To Get Started_ Please Read This Entirely Before Enrolling

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					To Get Started: Please Read This Entirely Before Enrolling

Watch this video to get a better understanding the way the Lucky 7 boards work. or

         1. To Begin: Go to - select the “JOIN” button and use your
            inviters phone number to enroll with. You will be requested to fill out your
            personal information and pay the one time activation donation. If you don’t have
            an inviter you may scroll below and use one of our team inviter telephone

   a. Upon initial enrollment - please immediately write down your member ID number.
   b. Make sure your phone number contains no dashes or spaces – i.e. 5556667777
   c. You must submit a support ticket your name, member-ID# and alertpay reference
number at as soon as you pay your $10.00 admin fee.

You will only be able to login to your 2010 back office once, until your alert pay reference
number is received at the above email address. You will then be verified and will be able to log
in to your account anytime.

    d. Please also send the following information to

We will need this information to get you placed on the Lucky 7 boards

               (refer to examples below)

               Name: Jane Smith
               User name: jsmith
               Phone: 5556667777
               Member ID: 12345
               AP#: 5555-6666-0000-3333

   e. As soon as your account is verified, log into your back office at- .

Go to the large black navigation bar and hold your cursor over “Back Office” .. then scroll
down and click on the “Lucky 7” tab.
You will be able to view active boards that you have been assigned to. Click on the numbered
square and it will open in a new window and take you to your board(s).

    f. You can edit your personal information through the “Back Office” tab
    g. Please read the Rules located in the black bar at the top.

         2. Gifting - You will be placed on the outer circle of a board, either on the top or
            bottom of the circle in position 4, 5 , 6 or 7.
            Each dollar level (starting at $25,) has three boards.

       a. You will always gift the person in the middle of the board when you are placed on the
outer circle in spots 4, 5, 6 or 7. You never gift when you are in position 2 or 3.
       b. Please contact the person in the middle of your first board and let them know you are
going to gift them. You will need to gift within 24 hours of being placed on a board, so check
your back office frequently. Please send your gift by priority mail with proof of delivery.
When gifting in the higher levels, you may want to require a signature.

       c. Make sure you send the tracking or delivery number to, as
soon as you mail your gift. You will contact the person you are gifting and email/phone them
the confirmation number, also.

         3. Boards
          a. First Board – (As mentioned above – you will be placed on the outer edge and
             you will gift the person in the middle.) As soon as another person is placed next
             to you in your portion of the outer circle of your first board, you will break off to
             a second board and will be in the second circle in spot 2 or 3.

          b. Second Board - This board is just a stepping stone and you will not gift or receive
             when you are in the second circle of the board. Once you have two people placed
             on this board above you (if in spot 2), or below you (if in spot 3) you will break
             off to the center of your own board.

          c. Third Board – You are now in the receiving position in the center of the third
             board. You will receive gifts from 4 community members.

Once you receive two gifts and wish to proceed to the next level, please submit a support
ticket at and let us know you want to go to the next level.

We will advise admin that you wish to advance to the $50, $100, $200 boards etc.
It’s smart to advance after receiving two gifts instead of waiting to receive all four.

This will help you move faster though the levels. You can go to the $50.00 (or any or all of the
other boards) board before you are gifted if you have the available funds. …either way, let us
know, so we can get you moving through the boards as quickly as possible! Make sure you log
into your back office each day and check your board progression.
Remember, you are required to gift and provide a live tracking number within 24 hours of being
placed on a board or forfeit and be removed from that board to have to start all over again.

Although there are no requirements, you may invite as many others to join our community as
you would like. If you want to invite someone here’s how:

           a. Have your referrals join using your phone number - all 10 digits with no dashes
              or spaces. In order to place them in the team build, 1. Forward the email you get
              from 2010 blessings that they have joined to 2.
              Follow the format below and submit their name, ID#, username, phone number,
              email address, date joined, alert pay reference number and where you want them
              placed (or we will place them for you on the team build where needed) at the
              help desk.

Copy and paste your details in place of the example format shown below, then submit the
complete and correct information in a support ticket to the Help Desk:

              Name: Jane Smith
              User name: jsmith
              Phone: 5556667777
              Member ID: 12345
              AP:# 5555-6666-0000-3333

              Inviter: John Smith
              User name: jsmith
              Phone: 5556667777
              Member ID: 12344

           b. New referrals may also sign up using our team numbers:
              >2087946038< Dean Hart - Anytime Cell
              >8643605475< Steve Thompson - Anytime Cell


         4. 2010 Back office - If you have trouble seeing the “black navigation bar” in your
            2010 back office and are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, please download
            Firefox and try it.
            Some people have challenges with Internet Explorer and utilize both browsers.
         5. KHA - At Team Hope we all work hard to Keep Hope Alive and help everyone in
            our community receive blessings and continued hope for Today.

If you have questions or concerns, please visit our help desk or call us at the team numbers
listed above.

                      Welcome To Team Hope And The Lucky 7 Boards!

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