sorting/Team Penning                Registration - 4:00 PM
  7:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon Saturday          7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Wed. & Fri.                  Oktibbeha County                         Buckle Series                       Show - 5:00 PM
      Contact: Helen Brooks                 Contact: Wallace Freeman                   Henry’s Farmers’ Market                                                        R&D Riding Club
                                                                                                                                  Sat., Dec. 3, 2005
         Ph: 601-445-8479                       Ph: 228-392-9737                         2080 Hwy. 12 West                                                        Jayess, MS (Walthall Co.)
                                                                                                                              Beginning at 4:00 p.m.
          Alcorn County                           Hinds County                          Starkville, MS 39759                   Open & Youth Classes                   Ph: 601/222-1433
     Corinth Farmers’ Market                  MS Farmers’ Market                      Open: May thru December               $5 per rider - $15 per team                Team Pennings
           Shiloh Road                        (temporary location)                  9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Fri & Sat.          All events are NRS certified     Every 1st & 3rd Sat. of Each Month
        Corinth, MS 38834                    MS State Fairgrounds                        Contact: Jim Henry                 Quad M Rodeo & Cattle Co.               Beginning at 7:00 PM
      Open: July - November                   High Street Entrance                        Ph: 662-324-1251                   Union, MS (Newton Co.)          George County Team Penning Assn.
   7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Mon.-Sat.               Jackson, MS 39215                            Pike County                 Ph: 601-774-9459 or 601-416-9314           Multi-Purpose Building
    Contact: Braddock Brawner                   Open: Year Round                     McComb Farmers’ Market                                                            Hwy. 63 South
                                               9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.                                                                Team Penning
         Ph: 662-286-7755                                                            Downtown Parking Garage                                                     Lucedale, MS (George Co.)
                                                 Tue., Thur., Sat.                                                                 Saddle Series
          Calhoun County                                                                McComb, MS 39648                  2nd & 4th Sat. of Each Month       Ph: 601/947-1739 or 601/947-4972
                                             Contact: Jake Hutchins                 Open: June 3 thru August 26
 Calhoun County Farmers’ Market                                                                                                  Vancleave Arena                        Open Rides
                                                Ph: 601-953-2445                      8:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Thu.
         121 Parker Street                                                                                                 Vancleave, MS (Jackson Co.)       Every Tue. & Wed. Nights, 5-8 PM
        Pittsboro, MS 38951                       Hinds County                          Contact: Libby Alford
                                                                                                                             www.doublemcattle.com              Practice your barrel racing,
       Open: Starting June 1                Greater Belhaven Market                      Ph: 601-249-0116
                                                                                                                        Ph: 228-826-5739 or 228-217-5739      western, trail or pleasure rides
     3:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m. Thur.         Corner of Fortification/Carlise Streets              Pike County
                                                                                                                           Round Robin Team Roping                   Fee $5 per horse
    7:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon Sat.                  Jackson, MS 39202                    Magnolia Farmers’ Market
                                                                                                                          HD Team Roping Productions              Multi-Purpose Complex
       Contact: Charlie Fitts               Open: March - December                 Downtown Along The Railroad
                                                                                                                              Monthly, Capped at #6             Canton, MS (Madison Co.)
         Ph: 662-412-3177                   9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Sat.                    Magnolia, MS 39652
                                                                                                                          $80 per roper - Saddle Series              Ph: 601/859-4358
                                             Contact: Cathy Massey                      Open: June - August
         Carroll County                                                                                                         Bear’s Den Ranch              Barrel, Pole & All Timed Events
                                                Ph: 601-352-8850                     8:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon Sat.
     Vaiden Farmer’s Market                                                                                              Poplarville, MS (Pearl River Co.)       Every Tues. & Thur. Nights
         Mulberry Street                        Jackson County                         Contact: B. J. Chaplin
                                                                                         Ph: 601-783-6572               Ph: 601/795-2146 or 601/273-1027      Prentiss, MS (Jefferson Davis Co.)
        Vaiden, MS 39176                Jackson County Farmers’ Market
                                          Jackson County Fair Ground                                                         Team Penning & Sorting                   Ph: 601/792-8039
     Open: June - November                                                                 Prentiss County
      9:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon                   Pascagoula, MS 39568                 Prentiss County Farmers’ Market       Every 2nd & 4th Sat. of Each Month            Open Fun Show
      Wednesday & Saturday                Open: Late April - November                 2301 North Second Street                Beginning at 5:00 p.m.              2nd Sunday Every Month
     Contact: Grace Voorhees           6:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon Wed. & Sat.                 Booneville, MS 38829                 Pinola, MS (Simpson Co.)             Triple B Arena - 1:00 PM
        Ph: 662-464-5429                       Contact: Jim Hart                        Open: June - October                     Ph: 601-847-4229            Ph: 601/372-1281 or 601/845-8830
                                               Ph: 228-762-6043                   8:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon Wed. & Fri.
           Copiah County
                                                 Jackson County                         Contact: Buddy Smith
  Crystal Springs Farmers’ Market
                                           Ocean Springs Fresh Market                     Ph: 662-728-3946                 SILVER CREEK                               MISSISSIPPI
