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									             Moorsbridge Elementary
   PTO Newsletter                                                                             May,2010

    Dear Moorsbridge Family and Friends,

    It is hard to believe another school year is coming to an end! It has been an honor and a privilege serving
    as PTO President for the third (and final!)year. Julie Mellor will be the PTO President for the 2010-2011
    school year.

     This year brought many changes to Moorsbridge including a change in staff, a decrease in number of
     students and us welcoming many new families that previously attended other schools. I would like to
     think this transition went smoothly and everyone adapted to the new surroundings.

     The PTO had many success stories this year and I think we can all agree that the October Road Rally
     Fundraiser was once again a high~ght to our year! This one day all-school event helped fund numerous
     events, programs, and classroom needs for the entire school year - mark your calendars for October 1,
     2010. We also had success with many other PTO sponsored events. These included the 3rd Annual New
     Student Reception in August and the Open House Pizza Dinner in September. For the third year in a row,
     the PTO sponsored the Fall Harvest Party in October, followed by Muffins for Morns in November. Other
     events included three movie nights, the March Carnival, and Staff Appreciation Week & Donuts for Dads
     in May. The Hospitality Committee graciously put on the First Day of School Coffee in September and
     provided numerous meals for the teachers and staff throughout the year.

      In addition, the PTO coordinated Market Days, Boxtops for Education, and the Spirit Wear sale. We           i::i~.:i
     sponsored programs that without PTO support would not be available to our children, including
     Accelerated Reader and KSO Symphony Education. The PTO also helped fund classroom needs and                  ~:~’:
     field trips for all grades,                                                                                  i :~i:~!

     A special thank you goes out the PTO Council, our Committee and Event Chairs and the volunteers that
     helped support them. Without your dedication, none of this would be possible. To our families of 5th
     graders moving on to middle school, thank you for your many years of service. I would also like to put out
     a special thank you to Kirk Payne and Brenda Welling. Kirk chaired Donuts for Dads for many years -
     an event that has now become a spring tradition at Moorsbridge. After putting her three boys through
     Moorsbridge, this is Brenda Welling’s last year with us. In addition to helping out whenever she was
     needed, Brenda has chaired the March Carnival for the last six years, Without her creativity and d
     edication, this event would not have grown into the yearly success it has become!

      I think most of you would agree that Moorsbridge Elementary is a not only a place of learning, but an
     environment of dedicated and loyal families, teachers, and staff, striving to provide our children with a ~ ::i
     well-balanced education. Thanks to all of you that donated your time and talents to help make 2009-2010
     another successful year for our PTO, school, and students.

     Have a safe and happy summer.

     Gail Kristin
     PTO President

www.portageps.orglschoolslelementarylmbe             (269)323-6400                                        May 2010
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                                       Thank You Parents!
 The entire staff wishes to thank the PTO for their generous donations to our school. The PTO approved many
 proposals that allowed us to purchase several items for use at Moorsbridge. The proposals that were approved

 A new easel on wheels for our Young 5’s and Kindergarten students
 Multi-level Readers and an interactive Telling Time Mat for First Grade
 Supplementary Math Supplies and a Continents of the World Photo Book Series for Second Grade
 Cartridges for the Cricut Die-Cutting Machine for use by all grade levels
 Books with AR Tests that are correctly leveled for our most at-risk readers
 Sensory Integrations Tools for use throughout the building
 Student Cassette Player for Deb Widman’s Classroom
 Privacy Partitions for use during assessments
 Fingerlight Training Balls for Physical Education

 Thank you to the entire PTO for your hard work and dedication to our school.

                                            Popcorn Sales
 Thank you to the following parents for your help with Student Council popcorn sales:
 Deb Hemmingway, Marianne Walsh, Kara St. Clair, Rick Goodman, Stacy Burton

                                           Girls on the Run
 Congratulations to the following 3rd, 4th and 5th Moorsbridge girls who ran in the GOTR 5K Celebration run
 at Waldo Stadium on May 27th. Your coaches are very proud of all of you.

