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                         3rd Annual
                         Monster Mash

                                                                      October 1st - October 15th Volume 12, Issue 19

this issue                             A Horse of a
Ambulance For Africa                   Different Colour:
Italian Treasures
                                       The Pink Ribbon
Fall Sounds Preview
                                                October 1st - October 15th, 2010

sNaPs!                  Backstreet Boys concert Goers
                        FaNs aT ThE MilE ONE CENTRE shOw
                        PhotograPher: Shawn Peckford

                                                                ashley, susan
                                                                  & Jullian

                                                                Haley, Laurie & Jill
                & Wanda
terri & Jill

               cherry, Michelle
                 & Jennifer

                         Got your ticket?

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                                                      October 1st - October 15th, 2010

Editor                      Contributors
Joshua Jamieson             Richard Burnett          Tim Conway
                            Gina Gill
advertising sales           Jonny Hodder         Alison Murray
                            Skye Tostowaryk
Production & Design         Josey Vogels
Joshua Jamieson             Debby Winters
                            Kevin Woolridge
Barry Ross                  Publisher
                            Marketing Services Ltd.
Cover Photo: John Lauener   P.O. Box 693           Pouch Cove, NL A0A 3L0
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                                                                tHe opposition
                                                      EDiTORial By kevin woolridge

                                                                                         CURRENT   |   Page 3
                                                               October 1st - October 15th, 2010

                              For all your mortgage needs...
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                                                                                                                        • Reduce amortization
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           Referral to Professionals for...
           • Financial Assistance • Investments • Insurance
           • Retirement Planning • Education funds • Tax Free Savings Accounts

                                95 Bonaventure Avenue • 738-ACME (2263) • •

 CaUsEs                       aMBuLance for africa
                             NEwFOUNDlaNDER hElPiNg abROaD
                             By gary Moore
                             Inspired by a visit to       transported by taxi, with no medical support along
                             Kenya, arises an effort      the way, and as a result they often pass away,” Amy
                             to put an ambulance in       explains.
                             Kibera, a slum with a
                             population of one million    A slum is defined by the United Nations agency UN-
                             residents. Amy Squires       HABITAT as a run-down area of a city characterized
                             recently visited Kibera,     by substandard housing and squalor and lacking in
                             located in Nairobi, Kenya.   tenure security.
                             The nearest hospital is                                                               their quality of life,” she explains.
                             nearly an hour away, and     Kibera is a neighbourhood and province division of
                             the residents have no        Nairobi, Kenya and is one of Nairobi’s largest slums,    In order to met their destined goal Ambulance
means of transportation to get there. “This slum has      the second largest urban slum in Africa. Kibera is       For Africa has already coordinated events and
a small clinic, but no ambulance. Many patients are       located roughly 5 kilometres southwest of the city       fundraisers across Canada, and are continuing on
                                                          centre of Nairobi, encompassing an area of 2.5           that momentum. Ambulance for Africa is accepting
                                                          square kilometres. It accounts for less than 1% of       donations, either monetary or items which could be
                                                          Nairobi’s total area, but holds more than a quarter of   used in gift baskets for fundraisers. A Halloween
                                                          its population, at an estimated density of 1,250 per     event is planned for October 23, at the Martini Bar
                                                          acre. “The living conditions in the slum are less then   and they will be occupying tables at the flea market
                                                          ideal. The homes are constructed of tin sheets and       during the Christmas season. If you’re planning
                                                          the entire area is filled with garbage and resembles a   on doing any cleaning before the holiday season,
                                                          garbage dump,” Amy illustrates.                          Ambulance for Africa takes part in Think Recycle,
                                                                                                                   which accepts used ink and toner cartridges, old cell
                                                          The realty of the lifestyle and culture was enough       phones and digital cameras, to help the cause.
                                                          to make Amy want to come home and create a
                                                          change, so she came up with the idea for Ambulance       If you’re interested in donating, or if you would like
                                                          For Africa, a not for profit fundraiser with a goal to   to check the progress of Ambulance for Africa,
                                                          raise $24,000 by January 2012, which would put           you can do so by visiting
                                                          an ambulance in Kibera. “Providing Kibera with an        cause/ambu4africa. For more information email
                                                          ambulance will greatly improve the medical support
                                                          available to these residence, and hopefully improve

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October 1st - October 15th, 2010

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                                                                  October 1st - October 15th, 2010

         Jeff Bursey’s
 wORD UP FROM haNsaRD TO FiCTiON VerBatiM: a noVeL
                               By gary Moore
Politics of any kind is a big world. To present any kind     in a legislature or at a committee meeting, and then      the same concerns,
of a take on politics is tricky. Whether it’s serious,       publishes that transcript. “What I heard, and how I       in a different register,
critical or a comedic spin on serious issues, it’s never     heard, MHAs speak, combined with what a Hansard           at a coffee shop or a
easy. It takes a smart writer to brave that territory.       document looks like, usually dual-column format,          garage. That’s worth
Jeff Bursey takes no prisoners when he dives into            angered and intrigued me at the same time. I wanted       looking at,” says
Atlantic Canada’s politics. In Bursey’s debut Verbatim:      to capture the tone and pith of legislative debates,”     Bursey.
A Novel he reveals a world of chaos and unfolds the          explains Bursey, on his inspirations to write the book.
boards setting the stage for politics, a game with a                                                                   Jeff Bursey is a Newfoundlander currently living in
set of mean-spirited rules. The inspiration came when        The book is meant to be funny and is already drawing      PEI. Jeff is coming home for a reading of Verbatim: A
Bursey was working in the Hansard division of the            the same audience as those who enjoy Jon Stewart          Novel, published by Enfield & Wizenty that will take
Newfoundland and Labrador House of Assembly.                 and Rick Mercer’s take on politics. “You can see in       place October 19 at 7pm at Eastern Edge Gallery.
Bursey describes the Hansard as a division of                any newspaper in Canada, on any given day, serious        There will be poetry too, from Beth Janzen, whose
legislative assemblies throughout the Commonwealth           questions about the federal and provincial ways of        book The Enchanted House was a nominee for the
that transcribes politicians, whether they be talking        enacting policy or laws in legislatures. You can hear     2006 PEI Book Award.