          Held During The
  Crystal Springs Tomato Festival,                  Cash Alley                              Tate County                 EQUESTRIAN COMPLEX                            HORSE PARK
 the last Saturday in June (1-Day)          Ocean Springs, MS 39564                 Tate County Farmers’ Market                 Vicksburg, MS                       Starkville, Mississippi
       West Railroad Avenue                        Year Round                             North Fleet Drive                    PH: 601/638-8988                      PH: 662/325-0508
     Crystal Springs, MS 39059               8:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Sat.                   Senatobia, MS 38668              Email: silvercreek@canufly.net
                                            Contact: Diane Claughton                    Open: May - October             Website: www.silvercreekarena.com
    Open: Yearly, One Day Only                                                                                                                                www.mississippihorsepark.msucares.com
         9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.                    Ph: 228-872-1323                 7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Mon. thru Sat.
                                                                                     Contact: Steve Richardson                    Tue., Nov. 15
      Contact: Dr. Rick Snyder                  Lafayette County                                                                                                         Tue., Nov. 15
                                                                                          Ph: 662-562-4274              River Riders Charity Jackpot For
          Ph: 601-892-3731                 Mid-Town Farmers’ Market                                                                                           Introduction To Therapeutic Riding
                                                                                                                                 Jacob’s Ladder
         Hancock County                    Mid-Town Shopping Plaza                          Union County
                                                                                                                                  Sat., Nov. 19                          Tue., Nov. 15
     Waveland Farmer’s Market                  Oxford, MS 38655                     New Albany Farmers’ Market
                                                                                                                             Beginner/Introductory                  Western Equitation Lab
         Longfellow Road                      Open: June - August                  Carter Ave, Library Parking Lot
                                            3:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. Wed.                    New Albany, MS 38652                   To Hunter-Jumper                         Wed., Nov. 16
        Waveland, MS 39576
         Open: Year Round                    Contact: Mitchell Diggs                  Open: June 12 - November                Wed.-Fri., Nov. 23-25                 Western Equitation Lab
 7:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon Wed. & Sat.               Ph: 662-234-6447                 7:00 a.m.-until sold out Wed. & Sat.          Holiday Day Camp                         Wed., Nov. 16
        Contact: Lavell Lee                                                             Contact: Stanley Wise
                                                   Lee County                                                                     Sat., Nov. 26                    Western Equitation Class
         Ph: 601-798-8759                                                                 Ph: 662-534-1916
                                             Tupelo Farmers’ Market                                                            Speed Event Clinic
                                                                                        Washington County                                                              Thu., Nov. 17
          Harrison County              South Springs Street at the Railroad
                                                                                    Greenville Farmers’ Market                                                   ADS/MAFES Production Sale
 City of Gulfport Farmers’ Market               Tupelo, MS 38804
                                                                                                                                                                     Cow & Horse Sale
       2625 Jones Park Drive             Open: Mid May - Mid November                 738 Washington Avenue              TUNICA ARENA AND
        Gulfport, MS 39501             7:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon Tue.-Thu.-Sat.             Greenville, MS 38701                                                              Tue., Nov. 22
      Open: April - December                    Contact: Jim High                 Open: 7:00 a.m. Mon., Wed., Sat.,      EXPOSITION CENTER                    Introduction To Therapeutic Riding
                                                Ph: 662-841-6598                        Contact: Blake New
    6:00 a.m.-until Tue. & Fri.                                                                                                Tunica, Mississippi                       Tue., Nov. 29
                                                                                     Ph: 662-332-8616 ext. 10
       Contact: Butch Himel                      Lowndes County                                                                PH: 662/363-3299               Introduction To Therapeutic Riding
         Ph: 228-868-5907               Lowndes County Farmers’ Market
                                                                                  For more information regarding        Website: www.tunicaarenaexpo.com                Wed., Nov. 30
           Harrison County                      2nd Avenue North
                                                                                   Mississippi Farmers’ Markets,                                                    Western Equitation Lab
Charles R. Hedgewood Farmers’ Market           Columbus, MS 39701
                                                                                  contact: State Farmers’ Market
           120 Cadet Street                  Open: April - November                Representative Jake Hutchins,              Fri.-Sun., Nov. 18-20
                                        5:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m. Tue.-Thu.-Sat.
          Biloxi, MS 39530
                                            Contact: Frank Goodman
                                                                                    Mississippi Department of               Fortune Five Barrel Race           LAUDERDALE COUNTY
      Open: April - December                                                         Agriculture & Commerce
  5:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Tue. & Thu.               Ph: 662-328-4164                    121 North Jefferson Street                Fri.-Sat., Nov. 25-26               AGRI-CENTER
      Contact: Steve Johnson                   Noxubee County                                                              National Indoor Kart Races                   Meridian, MS
                                                                                        Jackson, MS 39215
          Ph: 228-435-6198              Noxubee County Farmers’ Market                  Ph: 601-953-2445                                                              PH: 601/482-8498
                                                                                                                               Fri.-Sat., Dec. 2-3