        Sarah Headapohl                      Paige Berry                   Macy Hayward
        Brayden Kwaskiewski                  Mackenzie Lundin              Caitlynn Birkmeier
        Dakota Kwaskiweski                   Abigale Siegfried             Bailey Telgenhoff
        Morgan Wright                        Abigail Main                  Taylor Pennell
        Hannah Headapohl                     Anjana Krishnan               Abby Williams
        Paige Gebban                         Allison Sachwitz              Ashriya Patel
        Kelly Magee                          Caitie Pung                   Kendall Taylor
        Kayla Mathiew                        Elisa Weber                   Addie Pung
        Rachel Larios                        Gabi Goudie                   Marissa Schwartz
        Claudia Mellor                       Aliya Patel                   Madeline Buscher
        Elise Vichinsky                      Caitlyn Walsh                 Anna Heystek
        Lilbet Krondyk                                                     Camille Dorman

        Caitlyn Grarman                       Kenzie Ginter                Tori Barley
        Kiley Tiller                          Kylie Sunman                 Hailey James
        Reilly Kristin                        Hailie Doyle                 Arianna Donovan
        Mackenzie Zook                        Lisa Zuiderveen              Ana Prior
        Jessalyn Kline                        Pavitra Attanayake           Emma Greffe
        Samantha Sonday                       Elizabeth Wood               Kate Morrissey
        Allie Sturgeon                        Isabelle Kominek             Lindsay Kulpa
        Alexa Reder                           Sarah Pueblo-Donavan         Bailey Neal
        Ayla Aktan                            Victoria Eby                 Zia Gonzales
        Lindy Nebiolo                         Cameron Schaefer             Sherica Augst
        Madison Goodman                       Megan Willsea                Lori Ureel
        Hope Gromaski                                                      Jennifer Warnicke            (269)323-6400                                        May 2010
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                                           Accelerated Reader
 The Accelerated Reader program ended for this school year on Friday, May 14th. This program
 would not be successful without the many volunteers that it takes to assist the younger students
 with AR in the classrooms, with completing the monthly recognitions, moving the ’racecars’ and the
 staffing of the computer lab every morning before school. Special thanks to the following individu-

           Mrs. Elrod for all the new books and AR tests that were added to our AR library this year.
 ¯         All of the teachers for their support of the AR program; encouragement for the students and
           the many ’read-aloud’ books that they have read in their classrooms.
           All the supportive parents and family members that have read and assisted their own
           student as well as others in their various classrooms as well as coming in before and after
           All the parent volunteers who have diligently staffed the computer lab in the morning
           through the school year: Karla Kaczmarski, Patti Chen, Esther Watkins, Denise Johnston
           Janine Irmen, Kristen Earl, Tanya Greffe, Carrie and Tom Burns, Deb Hemenway and
           Marianne Walsh.
           All the volunteer parents that spent time each month completing the monthly recognitions
           and moving the cars along the "race course" display - Amy Coon, Erin Shannon, Maria
           Michelangeli, Jen Backer, Patti Chen, Tanya Greffe, Marianne Walsh, Tonia Lindsay, Jill
           Wright, Tonja Daniels, Kristy LaLonde, Chelsea Herriman, Heather Haydo, Meg Brake,
           Katie Williams, Karla Kaczmarski, Sheila Labian, Anita Donovan, Lalitha Krishnan, Gail
           Cummins, Kristen Earl, Michele Schwartz and Lisa Pfeiffer.

 There were 450 students accounted for in the program this year with 90% (405) that participated.
 Two-thirds (299) of the students earned a medal. While many of the children may be motivated by
 the monthly recognitions, racecar display or medals received; these recognitions serve as a means to
 an end. That ’end’ is that the students are learning to be independent readers a~d are working to-
 wards improving their comprehension and retention of the book content that they are reading. This
 pays forward as they progress in their education. All participants will receive a recognition certifi-
 cate that will be sent home from the classroom during the last week of school.

     Grade 1 through 5 participants that earned AR medals will be awarded their medal during their
     lunch hours (see schedule below) on Thursday, May 27th.** Notices will be sent home in Friday
     Folders on May 21,t for those students receiving an AR medal. Kindergarten students will receive
     their medals from their teachers in the classroom.

     Thank you and keep reading during the summer!