 sOUNDs                        a MusicaL Buffet
                               glENN siMMONs RElEasEs FiRsT sOlO albUM
                               By deBBy winterS
Sweet Vanilla...And Assorted Flavours, Glenn                 Simmons’ song writing and musicality shines               Simmons’ lyrics come from his soul, life and love of
Simmons’ debut solo album, satisfies the musical             throughout the 11 tracks, which were laid down with       music. There’s not one track you want to skip or that
appetite with a well written, produced and executed          the help of Paul Kinsman, Justin Merdsoy, Paul            does not grab your attention. Sweet Vanilla....And
collection of enjoyable listening. Simmons, is a singer,     “Boomer” Stamp, Chris Ledrew, Billy Sutton, Romano        Assorted Flavours was also produced by Simmons.
songwriter and guitarist from Hopeall, Trinity Bay.          Di Nillo, Cory Tetford and Byron Pardy. You will find     The album was recorded by Justin Merdsoy with the
His guitar has taken him from Green’s Harbour to             quite a variety of styles and stories; rock to blues,     mixing and mastering by Cory Tetford at CTM Studion
Kandahar. Glenn is a member of the recently reunited         folk and even a little honky tonk. From the familiar      in Dartmouth, NS.
Wonderful Grand Band and co-founder of The Fables.           She Talked About Elvis to the pop-like title track, the
The album is a result of a year of demos, an even            lamenting It Goes On, the honky tonk Human Race           The album is available for download at http://
longer stretch of writing and five months of recording       featuring the pedal steel guitar, the lyrical blues of and
at the Stagehouse Studio in St. Phillips. It was also a      Where to the folkish Home Sweet Home.                     You can also purchase the album at http://www.
year that saw the Wonderful Grand Band on tour.                                                              

 sOUNDs                         tHe sounds of faLL
                                KEEPiNg aN EyE ON ThE Fall’s MUsiCal RaDaR
                                By Jonny hodder
Students are ingesting copious amounts of caffeine,          be squealing like a pack of hormonal dolphins over        previously of
the evenings getting shorter and people have begun           new releases from resident Disney queens Selena           Gnarls Barkley –
discussing this year’s Mardi Gras costume; it’s official,    Gomez and Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, as well as          continues to fight
Fall has arrived. And just as the foliage turns, so too      country-crossover superstar Taylor Swift.                 the good fight
does the musical landscape. With Fall comes a slew                                                                     with November’s
of new music to keep you awake during inevitable             Finally, as November rolls in and the first wave of       The Ladykiller.
all-night study sessions.                                    winter’s icy assault is felt, hip-hop, rap and dance      If the album’s
                                                             fans will have no trouble keeping warm with no less       first single, Fuck You (or Forget You, according the
September saw noble efforts from legends Eric                than six major releases over a few short weeks.           censors), is any indication, the album will be a bastion
Clapton and Neil Young, a return to anthemic rock for        Rihanna, in between guest appearances on every            of soul and hip-hop fusion that spits in the face of
Jimmy Eat World with Invented, and a new addition            popular single in the iTunes store, has been busy         Crunk’s imposing ignorance.
to Ontario punk-hardcore super group Fucked Up’s             preparing her fifth album in as many years. Entitled
“Zodiac Series” entitled Year of the Ox. There was           Loud, it’s set to hit stores the same week as Kanye       To balance out the abundance of club-friendly tracks,
no lack of notoriously odious releases including the         West’s latest release, rumoured to be titled either       albums Sufjan Stevens, Elvis Costello, My Chemical
predictable rap-rock of Linkin Park’s A Thousand             Good Ass Job or Dark Twisted Fantasy. Kanye will          Romance, Cradle of Filth and the debut from Toronto
Suns, a solo release from The Killers’ Brandon               most likely ride the momentum of the musical abortion     Brit-rockers The Mark Inside are all scheduled to
Flowers that fails to impress, and another nail in hip-      Runaway, which he performed at this year’s MTV            arrive before the end of November.
hop’s coffin in the form of Lil’ Jon’s Crunk Juice.          Awards as a response to the previous year’s Taylor
                                                             Swift controversy.                                        Regardless of your musical tastes, whether you’re
As we work through October, there are a number of                                                                      an indie-hipster, club junkie, mid-range emo punk,
notable albums from across the spectrum of genres.           As mentioned earlier, Lil’ Jon will eventually destroy    a singer-songwriter or anything in between, this Fall
People are eager to see if Kings of Leon will continue       what remains of hip-hop’s dwindling credibility. In fact, offers something to keep you entertained during the
their reign of radio-friendly rock or dive back into their   the mere fact that Lil’ Jon hasn’t been assassinated      long winter nights that are just around the corner.
gritty, southern roots with Come Around Sundown,             by the NAACP is proof that they aren’t doing their        Enjoy them with hot chocolate! Goes for you Cradle of
their fourth album. Meanwhile, teeny boppers will            job. Until that happens, however, Cee-Lo Green –          Filth fans, too. Dani Filth loves his hot chocolate.

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                   October 1st - October 15th, 2010

(709) 738 - 5293

                                                      CURRENT   |   Page 7
                                                                   October 1st - October 15th, 2010

 COvER                         3rd annuaL Monster MasH
                               PREsENTED by MODEl CiTizENs aT ThE aNNa TEMPlETON CENTRE
                               By Skye toStowaryk
This Halloween, Model Citizens encourages you to          medieval dresses, this is your opportunity
ignite the inner unconventional spark. They are once to find a one of a kind costume.
again inviting folks to the costume carnival of the year. Forget the traditional pointed hat and
                                                          broomstick, this year you have the option
This year, Model Citizens is setting up the Monster       of rummaging through our hand selected
Mash at the Anna Templeton Centre, to bring you the collection of high quality, obscure
ultimate shopping experience. A one day only sale,        costumes from across the globe.
designed to bring back to your favorite childhood
Halloween. Model Citizens is providing all of the         All you need to bring is creativity,                on Saturday, October 16 the staff of Model Citizens
essentials to practically design your own costume         eccentric fire and nostalgic zeal, as you may be    will be assisting you with the simplified search for a
(without the sewing) just like years ago with mom         mixing and matching grotesque garments with robot   unique and memorable Halloween costume!
while making candy corn. From milk maid hats to           limbs and fairy tale accents. Between 10am and 8pm,

 CaUsEs                        a Horse of a different coLour
                               ClOvElly sTablEs’ EvENT RaisEs FUNDs FOR bREasT CaNCER
                               By deBBy winterS
You will find chestnut, grey, bay, white, black,               Clovelly Stables is the longest-established equestrian
buckskin, champaign and roan horses. There is a                facility in Newfoundland. They offer riding lessons,
special breed only seen in October and that is the             trail rides and board horses. They also have a Kids
pink horse! Where might you see this rare and unique           Club that meets every Saturday. Future Strides is
breed? At Clovelly Stables, 58 Clovelly Lane in Logy           a registered not-for-profit organization based out           youth and adults. The Stable Life Skills Development
Bay, October 9 to 10 you will see pink horses among            of Clovelly Stables dedicated to bringing horses to          Program teaches many valuable skills that can be
many other pink things as Future Strides present the           the lives of people who would otherwise not have             transferred over into everyday life. The program
Pink Ribbon Classic Horse Show to raise awareness              the opportunity to benefit from this unique form of          pairs clients with a horse to care for giving them the
and funds for breast cancer. The horse show will hold          recreation. Their programs offer children, youth and         opportunity to develop a special relationship with it as
special fund raising classes and have a pink theme.            adults the tools to learn about themselves and take          well as acquire valuable traits such as responsibility,
The event welcomes horses and riders from across               responsibility to direct the path of their own life. There   encourage nurturing and hard work. This program is
the province as they come together in a fund raising           are three main programs; the 4H Horsemanship                 available for youth and adult groups or individuals.
effort for the Canadian Cancer Society. Watch the              Club which is free for youth aged 5 to 21 that               Future Strides is also involved in using horses as a
equestrians perform their jumps, games, musical rides          involves learning about horses and horse care. The           unique way to raise funds for various local charities.
and more. The competitors are not only encouraged              Equine Developed Interacting Tools (EDIT), involves
to wear pink, but some horses will show their true             interaction with the horse on the ground providing           For more information on the Pink Ribbon Classic
colors by being dyed pink for this very special cause.         surprisingly powerful moments of self-discovery.             Horse show go to or
                                                               Specifically designed programs are available for             call 687-2983.