                 Visit us at:                                                                                                 Antique Tractor Pull
                                                                                                                              Sat.-Sun., Dec. 10-11
                                                                                                                                                                        Sat., Nov. 19
                                                                                                                                                                      NBHA Barrel Race

           www.msmarketbulletin.org                                                                                          Athletic Championship
                                                                                                                                 Cheer & Dance
                                                                                                                                                                        Sun., Dec. 4
                                                                                                                                                              Horseman’s Christmas Trade Show

Page 22                                                                    MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                November 15, 2005
                                                          Down on the Farm

      Trace Phillips, age 3, welcomes the new family       Dylan Thompson, age 2,      helps feed one of his    Mrs. Jackson of Noxubee County shows how to
      member “Axel”. He is a 5-month-old Sicilian          papaw & mamaw’s baby        calves “Down on the      milk the old-fashioned way.
      miniature donkey. Trace is the grandson of James     Farm”.                                               (picture submitted by Earl Randle, Jr., of Crawford,
      & Lynn Blair of Florence, MS.                        (picture submitted by his   grandparents James &     MS, Lowndes County).
      (picture submitted by Lynn Blair of Florence, MS,    Jimmie Ruth Thompson        of Morton, MS, Scott
      Rankin County).                                      County).

                                                           4-year-old “Bullit” from Sarah, MS, loves to dress
                                                           up, ride horses, and ride in the wagon. His human
                                                           companions are Frankie & Jaimie Grace who take
                                                           him everywhere they go.
                                                           (picture submitted by Frankie & Jaimie Grace of
                                                           Sarah, MS, Tate County).                               Carolyn helps her Papaw Caraway dig pota-
        Justin Allen, 18-years-old & Stasia Allen,                                                                toes at his farm in Rose Hill, MS. She called
        4-years-old, & “Ruth”, take a break. They                                                                 the potato her “Teddy Bear Potato”.
        live in Shady Grow out from Mize, MS.                                                                     (picture submitted by Janet Barlow of Laurel,
        (picture submitted by Tommie & Mike                                                                       MS, Jones County).
        Sullivan of Mize, MS, Smith County).

       If you have any unique pictures from “Down on the Farm” you would like to share
                with our readers, please mail us a picture and a short cutline to:

                                                           Mississippi Market Bulletin
                                                              “Down on the Farm”
                                                                  P.O. Box 1118
                                                            Jackson, MS 39215-1118
          In support of farm safety, we request no pictures of children sitting on and/or operating any type of machinery,
          equipment or ATV’s. We reserve the right to edit or reject any picture and cutline. Pictures will not be returned.
                For better quality, please do not submit pictures that are taken with digital cameras or digital reprints.

November 15, 2005                                            MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                               Page 23
                               Championship Bull Riding
                                        World Finals
                                                   Mississippi Coliseum
                                                   Friday, November 18th
                                                  Saturday, November 19th
                                                      8:00 p.m. Nightly

   You’ve seen them on National TV!
     Now see them up close and personal!

          45 of the World’s Best Bull Riders in the World
           Matched against the Meanest Bucking Bulls!

          For their share of a prize purse valued at over

             Tickets are on Sale Now!
                            Tickmaster                           Featuring CBR President
                                                                      Tuff Hedeman
          Mississippi Coliseum Box Office 601-355-5252
                      BE BOP Record Stores

