Women seek fertility treatment in Spain

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seek fertility
  in Spain
by Lynne Kelleher                 Last      year     123    Irish
                                  patients underwent fertility
MORE than 250 Irish               techniques.
women over the age of 40             The clinic revealed that
have jetted out to a leading      two-thirds of the Irish
Spanish fertility clinic over     couples undergo in vitro
the past five years to attempt    fertilisation (IVF) treatment
to have a baby with the           due to infertility problems
donated eggs of young             with the male partner.
European females.                    The study reveals that 73%
  Since 2005, 379 Irish           of the Irish women were
women between the ages of         implanted with donor eggs
30 and 49 have travelled to       while 9% used both donated
the Institut Marques in           eggs and donated sperm,
Barcelona in an attempt to        and just over 1% using just
become mothers, with seven        donated sperm.
out of 10 (265) over the age         The clinic is supplied with
of 40.                            fresh eggs every week from
  The success rate for Irish      between 15 and 20 healthy
mothers is more than 60%,         European women between
with 219 babies born to           the age of 18 to 35, with
single mothers and couples        the donors screened for any
who received treatment in         genetic illnesses.
the last five years, including       Some 31 Irish couples
18 sets of twins.                 opted to adopt an embryo at
  But a study carried out         the clinic in their attempt
by the clinic, which will be      to have a baby and the
presented at the Fertility        remaining       26     couples
2011 Congress in Dublin           underwent IVF with their
this week, reveals how a          own sperm and eggs.
new technique for examin-            A       specialised     Fish
ing embryos before they are       technique, pioneered at the
implanted in the womb             Institut Marquès, is now
more than doubles the             being applied to analyse all
chance of women of                embryo chromosomes in a
advanced maternal age             single cell to identify which
becoming pregnant.                embryos derived from IVF
  The number of Irish             are healthy enough for
patients at the clinic, which     transfer to the uterus of the
specialises in the diagnosis      woman.
and treatment of couples             More than 400 experts
with long-standing unex-          in fertility are expected
plained infertility, has almost   to attend Fertility 2011
doubled every year since          from today to Friday at
2005 when 12 patients             the Dublin Convention
received fertility treatment.     Centre.

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