 PRO TiPs GettinG tHat perfect sHot
                               FasT FivE TiPs ThaT aNyONE wiTh a CaMERa CaN UsE aNyTiME
                               By Skye toStowaryk
                             Fuzzy Nights? When you            Addicted to Flashing? Of course flash is necessary
                             take pictures at night, do        to light up a dark room when you’re using a small
                             they look streaked and            camera. It can’t be avoided. But you can avoid the
                             out of focus? Hold your           blinding glare that makes the pictures look like it’s
                             camera solidly on top of          taken of plastic. Hold your hand between the flash
                             anything that won’t move          and the subject to dull the effect of the glare and the
                             - railing, tree, the ground       result is a more natural looking picture. Try different
                             - and take the picture to         positions of the camera and your hand until your get
                             avoid the shaking and             a combination that works. A good place to start is
                             fuzz. Try this when you’re        holding your hand on the line between the flash bulb         Get on the Floor. In photography, the angle is
taking pictures of a street scene and you’ll get clear         and the subject’s face, about six inches away.               everything. As a general rule, you want to take
backgrounds with bright lights from the cars, too.                                                                          pictures straight at the middle of the object. That
                                                               Move your Body. The camera probably has optical              means that if you’re taking a picture of someone
Boring Portraits? In the age of digital cameras under          zoom (which is ok) and a digital zoom (which makes           your height, you need to kneel on the ground so your
$100, anyone can take a picture but the same old               pictures look fuzzy every time). But that doesn’t mean       camera is pointing at their middle. For children, sit on
portrait pose can be more boring than a blank page.            that they should be used, even the good zoom. If you         the floor. Or even lie down. If you want to capture a
Try getting a lot closer to your subject, taking the           want the clearest picture with the best lighting, zoom       dog, a cat, or a duck, you’ll need to put the camera
picture on an angle, using an interesting background,          out and get closer. Better pictures mean you move            almost on the ground for the best possible angle.
like brick or stone, or taking the picture in profile (side-   your body, not your lens.                                    Don’t be afraid to get down there - your pictures will
on) to add some art to your portraits.                                                                                      look far more realistic.

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                                                                October 1st - October 15th, 2010

 JUsT 2                     a cut aBoVe tHe ordinary
 CRaFTy                     gOiNg bEyOND yOUR CaRDs aND sCRaPbOOKs
                            By deBBy winterS
                           Paper crafting doesn’t end      like the manual ones but are powered by electricity
                           with cards and scrapbook        instead of your arm. One of the biggest advantages of
                           pages. With a little            a manual machine is that you can also emboss with it.
                           ingenuity and the right
                           tools – the sky is the limit.An electric die cut machine stores your dies or
                           Everywhere around you        images either internally or on cartridges. They are                     gift bag made with the Expressions and font cartridge
                           are things made of paper     also available in a variety of sizes and prices. Provo             Some electronic machines use cartridges while
                           and most of them you can     Craft has several and are always expanding. Their                  others need to be hooked up to a computer for digital
                           handcraft at home.           line, Cricut includes the original, the Create, the                images. There are a few machines like the Cricut line
         vinyl wall art                                 Expression, the Cake (designed to cut fondant) and                 that can do both. There are also software programs
Bags, banners, tags, three-dimensional objects like     their latest release the Imagine. Other electronic                 such as “Sure Cuts A lot” that are compatible with
houses, gift boxes and flowers can all come alive       machines available are Craft Robo, Wishblade,                      the die cut machines and add the capability of using
with a simple piece of paper. You’re only limited by    Silhouette, Silhouette SD, Pazzles, BossKut Gazelle,               Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and True Type Fonts.
imagination!                                            Klik n’ Kut, Lynx, Cougar, Making Memories Slice,                  Both of which are downable free off the internet.
                                                        Sizzix eClips eCraft, and Xyron Personal Cutting                   “Sure Cuts A Lot” lets you trace images and converts
One of the best tools available is the dye cut machine. System (possibly retired).                                         just about any graphic file into an SVG file.
There are many different brands and degrees. You
can choose from a manual or electronic one. Many                                                                           These machines do not stop at paper either! If it
crafters begin with a simple manual machine such as                                                                        can lay flat and go through a machine then you can
Provo Crafts Cuttlebug or the Sizzix Sidekick. These                                                                       probably cut a shape from it. The Cricut line features
are smaller machines that are cranked by hand.                                                                             adjustable sizes, blade pressure and speeds. They
Other manual machines available are the Original                                                                           also have available a deep cut blade housing for
Red Sizzix, Big Kick, Big Shot, Ellison Tag-A-Long,                                                                        cutting thicker material such as chipboard. There is a
Wizard, Accucut and the Epic.                                                                                              variety of materials available such as vinyl for making
                                                                                                                           wall art and stencil paper for quilting and painting.
All of these operate with the same basic idea of
putting pressure on your paper with a die on top that                                                                      If you decide to add, a die cut machine to your craft
will cut out your desired shape. There are also two                                                                        tools make sure to do the research. Decide what your
machines that use manual dies but are electronic; The                                                                      crafting needs are and then find one that best suits
Vagabond and the Electric Big Shot. These are just            Manual Cuttlebug (left), electric Expressions (centre) and   your needs. For more details and additional online
                                                                               the original Cricut (right)                 content go to

                                                                                                                                                          CURRENT           |     Page 9
                                                               October 1st - October 15th, 2010

 My sTylE Barry BuckLe
                             FashiON DEsigNER KEEPs sTylE & ECO CONsCiOUs
                             By Skye toStowaryk
Local Fashion Designer, Barry Buckle grew up in           fashion industry; a break down of all that the city has   have a subtle
Newfoundland, and studied at College LaSalle in           to offer to the rest of the country.                      element of
Montreal, also earning a diploma in pattern making                                                                  visual arts, as
in PEI. Barry’s return to St. John’s marked the start     The dress on Michelle Cannizzaro is made from             he tends to
of his so far 22 year long career, and he’s now a well    recycled material to encourage recycling. Every year      often switch
recognized designer in the city. In addition to custom    textiles students at the Anna Templeton Centre are        mediums and
orders, he teaches Textiles at the College of the         assigned to make fashionable, wearable clothing out       materials.
North Atlantic. He ensures the latest runway trends       of reused, recycled materials. These materials range      Some pieces
are available to the chic, trend conscious women of       from garbage bags to old socks. The pieces are then       are dyed, some
St. John’s and designs wardrobe for local theatre         put on display in the windows of clothing boutiques       are painted
including the recent production, West Side Story.         in the downtown area, to show the community the           with oils and
                                                          malleability and versatility of material scraps and       acrylics, some
Not only does Barry promote his own avant-garde           recyclables.                                              embroidered;
abilities, he dedicates the majority of his time to                                                                 each fresh slate
assisting other aspiring artists to become better         Barry’s more popular annual collections include           is taken to the
known. Through his guidance, he’s helped students         those appealing yet affordable pieces that can be         extreme of his
debut their work at Montreal Fashion Week. Two            worn on a daily basis: the simplicity of casual wear      artistic abilities
years ago at the event he screened a video that           with the Barry Buckle twist allows any woman to feel      and fine tuned
exposed all the ripening elements of the St. John’s       comfortable, casual, and unique. His pieces always        to perfection.