             Ticket Prices are $10, $17, $22 and $35

  For more information
  Call the Coliseum 601-961-4000
  or check out the website at:
Page 24                            MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN              November 15, 2005
Avenue of Magnolias
Honor A Friend or                                                 3
                                                                       4    5        6        7            8
Loved one Today
                                                           2               29
   This is your opportunity to
honor or remember someone                                                                                            10
dear to you by giving a beauti-
ful magnolia tree that will be
enjoyed and appreciated for                                                                                          11
many years to come.
   The tree will become a part of
Keep Mississippi Beautiful’s
                                                                                                                    12        SPONSOR A MAGNOLIA IN
“Avenue of Magnolias.” Keep
Mississippi Beautiful is a non-                                                 29
                                                                                                                            HONOR OR MEMORY OF FAMILY
profit organization founded in
1961 and made up of a cross
                                                                                                                                   OR FRIENDS
section of concerned citizens                                                                                             ____________________________________________
dedicated to making Mississippi                                                                                                                Contributor’s Name (Please Print)
a more beautiful state for resi-
dents and visitors to enjoy.                                                                                              ____________________________________________
                                                                                         30                    13                                    Address (Please Print)
   Keep Mississippi Beautiful’s                     28      30
major project is the Avenue of
Magnolias, which calls for                                                                                                ____________________________________________
                                                                 29                                                         City                             State                    Zip
planting twenty-eight major
highway entrances leading into                                                                                            This tree is;
Mississippi and the inter-                                                                                                                in honor of
changes on I-10, I-20 and I-55        27                                                                                                  in memory of
with Magnolia Grandiflora, the                                                                                 15
state tree and flower.                                                                                                    ____________________________________________
   Funding for the Avenue of                                                                                                                         Name (Please Print)
Magnolias is through private
contributions. With a mini-             26      25          24        23                  32                              Acknowledgement Card will be sent for your Contribution
mum contribution of twenty-                                                     22                             16
five dollars ($25), you can con-                                                                                          Acknowledgement sent to:
tribute to this worthwhile pro-                                                 21
ject. Your contribution will not                                                                      31                  ____________________________________________
                                                                                 20           31               17
only help you take part in keep-                                                                                                                     Name (Please Print)
ing Mississippi beautiful, but                                                  19 18
also to remember someone you
love or respect. A permanent                 Entrance Locations                                                                                      Address (Please Print)
record of each contribution will                                                 17. 1-10, East - Escatawpa
be on display in the Mississippi     1. U.S. 82 - Greenville
                                     2. U.S. 49 - Helena Bridge
                                                                                 18. S.R. 604                             ____________________________________________
Department of Archives and           3. U.S. 61 - North - Walls
                                                                                 19. S.R 607                                City                             State                    Zip
History.                                                                         20. 1-10, West
                                     4. 1-55, North - Hernando                   21. 1-59 Picayune
   Don’t hesitate. Plant a tree      5. U.S. 78 - West- Olive Branch             22. S.R 26 - Poplarville
                                                                                                                          Entrance preferred (if any):
for someone you love today.          6. U.S 72 - Tennessee Line                  23. S.R 27 -Tylertown
You can contribute to the            7. S.R. 7 - Holly Springs                                                            ____________________________________________
                                                                                 24. 1-55, South—Osyka
                                     8. U.S. 45 - North - Corinth
“Avenue of Magnolias” by com-        9. U.S. 72 - West - Iuka
                                                                                 25. S.R. 33 - Centreville                         Mail your check for $25 or more payable to
pleting and mailing the                                                          26. U.S. 61, South—Woodville
                                    10. U.S. 78-Tremont                          27. U.S. 61/84. South - Natchez                       Keep Mississippi Beautiful, Inc., to:
attached form.                      11. U.S. 278 - Gattman
   Thank you for your help in       12. U.S. 82 - Columbus
                                                                                 28. 1-20. West- Vicksburg
                                                                                 29. 1-55 Interchanges
                                                                                                                                          Keep Mississippi Beautiful
making Mississippi a more           13. 1-20, East-Toomsuba
                                    14. U.S. 84 - Waynesboro
                                                                                 30. 1-20 Interchanges                                         P.O. Box 1609
beautiful state in which to live                                                 31. 1-10 Interchanges
and travel.
                                    15. U.S. 45 - State Line                     32. 1-59 Interchanges                                    Jackson, MS 39215-1609
                                    16. U.S. 98 - Lucedale

