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NA    AL

                 Kenn           er                  n’s
                     nedy Cente Concert for Nation 105 Hist                         ges
                                                               torically Black Colleg
             ies      al
and Universiti Nationa Choir, 105 Voices fr
                                          rom the 105 HBCU Commmunity in so with Sh
                                                                          ong      hirley
  esar Host: A national legend: 11 Grammy Awards, 18 Dove Award 14 Stellar Awards an Most
Cae                                       A                   ds,                  nd,
Visib Gospel Singer in the World.,
    ble      S
“Lift                                p,                   mic   werment”
    ting Voices for Health, Leadership Diversity and Econom Empow

The NNation’s 1st Hisstorically Black Colleges and Universities Na                 THE 105 VOIC
                                                                   ational Choir., T             CES OF HISTO   ORY, will host A World
Class 3rd Annual Pe
     s               erformance for the Arts, in ceelebration of Le
                                                                  egends and Leg                 orically Black C
                                                                                   gacies of Histo              Colleges and Unniversities.
The c                               5              he                              n             e
     choir will feature selected 105 Voices from th 105 HBCU Community. In song with the 105 Voices: E                         st
                                                                                                                Event 2010 Hos Dr.
     ey                              im
Shirle Caesar and Guest Artist Ki Burrell - Gos    spel / Jazz Arti BET Sunda Best, known as today’s Ella Fitzgerald. T
                                                                   ist,           ay             n               a             This
     rifying event will showcase so
electr                                            st                                                            an
                                    ome of the mos talented singers from the H BCUs presentiing an America legacy groun        nded in
     an-American cu
Africa               ulture. To comp               oir
                                     plement the cho performanc                   be
                                                                  ces, there will b stunning fea atured solos.

This u              d             w
      unprecedented partnership with The Kenned Center bring together the historical, cult
                                                 dy            gs            e                             rational Voices of the
                                                                                            tural and inspir
                    y             e                           ed             the            c
Nation’s Historically Black College and Universities (HBCUs) le by some of t most prolific HBCU choir c    conductors. Cuulture,
histor and commun will join han together at this world clas concert of 1 05 NEW Selec
     ry             nity           nds           t             ss                          cted Voices for the 3rd annual
perforrmance of a gr                             U             a             ry            n
                    rand display of talent by HBCU students in an extraordinar collaboration with The Kennedy Center’s
Perfoorming Arts for Everyone.

Ticke 105 Voices of History: ww
     ets:                                                   e                          Washington D.C , Concert Hal Event is
                        or The John F. Kenn edy Center, W            C.            ll
                                                C            fice or Charge b Phone (202 467-4600 On
by ticket only. Tickets purchase at the Kennedy Center Box Off              by         2)                         dy-
                                                                                                    nline at Kenned
Cente                02)          G             C / TTY (20 416-8524 Groups Sales Call (202) 416-8400

We are especially excited that the Colleges and Universities se
                                                   U            elected the studdent voice from their Universit to celebrate the joy of
                                                                                              m                 ty
     ng              f                             ta
singin in support of social concerns, says Renat Toni Roy, Fo    ounder of Partn               g               05
                                                                                 ners Achieving Success -- 10 Voices of History. Our
                    d               clusion, thereb creating opportunities, reso
goal is to increase diversity and inc             by                            ources and par rtnerships that eensure nationa
recog                               l
     gnition and support of HBCU legacies. Strate                               t              ding tradition fo present and future
                                                   egic partnerships will support the long-stand               or
gener                                              r.
      rations of America’s young students of color The performa                omprised of var
                                                                 ance will be co               rious music gen nres led by four
     nally recognize HBCU condu
nation              ed              uctors and 105 newly selecte talented voic representin HBCUs throughout the cou
                                                  5             ed              ces            ng                            untry.

The 2                           rt
     2010 Kennedy Center Concer Featured Con                   D
                                                 nductors are: Dr. Wayne Barrr-Tuskegee Un                              l,
                                                                                          niversity - European Classical Dr.
     s             ware State University - Spiritu
Curtis Powell- Delaw                                           r             e            em
                                                 uals, Professor D’Walla Burke Winston Sale State Caroli  ina University - African
Amer              ers           sor
     rican Compose and Profess Jeremy Win                      rce
                                                 nston-Wilberfor College - G Gospel/Jazz.

2010 HBCU - Kenn  nedy Center Na               ry           L                                          s
                                ational Honorar Chairs, Dr. Louis Sullivan, Founder, President Emeritus Morehouse Sc   chool of
Medic                           R              ess          rd
     cine, Ms. Phylicia Rashad, Renowned Actre and Howar University G     Graduate, Hono orable Rodney Slater, Former r
    etary, U.S. Dep
Secre                           ansportation & Patton and Bog
                  partment of Tra              P             ggs, Mr. Ernes Green, Princiipal-, Ms. Jessy Norman, renowned
                                                                           st                            ye
opera singer - Howa University Graduate, Ms. Cathy Hughes- Ms. Cathy Hug
    a             ard            G                                                        Chair Founder /
                                                                           ghes, Honorary C                           One and
                                                                                                        /CEO Radio‐TV O
Honoorable Joan Pra Baltimore City Comptroller. 2010 Kenne Center HBC Event Chaiir; Mr. Floyd Gr
                  att-          C                           edy             CU                                         of
                                                                                                        reen, Director o
Comm              ns
    munity Relation Aetna Inc.

PART TNERS ACHIE                 SS,          NAL
                  EVING SUCCES A NATION EDUCATIO PARTNERS  ON                   HE
                                                                     SHIP WITH TH KENNEDY CENTER
PERF               TS
                                                           AL       E                      ATION, Disting
                                                                                Aetna FOUNDA            guished
National Partners
                                 l             S
Delta Air Lines and Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores Inc.

The c                p                            th
    concert will be preceded by a National Healt Walk on Saturday, Septem    mber 18, 2010 f                n’s           he
                                                                                             from the Nation Capital to th Lincoln
Memo                                 A            izations and Ministries. The walk will close with the 105 V
     orial with the participation of Alumni, Organi                                          e              Voices in song at the
Linco Memorial an scholarship presentations. “Walk for “105 Ways to Hea
    oln             nd                                          5             althy HBCUs, S Scholars and CCampuses”


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