  My sPaCE eBB & fLoW
                              DalhOUsiE gRaD bUilDs bUsiNEss FROM PassiON FOR yOga
                              By Skye toStowaryk
Beth Moores explored a range of career options,           and personalized. They also carry many other
after studying French and Sociology and working in        yoga-inspired items such as Om wall hangings,             soy candles, lotions and soaps. They have relaxing
Tourism. She then decided to venture to Vancouver         Chakra banners, meditation cushions, and yoga             music for yoga and/or meditation, as well as guided
to ignite her Yogic side. She studied Yoga Teacher        mats and props, as well as organic essential oils,        relaxation and meditation CD’s.
Training and then made her way back to St. John’s.
She’s now teaching yoga and running her business,
Ebb And Flow. After moving home and becoming
acquainted with the yoga community in St. John’s,
Beth saw the need for a boutique dedicated the
lifestyle, and opened Ebb and Flow May 7.

It is a place where people can find items to enhance
their lifestyle. Product include Canadian-made yoga
and lifestyle wear from Tonic, Karma, Halfmoon,
Respecterre and Skyler. Four of these lines come
from the west coast and one from Quebec. Many of
the fabrics are natural, bamboo or organic cotton.
They also carry two US lines, one being a more yoga-
inspired line and the other is called Tees for Change.
These t-shirts have inspirational words on them and
for every shirt sold, the company plants a tree.
Beth’s goal is to provide tools, support, and
information so people can feel calm, inspired and
at peace with themselves. Ebb and Flow also has
a community board for local studios, classes and
wellness events. In addition to yoga apparel and
accessories, Beth also carries a unique and exclusive
variety of jewelry. One line is from Satya out of New
York. It is beautiful and yoga-inspired, using healing
gemstones, sterling silver, 18kt gold and gold vermeil.
These pieces make ideal gifts, complete with beauty
and meaning. The other line is Far Fetched, which
is a fair trade federation. All of their creations are
designed in Sebastopol, California and are handmade
by local artisans in Mexico using sterling silver,
copper and brass. This line also has some yoga-
inspired pieces, but also some inspirational and more
whimsical pieces. These pieces are inspirational

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                                                                     October 1st - October 15th, 2010

  FilM                           tHe toWn
                                 sTaRRiNg bEN aFFlECK, REbECCa hall aND JEREMy RENNER
                                 By tiM conway
                                123 minutes                     to go free. Unfortunately, Jem discovers that she lives
                                *** (three stars)               only a short distance from one of the other members
                                                                of their crew and becomes concerned that she might
                                In Doug MacRay’s                be able to identify him. His solution to the potential
                                neighbourhood of                problem is rather extreme, so Doug offers to monitor
                                Charlestown in Boston,          the woman to ascertain if she’s really a threat to them.
                                even schoolchildren
                                know how to spot an             With a screenplay Oscar for Good Will Hunting, and
                                FBI surveillance vehicle.       a praiseworthy debut in the director’s chair on Gone          fault, can. Even then, it’s a fairly weak argument.
                                It’s a place where bank         Baby Gone, there should be few reservations about Ben
                                robbery and car theft           Affleck co-writing and directing a feature film adaptation    Again it’s no surprise to discover a number of familiar
                                are a way of life, in           of Chuck Hogan’s novel, Prince of Thieves. There is,          elements and themes running through the film. Lifelong
                                many ways, operating            however, that element of doubt nagging prior to seeing        friends in the equivalent of a small town, where
                                along the same lines as         The Town. By choosing to star in the film as well, Mr.        one wants to leave and the other doesn’t, romance
                                family businesses. Of           Affleck displays remarkable courage and ambition,             from different sides of the socioeconomic tracks, a
                                course, hand in hand            but this aspect of his film career, with the exception of     determined lawman on the trail of the anti-heroes, the
                                with a lifestyle that’s often   his performance in Hollywoodland, has drawn mostly            trappings of a heist film and everything that goes with
                                romanticized in story           widespread criticism. Has he bitten off more than he can      that one last job, are not new, but here, they are given
and song, there are the years spent in prison, and the          chew? Is he spreading himself a bit too thin?                 their own distinctive characteristics.
widespread availability of illegal drugs. In Doug’s case,
the pharmaceuticals cost him a chance at a pro hockey           Perhaps he has, but you’d hardly notice it. Sure there        The Town is not flawless, by any means, but it offers a
career. Unlike his buddies, he was headed out of the            are a few flaws, no big surprise in a second directorial      superb cast that brings their respective characters to
town and on to bigger things, but with those prospects          effort, and certainly none egregious enough to dismiss        life at every turn, and a story that hits all the right notes,
behind him, he’s left with knocking off banks.                  the film or Affleck’s various talents. The most obvious       playing out in an environment that feels authentic.
                                                                problems are that the rhythm of the last few minutes          Moreover, there is a deliberate effort in every single
The audience finds him during such a heist, when his            is a bit jarring, and a scene where Doug opens up to          second of the two-hour screen time, to give something
lifelong friend, roommate and partner in crime, Jem,            Claire is a tad too melodramatic at times. Still, this part   different, more meaningful and completely engaging.
loses his cool and grabs a hostage, just in case they’re        in particular seems to be drawing harsher reaction from       Most of the time, it succeeds in doing so, and that alone
caught. Fortunately, they’re able to evade police, and          some than it deserves, probably because it’s one of the       is enough to give Ben Affleck bragging rights until his
Claire Keesey, the bank’s assistant manager, is allowed         very few places in the film where anyone looking to find      next motion picture.