November 15, 2005                                                      MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                                 Page 25
66.   Adams        29.   Lowndes
5.    Alcorn       42.   Madison                                                   1                                   3                       5
69.   Amite        72.   Marion                                                                            2                         4
37.   Attala       2.    Marshall
3.    Benton       23.   Monroe                                    7
17.   Bolivar      32.   Montgomery                                                         8                                                       9
20.   Calhoun      44.   Neshoba                                                                                                14
31.   Carroll      51.   Newton
22.   Chickasaw    39.   Noxubee                                                   12                      13
33.   Choctaw      34.   Oktibbeha                                                                                                            15             16
                                                         10         11                                                      21
53.   Claiborne    12.   Panola
58.   Clarke       77.   Pearl River
28.   Clay         75.   Perry
10.   Coahoma      70.   Pike
54.   Copiah       21.   Pontotoc                                        18                                      20              22
                                                                                                 19                                                     23
63.   Covington    9.    Prentiss                  17
1.    Desoto       11.   Quitman                         24                                 26
74.   Forrest      49.   Rankin
67.   Franklin     50.   Scott                                                                                   27                      28
79.   George       40.   Sharkey                                    25
76.   Greene       55.   Simpson
26.   Grenada      56.   Smith                                                         31                                                                    29
80.   Hancock      78.   Stone                30                                                                  33
81.   Harrison     24.   Sunflower                                                                                                   34
48.   Hinds        18.   Tallahatchie
36.   Holmes       8.    Tate                                                 36                                                                   39
35.   Humphreys    4.    Tippah                                                                       37                        38
46.   Issaquena    6.    Tishomingo
16.   Itawamba     7.    Tunica
82.   Jackson      14.   Union
57.   Jasper       71.   Walthall                  40          41                                          43              44                  45
62.   Jeff Davis   47.   Warren
59.   Jefferson    30.   Washington                                                    42
64.   Jones        65.   Wayne
45.   Kemper       27.   Webster              46
13.   Lafayette    68.   Wilkinson                  47                                                 50                  51                 52
73.   Lamar        38.   Winston
52.   Lauderdale   19.   Yalobusha                            48                       49
61.   Lawrence     41.   Yazoo
43.   Leake
15.   Lee                                                                                                                  57                 58
25.   Leflore                                 53                                                           56
60.   Lincoln                                                                          55

                                                                                                                       64                     65
                                    66        67              60                                           63

                                                                                            72                                                     76
                                   68              69         70                                           73                   75

       THIS MAP CAN ASSIST                                                                                                 78
    YOU IN LOCATING COUNTIES                                                                                                81

