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									                              Sara M. Hughes
Doctoral Student and Research Assistant                                  4526 Bren Hall
Bren School of Environmental Science and Management             Santa Barbara, CA 93106
University of California, Santa Barbara               


   Doctor of Philosophy, Environmental Science and Management
      2006-present University of California, Santa Barbara

   Master of Science, Fisheries and Wildlife
     2006 Michigan State University
     Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability
     Specialization in Gender, Justice and Environmental Change
     Thesis title: “The Changing Value of Water: The conundrum for future water

   Bachelor of Science, Fisheries and Wildlife
      2004, Michigan State University Honors College

   Additional Coursework,
      University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI. Institute for Survey Research
      Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO. Department of Wildlife Biology

   Sara M. Hughes, Lena Partszch, and Joanne Gaskell. (forthcoming) “Virtual
      Water: A critical link for integrating global water, energy and development
      Goals.” Sustainable Development Law and Policy.

   Taylor, William W., Sara M. Hughes, and Katrina B. Mueller. 2006. “Water
      Everywhere and Not a Place for Fish: Tackling water and fish habitat
      management for productive fisheries in the United States.” Transactions of the
      North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference.

   Hughes, Sara M. Review: The State of Our Nation‟s Ecosystems, The H. John
     Heinz Center for Science, Economics and the Environment (2003). 2005.
     Diversity and Distributions, Vol. 11, No. 5.

   Townsend, J.H., S. M. Hughes, J.J. Hines, D.J. Carter, and G. Sandoval.
      2005. “Notes on a juvenile Celestus montanus Schmidt, 1933, a rare
      lizard from Parque Nacional El Cusuco, Honduras.” 2005. Herpetozoa 18(1/2).


   Hughes, Sara. Michigan‟s Hidden Treasure: Groundwater. November, 2005.
      Fisheries and Wildlife Graduate Student Magazine.

Sara M. Hughes                                                                         1
University of California, Santa Barbara
   Hughes, Sara. “Crowds and Critters: Activist Corner: Sara Hughes,” September
      2004. National Wildlife Federation.

Teaching Experience

   Assistant Instructor and Lecturer, “Madagascar: An Island Apart,” Study abroad
      program,Summer 2006

   Assistant Instructor and Lecturer, “Global Issues in Fish and Wildlife,” Spring,

Awards and Honors

   Fulbright IIE Postgraduate Award
      University of South Australia, Centre for Comparative Water Policies and Laws,

   Weithman Presentation Award, American Fisheries Society Socio-Economic
      Division, 2006

   West Michigan Chapter of Trout Unlimited Schrems Scholarship Award, 2005

   Graduate Research Assistantship, Michigan State University, 2004-2005

   Peter I. Tack Fisheries and Wildlife Undergraduate Scholarship, 2004

   Women’s Leadership Council Book Scholarship Winner, 2004

   Honorable Mention, Department of Entomology Student Employee of the Year, 2004

   Michigan State University Honors College; Graduated With Honors, 2004

   National Wildlife Federation Fellow: Women in International Sustainable
      Development 2003

   Recognized by Michigan Outstanding Scholars, 2003, 2004

Professional Activities


   Hughes, Sara M. 2007. “Why Collaboration? Dynamic water governance and the
     need for connections.” American Association for the Advancement of Science.
     San Francisco, CA. February 18, 2007.

   Hughes, Sara M. and William W. Taylor. 2006. “Filing the Holes in Water
     Management: Groundwater, values, and trout.” Annual Meeting of the American
     Fisheries Society. Lake Placid, NY. September 12, 2006.

Sara M. Hughes                                                                         2
University of California, Santa Barbara
   Hughes, Sara M. 2005 Panelist: “Water Law and Politics.” Annual Michigan
     Conference of Political Scientists. Dearborn, MI. October 20, 2005.

   Hughes, Sara M. and Shawn J. Riley. 2005. “Crossing Boundaries to Fisheries
     Leadership.” Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society. Anchorage, AK.
     September 12, 2005.

   Hughes, Sara M. 2004. “Sustainable Development and Sustainability.” Operation
     Wallacea, Forest Site presentation series, 2004.

Workshop Participation:

   International Human Dimensions Workshop: “Water, Trade and the Environment”
       Chiang Mai, Thailand. October 13-27, 2006.

   Fellow, Sustainable Michigan Environment Program. November 18-19, 2005.

   Water Resource Fellows Program. Michigan State University Center for Water
     Sciences. 2004-2005.

Committee Service:

   Graduate representative and co-author for self-review committee for MSU
      Environmental Internationalization accreditation (Sept. 2004-Sept. 2005)

   Graduate representative on faculty search committee for Environmental Ethics
      faculty position (Sept. 2004-Nov. 2004)

   Graduate representative for College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Advisory
      Committee (Oct. 2004-Oct. 2005)

Outreach Activities

   Girls in Math and Science, 2006. Session Presenter: “What’s up with the water?”

   Campus Coordinator: Americans for Informed Democracy
     Hosted presentation: “The future of human rights in the Middle East” by Julianne
     Smith, CSIS. October 25, 2005.

   Secretary, Ecological Food and Farm Stewardship Club 2004

   MSU Volunteer English Tutor 2002

   Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Site Leader 2002

Sara M. Hughes                                                                         3
University of California, Santa Barbara
Employment Experience

(June ‟04-Sep ‟04) Herpetologist and Stream Ecologist, Operation Wallacea,
            Communications with government officials and local residents
            Presentations on sustainability and safety
            Data collection and analysis
            Research project design
            Undergraduate and graduate student supervision and guidance

(Aug ‟03-May „04) MSU Department of Entomology Technician, East Lansing, MI
          Aquatic insect identification
          Data entry and management (Microsoft Excel)
          Coordinated and assimilated work of other student employees
          MSU Student Employee of the Year, Honorable Mention 2004

(Summer „03) CSU Department of Fishery Biology Technician, Fort Collins, CO
        Aquatic insect identification and processing
        Data entry and management
        Construction of facilities for and rearing of cutthroat trout

(May-Dec ‟02) USGS Biocomplexity of Avian Disease Intern, Volcano NP, HI
           Mistnetting, banding and measuring birds
           Mosquito capture and identification
           Phenological tree surveys
           Data entry and management (Microsoft Access)

(Summer ‟01) USGS Herpetofauna Technician, Fort Collins, CO
           Presence/absence surveys using pitfall traps, transects, night call surveys
           GPS navigation

Sara M. Hughes                                                                       4
University of California, Santa Barbara

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