  5 FavEs                       MeLanie caines
                                TOP yOga POsEs TO shaKE OFF ThE MiD-Day slUMPs
                                By aliSon Murray
Yoga has traditionally been viewed as a combination             abdominals as you exhale. Makes you feel wickedly
of physical and mental exercises to create                      powerful, in the best kind of way.”
awareness, balance and relaxation. But it can also
be re-energizing once you hit to the dreaded mid-day            Continuing, Caines offers the classic Downward Dog            seriously! Said to be the King of Asanas or poses,
slump. Nova Yoga instructor Melanie Caines shares               for re-energizing. “I have to do at least one Downward        Headstand increases the blood flow to the brain,
her five favorite yoga techniques for re-energizing             Dog a day: my body just craves this pose. Close the           revitalizing the body and mind, improving memory and
throughout the day.                                             eyes and take five deep breaths, open your mouth as           concentration, making you feel like a million bucks.”
                                                                you take your final exhale and release a big, huge,
Melanie Caines begins with Kapalabhati Breath. “A               kick-ass sigh.” Lastly, Melanie says a yoga technique         So, whenever the mid-day slump strikes, rather than
round of 20-30 skull-shining breaths is a great way to          useful for re-energizing is the Headstand. “There’s           grab that third cup of coffee, try one of these poses.
clear out all the junk, stagnant air and energy, so you         nothing more invigorating than standing on your head,         Visit for more!
feel bright and alert. This focuses on strong exhales
through the nose using contractions on the belly.”

Next, she suggests the Bridge and Wheel. “These
Backbend/Heart Openers do wonders for boosting
energy and stimulating creativity. Bridge and Wheel
are great poses for when you feel you’ve hit that mid-
day wall, since opening the heart and chest like this
awakens body and mind.”

Following the Bridge and Wheel, Melanie mentions
the revitalizing benefits of Fists of Fire. “This
technique, created by a New York City teacher Sadie
Nardini, is an awesome way to recharge and connect
to your center and intentions; it involves raising the
arms overhead as you inhale and then drawing the
fists in toward the lower waist and engaging the

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                                                                   October 1st - October 15th, 2010

  wiNE                          itaLian treasures
                                ExPlORiNg a COMMON aND FOUR UNUsUal iNTEREsTiNg iTaliaN DElighTs
                                By Jennifer Murray
Starting at the island of Sardegna for the Cannonau di       to the 13th century in this region. Where the Alsatian    offshoots wherever it can. The name “Schiava” means
Sardegna that over centuries has been subjected to a         Gewürztraminer wines can be sometimes a bit lacking       slave, because it produces so many offshoots (slaves
wide range of cultural influences from the Byzantines,       in freshness, the high altitudes of up to 700m and cool   of the original vine). The producers in Alto Adige
the Arabs and the Spanish; there’s still an area in          nights in the mountainous Alto Adige result in fresh,     have been able to use this variety to make delicious
Sardegna where they speak Catalan. Cannonau has              fragrant wines, as fresh as the mountain springs in the   wines with low tannins and an initial minerality that
been referred to as a “vino selvatico,” a wild wine that     region. These wines are ideal companions to Oriental      disappears after opening the bottle and makes way for
evokes its untamed surroundings. The Cannonau                dishes or just to sip as an apéritif.                     flowery and fruity aromas and flavours.
is basically the same as the quintessential Spanish
grape variety Garnacha. Cannonau is a medium to          Another indigenous variety from the Alto Adige region         A little further South in the area of Trentino, where
full bodied wine and ages well. This variety hasn’t      with intriguing balance is Lagrein. This one enjoys           the valley widens, in Mezzolombardo, in the Campo
received the global attention it deserves, yet. The      increasing popularity among wine connoisseurs, due            Rotaliano, Teroldego produces deeply coloured wines
Cannonau available at the NLC (Mancini Cannonau di       to its spicy, powerful wines with great colour and aging      with a distinct tarry, savoury crushed berry flavour. The
Sardegna) is medium bodied with herbal character due     capacity. This variety has experienced somewhat of            undisputed queen of Teroldego is Elisabetta Foradori,
to the proximity of the “macchia” which is shrubbery of  a renaissance, due to the strict limitations on yields        one of Italy’s top superstar wine makers, has carefully
wild sage, myrtle, fennel, mint and eucalyptus, similar  resulting in wines of great quality. Aromas of violets,       selected the best vines over 20 years and produces
to the “garrique” in the South of France.                cherries and blackberries with a velvety texture on the       her wines in a strictly biodynamic fashion. Teroldego
                                                         palate makes it a great accompaniment for game and            ages well and develops beautifully in the bottle.
You might not expect Gewürztraminer in a list of         darker meats. Staying in the Alto Adige, the Schiava or
Italian wines, but that’s where it originates. The town  Vernatsch variety was used for years to produce cheap         Except for Gewürztraminer, you cannot find these
of Termeno (Tramin) in the Alto Adige region, which      wines to flood the markets of Austria, Switzerland            varieties outside their traditional growing areas making
used to belong to Austria and was called Südtirol, is    and Germany. Strict yield controls have resulted in           them even more interesting, as you can experience
where the grape comes from. It still produces beautiful renewed interest for high quality wines with medium            the true terroir and typical flavours and aromas these
wines with more acidity than its counterparts in Alsace. body and aromas of violets. If not carefully managed,         liquid treasures exhibit. Look out for wines from these
Gewürztraminer is mentioned in records dating back       this variety grows quickly and abundantly, producing          grape varieties at the upcoming Wine Fest.

          cross country, coMpLete
 wEllNEss KEviN glENNEy biKEs all OvER NORTh aMERiCa FOR hUNTiNgTON’s DisEasE
                               By gary Moore
An adventure that, in the beginning, was pictured as         Spear September 11, 2010. The journey was as              encouragement - when
mountains, open roads and endless hours of thinking,         Kevin pictured it, but with more depth and substance.     the wind was good I
was designed to raise awareness and money for The            As much as he visioned the mountains, seeing the          took advantage of it,
Huntington Society of Canada - a small organization          real thing was more than he could have ever dreamt.       when the wind and rain
focused on research and support for families affected        But it was more than the mountains that surprised,        were in my face I spit
by Huntington’s disease. The disease - an inherited          and surpassed, pre-conceived notions, it was the          at Mother Nature and
brain disorder that causes cells in specific parts of the    people. “After riding 9,000km across Canada and           said (sometimes out
brain to die - has touched the family of Kevin Glenney,      part of the US, I didn’t encounter a single person who    loud) “you won’t stop me!.” It was a fun little game to
and his father fears it could hit his family again in the    wasn’t supportive or kind. There are a lot of good and    play in my head,” he admits. Kevin’s goal was to raise
future. “My dad just recently shared his fear about the      generous people out there - I wish that kind of news      $30,000 and he’s almost there, with the barometer
possibility of passing it on to us, his kids, and about      was showcased more,” explains Glenney.                    reading $25,000. If you’re interested in donating you
the tragedy of his grandfather’s, father’s, brother’s, and                                                             can visit, until October 31, 2010.
sister’s genetic sentences,” shares Glenney.                 As for challenges, Kevin says the wind                     
                                                             was his biggest enemy. But being
Kevin Glenney put his dream and vision in motion             a stubborn soul and having a lot of
this summer and journeyed across Canada on his               encouragement along the way, Kevin
bike. It started on June 4 leaving the Sunshine Coast,       kept his head down and continued
just north of Vancouver and ended on time, in Cape           to pedal. “Mother nature was also an

