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									                                                                                           TABLE OF CONTENTS
                                                                      1.   KNICKS TICKETS
                                                                      2.   RANGERS TICKETS
                                                                      3.   GOLF AT PIPING ROCK COUNTRY CLUB
                                                                      4.   GIANTS TICKETS & ELI MANNING AUTOGRAPHED POSTER
                                                                      5.   CHELSEA PIERS GOLD PASSPORTS
                                                                      6.   FIT2WIN SPORTS CLOTHES
                                                                      7.   “PAGAN MYANMAR”
                                                                      8.   LEXOX KATE SPADE DECANTER
                                                                      9.   JILL ROSENWALD DESIGNER ITEM
                                                                    10. APARTMENT IN PARIS FOR FIVE DAYS
                                                                    11. WILDCATTER RANCH VACATION
                                                                    12. FACIAL REJUVENATION
                                                                    13. SPA PAMPERING
                                                                    14. PARNESI JEWELRY GIFT CERTIFICATE
                                                                    15. PARNESI JEWELRY ITEM #1
                                                                    16. PARNESI JEWELRY ITEM #2
                                                                    17. DANIEL
                                                                    19. ANTONUCCI’S
     13TH ANNIVERSARY GALA BENEFIT                                  20. CANDLE CAFÉ
                                                                    21. AGAVE
                                                                    22. CHEF JASON PATONOVICH TO PREPARE A DINNER PARTY IN YOUR HOME
              AUCTION CATALOGUE                              SHOWS
                                                                    23. LA GOULUE

                                                                    24. AVENUE Q
                                                                    25. LINCOLN CENTER
      List as of September 27, 2007 and subject to change.
                                                                    26. BROADWAY TICKETS TO “THE RITZ”
                                                                    27. MASKED
                                                                    28. THREE MO TENORS
                                                                    29. YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN
               To Pre-Bid on any item,                       EXPERIENCES
               please email Scott Perrin                            30. MIME LESSONS
           sperrin@The-Event-Office.com                             31. MTV PACKAGE
                                                                    32. NBC STUDIO TOUR
       Or call him directly at: (212) 957-9155                      33. INTERNSHIP AT RATTLESTICK
                                                                    34. TAX MAN
    Please list the Auction item (number and brief                  35. LIVE! WITH REGIS AND KELLY
                                                             JUST RELEASED
description), your starting bid and your maximum bid.               36. EMERIL’S NEWEST AUTOGRAPHED COOKBOOK, “DELMONICO”
                                                                    37. HALMARK VIDEO COLLECTION
                                                                    38. WORLD ALMANAC PAK
                                                                    39. ONE DAY ROOM MAKE-OVER
                                                                    40. RATTLESTICK SPONSORSHIP
                                      5.     Chelsea Piers
            SPORTS                           Gold Passports                               ART                                 TRAVEL
                                      Four Gold Passports to the
                                      Chelsea    Piers   Sports   and
                                      Entertainment Complex.     Each
1.      Knicks Tickets                Passport includes a day pass to
Four VIP tickets to a Knicks game.    the Sports Center Health Club, a     7.      “Pagan Myanmar”                 10.     Apartment in
  Value                        $400   $15 ball card at the Golf Club,      A framed, colored, cibachrome                   Paris for Five
  Opening Bid                  $200   admission and skate rental for       photograph 22” x 32” by Ellen
                                      at Sky Rink, admission for one       Kaplowitz signed on the back by                 Days
  Donor         Lawrence Benenson                                                                                  Pick one of these three:
                                      child and one adult to the           the photographer.
