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					              MINUTES OF AUGUST 24, 2004 AGENDA MEETING

Commissioner Bassitt opened the meeting at 9:15 a.m. on the 24th day of August, 2004
with the following members present: Commissioner Greg Sneary, Commissioner W. Dan
Reiff, Commissioner Sam Bassitt, County Administrator Becky Saine, and Assistant
Clerk of the Board Crystal Balo.

David Louth led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Commissioner Bassitt moved for the approval of the August 19, 2004 Agenda Meeting
minutes. Commissioner Sneary seconded the motion. The minute s were approved as

Resolution #596-04. Authorization for training, seminar and travel related expenses

Commissioner Reiff moved to adopt the Resolution. Commissioner Bassitt seconded the
motion. The roll was called and the Resolution was approved unanimously.

Resolution #597-04. Authorize Warrant of Transfer from fund 173-005 to 173-002.

Commissioner Sneary moved to adopt the Resolution. Commissioner Reiff seconded the
motion. The roll was called and the Resolution was approved unanimously.

Discussion Items:

A. Lyle Gilbert, Allen County Regional Airport Authority, presented the following:

   1) Request to adopt Resolution # 598-04, Authorize a Grant Agreement between
      Allen County Regional Airport Authority and the Allen County Board of
      Commissioners with the Federal Aviation Administration. This grant will fund
      the design only portion of the Runway Extension. The funding from the FAA
      will be in the amount of $199,500 and the local match from the county will be $

       Greg asked that the Regional Airport Authority provide future operational and
       maintenance costs to provide justification for the future costs before construction
       phase is entered into.

Commissioner Bassitt moved to adopt the Resolution. Commissioner Sneary seconded
the motion. The roll was called and the Resolution was approved unanimously.

B. Lisa Merkle, CSEA, presented the following:

   1) Request to adopt Resolution # 599-04, Approve the employment of Shelly Jordan
      as Business Officer within the Child Support Enforcement Agency. Alicia Bosch
       the previous Business Officer resigned her po sition on Wednesday, August 18,
       2004, as her and her family now resides in Florida. After the interview process,
       the department feels that with Shelly’s previous knowledge of the county
       functions that she would be the best fit for the position. Her start date will be
       Wednesday, August 25, 2004, with a yearly salary of $ 29,000.00.

Commissioner Sneary moved to adopt the Resolution. Commissioner Reiff seconded the
motion. The roll was called and the Resolution was approved unanimously.

   2) Request to enter into contract with Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield for Health
      Insurance coverage fro the Child Support Enforcement Agency and the
      Department of Job and Family Services. This year the two departments will have
      a decrease in premiums because of the bid process. A bid was received that was
      lower than the Anthem bid. Anthem did not want to loss their business, therefore
      matched the lower bid. There is a change in that there will now be two-party
      insurance coverage offered to employees. A Single plan will see a reduction of
      9.1%, the new Two-Party option will see a reduction of 36%. The Two-Party
      reduction is so great because there has not been a two-party plan offered therefore
      two-party had to opt for the higher priced family plan. A Family plan will see a
      1.6% increase, which is roughly $4.00 in premiums per month.

C. Wayne Gerdeman , County Engineer, presented the following:
      Request to enter into agreement with HDR Engineering, Inc. for Enginee ring
      Services for the preparation of the Allen County Access Management Plan. The
      original agreement for engineering services was approved by Resolution #32-03
      and dated January 23, 2003. This will be a supplemental to the original
      agreement in the amount of $ 10,952.00. This amount will be paid out of the
      Allen County Motor Vehicle and Gasoline Revenue fund.
   2) Request the approval of seven (7) Easement Deeds and thirteen (13) Temporary
      Right-of-Way Easements for County Road purposes for the Eastown Road
      Improvement Phase I Project. The phase I portion of the project is from Elm
      Street to Allentown Road. There is a total of 49 parcels in phase I and 24 have
      been utilized to date. The main purpose of the temporary easements is to provide
      work space, move fences, etc. Costs will be $ 53,438.00.

David Louth, Design Engineer, presented the following

   3) Request to accept grant from the Ohio Department of Development (ODOD) for
      the Reservoir Road and Mumaugh Road intersection Improvement Project and
      issue letter to ODOD stating same. This will commit $ 250,000 from the ODOD
      to the Allen County Commissioners for the improvements to the intersection of
      Reservoir Road and Mumaugh Road. P&G has been expanding their plant, these
      road improvements will allow for the widening turning radius, a new turn lane,
      and new lighting at the intersection. A letter needs to be to the ODOD by mid-
   4) Request to execute grant from the Ohio Department of Development (ODOD) fro
      the Bible Road and Sugar Street intersection improvements project. The grant has
      already been approved and accepted. The grant is in the amount of $ 100,000
      from the ODOD to the Allen County Commissioners fro the improvements to the
      intersection of Bible Road and Sugar Street. The Lima Ford Engine Plant is
      expanding their plant. This grant will provide for improved turning radius and
      new lighting to the intersection.