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                                                                             October 1st - October 15th, 2010

  lisTiNgs ChECK OUR lOCalon! CalENDaR

FRiDay, October 1                            Wednesday with Stixx and Stones        wEDNEsDay, October 13                       refreshments will be served. Call
                                                                                                                                                                             Street United Church. For info,
                                                                                                                                                                    or call
Club V: Dr. Drake & DJ Sina               The Ship: Folk Night                      Greensleeves: Kronik
                                                                                                                              The Finer Things (Newman Wine                  Darcy at 722-8848.
Greensleeves: Carl Peters & Dave          Stanley’s: Karaoke                        Grumpy Stump: Karaoke                       Vaults, Oct 23) Fundraiser for            Hurling Training on-going weekly.
   White                                  Turkey Joe’s: Wacky Wednesday’s w/                                                    Shakespeare by the Sea’s 19th               Contact Brendan Toland at:
                                                                                    Headquarters: Adam Baxter
Loft 709: Kid Cue                            Dave White                                                                         season, feat. wine tasting, 3 short         Yellowbellys_SJ_GAA_Club@
                                                                                    The Martini Bar: Acoustic Trio              shows, gourmet cheese and fine    
Quidi Vidi Brewery: Happy Hour ‘till 8                                                 Wednesday with Stixx and Stones          tea. $50 / ticket, call 743-7287.
Shamrock City: Connemara                                                                                                                                                  For The Love of Learning (weekdays,
                                          ThURsDay, October 7                       The Ship: Folk Night
                                                                                                                              Hot Jazz, Cool Night (Holy Heart              12pm-6pm, Free to youth 15-35):
Spin: Funktastic Friday w/Leo van         Greensleeves: Unlisted                    Shamrock City Pub: The Navigators           Theatre, Oct 23, 8pm) Lady Cove             99 Gower Street. Classes in world
   Ulden & Kid Cue                                                                                                              Women’s Choir, Jazz East Big                religion, philosophy, folklore, art,
                                          Headquarters: Noise Terror Thursday       Stanley’s: Karaoke
Stanley’s: Karaoke                                                                                                              Band and Newman’s Sound Men’s               theatre, resume-building. Free lunch
                                          Kelly’s Pub: Fred Jorgenson & Arthur      Turkey Joe’s: (10PM) Wacky                  Choir with special guest Heather            at 1PM (722-4846)
Turkey Joe’s: Filthy Fridays w/DJ           O’Brien                                    Wednesdays w/ Dave White                 Bambrick. Call 579-4424
   JayCee                                                                                                                                                                 Mall Walkers’ Club: (Avalon Mall,
                                          O’Reilly’s: Acoustic Punters                                                        Botanical Gardens Fall Hours start Oct        Thursdays, 8:45am) (737-2333)
                                                                                                                                1; Open daily from 10am – 4pm with
                                          Shamrock City Pub: Middle Tickle                                                                                                The Pottle Centre: (323 Hamilton
                                                                                                                                reduced admission
                                          Turkey Joe’s: Thirsty Thursdays with      ThURsDay, October 14                                                                    Avenue, social and recreational
saTURDay, October 2                         DJ JayCee                               Greensleeves: Unlisted
                                                                                                                              Halloween Howl Family Boo-                    programs for users of mental health
                                                                                                                                tanical (Botanical Gardens, Oct             services) 753-2143
Greensleeves: Carl Peters & Dave                                                                                                23/24, 10am) Did you know that
                                                                                    Headquarters: Noise Terror Thursday                                                   Seniors Bridging Culture: (Seniors
   White                                                                                                                        many Halloween traditions and
                                                                                    Holy Heart Theatre: Alice in                                                            Resource Centre, Thursdays,
O’Rilly’s: The Masterless Men                                                                                                   superstitions are connected
Spin: Mike the Tailor
                                          FRiDay, October 8                            Wonderland
                                                                                                                                to nature and the fall season,
                                                                                                                                                                            2pm) Tea, guest speakers, and
                                                                                                                                                                            conversation (737-2333)
                                          Greensleeves: Nothin’ Fancy               O’ Reilly’s: Acoustic Punters               particularly the harvest? Free, call
Stanley’s: Karaoke                                                                                                              864-8590                                  Seniors Friendship Club: (Seniors
                                          Stanley’s: Karaoke                        Turkey Joe’s: Thirsty Thursdays with
Turkey Joe’s: Sexual Saturdays with                                                    DJ JayCee                                                                            Resource Centre, Fridays, 2pm
                                                                                                                              Pouch Cove Heritage Night (Anglican
   DJ JayCee                              Turkey Joe’s: Filthy Fridays with DJ                                                                                              737-2333)
                                                                                                                                Church Hall, Oct 5, 7pm) Featuring
                                             JayCee                                                                             storyteller Dale Jarvis, refreshments     Shambhala Meditation Group: (Billy
                                                                                                                                and 50/50 draw. Family friend, call         Rahal Fieldhouse, rear Elizabeth
                                                                                    what To Do?                                 335-2340                                    Towers) Free meditation practice.
sUNDay, October 3                                                                   (For artists)                             English Bulldogs for adoption that are
                                                                                                                                                                            Call 576-4727 or visit http://stjohns.
Greensleeves: Damian Follett
                                          saTURDay, October 9                                                                   registered & need good homes.
                                          Greensleeves: Nothin’ Fancy               Talented female lyricist/poet for semi-               Traditional Latin Mass: The Holy
Grumpy Stump: Karaoke                                                                  pop song writing collaboration (ie:                                                   Sacrifice of the Mass in the
                                          Loft 709: Dance League Saturday w/           Joni Mitchell, Sarah McLaughlin        CLUB DU SAMEDI - FALL 2010 If you
Kelly’s Pub: Fred Jorgenson                  DJ NuRock                                                                                                                       Extraordinary Form (Traditional
                                                                                       Paul Simon etc. Singing/instrument       plan to register your child on site on
O’Reilly’s: Traditional Jam Session w/                                                 an asset but not essential. Email                                                     Latin) celebrated on Sundays,
                                          Spin: Seamless Saturday w/Mike the                                                    Saturday morning, please arrive by
  Elizabeth Siegel                           Tailor                                                                                             5:15PM at St. Pius X Church,
                                                                                                                                8:45. The Club du Samedi meets
                                                                                                                                                                             Latin-English Missals & resources
The Fat Cat: Ernie Ripco                  Stanley’s: (10PM) Karaoke                 Anna Templeton Centre (Duckworth)           on Saturday mornings from 9 a.m.