                                      Toddler Gym Adventure, 5               Value                   $2,800
                                      batting cage tokens at the Field       Opening Bid               $200            Studio Apartment in Paris
2.      Rangers Tickets               House and a free shoe rental at        Donor           Ellen Kaplowitz       Explore Paris from our own
Four VIP tickets to a Rangers         AMF Bowling. Passports must                                                  beautiful, furnished studio in a
game.                                 be used within one year.                                                     high-end,       art-deco     style
  Value                    $400                                                                                    building with an enclosed,
  Opening Bid              $200
                                        Value                      $240    8.      Lenox Kate Spade                exclusive garden on the corner
                                        Opening Bid                 $50
  Donor       Lawrence Benenson         Donor              Chelsea Piers
                                                                                   Decanter                        of Avenue Foch and Rue
                                                                           A special Kate Spade decanter           Pergolese.    It’s a ten minute
                                                                           from Michael C. Fina.                   walk up the lush, green lawns of
3.      Golf at Piping Rock           6.     Fit2Win Sports
                                                                             Value                      $100       Avenue Foch to the Champs
                                                                             Opening Bid                 $25       Ellysees, and it’s two steps from
        Country Club                         Clothes                         Donor             Michael C Fina      Metro Port Dauphine and Metro
Golf for three guests with Sandra     Get the latest style of sports                                               Argentine.       The apartment
Coudert. This must be arranged        clothing with Fit2Win.                                                       features a modern, American-
at a mutually-agreeable time.
  Value                   Priceless
                                        Value                    $175           9. Jill Rosenwald                  style kitchen with a large
                                        Opening Bid                $75                                             window, a spacious bathroom
  Opening Bid                 $250      Donor                Fit2Win
                                                                                   Lamp Set                        with a tub, and a living room
  Donor            Sandra Coudert                                          Two hand made ceramic lamps by          with a sofa bed. This is in a
                                                                           Boston artist Jill Rosenwald.           cozy      neighborhood        with
                                                                             Value                          $850   specialty shops as well as
4.      Giants Tickets &                                                     Opening Bid                     $50   several supermarkets. Have a
                                                                             Donor                Jill Rosenwald
        Eli Manning                                                                                                Parisian holiday on Avenue Foch!
        Autographed                                                                                                    Two Bedroom Apt. in Paris
        Poster                                                                                                     Live like a Paris native for a
Two tickets to the Giants vs.                                                                                      week in this modern, furnished,
Patriots    game    on     Sunday                                                                                  bright, two bedroom apartment
December 29th at 8:15pm and a                                                                                      with wall-to-wall and floor-to-
stadium parking pass and an                                                                                        ceiling windows and a terrace on
official New York Football Giants                                                                                  Boulevard Lannes. The building
poster    autographed    by     Eli                                                                                was renovated five years ago
Manning.                                                                                                           and now has a modern lobby,
  Value                      $250                                                                                  garden, elevator, central HVAC,
  Opening Bid                 $50                                                                                  and electric shutters. There is
  Donor         Cynthia Coudert &                                                                                  an eat-in kitchen with a
                NY Football Giants                                                                                 washer/dryer, a dish washer and
                                                                                                                   all   other   appliances.      A
                                                                                                                   concierge is in the building
                                                                                                                   lobby, and there is a swimming
pool and tennis courts across the      11.     Wildcatter Ranch
street.   This location is easy
walking distance to the Trocadero              Vacation                                    BEAUTY                                JEWELRY
and the Etoile.                        Have an authentic Texas-style
                                       experience at The Wildcatter
    Paris Apt. – Two Bedrooms          Ranch & Resort.       You and a
Spend a week just off the              guest will fly to Graham, Texas
Champs-Ellysees       between     La   (90 minutes northwest of Fort           12.     Facial Rejuvenation             14.     Parnesi Jewelry
Defense and the Triangle d'Or          Worth)     where       you      will    This beauty treatment includes                  Gift Certificate
district, across the street from the   experience 1,500 acres of               Botox application in 3 areas (eyes,     Use this gift certificate to
Hotel Concorde LaFayette and the       beautiful Texas landscape from          forehead and crowlines).          Dr.   Parnesi Jewelry to get something
Hotel Le Meridien. The apartment       breathtaking vistas atop the hills      Alexander Kulick is an integrative      special for that special someone!
