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Raychart plotters…


                      Raychart plotters… in navigation intelligence.
                                     the ultimate
a i d s
n a v i g a t i o n

                               MULTI-STATION DATA SHARING…With High Speed Bus (hsb2) technology, up to 10
                                display units can communicate with each other, all sharing radar, chart plotter and
                                                   fishfinder capabilities with a single wire link.
Raymarine navigation
Simple-on-the-outside, sophisticated-on-the-
inside is the design philosophy that makes
navigating with Raymarine the choice for
thousands of boaters worldwide. With so
many choices of navigation products

                                                                                                                                                            n a v i g a t i o n
available today, Raymarine’s GPS and
Raycharts stand out from the crowd. Our
navigation products are engineered for
extreme accuracy, ease-of-use and proven
reliability and are always on the cutting edge
of on board navigation. We continue to
innovate with products that incorporate the

                                                                                                                                                            a i d s
latest GPS, networking and display
technologies, including features like Satellite
Differential (WAAS – see page 19), hsb2 and
high-bright color.

Raychart: navigation intelligence
With Raychart, navigating to a favorite
destination is easy! Locate a spot on the
chart, select GOTO and Raychart does the
rest. Important functions like waypoints,
routes and chart displays are accessed
instantly thanks to Raychart’s uncluttered
controls and the world renowned Pathfinder
user interface - the interface that has made
Raymarine products the benchmark for
onboard navigation. Taking the next step
into the future, Plus Series Raycharts support
C-MAP’s advanced NT+ vector cartography
for unsurpassed “paper chart” like detail                                          Two electronic charts can
(color models only). Stunning cartography                                          be installed at any one
                                                                                   time in our C-MAP NT+
combined with advanced customization                                               driven Raychart
makes Raychart one of the most powerful                                            chartplotters.
electronic charting systems available today.

Typical full-screen chart display.                Chart/fishfinder split-screen.                    Split screen showing CDI (course deviation indicator)
                                                                                                    graphic and chart display.

                                                                                            see pages          63-65
                      Raychart features
                      comparison chart


                        PRODUCT FEATURES                                                           SL520           SL530            SL631              RC520        RC530          RC631
a i d s

                        Daylight-viewable 7" monochrome LCD display                                   •                                                   •
                        Daylight-viewable 7" high-bright color LCD display                                            •                                                •
n a v i g a t i o n

                        Daylight-viewable 10.4" high-bright color LCD display                                                         •                                               •
                        Multi-station hsb2 networking                                                                                                     •            •              •
                        SeaTalk                                                                       •               •               •                   •            •              •
                        NMEA 0183                                                                     •               •               •                   •            •              •
                        RayTech hsb compatible                                                                                                            •            •              •
                        Packaged with Raystar 120 SDGPS sensor                                        •               •               •

                      Other Raychart features include:                                              SL Series Raycharts
                      • High-bright daylight viewable color displays
                        (7" and 10.4" models) or daylight viewable
                                                                                New              New this season, we have
                                                                                               added “SL” versions to our
                                                                                                                                                        Tech tip

                        monochrome displays (7"models).                                    popular Raycharts. Designed for
                      • Seamless chart panning with lightning fast            single station installations that don’t require                                    Raychart
                        chart redraw.                                         hsb2 networking, the SL models are                                                 everywhere
                      • SmartRoute™ automatically builds                      equipped with all the same advanced                                             Once a Raychart joins
                        waypoints and routes from previous tracks.            features and performance as our hsb2                               the hsb2 network, detailed
                      • Flexible waypoint and route building with             equipped Raycharts. Raychart equipped SL                           electronic charts and full
                        Loran TD (time difference) input.                     models are packaged with the Raystar 120                           navigation functionality are
                      • Waypoints and Routes can be stored on                 SDGPS sensor, delivering excellent value and                       instantly transferred to every radar
                        optional data cards.                                  state-of-the-art Raychart and SDGPS                                and fishfinder on the
                      • Radar/chart overlay when interfaced to any            performance.                                                       communication bus! Connect
                        hsb2 compatible Plus Series radar (color                                                                                 RayTech Navigator* via hsb2 and
                        units only).                                                                                                             you will find C-MAP charts
                      • Full function radar and fishfinder display                                                                               installed on your personal
                        and control when networked to hsb2                                                                                       computer are transferred instantly
                        compatible radars and fishfinders.                                                                                       to networked Raychart, fishfinder
                      • Automatic screen synchronization between                                                                                 and radar displays!** Thanks to
                        radar and chart (hsb2 equipped models                                                                                    hsb2, waypoint and route
                        only).                                                                                                                   databases are exchanged between
                      • Choice of orientation modes (head up,                                                                                    RayTech software and hsb2
                        north up and course up).                                                                                                 networked Raychart, fishfinder and
                      • User configurable databoxes for accessing                                                                                radar displays**.
                        instrument and autopilot data from the
                        SeaTalk/NMEA.                                                                                                            * hsb2 PC interface kit required.
                                                                                                                                                 ** New this season. Requires the latest
                                                                                                                                                    version of RayTech.
                                                                                                                                                    Visit to learn how
                                                                                                                                                    to upgrade.

                                                                              A range of extension cables are available. For more
                                                                              details, go to

                        see pages            63-65      Radar • Navigation Aids • Instruments • Autopilots • Fishfinders • Communications • Software • Systems
   RayNav 300 & Raychart 320…
                                                              Satellite Differential GPS for the ultimate                                                  19

                                                                                     in position accuracy.