                                                                                                                                                                             provided. For info or a free Visitor’s
                                                                                       contact for info re: adult and youth     to 11:45 a.m. for fun-filled French
Turkey Joe’s: Old School Sunday           Turkey Joe’s: Sexual Saturdays with                                                                                                Guide to the Latin Mass call 722-
                                                                                       classes, workshops                       activities for children aged 5-14 -
  Ladies Night with DJ Lex                   DJ JayCee                                                                                                                       4842 or
                                                                                                                                language-based activities, arts and
                                                                                    Clay Cafe (39 Commonwealth Ave,             crafts, music, gym, drama and more!       St. John’s City Council Meeting: (City
                                                                                       Mount Pearl 745-2345): open til 9PM      The spring 2010 session begins on            Council Chambers, 4th Floor,
                                                                                    Devon House Clay Studio - open studio       October 2nd and continue for 10              Mondays, 4:30pm) Public welcome,
MONDay, October 4                         sUNDay, October 10                           times, contact for info                  weeks. For more information, visit           see agenda, posted
                                                                                                                                                  Friday afternoons
Greensleeves: Damian Follett              Grumpy Stump: Karaoke
                                          Kelly’s Pub: Fred Jorgenson                                                         Mile One Centre is pleased to               Overeaters Anonymous: If your eating
Grumpy Stump: Open Mic                                                                                                                                                      habits are making you unhappy and
                                                                                                                                 announce the 2010-11 ice skating
Loft 709: Martini Monday’s w/DJ           O’Reilly’s: Traditional Open Session w/   gallERy lisTiNgs                             season! Public skating has started         putting you at risk for serious health
  Diamond                                   Elizabeth Siegel                                                                     with a variety of skating sessions         problems, you can do something
                                                                                    Peter Lewis Solo Exhibition (Peter
O’Reilly’s: Sing-a-long Jam Sesson        Shamrock City Pub: Arthur & Con             Lewis Gallery, Oct 9, 2pm) The             offered – Parent & Tot, Senior,            about it. Call 738-1742 or
                                            O’Brien                                   show will continue through to the          Adult, and Family – plus Lunch           Tango On The Edge - Argentine Tango:
Scanlons: Steve Haley                                                                                                            Time sessions each weekday from
                                          Turkey Joe’s: Old School Sunday             end of Oct. Call 722-6009 for info.                                                   (Thursdays 8:30-10:30, RCA Club,
Turkey Joe’s: Manic Mondays: Happy                                                                                               12:15-1:45pm. For a complete list of       10 Bennett Ave) guest artist Amira
                                            Ladies Night with DJ Lex                The Craft Council Gallery (Devon
  Hour All Night                                                                                                                 skating sessions, please visit www.        Campora from Buenos Aires, June
                                                                                      House, Duckworth Street; www.    
                                                                                                                              Early Bird Watch (MUN Botanical             The Arthritis Society is looking for
                                                                                    The Rooms: (
TUEsDay, October 5                        MONDay, October 11                          Wednesdays 6pm-9pm are Free, 9
                                                                                                                                Garden, every 2nd Sunday, 8am)
                                                                                                                                Meet in the parking lot, free, call
                                                                                                                                                                            volunteers to assist with The Jingle
Auntie Crae’s: (Noon, free) Auntie                                                    Bonaventure Ave. 757-8000)                                                            Bell Walk and Run occurring in
                                          Grumpy Stump: Open Mic                                                                737-8590
  Crae’s Band                                                                                                                                                               St. John’s mid November. If you
                                          Greensleeves: Damian Follett                                                        Comic Jam (Hava Java, last Monday of          are interested in lending your time
Bella Vista: (8:30PM, $5) Sizzlin Salsa                                                                                         every month, 7PM, free)                     and skills to this worthwhile cause
  Tuesdays                                O’Reilly’s: Larry Foley & Patrick Moran
                                                                                                                                                                            please contact Jennifer at jneary@
Greensleeves: Damian Follett              Shamrock City Pub: Anthony                sPECial EvENTs lisTiNgs                   St. John’s Farmers’ Market (Saturdays,
                                                                                                                                                                   or 579-8190
                                            MacDonald & Ronnie Power                                                             10am-2pm, June - Nov.), Lion’s Club
Grumpy Stump: Karaoke                                                               Words in Edgewise (Eastern Edge              Chalet, Bonaventure Avenue               It’s never too late to Quit Smoking
                                          Turkey Joe’s: Manic Mondays - Happy         Gallery, Oct 14, 8pm) Humanities                                                        Are you planning to reduce or quit
LSPU Hall: Easy Down Easy / Grand           Hour All Night                            Graduate Program and Eastern            Free Internet: Love of Learning offers
  Re-opening                                                                                                                                                                  smoking? Ask about a personal or
                                                                                      Edge team up for an exciting               free internet and computer use for
                                                                                                                                                                              group presentation. Participants
Shamrock City Pub: Connemara                                                          presentation of work in various            resilient youth between 15 & 35,
                                                                                                                                                                              receive a Coping Kit. Call Paula at
                                                                                      disciplines and media. Visit               noon to 6pm, weekdays, Gower
Turkey Joe’s: Two for Tuesdays w/Carl                                                                                                                                         800-563-5599
  Peters & Dave White                     TUEsDay, October 12                         wordsinedgewisestjohns.wordpress.
                                          Auntie Crae’s: (Noon, free) Auntie
                                                                                    Exteriors (The Leyton Gallery, Oct
                                                                                                                                                                       Get Plastered!
                                            Crae’s Band
                                                                                      2-24, opening at 3pm) Featuring
                                          Bella Vista: (8:30PM, $5) Sizzlin Salsa                                                                                      Specializing in casting
wEDNEsDay, October 6                        Tuesdays
                                                                                      Jennifer Barrett, Iakov Afanassiev,
                                                                                      Sara Hillcock, Jonathan Green,                                                   pregnant tummies
Greensleeves: Kronik                      Grumpy Stump: Karaoke                       Jonathan O’Dea. Call 722-7177 or                                                 & Baby Bummies
Grumpy Stump: Karaoke                     Greensleeves: Damian Follett                visit
Headquarters: Adam Baxter                 Shamrock City Pub: Connemara              Annual General Meeting (Eastern                                                     Alexandra Baird, BFA
                                                                                      Edge Gallery, Oct 17, 2pm) Eastern
The Fat Cat: Chris Kriby (acoustic)       Turkey Joe’s: Two for Tuesdays - “2 for     Edge Gallery invites members
The Martini Bar: Acoustic Trio              1” w/Carl Peters & Dave White             and the public to attend the AGM,                                       