has been entirely renovated and        of North Texas to the historic          medicine physician with a unique          Value                         TBD
features the original oak parquet      Brazos River - ideal for a unique       Western/Eastern      practice.   His      Opening Bid                  $200
floors and stone tiles in the          Texas     experience.         Your      focus is on alternative medical and       Donor             Parnesi Jewelry /
kitchen and bathroom. It features      package includes:                       cosmetic treatments including                        Cindy Farkas Glanzrock
a salon with beautiful views of the        •   Six days and five nights        mesotherapy,          accupuncture,
sky, trees, parks and castle-like              with horseback riding           botox, nutritional and herbal
                                               and a steakhouse dinner         medicine, stress reduction and
roof tops of Neully and La
                                               for two.                        pain management. Affiliated with        15.     Parnesi Jewelry
Defense. One large bedroom has
the same views as the salon. The           •   Gift certificate to Sage,       Beth Israel Hospital, Dr. Kulick has            Item
other large bedroom looks out                  The Spa at Wildcatter           a private practice on Lexington         Please see auction display for
over a quiet Parisian courtyard of             Ranch & Resort                  Avenue. A graduate of the Sackler       details.
brick and stone facades and                •   Round-trip airfare.             School of Medicine, University of         Value                      TBD
wrought iron balconies lined with      The     Wildcatter    Ranch      is     Tel-Aviv, Dr. Kulick received his         Opening Bid               $100
flowers. There is a new kitchen        regarded as perhaps the finest          mesotherapy        training      and      Donor          Parnesi Jewelry /
and a new bathroom with an             place in the state of Texas to          certification under Dr. Jacque Le                 Cindy Farkas Glanzrock
oversize tub.       Enjoy classical    experience today's Texas and to         Coz and Dr. Philippe Petit in
furniture mixed with some modern       discover the Lone Star past.            France.
details, a queen bed, and 2              Value                     Priceless     Value                      $1,500     16.     Parnesi Jewelry
                                         Opening Bid                   $250      Opening Bid                  $250
oversized sofa beds. Across the
                                                                                 Donor            Alexander Kulick
street, there is a public park as        Donor                 Mike Skipper
                                                                                                                       Please see auction display for
well as an Air France Bus stop for                                                                                     details.
direct access to Charles-de-Gaulle                                                                                       Value                      TBD
Airport as well as a Herz and an                                               13.     Spa Pampering                     Opening Bid               $100
Avis. Parking is available on the                                              Pamper yourself with a relaxing           Donor          Parnesi Jewelry /
street or in the 24/7 garage under                                             spa treatment at the Beauty and                   Cindy Farkas Glanzrock
the Palais de Congress.                                                        Wellness Day Spa on East 40th
   Value                      $1,625                                           Street which has been called “Best
   Opening Bid                  $500                                           Spa of North America” by Gotham
   Donor          Snezana Anderson                                             magazine. You will receive the VIP
                                                                               treatment when you arrive for your
                                                                               “Ageless     Facial    with    Eye
                                                                               Rejuvenation Treatment.”     Leave
                                                                               the spa feeling fresh, revitalized
                                                                               and fabulous…you deserve it!
                                                                                 Value                      $200
                                                                                 Opening Bid                  $50
                                                                                 Donor                 Beauty and
                                                                                                 Wellness Day Spa
                                     20.     Candle Cafe                                                         28.    “Three Mo Tenors”
       RESTAURANTS                   A gift certificate to the Candle                  SHOWS                     Two tickets to "Three Mo
                                     Café on Third Avenue at 79th                                                Tenors."