 Julie Mellor
 AR Chairperson                                       **Thursday’s are Pizza days here at Moorsbridge.
                                                      You are welcome to bring your own lunch or you may
        School Lunch Hours:                           choose to enjoy pizza with your child. We will need to
                                                      have your order for pizza by 9:00 am on the 27th.
                                                      Pizza is very popular and we want to make sure that
               5th Grade 11:02 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.     we order enough for everyone. Also be sure to tell us
               3rd Grade 11:32 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.     if you would like more than one slice.
               4th Grade 12:02 p.m. to 12:30 p.m.
               1~t Grade 12:32 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
               2nd Grade 1:02 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

www.portageps.orglschools/elementarylmbe            (269)323-6400                                          May 2010
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                                           Sports Safety Clinic
 Safe Kids Kalamazoo County, in partnership with sports medicine doctors, certified athletic trainers, and
 brain injury experts, invite you to participate in a safe sports clinic to learn more than just the rules and
 skills required to win - learn how to keep your athletes injury-free so they can stay in the game.
 WHAT: Sports Safety Clinic ....
 WHEN: Monday June 7, 2010 @ noon
  WHERE: Bronson Gilmore Center for Health Education
  COST: FREE for coaches, parents, athletes and volunteers!
 Register online at
 or call Bronson HealthAnswers at (269) 341-7723 or toll-free at (800) 451-6310.

                                            Yearbook News
 The 2009-2010 yearbooks were delivered during May. It was a joy to "Watch the Eagles Soar!" through the
 school year, and to show how our students demonstrate life skills such as caring, perserverance, and sense of
 humor daily! It was also amazing to see the continual support of MBE parents, as was shown by the gener-
 ous donations of 30 yearbooks to help more students remember the year!

 Thank you to all the volunteers who helped document the fun events and activities MBE students enjoyed
 this year. A special note of thanks goes out to Kathy Wozbut for helping design the pages and proof the year-
 book and Kris Goudie for processing the orders. Thanks also to parent/staff photographers: Jen Backer, Ute
 Englmaier, Tanya Greffe, Kris Goudie, Deb Hemenway, Theresa Krawczyk, Tonia Lindsay, Julie Mellor,
 Maria Michelangeli, Mato Mural, Jennifer Sachwitz, Kara Simpson, Amber Tiller, Shannon Van Hoven,
 Marianne Walsh, Katie Williams, Andrea Wood, Mrs. Barlow, Mrs. Haas, Mr. Heerlyn, Mrs. Konkel, Mrs.
 Lentz, Mr. Luteyn, Mrs. McPherson, Mrs. T., Mrs. Widman, and Mrs. Zook. The pictures you submit-
 ted helped to show what a fun, dynamic learning environment our students enjoy at Moorsbridge. I wish I
 could have used all of them!

 Note of correction: The caption under the Enrichment picture on the staff page should have read:
 0-r) Ms. Maitland, Mrs. Conner, Mrs. Hane. Our apologies to the E2 team!

 Lisa Pfeiffer                                                                                                    :
 Yearbook Chairperson

                                           Library Volunteers
 A heartfelt "Thank you!" goes out to all the Media Center volunteers for their time and effort this year.
 PTO volunteers include: Tanya Greffe, Sarah Kominek, Maria Michelangeli, Theresa Krawczyk, Deb
 Hemenway, Kristen Earl, Mato Murai, Cyndi Harrison, Tracy MacDonald, Jen Backer, Gail Kristin, De-
 nise Mitchell,_Lynda Morrissey, Elizabeth Nebiolo, Kris Goudie, Jill Wright, Kara St. Clair, Julie Mellor,
 Jennifer Rachowicz, Susan Illcyn, Gail Cummins, and Ruth Lee. We greatly appreciate your commit-
 ment to the Media Center and to the students! Thanks also to Nikki Elrod for being such a caring and
 dedicated Media Specialist; it is an honor to watch you inspire kids to read!

 If you are interested in helping in the Media Center next year, please contact Marianne Walsh at or Lisa Pfeiffer at Library volunteers assist Mrs.
 Elrod with checking books in and out, shelving books, and other duties. The time commitment is a
 weekly shift of at least 1 hour, generally d~g classes from your child’s grade.