 OF BUYERS, SELLERS & GROWERS                                                                               80

   Corresponding Numbers Are Listed
     Top To Bottom, Left To Right.
Page 26                                  MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                      November 15, 2005
    MISSISSIPPI FARM MARKET PRICES                                                                                                                                                            Mississippi’s #1
                                                                                                                      Mississippi Market Bulletin
Steers (300 - 400 lbs.., large & medium, No. 1 & 2):                                                                         P.O. Box 1118, Jackson, MS 39215-1118
                                                                                                                                                                                             Agricultural Paper
#1- $130.00–$150.00 #2- $112.00–$130.00                                                                                                                                                     Since 1906, The Mississippi Market
Heifers (300 - 400 lbs.., large & medium, No. 1 & 2):                                                                                   Subscription Rates                                  Bulletin has been serving individuals
#1- $120.00–$130.00 #2- $110-.00–$120.00                                                                                       In State                  Out-Of-State                       and families who have a vital and
Slaughter Cows: (850-1,200 lbs.) $35.00-$46.00                                                                                                                                              shared interest in Mississippi
Bulls Yield Grade 1-2 (1,100-1,500 lbs.) $40.00-$56.50                                                                      1 Year $10.00               1 Year $15.00
                                                                                                                                                                                            Agriculture. The Mississippi Market
Pairs: price per pair (medium & large, 4-8 yrs. old) $600.00-$950.00                                              Name _______________________________________________                      Bulletin is your best source for
Hogs (210–260 lb., Bryan at West Point) $47.00
                                                                                                                                                                                            information regarding machinery,
Prices reported the week of 10/31/05                                                                              Address ______________________________________________
For current cattle prices call 601-359-1120                                                                                                                                                 equipment, livestock, poultry, plants,
                                                                                                                  City _________________________State ______Zip __________                  seeds....anything      related      to
POULTRY:                                                                                                                                                                                    Mississippi Agriculture. It provides a
(¢ per lb. FOB-Dock, Miss. Procrs.) Prices reported the week of 10/31/05: 73.54¢                                                                                                            wealth of information delivered to
Eggs: (Grade A per dozen, wholesale)                                                                              Amount enclosed $
                                                                                                                                                                                            your door 24 times a year. It’s easy
Prices reported the week of 10/31/05: XL. 61-64¢, LG. 59-62¢, MED. 46-50¢.                                        You may subscribe for a maximum of 3 years.
For current poultry prices call 601-965-4662.                                                                                                                                               to subscribe. Just fill out the form
                                                                                                                                                                                            below and mail it with your check or
CROPS (cash prices): Prices reported the week of 10/31/05                                                         Renewal, Include mailing label or Acct. # ___________________             money order. It makes a super gift.
Cotton (¢ per lb.) . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51.87
Soybeans ($ per bushel) . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.35
                                                                                                                     HOW TO READ YOUR SUBSCRIPTION LABEL                                     SUBSCRIPTION RATES
Wheat ($ per bushel) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2.60
Corn ($ per bushel) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.68      Your Account               Subscription                                     Mailed Inside Mississippi
Oats ($ per bushel). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.66     Number                     Expiration Date                                       $10.00 - 1 year
Rice (¢ per c/wt.). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.12                                                                                       $20.00 - 2 years
For current crop prices call 601-359-1110.                                                                                                                                                           $30.00 - 3 years
For the latest Mississippi timber report, contact your County Extension Service.                                       123456    12/01/05
                                                                                                                       JOHN DOE, JR.                                                           Mailed Outside Mississippi
                                                                                                                       789 FARM ROAD 6
             ADVERTISING GUIDELINES                                                                                    FLAT BOTTOM, MS 39000                                                          $15.00 - 1 year
 The Mississippi Market Bulletin is published on the 1st and 15th of                                                                                                                                  $30.00 - 2 years
each month by the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and                                                                                                                                           $45.00 - 3 years
Commerce. The Mississippi Market Bulletin is an important way for the                                             Name, Address               If you have questions regarding your               You may subscribe to the
                                                                                                                  & Zip Code                 subscription please call the Mississippi         Mississippi Market Bulletin for a
Department to disseminate news and information about issues affect-
                                                                                                                                                 Market Bulletin at 601-359-1155.                maximum of three years.
ing Mississippi’s agriculture industry and the Department’s operations.
  Through its classified advertising section, the Bulletin provides a
forum for Mississippi residents to buy and sell agriculturally related
items while also giving statewide exposure to small farmers who might
not normally have the economic resources for such widespread adver-
                                                                                                                    ADVERTISING DEADLINE DATES
tising. The Bulletin does not publish commercial or display ads and all                                           DECEMBER 1, ISSUE....DEADLINE MON. NOV. 14, 2005 - 12:00 PM
items offered for sale must have been produced, raised, grown or oper-
ated on the seller’s property. Businesses, corporations, dealerships, bro-                                        DECEMBER 15, ISSUE....DEADLINE MON. DEC. 5, 2005 - 12:00 PM
kers or other commercial enterprises are not allowed to advertise in the
Mississippi Market Bulletin.                                                                                       If you miss the deadline for submission, your ad is automatically run in the next issue. You must submit
  Advertising rules and guidelines have been established for the                                                   your ad for each issue. We do not hold ads over for multiple insertion. We do not take ads over the phone.
Mississippi Market Bulletin in order to comply with regulations
enforced by the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce
and to maintain the objectives of the publication. The staff of the                                                     ADVERTISEMENT SUBMISSION FORM
Mississippi Market Bulletin reserves the right to edit, revise or reject                                          LIMIT OF 30 WORDS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED (SEE ADJOINING PANEL FOR MORE COMPLETE RULES)
any advertisement. The Mississippi Market Bulletin assumes no respon-                                                            PLEASE PRINT - WE CANNOT RUN ITEMS FOR SALE WITHOUT A PRICE
sibility for any notice appearing in the Bulletin nor for any transaction
resulting from published notices. Advertisers are cautioned that it is                                             IN ORDER TO ADVERTISE YOU MUST BE A SUBSCRIBER!
against the law to misrepresent any product offered for sale in public
notices or advertisements carried in any publication that is delivered by
the United States Postal Service.
                                                                                                                  CATEGORY _____________________________________________________________
•  In order to advertise you must be a subscriber - All listings must
                                                                                                                  NAME __________________________________ACCOUNT NUMBER _______________
    be agriculture related (raised, grown, produced or operated on
    your farm).                                                                                                   ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________
 • At the top of your ad, write the category that the ad should be list-
   ed under. Next, write the ad the way it should be printed. We reserve                                          CITY ___________________________________STATE _______ZIP _______________
   the right to edit, revise or reject each ad. Please print or type your
   ad.                                                                                                            PHONE (______ ) _______________________________COUNTY __________________
• Each household is allowed to place two ads in the Bulletin, with one
   ad per category.                                                                                               AD: ___________________________________________________________________
 • There is a 30-word limit for advertisements, this includes; price (on
   the item you are selling) city, county and telephone number or                                                 ______________________________________________________________________
   name and complete address must be included in the 30-word limit.
   Include your name, mailing address, and signature (not to be print
   ed) with each ad. Your account number must accompany your ad.                                                  ______________________________________________________________________
• You must include a price on items being offered for sale. We cannot
   run your “For Sale” advertisement without a price.                                                             ______________________________________________________________________
• Ads cannot be held over from one issue to another. You must sub-
   mit them for each issue. Advertising deadlines are posted in each                                              ______________________________________________________________________
   issue of the Bulletin for your convenience.
• Out-of-state residents are not eligible to advertise with the follow-                                                                             MAIL ADS TO:
   ing exceptions: Out-of-state ads are allowed in the “Wanting To                                                            MS MARKET BULLETIN, P.O. BOX 1118, JACKSON, MS 39215-1118
   Buy” category. Out-of-state ads are allowed for individuals owning                                                                        FAX ADS TO: (601) 359-1260
   farm property within the state that is being offered for sale.
                                                                                                                                  EMAIL ADS TO: MARKETBULLETIN@MDAC.STATE.MS.US
   (See these individual category listings for complete rules regarding
   their use.)                                                                                                                      VISIT WEB SITE: WWW.MSMARKETBULLETIN.ORG