                                     Street which specializes in                                                   Value                      $80
                                     organic vegetarian cuisine.                                                   Opening Bid                $25
                                       Value                       $75                                             Donor       Three Mo Tenors /
17.    Daniel’s Bar                    Opening Bid                 $25     24.     “Avenue Q”                              Cindy Farkas Glanzrock
                                       Donor                Candle Café
       Boulud                                                              Two house seats to the hit
Dinner for two at the newest                                               Broadway musical, “Avenue Q!”         29.    “Young
Daniel restaurant, Bar Boulud,                                               Value                 Priceless            Frankenstein”
opening in December across from      21.     Agave                           Opening Bid               $150      Two tickets to Mel Brooks’ latest
Lincoln Center on Broadway at 64th   Brunch for two at Agave on              Donor            Sonny Everett/     musical, "Young Frankenstein.”
Street.                              Seventh Avenue near Rattlestick.                   The Producing Office      Value                        $200
  Value                     $200       Value                       $75                                            Opening Bid                  $100
  Opening Bid                 $75      Opening Bid                 $25                                            Donor       Young Frankenstein /
  Donor                   Daniel /     Donor                     Agave     25.     Lincoln Center                           Cindy Farkas Glanzrock
           Cindy Farkas Glanzrock                                          You and a guest will attend a
                                                                           performance at Lincoln Center on
                                     22.     Chef Jason                    December 14.
18.    Cipriani’s at The                     Patonovich of to                Value                    $220
                                                                             Opening Bid                $75
       Rainbow Room                          Prepare A Dinner                Donor       Lawrence Benenson
       Package                               Party in Your
Diner for two at the Rainbow                 Home
Room Grill and take home a           Have an award-winning chef            26.     Broadway Tickets to
signed copy of the book “Harry’s
                                     bring his restaurant to your                  “The Ritz”
                                     home!      James Beard Award-         Rosie   Perez     headlines     the
  Value                    $200      winning Chef Jason Patonovich
  Opening Bid                $75                                           Broadway revival of “The Ritz,” the
                                     of Terrace in the Sky restaurant      outrageous comedy by Terrence
  Donor                Cipriani /    will come to your home and
          Cindy Farkas Glanzrock                                           McNally. This package includes
                                     prepare dinner for up to eight        two tickets and an autographed
                                     people. Wine is included. You         script.
                                     will   coordinate     with   Chef       Value                   Priceless
19.    Antonucci’s                   Patonovich on the menu, and             Opening Bid                 $250
       Restaurant                    you will be responsible for the         Donor          Terrence McNally
                                     cost of the ingredients.
       Package                         Value                      $5,000
Dinner for two at Antonucci’s          Opening Bid                $1,000
                                                                           27.     “Masked”
Restaurant plus a signed book.         Donor Chef Jason Patonovich /       Two tickets to "Masked," an
Experience the new hot spot                       Cindy Farkas Glanzrock   explosive     play   about    three
brought to you by the creator of                                           Palestinisn brothers. Set during
Remi                                                                       the Intifada with the Israeli-Arab
  Value                    $150      23.     La Goulue                     struggle as its backdrop, "Masked"
  Opening Bid                $50     Dinner for two at La Goulue, the      depicts the tragedy of one family
  Donor             Antonucci’s /    quintessential, intimate Parisian     torn    between    duty,   kinship,
          Cindy Farkas Glanzrock     bistro.                               principles and survival.
                                       Value                       $125      Value                        $80
                                       Opening Bid                   $50     Opening Bid                  $25
                                       Donor                  La Goulue      Donor                   Masked /
                                                                                       Cindy Farkas Glanzrock
                                       33.     Internship at                    35.     Live! With Regis
        EXPERIENCES                            Rattlestick                              and Kelly                           JUST RELEASED
                                       Introduce your favorite student          You and three guests will go
                                       into the New York theater world          backstage to meet Regis in person
                                       with a eight week internship             and have a photograph taken with
                                       custom-designed by Rattlestick           him.
