Rethinking the VLE by nyut545e2


									Rethinking the VLE
     Rose Heaney
      Mike Patten
3 sections
    1. Intro + group activity (design a future VLE)
    2. Current use of new technologies at UEL +
    3. Blackboard Inc’s plans for the future of VLE + final
Groups with different perspective

Main outcome = input to UEL plus admin team planning
    processes for VLE over next few years
Part 1
Definitions & context
VLE = Virtual Learning Environment

 UEL Plus = UEL’s current VLE

    WebCT/Blackboard product

        Others out there (Moodle et al)
UEL VLE Timeline

Pre-2000 Academics developing web support for students
  mostly unaided and unsupported
2000 VLE (WebCT v 1.3) Piloted at UEL
2000/1 UEL adopts WebCT as VLE and upgrade to WebCT v3
  standard edition
2001 Centre for Learning Technolgies (CLT) inaugurated, to
  support the institutional VLE and to promote the embedding
  of E-Learning
2002 Learning Technology Advisors (LTAs) - Academic
  "Champions of E-Learning" seconded from / for each
2003 (and onwards) LTAs recruited externally (more E-
  Learning experience and increased staff development focus)
UEL VLE Timeline
2004 E-Learning Strategy adopted
2005 VLE strategy includes migration plan for new VLE with
  resilience and stability ( = Plans to move from WebCT to
  UEL Plus [WebCT Vista])
2006 UEL Plus piloted in Sem A (2006/7)
2007-8 UEL Plus replaces WebCT by end of academic year,
  benchmarking E-Learning and HEA Pathfinder project to
  embed e-learning
2008 SDEL sets up an E-Learning Lab for staff development
  and innovation
2008 Vice-Chancellor's strategic plan includes minimum
  online requirement for academic programmes
2009 ?
Alternative representation of VLE

 Mike & the boxes
    Way ahead - factors to consider

•   Access control
•   Consistent look & feel
                           Pick & Mix
•   Support available
                           • Quality of tools
•   Monitoring/tracking
                           • Contemporary look-and-feel
•   Cohort specific
                           • Cost savings (often free!)
                           • Greater choice, more
                           • Community focus
Whole Group Activity

Agree e-learning toolkit on flipchart
Small group activity
Using the list, design a VLE
 direction for next few years
 from the perspective of your
  – student
  – academic staff
Part 2
UEL Plus & “Web 2.0”

Where we are now:
 Communications tools
   Who’s Online
   Blogs & Journals

 Collaborative tools
   Group Manager
   Assignment drop box and discussion tool and can be used to submit &
   share group work
   No wiki as yet
Case Studies of current Web
2.0 use in UEL Plus context
Hedley Robert’s use of Facebook, shared
See also:
Part 3
  VLE Futures
(According to Blackboard)
The Story So Far

                             Web CT
                                   WebCT Campus Edition 4

UEL Plus
   WebCT Vista 4
   WebCT CE 6 + bells & whistles

                         Blackboard Inc. acquire WebCT
                              WebCT products renamed Blackboard
                              Learning System
                              Blackboard Academic Suite + Blackboard
                              Learning System = “Next Generation”
3 Principles of “Project NG”
Student achievement
  (Where it suits Blackboard)
Web 2.0
  “Inside and out”
Make It So
Instructor dashboard
  What’s new?
  What needs attention?
  Are students…
     …logging in?
     …submitting work?
     …accessing resources?
Sophisticated authoring interface
  Drop-down menus
Make It So
Interface designed for usability and
  This time they mean it! (No, really)
Interoperable with other systems
  WebCT, Moodle, SAKAI and others
Community System
  Student profile
Content System
  Like the Vista (UEL Plus) repository … except
    apparently it works
Make It So
Outcomes System
  Single point-of-reference possible both for
    faculty and for students
  Based on Vista (UEL Plus) gradebook
Scholar (social bookmarking)
  Within courses or within communities
External alerting
  SMS, BB Sync (Facebook)
In Perspective
All these features will be implemented over
  the next three releases/versions of
  Blackboard’s systems
Numbers start with “Vista 8”
  Available now
  To reach UEL by September
Most will not appear until “Blackboard 10”
Many will not be part of the “basic” package
More info on Project Ng (videos)

These became available after the
  conference but may be of interest:
VLE / E-learning
Email addresses
E-Learning Team (inc. all LTAs)
  E-Learning Mailbox -
UEL Plus Admin
  UEL Plus Admin Mailbox -
UEL Direct
  Different contact for staff and students
  For staff
     Corporate Systems Team -
  For students
     UEL Direct Portal Mailbox -
Online Resources
E-Learning Staff Development
  E-learning training by SDEL
  E-Learning Case Studies
UEL Plus
  “How to” and FAQ
  Getting started and troubleshooting guide

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