D. Bruce Wells, Community Development, presented the following:

   1) Request for authorization to seek a short term, nine-month note for two County
      Engineer intersection projects. Two intersection projects, Bible Road & Sugar
      Street and Mumaugh and Reservoir Roads, have received tentative approval for
      grants from the Ohio Department of Development for $100,000 and $250,000
      respectively. Private sector and/or the County Engineer have committed any local
      funding necessary for these projects. As the grants are on a reimbursement basis,
      up front funding is required to contract and pay for the work. Both projects
      should be short term in duration and a nine- month note should be sufficient time
      for the cash flow to complete the projects and receive reimbursement from the
   2) Request for authorization to pay down and refinance the Berryman Waterline
      balance on a short term, nine month note. The Berryman Waterline Project has an
      outstanding balance of $158,000 that is currently included in a various purpose
      note that matures on September 8th . Funds from assessments are available to pay
      this note down by $28,000 leaving a balance to renew of $130,000. To time this
      maturity to match up with a proposed, long term bond issue that would include
      other similar assessment projects in the second quarter of 2005, the proposal is to
      seek financing for this project as part of the note for the two Engineer’s projects
      discussed above. Also, would like to include the same with the new funding
      discussed in Number 1 above.
   3) Request for authorization to pay down and refinance the Industrial Park / Bath
      Township Ditch various purpose note that matures in September. The County
      currently has a one-year note for $3,455,000 that matures on September 8 th . The
      note is comprised of two Industrial Park related loans for a total of $3,068,000,
      the Bath Township Ditch #1169 for $229,000 and the Berryman Waterline Project
      for $158,000. Funds are available to pay down the Industrial Park portions by a
      total of $543,000 for a balance to renew of $2,525,000 and the Bath Township
      Ditch by $129,000 for a balance to renew of $100.000. The Berryman Waterline
      is proposed for removal from this note entirely as discussed in Number 2 above.
      The Industrial Park and Bath Township Ditch balances would result in a renewal
      balance of $2,625,000. This request is for authorization to seek financing for the
      Industrial Park and Bath Township Ditch projects not to exceed $2,625,000 for a
      period of one year.
   4) Request for commitment of FY’03 Formula funds and award of contract for the
      Bath Township and Village of Spencerville Street Improvement Projects. The
      Board previously authorized the advertisement for bids for these two projects as
       parts A (Bath) and B (Spencerville) of a single offering. Two bids were received
       as follows:
                                         A                 B                          Total
       The Shelly Company            $165,035.50        $51,869.00                 $216,904.50
       Bluffton Paving               $149,359.00        $42,105.20                 $191,464.20

       Engineer’s Estimate                                                         $178,727.00

       The Shelly Company bid exceeds the Engineer’s estimate plus 10%, $196,600,
       and is disqualified. The Bluffton Paving bid is within the range, has been
       reviewed by the Project Engineer, Kohli & Kaliher Associates, and has been
       recommended for contract subject to CDBG Formula funding requirements and
       acceptance by the Township and Village. The Formu la award for Spencerville is $39,200.
       The Village has agreed by Resolution to cover the $2,905.20 difference plus associated
       engineering costs. The Formu la award for Bath Township is $116,000. The Formu la application
       indicated that the Township would cover up to $24,100 for the project plus associa ted engineering
       costs. The bid exceeds that amount by $9,259. The Project Engineer has discussed the bid with
       the Township Trustees representative and the determination of how to address the difference has
       not yet been made. The probable options are to adjust the scope of the work or contribute the
       additional funds. Once a determination has been made and action taken by the Bath Township
       Trustees, a request will be made that the Board authorize a contract with Bluffton
      Paving for the projects with a total of $155,200 being committed from the FY’03
      Formula Grant with the respective balances of the contract to be paid by the
      Village of Spencerville and the Bath Township Trustees.
   5) Request to accept CORSA (County Risk Sharing Authority) checks for the full
      and final settlement of any and all claims for the Waste Water Treatment Plant
      Fire Loss. In April of 2004 the Shawnee II plant on 117 had an electrical fire.
      After a $2,500 deductible, checks were issued from CORSA. The checks were
      under what the Sanitary Engineer fund had already paid out for the repairs.
      Currently we are waiting on reconciliation from CORSA to see what was and
      what was not paid for before we cash the checks. Once the reconciliation has
      been received, an update will be provided to the Commissioners.

Announce ments, Proclamations, Recognition and Comme ndations

Russ Decker, Homeland Security and EMA Director announced :
   1) On September 11, 2004 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., at the Memorial Hall in
      Lima, the LASER Security Task Force will hold a Demonstration and several
      events as related to the terrorist attacks. This marks the three year anniversary
      after the attacks and the community will have a chance to see where we are today
      and they can view some presentations on our Homeland Security.
   2) The Associated Press released a story about the non-use of Homeland Security
      monies. He noted he just wanted to clear up some of the misrepresentation in that
      story and explain where Allen County Stood on the spending of said monies. To
      date Allen County has received $1,135,575.60 in Homeland Security Grants. We
      have expended $230,338.00 (20.2%) of th grants, however to date we have
      encumbered or committed $788,272.40 (69.4% of the granted monies. We
      currently have a remaining balance of $ 116,965.60 (10.4%) remaining. Part of
      the remaining monies is due to a better price on the warning sirens. We estimated
      costs to be about $400,000 and costs actually came in at $300,000. There is a
      homeland Security Advisory Committee comprised of 14 members that decide
      how and when to spend the granted monies.

With no further business to come before the Board, Commissioner Sneary moved to
adjourn. Commissioner Reiff seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by:                              Approved by:

Crystal Balo                               Greg Sneary
Assistant Clerk of the Board

                                           W. Dan Reiff

                                           Sam Bassitt