30.     Mime Lessons                   staff.                                     Value                  Priceless    36.     Emeril’s Newest
Something for the person who has         Value                  Priceless         Opening Bid                $100             Autographed
everything:     mime lessons by          Opening Bid                $500          Donor                     Live! /
legendary mime and actor Bill            Donor                Rattlestick                  Cindy Farkas Glanzrock
Bowers who was the star of                                                                                                    “Delmonico”
Rattlestick’s “It Goes Without                                                                                        “Delmonico” is the latest Emeril
Saying.”     Learn handy, useful       34.     Tax Man                                                                cookbook autographed by the
tricks like how to escape from an      Tax preparation services for one                                               author.
imaginary box!                         individual 2007 tax return by a                                                  Value                   Priceless
   Value                   Priceless   CPA with Integrity Financial                                                     Opening Bid                  $50
   Opening Bid                 $500    Partners, Inc.      In addition, a                                               Donor                Emeril LIVE
   Donor                Bill Bowers    review of the previous year’s
                                       return     for       any     missed
                                       deductions. Integrity Financial                                                37.     Hallmark Video
31.     MTV TRL Live                   Partners,    Inc.      is   a    tax                                                   Collection
        Prize Package                  preparation       and      financial                                           A set of docudramas and
Make any teenager’s dream come         planning firm. The partners of                                                 documentaries including the
true with two VIP tickets to MTV’s     the firm work directly with                                                    BBC version of C.S. Lewis’
Total Request Live broadcast plus      clients to offer personalized                                                  “Bayond Narnia.”
a backstage tour with host Damien      service and deep tax and                                                         Value                  $250
Fahey.     You will also receive       financial planning expertise. In                                                 Opening Bid             $25
official MTV “trl” paraphernalia.      addition to offering tax advice,                                                 Donor          Hallmark/FVM
  Value                    Priceless   the    partners      are   financial
  Opening Bid                  $500    advisors with HD Vest, a
  Donor        MTV / Damien Fahey      subsidiary of Wells Fargo. The
                                       partners hold a CPA and MBA
                                       from MIT business School. They
                                                                                                                      38.     World Almanac Pak
                                       have a range of experience,                                                    The hard cover 2007 World
32.     NBC Studio Tour                including tax and audit work for                                               Almanac,     the  2008    World
You and a guest will tour the NBC-     national public accounting firms                                               Almanac for Kids and YO!, a
TV studios at Rockefeller Center       and advisory work for Fortune                                                  version of the World Almanac
including   the    studio     where    500 companies.                                                                 for children with more puzzles
“Saturday Night Live” is taped.           Value                       $1,000                                          and games. Also, the hard cover
  Value                    Priceless      Opening Bid                   $150                                          2008 World Almanac upon its
  Opening Bid                   $25       Donor           Integrity Financial                                         release in November.
  Donor       The NBC Experience                                     Partners                                           Value                  Priceless
                                                                                                                        Opening Bid                 $50
                                                                                                                        Donor            World Almanac

39.     One Day Room
You know that room – the one
you’ll get around to decorating
someday. Well, that day could be
today!      Anne Joyce, interior
designer and owner of A Joyce
Design in Westchester County, will
refresh one room or one area in
your home using your own
furniture,      lighting       and
accessories* - all in a day! This
Prize includes eight hours of the
designer’s time as well as
transportation and expenses.
  Value                    $1,500
  Opening Bid                $400
  Donor                 Anne Joyce

40.     Sponsor a
        Performance at
Directly     support      Rattlestick
Playwrights Theater by sponsoring
one evening’s performance of a
show during the 2007/08 Season.
Your      sponsorship     will     be
acknowledged with a special insert
in the program for that evening’s
performance. Or honor someone
special to you with a one-of-a-
kind gift! Although the actual cost
of each performance far exceeds
$500, catch this special deal with
your sponsorship today and help
Rattlestick achieve its goals.
  Value                     Priceless
  Bid                           $500
  Donor                   Rattlestick

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