 Lisa Pfeiffer & Marianne Walsh
 Media Center Volunteer Co-Chairs

www.portageps.orglschoolslelementarylmbe              (269) 323-6400                                        May 20!0
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                                               PEF Now Appeal
    The Portage Education Foundation (PEF) has established PEF Now, an annual appeal created in response to
    community feedback. When the legislature cut school funding in the fall, community members were asked for
    suggestions on how to address our school funding crisis. One comment heard again and again was that indi-
    viduals were willing to make donations to Portage Public Schools. That’s when PEF decided to PEF

     Since the 2002-2003 school year, PPS has cut $5 million from its budget. While PPS has made every effort to
     prevent cuts from impacting its instructional services, the district cannot continue to provide an outstanding
     eduction without financial support. Our schools are no longer receiving sufficient support from Lansing.

     Many may question how we can build new schools when we are in the funding crisis. These are actually two
     separate issues. By law, monies raised from a bond initiative cannot be used for classroom activities or
     teacher salaries. The bond was earmarked for new schools, renovations and improved technology. Bond mon-
     ies cannot be used to pay operational expenses.

     We are asking PPS parents and alumni as well as local homeowners and area - everyone who
     shares an essential role in the success of our public school system - to participate in this appeal. Our goal is
     to raise $1.3 million, what was cut from our budget in the fall of 2009. We are requesting $30 a month, which
     is the equivalent of approximately $1 a day - that’s less than the average coffee or soda. We hope that every
     family and area business will contribute to the extent that they can.

     Invest today in the future of Portage. Working together, we can help the Portage Public Schools continue to
     offer an outstanding education to our students - an education not possible with public funding alone.

     Please visit o_ur website at today to learn more about this appeal and to
     make a donation.                                                                                  :::";,i

                                               Kalamazoo Kings
     The Kalamazoo Kings are looking for bat boys and girls for the summer. Bat boys and girls need to be at
     least 10 years old and who play baseball or are familiar with the sport. Call the Kings office at 388-8326 to
     pick a date.

     The Kings are also looking for National Anthem Singers for the season. If you are comfortable singing A
     Capella in front of large crowds call the office to choose a date.

     The Kalamazoo Kings have announced their nightly promotional schedule for their 10th Anniversary season.

     Monday night games will feature an All You Can Eat Party Deck Pass for $20. You will receive a game ticket
     and access to the Left Field party Deck where you can eat all the hamburgers and hot dogs you can stomach.

     Tuesday night is Two for One Tuesdays. When you buy one general admission ticket, you receive one FREE!

     Wednesday night is the return of the popular Ladies’ Night, where all women get in FREE.

     Thursday night Enjoy $1 Hot Dogs and Pop!!!

     Friday night enjoy the Meijer Friday Fireworks and on select Fridays Henderson Castle will be giving away
     FREE rooms!!!

     Saturday night is DirectAir Airline ’Picket Giveaway, where DirectAir will giveaway two rountrip tickets any-
     where DirectAir flies, H

     Sundays is Family Day. For ONLY $29 receive 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 bags of chips & 4 pops.
    www.portageps.orglschoolslelementary/mbe              (269)323-6400                                         May 2010
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                                           Are You Moving?
 As we attempt to estimate the number of classrooms we need at specific grade levels for the 2010-11 school
 year, it is imperative that we maintain an accurate count on students we will have enrolled at Moorsbridge
 Elementary for the upcoming school year. If you are aware that you will be moving from the Moorsbridge at-
 tendance area next school year, please contact the school office at 323-6400 as soon as possible. ~

 End of the school year reminders:

 The school year is quickly coming to an end and there are many tasks that need to be taken care of before we
 can say goodbye for summer vacation.
       ~ No cash refund will be made for balances on Food Service Accounts. Balances remaining will
     be carried over for the upcoming school year. Please plan meal payments accordingly through the end of
     the school year.
       ~ Any medication housed in the school office must be picked up by parents/guardians by
     June 4th. After this date, medication remaining in the school office will be appropriately disposed of.
      ~ If a new famLly moves in your neighborhood over the summer, please encourage them to register
     their children for school as soon as possible at the/~dministration Building on South Westnedge Avenue.
       ~As the weather warms up a reminder that the Portage Public Schools Dress Code for students requires
     that dress not be disruptive to the educational process. We discourage students from wearing "short
     shorts’; strapless tops, spaghetti strap shirts, bare midriffs, or pants/shorts that "sag" so under-
     garments are in view. Flip flops should not be worn to school on ~ym da~/s and/or outside at re-
     cess time. Students should also not wear any clothing to school that advertises or promotes
     drugs or alcohol.