November 15, 2005                                                                                         MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                               Page 27
Love Of Good Food, Family And Home                                                                                              A Record Breaking Year For
    By Donna West, MDAC Staff            farming, and along the way started a
                                         farm equipment company known as
                                                                                   two colleges, a revitalized shopping
                                                                                   district and renovated homes is Jay
                                                                                                                              The 2005 Mississippi State Fair
   If you have ever had occasion to      Delta Implements.                         Schimmel’s               achievement.
dine at Schimmel’s in Jackson, you         How does one go from playing            Interaction and involvement with
will no doubt agree that the whole       football at Ole Miss, to working as a     one’s community is important to Jay.
experience left a decidedly good taste   CPA at one of the Big Eight account-      He sits on the board of the Jackson
in your mouth.            When Jay       ing firms in Dallas to owning a           Convention and Visitors Bureau, is
Schimmel,       a    fifth-generation    restaurant in Jackson? According to       active in the Jackson Redevelopment
Mississippian, decided to return to                                                Authority, and has chaired the
                                         Jay, his life-long love of good food,
his home state seven years ago, he                                                 Mississippi Diabetes Association.
                                         his closeness to family, and his inter-
brought with him a degree from the                                                    One of the accomplishments Jay is
                                         est in being a part of a real commu-
California Culinary School, invalu-                                                proudest of is his part in giving back
able experience working in some of       nity brought it all together for him.
                                         After another long tax season, Jay        to the state and to his community. “I
the most respected restaurants on                                                  love watching people enjoy what we
the west coast, a dream and with a       decided to take time off, ventured
                                         further west and ended up with a          do, what we create and serve,” says
plan to open a fine dining establish-                                              Jay. Adding, “we employ 30 people,
ment.                                    new career. “I have always been
                                         interested in cooking, so after watch-    and some have been with me from
   Jay brought something else with                                                 day one. It is a wonderful feeling
him - respect for Mississippi’s farm-    ing others prepare meals daily, some-
                                         thing I really enjoyed, I decided to      knowing that you are a part of a com-
ers and the fresh fruits and vegeta-                                               munity and that you support it and
bles they grow. Farm raised catfish,     look into culinary schools,” said Jay.
                                           After graduation and working hard       contribute to its success.”
gulf oysters and freshwater shrimp,
                                         in restaurants belonging to other            Whether he is working with
fresh herbs grown locally, pecans,
                                                                                   Alabama’s       Teddy     Gentry     at
dairy, beef and chicken raised in our    people, Jay realized he missed
                                                                                   “Grazefest” to promote grass-fed
state are celebrated and showcased       Mississippi. He also realized that
                                                                                   beef, consulting with the catfish
daily at Schimmel’s. Interest in agri-   there was potential for a fine dining
                                                                                   industry to create new and different
culture and all things fresh comes       restaurant in the neighborhoods of
                                                                                   catfish dishes, or competing against      Commissioner Spell and Miss Hospitality 2005, Caroline Murphree, cut the
naturally to Jay. Both great-grandfa-    Fondren and Belhaven. Nestled in
                                                                                   other well-known chefs for                ribbon to officially open the 146th Mississippi State Fair. The Fair ran
thers settled in the Delta, began        the shadows of three major hospitals,     Mississippi’s own version of “Iron        October 5-16, 2005.
                                                                                   Chef” Jay continues his creative sup-
                                                                                   port of Mississippi’s number one
                                                                                   industry. When representatives of
                                                                                   two of Canada’s largest retail stores
                                                                                   were in the state looking at blueber-
                                                                                   ries and sweet potatoes, they had
                                                                                   dinner at Schimmel’s. Jay and his
                                                                                   staff incorporated the Mississippi
                                                                                   berries and potatoes into the menu
                                                                                   demonstrating their versatility and
                                                                                   delectable taste with spicy sweet
                                                                                   potato puree, Cajun sweet potato
                                                                                   fries, pork stuffed baked sweet pota-
                                                                                   toes. Blueberry sorbet, and blueber-
                                                                                   ry pound cake topped with a sweet
                                                                                   and tart blueberry sauce made a deli-
                                                                                   cious end to a remarkable meal.
                                                                                      From the eclectic mix of cus-
After dining at Schimmel’s Restaurant in Jackson and sampling Mississippi          tomers and the comfortable, yet ele-
sweet potatoes and blueberries in Jackson, Canadian grocery store chains           gant surroundings, to the scrump-
Sobeys and So Fresh Produce, toured TNT Farm's Belzoni sweet potato                tious food and his staff’s attention to
operation and Fresh Harvest International's blueberry processing facility in       detail, Jay has created a true epicure-   More than 663,816 people from all over the state attended this year’s