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                                                               October 1st - October 15th, 2010

           fLoWer poWer?
  My MEssy havE yOU gOTTEN a COMPlEMENT laTEly?
  bEDROOM By JoSey vogleS
From a recent conversation with a friend of mine          things women are more commonly complimented               little cheesy but some guys insist it does the trick.
came the topic of crotch pride, and wondering if          on. Mind you, people aren’t so generous about             “I tell women it’s a wonderful, sweet-tasting flower
anyone had ever complimented her vagina. This             accepting compliments. “Sometimes, women stiffen          that blooms when we make love and I am always
woman, whose happy place is elaborately bejeweled,        up when you tell them you like the way they taste,”       amply rewarded,” said one fella. Right, the only thing
had to think about it. She couldn’t remember any          one complimentary young man said. “They don’t want        cheesier than calling it a flower is using the same
specific comments beyond some delight and surprise.       to be reminded that they have a taste at all.” Then       compliment on different women.
No wonder so many men and women are self                  again, can you blame us? As one woman said: “It’s
conscious, insecure or even embarrassed; not only         taken me nearly 30 years to escape an upbringing          Now people, this is what needs to be talked about.
is there a struggle for a good moniker for our “treats”   that maintained our genitals were disgusting stinky       How are you supposed to feel good about yourselves
as one reader says, obviously there’s not enough          microbial stews, definitely not to be looked at or        with this kind of nonsense going on out there? Guys
appreciation for each other “down there.”                 admired god forbid, let alone consumed.” Which is         aren’t the only insensitive creeps. Gals can also be
                                                          why women love it when a guy says, “Your pussy is         pretty harsh. One guy said he had a woman say that
Think about it. Imagine being intimate and never          beautiful, your lips are delectable, and you taste so     he “made up in quantity for what you lack in potency.”
paying a compliment. You’d think that was pretty          sweet that I want to make love for hours,” as one nice    Harsh and confusing, especially if you’re in your
crummy right? But while a guy will happily tell a girl    fella said. How could she not oblige?                     20s and too shy to say anything. Not surprisingly,
she’s pretty and a gal will tell her guy he’s handsome,                                                             several guys admitted they like to be complimented
have you ever told a guy he has a beautiful penis.        Another woman told me she once had a man say to           about their size even if the truth is stretched a little.
In paying a guy this compliment once, he looked           her, “Oh, we’re having a good vagina day” and went        “I am always pleased when someone says I’m big,
surprised. “Wow, no one’s ever told me that,” he said     on to explain that she was perfectly trimmed, and         even though I know it’s not true,” said one guy. One
rather shyly. Sure, guys have said “nice pussy” in the    had just the right amount of consistency, moisture        woman shared, “I told him his penis had such a
heat of the moment, which is sweet but hell, some         and good flavour. Charming, if you want to feel           complex personality, and that I had such interesting
guys get off sticking their dicks in vacuum cleaners so   like your vagina is being reviewed for Bon Appetit.       conversations with it without saying a word.” A little
the comment isn’t exactly as a sign of discriminating     Seems variations of “it looks like a beautiful flower”    weird, but sweet. And, admittedly, it’s much nicer than
taste. Though taste does seems to be one of the few       are popular. Personally, the flower metaphor is a         having someone say, “Ack! Put it away!”

 $3 bill                      sHades of Gray
                              MaCy gRay, OFTEN COMPaRED TO JaNis JOPliN
                              By richard Burnett
It has been a full decade since Macy Gray lost both       It was fabulous! And the woman who owns the bar           intimidating
Song and Record of the Year for her signature song        had me sing I Will Survive.”                              to be in
I Try at the 2000 Grammys to U2’s Beautiful Day.                                                                    this film,”
Like Bono told the audience, “Macy should have            Gloria Gaynor won the first and only Grammy ever          Macy says.
won.” After her auspicious debut, and millions of         awarded for Best Disco Song back in 1979 for her          “I shared
records sold, everything since has pretty much paled      anthem I Will Survive. Gaynor may have won the            a make-
in comparison. After years being dubbed a one-hit         Grammy but her career never survived I Will Survive.      up trailer with Whoopi and we talked about kids and
wonder, and every subsequent album being called a         Macy Gray, on the other hand, is back with her fifth      granddaughters. Whoopi’s one of my heroes. She’s
comeback, Gray has had to hustle and claw her way         studio album, The Sellout. It’s her best in a decade      done it all. She was a role model for me when I was
back to the top. It’s one of those narrative arcs that    and the singles Beauty in the World and Lately            growing up. She did what she wanted to do. And here
gay people love so much: the down-in-the-dumps diva       were both Top 10 hits on the U.S. Billboard dance         she was, a real star. That’s what I want to be.”
who rises from the ashes like a phoenix. Like Bette,      chart this summer. Fave tracks on the album are the
Tina, Liza, Aretha, Patti, Chaka – basically any diva     rocking Kissed It (featuring Velvet Revolver) and The     Chicks Rock Department: a personal idol remains the
whose first name ends with a vowel. In Macy’s case,       Comeback, which trashes the fickle two-faced music        world’s first-ever woman rock star, Janis Joplin, who’d
her quirkiness has stood her well in a gay community      biz. And Gray is currently cross-promoting the new        already been dead a decade by my time of discovery
that knows what it’s like to be an outsider. In New       album on her current North American tour. “It does        of her in high school in 1980. That year bullies wrote
Orleans some years ago while having a beer in a gay       matter if I sell five records or five million because     “Richard Burnett is a faggot” on my locker. When
watering hole on Bourbon Street, Macy’s video for         I want people to hear me,” Gray explains. “I want         Janis was a student, she was voted “The Ugliest
Sexual Revolution came on. The place went nuts. So        people to buy my records 50 years after I’m gone. But     Man on Campus.” So we’re kindred spirits. Janis
dutifully, Macy was informed about it. Every girl needs   I hate the business end. There was [extra] pressure       was also bisexual. On the 40th anniversary of her
to know that she is worshipped by gay men. “I never       on me [this time]. It’s the first album I’ve done on my   death, October 4, Converse is selling Janis Joplin
know why anybody likes me, but with gay men I think       own without a major label. I did it with my own money.    commemorative print denim sneakers. Over the years,
it has to do with my individualism,” Macy says. “That     I was nervous, but in the long run I actually enjoyed     many people who met Janis have chatted with me,
always connects with gay audiences.”                      the process and will probably make all my future          like Canadian impresario Donald Tarlton, who got into
                                                          records this way.”                                        the rock promotion business by accident backstage
It might also have to do with her fabulous                                                                          one night in 1968 when Janis puked all over the shoes
accessorizing. Take my old friend, Montreal’s Queen       In addition to her recording career, Gray has acted on    of his mentor, promoter Sam Gesser (whose friends
of Soul Michelle Sweeney, currently based in the          television and the big screen, including a small role     included Pete Seeger and Harry Belafonte). Last
Kazak city of Almaty and touring Eurasia fronting         in director Tyler Perry’s upcoming For Colored Girls,     summer on the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, Elliot
a jazz orchestra. One snowy night last December,          adapted from Ntozake Shange’s Broadway play For           Tiber, the gay man who made it happen said, “I went
Michelle and her entourage accidentally discovered        Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When            backstage one night and there was Janis. She was
Almaty’s lone gay bar. “When I walked in I was like       the Rainbow Is Enuf. The ensemble cast includes           an idol. Her music played in gay bars all the time. She
their Big Mamma!” Michelle says proudly. “Oh my           Whoopi Goldberg, Phylicia Rashad, Janet Jackson,          was falling-down drunk and stoned. So I helped her
God, they all loved my clothes, my big hair, the drama!   Thandie Newton and Loretta Devine. “It was a bit          up.” Forty years on, here’s to you, Janis.

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                               October 1st - October 15th, 2010

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          FROM ThE FiRsT wEEKs TO DREssiER OCCasiONs
          PhotograPher: PhonSe king Styling: Jon loder

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