                                                                                                                                                   n a v i g a t i o n
Raynav 300 Compact Satellite                     • Flexible waypoint and route management
Differential GPS Navigator                         with Loran TD (time difference) input.
The Raynav 300 is a compact fixed mount          • Second station ready with master/repeater
GPS navigator with a long list of standard         selection.

                                                                                                                                                   a i d s
features combined with the extreme accuracy
of Satellite Differential GPS. The bright FSTN   Raychart 320 Compact Satellite
LCD features extra large characters for easy     Differential GPS Charting System
viewing while the intuitive Pathfinder user      The Raychart 320 GPS system incorporates all
interface delivers easy access to frequently     the powerful features of the Raynav 300 plus
used functions. A built-in 12 channel receiver   advanced electronic charting with built in
and an active external antenna produce           worldwide planning chart detail down to six
precision SDGPS accuracy (less than 3            nautical miles and support for 2 C-MAP NT or
meters) for reliable navigation. An extremely    NT+ chart cartridges.
versatile device, the Raynav 300 networks
seamlessly with other Raymarine equipment        Other features include:
and also serves as a repeater for SeaTalk and    • Chart rotation, head up, course up and
NMEA information.                                  north up orientations.
                                                 • Saving waypoints and routes to C-MAP
Other advanced features include:                   data cards.
• Visual Bearing Distance Indicator (BDI) and    • Custom chart feature for one-touch access
  Course Deviation Indicator (CDI) waypoint        to chart layers.
  displays.                                      • On-screen cursor for easy waypoint and
• SmartRoute automatic route and waypoint          route planning.
  building from previous tracks.                                                                Satellite differential GPS
                                                                                                sensor (top) with the
• Waypoint and route sharing via SeaTalk.
                                                                                                C-MAP NT+ electronic
                                                                                                charts (center) and
                                                                                                installed in Raychart 320

                                                                                                                             see page         64
                           Raychart 425… and powerful Satellite Differential
                                    fast, accurate

                                                                                                                                           GPS navigation.
a i d s

                      The Raychart 425 chartplotter is the ideal choice for   Raychart 425 features
n a v i g a t i o n

                      boaters who want ease-of-use and pinpoint accuracy      • Uses the latest Navionics cartography, including the
                      but don’t have a lot of console space. Utilizing a 6”     all new XL charts, with port services, current and tide
                      high-contrast LCD with Navionics cartography, it          information.
                      provides tremendous detail and fits perfectly on any    • Smart Route automatic route building feature.
                      console. The Raychart 425 comes packaged with           • Smooth chart scrolling and panning with super fast
                      Raymarine’s Raystar 120 Satellite Differential GPS        chart redraw.
                      sensor* which is accurate down to three meters with     • North up, course up or head up modes.
                      WAAS** reception. This compact performer is perfect     • Auto zoom function ensures vessel and destination
                      for any boater or fisherman who needs accuracy and        remain in view.
                      repeatability along with Raymarine reliability.         • Sunrise and sunset prediction.                                   Full screen CDI (course deviation
                                                                                                                                                 indicator) graphics guide you to
                                                                                                                                                 your waypoint.
                                                                              *For receiver specifications, please refer to the Raystar 120 on
                                                                              page 65. **The use of WAAS is currently only recommended
                                                                              in US and Canadian waters. European and the rest of the
                                                                              world satellite differential coverage will be supplied via the
                                                                              EGNOS and MSAS systems that are under development. For
                                                                              more details, please visit

                                                                                                                                                 Essential navigation data is
                                                                                                                                                 clearly displayed in one of three
                                                                                                                                                 information pages.

                                                                                                                                                 Route building is easy with the
                                                                                                                                                 Raychart 425’s intuitive user

                                                                                                                     Technical                   The Raychart 425 offers easy
                                                                                                                     see page         64         access to 500 waypoints using
                                                                                                                                                 the waypoint list.
       Raystar 120…
                Satellite Differential technology for the ultimate                                                                                                             21

                                                                                                                          in positioning accuracy.

                                                                                                                                                                       n a v i g a t i o n
The intelligent Raystar 120 GPS
receiver/antenna connects to any Raychart
display, hsb2 or SeaTalk network for precision
SDGPS accuracy (to less than 3 meters)*.

                                                                                                                                                                       a i d s
SeaTalk compatibility allows GPS data to be
shared instantly by every device on the
SeaTalk bus. A NMEA 0183 compatible
Raystar 120 is also available adding SDGPS
accuracy to NMEA compatible devices.

Satellite Differential GPS
technology… the ultimate in
positioning accuracy.
Developed for precision approach landings in
the aviation industry, SDGPS receiver
technology was first introduced into the
recreational marine industry by Raymarine
and is now incorporated into every GPS
receiver we build. The Satellite Differential
WAAS system consists of a network of
ground-based stations and geo-stationary
satellites that improve conventional GPS
signals via an augmented differential GPS
broadcast. With Raymarine GPS receivers,
accuracy is better than 3 meters thanks to
Satellite Differential and our advanced 12-
channel SDGPS receiver.

Global Satellite Differential GPS
WAAS has been operational for marine
applications since August 2000, providing
extended coverage exceeding current DGPS
systems. Similar to WAAS, Europe is
developing the EGNOS GPS system. An
Asia-based system, MSAS, is also under
development. Once these developments are
complete, worldwide SDGPS will be available.

*The WAAS system is presently broadcasting and being
tested for aviation use. It is expected to be certified by
the FAA in the near future. During the testing and
certification period, continuous service is expected,
however, brief signal outages may occur as refinements
and upgrades are made to the system. For more
information including links to the WAAS system status
please visit

                                        Radar • Navigation Aids • Instruments • Autopilots • Fishfinders • Communications • Software • Systems   see page         65

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