                        Library Media Center News
                                   Nikki Elrod, Media Specialist

 Wow! The students and families at Moorsbridge have done it again! The following people have donated books
 to our media center. Our students will LOVE reading each and every one of their gifts.
         -Veeresh Rajendran              -Austin Hemenway
         -Gabi Goudie                    -Jacob Maynard
         -Kate Lindsay                   -Callie Uhlmann
         -Jessica Anderson               -Bradshaw Uhlmarm
         -Ryan Clare                     -Samuel Branham
         -Ethan Clare                    -Mercedes Villalobos
         -Kristin Family                 -Darrian Chen
         -Kimberly Kovacik               -Cami~e St. Clair
         -Claudia and Meredith Mellor

 As the school year winds down, please help your chfld(ren) to return any library books that may still be at
 your house. The last due date for our books is May 21.

 The librarians from the Portage District Library will be here on May 20 to share with our students about
 their Summer Reading Program. Watch for a brochure to come home with details about it. You can help your
 child to continue to grow as a reader by encouraging them to read this summer.                 (269)323-6400                                    May 2010
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         2010-2011 Moorsbridge Elementary Volunteer Form
 Name:                                                                       Phone:

  E-Mail Address:

            I would like to volunteer to work on the following committees/events:

                                           Please circle all that apply.

                Accelerated Reader              Yearbook                   Movie Nights
                Muffins for Moms                Hospitality                Staff Appreciation
                Harvest Dance                   Box Tops                   Week
                Market Day                      Media Center               New Student Recep-
                Beautification                  Donuts for Dads            tion
                Carnival                        Book Exchange
  Charlie -
                                           Taught in grades 1 and 3.

                         Junior Achievement - Taught in grades 2, 4 and 5

                       3rdnd Annual Moorsbridge Road Rally Fun Run/Walk
                       October 1st Fundraising Event for the entire school.

                    For more information please contact Julie Mellor,
                       PTO President, at
                     Please return this form to schobl by June 1st.
                    Thanks so much for donating your time and talent

www.portageps.orglschoolslelementarylmbe               (269)323-6400                            May 2010

                                           Calling All Parents
                      Do you want your student to ride the school bus next year?
             Do you want to save time and money and help the environment at the same too?

In order for Portage Public Schools to provide a safe and orderly bus ride, we require all" parents
to register their students for bus service.

Portage students will not be scheduled for bus service unless the parents/guardians notify the trans-
portation department in writing. You may sign up online after May 1 at; or you may
download the form at ~portation requestform.pdf
and submit it to the transportation office via fax, mail or your student’s bus driver.

If you do not have internet access, you may obtain a Transportation Request form at any Portage school or
transportation office. Obtaining an accurate list of students who will actually be riding our buses is very impor-
rant for us to design efficient, low cost bus routes and to assure the safety of the students.

As a reminder, all students may be expected to walk up to 1-½ miles to school. Elementary students may walk
up to ½ mile to a bus stop and middle & high students may walk up to I mile to a bus stop wherever appropri-
ate walkways and traffic signs are available. Eligible students signing up for transportation will be assigned to
bus stops based on their home address.

If you would like your students to ride the bus next year, please sign up early. Bus assignments will be based
on the student’s home address as listed on the schools records. Students signing up by June 30 will receive a
postcard in late August with specific transportation information.

Students not replying by June 30 may compromise our ability to provide timely bus service in the
fall. For more information, please ask your bus driver or call Transportation at 323-5151. Thank you in ad-
vance for your timely responses.
                       Don’t delay, sign up today. You don’t want to miss the bus!

                       Enrollment Information Now Online
In efforts to improve customer service and continue to place more information online, Portage Public Schools
has launched a new "Enroll Now" section on its website. There is an "Enroll Now" link on the homepage, in the
upper left corner of The direct link is:

The enrollment page contains links to all the information and forms necessary for enrolling a new student. The
site, launched in April, includes enrollment instructions for both residents and non-residents, including infor-
mation regarding "Schools of Choice".

