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									                                                    Program Services Group Updated 11/15/2006

                Vehicle Accident Reporting Process
A. At the Scene
       1. Stay Calm, Do Not Argue, Gather Facts
       2. Call a Police Officer to the Scene
       3. Contact SCA staff through SCA’s Emergency Response System by calling the
       24 hour hotline at 1-800-967-6449.

B. SCA Rented or Owned Vehicles
      1. Fill out the Vehicle Accident Report found in your glove box.
               a. If not in the glove box, this form can be downloaded from both the PSG
               Intranet and the SCA Project Site.
      2. Fax or email this form to Robin Daniels, Vehicle Coordinator at 603-543-1755
      or and Kurt Merrill, Risk Management Director at 603-543-18328. A copy should also be emailed or faxed to
      your immediate supervisor.
               a. If not able to use a fax, these forms can mailed to the above contacts at
               SCA P.O. Box 550 Charlestown, NH 03603.
      3. Report the accident to Enterprise (if you are renting)
               a. Call 1-800-325-8838. The menu will guide you through the reporting
               information. This will take care of the physical damage to the vehicle.

C. Other Owned Vehicles
      1. During Working Hours
             a. If in an accident, either as driver or passenger, during working hours but
             in a non-SCA vehicle, report the accident to the SCA Emergency
             Response system at 1-800-967-6449.
             b. The owner of the vehicle will report the accident to their own insurance
      2. During Non-Working Hours
             a. You are under no obligation to report this to your supervisor unless it
             will affect your work, i.e. injuries sustained that will make you miss work.

D. Injuries - Filing Insurance Claims
       1. Go to the Member Insurance portion of the Program Services Guide for full
       insurance directions.

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