Collins. The group is shown viewing TNT Farms potato storage facility.             an experience in his hometown.            Mississippi State Fair, breaking the previous record of 659,890 set in 1998.
Pictured from left to right are Patrick Sullivan, MDAC; Louis Guedon,              “The best is yet to come,” remarked       “Twelve days of perfect weather, great food, fun rides and an outstanding
Church Hill Produce; Mark Bryan, So Fresh Produce Sales; Racine Roberts,           Jay Schimmel. “Mississippi looks          lineup of entertainment helped make this year’s Fair one of the best ever”
Sobeys Inc.; Jimmy Turner, TNT Farms; and David Overall, Sobeys Inc.               forward to it.”                           said Mike Brinkley, Director of the Mississippi State Fair Commission.
                                                                                                                                     Continued from page 1             Mississippi.
Equine Center Takes On New Name                                                                                              Additionally, this bill provides a spe-
                                                                                                                             cial inclusion in the Tree Assistance
                                                                                                                                                                       • For producers of cottonseed, $25
                                                                                                                                                                       million for cottonseed assistance in
 Edited by Patrick Sullivan, MDAC        sponsored by the Mississippi                                                        Program (authorized in the 2002           disaster counties due to depressed
                                         Department of Agriculture and                                                       Farm Bill) for tree nursery growers,      cottonseed prices because of restrict-
  On Sunday, October 23, a formal        Commerce, the Mississippi State Fair                                                Christmas tree growers, and tree          ed market access.
dedication of the Kirk Fordice           Commission, and the Southern                                                                                                  • For poultry farmers, compensation
                                                                                                                             seedling producers.
Equine Center took place at the          Cutting Futurity. The events includ-                                                                                          for lost birds and reimbursement for
                                                                                                                             • For fruit and vegetable growers,
Mississippi State Fairgrounds in         ed the unveiling of a plaque in honor                                                                                         diesel fuel used to power generators
                                                                                                                             assistance to assist with Mississippi
Jackson.         Pat Fordice and         of Governor Fordice, the presenta-                                                                                            on farms during long periods of elec-
                                                                                                                             producers’ losses due to Hurricanes
Commissioner of Agriculture Lester       tion of a life-sized 8-foot by 6-foot                                                                                         trical power losses. This cost was
                                                                                                                             Dennis, Katrina, and Rita, similar to
Spell officiated the dedication.         photograph mounted on the east end                                                  provisions enacted in Florida last        necessary to help maintain poultry
  The activities associated with the
                                         of the arena, as well as new signage                                                year due to hurricanes.                   production chain of supply to pro-
dedication were coordinated and
                                         on the exterior of the building.                                                    • For pecan farmers, blueberry            cessing plants during the critical
                                            At the time of the dedication, the                                               farmers, and producers of other           period      of     power      outages.
                                         Kirk Fordice Equine Center was                                                      annual bush, vine, or orchard crops,      Additionally, request was made for
                                         hosting the Southern Cutting                                                        $10 million to fund the Tree              poultry farmers to be eligible for 50%
                                         Futurity event, an always-popular                                                   Assistance Program to allow produc-       of their uninsured losses on their
                                         activity for Governor Fordice. The                                                  ers in disaster counties to recover       structures. For those growers that
                                         Governor participated in this event                                                 some of the costs of replanting and       were between cycles of raising birds,
                                         each year in one way or another.                                                    reestablishment.                          they would be eligible for 50% of
                                            The Kirk Fordice Equine Center                                                   • For producers of row crops (main-       their uninsured losses on their hous-
                                         hosted 39 events in 2004, with over                                                 ly corn, cotton, grain sorghum, rice,     es. In both cases, uninsured loss
                                         118,000 attendees and participants                                                  and soybeans), the enactment of a         recovery for houses would be capped
                                         from all 50 states and several foreign    events as the Eastern National            Crop Disaster Program for 2005 and        at $250,000.
                                         countries. Recently, the Center was       Cutting Horse Show, National Barrel       the authorization of a supplemental       • For catfish farmers, $17 million in
                                         awarded      the    2008     National     Horse Youth World Championship,           direct payment to producers in disas-     catfish feed assistance to offset vari-
                                         Appaloosa Show, and for the last 10       Dixie National Quarter Horse Show         ter counties in order to provide quick    ous expenses incurred due to 2005
                                         years, has hosted such premier            and the AQHA Regional Finals.             assistance to row crop producers in       hurricanes.

Page 28                                                                     MISSISSIPPI MARKET BULLETIN                                                                         November 15, 2005