There are links to the ’Trogram of Studies" and counseling office contacts for middle and high school students.
 There are also links to information including what immunizations are required, how to find the "Street Guide"
for those who may not know which school covers a specific neighborhood, and a listing of postal addresses for
school for those who want to mail in enrollment. A Frequently Asked Questions section also provides further

Having this information online will be especially useful for families moving in from out of town who have lim-
ited "time on the ground" and for parents/guardians enrolling kindergarten students. Some families may use
this site as a way to obtain the forms so they can be filled out at home and the brought into the school, while
others - especially those moving into Portage - may access              (269) 323-6400                                         May 2010
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      Thank you Moorsbridge PTO
         Newsletter Sponsors
      Please support the following
 businesses who have helped defray the
   cost of publishing this newsletter

                 I Recreational Club [

                                                                 Looking for a dentist?
                                                  Graydon H. Coon, DDS is here to serve you!
                                                A proud Moorsbridge father of 3, Dr. Coon and his staff
                                                 offer excellent, affordable, and friendly dental care.
                                                    You will love the state of the art, modern office
                                           and your kids will love the special kid operatory and treasure chest!

                                                       Dr. Coon will donate S50 to the
                                                    Moorsbridge PTO for every new patient
                                                               who mentions this ad!
                                             Conveniently located on E. Milham, 1/2 mile East of Westnedge.
                                                                1250 E. Milham Ave.
                                                  We can request and transfer your records.

www.portageps.orglschoolslelementarylmbe                    (269) 323-6400                                              May 2010
Site-Based Decision Making Team Ballot for 2010-2011


Below you will find the ballot for next year’s site-based decision making team parent representatives.
We have two open positions for the 2010-2011 school year. Please vote for 2 candidates of your choice.

***Ballots should be returned to your child’s teacher or to the Moorsbridge office and will be accepted
until noon on May 28. Thank you for taking the time to vote for your site-based team members.

__Amy Coon: Hello! My name is Amy Coon and I would love to be part of the
Moorsbridge Site- Based Decision Team. I graduated from The University of Michigan
in communications and marketing and worked for Kraft Foods as an account manager
before becoming a stay at home morn. I would be an asset to the site-based team be-
cause I am a creative problem solver, a good listener, and extremely organized. I grew
up with a Dad who is a superintendent and a Morn who taught elementary school for 31
years. This gives me a unique viewpoint of administrator, teacher, and parent. It has
also given me lots of ideas! I have 3 children; the oldest will be entering 1st grade.
The other two are future Moorsbridge Eagles! Being a first time parent of a kindergart-
ner this past year has been a great acclamation to the Portage schools. -I truly care
about Moorsbridge and want to be a part of this team to continue to make this school

__Laura Jaeger: Realizing the importance of communications, my diverse back-
ground (former insurance broker, school volunteer, Sunday School teacher, Master Gar-
dener) along with my years of experience would be beneficial to the’SBDM team. Cur-
rently I am employed part time as a Child Accounting Secretaw at Edison Environ-
mental Science Academy (KPS). This position has allowed me to gain daily experience
dealing with discipline, school safety issues, respect and responsibility, and other issues
"n an elementary school setting. Since my two daughters attend Moorsbridge, I would
be honored to join and participate on the Moorsbridge Site Based Decision Making

     Andrew Worden: My name is Andrew Worden. I have 3 children who is or has
been going to Moorsbridge Elementary. The youngest is in 2nd grade going to the 3rd. I
would like to see all the children succeed at school and be the best that they can.
Thank you for your vote. Andrew

A huge thank you goes out to our Hospitality Committee for the wonderful Staff Appreciation Lunch and Break-
fast. We truly appreciate all your hard work organizing these events. Our thanks to Jennifer Backer, Stacy Burton,
Wendy Permell, Patti Chen., Deb Hemenway, Denise Mitchell, Julie Mellor, Tanya Greffe, Kristen Earl, Kara St.
Clair, Gaff Kristin, Deb Lins, Tonia Lindsay, Marianne Walsh, Karla Kaczmarski, Rick Goodman and Lisa Pfeiffer.            (269)323-6400                                       May 2010

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